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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 30, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> jon: we will see you more back here in an hour. >> jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> not backing down despite the fierce protest happening across the country, president donald trump, doubling down on his executive order. it temporarily bans people from seven muslim dominated countries from entering the u.s. saying that the move was not about religion, but keeping america safe. this is "outnumbered," i am sandra smith, harris faulkner, cohost of fox after the bell, melissa francis, and dagen mcdowell is here, and #oneluckyguy, the former ambassador to the u.n., john bolton is here, and he is outnumbered on a very big and important day, several days in fact.
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>> another quiet day. >> let's just begin with the serious backlash that we have been watching all weekend from members of the own parties, that began after president trump signed on friday and executive order that temporarily bars them from seven majority countries, white house chief of staff priebus says that he has nothing to apologize for, and to the travel ban could be expanded if necessary. >> this was a promise that president trump had made, and it is a promise that he is going to keep. he is not willing to be wrong on this subject. we need to do our best to be vigilant and protect americans. perhaps we need to take it further, but for now, the immediate steps, pulling the band-aid off, we are doing further vetting for people traveling in and out of the country's. >> meanwhile, top democrats in the travel ban, saying that they will introduce legislation to stop it.
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the majority whip, on "fox news sunday" ." >> thank goodness that the federal brooklyn judges trying to stop the executive orders. it was an impulsive move by the president without follow-through to the department of homeland security. when we contacted customs and border protection at the airport, they just sprung this on us. >> and we have this emotional response from chuck schumer. >> this executive order... was mean-spirited, and un-american. it was implemented in a way that created chaos and confusion across the country, and it will only serve to inspire those around the globe who will do us harm. >> chief white house correspondent john roberts joins us live from the white house, we just heard the president react to those tears flowing from
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chuck schumer saying that there was 5% chance that they were real. >> good afternoon to you, getting a lot of pushback from the staff and the president himself on all of the complaints. all of the criticism of this executive order that went into place on friday. the president tweeting this morning, and us on the personal account, not to the head account. but only -- big problems in airports were caused by delta computer outage, protesters, and the tears of senator schumer. this is all going against making america safe again. there is nothing nice about searching for terrorists before they can enter our country. this was a big part of my campaign, study the world. the president also, a short time ago mocking that emotional response by senator schumer saying that a lot of people were being detained at airports during the weekend, listen to what the president said.
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>> we actually had a very good day yesterday. in terms of homeland security. i noticed that chuck schumer yesterday with fake tears, i'm going to ask him who was his acting coach, because i know very well. i don't see him as a crier. if he is, he is a different man. there's about a 5% chance that it was real, but i think they were fake tears. >> let's not forget that senator chuck schumer and president trump have known each other for a long, long time. but opposite sides of the ideological fence as well, and i mentioned that we will probably see tensions between them continue. if there were some complaints even from some republicans about you what you were talking about earlier. at this being rolled out so quickly that did not even border protection or dhs was told how it was going to work throughout the country, but they wanted to get it out there quickly, because they wanted to make sure
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that they protected the homeland to the utmost ability that they could. here is stephen miller, the president senior advisor on domestic policy. listen. >> i think from a safety standpoint, if you announced in five days, ten days that they would become the travel restricted, you could have and enormous consequence. but i think if there are individuals that are plotting to deal with terrorism or have sympathy is, they would use that window to enter the united states. >> so they wanted to close the window before anybody got ideas of coming and before that closed. this is still very fluid, rolls out the course of 30 days, a lot of other rules will be made in the coming days, weeks, months. we have not heard the last of this week yet. stay tuned. >> thank you, live for us from the white house. and president trump making it very clear that this is not about religion, this is about
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keeping america safe. it does anything go too far? >> well, i am all choked up about it, myself. look, there cannot be a person in this country with a pulse who was surprised at this executive order. donald trump talked about it during the campaign from start to finish. okay, number one. number two, could things have been done differently to minimize that the reaction? yes. both in terms of writing the executive order where things were left out that are inexplicable to me. and in terms of the way it was rolled out. it was going to get a negative reaction, because it had a negative reaction from the democrats in the campaign. in that sense they were never going to avoid the controversy. >> to your point that no one should be surprised about this, sean spicer making that very clear. listen to this. >> this is nothing new. president trump talked about this throughout the campaign, the transition, and he is doing exactly what he told the american people he would do.
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it is interesting -- the criticism that is coming is from somebody who got into office and hit the ground running. >> hit the ground running to say the least. dagen mcdowell. >> when you reference list, the execution of this started on friday when you had very little information, and the very customs officials that had to enforce it and found out about it at the very last minutes, the execution was ham-handed, had their precision of a rusty chain chainsaw, quite frankly. they essentially admitted that when you talk about the omissions that people with green cards were not to mention. they were not given an exemption in the original order. i think that some people certainly expect a more in terms of leadership and execution. >> the white house is defending that, we had to roll this out fast, and president trump says, not to let all of the bad guys in. if we announced it a week before, they would come flooding
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in. >> that is one of the problems. obviously maybe there was a clear way to communicate it, but the speed that they had to communicate it so that the bad guys could not slip in, that is their defense. i don't know on that front, i think what is surprising is that he actually kept the campaign promises and executed so quickly. if this is not something that they generally do, calling him implosive, no, that is what he promised. but i also think like other politicians, he is unfazed by the criticism. he rolls out executive order after executive order. you have to look at this from a business perspective to really understand where president trump is coming from. this is just like a ceo taking over a company that they are turning around. or they hammer out things right away. he did that. and the criticism goes, but he is unfazed. >> nods going on the defensive, they are trying to say that they will take it even further. >> this has to be the trial balloon in history, and when was
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it uploaded? during the campaign. people have already decided how they are going to feel about these. particularly democrats, but one thing that is not being talked about today, and we hear about the division within both of the political parties, but everybody wants to point to the party of the president, oh, they cannot get behind it. so, the "washington post" has the whip count today. a total of 49 are reservation lights, but when you look at the peaceful port -- supports, it bumps up to 56. you hear things like how speaker paul ryan is saying president trump is right to say that we are good to know who exactly is entering the country. it is simply wrong to call the president's executive order concerning immigration and refugees a religious test. house of homeland security -- says this with a stroke of a pen, he is doing more to do than
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the last administration did in eight years. i will end with this one, i commend president trump for suspending the refugee program and in particular for syria and six on the other countries, because they are unquestionably terrorist havens and hot spots. so these are some of the supporters that would have a say on this if it does go through congress, and that is what some are calling for. why did it not? >> it's interesting that chuck schumer did not cry when president obama did the same thing with the seven countries. he cried in 2015-2016. he picked up the same vetting of the countries -- >> was he sobbing in public when they were murdered in the pulse nightclub? maybe he needs to go back to gwyneth paltrow for more acting lessons. >> i think there is a structure problem that this demonstrates, and i attribute the problem to the senator of the united states
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questioning nominees on the basis of their views, not their competence, but their views, and i think the executive branch, the president forgets who he wants. unless they are not competent, but the problem is that new presidents cannot get their cabinet secretaries in place, cannot get their subordinates in place, the president is almost home alone in the white house on the 29th of january, and that is ridiculous. i think have more of the people were in place, a lot of initial problems would not occur. >> can you address of the impulsive nature of this that is being criticized by the left and the rights, could it have been rolled out better? >> of course. there are a list of things that you should do. you should have calls to foreign leaders, alerting them that they are coming. >> and he did. >> we have not heard the king of saudi arabia criticized this yet. you should have obstructions to the affair officials, and consulates around the world. the border control, the customs
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people should know. they should know whether it takes immediately or affect two or three days later. if the argument that we had to do this quickly to prevent the terrorists from coming in, that would have not changed the executive order taking affect two days after the publication, because by then people already have the visas, so as i said before. you can mitigate some of the backlash, but you are never going to eliminate it. if this was contested in the campaign. it was made a big deal by hillary clinton. she lost the election, get over it. >> last word to you investor. going to announce a supreme court nominee tomorrow night, and he will be doing it in prime time. who it could be and what to make of the timing of this announcement, plus the president's war with media is intensifying. the latest tweets and accusations. one of mr. trump's top advisors asks why no bias reporter has
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>> fox news alert now on terms choice for the supreme court, he says he has made his decision. who will announce it tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern from the white house. here's what he said about the nominee earlier today. >> a person who is unbelievably highly respected. i think you will be highly impressed with this person. >> sources are telling fox news that the two front runners are neil gorsuch and thomas hardiman, but that he is reserving the right to choose from 21 candidates, the president has said if democrats tried to filibuster the pick, he would want senator majority leader mitch mcconnell to lower the 60 vote count threshold needed to confirm the nominee. mcconnell says it is too early to talk about that. he thinks the nominee will be outstanding and hard to argue
9:18 am
agai i am primitive about some f the implementation -- implication that has been seen. and we will not let them have an up or down vote in the center. >> and saying that his party will be a mainstream nominee, but not to letting go of the merrick garland drama. watch. >> mitch mcconnell said that we just wanted to be treated the way that we treated obama nominees, does he think we have amnesia? he refused for the first time in the history of the senate to meet with or have a hearing or vote on a supreme court nominee. we are going to treat this nominee fairly, but we need to know who he or she is, what they stand for. but that they are in the mainstream of thinking. >> okay, so the list is narrowing, we are starting to get to that squishy metal that he says he can get to if he knows who it is, and he knows
9:19 am
that person has been vetted, what are your thoughts? >> this is the most important decision of the cabinets of today. if they find somebody in the mold of scalia, that's will look at the support for the next few years, this is the most important single issue for many republican voters, and i think that the fact is that you are not going to expect somebody who is going to have problems within republican ranks, he is going to be a conservative nominee. if that upsets senator, see november the eighth, 2016. i just want to make one point on a history lesson, it was over a century before it held a hearing on the supreme court nominee. i think that justin brandeis was the first, but many years we began before it was a process,
9:20 am
so let's have some sense of what the framers of the constitution had in mind for what the senate's role was. they have not had that for long time, especially after the outrage. >> what is interesting about this choice, whatever tends to be coming up, that is what the president said his bar for their determination is. he wants to top consideration n choosing someone with who is going to get a proved, so he wants to push it through relatively quickly, and you can understand. news flow is all about the travel ban, the 2 out of 15 cabinet members. >> it is being talked about and speculated that they are moving up the time frame of the announcement, get away from the news that is on now, that is being the travel ban. but knowing what this process has been like with him, ambassador, can you shed some light on how he made that decision? we have known for quite some time that he has pretty much
9:21 am
known who this person is, what do you think the process was like? >> i don't profess to have any inside information, but what brought many conservatives to endorse, accept a trumped nominee was the work that jeff sessions and others stated to pin him down on what justices he would nominate to the supreme court, and also the lower courts, so i think that he made it clear. he had a particular kind of justice in mind, and i think he has met with a number of them. he has talked to jeff sessions, other advisors, and it seems like he has the same manner as to have to come to its, it's always hard when you get to the last two or three, we have a superb bench. we have potential nominees for the supreme court, and there may be more than just the one nomination in short order. that is true. i think a lot of thought has gone into it. i am sure. it is the most important thing that he has done so far, and
9:22 am
likely to be for quite some time. >> judge noel says that the ones on the shortest list are exactly like scalia in their approach of the constitution. and i think that the republicans expect that this is not going to be david souter or john roberts, we do not want surprises. >> that is the issue, are they activists that read the law anywhere they want to? >> we have born of the signing of an executive order, the travel ban at least temporarily for the several muslim majority countries, the criticism he is getting even from his members from the political party. the growing concern that this this code the fight against terror. we will talk about it. and the white house is descending on another controversial move, a shakeup in the security council, even some republicans are worried about it. whether their concerns are justified. we will get into it.
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>> several current and former u.s. officials saying that president trump's ban on travelers from seven muslim majority countries is more than likely going to weaker efforts of terrorism. john mccain and lindsey graham with a scathing joint statement saying it is clear from the confusion at our airports across the nation that the president trump's executive order was not properly vetted to, we fear the executive order will become the self-inflicted wounds in the fight against terrorism. that is why we fear that they may do more to help terrace recruitment and improve the security. those words getting this furious response from president trump who tweeted to, the joint statement of former presidential candidates john mccain and lindsey graham is wrong. they are weak on immigration. the two senators should focus on
9:28 am
isis, illegal immigration, and border security instead of always looking to start the world for iii. >> i am all choked up again. but mccain and graham trying to start world war iii. i do not think that will be a recruitment by isis, except for the existence of the united states as a recruiting tool, everything we do they are going to use as a pretext, but so let's be clear, who can say that not taking refugees for 120 days from libya, a country without a functioning government, or yemen, or iran who i would not trust as far as i can throw them no matter what they said, somehow has intended to be discriminatory against muslims. the people who understand the damage that the islamist radicals can do better than
9:29 am
anybody else is jordan. >> and saying earlier today, he feels like this is a pro-muslim move, he is muslims for democracy, and he says not letting muslims and that are going to do acts of terror is a good thing. it is better for other muslims that aren't going to enact here. >> and muslims leaders are forced to have the tough conversations that many have been avoiding about how do you deal with those among us. and how do you vet them. and what you say we are 90 days, so for the last 89 days, what is going to look like if they catch one of the bad dudes? are they going to go to a county jail, do we take them to guantanamo bay? is there any chance that the moratorium would get extended, and what types of things have to
9:30 am
happen for those to be put in statements? i have some questions. i think it is an opportunity for us to learn more. >> they are legitimate questions, the executive order is intended to address the problem that the from these seven countries we do not get the information we can rely on or any information at all about the people. >> i think we all agree on that. >> as opposed to saudi arabia, people say, why are they not on the list? we get extensive information from them. so the secretary of homeland security is supposed to do the study. identify what information we may need, and then saying what countries are supplying it, and what are not? >> where do you put the bad dudes that you catch? if you catch any like this. i mean, you might. >> if they are really bad, getmo is still open. >> you mention that, and there
9:31 am
is some action that is asked for terror, and that is the implication. this is going to be propaganda before the islamic state? the same arguments was made by president obama that we needed to close guantanamo bay, because they are asking -- implying that we are asking for it to be brought on the american people, that is repugnant. >> giving key strategist steve bannon a seat at the table at the security national meetings, he claims that the presence is essential to the commander-in-chief's decision process. as a part of restructuring, also deciding that national intelligence in the chairman of the joint chief of staff will only attend meetings when issues pertaining to their expertise are discussed.
9:32 am
that does not sit well with robert gates. >> my biggest concern is that they are actually under the law only two advisors to the council. and that is the dni or the chief of staff, and i think that's pushing them out of the national security council meetings, except when they are having the specific issues at stake, that is a mistake. they both bring a perspective and judgment and experience that every president, whether they like it or not finds useful. >> sean spicer is defending the changes. >> we are instilling reforms to make sure that we streamline the process to the president to make his decisions on the key important intelligence matters. having the key strategist in those meetings or who has a significant background to guide the final analysis, that is
9:33 am
crucial. >> you just heard robert gates say about the reshuffling, that is a big mistake. you say what? >> let's all take the blood pressure pills here. this is an interesting fact. the president of the united states can meet with anybody who wants, whenever he wants. you did not need an executive order, that being said, i would not have written it the way they did about the director of national intelligence, it is hard for me to imagine a national security meeting where you would not want them present. as far as steve bannon, i think that is fine. i have been in plenty of principal meetings where the senior white house staff participated. or sometimes they just sat and listened, i think that is important. you know that the president is going to talk to them, would you rather have them in the meetings, informed by reality, or like somebody in the back room getting the last word. i think i might have worded it differently and saying such
9:34 am
staff as a president deems advisable, and they would have been on the snooze pile. >> that is a great point, they probably provided too much detail on this. i am wondering less about some of these things. is it too much clarity, too much detail? probably not. he is unfazed by the response. that is what is so refreshing about the first two weeks. >> it has only been a week and two whole days. >> he does what he thinks, and he does not care what the response is. this is what i set out to do, this is exactly what i am doing. what is surprising you was that i actually fulfilling the campaign promises. >> isn't that happening, he has already gotten a response from the people who voted for him, he knows what the answer is going to be back from both sides. just an observation. >> at least we know that steve bannon is going to be in the meetings, and the director of national intelligence was created after 9/11, it is that original report that the trump administration was really going
9:35 am
to go after the bloat. it is about 1750 people working there with a lot of redundancy. so, why can't we -- again, this is a rethinking of our intelligence, and our intelligence gap. >> they are going to do that in any case, i think making the reforms, there is no reason not to have dan coats there, not to have mike pompeo there, and i think it would be a plus to do it. there is one point that the press has not picked out. it appears in the absence of the president, though vice presidents will share the meetings, not the advisor. this came in the meeting with the george w. bush administration where he thought dick cheney would like to join those meetings, and push came down, so with all due respect to all of the highly esteemed people in the controversies, i think in the absence of the president, the national security advisor should chair the meeting. and i'm not sure that
9:36 am
necessarily it goes in this order, but it was a very exchange -- a strange exchange. >> he has the close circle of people who he relies on, trump. we know that m of those people. >> he also gets out, he is the president of the senate as well, so outside he has been more personal. >> i think it will make it harder for the national security advisor to deal with the secretary of state if he is not sharing those meetings. >> interesting. >> do you only get that nuance from ambassador bolton? >> speaking with foreign leaders, including putin, we will get into the calls next.
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>> marking last night that there were simply no weekends offer this president. very busy over the last couple of days. speaking by phone, president trump was several foreign leaders, including that of air pollutant, and the leaders of france, japan, australia, and the saudi king, interest between our president and putin, they called the conversation positive. they talked about fighting terror, the syrian conflict, and the ukrainian conflict. and u.s. sanctions against russia, reportedly not discussed on that call, though white house producer said that lifting sanctions was on the table, but later in the day with british prime minister, theresa teresae president was more ministered d about the sanctions. watch. >> we will be talking about that, but we look to have a great relationship with all countries, ideally, that's will not necessarily have been, and
9:42 am
unfortunately will not have been with many countries. >> all right, so yesterday we thought we were going to get readouts from many of these calls, what is your take on who you talk to in the timing of it? >> an interesting working, sunday is a workday, so not too surprising, some of the calls to specific leaders on sunday nigh night, watching them on third time, and to the europeans on saturday, so he is off to a good start. a good mix of people, i think it is important that he does have direct relations with as many foreign leaders as he can, it would be productive in these early days before you get a problem with another country to establish a relationship, so i think that that is well advised. >> let's focus in on russia, why not talk about those sanctions? >> if the readout is accurate that they talk about ukraine, that as a prerequisite. you are not going to get
9:43 am
anywhere on sanctions until the russians pulled the military out of east ukraine, and give up their control of -- i don't think it is on crimea, but he has been talking to the europeans, maybe about sanctions, this is an important issue coming back to senator mccain and senator graham, marco rubio, many republicans want to put locks in effect. this could be a subject of an enormous debate in washington in the coming days and weeks. >> one of the things that i think is so interesting about president trump, to a person has had a one-on-one meeting with him saying, he is very charming. i really liked him in person, even people who before hand were trashing him before they went in, and the more that you talk about them having the one-on-one meetings, one-on-one conversations with more world leaders, the better. no matter what they are bringing to the table to hammer out, it gives me confidence and things going forward. i think he is good at making
9:44 am
deals, so the more he connects with them individually, the better. >> it goes beyond what is said on the phone calls come out right now donald trump is walking the talk, with all of these executive orders in his first week, don't you think? he is delivering on everything he promised. doesn't that send a message that we are dealing with a very different president. >> i think this is important, everybody wants to size up donald trump, all of the international leaders, they know that they have never seen anything like this before. the fact that he is doing the things that he promised, important for him, not only in domestic, political terms, because it marks him as a different politician, but it says to the foreign leaders, maybe we actually want to pay attention to what he says. >> i want to get back to the pachyderms in the room, as people discard them. 19 of the 9/11 attackers came from saudi arabia, and so you
9:45 am
have the travel ban in place, saudi arabia is not on it, you say it's because they gave us good intel, not to talk about the safe zones agreed to by saudi arabia, supporting the united states and setting them up in places like syria, what does that communicate to you? >> things are easier said than done, but the refugees in a safe zone, that can make them more vulnerable, they want to raise the loss of sovereign immunity that came in congress because of the 9 of -- 9/11 attack, i think that saudi king is extremely worried about the weapons program among other things. in the threat that iran poses in the region. they have a lot to talk about. if that's for sure. >> in that press conference he said that he believes a good relationship with russia would be good for us.
9:46 am
do you think it's possible? >> i think there are some good things that you can build a relationship with russia on. they respect strength, and that is a contrast for the last eight years, but i think you need to be careful of that saying that we can work with the russians on terrorism, because of their effective alliance with iran, and that is the biggest financer of terrorism around the world, they are state sponsors of terrorism, they are terrorists themselves. there is no working with them on that or the nuclear program. >> respect is something that people around the world are thinking right now as he moves quickly with what he has promised to do. to the white house is doubling down in its fight with the media. just days after the chief strategist labeled the media the opposition party, now in another top white house advisor is asking why some of the reporters have not yet been fired. has this gone too far? is it about holding reporters accountable?
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment, but we will get to jon scott with what is happening in the next hour of "happening now." >> a major airline grounds flights, stranding passengers. what is behind the latest glitch?
9:51 am
a deadly shooting range at a mosque, now a terror attack. who is responsible for the killings? a good samaritan stops the attack of a bus driver, all caught on camera. the unlikely weapon of choice, and the entire video. all that at the top of the hou. >> all right, we will join you in 9 minutes. thank you, sir. >> the white house's war with the media is raging on, counts house of the president -- counselor of the president slamming the media this weekend, she considers it unfair coverage of the administration. watch this. >> who is cleaning house? which is going to be the first network that stops talking about alternative facts, not one silly analyst talking smack all day long on about the donald trump has been let go. they are on panels every sunday. they are on cable news every day. it was the first editorial writer that will be let's go that embarrassed his or her outlets, we know their names.
9:52 am
i'm too polite. but they know who they are. and they are wondering, will i be the first to go? >> meanwhile, president trump taking matters into his own hands, voicing his frustration on twitter, the failing "new york times" has been wrong about me from the very beginning. they said that i would lose their primary, than the general election, fake news. they got me wrong right from the beginning, still have not changed course. they never will. dishonest. the tweets following a front page times article headlined, up is down. and echoing the business pass, the "times" say that it is at an all-time high. how did they exist without one another? all of the negative media coverage helped his campaign, does it help his presidency? >> i think it will. this is a new level of media bias and activism, i really think that at least compared to
9:53 am
the past several decades, it has never been so overt. we are not reading news stories in the pages of "the new york times," "the washington post" anymore, we are breeding editorials that are labeled such on page one. ultimately the market will take care of this. they may just effectively be the nation magazine and other newspapers will pick up readership. i thought that "the wall street journal" had a wonderful phrase on its editorial page during the obama administration, they said they were stenographers for the white house. they are not stenographers, they are just plain biased. >> kellyanne conway, and steve bannon, they really do not want -- even the most biased reporters to shut out, do they? it's like wiley coyote, they do not want him to go away. they do not want -- >> i cannot speak for the goals, but how in the world did we as a group get put in the category of
9:54 am
what hillary clinton said about donald trump at the time when they were running, he could be baited with a treat, apparently members of the media can be baited with a tweet, read all of the response, look at the avatars of the people who are responding, it is like, come on, guys. >> i think that is more revealing than what they write in the stories. it does demonstrate what they right. >> but do you say something that you're not supposed to. >> but that is what has changed, there are so many outlets for everybody to say what they think. you cannot hide what your bias is any longer. and if you are engaged in the news, you care about, you have an opinion. >> exactly, and you have an opinion, an educated opinion, you can decide when you are getting spoon-fed by coverage. you look at the polling during the election process, and it often showed people are aware when they are not getting real
9:55 am
news, or biased coverage, they will go somewhere else. >> if you stay like that, but "the new york times" just admitted that they are pitching to the left wing, elite, rich people, that is the group and the brand, and good for them. i hope they can make a living off of that. >> when you say as journalist, we are not asked to be just people who have nothing going on, we are asked to be people who can do our jobs no matter what is going on. >> exactly. to be honest about your point of view and where you're coming from. >> people do not know what that is at all. i do not know how to be frank or direct about my point of view. >> can i say something like i have many times during the process, it is so telling today. my job as a journalist is not to know what i think. if all journalists would live by that, we would be in a different world. >> they would not be tweeting. >> to compare and contrast the
9:56 am
headlines in "the new york times" versus "the wall street journal," and it is laughable. it makes my day. >> so how do we -- i am really asking this genuinely, because we are all on twitter. is there a different level that you think, a different bar? >> i think there is. it will only get worse if this continues. >> more "outnumbered" after this, everybody. oscar mayer deli fresh ham has no added nitrates, nitrites or artificial preservatives. now it's good for us all. like those who like. sweet those who prefer heat. sfx - a breath of air and those who just love meat. oscar mayer deli fresh. sweet!
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it helps put some distance.. between you and temptation. clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand. as promised, a very fun show, we want to say thank you to ambassador john bolton.
10:00 am
>> i promised a shout out out there. thank you for watching. we are going to keep it right here for "outnumbered" overtime on the web, you can find us on facebook, "happening now" happens now. >> jenna: we start with a fox news alert, the travel ban having an impact on stocks? >> jon: monastery could be set for its worst day in months. we are covering all of the news "happening now" ." >> we all carry that sense today. today. >> jon: at least six worshipers killed in a canadian mosque, now the nypd is stepping up security in new york city. plus a navy seal becomes the first military casualty of the trump administration. >> we mourn the loss of life of the service member who so bravely fought for his country and was killed. >> jon: ahead, more on the mission to take out al-qaeda's top leadership in yemen.


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