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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 29, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> thank you to larry gatlin, kennedy, tyrus, our studio audience. i am greg gutfeld, and i love you. >> president trump issuing a detailed statement in response to the growing backlash against his executive order. but to temporarily banned citizens from seven, mostly muslim countries from entering the united states. including the first green card holders and legal permanent residents of our country, as well as cutting the number of all refugees who come to seek the safety of our shores. that number by half. the president and saying, america is a proud nation of immigrants and will continue to show compassion to those fleeing oppression. but
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we will do so while protecting our own citizens and border. this is a brand-new hour of america's new headquarters. >> more than 100 people were detained under the new order. sparking protest in several u.s. cities as well as the political backlash here at home, and oversee oversee. >> we have fox coverage, were following the impact on capitol hill. let's speak with brian at the jfk international airport in new york. >> the federal judge yesterday put a temporary block on the deportations of those who were in transit or had arrived just after president trumps the ban. that is a good news for the activists and those who were concerned. the problem now is you have six people still detained in 14 others released over the last two days and there is confusion moving forward. here is some video of those who have been released. we have an iranian son who
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welcomed his father and his brother from iran. they were in detention since 9:30 a.m. yesterday. they were released today, they were visiting to see his grandfather. this iranian is a cancer researcher at sloan hospital. also a 50 year old woman from iraq was released as well. she had a visa application application from 2015. that was approved in january. then this video, an american citizen for 18 years welcoming his 21-year-old fiancé from iraq who is also detained for about 24 hours at jfk. listen to what. listen to what he had to say before they reunited. >> we are not terrorists, she's not a terrace, she is a 21-year-old must be a woman you be a woman you could meet. initially they were bad because -- but it's getting better now. she hasn't eaten in two days and was crying. as of today it is getting better. >> about 100 pro- bonow lawyers
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have been here. the problem is they see at the federal judge temporary block from the detainees from being deported is one thing. now, what happens to those still allowed to be put on flights. for instance, lawyers tell me a woman from sudan who had a visa and arrived and was detained for five hours, she had a green card, i apologize. she was a permanent resident from sudan them was helper five hours. there will be continuous questions about who is going to be detained or not. that is why they plan on being here for the remainder of the week. listen to one of the lawyers. >> we are expanding our focus to advocate for individuals who have not been allowed to board planes and other countries from restricted nations to ensure their safe arrival in the united states. there are individuals
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web lawful status in the united states who are not been allowed to board their plane. we will be advocating for those individuals as well. >> there is a protest happening in battery park downtown. bill diblasio has been a critic of donald trump and continues to be there today. lawyers here are here are waiting to see what is going to happen. we heard from the white house chief of staff how permanent residence anchoring cardholders will not be a part of this. they're seen some examples here of people being detained for a few hours. they will remain here for the remainder of the week to see what happen. >> clearly the confusion and controversy is continuing. >> we will take your overseas we the u.s. embassy in tel aviv. also voicing opposition to president trumps travel ban. send their send their ancestors they similar rejection while fleeing the nazis.
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>> earlier, we were listening to protesters speaking out targeting the refugee policies of israeli prime minister who was also facing some backlash after tweeting his support yesterday for president trumps plan to build a wall along the mexico border. >> the president in a statement this afternoon said that the temporary travel ban stance directly for nations who were identified by the obama administration. he announced the previous administration identifies syria, iraq, syria, somalia and syria, somalia and yemen as sources of terror. the rattle goal islamic terrorists who carried out attacks in our country have overwhelmingly come from other nations [inaudible] the list. was this considered the first islamic terrorist attack rate there. it was carried out by man from
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egypt, a nation [inaudible] the list. he was part of the new jersey terrorist cell. and they bombed the trade center 1993. he happened to be from egypt. the 11 hijackers had information from saudi arabia, also [inaudible] the list. there's a u.s. citizen from pakistan, pakistan pakistan is [inaudible] the list. the new york subway bombing plot, u.s. citizen from afghanistan. afghanistan. afghanistan is [inaudible] the list. the boston marathon bomber brothers were u.s. citizens born in chechnya and kirkus stan, [inaudible] the list either. the san bernadino shooter was born here the us, his wife was from pakistan. pakistan, [inaudible] the list. the pulse nightclub killer in orlando, born in new york, the suspected manhattan bomber last
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fall alleged a set of bombs on 23rd street, he is from afghanistan. he. he is a u.s. citizen, afghanistan is [inaudible] the list. a 22-year-old who went on a stabbing spree in sanka, minnesota at the mall last september, he was september, he was somalia december born in kenya. kenya is [inaudible] the list. unless the president noted in the statement his predecessor had a temper a six-month pause for those in iraq in 2007. that after two iraqi refugees planned attack in kentucky but that was eventually lifted. >> meanwhile, lawmakers on lawmakers on both sides of the aisle also voicing concern over the presence order including new york senate minority leader, senator chuck schumer who claimed the new travel ban on refugees is making the u.s. less safe. the senate senate minority leader say his party is now working on overturning the policy. we are here now with that part
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of the story. >> it is not just his own party. senator schumer said he wanted to be a bipartisan effort to overturn the president's executive order. at a press conference with a family of immigrants the senate minority leader criticize president trumps directed, calling trumps directed, calling it unconstitutional and un-american. >> donald trump seems to want us to believe that immigrants are either terrorist or criminal's. but here, these people, are who they are. look at these faces. are they at these faces. are they any kind of threat to america? no. they are the promise of america. >> the number of republican lawmakers have come out against the ministrations ban on immigration. this morning on abc's, this week's senate majority leader mitch mcconnell would not go that far, but he did say while he fully supports enhancing our screening procedures, we need to be careful in how we go about doing
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it. >> i think it is a good idea to tighten the vetting process. i also think it's important to remember that some of our best sources and are war against islamic radical terrorism are muslims. both in this country and overseas. >> activists have already filed a growing number of lawsuits challenging the actions. in the last 24 hours of federal judges in four states have issued temporary restraining orders prevented 200 people from being deported, according to the aclu. this evening president trumpet announced a statement extending the executive orders. he said we will again be issuing visas to all countries once we have reviewed and implemented the most secure policies over the next 90 days. >> thank you very much.
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>> this is not a muslim band. says so president trump claiming that it is the media who is falsely reporting that. early this afternoon he defended his action by releasing the detailed statement vowing to protect our nation at all cost and hinting the visas could be reissued and the ban lifted in 90 days. we are live at the white house with more details. >> not only as president trump doubling down and defending his immigration order, over the last hour he has taken a shot at fellow republicans on capitol hill. in particular to very prominent senators, john mccain and lindsey graham, over the joint statement they put out which was highly critical of the president's policy of extreme vetting. it reads in part, this executive order sends a signal intended or not that america does not want muslims coming at our country. it is why we fear this executive order may do more to help terrorist recruitment then improve our security. they also said is clear from the confusion at airports at this order was not properly vetted.
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president trump responded by saying, the joint statement of former presidential candidates john mccain and lindsey graham is wrong. there sadly we there sadly we can immigration. the two senators should focus there's energy on isis, border border security instead of trying to start world war iii. president trump is responded to the thousand americans protested around the country including about 1000 who who are outside the white house a few hours ago. the president is trying to reassure them that by saying the u.s. will resume issuing visas to all countries as soon as the u.s. implement more secure immigration policies and that should happen over the next 90 days. to be clear he said, this is not a muslim band. as the media is falsely reporting. this is not about religion, this is about terror and keeping our country safe. most of these protesters would argue, at what cost? they continue to see the executive order is un-american and unconstitutional. >> thank you so much. >> a deadly day for your u.s. in the fight against terrorism.
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a u.s. service member has been killed and three others wounded in art rate against al qaeda militants in yemen. the raid was the first counterterror operations approved by president trump since he took office. this, the first combat has yet to occur during his administration. here is more from the middle east borough. >> the last two years the world's attention when it comes to yemen has been on that brutal war between saudi arabia and the rebels they are and not al qaeda. but al qaeda's affiliate there has long been an active thread and has used the chaos of the saudi led war to expand its operations. u.s. operations. u.s. military has maintained a small footprint in yemen to take on al qaeda. according to the pentagon, u.s. special forces launched a raid targeting fighters in a remote part remote part of southeastern yemen. one servicemember was killed and three others wounded. at least one other u.s. servicemember was
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injured when an american aircraft crashed nearby. the raid marks the first time a u.s. servicemember has died in combat under president trump, who has vowed to wage a more more aggressive military campaign against militants. pentagon officials say the raid was planned well in advance. it was approved by the new commander-in-chief, president trump. >> thank you put. >> they are protesting on the streets tonight and on capitol hill summer vowing to take action. >> democratic leadership in the center promising to overturn the refugee ban. will mr. trump's order hold up? our next guest will weigh in on that.
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>> democrats are going to introduce legislation to overturn this. and we will move it as quickly as we can. and and i, as your senator from new york, we'll call, scrap, and fight and fight with every fiber of my being until these orders are overturned. >> that is an emotional statement chuck schumer vowing
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to fight the travel ban on refugees, tooth and nail. it is it is one of many executive orders mr. trump issued since taking office that might have a short shelf life as he tries to the bill promises made during the campaign. joining me now is the white house correspondent. when you have the force of lawmakers like senate minority leader chuck schumer vowing to introduce legislation to overturn the president's executive orders, you also have senators john mccain, lindsey graham expressing concern over plans leading up to the executive order. what happens after the 90 day visa band expires and a three-month ban on refugees except for christian refugees. what happens then? >> that's a good question. it depends on what the results of the review are that the white house has instituted. it's has instituted. it's very possible they will lift those restrictions, but put in new ones are extended, or solidify them stronger. that's
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an open question and it lies in the hands of the executive branch. >> you have the president leader of the free world issued a statement regarding extreme vetting. kristen touched on it a bit. to be clear, the presence and this is not a muslim band. this is not about religion. this is about terror and keeping our country safe. there are over 40 different countries worldwide that over 40 different countries worldwide that are majority muslim that are not affected i disorder. so bringing it back to you jeff, will this avert some of the planned legal action against the president's travel ban? >> i don't think so. i think we can expect to see quite a bit of legal action. you see action. you see that already since the order was implemented.
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i expect that to continue. the president made a point yesterday and the overall office when reporters came into see him assign other executive orders to say this was not a muslim band. the truth is he did campaign as a candidate essay and muslims should be banned, at least temporarily from entering the united states. the seven countries on this list are majority muslim countries. it is true there are. it is true there are many others that are majority muslim countries not included, but that is a fact that the ones he is targeting now are muslim geordie countries. clearly it is not the narrative the white house is looking for that's what the white house released a statement. but it can't be refuted. the. the seven countries they have targeted our muslim majority countries. >> the president released that statement just over two hours ago. what would have been different had the president made the statement before yesterday question. >> i'm not sure anything would have been different. i think the white house is realizing that perhaps its rollout of this executive order could have been done in a cleaner way. friday night, after the president had signed the order reporters were waiting around offices in the white house trying to get the text of that
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order to figure out what was inside it. i get the impression that the white house was taken aback by the broad reaction that airports worldwide on saturday and continuing today. when you release a statement like the president of this afternoon, it means they're trying to get ahead of a story that they feel a little behind on. >> meanwhile, the backlash coming from a number of federal judges granting a temporary stay, blocking the u.s. government from sending people with valid visas from the seven muslim majority countries upon landing in the various airports. until earlier today the administration saying they will continue on its current course. so do we foresee this ending up in the supreme court? >> it is hard to say where it will go. the legal changes and challenges will continue. i did read that senator schumer had assurances from the homeland
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security that they would abide by what was put in place by a judge in brooklyn. it is the battle battle. >> you mention senator schumer, he is also saying that the executive order makes the u.s. less safe and secure turning much of the world against the u.s. also want to know the chair of the house committee on intelligence is saying in a statement issued it that this is a useful temporary measure on the seven nations concerned and that we can verify that we need to keep it in place until we can verify who is in the us. the the president is getting some support as well as backlash. what are you hearing? >> it is interesting the points you make. you have republicans who are supportive and you have republicans were not supportive. watching that divide within the
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party will be interesting in the coming weeks. you see democrats opposing this largely. will this end up being a rallying cry or a way to galvanize support? it seems like it. it is also important to note that this is completely in line with what president trump as the candidate promised to do. anyone who is saying you should not take trump literally but you should take him seriously, i think you should take him both literally answers lee based on what he did during his first week in office. he is following through on the promises he made. >> we will leave it there. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> the president explaining his order was seen protests at airports across the country and travelers who are in legal limbo as a result after that federal judge put a temporary halt on deportation. coming up we will check in at lax and we'll hear from the
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reverend jessie jackson on the controversial order. he is here. but that order cut the number of refugees, all refugees seeking the safety of our country. it our country.n. it cuts the numbers by half. ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? (laughter) come home with me! trade up to the silverado 2500hd all star edition and get an average total value over $11,000 when you find your tag. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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>> we have more on the top story. the fallout of president trump's executive order on refugees. protests are continuing for second day at airports across the country. sixteen democrat attorney general's issued issued a joint statement condemning the order. some republican lawmakers are supporting the president and others are criticizing him. lawyers are signs of people still face imminent deportation despite the stay issued by a federal judge in brooklyn. here is more of the demonstrations that are been occurring at the los angeles international airport. >> over the past hour roughly several thousand people have packed into the terminal and
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i'll walk you through the crowd a little bit. you can see just how many people who are protesting what they believe is a on lawful detention of refugees. at last check we have been told that at least seven people are still detained. we are told that it could go up to 150. there is a lack of information for people here on the ground. people don't know who is all here at lax. one woman said her parents were coming in and they have health issues. they have not been able to have contact with them. she doesn't know where they are right now. take a listen. >> i am worried about their health situation because my father, my mother, both of them are sick. they need to take their medicine. >> obviously an emotional situation here. there are a number of attorneys who are on
3:30 pm
the ground trying to help the people who are detained. >> they have yet to confirm despite our repeated attempts for information, they had refused to provide any up-to-date information on the numbers of people here. >> that's a frustration for many on the ground. they just don't know the facts as to what is going on. as you can tell, lax lax can normally be chaotic but nothing like this. [inaudible] we will keep a close eye on this. >> thank you. we apologize for for the quality of that video. it looked terrible there for a minute.
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>> i think this is one that will haunt us for long time. it was the suggestion by the president that somehow we are going to favor christians and in some cases banning muslims in the future. that is exactly the opposite message we need to send to our allies and to those who want to do us harm around the world. >> that's the democratic senator, dick durbin criticizing the temporary travel ban. tonight the protests we have been reporting have been continuing. including rallies within earshot of the white house. the focus of the reporting has been mostly on the seven muslim nations. but the executive executive order cuts the number of all refugees by half. it puts emphasis sought for entry on persecuted minorities like christian refugees from syria, considering the widespread kurt persecution and of christians there because of their faith. for more reactions were joined by the reverend jesse jackson, founder of the rainbow push coalition. >> it is good to see you.
3:32 pm
let's start with what is been lost over the weekend. the total number of refugees. these people seeking the safety and the promise of america on our shores. this band cuts their numbers from all countries from 110 under president obama to 50000. just over half. >> i think first of all the countries targeted we found no evidence of terrorism from people of those countries number one. it's a very disruptive disruptive process. people already in flight. to jail in america. that was very disruptive. and thirdly it reporters appears to be a religious bias to not let muslims inches in fact to to judaism and christianity and islam, all three are the same religion so that it takes all of those overtones. >> you just mentioned it was a little biased. christians understand that they
3:33 pm
are horribly persecuted. churches invaded and rest dickel islamic terrorists in the killing ban. let me read you a tweet from the president about this issue. he said quote christians in the middle east have been executed in large numbers. we cannot allow this horror to continue. he would say or they would point to potentially the greater number of muslims who entered the united states redo think that is for? >> usually we think of it as a needles in a haystack this is a haystack looking for the needle. in some sense these are citizens who have been vetted thoroughly, sometimes up to two years of the team. some are doctors and students and family members here. it is a global catastrophe for america. it is an opposite view of giving
3:34 pm
- might be for the masses. this goes a cross america in a big way that i think is given mr. president trump the unintended consequence of turning millions of people against america. that makes us less secure network secure. >> it has been said that isis and radical islamic groups could use this and inflame them against us. >> it could very well inflame them to say that america is not who you thought it was. when you add this up, you have the wall on mexico locking us away from mexico and offensive latin america. you have the chinese issue with the one-to-one policy and you have europe upset about the nato and you have the refugees. we are putting ourselves into isolation. we are getting weaker .
3:35 pm
>> the president in a statement late this afternoon let me read you part of that. he talks about what you just mentioned per the compassion of the united states. he says, we will continue to show compassion to those fleeing oppression but we will do so while protecting our own citizens and border. america has i was been a land of the free and home of the brave. i have tremendous feeling for the people involved in this horrific humanitarian crisis in syria. my first priority will to always be to protect and serve our country. as president i will find ways to help all of those who are suffering. we will again be issuing visas to all countries once we are sure that we have reviewed and implemented the most secure policies over the next 90 days. >> is but none of the countries that terrorism come from is on the list. those that are on the list are not were tears come from. that is further confusing. you make a broad stroke, were in a religious war for muslims and that is not a good thing. the miller be engaged in misconduct it's a like a perverse victory. >> we do have one issue and that has to do with what the president to say in terms of 90
3:36 pm
days. he said if it meets the security requirements they will start to reissuing the visas. do you think that will indeed happen in that three months? or four months from now? and then this will be all over, is that put your hope is? >> my hope is that it would not start and it's going to disruptive business and the university flow. it is going to disrupt a lot. we cannot undo this in a matter of three or four months. with one stroke of a pen we have put ourselves into every news outlet in the world. america is turning its back on refugees. the fact is, that is a horrible headline. i will remind you that jesus was a refugee. egypt was the sanctuary. we are
3:37 pm
sensitive to how we treat refugees, those who are fleeing persecution. >> it you do have a point about some of those countries i mentioned earlier. most earlier. most of the attack that happened in our country are not from the seven nations that mr. trump says came from. originally the obama administration. meanwhile we talk about refugees in this country. we had. we had the 20th anniversary of the wall street push rainbow coalition summit and you're talking about the economic issues. what did you learn? what message do you have question the refugees who want to come here one hope in the promise of america and that is what we are all about to. >> the project on february 11 where the pension monies and who is directed, and where they being invested? how is that beyond fighting segregation, how do we get access to capital?
3:38 pm
we are able to get wall street for example to recognize the king holiday on the new york stock exchange. beyond that we have to figure out how to realign america. i want mr. trump to consider having a white house conference on urban reconstruction. we can look at violence causes and cures. the impact on poverty on people's development. if you remove the lead paint in the lead in the water, jobs. if a child is in the weeds it's a landscapers job. if we in fact have a plan, not just a kind of gesture and not -- you may have more jobs than people. unless we need to put something together and put america back to work. >> the president has has talked about infrastructure in the inner-city.
3:39 pm
and has pointed to the city you are in tonight. we hear the sirens whether their pleas, endless, fire sirens in terms of the outrageous uncontrolled horrible killing that is occurring in your city and some other urban centers tonight. >> we have a situation here 4000 were were shot last year and 800 kills. we need help. but if you're going to stop the gun flow and they object to the gun flow be and stop because there are guns made in chicago. we know where they're made across the border or down in kentucky or indiana. we know where they are made. we know that we must have some plan to stop the violence. we all. we all want to stop the violence. >> it has just been horrendous in your city. >> let me say something. we need to bring in the feds to help with the housing urban development, federal job creation, education, we education, we need to bring in not just militia, but the
3:40 pm
promises of government that can service the people. >> when you bring in the feds what you mean by that? that's that's what the president tweeted about. >> the impression is that he's can bring in national guard. we have homes and vacant lots, public schools close, teachers are laid off, bring in bring in agencies that serve not just agents that guard. >> we are out of time. there's a call from reverend jackson tonight. thank you for joining us tonight on fox news. >> president trumps travel restrictions now pitted against a series of judicial rulings. who has the upper hand in this clash over his executive order? our legal panel debates the insn and outs of both sides, not to. skip the bank. get approved in minutes. lift the burden of getting a home loan with rocket mortgage by quicken loans.
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>> roine legal debate over several judges a blocking the deportation of international travelers and whether a new york judge has standing to override the president's executive order. this, as we learned other judges have issued other orders as well including the detainees have the right to counsel. the debate getting as complicated as it is contentious. white house counselor kellyanne conway weighing in on the injection from the new york judge. >> the judge in brooklyn the stay of order does not affect the executive order at all. the executive executive order is meant to be pre-preventing not detaining. so you talking about 325,000 people from 25000 people from overseas came into this country just yesterday through our airport. 325,000. you're talking about 300 and some you're talking about 300 and some who have been detained or are prevented from gaining access to an aircraft in their home country.
3:46 pm
>> speaking about the judge in new york and brooklyn specifically. let's talk about that with the tierney with alex little, a defense attorney attorney and former assistant prosecutor. we'll start with you,. >> good evening. what are the various orders mean in the short term for those stranded at airports? what about those people stuck from getting on plane therefore separate orders there's two other orders i believe one is in oregon. right now the broadest order is in new york and it says that all folks who have arrived here in transit tour had approved visas or refugee status before the executive order was issued cannot be deported or forcibly returned to their home country. none of these orders protect
3:47 pm
folks outside of the country and have not started transit or do not have approved refugee or visa status. >> you want to weigh in rachel? >> actually there is an order now out of massachusetts issued after 2:30 p.m. last night. they went in for an emergency temporary restraining order which was granted. it was granted and all of these orders are coming into play because they were granted based on -- it exist to evaluate unlawful detention. for kellyanne conway to say that they're not detaining them is outrageous. there are still pizza people being held in cuffs and in in airports and they are not criminals. they're swiftly issuing because these are unlawful detention holding. >> rachel, i'll stay with you. the administration the administration said they will
3:48 pm
continue on its current course. where did this legal road take us? >> it will leave the administration and contempt orders a federal court. court. it may lead to the supreme court. they absolutely have to uphold the orders. the massachusetts judge who issued the order said she would have u.s. marshals on hand to ensure that the orders are complied with. so it is very important to understand the fact that as americans we should not be favoring these types of orders that discriminates and are based on religion and on just the wrong reasons. i appreciate wanted to have security in the country. holding professors, doctors, students, who are here on lawful visas and are here with the permission of this country, and are here after two years of betting or five years of vetting from 16 national and worldwide agencies is absolutely unfair.
3:49 pm
it is also illegal. it violates the first amendment, the fifth amendment, the sixth amendment. people are being denied the right to counsel in these airports. that's why you see immigration attorneys and aclu on the ground in airports offering free advice. this is really happening. >> let me get alex to jump in here. we have california attorney general joining 15 attorney's condemning what they're calling the un-american band. also senate minority leader, chuck schumer planning to introduce legislation to overturn the president's executive order. walk us through that legal process and what the timetable is? >> the first timetable will be a hearing in the next week or two about the initial orders to not send people back. what is abundantly clear so far is the executive order was issued with very little vetting by doj and other administration officials. the lawyers are going to have to defend us in court. the trump administration has
3:50 pm
ordered this with little legal backing behind it. they will have to get beat in front of a judge and make up what as they go what their legal arguments are. i think that is troubling when kellyanne conway comes on it says this is obama's judge. when judges take judges take the oath that they are judges for the united states. right now therefore judges who are very skeptical about whether these are legal. right now we we need to hear what the administration said is legal. >> you have ten seconds rachel. >> he has made america great again and getting people together and rallying against this to protect it constitution prayed that is a good thing. >> okay, rachel and alex i have have to leave it there. i think you both. >> we will be right back.
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>> if there is news going on today. police in tennessee send ted people were hurt at a shooting at a national guard armory. that happened friday night. investigators said the armory had been rented out for a party and that is when a fight broke out. >> organizers of the congressional republican retreat in philadelphia investigated
3:55 pm
after a woman pretended to be a wife of a lawmakers knock into the event on thursday. officials are trying to figure out if she is the one who leaked an audio recording of the retreat to several news outlets. >> interesting how that got out. >> and to the home sharing set, air b&bs said it will give free housing to refugees and after the trumps executive order. multiple travelers were detained at airports across the country. >> meanwhile surveillance video out of kansas city shows an attack on a bus driver and a good samaritan, to the rescue. >> it starts with one of passenger was harassing a female driver and the female driver assaulting her while she was driving. suddenly, suddenly, man sitting on the bus brings into action and fans of the attacker with a cane. the police arrested the man, the good samaritan breaking his cane in the scuffle and now the city wants to buy him a new cane and
3:56 pm
give some bus vouchers as a way to say thank you. that could've been really bad. >> can be dangerous when you do that but kudos -- i'm saying i'm glad he jumped inches it could've been bad if he did not. >> maybe he will get the key to the city do they still do that? >> yes. absolutely. >> thinks for hanging with us today. that does it for us. >> all the news in the days developments coming up next from washington around the world here on the fox news channel boost® simply complete. it's intelligent nutrition made with only 9 ingredients, plus 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. and look where life can take you! boost®. be up for it.™
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liberty mutual insurance. . harris: right now, chaos and anger on full display over president donald trump's executive order on immigration. this from his statement we received a short time ago. there are over 40 countries worldwide that are majority muslim that are not affected by the order. we will be issuing visas to countries once we are sure we reviewed and implemented the policies over the next 90 days. and even with that, though, the reality, the visual that is with the growing public anger tonight. people in at least 30 cities from major airports to public squares.


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