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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  January 31, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PST

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women in the west wing after being vastly outnumbered during the first four years. on that note, we thank you for being here tonight with me, everybody. ma
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exact opposite effect. there are number reasons they've gone through, i'll get back to that. number two, i think the reason, this is the issue that everybody is sort of up in arms about is that it goes straight to the heart of what america stands fo for. this country was built on religious freedoms, freedom from persecution from the government. we can practice whatever religion we want, over the weekend they said it donald trump wanted a legal way to do something that was illega illegal. most americans agree that we want to keep this country safe, everybody agrees that we should
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secure the border. how do we go about it is the question. the biggest problem i think a lot of people have is that this isn't about making america safe, this isn't about keeping the bad guys out, it's about delivering on a campaign promise. it's politics, pure and simple. >> tom: look, we have a refugee program. we cut it off somewhere, sometimes we keep it here. we are allowed to decide who comes in the country. >> the president has a great deal of latitude in the way that he goes about that, quite frankly as far as my understanding, i'm not a lawyer but i looked at the executive order and bothered bother to r. >> tom: that qualifies, you're a lawyer. >> there is something to be said for the rhetoric that the president, when he was a candidate in particular, used when he talked about this. when you say a total shutdown on muslims entering the country, even if the executive order that you have doesn't single out a religion and say we are battling
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people of a religion from a particular estate, the fact is that when you talk about these laws matters. it can impact the way people interpret these. the way that people will talk about this has everything to do with the way he promoted it. certainly, the way the president as it sold this particular initiative is highly problem at it. what is also really problematic, however, is hyperbolic, over-the-top and inconsistent and often hypocritical agitation on the part of people from the outside. i know when you go to the airport because you've heard some thing awful has happened, you get involved. i don't go to jfk unless i'm leaving, i wouldn't go there to participate in a protest. i know you mean well, i get it. i think most people mean well, i also don't think most people are paying very close attention to what is going on. the >> tom: it almost seems like the country is divided.
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here's the counselor to the president trump on fox news. >> you're talking about 325,000 people from overseas, came into this country just yesterday. through our airports, 325,000, you're talking about 300 and some who have been detained or who are prevented from gaining access to an aircraft in their home countries who are safer now. that's 1%, and i think in terms of the upsides being greater protection of our borders or our people, it's small price to pay. >> tom: but, is the immigration order making us safer? former cia director michael hayden says it has inarguably made us more safe. it makes it harder for our allies to side with us. he did not support trump during
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the election, has made similar comments in the past. i want to ask you about this, remi. i like kellyanne conway's argument. it's a very small percentage, it's not a ban on muslims, she explained what it is. >> i think her quote was something like it's a small price to pay to make america safe again, i don't think that's an argument, that's a sound bite and it's a really effective sound bite. we have experts, not politically motivated, they can be politically motivated but i don't think it's a political statement when you say that you've taken an entire group of people, an entire class of people and you say you are not welcome. >> tom: it's not a class of people, not a group of people, not a religion. >> let's be really specific about it, the seven countries are the ones that were under the visa waiver. you can come here and travel without a visa if you are from
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anywhere b these seven countries. none of these seven countries are responsible for sending over people who've committed any kinds of active terror. none of the actual terrorists who have been here and committed acts on the soil and killed americans are on that list. that further supports my position that this is politically motivated. this is not about making america safe, you've got a 90 day stay, with a 120 days day, an indefinite stay of syrian refugees. what we were talking about was making it more difficult, more extensive vetting process for refugees, those seeking political asylum had to go through more hoops to get that kind of classification. that would be an intelligent conversation, but what this is let's just stop and see what happens. >> what's your question? >> with change comes complication, so right now he started it, he may not have done it with the complete preparation like you would normally do.
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but you have to see, you know what i mean. it was a little bit crazy. but the thing is, change brings comp locations. you start with this, you move forward. the goal is going to be better, because think of obama. >> it matters, though. >> obama started off saying that everyone is going to keep their doctor. >> that's a totally different topic. >> i like bringing in that argument. >> he's making this comp locate located. it's unprecedented, this is not just change, it's that he didn't follow any process, he didn't go to any experts, he didn't do anything to make the implementation of there. >> he said that if he did that, the bad dudes would sneak into our country in a week. you've got to watch out for the bad dudes. >> there hasn't been a band for the last eight years, why were they waiting for the announcement of the ban, did they not want to kill us that that a few months ago or
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something? this is a big fantasyland that you've got were they exaggerate the threat, it is completely caused by our military actions in the region. the only two groups that have ever posed problems in america america -- >> tom: trump guys aren't neo-cons, are they? >> a lot of the people surrounding him are. i think if you want to look at what actually recruits terrorists, it's our presence, the fact that we kill hundreds of thousands of people, prop up brutal dictators, and support israel. it's not because trump says it mean words or because we're strict on immigration. >> tom: the idea of when you're talking about, this is the line that you've been hearing. this is going to cause more
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terrorists, we've heard from the former cia director, right? it is an intervention in their countries, what is causing terrorists. >> there are two terrorist groups that of attacked us or inspired attacks against us. it's al-qaeda and isis. both of those groups were funded, armed, and trained. if you don't want to look into that, ignore it. >> tom: kmele, qualify his statement a little. >> can we talk about the effect of programs like this? there is another government run program that's run out of the airport, 100% of americans are subject to it, 50% of the time when you go to the airport there is a chance you will be fondled and it is not keeping you safe . if you don't let them, they will force you to put your hands in the air like a criminal.
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this doesn't work. >> tom: i think they fondled you more than they fondled me. people are deleting the uber ap app. during the taxi strike, uber continued to pick up passengers and announced on twitter that they start turned off surge pricing at the airport. thousands deleted the app and posted evidence on twitter and facebook with the hashtag #deleteuber. uber said that it was not a political act, they just wanted people to know that they could use uber to get home.
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people get mad for turning surge pricing on, but when they turned it off they were mad. >> i'm reluctant to say i feel bad for twitter, i mean for uber, but it got a little carried away. >> tom: did you see that lyft came out i made a statement of their own, they donated money to the aclu. >> i always say when you are looking for motive, follow the dollar. cut through the illusion and follow the dollar. bottom line with the situation is you want, as a taxi organization trying, they're being obliterated by uber and stuff like that, put a little nail in their coffin to try to get some business away, you have people putting the hashtags up on it twitter, saying they're not going to take uber. i love to see a survey after the
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fact of how many of those people reloaded the apparatus afterwards. look at the celebrities who say i'm going to stop on social media, just so they can come back a few weeks later. if my candidate doesn't win, i'm going to go to canada. >> tom: you can't take uber to canada. what do you think, dave? >> how far can you go with huber? >> i think you could. >> tom: what do you libertarians think of uber? >> i think what they've done is pretty amazing, the government had a monopoly on taxis for quite a long time, they were charging working-class people up to a million dollars at one point for a medallion, it's pretty cool what uber came in and provided all this employment. when you get, libertarian out of the ticket, this is voluntary. you can boycott a company, it's just again, where does your outrage go? want to boycott someone, you're wearing clothes made by chinese kids.
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maybe stop buying all of that stuff, i don't know, it's a little weird when you choose uber as what you won't participate in. >> tom: is that why their clothes so small? >> they want to be known. that's it. >> i don't know about that. >> they do. >> me coming home from a 13 hour flight, getting to jfk and discovering that oh, my god, not only are there no cabs, i can't use uber either. that's a dangerous situation for everyone. >> tom: the protesters were generally anti-uber, and they can't get -- they haven't thought it through, what's new? coming up, number one coffee only came with sugar and cream? now, it's coffee with a side of liberal preaching. after the break. ♪ i mean wish i had time to take care of my portfolio, but..
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>> this is a fox news alert. president trump firing acting attorney general sally yates. she elected not to follow his order on immigration. oppressor leaps she "betrayed the department of justice by refusing to follow a legal order designed to protect u.s. citizens" ." >> this resolution makes it less safe. it was poorly done, slapshot, quick way that foretells real trouble in the white house. >> u.s. attorney for the eastern district of virginia dana boente has been sworn in as the new
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acting attorney general, he's already directed the justice department to defend the order on immigration and refugees. he will serve as acting attorney general until the senate confirms the pick for attorney general jeff sessions. six people killed and eight others injured in quebec. the prime minister of canada called the shooting rampage an act of terror against the muslims. the u.s. security council addressed iran's missile test over the weekend. newly confirmed u.s. and bassett are to the u.n. nikki haley will attend the meeting, which is being held at the request of the united states. now back to "red eye" ."
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♪ >> tom: we are living in an unprecedented time, one in which we are witness to the conscience of our country, and the promise of the american dream being called into question. a politician speaking from the floor of the senate, a speaker at a protest, no. it was starbucks ceo howard schultz in a letter to his partners, a.k.a. marise does. he was denouncing trump and his immigration policy, and is very open letter went on to promise that starbucks would have mac higher at 10,000 refugees over the next several years. some people on twitter were calling for a boycott, but howard assured us we are in business to inspire and nurture the human spirit, one person, one cup, and one a neighborhood at a time. whether that neighborhood is in a red to state or a blue state, a christian country or a muslim
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country, a divided nation or a united is nation. but he can't deny that he has made a choice, they have basically become a liberal activist country. the reason starbucks has always been profitable and has a great growth is because it makes a product that people want, and if they're willing to pay extra fo for. that may not last forever. get this robot. it's from a company called coffee x, and of the x stands for ex-employee. they opened a cafe in san francisco, the paris stop bots can make a latte in under a minute and it's cheaper than starbucks. and guess what, no preaching. remi, look, we all know where he stands, he's pretty open, a political guy. he's very preachy. i don't like the idea of boycotting companies like this. i just say if you don't like starbucks, you don't have to go there, but the outrage over him
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is the same as the left outrage over the coat brothers, right or wrong? >> most people need their coffee, it doesn't matter who it's coming from, their miserable human beings, i can speak for myself. without my cup in the morning i'm a terrible, mean, nasty person. the truth is, there are sony different options if you don't like what the ceo says. use somewhere else. no one cares if you're offended by his personal opinion, because he's a ceo, he has a platform, a larger audience than the average person on twitter but he has a right to his opinion and you have a right to a free market, go by dunkin' donuts if you wan want. >> what's the logical conclusion of all of this, do i have to every time i go to wendy's be like "where were you on the iraq war? "at certain points, we all coexist together, we all work together in the market, we have lots of different beliefs. it's kind of crazy, i'm fine
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with boycotting, don't go to starbucks if you don't want to, but you've got to pick your battles to some degree. >> tom: look, i think in today's world, it's almost like you do have to choose sides because there are people, for instance the anti-trump crowd, they want to know where everyone stands because they don't want to have anything to do that any company that even has a meeting with trump. they feel like they have to come out and be preachy. >> just because people want to pick a side doesn't mean you have to pick a side. when i go to a business or go to have starbucks or go to a copy please, i agree with what dave said, i don't want to be bothered about my political beliefs at all, i want to be left alone to enjoy my coffee. that's all, you don't have to put politics and everything, and i think a lot of people do it once again, to get the spotlight on them. they know it's a hot-button issue, so a company that wants to raise profits, a company that wants to move product, i'm going to tweet and pick one side and i
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know somebody will come get my product. once they have that, though do anything to keep it with more and more tweets. a >> tom: here's why i think it's unwise, because starbucks, they had their start in the upscale markets, the left-wing crowd. but they need to grow now and get out in the heartland, and that's where nobody likes starbucks. they don't like them. >> there are four starbucks on my block like a constellation. >> tom: generally they are in liberal areas, but they want to grow. not only across the country but all around the world, and if you look gets a mistake to align themselves completely with democrats. >> i don't think creating 10,000, 11,000 jobs for syrian refugees and saying that they could work here if they came should alienate anyone. the refugee crisis is terrible and awful, there are four and a half, almost 5 million people who have been displaced by this conflict. 10,000 is a drop in the bucket, that isn't enough.
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i think, if you're going to be outraged by this, and you showed, it's the fact that we aren't taking in more of these people despite the fact that we have a direct han these conflicts worse in many cases. you should have been upset when the obama administration was leading and maybe a dozen people from these parts of the world before. >> that wasn't so long ago, that was just a couple years ago, we let in 12. >> the syrian war has been going on since 2011. >> i agree 100% with what you just said, i think it's an awesome product to get involved in, but my question is math wise. if you're giving 10,000 jobs to refugees, are you taking them away from americans or you are you creating them? >> tom: there are going to be starbucks for easter refugees. coming up, "halftime" with tv's andy levy. ♪
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♪ >> tom: welcome back, time to find a what we got wrong and what we missed from andy levy on the "red eye" news deck. >> andy: let's get right to immigration, shall we? such a fun topic. i do enjoy that the heartland is fine with this. the places where muslims don't settle our offer than it being banned. the places where they do settle don't like the van. kind of weird. kmele you said that there is always good reason for pushing back when the state does something.
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especially when the state doesn't seem to know what they're doing. >> skepticism is always appropriate. just do it consistently. all the journal those who are excited now that donald trump is in office, where were you eight years ago? you should have been doing your job all along, come on. >> andy: trump has pinpointed seven countries that harbor and foster terrorist, why not add to saudi arabia, the country whose citizens actually did attack us? >> he's basically piggybacking on what previous administrations have done and didn't really add a lot to it. but once again, like i said, with change comes complication and continuation. that summing that should be looked at moving forward. >> andy: this is not seven that should be particularly complicated. >> that united states is really great about being a [bleep] to
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small regimes that don't matter to us. speak out now there lying on the obama administrations designation of the seven countries, doesn't anyone else see the hypocrisy in that? >> no. >> andy: remi, you said of this issue goes right to the heart of what america stands for. i think the problem here is the refugees, the point of this is to make america safer, refugees are the least of the problem, refugees get vetted up the yin-yang. they have to register with the u.n., interview with the u.n., granted refugee status, have to apply for resettlement in the united states, they meet with the state department, give background checks, it usually takes years for them to be able to come here. >> i think you're saying, let's be real about what the threat is in this country. because it's not the family with little kids who spent four years getting vetted and then were turned away this past weekend
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when they landed in jfk. they are not the threat to this country. >> we should be real about what the status quo was, almost no one was coming in from syria until last year. >> andy: by the way, between bad hombre, bad dudes, nasty woman, he may be trying out new acts body sprays. >> tom: i like a matterhorn, that's my contribution. >> andy: you like kellyanne conway's argument that this only affects a few people so this is a small price to pay. this is the logic that liberals used to try to get rid of guns. [laughter] >> andy: if it saves just one life, that was literally what president obama said about get the mac putting people's names on a watch list and denying them guns. >> if we wanted to save one person's life, there's lots of laws we could pass that we don't even think of, we can make up a 15-mile per hour speed limit,
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institute nerve cars. >> andy: 24-hour curfew. no one can leave their house. >> if you don't care about violating some people's individual liberties, you can make the world a much safer place. then it gets much less safe. >> no one talk about a bowlful of poison to skittles. >> andy: remi, you said and none of the terrorists who have committed acts of terror on american soil have are from those countries, which is true. you have to look at pakistan and saudi arabia. it's not refugees, honestly, the biggest problem we have -- >> if we were going to have a real intelligent discussion about making america safe again, then talk about making the vetting process more, gated or more thorough, not just with refugees but with anyone seeking asylum or residency in this country. just saying "we're going to press pause because were going
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to see what happens" ." that's ineffective. useless. >> andy: yes. the delete uber thing. the motivation here is really the taxi people trying to take down uber. i don't think you're wrong about that, here's a new york taxi drivers union saying "make no mistake, the corporation leading the economy will never be part of the resistance. let's hold uber and every corporation accountable for its greed." they're using this as an excuse to attack uber. >> it's like david going against goliath, with different results. >> andy: none of you brought up the biggest problem with this cooper story, especially kmele and dave, the two libertarians on the panel. uber eliminated their surge pricing and people got mad.
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the purpose of surge pricing is to increase supply, if you increase the price incentivizes more drivers to go to the airport. if you eliminate the increase, less drivers will go. that's a weird way to do it. >> no matter what you do, and also, they made surge price at times, the old answer from yellow cabs was you just couldn't get a cab one that happen, there was just an option. at least now there is the optio option. >> andy: just lastly on the starbucks stuff, remi, if you'd don't like the ceo, go somewhere else. this isn't that the point of the boycott movement? >> exactly, keep your mouth shut and get your copy elsewhere. or just be happy. dave, you said where does this end? it doesn't end.
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>> all of this outrage is clearly politicized, but the number of bombs obama dropped, the number of people he deported, it's hard to take outrage seriously when you didn't care last week. yeah, you're right. >> andy: lastly, john, you said that just because people want you to pick a side means you don't have to because i. >> correct. >> andy: i'm sorry. >> don't succumb to peer pressure, tvs andy levy. don't succumb to peer pressure. >> tom: thank you, andy. coming up, mr. clean gets dirty. the sexy a new hero of housecleaning coming up next.
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>> this is a fox news alert, and matt finn in chicago. it's being described by one u.s. lawmaker as the monday night massacre. he's referring to last night's shakeup at the justice department. sally yates was fired by president trump after she refused support his controversial travel and refugee van. the white house responded by accusing her of betraying the justice department. she was swiftly replaced by dana boente. within hours of his swearing in, he ordered the justice department to defend the president's executive order. he is ask acted to serve until
12:45 am
jeff sessions is confirmed by the senate. american combat veterans who served in iraq and afghanistan are adding their voices to the growing war of words over president trump's a travel ban. there outrage that many of those now blocked from entering the u.s. are interpreters who risked their lives to help our troops on the battlefield. they say the fight feels personal because they gave their words to those people that the united states would protect them and their families. we should know by the end of the day who is president trump's pick for a new supreme court justice. the president is expected to reveal his choice at 8:00 tonight. if approved by the senate, the nominee will take the seat of justice scalia, who died last february. and finally, the boy scouts appeared to be adapting to our changing times. the organization will now allow
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transgender children to identify as boys to enroll in programs that were once strictly only boys. i'm matt finn, now back to "red eye." ♪ >> tom: mr. clean just got even sexier. a new commercial airing during the super bowl will have women asking if there is a mrs. clean. ♪ ♪ >> sera? >> tom: the new sexy mr. clean was inspired by a real person, seen here.
12:47 am
if you are wondering about mr. clean's back story, here's a glimpse. >> no one can say for certain where he came from. but there are certain he was born to clean. ♪ >> child labor. >> tom: i watched all two and a half hours o film. >> i don't know which one of those was weirder. >> tom: that second one was a super groupie. >> the story that he just showed up a cleaning baby. look at this baby, he likes to work. >> your reaction was child labor, mine was "oh, he was adopted" ." >> tom: let's talk about sexy mr. clean. is this going to turn women on, remi remi? >> i don't think anyone i've
12:48 am
actually dated has ever cleaned. i'm not sure if that would do it for me, i don't think so. >> tom: i'm trying to picture of this were reversed, if a commercial featured a guy and he was looking at this woman and then when he snapped out of it it was his and not hot wife. that would be offensive, wouldn't it? >> nothing screams sexy like cleaning the kitchen floor, regardless of anything. this commercial, i have to say, it's a little disturbing. first of all, with mr. clean, i did not exactly see where he came from, i don't know how he got in the house, did he spontaneously generate? this is a commercial that makes me sleep with a bat under my bed. >> tom: it's a nightmare, kmele, in the context of the commercial, she was in the shower with mr. clean, she was in the kitchen. >> she's filthy. disgraceful, she's a bad woman. a married woman, and all of this
12:49 am
lusting after a cartoon is problematic, it reminds me of who framed roger rabbit. >> tom: jessica rabbit, i didn't find her groupie. creepy. >> i don't know, i don't think the aesthetic is heterosexual, do you agree with me on that? >> a woman and a male mr. clean. >> i don't think the people who thought this campaign -- >> this came from gay guys, is what you're saying? i'll back you up, mr. clean and had a great ass. >> it's a little bit strange to sexualize mr. clean, i never thought that was the idea. but now that you look at it, i guess he's a big muscle he guy. >> tom: i think that's what it
12:50 am
was. from a physical standpoint, he's well conditioned, right? >> low body fat going. >> tom: just from cleaning or did he have to do extra stuff? >> this is what i do not like, it's false advertising, you cannot get a body like that by cleaning the kitchen. by cleaning anything, this man is at the gym all the time, he is doing this on the side because he cannot get a real job because he's always training. >> tom: we've got to go. coming up, a fond farewell to the mother of pac-man.
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♪ >> tom: of the father of pac-man, masaya nakamura has died at the age of 91. ♪ [laughter] >> tom: now he rests in heaven alongside his brothers inky, pinky, binky, and clyde. pac-man holds the guinness world record for most successful coin operated arcade machine. it has been played over
12:55 am
10 billion times. that's like $10 billion divided by four. the game was so successful it is bond a saturday morning cartoon, a breakfast cereal, a terrible song and an even worse adam sandler film. >> which one was that? >> tom: pac-man, you're too young to remember pac-man -- >> thank you for that, that's very nice, i had the birthday party, video game, i'm forgetting my words right now but yeah. pac-man, ms. pac-man -- >> tom: she was an early feminist. i loved galaga, very hard to play though. what were your games when you were a young man? >> got a love for agar. getting that frog across the
12:56 am
street, gold. >> tom: motivating. kmele? >> we all respect the man, we are sad to see him go, but he'll leave this body of work for people. it's a wonderful thing. >> not to -- dead, that sad. but video games are so much better now. he should have done better, zelda and all the other great things that came after, super mario brothers. that is boring. >> tom: we love pac-man. what do you think, dave smith? >> i haven't heard a word anyone is saying, this is the most distracting thing ever. this guy is crushing it at pac-man. 2017, mary tyler moore and pac-man died. i thought after 2016 people were going to stop dying. >> tom: it's going to keep
12:57 am
happening. but god bless the man. very thanks remi spencer, john basedow, kmele foster, and dave smith. that doesn't for me, i want to thank you for joining us here on "red eye." i'm your host, my name is tom shillue. next.
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>> president trump insists his


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