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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 30, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> bill: so, there is a such claimant a chance that you might be there. what does that like? >> shannon: it's cold, but i love being at the supreme court, it is a majestic place. >> bill: we will see you there there. >> jenna: we are learning right now from our team at the pentagon that iran has conducted another ballistic missile test. a u.n. resolution, timing on this is important. it happened over the weekend. our understanding as it happened yesterday, and this happen hapn the map. you can see it 100 miles east of iran, and it was a media range missile, about 600 miles, and it is the second time that iran has carried out such a test, but going back to the point, timing matters. it happened this weekend, and we have a big visit happening today
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at the pentagon by the first nation leader to lead during the trump administration, king of the of gordon. and we will look at the pentagon a little bit later in our program. and now this fox news alerts, the president kicking off his second full week in office, the executive order, as you likely heard. hello, everyone, welcome to "happening now," i am jenna lee. >> jon: i am jon scott, and cutting regulations, instigating a 1-2 out legacy. he will get to his nominee tomorrow, a little bit earlier than expected, and this is his executive order on immigration, the travel ban sparking protests over the country during the weekend. in essence necessary step against terrorism, just took a deadly turn, a u.s. service member was killed in yemen, he
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is the first u.s. casualties during the trump administration, and outside washington, d.c., airports, more on the travel ban, conor powell in jerusalem looking at the terrorism raid, and we began with chief courthouse correspondent. >> good morning to you, and this will come up to the white house briefing with sean spicer, so be on.for your calendar. and the first move towards reducing what he calls burdensome regulation in this country, a one in two out policy, for every new regulation that is written, two have to go. it's like if you say to your spouse, before anything has to come into this house, two things have to leave. he is making its revenue
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neutral, so any new regulating has to be looking at taking it out, so military and national security are exempt from this, this only will hold through 2017 until they puts a more permanent process in place in terms of regulation. but he wanted to get something out there quickly, because he believes that the burnham sin -- burnham some regulation has cycled throughout the economy, he was not signaling signaling anybody out in particular, but to listen to what he said. >> this is not on president obama, this is a knock on many presidents proceeding me. i got particularly bad in the last 13 years, but it is not a knock on anybody, it is a knock on many. >> we are already fearing that there is going to be big news tomorrow. he will give his first primetime
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address, where he will unveil his pick to fill the vacancy on the supreme court left by the death of anthony scalia last year, he has a down to three, maybe even two justices, the dash adjudged thomas hardiman, on the third circuit in pennsylvania, and william pryor on the 11th circuit out of atlanta, we understand that pryor is probably fading, so we will find out about that tomorrow evening, if not before. at the president also defending his new policy of extreme bedding, tweeting out to that only 109 people out of 325,004 held for questioning. and he is pleased with how things have been going, mocking chuck schumer's response. to listen to what he said moments ago. >> we actually had a very good day yesterday in terms of homeland security. i noticed that chuck schumer,
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i'm going to ask him who was his i do not see himause i know as a crier. if he is, he is a different man. there is about a 5% chance that it was real, but i think they were fake. >> jon: there were a lot of complaints even from some republicans about how this was rolled out and how quickly. even a lot of people from dhs and border control did not know how to apply the rules, but they wanted to get it out quickly, not a week from now, because there was some concern that may be some terrorists might try to sneak in the country before the window was closed, so that's why they wanted to get it out quickly and tweak any problems that happen later. >> jon: all right, interesting, we are continuing to watch what happens as a result of all of this, don roberts at the white house. thank you. >> jenna: follow from the traveling band, and a small plaque price to pay to keep the
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nation safe. a lot of opinions on this. and live at the dallas international airports with mor more. >> hello, jenna. no protest at the airport this morning, and nothing like what we saw here on saturday nights when scores of people turned out to protest the new immigration restrictions, the executive order that has created such a stir in particular, the retaining of green card holders from the seven countries that the obama industry looked at as a terror stronghold have been amended, you heard john talk about senator schumer, and here's what he what he had to say about it. >> it was done in such a sloppy and careless way, major agencies, the border control, they did not even know about it. major holes and how it was done. >> some critics attribute the sloppiness to the trump administration's newness, and the lack of experience,
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government insiders who may have vetted the process through the agencies, and rob portman of ohio, he says slow down. but stephen miller, one of the president's chief policy advisors dismissed to the criticism. he told fox news this morning that it was immediately as john roberts just said, blocking people with terrorist sympathy is to take advantage of the lag time, and the implication of the law. >> there have been hundreds and hundreds of foreign nationals and national foreign citizens that have been accused of terrorism. this is a matter of national security. it is about keeping the public safe, and in a world with 7 billion people, the united states has an absolute sovereign right to determine who can and cannot enter the united states. >> and for all of the hysteria that we saw here on saturday at this airports, also at jfk, lax, and other scattered airports,
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the president reminded people again that this had a very limited affect. only 109 people were detained, that is out of 325,000 arrivals. back to you. >> jenna: thank you. >> jon: more on all of this, daniel to have heard, from the "new york post," betsy, you took in personally some of the scenes at the airport. what did you see? >> well, i saw tons of protesters coming and i spoke with some of the people who were detained over the course of the executive order. his use of the number, 109 as those who were detained, we have spoken to and say that that is a skeptical number. they believe that 109 people might have been detained just at dallas, so it will be interesting to see more documentation of why they say 109 people detained, among those were two elderly arriving green card holders, i spoke with her granddaughter. she told me that her
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grandparents were detained for hours, very frail, her grandmother recently had a stroke, and she told me that customs and border protection did not provide them with their medication while they were in detention, so it is likely that we will seek continual protests and pushback and lawsuits against the way that the white house and border protection are enforcing the order. >> jon: there is confusion over this, the administration as doug pointed out, daniel, we want to keep this -- wanted to keep this thing a secret from keeping terrorists from jumping on airplanes. it is now my understanding that the green card holders are allowed into the country, although there was some confusion about that in the early goings. >> yes, the confusion seems to be everywhere in the administration. i was on in the white house on friday, and taking it back to the white house with the travel pool, we were waiting for word of what was in that executive order, and it took orders for
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the white house to release it. it took even longer for them to be able to explain which countries were affected, and which people were affected from the executive order. so the confusion extends not just from the executive order. it also goes from the staff's ability to explain what was in aunt. that was at the white house. imagine if you are a border control agent at one of these places during the weekend trying to figure out what you're supposed to do and how you are supposed to follow the order. that just one of the big reasons for the mass confusion, the veil of secrecy under which it was signed. that created huge problems. >> jon: we will continue to keep an eye on this controversy, and it is not over yet. we want to turn our attention to another topic. you tweet this morning, president trump said he will announce his nominee for the supreme court tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. eastern, betsy, we were told last week that it was going to be thursday. why has the calendar been
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accelerated? >> it's a good question. am i to be the white house concerned about the amazing and very pointed to backlash that they are getting over the executive orders. it's heavenly gives chance to change things. this timing is also interesting, because when it comes to the judiciary world, there is a number of things on the table, jeff sessions has not been confirmed as attorney general, sources that i spoke to told me that they expect republicans hoping that he would be confirmed before the rollout of the nominee. of course looking at similar issues, similar legal questions, so now it is leapfrogging sessions and getting rolled out before the sessions are confirmed, and moving forward on these issues. >> jon: the president did not speak this morning about the dash did speak this morning
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about the supreme court pick. i will play that for you now. >> i have a very big decision that i have made on the united states supreme court, it is going to be announced tomorrow night from the white house at 8:00. a person who is unbelievably respected, and i think that you will be very impressed with this person. >> jon: daniel, almost no matter who the person is, can we expected democrats to block the nomination? >> i think so. this will be the fight on capitol hill, the senate change the rules a couple of years ago that allowed for cabinet nominees to sail through a 61 votes. but republicans have 52 votes, and is not that difficult in a way to get all of the cabinet confirmed, but supreme court is different. it will require 60 votes, he has to get democrats to cross over
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the aisle to support the nominee. if they can hold it together, it will make it very, very difficult for him to get to the supreme court nominee. and if you are the democrats, you have to think that this is the fight that you want to have. this is the target rich environment. of the supreme court's with cultural issues. all sorts of issues that they face, and that this is the fight that they want to have. this might be something where they might be able to draw a little bit of blood. it is going to get nasty, i think. >> jon: we will continue to watch that fight too after he unveils the pick tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m., daniel halper, betsy with her, thank you both. >> jenna: two men in custody in canada after a deadly shooting at a mosque there, what the prime minister is saying about the attack, and what the accused fort lauderdale shooter is due back in federal court today, we will have the latest on his arraignment, just ahead. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan."
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>> jenna: a fox news alert, an american killed and several others injured in a deadly raid that killed a senior leader in yemen, antithetic casualty marks the first combat death of the trump administration, the president releasing a statement, americans are set in that the life of a heroic member man has been taken in the evil of radical -- we are set for the families they leave behind, they are the backbone of the liberty we hold for the dearest americans, united in our pursuit of a safer nation and a for your world. live engine lose to jerusalem with on the story. >> as a candidate they talked about syria, but he is wasting no time going after al-qaeda in yemen overnight the drone strike killed two senior fighters and in yemen, this comes on the
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heels of a raid over the weekend that targeted al-qaeda training camp during that raid, one u.s. navy seal was killed, three were wounded. and it was an aircraft. a helicopter that also crashed as part of that's wounding. one service member now, more than a dozen militants and civilians were reportedly killed during this raid. including the 18-year-old daughter of the american born man who was killed back in 2011 during the obama administration. now for the last two years, much of the attention has been on the brutal war against the rebels in yemen, and during the war, al-qaeda has used the chaos in the fighting between saudi arabia and the rebels to expand operations there. at the u.s. has continued to target al-qaeda there, but it is
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clear, jenna, the trump administration is picking up on the fight against al-qaeda. they are launching a much more aggressive campaign there than the obama administration had. that focus primarily on drones, but this raid seems to signal a step up in the tactics against al-qaeda and the peninsula. >> jenna: a big story to watch, connor, thank you. >> jon: this fox news alert, several killed and injured, police say that two gunman entered the mosque during evening prayers, and opened fired on more than 50 people, two suspects are in custody now after what prime minister is calling a terror attack against muslims. live with more on that from our newsroom. >> reporting, one of the men is from moroccan heritage, the other is french-canadian, both are said to be students at a nearby university. they would not discuss the suspects or the identities or motive this morning, but they
8:20 am
did say that the men were not known to place before the shootings. they confirmed that one of them called 911 to turn himself in after the attack. at least 200 officers responded when gunfire erupted inside the of islamic culture center. there were dozens of people inside, and two gunman dressed inside walked in and started shooting, yelling god is great, police would not confirm that one of the men was armed with an ak 40 style weapon, or that they reloaded during the attack, some witnesses say that they did, all of the victims are men between 39-60, and of the eight wounded, five are in critical condition, three in a life or death situation. and justin trudeau said that it is heart-wrenching to see such senseless violence. a diversity is our strength, and religious to her lawrence is a value that we as canadians hold dear. muslim canadians are a
8:21 am
importance in our fabric, and there is none -- no room for this in our cities. the nypd has deployed heavily armed critical response command teams for extended tour coverage. canadian authorities say that they are investigating who or what may have influence this deadly terror attack. >> jon: rick devon paul, rick, thank you. >> jenna: will look at wall street, and across the board really all down, at one if not the lowest trading day of the year, below 30 days into january, you mention that. we had that big of record the last week, down 20,000, so often times you see a record, a pullback after that, we will keep an eye on any moves that they make. >> jon: the trump administration on defense after criticism of the president's travel ban, why our next guest says that the president got it
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>> jenna: right now some new action for the president's executive action on immigration, a lot of opinions on all sides, here is stephen miller on fox and friends this morning. >> i think from a safety standpoint, if you announce in five, ten days that they are travel restricted, you can have an enormous consequences, i think similarly and more importantly, there are individuals who are plotting to engage in terrorism, simply have terrorist ideas, they would then use that window to enter the united states, so a security standpoint, that would be inexcusable. >> jenna: our next guest has some experience in security, he writes that they are reviewing traveling to the united states
8:26 am
from seven countries is sound policy. it is also completely defensible in these times. peter peter brooks wrote that p, he has a former deputy assistant of defense, and you have played many roles in the national security around. why that reaction to the news of the authority or? >> i wrote that last week when the draft of the executive order came out. we decided to publish it today because extended on friday, but that was my initial reaction. i really want to focus on the other islamic state. at the islamic state right now in my mind is in crisis, isis in crisis. there are pressures on it from rocco, and from the arab forces that are moving towards and an d assaults, the fit is going to splinter, and though foreign fighters and their people are going to go somewhere.
8:27 am
some are going to stay in iraq and syria, but others are going to try to return home. these are foreign fighters, and i was really concerned that we are at this critical juncture here where these people may try to move from holding large areas of territory, to exporting terrorism on a more intense scale towards the united states and towards europe. >> jenna: it's an interesting point that you make about what we can see, and from reports saying that these foreign fighters are from eastern europe, like for example. the area from afghanistan, pakistan as well, but those nations are not on this list, so explain how you see some of the loopholes that critics are planning playing too, this is not the right time for this. >> they are from iraq and syria, right? that is where they are. they might try to travel from there. most of the foreign fighters are from places like tunisia, and that is not on there. this is a limited band based on
8:28 am
countries where there are foreign fighters, and there has been the presidents of al-qaeda or islamic state operations, and then there are a small yacht a country where i'll show bob is located, and they call for attacks on the united states. they have been put into u.s. legislation by the obama administration, as bouts of terrorism our countries for concern. this is nothing new, a very limited ban, and if you are commander-in-chief, responsible for national security of the country, it makes sense to me that you want to know if this is the policy, the plan, the procedure and practice that is going to keep the country safe. the last two years we have had 27 plots or attacks in the united states from isis, most of those have been homegrown. i think all of those have been homegrown, but the fact of the matter is that we are in the crosshairs of the other islamic states, we just had a raid in yemen, prior to the islamic state rise was considered one of
8:29 am
the most dangerous terrorist group in the united states. it is important that the president take stock in a 90 day, 120 day pause to make sure that his agencies are ready for what might happen. the middle east could get worse, and that is sound policy in my book. >> jenna: there are those that disagree with you, as you know. john mccain, lindsey graham, they issued a joint statement. i am going to read a little bit of what they said. ultimately we experience that the executive order will be a self-inflicted wound in the fight against terrorism. it goes on to say that our most important allies in the fight are the vast majority of muslims who reject to the apocalyptic ideology as hatred, this sends a signal intended or not that america does not want muslims coming into our country. that is why we fear that this executive order may do more to help terrorist recruitment and improve our security. what is a reaction to that? >> well, that is a reasonable
8:30 am
thing to put out there. i do not dispute the right to say that. i do not dispute that they are thoughtful about this, i just disagree. i think that i am more worried about what we are facing overseas right now, especially with i think the crushing of the islamic states, and the movement of foreign fighters, and remember that they have training camps that were set up to export to terrorism, so i am concerned about the here and now. i understand their concern, but i also understand that we have to prevent people from moving here to the united states. we have here had 90 or nearly 90 attacks since 9/11, the last two years have been the most intensive. and i am worried that that could only get worst based on what we have seen in europe in places like france and germany. so i think what the president is doing makes sense to me. 90 days, 120 days seems very reasonable. >> jenna: good to have your perspective on that. lots of different opinions, we are always looking forward to
8:31 am
having you back. thank you. >> jon: the suspect in the shooting massacre that left five people dead in fort lauderdale is in court today facing charges that could bring the death penalty, we will update you. plus the fight against isis, we heard about it often from then the candidate trump on the campaign trail, now president trump is asking his top generals to draw up new plans to defeat the terror group. >> we will stop isis, and we will stop it. we are not giving three or four co-months notice. we are coming in. we are coming in. you think that general george patton would say we are coming in 3-4 months, get ready? the friends, the independence. and since we planned for it, that student debt is the one experience, i'm glad she'll miss
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. >> jenna: a fox news alert, exclusive from our pentagon team, an exclusive missile jennifer is live at the pentagon. jennifer. >> hello, iran secretly conducted a new ballistic missile test launch yesterday, a launch site outside semnan, ran. i am told that the media range missile traveled over 600 miles before exploding. it failed on the reentry stage, it is the second test launch of this type of missile since july, and is a and parent violation of
8:36 am
two to 31, put in place after the nuclear agreement, and went for a meeting with jim matus, and comes on the heels of president trump signing three executive orders affecting the u.s. military, one-room removing the general from attending all national security meetings except for those pertinent to the military, a second order signed this weekend compels the pentagon to come up with a draft plan to defeat isis in 30 days, and reviewing current rules of engagement whether they are too restrictive. president trump signed an executive order, a third executive order increasing the size of the military. >> i am signing an executive action to begin a great rebuilding of the armed services of the united states. developing a plan for new planes, new ships, new resources, and new tools for our
8:37 am
men and women in uniform. i am very proud to be doing that. >> a sign that the president is already willing to loosen restrictions, he authorized a daring raid into yemen, killing 14. this morning we learned that the pentagon is investigating reports of civilian casualties, and reports from the region suggesting the 8-year-old daughter of islamic preacher was among one of those killed. one navy seal was killed, four others are prudent to make wounded and told that that's computer hard drives as well as other intelligence material was taken. >> jenna: thank you. >> jon: some new information on the man accused of gunning down five people at the fort lauderdale airport earlier this month, asked yvonne santiago appear in federal court for his arraignment today. if convicted of murder, the 26-year-old veteran could face the death penalty. outside the federal courthouse with more, stephen.
8:38 am
>> 26-year-old estevan santiago is in federal court behind me. he has been indicted on 22 federal accounts, including using a weapon in an international airport to to commit murder. that means he could be facing the death penalty. the alaska native and former iraqi war veteran has been facing multiple charges including killing five people inside fort lauderdale international airport on januare flew from alaska to florida, checked one bag, inside that bag was a handgun as well as ammunition, upon arrival he went to the men's room, started loading that's gone, came out, firing. he did not say a word, but he fired 15 shots, reloaded his clip, many of those killed were senior citizens on vacationo go on cruise ships, so far they have not ruled out any links to terrorism, santiago has visited g how do you chat sites on the
8:39 am
internets. back to you. >> jon: what a story, in fort lauderdale. >> jenna: renewing the battle with the mainstream media, kellyanne conway taking on what she is calling the biased coverage over the weekend on "fox news sunday," we will have more from the media panel coming up.
8:40 am
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>> jon: the counselor to the president, kellyanne conway sounding off the mainstream media during her sit down with chris wallace on "fox news sunday," she suggests that some media members should be fired for their biased coverage of the new president. it actually helped mr. trump would make the election. a listen. >> in the white house for a week and critiquing us that we should
8:43 am
keep our mouth shut. >> he is saying, why don't you talk less and less into america more, i know what he meant. i lit work with him every day. to the media failed to learn america. donald trump prove something, he understood america. the idea that we were never taken seriously. >> he said that we have zero intelligence, zero integrity, and that we should keep our mouth shut. that is offensive. >> i think it is listen more, let me say something else that happened, the way that everything is cherry picked. biased media coverage is easy to detect. it helped us, this was such an elite projection election for the establishment, the elites, they were all rejected by the voters. it turns out there are a heck of a lot more of them than us, why is that relevant? who is cleaning house? which is going to be the first network to get rid of the people that say things that just weren't true? >> jon: well, that was quite a discussion. get ready for another one, joining us now, david webb, host
8:44 am
on patriot radio and fox news contributor, also with us, liz smith former campaign manager for martin o'malley. i will start with you. you heard kellyanne conway say that donald trump gets america in a way that the media does not is that true? >> i think that the media missed a lot of the story, and i am not going to quibble about that. but now we need to move on. the trump administration is so focused on re-litigating the 2016 election coming and he did win. but the problem that they seem to have right now is with the media coverage, the american people's opposition to them. it is not the media that is the opposition party. it is the millions of people who are turning out at the marches, that thousands of people that we saw at airports this weekend. i would advise them to do, as somebody who has worked in the media for a long time, stop attacking the press, and start focus more on governing. if they did that, maybe they would not have the disastrous rollouts like they did with the travel ban from the muslim
8:45 am
countries over the weekend. >> let's draw a contrast, i take your points, let's get reality into it. at the difference between say the election of obama and a godlike glowing above the fold media versus trump and the response from his opposition and to those who hate him, versus how they treated the tea parties who marched tens of thousands, millions of opposition to obama without riots, without violence, without arrest, and to the opposition to trump trump whicd by leftist anarchist, burn windows, they marched peacefully, but how the media treats those two in contrast, vast difference. i have worked in media, i have worked in newspaper. i was taught to ask the question. a listing for the response, fact-check when necessary. and then report it. when he talks about the media, and kelly and talks about them,
8:46 am
lester holt in a debate says stop question, unconstitutional. effectually incorrect, there are people in the media who have led their own narrative, and the elites have been rejected. >> jon: take his point about the tea party, there were tens of thousands, maybe millions of people who came together in the tea party protest to rail against what the obama administration was doing back in its early days, but they did not get the same kind of coverage that the anti-trump protesters are today. >> i remember that the elites were criticized in the tea party as well. but i disagree a little bit with the characterization. if you want to talk about cherry picking, i disagree with some of the characterization of the protest. i was at the houston airport the other night, on saturday. they had someone detained there. it was completely peaceful. people came together to say we are a nation of immigrants. we are a nation that welcomes refugees. and one man that was banned for
8:47 am
hours, people cheered and cried. there was no violence or burning of limos, and of course there will be bad actors -- go >> there were not bad actors in the tea party coming you cannot find the arrest, you cannot find me a broken window. the difference is how the media handles it, if it is factually correct that the media handled the tea party different than it did these protests, by the way, i go to the left protest, i have to have arm security when fox sends me there, and i can go to any tea party rally and not have security there. i am in ferguson. i am in baltimore. i am all in of the areas, and i have two armed men with me, why? because there is a difference. to the protest is fine, how the media reports it is remarkably different. and the media has lost its way. and i would rather its report the facts on both sides accurately and rather go out, and lets it take obama versus
8:48 am
trump on this, 2011. obama bans immigration from iraq first six months, can you point me to your article, your tweets coming or the video where you objected to obama, because i would love to take it to my radio show tonight, and you can show it to me and tell everybody what it is. >> that was tied to a specific threats, and it was tied to a specific threat. >> this is tied to a specific threat by the obama administration. >> steve miller and sean spicer asked if there was a specific threats, and there it was a knot. >> this is the seven countries that were identified in the obama administration. it is constitutional. it is based on geography. it is lawful, and it is wrong to call it a muslim ban, it is a geographic ban. >> in 2011 there was a specific threat in kentucky that this was tied to.
8:49 am
and the reason why they slowed the application process for refugees was to go back and review were evidenced to see if they could tie that -- >> and that is what we are doing here. >> there is no specific threats. you just said that there is a specific threats, so all i am trying to do is go back to your point there. there is no specific threats, and it does seem arbitrary. >> how is it arbitrary? you just said that the obama administration was arbitrary. >> no, they never did a travel ban. >> obama security assessment during his administration selected these seven countries which have now been included. in fact. >> these are applications that had nothing to do with a blanket travel ban, this is a blanket travel ban based on geography and campaign promises. >> it is a 90 day review process. >> jon: but this is legitimate and, if the president campaigns on something and says, i'm going to do that. and then enacts that policy. >> it just shows that maybe we
8:50 am
should be taking donald trump literally and not seriously. i am a democrat, sure. but listen to mitch mcconnell, listen to marco rubio, listen to john mccain, listen to lindsey graham. listen to mattis. all of these people have expressed concerns with religious tests. >> this is not a religious test. >> then take it up with mitch mcconnell. that's what he said yesterday. >> this is based on incident. to the one thing that we have here, democrats like to sell the emotion. i want to deal and what a security process is, time. 24 months is not venting, the process is bedding. >> jon: well, we are out of time for the discussion. >> i will give you a platform. >> jon: thank you both. >> jenna: we are awaiting a vote in the senate about the tillerson session, what we could
8:51 am
face if he is confirmed, we will take a closer look next. double a's here, they're the power source you can trust to get this ear hair trimming operation up and running. because you can't trust your body not to grow hair here and you can't trust your coworkers not to nickname you ear hair man. and you definitely can't trust that anyone will focus on your business presentation when you've got an armpit on the side of your head. but you can trust double as. that's not just some battery. that's a duracell battery. that's a power you can trust.
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>> jon: let's check out what is ahead on "outnumbered" ." >> standing by the travel ban on seven mostly muslim countries, he says it is not about religion, but keeping america safe. critics, are they right? it could take or make the fight against terror harder. we will talk about it. >> and defending another controversial move, a shakeup in the council, even some republicans say that they are worried. are there concerns have justified? >> and who better to tackle it all down the #1luckyguy, he is going to sit in the seat atop
8:55 am
the hour. >> jon: always an interesting discussion. we will see you then. >> jenna: right now we are winning a senate vote on the administration, we will look at the world that he will confront if he is confirmed as expected, tillerson. >> good morning, jenna. at the trump administration has already moved to reshape the state departments with other countries in the middle east, more traditionally u.s. allies and some of the arab nations, israel, they are looking forward to this administration's potential for challenging iran, president trump focused on the president of saudi arabia, and they say that they agreed on the importance of rigorously enforcing the comprehensive plan of action. that is the nuclear deal, and of addressing arounds just a blessing regional activities. and meeting with administrative officials talking about fighting a extreme zones in, and also
8:56 am
when it comes to israel, they have been at respective to the talk from the trump administration, and this is saying that it is looking to increasing a better relationship with israel. >> he has asked his team to get together, he will meet with -- israel continues to be a huge ally of the united states paid he wants to grow closer to make sure that they get the full respect that they deserve. and what he is going to do, as i mentioned yesterday, we are going to have a meeting with president. >> there is a potential for a better relationship have with the members. they were a part of the executive order, but there were a couple of nations and know that saudi arabia considers its allies, they are part of that executive order as we wait for some of those countries to come. there are thoughts of what the trump administration did late last week.
8:57 am
>> jenna: we will watch for the headlines, and at the state departments, we will be back with more "happening now" ."
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>> jon: we will see you more back here in an hour. >> jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> not backing down despite the fierce protest happening across the country, president donald trump, doubling down on his executive order. it temporarily bans people from seven muslim dominated countries from entering the u.s. saying that the move was not about religion, but keeping america safe. this is "outnumbered," i am sandra smith, harris faulkner, cohost of fox after the bell, melissa francis, and dagen mcdowell is here, and #oneluckyguy, the former ambassador to the u.n., john bolton is here, and he is outnumbered on a very big and important day, several days in fact


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