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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  January 28, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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on facebook. do me do me a favor, go to facebook and get your friends and do some likes. thanks so much for watching. we'll see you next week. thank by from the capital, washington. >> false prophets the basic science. today's terrorists can kill innocent people. but they don't pose an excess stench of threat or nation, must not make the mistake of elevating the as if they do. >> their sneaky, dirty rats part. sneaky, dirty rats. sneaky, dirty rats. >> how's that for change? commack.
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>> if i made an action movie about president trump, i would call it executive action. the tagline, in a world where presidents did nothing, one man did something. >> in a world where presidents do nothing, one man did something. executive action. [applause] >> it's true. president trump has done more things this week than i do in a year.
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this is what men do i guess who do not drink. laughmac it's scary, he is signing all sorts of crap, he's like chuck norse with a pen. it's weird. it's like he weird. it's like he is treating this like an actual job. the kind where people actually review your work. and so on presidential. and let when he's not doing something he seems their tainted or bored. it's like he's predicted addicted to results. he's not a commander-in-chief, he is a ceo. it beats being a beats being a teacher's pet like his predecessor and the critics can't keep up, they're like cats chasing a fish truck. trump is all news all the time. when he breaks wind, we break in. he vowed to end thanks ray cities. why not. thanks to a cities sound nice but they are. it's like a wintry mix which sounds like a desert but it will kill you. montezuma's revenge which revenge which sounds like a tasty drink, but i would not turn get. or maybe i would if i were in a movie. thanks ray cities are the perfect left-wing dream. it sounds morally superior and told criminal
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illegals kill citizens. trump also addressed terran refugees, sensibly. extreme vetting. it is a vetting, but more extreme. it make sense. it's no wonder makes sense. it's no wonder protesters brains are fine like spam on a hot side wake sidewalk. nothing he is doing is it intrusive. removing criminal aliens, hiring border agents, helping crime victims, helping crime victims, none of these actions are as remotely interfering as obama care, the iran deal, do the protesters even see that qwest mark no. there heads are so far up their asses they can tongue their own tonsils. meanwhile, that was disgusting. i need to get it out of my head great. the media's being a mess. they're mess. they're so out of shape after eight years of sucking up to obama, it is like watching a flabby arm wrestle her take on an mma fighter. it's like me trying to lift weights after a month in bed stuffing twinkies stomata. trump is less a president that a
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man with a swiss army not. the media has one tool but trump has 70. do do you think he has a handle on the nail file? and then out pops t it's kind of fun to watch. >> let's welcome tonight's guest. he is so country his pickup truck drives a pickup truck, country music legend, larry gatlin. she is so bright that in maine she is considered a lighthouse, kennedy, host of kennedy. [applause] he is so big that mountains climb him. fox news contributor, tyra. >> and like a smurfs blood, she is owes blue. national review. national review reporter and fox
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news contributor, catherine. [applause] all right larry, good to see you. how would you rate transfers we? >> you told me not to quote socrates or something so i'm going to quote god, people a part of him. the thing of the book it says, you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. in this case, the lefties shall know the truth, and it should really piss them off. the way i look at it, every day day that the liberals and the progressives are torqued off, it's just a little ray of sunshine in my life. a breath of fresh air. he made the man. i thought he was great. he actually came to work and did a job and did something. >> i think his strategy is to throw so many punches that is like how do you defend it? he signing this and talking to that person, he is a whirling dervish.
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>> absolutely right. and twirly indeed. i think what the left and particularly the progressive media are waiting for him to do is exhaust himself and punched so many times and so hard that his arms fall off. or spin spin himself into a fit of dizziness that he can't recover from. it's fine because you ask what kind of week he had, there were so much. it was was so voluminous the number of executive actions he signed to begin with. you are actually going to need some historical perspective. you're going to need context and time to really figure out what this week meant and we can't do that in one week. >> it's just too much. i find myself sitting in the corner weeping. i am so overwhelmed. how does the media respond to this? it seems like they are are in panic mode. >> they can't help but notice how conservatives responded when
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obama did the same thing of the first couple of days in office. doesn't matter if you agree or not, simpered to remember that when obama came out with these executive orders, the gop literally sued obama. it's important to remember you can be happy that he's going through what he said he would if you voted for him for these reasons. i am still a fan of small government. >> me, too. this is not a conservative government anymore. it is government in action per he he is actually doing stuff. what you make of this? >> he is setting the table. he is cashing in on what he did on his campaign which helps because people voted for him. but he's pushing his republicans in a corner to where obama waited too long, he lost the house and senate and then he got the obstruction. he setting the table, this is what we want to do you go figured out. executive order, he still needs things to get done in for funding and things like that. if someone has an issue with it they'll be out very quickly. he's very smart businesswise.
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>> it's a loyalty test. >> think about the parties for a minute. the democratic party that john f. kennedy was a part of no longer exists. >> will a lot of those people are dead. >> it's from a historical perspective. >> thank you, larry. >> i'm old, it's a career a career move, i need this business. so what i'm saying is i'm a conservative. i really, really am. i'm a republican, ivan r beside my name. but maybe that with him, maybe that party does not exist anymore or a small fragment. we have a rebuilding of both of them scrambling around after small government. but if it takes big government to undo the crappy big government we had, mall four. i'm all for it. keep signing that crap. >> if you can't beat them join them. you are into smaller government than even i am. >> i want an anorexic
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government. i wanted to be smaller than an olsen twin. >> oh my goodness. that's a small a small government. >> like a 1994 olsen twin. the one thing i do love is that as people are scrambling to make sense of these executive actions, it is really hard to tell. are they authoritarian? you have to read the language closely before you pass judgment. most people want a blanket judgment like he has declared war on china. >> you haven't done anything, you didn't change any loss. he is just and forcing us. >> what i love his leftist is so upset about the amount of executive power. you have to realize his predecessor concentrated this much power in the oval office over eight years, as did george w. bush. president obama campaigned on limiting that kind of power. he only expanded it including the surveillance state and joining american citizens. >> the phone in the penn thing when obama said that you're not a dictator. >> but now trump is doing the same thing.
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sorry, i have to point out that is just true. >> we live in an era where hypocrisy doesn't matter anymore. >> apparently not. >> we deal with instructional time. your home party can cut your ankles out from underneath you. ask obama. >> why wait for them. these are your plans, you know what i was going to do, here we go. >> i have to move on. >> if you're honest about being hypocritical i like it when our guys are doing it. it works for me. >> it's true, a very small government but if i were president i would sign an executive order making it it a crime to not text me back. >> exactly. if i became president executive order would kill everybody with a man bun. >> i think they do have a joining program. i think there was a man bun droning draft order. >> there was. >> is a disgusting trend. we have to move on.
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still to come, president trump says torture works, as everyone who said ashley judd last week, we can all agree. [laughter] that woman has issues. here's a quick preview of the rest of the show. >> coming up on the bay to show. meet a group of dogs who want to join the labor force. buy your morning commute just got more rough. plus, we have 80 on attracted minutes of joe biden given a thumbs up. it's an thumbs up. it's an awesome montage that you never knew you wanted. just how good is lou dobbs a parallel parking? we have driving from the world with an electrifying news may. what do the story seven? no donald trump which is why we are not doing it. none of these stories are on tonight. why are you checking your credit score? i think we could finally get a bigger place.
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>> the threat to disable get back on the table? the new york times, whatever that is, it reported that president trump is considering
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lifting the ban on enhanced interrogation area better known to some as torture or mike case, pleasure. in an interview with david, the president said he thinks torture works. i'm the enough, enough, no one had any strong feelings on this. >> i believe virtually all my members are comfortable with state of the lawn that issue now. >> torture is not legal. and we agree with it not be in legal. >> they would make a lovely gay couple. [laughter] >> on friday president trump was asked about the matter again, and he said this. >> we had of a great general who has just been appointed secretary of defense. general james madison. he has stated, publicly that he does not necessarily believe in torture or waterboarding or
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however you wanted to find it, enhanced interrogation, i, i don't necessarily agree but i will tell you that he will override because i am giving him the power. >> when president obama band-aid, he let the whole world or we don't torture. trump is a guy who likes to keep his options open. he doesn't like telegraphing his moves to the world. do you think the whole world of president trump allowing torture did not scare the crap out of the world? of course it did. that's the point. >> kennedy, i have a theory. defense secretary madness is against torture like i'm against eating at panera bread. i won't won't do it unless it's the last option. what's wrong with having the
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last option. why don't you ask senator john mccain. who spent several year as a prisoner of war being torture. i think he is probably that must authority on utmost authority on this. not only in congress, but in our country. i know some guy don't like their heroes who were captured, but he has such amazing personal perspective on this. he said torture is wrong. it's not something we should do. we are better than that. and i know the president say that jihadist goes waupun people's heads off into awful things to people. but there are bunch of people in syria right now crossing monkey bars and wearing the same undies for several months of a time in the not saying oh they're gonna torture now. i'm get a reach into my entire personal philosophy. >> him to go to larry could i know he will agree with me. kennedy said something that we hear a lot, were better than that. >> i'm not. >> i am not a better person. >> but there's a difference between being personally against and having the state torture people on our behalf. that is wrong.
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>> i honor senator mccain. he is a patriot. i. i don't think he has a nonbiased position. he was unfortunately torture. the question is how many of you ever did something really bad and went home and your mom said if you don't tell me what he did did i'm going to spank your butt? how many of you had that happen? how much faster if she you what i told her she was going to water board your. >> but were not talking about people like you and i. these these are people who are down to legit blow them up ourselves up. i feel like waterboarding is a pretty chill experience for them compared to that. >> i don't think so. so. i don't think that's true. waterboarding, people who blow themselves up have the end result being nevada, that's not what they call it. nirvana is a different religion. the point is, this is different. you're not letting them die, you are suspending them in a period of absolute anguish.
10:20 pm
>> this is been investigated. the senate committee investigated and found a lot of problems of torture and that doesn't work. people fabricate fabricate things. people don't really get there torture. i don't care what we do to terrorists, that doesn't bother me much, like boo for real, on those guys. if you're talking about u.s. citizens they have rights but if you talk about what is and is not effective it's not about a personal vendetta about being most effective. >> that doesn't go against my last option argument. senate doesn't work but if you don't have any other options, why not? >> i don't give a damn what you do to them. sometimes the fear is better than the actual act.
10:21 pm
a great old-school wrestler, he never spanked his children but they always were in fear of it. the day spank them they lose the fear. so knowing that we could go to those depths to get what we need under the discretion, if general mattis said it had to be done i'm okay with it. >> was actually worse? the weapon or waiting for? >> waiting for. by. by the way that happens when you're married. >> what's the ultimate goal. you think you're going to change people's behavior and dissuade people from becoming jihadist? that's not going to happen. >> i just want to get one piece of information at them because it might have to do with saving someone's life and then i would kill them anyway. >> when does that happen? >> don't you watch 24, and and happens on there all the time. >> that classified 6000 page senate report without case after case and not just waterboarding.
10:22 pm
i agree with you. i don't know that waterboarding is torture but there some enhanced are some enhanced interrogation techniques we don't talk about openly that are so disgusting that we shouldn't be doing them as a nation. our government should not be perpetrating certain against other. >> were not doing it as a nation, will have another store for us. >> that's not true. >> will talk about how horrible this is, what is the worst torture? tickling. nobody e talks about tickling. if you are ticklish you will do anything to stop selling from tickling you. why are we tickling the terrorists? if you're against it than your hypocrite. >> i don't care let's try to talk about what's effective. >> tickling. >> i like results. >> i like risotto. >> you know it's interesting, you can't tickle yourself, right? you have these things called fingers, they can feel and so
10:23 pm
you mind can't figure out what's being to go. >> it it a year worried about me talking about socrates in your talking about tickling. >> it's so torturous because he can't control it. isn't that what waterboarding is? just? just up on her way to tickle? >> it tickling with a slight hint of drowning. up next, i'm a moron. >> a scoop so juicy you will need a bid to enjoy. but but a secret service agent who can't keep a secret. should he be fired
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reporter: this is a fox news alert. more than 100 people with valid visas detained at u.s. airports can stay here temporarily. a judge granted a stay from trump's order banning people from 7 countries. it also included cabin crews. the president will speak with the leaders of saudi arabia. one order for military leaders
10:28 pm
to come up with a plan to defeat isis and one restructuring the national security council. let's go back to the show. >> she is drying higher of the line of fire. i speak of a secret service agent facing criticism for suggesting she would not protect president trump. kerry o'grady kerry o'grady who is in charge of operations in denver, that's in colorado, wrote on facebook in october, quote i would take jail time over a bullet or endorsement for what i believe to be disaster to this country, and the strong and amazing women and minorities who reside here. tax act be damned, i am with her. actually it prevents certain employees for advocating to her
10:29 pm
for a certain pinnacle party. she has deleted the post say that she's proud of her job and -- as president she's has to listen to 24 straight hours of this. [inaudible] >> let's go to you cat. shouldn't she resign. for example, for example, if you are working at fox news and let the bosses know, i just want to let you know i'm not going to be talking about politics or not to show up today. that you relinquish your job. >> she should resign. however it's important important to note that she wrote this in october. when literally everybody thought hillary would be president. she probably thought that was, knowledge or, thought everybody had. so it's kind of like when the things you text to other men when you're dating a guy but not
10:30 pm
officially a and you don't worry about it because technically you're not responsible and so you don't think about until you the guy start dating then he goes through your phone and then you wish you took some time to do some deleting. >> it's unlike something just happened. >> i have a theory, i call it tsd d, trump self-destruction disorder. where the election just causes you to destroy your career. madonna bomb and things or whatever. use short circuit your brain. >> there so fried over the whole thing. if your basketball player he supposed to shoot. what if tom brady -- the man's a fake. hold me back. we have a ballgame, not as like
10:31 pm
12 yards my arm hurts. i mean, come on. - michael my goodness. >> i think the hillary laugh is were. >> you miss in the whole point. i was an executive protection. my job was to protect. >> i don't need to name drop. if i didn't like his music i had took a job and i have to teen and they rely me. if i said to them driving the car one day if someone try shooting i'm adequate. that whole team went work with me anymore. her job was to protect the office. she shouldn't take a political stance stance the matter if they were behind. your job is to protect the office. i went walk across the street with her. >> can you imagine i was
10:32 pm
speaking with a family member and law-enforcement he set i think is going to enjoy her new detail in alaska where she will be mopping up the agents at the end of the day. but she should absolutely is like a surgeon walking into an operating room, scrubbing in and been sterilized in the patient is anesthetized and says i'm not to do it. >> is a conservative. >> i'm with her, therefore, therefore i would not take a bullet for donald trump. when you're looking down the job description, one a a is take a bullet for the president. one be, is shut your pie hole. she's having difficulty doing the first two things on the job description list. >> is called secret, she she can't keep a secret and service and she can't service. [applause]
10:33 pm
she was probably very drunk at the time. >> she's been having sauvignon blanc. >> by the way, there's a lot of woman who would love that job. a lot of woman who would love that opportunity and this is to set an example is one of the few woman as a secret service agent. she showing yourself to be emotional. >> don't equate my entire gender with this woman. >> i keep thinks i should be saying on facebook, they only affect my personal life not my professional life. >> that's not good. >> i'm alone a lot. coming up, stories electric it can power your toaster. president trump wants to send a fed to chicago to clean things up. they should start with the riverit smells terrible after it rains. so if you have a flat tire, dead battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7.
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>> they went from bows to brose. once arch enemies become the new unstoppable crime duo. president trump is straining to send the feds into chicago over their crime epidemic. i wonder if he wants them to fix the problem? >> i want them to fix the problem. you can have thousands of people being shot in a city, in a country, that i happened to be president of. i say you have to smarten up and you have to toughen up. because you can't let that happen. that's a war zone. >> this is a warning. i want them to straight out the problem. it is a big problem. >> it is a big is a big problem. here's the mayor's response. >> i would welcome, i always have, welcome federal
10:39 pm
participation in working with local law-enforcement to dealing with guns and gangs. >> well there you go, everyone is happy. i think we are making progress already. it is only been one week. okay. what is going on in chicago? everything seems so out of control. i can't believe that robin emanuel does not know how to stop it? why isn't he stopping it? >> in chicago's history of gang violence goes back forever. it's not just the socioeconomic, it is poverty, no education, schools, no jobs. the drug trafficking is unbelievable. that is basically what the fight is a bow, guns and drugs. there is a lot of different ways to fix that. a lot of people are like feds. i had said putting military guard on every corner just for the deterrent. the feds can help, i just think the verbiage doesn't sound threatening to send in the thread feds. they need help.
10:40 pm
everyday people out there can't leave their house. they need. they need help. >> i have a theory, larry that he is a victim of his own mentality. he knows what to do. but if you do it, you will be considered a bigot, racist by targeting minorities because they happen to be also victims of crime, but they are also causing the crimes in these instances and gangs. i think that's what's paralyzing him. >> i think that is part of it but it goes further. politicians to crappy things. they pander to their base so they can what? get elected. they want to get reelected. to me it is a blatantly to play favor with the black and hispanic communities were most of the stop is taking place. >> but they want the crime to stop two. >> of course they do. they are not the mayor. if you bring people in like you said you are being pc and whatever group they are members of they will vote for you. immigration has so much to do with that.
10:41 pm
our president and before you just said -- it was an existential threat to kate steinle. and other people who are getting killed. sanctuary city? i have an idea. let's let a bunch of bad guys in a not not to anything about it. that's brilliant. >> to his point, it's about to drugs and about guns. those are two areas where there is strict prohibition in chicago perhaps if you legalize drugs and create a legitimate market, i know that is heresy in some circles. allow people to defend themselves. allow people to exercise their second amendment rights. think you would cease the things change drastically. he hates cops and is an incompetent mayor. before you before you bring the federal government and and create martial law, rosie o'donnell, i think you should impeach the mayor and fix things locally and get someone in that
10:42 pm
position who actually stands up for law-enforcement so they can do their job. like they do in big cities like new york. [applause] >> exactly right. >> you might not be able to put a policeman or military guy in every corner, put a red hot mama with a 45. i'm gonna protect i'm get to protect my kids. you come try to sell drugs to me. >> i can see that in donald trump's america. >> the fact is, chicago is an overwhelmingly liberal city. a lot of the cities run by liberals have the same problems. what is your solution? >> i agree as a libertarian, let people protect themselves. i don't know if trump is using it as a threat to send in the feds. that's ascending and help and
10:43 pm
then he can't solve his own problems with think should be solved locally. if trump were to say to me, your room, your apartment is disgusting, i'm going to send in the feds. i be like not offended i be like great the feds are going to clean my room as long as i have time to hide some things. >> i would never do that to the feds. i be like perfect, don't have to do it. >> comedy people are living in a tiny room. one person in the cat. >> more eyes in a war zone is not a bad thing. they are overwhelmed. they're fighting just like the situation where they're fighting a war and they can't fight either. they can go to the police. >> you know what i hate, chicago is a sanctuary city, why is it for one illegality but not for others. you can have a century city city for citizenship, why not for nudist or -- users or taxes. if i decide i don't want to pay taxes, what if the city -- >> there's the berkeley boy, now. >> i would go to sanctuary city
10:44 pm
for nudist if they didn't have taxes. and peyote. i might think about it. my point is, -- y sanctuary cities because it's a symbolic battle without any for siebel consequences among the politicians. meanwhile avoiding these are real problems. these are real problems. still to come
10:45 pm
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>> jane fonda, madonna, chelsea handler, they're not, they're not just things that make you vomit. they are also celebrities that railed against the president and first lady this week. jane fonda fonda picketed the president's order to the north dakota pipeline. then yells into a megaphone, [inaudible] i call him the predator and chief. >> clever. >> chelsea handler took a shot at milani a trump. >> would you ever have donald trump on your show? what if he has to?
10:49 pm
>> no. >> what about milani a? to talk about about what? she can barely speak english. >> and they also tweeted that's original i think i heard 45 times on saturday. i madonna claimed her comments were taken out of context and she was speaking a metaphor. we went to hollywood's highest-paid actor for rebuttal. >> you know larry, you are a country music legend. you better you better offer 70 or 80 years. but you also have political beliefs which you talk about can you give advice to someone like madonna were without being a
10:50 pm
hypocrite because you say part rocket if things. >> if you know what you're talking about. but if you can't read writer trace i can't pay much attention. listen to the wall street journal, those who do not read deeply will not think deeply. they really know what they're talking about. that right there, there, those of the most addicted substance on the planet is a spotlight. i know, know, once you been in it, once you're out of it it kills you. these people come are you big enough, is a true? so getting back into a, if they really can make a great argument about what they're talking about, personally for me and it comes back to this is a conservative. you have lost the moral high ground to talk to me about anything about donald trump or anything else. if you really believe it's okay to stop a beating heart in a
10:51 pm
baby's room and sell body parts to buy a lamborghini. so there actors and actresses and wonderful performances and they cannot point to d.c. or syria on a map and their tone us to get out. i bought off. >> kennedy, you probably interviewed these people or know them in your past history on mtv. are we too hard on these people? >> no, i think they're making it so were forced to be hard on them. they're putting themselves in opinions out there. it's completely fair for people who disagree with them to take them apart, which is an easy. this is what i will say about madonna. i think this is very serious. no one is really discussed this issue this week. she had someone, a stocker shot and killed at her house who is trying to get to her. that is absolutely true, nest in los angeles. she has had a number of stockers who are so mentally unstable
10:52 pm
that she may say something like this that she considers to be metaphorical, but considering that she has had a fatal fatal incident in her own home, i think i'd be very measured in my words when i talk about violence even in the most metaphorical sense especially with the new president and the first day of his administration. [applause] >> does a drive you crazy to think that if you would've adopted lena dunham's political views you might be more successful than you are now? >> yes. have you ever thought about selling out? well thought about it. like you set i love attention, it's my my favorite thing. i'm a millennial. it's a millennial currency to have people pay attention to you and listen to talk. but i also like sleeping at night. that's my second favorite thing. lena dunham, some of the things she says is so stupid. and finally people are saying i am looking at her i don't want to be that.
10:53 pm
>> lena dunham says that. >> as she has to. >> here we go. i give to dams about a popstar has to say about anything. there celebrities and their can have their opinion. but when they took the low ground remembered they go low, we go high, bs. they're going low now and insulting his wife and see you and talk about the president if you have a personal beef but respect and realize that when you say things like that there are people who don't have the common sense to know what you're saying is true. >> let them do it, they're they're making themselves look like -- >> that's my point. in my opinion it's great when they freak out. it reveals the
10:54 pm
illusion of rebellion. we realize jane fonda was never really a rebel. neither wasn't madonna. they are all in lockstep and they are all edgy. they're not edgy. they all believe the same thing that makes him such -- >> don't go anywhere. >> don't go anywhere. if you leave now you're just a [ distorted voice ] progressive their competitors' rates alongside their direct rate to save you money. but what's really going on? when played backwards at 1/8th speed you can clearly hear... what could that mean? woman: tom? tom! they're just commercials. or are they? you're waking the neighbors. well, mom, maybe the neighbors need to be woke. i think it's actually "awoken." no, that doesn't even seem right. no, it's "awoken." revealing the truth to help you save.
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>> quick program no. we are taking the show on the road next weekend. we will be live be live from houston which is in texas. the side of super bowl 51. saturday at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. finally, tyrus continues to introduce himself to his new coworkers at fox news. here's the latest installment. >> command. >> fox fox news contributor. >> tyrus.
10:59 pm
>> who are you contributive for? >> greg gutfeld, like danny devito and arnold switch. so what are you going to do with greg? >> were get gonna report the news our style, our way. try to get them off the unicorn thing. but we'll see. >> what is he come up to come about here on you? >> yes he's incredibly short and am incredibly large. if if you had advice what would you say? >> don't get ticked off by his sarcasm. this is a a guy that lives in a sarcastic world. he's actually pretty funny. i love you not to be with him. but i can just use it next to them. i can just a bit where he's on the couch and you sit down. as i'm so big and that never gets old. learned a lot. great thing.
11:00 pm
>> thank you to larry gatlin, j. "watters world" starts now. jesse: president trump ready to open his first big investigation into vote per fraud. but what are the facts in beckle and guilfoyle here to debate it. plus, in watters goes to washington, confronting democrats who boy cod the inauguration. you said trump was an it legitimate president. do you regret that in does brown think men are too manly? that and more as "watters world" begins right now. jesse:


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