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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 30, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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apply. word of the day, don't be ilpersnickety. please remember, the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. this >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." pretty good show up ahead, we will be talking to a leader of one of the many airport protests that may have kept you from missing your flight. also debuting new segment segment, looking at what our top journalists really think when they are not writing or on camera. but first, president donald trump's executive order, seven majority muslim nations not be allowed entry. it is being faced with astonishing hostility. press secretary sean spicer said the meltdown over the weekend was unjustified. here's what he has said. >> this is blown way out of proportion, in a 24-hour period
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-- it's a shame that people were inconvenienced but at the end of the day we're talking about a couple hours. being able to come to america is a privilege, not a right. >> tucker: joining us now is one critic of the president's objective order, the ceo and president, the refugees settlement director -- thank you for joining us, marc levine. part of it, you said this. with the stroke of a pen, donald trump has abdicated american values. i compared that against the public polling on the question and i thought it was interesting. 57% agree with this. it is also going back a long time, i know you know this, strikingly low favorability on the question of whether we should admit refugees at all. over the summer just for
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example, there was a poll on should we admit syrian refugees? 64% did not support it. are they not aware of american values? would you make of these people? >> all i will say is that my organization works on the behalf of the american jewish community. we would've closed down the 19th century if we went on polls. refugees have never been popular per se. that's why americans slammed their doors on refugees in 1921. people were trapped inside of europe in the holocaust and could not escape because the united states and other countries failed to protect refugees, failed to allow people to flee. >> tucker: you are saying the holocaust happened because of american immigration? >> no, absolutely not. what did happen was america turned its back on refugees at that period. we are not responsible for the
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crisis in syria but we have some responsibility to protect the refugees that are fighting for their lives. >> tucker: here's why asked that first question. you have a legitimate point of view, for sure. when you invoke the phrase american values, it suggests a set of absolute rules and i am not sure i know what those rules are. let's get right to what the rules are about american values as you put it. who has a right to come here? >> it is not about having a right to come here, it's about america standing up for refugees. >> tucker: i think we are basically saying the same thing. an obligation. >> they don't have a right to come here per se but a refugee has been approved for refugee status by the government should be allowed to come here. they were all turned away. i had to spend my saturday dealing with a syrian mother, her 5-year-old daughter, 8-year-old daughter, who is trying to join her husband who
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had asylum in connecticut. they had an approval notice, cleared and vetted. they got on a plane in a mound where they been living in a settlement. they get turned around at jfk. >> tucker: that sounds like a nightmare. i'm very sympathetic to them. but i want to get back to the core principle here. you are saying it is an american value to admit refugees. i'm asking you what the standards are. 60 million refugees according to the united nations. poverty, bad government, no health care. what percentage of those do we have an obligation under the american values you refer to to admit? >> i will tell you one thing, the percentage is not zero. i am not going to -- >> tucker: anyone who is against what you are for is somehow -- that's a big thing to say. >> america has been welcoming
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refugees throughout its history, with some very shameful interruptions such as the interruption between 1921 and 1965. >> tucker: you are not answering the question. how do i know which refugees need to come here if i'm going to apply the american values that you are referring to? what are the rules? if you're going to run about with moral statements, tell me what the rules are so i can be a good person. >> you need to welcome those people who need protection. the united states need to play a role. the united states is a leader in refugee protection. what makes us a leader is not the number that we take. it's how we treat refugees when they come here. they are not known as refugees when the come here, we don't put them in camps, we welcome them as new americans. >> tucker: we spend huge amounts of money on them, as you know. it takes a lot of tax dollars. >> i'm glad you raised that.
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>> tucker: i'm saying we are really generous. you are not answering the question which is, in a world where there are tens of millions of people who are fleeing all sorts of awful things, how do we know what our obligation is? you said we have an obligation, you do this for a living, you are a smart guy, tell me so i can evaluate all future policies through that lens. >> you just of my organization takes a lot of tax dollars. i am obligated to respond to that. >> tucker: get to my question, though. >> we get $2,075 per refugee. that is true, from the state department. what do we do with that? pick them up at the airport, bring them to the apartment which we rent. we pay three months rent for that apartment. we stock it with food, put furniture in it. we get the kids in school. we got them some medical appointments. >> tucker: i am glad.
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but you are dodging the question. >> we teach them english. i pay my staff without money. $2,075. try to pay rent without amount of money. for three months. >> tucker: you are a little defensive on the question. the majority of your money comes from taxpayers. they have an interest in knowing what the rules are. what the policy is. it's not just you are a private organization, you are taking money from people by force through the tax code. it's our money. how do we know we have an obligation to let someone in? do we have an obligation to let all 60 million people in? >> absolutely not. how can we play a role, how can the united states make refugees safe by taking some and allowing the host country to protect.
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>> tucker: but not with any specificity, you're not answering my question. it is to scapegoat vulnerable human beings, to confuse those who flee terror with terror itself. i think most refugees are in a tough spot, and i really feel for them. they are probably really good people. this statement suggested that anybody who is worried about refugees, maybe hurting americans are hating america, and some do, some kind of crackpot or bad person. i can review the list of terror attacks or plots by refugees. they are real, there's not a ton but there are some. the people have a right to be concerned.>> of course. everyone who comes to this country should be screened and refugees are screened more thoroughly than any immigrant or any american. >> tucker: to ask the refugees that you bring in -- do you believe for example in female genital mutilation? >> we don't bring in --
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>> tucker: do you ask questions like -- they believe in the constitution, women should have right, gay should be killed? >> refugees tend to be very apolitical. >> tucker: why don't you ask them do you believe in the country you are coming to? >> they have one thing on their mind, they want a normal life. they want to become americans. >> tucker: do they believe in the constitution? >> one of the great things about this country is it refugees are on the path to citizenship the moment they enter. >> tucker: you're not answering my questions. >> part of that is to take a civil civic exam, swear allegiance to the constitution. >> tucker: you are saying you're paying for their schooling, getting them jobs, you don't want a bunch of people believing in female genital mutilation coming to our
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country? why don't you say we don't do that here? >> homeland security scans refugees, not me. i told you how much money we got and what we do without money. >> tucker: we are out of time. trump's executive order isn't just sparking defiance from protesters, it's also riling up the justice department. today, the active and turning general sally yates -- what does this mean exactly? we are joined by trace gallagher. hey, trace. >> the reason the acting attorney general will not defend the president's executive orders is because she is not convinced it is legal. in a statement late today, sally yates said, "my responsibility is not only legally defensible but is informed by our best view." critics say her decision is much
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more political than legal. in the meantime, despite protests and legal challenges, the administration is calling it a success story with the president himself blaming any disorganization on others, tweeting... referring of course to chuck schumer who teared up when he talked about the ban. today, trump signed another executive order living up to his one into ad campaign promise, meaning for every new regulation the feds want to impose on businesses, to existing regulations would have to be defunded by the office of management and budget. before signing the order, mr. trump invited business leaders to the white house for a listening session where he said it's time to let small businesses thrive. watch.
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>> the american dream is back. we are going to create an environment for small businesses like we haven't had in many, many decades. this is a knock on obama, presidents before him -- this is a knock on everybody. >> so far wall street has embraced the trump presidency, though the markets were down today over what experts called the uncertainty surrounding the president's immigration order. >> tucker: well, trace gallagher, thanks a lot. the refugee story is giving one of america's hottest companies a grand opportunity for more posturing. the ceo of uber said, "our company is always standing up for what is right," he pledged to use uber's lawyers for the ban. the company's entire business model relies on using illegal loopholes to deny drivers health coverage or benefits.
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an uber executive once called for the targeting of families of critical journalists and then leaking their personal information online as a form of intimidation. perhaps uber is not the ideal company to be giving the rest of us sanctimonious lectures. get back to us, if you would. the screen actors guild award was last night, he can probably guess where this is going. a bunch of stars used what may have been a nonpolitical event as an opportunity to denounce the government. >> this immigrant ban is a blemish and it is un-american. >> anyone that is in an airport belongs in my america. you are part of the fabric of who we are and we love you and we welcome you. >> tucker: this spells trouble ahead for the new administration because when you lose hollywood,
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you also lose santa monica and that is not good. coming up, the trump administration has a furiously active first week. we talk to steve miller, top advisor to the president, coming up. a california lawmaker wants to mandate that schools teach kids that russia hacked the last american election. we will talk about what inspired this idea. stay tuned.
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>> trump does not want people like me in the united states. >> donald trump has got to go! >> i don't want that ban representing me as an american. >> this is what democracy looks like! >> tucker: that is protesters protesting president trumpss refugee ban, they did it in airports across america. thousands turned out from coast to coast. we are joined now by a leader of one of those protests, he is in oregon. he is part of portland resistance. thanks for joining me. >> thank you for having me here, mr. carlson. >> tucker: you aren't particularly spun up about these executive orders. what bothers you about this? >> we have seen a lot of action coming from the white house since january 20th.
9:19 pm
it just seems like we see so much coming at us, so much to read. we are responding. for me, i am very troubled to feel that president donald trump -- who was elected -- this is a man who did not receive the majority of the popular vote, that is a first for the country. it is emblematic of the fact that we are pretty divisive as a country right now, upon political spectrums, rural versus liberal. the country right now it's reacting. there are a lot of people who feel like their voices were not heard during the selection. i think what we are seeing -- >> tucker: you are reacting for sure. it has happened before. whatever, i see your point. you don't like trump. have you read the executive orders that you are protesting
9:20 pm
against? >> i have read a number of them. i have not read all of them. if he signed more -- he did sign more than i can probably count. different islamic organizations, aclu are spreading messages about what is happening. i am also reading about the federal judges who've been ruling as well. and the attorney general, statewide and nationally who are also decreeing orders. there is a lot to read out there. i'm not going to say that i've read everything. n it's just happening so fast. we have a white house that is taking action. >> tucker: you can pull it up. just in case he did not read it, here's a part that you may agree with. i thought of you when i read this. "the united states should not admit those who engage in actions of bigotry or hatred, those who oppress americans of any race, gender, or sexual orientation." do you agree with that?
9:21 pm
>> i am curious about how that relates to the seven countries that was put on the travel immigration refugee ban. >> tucker: what are the seven countries? >> you are asking which? iran, iraq, i can't list all of them. there is five others. i believe that turkey is probably on that, syria is probably on it. >> tucker: there are differentnt countries. here is the point -- >> saudi arabia is not on it. trump has had business interest in that we have seen not on the list. how do you get on that list or not? >> tucker: i want to get back to this quote then, what you think of that? it's you should make sure before
9:22 pm
people come here that they are not going to be committing acts of discrimination when they get here.ha >> i am just really confused -- there were people who were already in the air, who have family here, and they can leave the airport. have we not already proven that they love this country? >> tucker: i want to get backy to the specific -- do you think it is a good idea or not? should we say hey, we do not discriminate on the basis ofea race or gender or sexual orientation?th are you for that? >> the application of this executive order is already questionable. they have never shown -- these people are being discriminated against. we are burning bridges in this country. >> tucker: we'll be right back. fox news alert, president trump
9:23 pm
has fired sally yates of georgia. he is naming dana boente as the acting role in her place. steve miller will be here to discuss his breaking news which is significant. right now, back to cameron whitten.h sorry to break you in there, you just heard that the president has fired the acting attorney general. i want to get back to something you just said. he said you showed up in airports and part of the reason you want is because there were virtuous refugees stuck in those airports and they could not get in the country. i wonder if it occurred to that by protesting outside those airports, you prevented normal people from getting on airplanes and going to do their jobs or to see their family or an ailing loved one. i'm wondering why you thought you had the right to do that.ei it hurt people who had nothing
9:24 pm
to do with these executive orders or might agree with you.o why did you have a right to hurt them? >> i want to bring it back to the fact that this all happened because people were not able to come onto american soil. i understand you are asking now out of concern about people that were inconvenienced. we have people who celebrated their first amendment rights, the act of nonviolent civil disobedience. we know that democracy is messy. we have people who defend freedom here and abroad. >> tucker: cameron, i've heard all of this before. i agree with the first amendment. i just want to ask a really simple human question. did you think about the people
9:25 pm
you were hurting when you blocked access to airports? w there is some normal person who wants to get through. >> their motivation is love. that is why we are out here. we are out there so we can spread a message that the entire world can hear. we cannot allow one person who just got into office now treat the narrative for this country. people are out there showing love. n >> tucker: what about the normal people? >> they got on the planes. it happened, >> tucker: for a man who is about love, you don't seem to care. what about normal people who signed no executive orders?? you are hurting them. just acknowledge that you care about them a little bit. do you? >> yes, i care about everybodyab in the country. they did get onto their plane. >> tucker: as if seen tonight,
9:26 pm
trumps executive order has because the left to declaree itself the guardian of t tolerance. o with that in mind, some refresher headlines you may have missed. chase and pete from wearing them make america great a hand hat. alabama teen house lies after posting "boulez matter on facebook. man beats woman with chair for criticizing hillary. sucker punched supporting trump at a rally. we can go on and on and on. that is today, and in portland, oregon, a protester bashed a trump fan on the head. and called him a fornicating nazi. isn't it nazis who used violence against their political opponents? coming up next, we talk to trump senior advisor steve miller, president trump fired the acting attorney general just minutes a
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9:31 pm
exactly he stands, stephen, great to see you. i first have to ask you about the news, one did this happen?ep what does it mean and tell us about the replacement. >> we found out an obama appointee who was confirmed in 2015 was refusing to enforce the president's immigration order. thus refusing to defend the constitution. it was a betrayal of her office and she is being replaced by somebody who will enforce the laws of the united states. >> tucker: is that person confirmed? >> no, it will be in acting position. >> tucker: i could be wrong but in order to sign certain warrants, federal warrants, you need to have someone in the justice department with a senate confirmation. >> there are many layers of people in the justice department who have been senate confirmed. obviously jeff sessions will bee there very soon as well.
9:32 pm
we all look forward to that very much. >> tucker: this does break precedent. i can't remember the last time anything like this happened. it is not a common thing anyway. critics are going to say wait a second, if you get in the way of what the president wants, they are going to start invoking nixon? >> the justice department would refuse to defend a lawful federal order for political reasons. that is dangerous to our constitutional system. when somebody sues the government of the united states for doing its duty, the justice department is defending the taxpayers of the united states and defending the constitution c of the united states. refusing to do that is a betrayal of the office and it is unconscionable to do so. as you well know, during the obama administration, order after order after order was isued that violated immigration law. that repealed the pulled it.
9:33 pm
throughout all of the outcome of the obama justice department stood by and supported those unlawful actions. president trump comes in and directs agencies to follow the law as written, protect the country, and the acting attorney general says i am not going to do it. >> tucker: are you confident the new acting attorney general will defend his orders? >> i am. as you understand, the core power of the federal government on immigration is its right to deny entry to any alien at any time if it believes that to be the national interest in national security. >> tucker: you have been identified in the media in the last couple of days -- >> almost all of it glowing. >> tucker: almost none of it is glowing. flattering in the sense that you have been given credit for the driving force behind these executive orders. "new york magazine" had a piece saying, "what is stephen miller's job anyway?"
9:34 pm
what is your job anyway? >> i get a lot more credit than i deserve. the orders were drafted by a team of some of the most qualified and talented lawyers in the united states of america. i had the privilege of being involved in the review process and it also included the office of legal counsel. many of those people who are careers, cleared out and approved it is fully legal. i'm proud to have the opportunity tonight to stand up for his order and defend not order as lawful, necessary, and important.or as you understand, the united states admits 80 million people year as visitors into our country. the idea that we can't exercise even a small amount of restriction to protect our country from people we can properly screen? that's the most basic exercise of federal authority. >> tucker: should the supply to green card holders?
9:35 pm
>> they actually do not. they can bar anyone from entering the country who is a noncitizen if it is a threat to the united states, if there is a cause for doing so. they have already been waived >> tucker: so, no restrictions on green card holders. >> again, i am flattered by the suggestion but i have never attempted nor run a national security council meeting. >> tucker: interesting. they said it flat out. and you are denying it. what is your purview at the white house? >> policy matters. a lot of people have a lot of say in making decisions, i'mus just one voice. i'm blessed to have the opportunity to have a voice but the more interesting thing tonight to discuss right now is you and i and ever and listenine is how do we keep this country
9:36 pm
from falling into the same trap that happened parts of europe? places like germany, france, a permanent intergenerational problem of islamic radicalism. how do we keep that from happening in america? if we don't change the way we think about immigration, if we don't think about the way we screen and vet the entry process, that will happen in our country. that is a certainty if we don't take strong action today. >> tucker: you're absolutely right. stephen miller, thank you. up next, we are joined for news abuse. the most foul cases of media malpractice over the last week. this week's cases truly reek. we will also talk to a lawmaker from california who wants to force high school students to learn about russian hacking and this past presidential election. could it be anything other than politics? i don't know, we will ask him. stay tuned. 't know, we will aska spontaneous moment?
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way more than me. >> tucker: welcome back. we have breaking news tonight. the acting attorney general, sally yates was a holdover from obama administration. she was fired tonight by the president of the united states, i will read a statement here. from the white house. "the acting attorney general sally yates has betrayed the justice department by not defending an executive order." she's an appointee who is weak on borders and very weak on illegal immigration. she is going to be replaced by a new acting attorney general, dana boente. i'm not sure exactly how to pronounce it. we are joined now by old friend, howard kurtz. >> this is a bomb shell, tucker.
9:42 pm
likening this to richard nixon, 1973 when he fired an attorney general who refused to fire the watergate lawyers. the parallels completely off because as he just noticed, sally yates, she's not making legal arguments against the actions. she is saying it is a moral matter. the president coming back and saying this is your politics. some people will argue it's the other way. >> tucker: that is the striking thing about sally yates' statement that the adjusted up department under her would not be defending these. she didn't bother to make a legal case. it is almost an addendum to the legal statement that said in effect, this is wrong. >> when you are the government's lawyer, you can always resign.
9:43 pm
she made a statement that she is not going to defend.d. the confirmation of jeff sessions, democrats are delaying that a bit. it's within its rights to say i'm going to put my own person in. it will fuel the criticism of those who don't agree with this policy on immigration and temporary ban on refugees. saying trump has to get his own person in there. she's an obama holdover, that to me major part of the story. >> tucker: but would it seem to be -- the thinking on this from the trump administration?ou >> if president trump did nothing, he would have a justice department that it was not going to go into their corner, lawsuits to defend his positiona and whether you agree or disagree with it, it is his right as president to issue the executive order. where he could say look, this is somebody from the democratic administration, he makes thead political charge, she is out of there, he puts his own personak and who will only be in there until sessions is confirmed. then he has some legal backup
9:44 pm
from the doj which is what any president would get from his or her own -- >> tucker: this would increase the intensity of the nomination of senator jeff sessions of alabama. >> one could certainly see additional -- for democrats to drag their feet even further. obviously, a big supporter of trump during the campaign, going to come in here with the news abuse. they have a big headline about this controversy, "president trump's first defeat." this is not by some random dude cometh by the editor in of politico magazine. a political embarrassment, well that's not a defeat. he is going to get his way on this. it has certainly caused a lot of protests. a lot of people that don't like it. it got off to a very rockyf roa. i think sally yates raised it,
9:45 pm
he raised his own one putting in his own person. that will create a lot of criticism and media coverage. s orderingp away the politics of something illegal, i don't think anybody has suggested this is illegal. >> tucker: how can you assess whether this is a victory or a defeat three days in? >> of course, president trump and his people have made no secret, they think they're getting coverage. he's done a lot of very controversial things. at the same time, people are going to be declaring it a defeat, as a temporary ban. 90 days, 120 days depending on the situation. it seems to fuel the white house notion that it is very hard to get an even break with this president in his opening days in office. >> tucker: most of this play
9:46 pm
out -- the protests -- over the weekend. not all of our viewers are going to be familiar with what happened. i instead saw a great deal of outrage, sort of undisguised outrage from the press saying this is immoral. >> here is what is som surprisig about that. repeatedly during the campaign, trump said this is what he's going to do. when you talk about the campaign and get many of the press acting as if this is some shock. the white house rushed this order, lot of consequences, all part of the story. we should debate it. it is a legitimate subject for journalistic scrutiny. there's this shock and some negativity that a new president actually did something controversial as it was that he promised during the campaign. >> tucker: may be the core question, how do you not become europe? how do you not become the society that is totally divided
9:47 pm
along lines? because of your immigration policy?ec >> there is the security side, terrorist getting onto our shores, the weeping statue of liberty. would love to take in thesebe immigrants. that is a debate. i think the press coverage has spoke pretty heavily on the side of how this is somehow against refugees. it's hard to know where the line should be drawn. this is what trump campaigned on. >> tucker: have you seen any news outlets -- that at least raised the questions? >> yes, some heavy criticism and muted praise. many of the republican party are not embracing this. it's not the usual right left divide. certainly, when kellyanne conway
9:48 pm
and reince priebus and sean spicer get on the sunday shows, they made the case but by and large, the underlying tone is one of outrage. nbc nightly news cast tonight, standing in a new jersey park with statue of liberty in the backdrop. >> tucker: not a subtle message. howard kurtz, great to see you. up next, we will talk more about what has just happened tonight during this show. the president's firing of his acting attorney general, sally yates. we will have more from stephen miller, he will rejoin us in just a minute. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line.
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>> tucker: welcome back to "tucker carlson tonight," we are continuing our coverage of breaking news this evening. the president's firing minutes ago of acting attorney general
9:53 pm
sally yates of georgia. she is a holdover from the obama administration. we are joined once again by stephen miller. very much in the thick of things at the white house. dana boente is the new m acting attorney general of theto united states. has the administration confirmed that he will defend the president's executive orders? >> i've no doubt about that.on i guarantee you that up and down the department of justice, you will find honorable careers and senate confirmed appointees who are indeed fully committed to the constitution. it cannot be stated strongly enough how reckless, irresponsible, and improper the behavior was of the acting attorney general sally yates an, refusing to defend the president's order. in refusing to defend that order, they refused to defend the lawful power of the president that it is necessary that any president would need to use in the future. to protect this country's >> tucker: you believe there is no debated all about the legality of the president's orders. >> no.
9:54 pm
to put it bluntly, no citizen of a foreign land seeking entry into this country has a constitutional right to entry. if any court in this land conferred to a foreign national a constitutional right to enter into america and all the benefits, that would mean that n everything a person -- could file a claim for injury because they were denied the benefits of living in america. whether the tax, employment, welfare, they could sue for damages for all the benefits they lost when they can come to america. we would be getting sued by everyone from anywhere. when you turn on the tv and you hear senator schumer or warren suggesting this is a constitutional deprivation for foreign nationals, understand that is the implication of what they are saying. >> tucker: to note correctly that no foreign national has a rightec to enter american enjoy
9:55 pm
its benefits is not the same as saying the president has a unilateral right to bar entry from an entire country. do you believe has that right? >> they are the same power. you can never compel a president to stand approved on a visa application from a foreign country. that person is in the view of the administration a security threat. the immigration and nationality act of 1952 expressed the power to bar any entry that he believes to be against the interest of america's national security. >> tucker: do you fear outbreak of this same sort of thing in other agencies?s? the acting attorney general just says no, i'm not doing that. do you fear that happening at the state, pentagon? >> i do not right now. this is why it is important to get senate confirmation process is moving forward, we will have a fabulous attorney general in jeff sessions. the last thought, the real victims when it comes to immigration are the thousands ot americans who have been permanently separated from the
9:56 pm
ones they love because we didn't enforce our laws. >> tucker: more live coverage of tonight's breaking news, we will be right back. us. [coughing] credit karma, huh? yeah, it's free. credit karma. give yourself some credit. because i'm a woman, do you think i'm going to crack under pressure or conquer the field? defy expectations any day with always infinity. made with flexfoam, absorbs 10x its weight. rewrite the rules. always.
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