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tv   Watters World  FOX News  January 28, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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when you are marching through an airport, please try not to disturb the peace. that's fox report, january 28. "watters world" starts now. jesse: president trump ready to open his first big investigation into vote per fraud. but what are the facts in beckle and guilfoyle here to debate it. plus, in watters goes to washington, confronting democrats who boy cod the inauguration. you said trump was an it legitimate president. do you regret that in does brown think men are too manly? that and more as "watters world" begins right now. jesse: we have a big show
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tonight as president trump moves forward with his extreme vetting plan for countries with ties to terror. but trump insists it's not a muslim ban. >> it's not a muslim ban it countries with tremendous terror and countries where people will come in and cause us tremendous problems. our country has enough problems without allowing people to come in who in many cases or in some cases are looking to do tremendous destruction. jesse: ed henry has been following the executive orders all week and joins me now. it looks like the president is going to be a man of action. he has a dizzying array much things he has don't first week. it seems like the press can't keep up. a couple months ago this muslim
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ban was huge news. now he's sowing all these big ticket items and i don't know if they will be able to stop it. reporter: he will run into chuck schumer and other democrats who want to obstruct his nomination. but he will not have roadblocks on executive actions because he's pushing forward. the democrats, the media, people in general are having a hard time keeping up with this flurry of activity. there was a controversy for so long about a muslim ban. it hasn't been a muslim ban for months. throw out something that's radical, that's out there, let all the critics focus on that, and you start moving to the middlen come up with something that's not that radical. let's enforce our immigration laws. let's make sure there is real
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vetting so terrorists don't come into the country. that's not so crazy. jesse: everybody wants to talk about crowd size. meanwhile he's running through the muslim ban like a train. madeleine albright, clinton's secretary of state, very outraged about the quote-unquote muslim ban. she quoted a tweet, i was raised catholic, found out later my family was jewish. i stand ready to register as muslim in solidarity. i didn't know you could register as a muslim. can you do it at the dmv? >> we are firing out jared kushner and others are registered to vote in several states. if i can be more than one religion, i would have to think about it. i spoke to a republican senator because the albright thing shows
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democrats don't know how to react to this president. they are sputtering and signature out things randomly. i talked to a democratic senator, he has been a never trumper all along. he said i'm looking closely. this cabinet is more conservative than this senator ever thought. it's the most conservative cabinet since reagan. jesse: and they have to love it. another executive order causing an international feud. he gave the go ahead to build his big beautiful wall. president trump claims canceling the meeting was mutual. >> the president of mexico and myself have agreed to cancel our planned meeting scheduled for next week, unless mexico is going to treat united states fairly, with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless and i want to go a different route.
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>> then he announces he wants to impose a -- a 20% tax on imports from mexico. >> the wall is necessary. it's not just politics. it is good for the heart of the nation because people want protection. a proper wall, not a wall that's this high. they have little toy walls. i don't know why they even wasted their time. jesse: tell me about this meeting. it seems like it's a game of chicken, and trump was sensing the mexican president was going to cancel so he put out he better pay for the wall. >> it reminded me of the last time i was in new york he did the pocket veto where he never quite texted me back.
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jesse: i have been out to dinner with you, and it ends up being out to 3:00 in the morning and i'm not a young guy like you anymore. >> you hear in the media, who cares at the end of the day? the truth of the matter is the mission can president doesn't have a strong hand. pena nieto's numbers in mexico are worse than trump's. the mexican president is watching the peso go in the toilet this week. he's in no position to tell donald trump what to do. there was a fluent executive orders where the president ordered all federal agencies to report back to him on what aid programs they have for mexico. if you are at the health and human services department and state department.
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give me he line where you give $10 million, $100 million for various programs. if mexico says they aren't going to pay for the wall. he may say we are taking $5 million out of this program and $10 million out of that. sooner or later mexico will give in. jesse: i was down at the border a few months ago. i had a mexico. mexico, you will have to pay for this wall! now we find out they will slap this 20% tariff on coronas. i can't afford it, but two as a patriot, i might have to buy a caseload of beer and each beer is a brick. it's my duty. >> i should have tried to get you to a mexican restaurant. next time i'm in new york we'll do that. donald trump is running circles
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around all kinds of critics. whether they are in mexico or elsewhere. i talked to steven moore. he said this guy is almost 70 years old, yet during the campaign steven moore who go out with the president and he would say after two days he would want to come home. he said i want ad nap. i was tired. and donald trump would go right back out. jesse: can i just say one thing? you discovered a star. i'm not talking about me. i'm talking about -- you ran into this 9-year-old at the inauguration. you did this interview. let's show the audience real quick. reporter: why do you like donald trump? you have got the hat and the button. >> i like him mostly because of immigration. >> you are following that closely at the age of 9.
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>> and the taxes. reporter: you are not paying taxes yet, are you? >> no. reporter: but your parents are. >> uh-huh. jesse: you need a finder's fee. this kid is gold. >> if i'm going start book your show on top of everything else i do on this network. this is bigley, as they say. jesse: bob beckle makes a triumph fantd return to "watters world" -- try u78 and the return to "watters world." watters world tracks count democratic leader who called president trump illegitimate. you said donald trump was an illegitimate president. do you regret that? one chewable tablet
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jesse: a presidential tweet that set off a fire storm. i'll be asking for a major investigation into voter fraud. those who are illegal and even those registered to vote who are dead, and many for a long time. depending on results we'll strengthen up voting procedures. and he claims he can show more than 3 million fake votes. >> what's going on in voter fraud is horrible. >> that's extremely fundamental to our democracy. you say you will launch an investigation. >> done. >> what you presented so far has been debunked, it's been false. >> look at the pew reports. >> i called the author of the pew report and he said there was no evidence. >> then why did he write the report. according to the pew report --
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then he's groveling again. i talk about the reporters that grovel. when they write something you want to hear. jesse: mr. trump says fake votes. but liberals say it's fake news. joining me now from "the five," kimberly guilfoyle and bob beckle. welcome back, did you miss "watters world"? >> congratulations. this proves to everybody out there that the weakest among us can rise up and get a tv show. that's your second time around, too. jesse: fake voting, voter fraud, it does happen. you will have to admit that. >> last time they did an investigation, they found in the 2008 delays were 9 people arrested. and the idea -- jesse: was it all people like you, beam that voted twice? >> i did over 100 campaigns.
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it's not easy to get dead people to vote. you just can't come in there with voter registration and keep voting over and over again. jesse: kimberly, i remember in 2008, president obama had a question about rigging elections. listen to this. >> would i like to know what you can say to reassure us this election will not be rigged or stolen. >> i come from chicago. so i want to be honest. it's not as if it's just republicans who have man kids around with elections in the past. sometimes democrats have, too. whenever people are in power, they have a tendency to try to, you know, tilt things their direction. jesse: kimberly, there he is admitting it happened. >> now they say no, no, no.
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they change their tune depending on the political winds. bob is smiling. this is something that is important. you want to maintain the integrity of the voting process. president trump says he's going to do the investigation and he won. he's not griping. he's saying let's make sure people who are eligible register to vote. >> the tomorrow piece of advice i want to give president trump. i used to have candidates that would get into things and wouldn't let it go. i said you are digging a hole, give me the shovel. you are not going to win. >> the evidence is so obvious. it's impossible. i tell you, it's impossible.
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remember when obama worked for acorn. you know what happened to acorn? they are no longer in existence because there were 30 guilty verdicts for people registers fake people. that was the former president of the united states operation that he worked for. you have another study right here, 800,000 votes from non-citizens just came out from split cal scientists from old dominion university. these things need to be investigated. >> and there are problems in detroit as well. >> there are so many things he needs to get done. it will be embarrassing. people tried this over and over again. >> in california they have a new proposal going forward, ab1461. this is important. it will allow people who aren't citizens to be able to get a
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driver's license and be able to vote. we should be able to protect the sanctity of the right to vote. his concern is are there illegals coming in and voting. >> 3 to 5 million. where did he get number 3 million. jesse: it might have something to do with the margin of victory. while you are chasing his squirrel about the voter fraud he's on top the muslim ban. >> he forgot saudi arabia and pakistan. jesse: they are next, bob. i don't even know how you passed the extreme vetting. someone dropped the ball. >> can you tell me who your hairdresser is? jesse: president trump goes our with the media. >> they are among the most
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dishonest human beings on earth. jesse: is that a smart strategy? watters world goes back to school to find out why universities are teaching their male students that masculinity is toxic. what could be toxic about all this? >> toxic is a strong world. >> from the taste your lips on on high. dayquil liquid gels don't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms plus your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is.
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it's something that hit a never with press secretary sean spicer. >> it was the most watched inaugural. i'm pretty sure reagan didn't have youtube, facebook and the internet. and 41 million watched his. let's just take the nielsen ratings and add it to cnn. 16.9 million. jesse: ari fleischer, it seems like the trump administration is fighting the media harder than they are fighting the democrats. i think i know why. the press is the tip of the spear. if they can blunt the spear, is that a smart strategy. >> i want them to pick the right fight. but there is no question in my
5:24 pm
mind the press is ideologically biased. it's so much easier dealing with the press if you are a democrat than republican. jesse: you don't want him take on the press over crowd size. >> donald trump says his buildings are the best, his tv show. he's a promoter. that's the way he is. i'm much more interested in how he's changing america. jesse: he protects the brand. whenever the brand is under assault he fights back. that's why he gets into fights with madonna or rosie. even the smallest slight he will fight back viciously. the crowd size is a perfect example. do you have think he's saying i will not let you guys take an inch and if you say one thing
5:25 pm
inaccurately we'll fight tooth and nail? >> when you are the president of the united states, decide who's worth the counter punch. jesse: we know for trump size matters. the trump white house is calling the media the opposition. here we have steve ba ban noon s saying the media should be embarrassed and keep their mouth shut. that's a direct punch in the face. what's this about? do you recommend this strategy? >> tough no problem with him saying the press doesn't understand why donald trump is president of the united states. that's fundamentally true. i'm establishment and i'm much
5:26 pm
more traditional. i don't like telling people to shut up. jesse: shut up and listen. >> i like to say listen. the shut up part i don't like it's not my style. but the more important thing is they don't understand it and they haven't meade any changes since before the election. i don't blame the white house for going after them in so many ways. "u.s.a. today," as opposed to saying trump wins victory on sanctuary cities. when trump was elected it was women, students and minorities taking the reality of the trump presidency. a terrible headline. jesse: i think abc news on night line said something about the first three days of the
5:27 pm
administration. we interviewed former white house press secretary ari fleischer. in editing the quote for air, his remarks were shortened. as a result his remarks were mischaracterized. >> i sat down for a taped interview with "nightline." they quoted me saying the white house dropped the ball friday. >> what i said was they dropped the ball on saturday and sean picked it up and moved on on monday. why did that person go into the editing booth thinking they could get away with it? jesse: as long as they keep apologizing, we'll keep accepting their apology.
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5:32 pm
isis within 30 days, and president trump speak by phone to russian president vladimir putin for the first time. the white house has yet to release details of the conversation. and the first step in improving relations between the two countries. >> welcome back to "watters world." nearly a third of house democrats boycotted trump's inauguration. this a civic event, not a political event. can you manage the outrage? "watters world" wanted answers. so we went to washington to pay conscious a little visit. >> jesse watters from fox news. we wanted to ask you why you
5:33 pm
boycotted the inauguration. does that mean you don't have an answer or you don't want to tell me. >> we have got to go. >> i have a statement on record. thank you very much. you have a wonderful day. jesse watters with fox news channel. we just wanted to know why you boycotted the inauguration. >> i didn't boycott. i just didn't go to it. jesse: isn't that a boycott? congressman, jesse watters from fox news. good to see you. why did you boycott the inauguration. >> for the reasons i stated publicly. jesse: what were those? >> they are on the record. jesse: we are on the record right now. don't you think that's divisive
5:34 pm
to do, congressman? >> no. jesse: we are in the spirit of unity in this country, aren't we? shouldn't you be trying to unite the country instead of divide the country. >> if i wanted to united the country i wouldn't elect mr. trump. jesse: but that's not up to you, is it. congressman, you boy cod the inauguration. whoa, whoa, don't get physical. i wanted to speak to john lewis who had this to say about president obama. >> i don't view the president-elect as a legitimate president. i think it russians participated in helping this man get elected. and they have destroyed the candidacy of hillary clinton. i don't plan to attend the inauguration. it would be the first one that i
5:35 pm
miss since i have been in the congress. jesse: not only did he boycott the inauguration, he attempted to boycott "watters world." jesse: congressman, jesse watters on fox news, how are you? >> it's very late and i can't talk. supposed to be in a meeting. jesse: i'll make it quick, you said donald trump was an illegitimate president. do you regret that. that's a divisive thing to say, wouldn't you say? don't you think you owe a little respect to the office? jesse: his office said i was disrespectful and violated the decorum of the capitol. i think that's the way he treated mr. trump.
5:36 pm
remember the congressmen who flew across state lines to avoid voting on governor scott walker's budget? there is a new policies one-third of residents want top secede from the united states. listen to the leaders of the women's march. >> i'm not as nasty as a swastika on a flag and i didn't know devils could be rest recollect, but i feel hitler in these streets. a mustache trade for a toupe, nazis renamed the cabinet. yes, i'm angry. yes, i am outraged. yes, i have thoughts thought an awful lot about blowing you have
5:37 pm
the white house. jesse: president trump responded to madonna with this. >> she is disgusting. i any she hurt herself very badly. i think she hurt that whole cause. i thought her and a couple others. but she was in particular, what she said was disgraceful to our country. jesse: the left that spent the last year smearing trump as rude, crude and unprofessional. moist's hard for them to make a value-based case against president trump. chelsea hand letter has this to say about the first lady of america. what you have donald trump on your show in. >> no. >> what about melania? >> melania? she can barely speak english. >> what do you have think of her as the first lady? >> the same thing i think about him as the first man. i don't respect either one of them.
5:38 pm
jesse: imagine with a republican entertainer said they wouldn't interview a democrat because they don't agree with them. these women traffic in comedy, before it am not funny, it's nasty, and it's blowing up in their face. the limo anti-trump protesters torched belonged to even immigrant. he says the destruction will cost $70,000 in damages. hard to make that case when you are the ones firebombing muslim's property. the mort left riots, smears and boycotts, the more liberals will remain completely shut out of power. coming up next, the future president of the united states, and he's only 9 years old. >> trump will make america great
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again! jesse: is it okay for a man to cry? who pays? >> society tells me you are more dominant. >> but we always treat you guys to dinner so i think that's a boinls for you. >> why not let us pay. >> deal, you can pay for my dinner now. ♪ ♪ after becoming one of the largest broadband companies in the country.
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jesse: i'll name a series of people, you be tell me if they were president of the united states or not. >> warren harding. >> not. >> james polk. >> not. >> edgar johnson. >> president. jesse: when was he president? >> if name not mistaken, 1967. >> calvin coolidge. am i getting it wrong? jesse: as a result, american not doing so well in my presidential history quiz. my next guest says he thinks he can ace the president's quiz.
5:44 pm
was andrew jackson president of the united states? yes or no. >> he was. jesse: correct. you are smarter than some of these adults i see on the street corner. >> yes. jesse: and you are getting a little cocky. so you think you could be president. you have plans to be president sometime. >> yes. jesse: how are you going to go about accomplishing that. you have to be over 35, is that correct? >> yes, it is. jesse: so this is the beginning of your presidential campaign. >> okay. jesse: i think the real beginning of the california feign which was when ed henry discovered you at the inauguration the other week. let's take a look at that. reporter: we have a mini donald trump. how old rough? >> 9.
5:45 pm
reporter: where are you from? >> rhode island. reporter: do you realize how much history you are going to be witnessing today at age 9? >> yes. i like him most live because of immigration. and the taxes. reporter: you are not paying texass yet, are you? >> no. reporter: but your parents are. >> uh-huh. reporter: enjoy the history. jesse: he discovered you, anything you would like to say to ed henry. >> thank you for interviewing me. jesse: you told ed that you are a fan of donald trump because of immigration. tell me what you have think of trump's immigration platform? >> i think if trump build the
5:46 pm
wall, i think it would definitely work. so i'm okay with legal immigrants coming into the country. but not with illegal immigrants. one of those illegal immigrants have problems or guns or drugs. and they shouldn't be coming into our country. and our country has too many problems right at the moment. and we shouldn't have illegal immigrants in our way. jesse: well put. i think you hit it right on the head there, jacob. donald trump just issued an executive order beginning construction of the wall pretty soon. who is going to pay for the wall, jacob? >> mexico. jesse: that's what we are hearing. also taxation. tell me why you think lowering taxes is good economic policy. >> i think lowering taxes would be better because right now our
5:47 pm
taxes are too high. and they are way, way too high, and it has to stop. trump has been talking a lot about lowering taxes. and obama and -- obama -- and they made the taxes go higher. what probably didn't help. right now there are taxes on everything. free education. who is going to pay for that. taxes, what's going to pay for that. taxes. so i think our taxes need to be lowered a lot. jesse: all right. then if your parents have more money in their pockets they can buy you more toys. you like to dress up as donald trump, is that true? >> i dressed up as trump for halloween and at the inauguration i wore my little suit. jesse: that must have scared a lot of people you running around
5:48 pm
knock on doors looking like that. do you get a hard time when you dress up like that or wear your make america great again hat? you don't wear that at school, do you? the teacher would probably put you in detention. >> actually the day before election day i wore my trump suit, and she didn't say a word about it. she actually laughed because we are doing -- most my teachers like trump. so they kind of laughed a little. but i have only dressed up and went to school as trump tomorrow once. jesse: you went to the inauguration. that must have been a thrill for you. you were probably one of the youngest people there. >> like ed henry said, i know how much history i will be witnessing. i think i did it was an enjoyable experience. i was definitely saying we can
5:49 pm
go to. >> the presidential inauguration sometime. jesse: you are a great patriot at a very young age. and i get a kick out of talking to you. jacob, you are welcome in "watters world" any time. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. jesse: coming up next, universities across the country trying to teach men how not to be masculine. would you admit men may be your physical superior? >> no. jesse: how much can you bench press? >> more than you.
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ess macho men. jesse: macho men under attack at college campuses. i visited brown university to see what it was all about. brown has a course called toxic masculinity. what could be toxic about all this? >> well, toxic is a strong word. >> i suspect the class would be thank you understands. >> it not about shaming men. it's what allows men to feel they are superior to men. jesse: are you toxic? >> from the taste your lips i'm on high. jesse: i don't think you should teach toxic masculinity. what kind of characteristics do
5:54 pm
you think toxic masculinity manifests as. >> violence, aggression, the need to show dominance and power. jesse: would you admit men may be physically superior? >> no, absolutely not, i bet i would bite in any physical competition. jesse: how much can you bench press. >> when you walk into a room, society tells you you are more dominant. jesse: but we always treat you guys to dinner. so i think that's a bonus for you have. >> why don't you let us pay to show we have financial support and are equal to you. jesse: deal, you can pay for my dinner now. >> okay. i don't know if i want to do that. jesse: do you think trump exhibits toxic masculinity. >> i do. >> i think donald trump is
5:55 pm
toxic. i'm not sure if that comes from his masculinity in general or that's his larger persona. jesse: is trump too masculine for you? >> his masculinity is toxic painting women as inferior is toxic. jesse: if you think trump is toxic you must think clinton is toxic. sometimes i get angry and upset and i just want to curl up in a ball and watch a movie. i don't always act impulsively and punch somebody in the face. >> good, i'm proud of you. >> i get emotional sometimes, is that okay? >> absolutely. men should be able to show their emotions and express it in public. jesse: is it okay if i cry? do you believe i'm toxic. >> i absolutely believe you are
5:56 pm
toxic. jesse: can you point me in the direction of a safe space? is this a safe space? jesse: i'm watters and this is my world. we hear you on twitter. i'm reading your comment up next. stimulant laxatives make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften, unblocking your system naturally. miralax. and for just $15.99big festival of shrimp you can pick 2 of 6 new and classic creations on one plate new flavors like sweet bourbon-brown sugar grilled shrimp and bold firecracker red shrimp are too big to last so hurry in.
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i love paying extra to file my state returns. i want my tax software to charge me at the last second. there is nothing i can do with an extra $50. said no one ever. file your taxes for free with credit karma tax. jesse: i want to read some great tweets you have been sending me. real donald mask tweets. jesse watters is the best thing on fox. i would agree with that. and boot mender tweets, watters, you are getting as obnoxious as
6:00 pm
bill. jesse: thank you. justice with judge jeanine * is coming up. judge jeanine: right now on "justice." >> this is about being fair to the american people. judge jeanine: i visit the white house for a revealing one-on-one interview with counselor to donald trump, kellyanne conway. her role in public service, a mother, and a mother in the white house. >> it turns out there are people who have problems with women in power, and many of them are women. judge jeanine: we'll talk about her boss' flurry of activity this week. extr


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