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tv   Perino Stirewalt Ill Tell You What  FOX News  January 29, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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today's terrorists can kill innocent people. they don't pose a threat to the nation. we must not make the mistake o elevating them as if they do >> they are sneaky , dirty rats. sneaky, dirty is that for change?
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you know ãif i made a movie about president trump, i would call it executive action. the tagline in a world where presidents did nothing, one man did something. in a world where presidents did nothing ãone man did something. [cheering] president trump has done more than i do in a year. this is what men do who don't drink. it's scary. hesigns all kinds of crap . he's like chuck norris with a
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pen. it's weird it's like he's treating this like an actual job. the kind where people actually review your work. it's so on presidential. whenis not doing something he seems irritated will board . it's like he is addicted to results. he's not the commander in chief ãhe is a ceo. trump is all news all the time. we need a breaking wind and we break in. >> he vowed to the cities and why not?they sound nice but they are ãit's like a wintry mix. it sounds like a desert but it will kill you. for the revenge it actually sounds like a drink . i would not drink it. maybe i would. >> sanctuary cities are the perfect left-wing dream.
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it sounds superior until illegals kill citizens. they also address the terror and the refugees sensibly. it's extreme bedding. it's more extreme. it makes sense. it's no wonder protester brains are fried on a sidewalk. nothing he is doing is intrusive. enhancing border security and removing aliens and helping crime victims ãnone of these actions are is remotely interfering as obama care with the iran the protesters even see that? their heads are so far up there behind, they can tongue their own tonsils. meanwhile ãthat was disgusting. get out of my head.the media is being a mess. they are so out of shape after eight years of sucking up to obama that it's like watching a flabby arm wrestler taking on an mma fighter. it's like me trying to lift weights after stuffing twinkies down my throat.
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he is less a president and army's was army knife. trump has 70 think he has a handle on the nail file? out pops the corkscrew. it's fun to watch. [cheering] let's welcome tonight's guest. he is the pickup truck driving a pickup truck. the country music lesson larry gatlin. she is so bright that she is considered a lighthouse. the host of kennedy on foxbusiness network. [cheering] he is so big that the mountain climb him.the wrestler and contributor, tyrus.[cheering]
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you are going to need context and time to make sure what the week meant. we can't do it in one week >> it's too much. i find myself sitting in a corner and weeping. how does the media respond? it's in a panic mode. >> they respond ãkind of how the conservatives responded.
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doesn't matter if you agree or not ãwhen obamacame up with the executive orders ãthe gop literally sued obama . it's important to remember ã hopefully it's all the branches ãbe happy with what he's going through with what he said he would do. i am still a fan of small government. may 2. >> it's a good point. tyrus ãit's not a conservative government. it's government in action. he is doing stuff. what you make of this? i think he is setting the table. he's cashing in on what he did in his campaign. it helps because people voted but he is pushing his republicans in a corner where obama waited too long and he lost the house and the senate. he got all the obstruction. he sets the table and he says this is what we will do ã figured out. he still needs some to get things done as far as funding. he set the table so if someone has an issue they will be outed quickly. it's very smart businesswise.
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>> let's think about the parties. the democratic party that john f. kennedy was a part of was no longer existing. it's from a historical perspective. i am old and this is a career move and i need this business. maybe i am a conservative. i am a republican. ivan rb said my name. maybe that party doesn't exist anymore or it's a very small fragment. we are rebuilding both of them as they scramble around. if it takes big government to undo the crappy government that we have i am all for it. keep signing it.>> if you can'tbeat them , join them. you are into smaller government and i am. >> i want the government to be smaller than anold search when .
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that's a small government. >> in 1994 olsen twin. one thing i do love is as people are scrambling to make sense of some of these executive actions ãit's really hard to tell ãare they authoritarian? you have to read the language closely before you pass judgment but most people want to pass judgment as if he is declared war on china but he hasn'tdone anything . he did not change any laws. he is just enforcing laws. lefties are so upset at the amount of executive power and you have to realize that his predecessor concentrated this much power in the oval office as did george bush.president obama campaigned on limiting that kind of power. he only expanded it. >> that was good. when obama said it they said you are not a dick tater but
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kind of he's doing the same thing. they are like ea. i have to point out that it's true. >> we live in an area where hypocrisy doesn't matter. >> apparently not. we deal with obstruction all the time. your own party can cut your ankles off. ask obama. why wait for them? these are my we go. if you are honest about being hypocritical ãit's true and it's a good point. i didn't like it when he did it but i like it when he does it. >> that's my t-shirt. >> i am small government but if i was the president i would sign the executive order making it a crime not to textme back. i'm for small government but if i came president executiveorder would kill everyone with a man button . they do have a drone program . therewas a man button zoning draft order .
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it's a disgusting trend. we have to move on. we have so much to cover. still to come ãtrump says torture works as everyone who heard ashley judd last week. we could all agree. that woman has issues. more issues than a newsstand. here's a quick preview of the rest of the show. >> coming up, meet and enterprising group of dogs who wants to join the labor force. why your morning commute just got morerough. we have 80 minutes of joe biden getting a thumbs up . it's the montage you never knew you wanted. later, just how good parallel parking is. we have driving tips from the world's most electrifying news man. what do all these stories have in common? no donald trump which is why we are not doing it. stories on gut felt tonight. [cheering] [applause] when coughing keeps your family awake.
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live from america's news headquarters. chaos and confusion at airports across the country. sparking protest in several cities after president trump's executive order totemporarily restrict citizens from seven , mostly muslim countries from entering the us. the first order covered green cord holders and legal residents. the federal judge issued a temporary injunction blocking the deportation of those detained at airports under the president's executive order. president trumpreleased a statement a short time ago in response to a concern over the
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executive orders. he says in part , america is a proud nation of immigrants and we will continue to show compassion to those fleeing oppression but we will do so while protecting our own citizens and border. i am marcel novel. we will have more at the top of the hour >> over the line of fire. the secret service agent facing criticismfor suggesting she would not protect president trump . kerry o'grady who is in charge of operations in denver ã that's in colorado. she wrote on facebook in october, i would take jail time over a bullet or an endorsement for what i believe to be a disaster to this country. the strong and amazing women and minorities who reside here. that's in reference to richard. i am with her. advocating for or against the
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political party including on social media. meanwhile, o'grady has deleted the post telling the washington examiner that she is proud of her job. she does it to serve the office of the president. 24 hours of this oh boy. all right ãshouldn't she resign? if you are working at fox news and you let the boss know ãi just want to let you know i will not be working on politics. you really relinquish her job. she should's important to note that she wrote this in october. literally everyone thought hillary would be president. she probably thought it was the common thing everyone had. the things you type text to other men when you're dating a guy but not officially and you
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don't worry about it because technically you are not responsible so you don't think about it until you and the guy stop and he goes to your phone you wish you took time to do some deleting >> exactly what it is.>> sounds like something just happened. >> i have a theory . it's called trump self-destruction disorder. trump causes you to destroy your career. it's like it short-circuits your brain and you do stupid things. >> they are so over the same thing. if you are a basketball player, aren't you supposed to shoot? tombrady , cheater ãwatch your mouth >> . [laughter] come on, man. hold me back.
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you'll ballgame coming up. come on ãif she doesn't have the qualifications , make her do the water border. >> you are missing the whole point. i was an executive protection. my jobwas to protect snoop . snoop dogg. >> i don't mean to name drop but i didn't like his music but i took a job. i had a team and they relied on me. if i said to them driving and we took him to a concert set i'm going to quit ãthe whole team would not work with me anymore. you do your job. doesn't matter trump was to behind 20 million votes ã protect the office. not to mention your team.
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it would not walk across the street. >> can you imagine?i was speaking with a family member and law enforcement has said, i think she will enjoy would be mopping up at the end of the day. it's like a surgeon walking into an operating room and scrubbing in and being sterilized and the patient is anesthetized. i will not operate ãi will just not do it. >> he is a liberal.he is a conservative. >> i am with her. i would not take a bullet for donald trump. when you look down the job description, one a is take a bullet for the president. 1b is shut your piehole . she is having difficulty doing the first two things on the job description list. >> it's called secret. she can't keep a secret and she can't service.
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she was having some sobbing on blank. there is a lot of women who would love that job. a lot that would love the opportunity. she is supposed to set an example is one of the few women who is a secret service agent and she shows herself as being emotional about it. >> don'tequate my gender with this woman. >> he did that for me . i keep things i should be saying only affect my personal life not my professional life. that's not good. >> i am alone a lot. >> the story is so electric it could power your toaster. president trump wants to send the feds into chicago and clean things up. they should start with the river. it's so terrible after it rains. [applause] email
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they went from foes tuberose. they were once march arch enemies. they sent the feds into the city of chicago over the crime epidemic. they want them to fix the problem. >> we can't have thousands of people being shot in a city in a country that i am the president of. i say, smarten up and toughen up. you can't let that happen. it's a war zone. >> i want them to straighten out the problem. it's a big problem. >> it is. big problem. here is the mayor's response. >> i would welcome ãalways have ãfederal participation in working with the local law enforcement to dealing with guns and gangs. everyone is happy. i think we make progress
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already. it's only been one week. cyrus? what's going on in chicago? everything seems so out of control. i can't believe he doesn't know how to stop it. why isn't he stopping it? well, chicago's history of gang violence goes back forever. it's not just the socioeconomic. it's poverty and no schools. no jobs. the drug trafficking is unbelievable. that's what the fight is about. guns and drugs. there is a lot of different ways to fix that. a lot of people say feds ãone point i said put the military guy on every corner. just for the deterrent for people to have a place to go to. the feds can help i just think the verbiage doesn't sound right. threatening to send in the
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feds. they need help. everyday people out there can't leave their house. i have a theory he is a victim of his own mentality. he knows what to do but if you do it, you will be considered a bigot or a racist by targeting the minorities because they happen to be victims of crimes but also causing the crimes in these instances and gangs. i think that's what paralyzes him. >> i agree with you. it goes a lot further than that. politicians do crappy things. they pander to the base so they can get elected. it's rule one. you get reelected. to me, it's blatantly favor with the black and hispanic communities were most of this stuff is taking place. if you bring people in, you are being pc and whatever group they are members of ãthey will come vote for you. that's what immigration is so much to do with that.
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our president said it was not existential but it was a existential threat to kate steinle and two other people got killed. sanctuary city? i have an idea ãlet's let a bunch of bad guys and and not do anything about it. that's brilliant. >> to his point ãit's about drugs and it's about guns. those are two areas where there is strict prohibition in chicago. both. >> if you legalize drugs and create a legitimate market ãi know that is crazy in some circles. allow people to defend themselves andexercise their second amendment right . i thank you would see things change drastically. rahm emanuel hate hates cops. he is incompetent mayor. before you bring the government and and create martial law, rosie o'donnell ãyou should the mayor and fix things
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locally and get someone in that position who actually stands up for law enforcement so they can do their job and they don't feel and strong. i get so emotional. it's like big cities like new york. >> exactly right [applause] might not be able to put a military guy on every corner but put a red-hot mama with a 45. i will protect my kids. try to sell drugs to me ãisn't that great? >> chicago is an overwhelmingly liberal city. a lot of these cities are one run by liberals and they have the same problems. what is your solution? i agree. legalize drugs and let people protect themselves. i don't know if he is as a threat saying he was sent in the feds but that sending and help area that's making him not have to solve his own problems when things should be solved locally. your apartment is disgusting. i said in the feds ãi would
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say not offended ãgreatthey will clean my room as long as i've time to hide some things ã ? >> . [laughter] i would say perfectã i don't have to do it. >> how many people are living in this tiny room ?>> in a war zone it's not a bad thing. they had that report come out and the excessive violence because they are overwhelmed. theyare fighting a situation where they fight a war . they can't win it either. having that said applies some people feel like they can't go to the police. they can't go to the feds for help .>> chicago is a sanctuary city. why is it for one legality but not for others. you will have a sanctuary city for citizenship but why not nudist? smokers or taxes? if i decide i don't want to pay taxes, there is your berkeley boy coming out. >> would go to a safer nudist
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if they did not have taxes. i might think about it. my point is, rahm emanuel has a symbolic battle without any foreseeable consequences. meanwhile avoiding the problems. still to come ãlarry says something. celebrities gone mad. by mad i mean stupid. we will award the oscar for the most over-the-top trump freak out, next.
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and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate...
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we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale. are not just things that make
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you vomit . they are also the celebrities who rail against the president and first lady this week. jane fonda picketed the president's order to resume the north dakota pipeline. what did i call that? yelled into a megaphone i call him the predator in chief. he refused to say his name. >> chelsea handler took a shot
2:49 pm
at melania trump. >> would you ever have donald trump on your show? >> what if he asked you? >> what about melania? >> melania ãto talk about what #she can barely speak english. >>handler also treated , if you need help ãmelania trump . i think i heard it 45 times on saturday. anything but original. madonna claims for comments were taken out of context and she was speaking and metaphor. i don't think she was. we went to the highest-paid actor for a rebuttal. >> stunning. larry ãyou are a country music legend. you been around for 80 years. you also have political beliefs which you talk about. can you give advice to someone like madonna without being a
2:50 pm
hypocrite because you say provocative things often. >> if you know what you're talking about ãif you can't read, write or trace i won't really pay much attention. she said those who do not read deeply will not think deeply. i don't think anyone ãif they really know what they are talking about. those are the most addictive substances on theplanet . the spotlight. when you are ushered out of it, it kills you. these people ãis it true? >> yes. getting back into it ãif they could make a argument about what they were talking about ã personally for me, it goes back as a conservative. you have lost the moral high ground to talk to me about anything about donald trump. if you believe it's okay to stop a beating heart and the
2:51 pm
mother's womb and sell the baby parts to lot by a lamborghini. they are actors and actresses and wonderful performances. they are telling us to get out. i just blow it off.>> you probably interviewed many of these people. it's in your vast history on mtv. are we too hard on these people? >> i think they are making it so we are forced to be hard on them because they put themselves and their opinions out there. it's completely fair for people to disagree with them and take them apart which is an easy. it isn't difficult.this is what i will say ãit's very serious. no one has really discussed this issue this week. she had a stalker shot and killed at her house who was trying to get to her. it's absolutely true, and los angeles. she has had a number of stockers who were so mentally unstable that she may say
2:52 pm
something like this that she considers to be metaphorical but considering that she has had a fatal incident to in her home, she would be very measured in my words when i talk about violence, even in the most medical for a cool sense. >> yes. does it drive you crazy to think that if you had adopted liam's political views you might be more successful than you are now? yes. >> yes. haven't you ever thought about selling out #we all thought about it. >> love attention. it's my favorite thing. i am a millennial. it's a millennial currency. having people pay attention to you ãi also like sleeping at night. it's my second favorite thing. >> some of the things she says is so stupid. finally we see people not listen. people say i'm looking at her and i don't want to be that. >> leah says that. >> no mirrors in her house.
2:53 pm
i give to dams what a popstar has to say about things. there are celebrities and they took the low ground when they take the high ground. they go low and we go high. they go pretty low. they are insulting his wife. if you want to talk about the president but respect and realize when you say things like that ãas she pointed out, there are people who don't have the common sense to not know what you're saying is true. >> let them do it. they make themselves look like crap. that's my point. in my opinion it's great when they speak out because it reveals the illusion of a rebellion. we realize jane fonda was not really a level rubble. it's been a lie that they are edgy.
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common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. >> a program note we are taking the show on the road next weekend. we will be life in houston which is in texas. the side of super bowl 51. saturday at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. finally tonight tyrus is introducing himself to his coworkers on fox news. here's the latest installment. >> come in. >> hello, tyrus. >> i'm with greg got felled.
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greg gutfeld. >> what you do with greg? >> we are going to report the news, our style, our way. joe can have some fun. try to get him off the unicorn thing. but we will see. >> where does he come up to, here here on you? >> yes, he's incredibly short on large. >> what advice do you have? >> don't get ticked up by his sarcasm. he lives in a second entrance arkestra world but he's actually pretty funny. >> i can say bit where he is on the couch and you said down. >> because i'm so big and he so small. that joke never gets old. >> i wish you the best.
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>> thank you to larry gatlin, kennedy, tyrus, our studio audience. i am greg gutfeld, and i love you. >> president trump issuing a detailed statement in response to the growing backlash against his executive order. but to temporarily banned citizens from seven, mostly muslim countries from entering the united states. including the first green card holders and legal permanent residents of our country, as well as cutting the number of all refugees who come to seek the safety of our shores. that number by half. the president and saying, america is a proud nation of immigrants and will continue to show comp


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