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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 29, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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back here next sunday, hope to see you then with the latest buzz. [♪] >> reporter: emergency order issued by a federal judge remained in effect at airports across the country. ruling blocking the u.s. from dough porting those affected by the travel ban, it comes another dozens of people are detained in airports across the country. i'm arthel neville. eric: i'm eric shawn. protests broke out in several major cities across the country in response to the controversial executive order that bars citizens from 7 mostly muslim nations from entering our country, including at first green cardholder's. they are legal residents of the united states.
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arthel: at jfk where 12 people are still being detained, we have a live press conference happening. we are expecting to hear from a volunteer attorney for some of those being detained. we are monitoring that situation. meanwhile president trump defending the action, tweeting this morning, quote our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting now. look what is hatching all over europe and indeed the world. a horrible mess. but many say the president's order created i could and confusion. we have team fox coverage. kristin fisher has reaction at the white house. wee begin with will carr at the airport. >> yesterday here at l.a.x., 7 people were detained.
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their as us is unknown. we reached out to federal authorities trying to figure out where they are, if they have been sent back or if they are still here or if they have been released after the federal judge's order. at this point we don't know. 300 people showed up spontaneously here at lax after the 7 were chief takenned. in seattle thousands of people showed up spontaneously protesting there. they stopped the light rail service for a bit there. they are expected to protest again today. at the san francisco international airport. people showed up to protest. one woman, her far it was coming in from iran. she simply didn't know what happened to him. take a listen to what she said. >> we have been angst. frustrated. right now they are letting some people out. so it's kind of like at this moment i'm pretty happy and hope he's going to come out any
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minute. reporter: that woman and so many other families waited nervously. a short time after the federal judge's order, her father was released and they rear reunited in france. they are expected several protests throughout the course of the day it's a safe bet of you have several hundred and several thousands in airports, these protests could be larger. along with that there are questions of security. there are hundreds of thousands of people here at lax planning their travel for the day. with that you will have a number of protesters coming in the next hour, hour and a half. the mayor asked them to reeve main calm and be peaceful. we'll see how that plays out throughout the course of the day. eric: congressional lawmakers are blasting the president's orders while others are
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supporting it. devil krat i can minority leader -- democratic minority leader chuck schumer is with an iraqi who served in the u.s. army with his family. >> we should point out senator schumer said in that press conference. he's going to introduce legislation with the goal of overturning this executive order. this was all over the sunday shows. and the trump team continues to make the argument this is nothing more than a temporary ban to make sure we secure our borders from potential islamic terrorists. mitch mcconnell defended the president's actions and argued this executive order does not target muslims. >> to the extent they are trying to improve the vetting process,
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that's in order. we don't have religious tests and some of our best allies in the war against islamic terrorism are plus limes. reporter: not all republicans are on board. a michigan congressman criticized the move. he said it's not lawful to ban immigrants on the basis of nationality. if he wants to change immigration law, he must work with congress. a blanket ban represents an extreme approach not consistent with our nation's values. that criticism is coming from a lot of democrats including dick durbin who appeared on "fox news sunday." the suggestion by the president that somehow we are going to favor christians and in some cases banning muslims in the future. that's the opposite message we need to send to our allies and
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those who wanted to do us harm around the world. reporter: we are hearing from our europeanal lights including germany and the u.k. say they are concerned about this ban and refugees and immigration. eric: the pushback comes after another busy day at the white house. including more scheduled phone calls and foreign leaders. kristen fisher is live at the white house. what is the president saying about the judge's ruling and the protests that continue over his executive order? >> president trump is unapologetic. you saw the tweet he sent out that our country needs extreme vetting now. he sent three of his top aides to defend that executive order. the message is sorry, safety first. here is sean spicer. >> the criticism that's coming
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is from someone who has gotten into office, hit the ground running and had a flurry of activity to do exactly what he said he was going to do, whether it's bringing back jobs, fighting for the american tax fairs for protecting this nation. he's not going to apologize for putting the safety of this country first and foremost. reporter: president trump has not commented directly about the protests popping up across the country. but that could change this afternoon. there was a protest set to begin outside the white house. 14,000 people on facebook have said they are coming here. eric: more protests planned in new york and other cities. meanwhile the president will remain at the white house. what else is on the schedule. reporter: today is the first day since president trump took
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office that he has no public events scheduled. but he has a phone call with the king of the united arab emirates. and this comes after speaking on the phone with five other world leaders including vladimir putin. and then looking ahead, the announcement of his supreme court nominee which he is set to announce thursday. eric: we are going to look at the nations where the terrorists who attack us come from. judge john bolton will talk about the controversy over this ban. arthel: president trump's cabinet starting to take shape as he enters woke two of his presidency.
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shulkin is no stranger to the va. he sit on the veterans affairs committee. senator moran, thank you for joining us. as we said, dr. shulkin is not new to the department. he served as under secretary of health during tumultuous times. how can he serve as the fixer if given control over the va? >> i think that's the question. when i want to be reassured from dr. shulkin, we met earlier this week in my office, had a fine conversation. but i want to make certain the va will be led in a way different from what we have seen in the past. it will take significant shakeup at the va because i think we have been looking the necessary leadership to change the bureaucracy and culture of veterans affairs.
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it always had its challenges. it's a big bureaucracy that has lots of men and women to serve. but the reality is in recent times it seems as if the drive and motivation to get things right diminished. i attribute that to the bureaucrat i ca --bureaucratic . way too many veterans are falling through the cracks and there has been a lack of accountability and lack of motivation or drive to make sure no veteran doesn't receive the care and treatment he or she deserves. arthel: you mentioned bureaucracy five times in a short period of time. if confirmed, what do you think are the critical wound that would need the secretary's
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attention. how could you fix them and what injuries would fall next in line. >> we have been through self secretaries of veterans affairs. he has served in the administration for self months, so he has some experience. will he be a changer as compared to the status quo. the status quo is insufficient for me and many veterans for me and kansas and across the country. i outlined what we call case work. issues with certain veterans in kansas that it would like to see if dr. shulkin can solve. he can take care of people who do things wrong within the va. too often we see if you make a mistake, if you are
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lackadaisical about your job, you simply get transferred somewhereles else within the system. that's a start. we need the choice program. it says if you are a veteran hat lives long distances from the va or the va can't provide the service in a timely fashion, the va will allow you to be admitted to a hometown hospital. that's important for state like kansas and veterans who can't get the care in a typely fashion. the va implemented that legislation poorly and slowly with a bunch more bureaucracy. the solution to our problems at the va. if you convince me our veterans are needing more money to take care of their need. what we need is bureaucracy that comes our way.
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it's not about money it's about doing the job right. arthel: less overhead. let's talk about funding the wall. the can't price tag is somewhere between $12 to $15 billion. when george w. bush signed the secure fence act into law almost 10 years ago, the estimated cost was close to $5 billion. so what do you think about u.s. taxpayers footing the bill up front? are you confident mexico will reimburse the u.s. in and will those repayments come in a for that will be effective and make us whole? >> i see what the president has said. i think this is the type for congress to have the necessary hearings. the appropriations process needs to work. it seems difficult to me to envision the circumstance in
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which mexico actually pays for the wall. but i would be delighted to hear how that could be accomplished. but i think congress ned to prioritize. the border is important. national security matters. who comes across our borders is a law enforcement and national security issue. congress may be able to prioritize this as spending. but when need to have the story in place that convinces us that it will actually work. and it will mean we'll have to spend money less someplace else. arthel: that's what we'll be looking forward to hearing what you and your lawmakers come cup with. we appreciate 'time. >> thanks for caring about veterans. eric: we have breaking news on the nation's battle against international terrorism and the cost to some of our troops it's
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a tragic reminder of the danger our forces face overseas. we are told one u.s. service member was killed and three wounded in a raid on al qaeda in yemen. conor powell is live in our middle east bureau with more. reporter: for the last few years the world wms attention when it comes to yemen has been the brutal war with the houthi rebels. it has been the counter-terrorism operations to battle al qaeda. over the weekend, according to the pentagon. the u.s. led a raid targeting al qaeda fighters in the southeastern part of yemen. one u.s. service member was killed in this raid in a
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firefight with the militants. we also understand that another service member was injured when one of the u.s. aircraft crashed into an area near that raid. it's not clear fit was directly involved in the raid. this raid marks the first time a u.s. service member had died under president trump. we also understand that this operation, this raid was planned sometime in advance, but it was approved by president trump. but it was not something that was a spur of the second or last minute. it has been in the works for some time. eric require's a reminder of the threat that still exists. arthel: the trump administration dealing with blowback over the president's travel ban.
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reporter: more now on president trump's executive order barring citizens from mostly muslim nations from entering the u.s. terrorists who carried out anaks our country have overwhelmingly come from other places. what is considered the first radical islamic attack on our soil in 1990 in manhattan. it was carried out by a terrorist from egypt. in 1993, the terrorist also from egypt. and the 9/11 hijackers from saudi arabia. a country not on the list. and a u.s. citizen from pakistan
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also a nation not on the list. afghanistan, a nation not on the list. the boston marathon bombing. the tsarnaev brothers were not from a country on the list. southbound were terrorists not from a country on the list. the fuss nightclub shootings. he wams's from afghanistan, a nation also not on the list. and ambassador bolton joins us now. ambassador. do you think this order is a
9:23 am
proper method to address the terrorist threat or a haphazard creation that sows confusion and chaos? >> it's a start with the list of 7 countries. this list essentially comes from the obama administration which over time put together a program to reduce the granting of visa waivers to people from those countries applying to come in. so this list of 7 countries is not haphazard. it comes from the obama administration. the measure in the substitutive order takes it a -- the measure there the executive order takes it a step further in not granting visas. i think that is doesn't adrelts risk of terrorists coming in from other countries is something that requires attention. we don't want to be attacked no
9:24 am
matter where the people come from. but to say therefore this executive order should be rescinded is to say if you don't do everything all at once, you can't address part of the problem. and i think that's clearly wrong. eric: sadie arabia and pakistan not on the list. the post * i -- "the washingtons saying it's because the president has business ties there. >> that's silly. there should be stricter vetting of africans from a lot of places. 7 countries for a brief period of time will have a moratorium granting any applications because of the nature of the chaos or similar circumstances. i'm yemen which has no yek 5 government, like libya and syria. the other places there are governments. that's not to say there
9:25 am
shouldn't be careful getting of people from those countries as well. eric: what about the critics who say the refugees go through years of extreme vetting. would you address that concern that they basically know who these people are? >> if they are saying that the visa application process takes a long time, i have no doubt that that's correct. government is not the world's most efficient creation. but that doesn't mean for 18 months, f.b.i. and d.e.a. agents and secret service agents and local police all over the world are student yulsly investigating these applications. it means for throng periods of time their -- it means for long periods of time the applications are sitting on somebody's desk. the heads of intelligence and
9:26 am
law enforcement agencies testified several times before congress from a number of these countries in particular, we simply don't have adequate vetting. i think part of this on the part of the protesters is trying to make a political issue out of something that it's not. the fact is as you look at people coming in from illegal drug exporting countries, differently than you do from someplace like iceland. when you have countries that are the source of terrorism you have should look closely at people who want to come into the united states. it's not a religious test it's a terrorism test. eric: what do you have think will happen? >> the court orders are limited in scope. arguments could have been made in defense of the executive order don't seem to have been made. i have no doubt the executive order will be modified, expanded in some respects and reduces in
9:27 am
others. arthel: president trump's temporaryism gracious ban is sparking protests across the country. the president says he will announce his supreme court pick this week.
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♪ ♪ eric: protests and demonstrations can mean to break out at airports across the country after president trump's controversial order on refugees left 12 people detained, continued at jfk airport here in new york city. all told, 100 109 people en route to the united states were in the air when that took place in turned out they were denied entry to the united date last night on friday night.
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since then come a federal judge has issued the emergency stay many of the u.s. cannot deplore anyone who arrived here legally from seven mostly muslim nation as i'm the president's travel. we will have the very latest on this continuing and breaking story throughout our newscasts. arthel: meanwhile, to break down president trump's crackdown on immigration, we will bring in our panel, when the phillies, communications director for the american immigration council. the president does the american immigration reform, very happy to have you both here. i want to start with you. how constitutionally sound is the president's immigration executive order and do you agree with the intent? >> i think we'll have to leave it up to the courts to decide the constitutionality, but we've had four judges raise questions about it and that's what the status we just referenced earlier. recently, the people we try to ban are not going to be able to
9:33 am
be deported, but they will be admitted into the country. i don't think honestly this is the policy that will make us safer. whenever in human history ban people based on religion, there's terrible ramifications. we are talking about mothers and children who have gone through significant vetting process have been waiting almost two years to get in. we are talking about individuals who help u.s. military and very difficult countries and have now been given refugee and asylum status in the country. we cannot keep them out. that is not fair. the american public is interested in fairness and fair solution and not close enough orders to the world or being mean to people who need protection spirit our country was founded by people seeking safety and protection. arthel: dan, how do you see it? >> listen, donald trump is doing what he said he was going to do. it is strange that someone campaign on a series of position but now they put in a full day working at the job done. donald trump says we need to be safe.
9:34 am
americans want to be safe. to call this a muslim then, basically plays into basically plays into the hand of isis. this is not a muslim bin. this is a temporary suspension of immigration from a handful of countries where betting is a problem. but enough about guaranteeing the public safety. this is pending a review of procedures to make sure they are effective in protecting the american people. donald trump has said we will suspend immigration for several months pending the vetting review appeared the constitution provides article i powers to congress and they have delegated along with his inherent commander-in-chief authority broad powers to stop or exclude immigrants from any country on any basis he wants in a national security purpose. this is clearly a constitutional order. it has all kinds of historical precedent. it is designed to guarantee safety of the american people and there are many people and organizations that simply don't understand refugee admission. this is essentially a discretionary policy of the american people.
9:35 am
people don't have the right to come into this country without limit or unilaterally. people have the right to come in if they are deemed in the public interest not to come in. arthel: dan and wendy, we are showing pictures of the dozens of protests that have erupted over the country just yesterday. i want to move on now to another topic with you which a sanctuary cities. i want to ask you, wendy, should local municipalities and law-enforcement be ordered by the federal government to police unauthorized immigrants or risk federal funding if they don't comply? >> well come a sanctuary are basically saying they don't want to use their local law enforcement resources to do federal enforcement. when federal enforcement. when a local law enforced and has stretched very thin. they have a job to keep the community safe. we need to allow them to keep communities safe and not by local law enforcement don't want to get mixed up. federal immigration enforcement cannot be conflated. that doesn't make us safer by
9:36 am
making our local police not able to protect local communities and it doesn't make our community safer by cutting funding to schools and to let their needs in communities. americans don't support these policies that ask us to turn our neighbors then. they are policies that isolate us. arthel: want to get cnn and squeeze in one my topic. if you could give me your take on sanctuary cities and will move on. >> these policies are a threat to public safety. americans are dying because aliens deported are not picked up by ice because cities are cooperating. they are not honoring federal dictators to hold aliens who to be deported. in the end, underonal system, ss have an obligation to work cooperatively. that doesn't mean state and local officers are immigration officers. they are not deported aliens that they are supposed to cooperate until i.c.e. can pick them out. what donald trump has said is the artificial wall or state provided benefits to people no questions asked, providing
9:37 am
incentive to emigrate, basically you can never control illegal immigration must assume local governments work harmoniously to cooperatively enforce immigration law and thank goodness that is what donald trump is finally trying to do. arthel: i have to leave it there. i am not a time. dan stein, wendy phillies, thank you for your comment here on fox news. >> thank you. eric: some of the people detained at john f. kennedy airport, the total was 12. some now been released because the federal judges order and the protests are still planned for later on this afternoon. at jfk right now with the very latest. there's a news conference. they have been up in flux because quite frankly officials and congress people and lawyers to speak at the airport to figure out who's actually detained. what we know now as 14 people
9:38 am
are here at jfk and we are here at jfk at some point. to release earlier this morning. an additional four were released in the last hour, including a somali student i went to ohio state university. the video you watch right now is reuniting of an iraqi man and his fiancée, a woman who was just 21. they plan on getting married in the united states to issue is here at jfk. this is that the iraqi men had to say before the reunion. >> she's 21 years old, most beautiful one you could probably made. initially they handcuffed her. it is getting better now. she was crying for the last two days. as of today it's getting a little bit better. reporter: to be clear, seven people detained at terminal four. an additional person is detained at terminal one. iranian national. we are told lawyers have been
9:39 am
working nonstop. about 100 lawyers have been working to represent these people to make sure that they are getting the kind of representation that they need. the activists expect that all 14 people will be released here at jfk at some point today. member, the federal order, the judge made the decision late last night that said these people that are right here with legal fees as well as green cards and were detained at airport should not be deported. it does not mean that they be detained and therein lies the fusion and that is why lawyers are pushing for people to be released. lawyers also say the big fight right now is to make sure people at airports all around the world that have permanent green cards or legal visas are able to board flights into the united states. again, lawyers are saying there is still confusion for cbp. some border patrol agents are using their own discretion in not releasing this people and they are urging people, those who are a way to definitely contact them to make sure they
9:40 am
don't find anything they're not supposed to. >> it seems there is some confusion and reports also students who attend m.i.t., yell and tampered for example have been detained because they will come back from christmas vacation and haven't been able to return. brian, thank you so much. >> no problem. arthel: the reaction to her neighbor to the earth. but justin trudeau is saying about those refugees came from the u.s. trade to president trump has been on the phone with several world leaders. there he is talking to vladimir putin yesterday. we are told they did not discuss russian sanctions or moscow's influence in the presidential election. coming up, we will analyze what that call means. there's a meteor hurtling towards earth. how long until impact? less than a minute.
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canada is putting out the welcome mat for refugees rejected by president trump's new band. prime minister justin trudeau tweaking to those blamed persecution, terror and war, canadians will welcome you regardless of your faith. diversity is our strength #welcome to canada. mr. trudeau said he also plans to speed with president trump about the success of canada's refugee and immigration policy when he visits the white house within the next month. eric: president trump getting a second week in office with more phone calls with several heads of state including the heads of saudi arabia come united arab emirates and south korea. meanwhile, jordan's king abdullah, what he said to arrive in washington committed media says he will have several meetings with the administration officials and members of congress that the white house says it is not yet clear if the king will visit mr. trump at the white house. this all comes of course after the president had a one-on-one with russian president latimer
9:46 am
putin yesterday in a much-anticipated call. love is the result of that? the congressional correspondent for the "washtington examiner." suzanne, we are told during the putin called by russian sanctions did not come out. moscow's interference with the presidential election did not come up either. which you have expected them to touch on matters mostly pro forma type of officials and or formal phone call? >> i think it was considered a congratulatory call it a trump administration said it was initiated by putin to congratulate the president on his election and inauguration. or moscow's perspective, they would very much like to see sanctions lifted beginning with the ones imposed by the obama administration for the interference in the pre-election campaigning. that is certainly going to eventually come out. trump is kind of ambiguous about it like maybe he would consider it at some point but it was too
9:47 am
early to talk about it. that really puts him at odds with a lot of people on capitol hill, even republicans who don't want sanctions lifted. chairman john mccain, a republican talking about legislation to make sure the sanctions are removed. the phone call was certainly interesting. nothing definitive came out of it other than the two getting to know each other on the telephone and raising my question about what is this relationship going to be like between trump and putin? >> kellyanne conway has been quoted as saying they are considered lifting sanctions. the president says that's too early. the readout from the phone call said they discussed better cooperation and economic ties between the united states and russia. >> well, you know, he's a businessman, president trump. it doesn't surprise me they would talk about this. again, getting a little bit of
9:48 am
spin from moscow about the call was about. it would be really hard for president trump to lift those sanctions ultimately. there would be so much pushback at this point. they are just getting to know each other. don't forget, so much intrigue about what his relationship will be like with putin. also, i would like to remind you about the obama administration. they wanted to hit the reset button with russia as well. ultimately, the words of teresa may this week when she came to the u.s. and talk to republicans was engaged but beware. that is a trump is suing a too early to tell where this is going other than the two of them talking to each other and getting the congratulations from putin. eric: george w. bush the president said he looked into his soul. meanwhile, in terms of other world leaders, theresa may, angela merkel, a 45 minute phone call certainly touched on nato. we were told they both knew
9:49 am
publicly at least they have criticized the refugee and the travel ban. he's likely to get more of that today because it's talking to the king of saudi arabia. >> exactly. this morning his chief of staff said maybe we need to ask ms to other countries including saudi arabia. i kind of doubt that's going to happen. there will be some more pushback and changes in immigration executive order. certainly that will be part of the call i would expect saudi arabia as a key u.s. ally in the middle east and will continue to be so. we handle them very carefully and again trump has business interests there that's not supposed to influence anything he does. he's a businessman, thinks that way, tends to make these calls for a personal and expect that as part of a college is talking about forging strong connections to saudi arabia. will be covering it all here and the fox news
9:50 am
channel. we will report on certainly whether or not the refugee bid comes out. good to see you. thank you as always. arthel: president trump saying it plans to announce his election for supreme court nominee this week did the two federal appeals court judges who are now on the short list. i mean wish i had time to take care of my portfolio, but..
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arthel: president trump announcing he will has been open for nearly a year since antonin scully. thomas hardeman as the top contenders al gore and blanchard is live from washington with more on this story. >> high, with a potential list of nominees may be down to two names if anything this administration has shown a server that can change in the first week of novices that we can't be totally sure who president trump will choose until he announces on thursday. here's who we are watching. neil and thomas hardeman, the seat has been open since justice antonin scalia died nearly yeare would want mitch mcconnell to use the nuclear option and change the rules to allow for a simple majority vote if
9:55 am
democrats try to solve his -- saw his pic. >> we need to know who he or she is, what they stand for and believe he's in the maze. but thinking with local thought. the >> just over a week into president trump's administration, only three of cabinet level numbers have been confirmed and sworn in. something the trump administration is blaming the democrats dragging their feet. >> they are urging democrats not be obstructionist and do its best in the interest of the country to confirm that people needed to run the government and make sure we are moving forward together as the united nations to make this country better and wrong for her. >> a busy day expected tuesday. senate committees to vote on five cabinet level numbers. if they pass committee votes, they will move onto a full senate vote and that is what saturday, secretary of state nominee is waiting for.
9:56 am
a full senate vote is expected this week after he narrowly cleared the senate foreign relations committee last week. arthel: thank you for that update. eric. eric: thousands of americans across the country plan to spend a second day protesting president trump's refugee ban. continuing coverage of the nations respond to the controversial order. boost
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4:00 and 6:00 eastern. coverage of the refugee ban. the protest of the reverend jesse jackson will join us. arthel: and the meantime, enjoy your day. we look forward to seeing you this afternoon. >> anger at international airports over president trump travel ban against seven majority muslim countries it is but thousands of people above inside airport terminals that mr. trump defending his executive order. >> we are totally prepared, working out very nicely. you've seen the airport and it's working out very nicely and we will have a very strict ban and will have extreme betting, which we should have had in this country for many years. thank you, everybody. >> a daring seal six rated in yemen takes no senior al qaeda leaders. one american died in the mission


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