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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 31, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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>> president trump insists his "it's clear
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from the confusion at our airports across the nation that president trump's executive order was not properly vetted. we fear this executive order may do more to help terrorist recruitment then improve our security." the president took a blowtorch to the senators, tweeting "the joint statement of former presidential candidates john mccain and lindsey graham is wrong.
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they are weak on immigration." he took a similar tack with chuck schumer who became visibly emotional over the president's action. >> this executive order... was mean-spirited and un-american. it was implemented in a way that created chaos and confusion across the country. >> i noticed chuck schumer yesterday with fake tears. i'm going to ask him who is his acting coach. because i know him very well. i don't see him as a crier. if he is, he's a different man. about a 5% chance it was real but i think they were fake tears. >> the executive order was put in force almost the moment it was signed. dhs and customs and border protection were not fully up to speed, leading to chaotic moments at airports across the country. initially green card holders
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were detained until the white house intervened. according to the white house, 109 people out of 325,000 arrivals were detained for further questioning. all have since been released. >> we have to keep this in proportion. i know everyone likes to get where they want to get to us because possible. the government did a phenomenal job making sure we process people through, but we did so knowing some of the people who are coming in hadn't done anything that was seeking to do us harm. >> president trump insists he is carrying out his most important directive, to keep the country safe. while the order initially targeted seven countries that are majority muslim, the white house argues that a visa ban is not specific to any religion. organizations who have long been critical of the president, saying muslims are the target. >> giving green light for people to go after muslims, to discriminate against muslims because muslims are seen as potential harm to our country,
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our national security. >> the president fiercely defended his swift rollout of the band. mr. trump tweeting "if the band were announced with a one-week notice, they would rush in to our country. a lot of bad dudes out there. >> some have sought to prevent deportations. others want to delay implementation. 16 attorneys general have filed suit in washington state seeking to have the order declared unlawful. >> it was a clumsy, odd way to rollout something of this importance. none of that is a legal challenge. the question for the court is limited. does he have the authority to do what he did? past cases suggest he does. >> former president obama waited today. spokesperson saying he supports
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protest against the order because american values are at stake. he reiterated people should not be discriminated against because of faith or religion, something the white house insists it is not doing. >> bret: john roberts, live on the north lawn. how to the people who voted for a president trump feel about the immigration restrictions? kristin fisher talked to several of them today. she is at the u.s. supreme court. >> there are hundreds of people here, waiting for the top two democrats on capitol hill to lead a protest against president trump's immigration order. because supporters of the order haven't received quite as much attention, they say they feel just as strongly as the people who are here tonight. >> as a muslim-american, i recognize that we have a serious problem with islamic extremism in the world and we have a serious problem with people who want to do harm to our world. i support the travel restrictions that president trump put forward.
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>> she moved to the united states from india when she was four. now she is defending the immigration order. >> if there were a muslim ban, we would include countries like indonesia and india, with the world's largest population of muslims. these are travel restrictions, and they are temporary. >> for the third day in a row, airports across the country have been dealing with protesters demonstrating against an order which they described as un-american and unconstitutional. for many of the people who voted for president trump, they see it as simply putting america's safety first. >> definitely is a security issue. that's all it is. >> i don't think it's a religious thing. what we have in america is the greatest thing in the world and wishing protected. >> they also view the order as a campaign promise kept. >> he said he was going to do it, and he did it. so we shouldn't be surprised by
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that. >> he's doing everything he promised to do on the campaign. he's doing it at a lightening rate. >> he won and he dictates what goes on. >> protest on both sides spilling over into a war of hash tags on social media. who were seemingly trying to capitalize on a taxi drivers strike at jfk airport. one of the top trends on twitter was #boycottstarbucks. >> they should remain focused on coffee not politics. donald trump deserves a chance. i have observed him as an immigrant for 40 years. i'm here for 40 years. >> many trump supporters were willing to concede that the president's order isn't perfect. perhaps it could have been better implemented but for the
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people tonight, they don't care how it was implemented. they want the entire order reversed. >> bret: kristin fisher at the u.s. supreme court heard what do you think about the trump restrictions in the reaction to them, coverage of them? let me know on twitter @bretbaier. or on facebook at european leaders are ganging up on president trump as well tonight, harsh criticism coming from world capitals. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot has the story from london. >> angry protest in london tonight, typical of the reaction across europe on the executive order on refugees and immigration. boris johnson blasted the order. >> this is not an approach that this government would take. >> an online petition had well over 1 million signees demanding prime minister theresa may received an invitation to
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president trump for a state visit to the uk. her office declined. some travelers in europe heading to the u.s. being turned away at airports, french president branded the move and angry response to an unstable world. german chancellor angela merkel had this to say. >> translator: the necessary fight against terrorism in no way justifies suspicion against people of muslim faith. >> a u.n. statement declared refugees should receive equal treatment. in the mideast, the reaction was fierce. >> translator: it's illegal and inhumane and against human rights. >> iran went on to brandy order an end give to extremists. -- brand the order a gift to extremists.
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the iraqi parliament holding a nonbinding route to ban americans. iraqi forces battle with u.s. troops against isis and iraqis fleeing isis had hoped for refuge in america. >> translator: they said be ready. we'll be traveling. then they suspended us. >> saudi arabia not on the list but sources were silent. other politicians in europe, which has been the target of terror involving refugees, had more to say. nigel faraj back to the plan. in italy, the foreign minister said the european union shouldn't judge president trump's degree while it was busy building its own barriers. by the way, that special relationship between the uk and the u.s. might be paying off for britain. after a whole lot of confusion, the u.s. embassy here late today posted that dual nationals in britain, even if they have a passport from one of those band
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countries, would be exempt from the order. as for the rest of europe, like a lot of things with this directive, it's up in the air. >> bret: greg palkot live in london. stocks took a tumble today in the wake of this immigration dispute. dow lost 123. s&p 500 was off 14. nasdaq dropped 47. worst day for stock so far this year. more about the travel ban. minnesota emma kratt senator amy klobuchar joins us. thanks for being here. i want to get you to react. he said there is nothing nice about searching for terrorists before they can enter our country. this is a big part of my campaign. we just heard from world leaders. before that, we heard from trump supporters. they are not surprised. your thoughts. >> i am a former prosecutor. i spent eight years running the biggest prosecutor's office in our state. you have to say security is my
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number one focus. i think it's be the number one focus of government. that being said, we have to always look at the civil rights of americans, and we have to look at what our country stands for and what our constitution stands for, including religious liberty. what i think, if the president wants to add biometrics induce more things i've been in favor of with security, that those things which have been developed and we add technological changes all the time, he should proceed with those in work with them. the way this was put out there, were basically there is a freeze on all refugees from all over the world, no matter where they came from, including a 4-year-old that a mom in minnesota, who has her two children with her, is trying to get the other child, is now stuck in uganda and can't come in. was her real stories, and our businesses, not just the coasts experiencing this. people who are traveling for business conferences. people who left to go to a
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funeral, people who want to go to their dads funeral in two months. they have been trying to get to them to see them. they are not going to be able to do that. with those of the stories we are hearing and i think the way this was handled was callous, but it also created chaos. >> bret: as we put up the seven countries involved, the administration is 22 immigration law and they are also pointing to the obama administration, singling out these seven countries. federal immigration law includes section 1182 which states whenever the president finds the entry of any aliens or class of aliens would be detrimental to the interests of the united states, he may by proclamation suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants or impose any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate. that a section 1182. he has the right to do this. >> i think that will be
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litigated in court, among other things. i will say when you bring up president obama, he's made it clear and when you look back at what happened. one country, there were some reports they went back and look at everyone that had been allowed in from iraq and made a decision and then that program continued. it wasn't this kind of travel freeze, and it certainly didn't involve all refugees from all over the world or people stuck at airports or people stuck abroad or students in canada that can't come in because they are from another country. >> bret: you're concerned about vetting for refugees? >> of course. i have supported vetting. the process for refugees is one of the most thorough ones we have. it can take 18 months, two years. minnesota's population of the second biggest hmong population, biggest somalian population. they are legal workers and they are working in every hospital,
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shopping mall in our state. theme for >> bret: you've had 13 for minnesota charged with isis-linked cases. >> prosecutor that's a good friend of mine that i made sure he got on this office because i knew we would be aggressive and that's important. the vast majority are law-abiding. >> bret: minnesota exit polls in 2060 and, top issues facing the country. economy. the next two combined where about 31% terrorism and immigration. for those who saw terrorism was the top issue, they voted for donald trump. 51-41 over hillary clinton. for those without immigration was their top issue, they voted 73% to 22%. it senator, voters in your own state saw donald trump was more on mission. if those are the two issues they felt were most important. >> i'm not going to relitigate the whole presidential campaign. what i know is that going forward we might have different views in our state by people do want their government to work. so that when a president puts
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out an order, they want to make sure that that president has consulted with the law enforcement involved, agencies involved, consulted with businesses that have employees that are overseas. that just didn't happen here and i think some of the feedback that we are hearing and that's a euphemism for protests and everything is because of that. changes have to be made of one country. not everyone is going to be happy but the way it was handled, there is a number of republicans voicing concerns today. mccain, graham. senator portman said the vetting rule wasn't invented. >> bret: when the white house says in a 24-hour period, 109 people were delayed, 325,000 were coming in over the weekend. what do you say? that's their point, to say this has been blown out of proportion and exaggerated.
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and now it's being processed. 's to go well, 109. that was in one night at midnight. imagine the people over there now that are having trouble. i brought up the family. we had a former marine that had a family member that he wanted to see. there are going to be -- stories are going to be heard for weeks and months to come unless more changes are made to the order or the order is reversed or the legislation passes in congress. my hope is that the administration will step back, figure out what they want to do differently with vetting and if they want to add some provision provisions, whatever they want to do. but they don't take it on the backs of people all over the world that have followed the rules and played by the law and waited to come in and were just ready to come in as refugees who've been thoroughly vetted. that's my hope. >> bret: we appreciate your time. six people are dead, several more critically wounded tonight
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following what is being called a terrorist attack on a canadian mosque. david lean miller is in quebec city. >> in the aftermath of this attack, a great deal of confusion and contradictory reports. it was said that there were two shooters. now it's -- authorities are saying there was one. a short time ago, the suspect was brought into court. he has reportedly 27 years old, charged with six counts of murder, five counts of attempted murder. we are told he'd been a student at a local university here and that he had what are described as extreme right-wing views. according to local media, the gunman entered a mosque, the exelon islamic culture center of quebec and opened fire. he was wearing a mask. he shouted in arabic "god is great." he had a gun that looked like an
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ak-47 and he reportedly reloaded as many as three different times. when it was over, six people were dead, more than a dozen people were injured. five of them critically hurt but it could have been much worse. more than 50 people were inside that building. canada's prime minister justin to -- justin trudeau. >> it was an attack on our most intrinsic and cherish valleys as canadians, values of openness, diversity, and freedom of religion. >> as of now, there is no known motive. this specific mosque had problems in the past. we are told that during the summer, someone delivered a pigs head, an insult to muslims who do not eat pork. there were also reports of swastikas and posters placed outside of the mosque.
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surveillance cameras were in place. it's possible this tragedy was caught on camera. at this hour, you can see the hundreds and hundreds of people assembling here for a vigil to pay respects to those who died and were her to. a >> bret: to be clear, one of them is moroccan. do we know anything more about the background? >> we only know this one individual was a student. he apparently lived here in quebec. the second individual that was taken into custody was reportedly moroccan. he was apparently a witness to the shooting, not a suspect. and this is the confusion that initially resulted from the shooting. right now, only one gunman, very possibly the man described as the moroccan was someone who was worshiping inside the mosque when they gun fire erupted. >> bret: a good point to make. thank you. up next, the prelude to what could be an all-out political war over president trump's supreme court pick.
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this is what our fox affiliates are covering. fox 8 in cleveland, lake effect snow makes for a messy commute in northeast ohio. snowing at a rate of 2 inches per hour. driving extremely slow in many places including downtown cleveland. fox 5 in atlanta. delta airline sufferers and other system outage. flights canceled on sunday and today. president trump blamed delta for some of the confusion and delays at major airports. delta says the outage has been resolved. life look at miami from fox w svn. nice on-site. one of the big stories, a not guilty plea from the man accused of killing five people and wounding six at the fort lauderdale hollywood airport. esteban santiago facing counts for the attack.
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>> bret: president trump has signed an order seeking to reduce federal regulations. requires agency cut to existing rules for every new regulation introduced. the move does not cover independent agencies. also not affected, regulations concerning the military and national security. president trump says he will announce his nominee to the u.s. supreme court tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. eastern time. you can see the announcement live here on fox news channel, plus analysis. 11:00 eastern for "special report." james rosen sets the stage for what could be a battle royale here in washington. >> we are not looking for
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payback. >> chuck schumer said all he's looking for is a mainstream supreme court nominee. president trump said to tune in on tuesday to learn who that will be. >> a person who is unbelievably highly respected, and i think you will be very impressed with this person. >> jeff merkley from oregon said he doesn't care who is nominated. he is going to filibuster that individual because senate republicans refused to consider judge merrick garland, president obama's choice to fill the vacancy left by the death of justice antonin scalia. merkley said we need to fight this constitution-shredding gamut with everything we've got. >> for a party preaching tolerance, it's interesting to see democrats have have come ot against this unnamed nominee. >> neil gorsuch has ruled in
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favor of companies objecting on religious grounds to obamacare mandates that they provide coverage for female contraception. judge thomas hardiman won a senate confirmation vote of 95-010 years ago. he supported gun ownership rights and served alongside president trump's sister. many conservative legal scholars favor a third short-list, judge william pryor, cast as the true inheritor to the scalia mantle. >> president trump is going to keep his promise to the american people and he is going to nominate a strict structuralist. >> liberal activist favor a approach to the battle. >> a deep undermining of the american system of democracy. stable conservative note that republicans never filibustered aiden obama -- and obama nomine.
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>> all of these people are in the mainstream of legal thought. there will be debate and some disagreement but the senate will ultimately confirm the nominee without a high degree of obstruction. >> if democrats launch a filibuster they must be wary of majority republicans opting to rewrite senate rules to eliminate the use of filibusters and supreme court nominations. the use of the so-called nuclear option which then senator majority leader harry reid chose to do when democrats controlled the upper chamber. >> bret: las vegas casino mogul steve wynn will lead the republican party fundraising program. he was vice chairman of trump's inaugural committee. even for a president who embraces the unconventional, president trump's decision about his top political strategist into a key national security position has a lot of people in
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washington especially scratching their heads. kevin corke on what some are calling some traction by -- subtraction by addition. >> president trump delivered a blizzard of executive orders. it was the national security presidential more memorandum, the structure of the national security council. steve bannon would not only attend nse meetings. he would be a regular member of the committee. that means he joins an exclusive inner circle that includes the secretaries of state, treasury, defense, homeland security, and the attorney general. a-10 acknowledgment of van enz contribution as an advisor to the president. some democrats on capitol hill are already calling for bannon's dismissal. bernie sanders tweeted we need experienced people, not an extreme right wing political operative. others question the language in the memorandum, specifically
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"the director of national intelligence on the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff shall attend where issues pertaining to their expertise shall be discussed. "former national security advisor quipped the chairman of the joint chiefs treated as afterthoughts. where is cia? cut out of everything. white house officials call that blatant hypocrisy after all former obama advisor david axelrod is also attended meetings. >> i know there was a tweet yesterday from the former national security advisor that said where is the cia? i would like to remind the former national security advisor when the memo was drafted into thousand nine i don't see the obama administration including
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the cia work it is president trump that is including the cia, not the former administration. >> spicer added there is no reason to invite the chairman of the joint chiefs to a meeting that doesn't involve the military although he was quick to point out he is welcome to attend any time. >> bret: kevin corke, thank you. white house officials say the king of saudi arabia has agreed to support safe zones in syria and yemen to help displaced refugees. the white house saying the agreement came during a phone call on sunday. officials say the korean iran has conducted another ballistic missile launch, in apparent violation of the united nations resolution. the pentagon team was first to report the missile test occurred on sunday. the missile traveled 600 miles before exploding in what
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officials call a failed test of a reentry vehicle. it's believed to be at least the fifth such test since the signing of the obama nuclear deal with iran. such tests are not specifically banned in the agreement. iran denies its violating restrictions, saying it's not doing work on nuclear capable missiles. israeli prime minister benjamin not -- benjamin netanyahu tweeted. a drone strike has taken out al-qaeda fighters and yemen. a raid killed several dozen terrorists. jennifer griffin has an update from the pentagon. >> hours before assigning a presidential memorandum giving the pentagon 30 days to come up with the new plan to defeat isis president donald trump ordered members of the navy seal team six to carry out a daring raid into the center of yemen near the town of a al-qaeda
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stronghold. >> tragically during this raid, the life of a brave service member was taken. four are wounded. our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the fallen american hero and we also pray for a speedy recovery of those service members who sustained injuries. >> there was a hard landing during the mission and it had to be destroyed on the ground. three u.s. service members were injured during the crash, according to officials. the target, al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula. militants were killed in the firefight. pentagon official saint it included women combatants. reports suggest among those killed, and 8-year-old daughter of a cleric. the pentagon is investigating
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other reports of civilian casualties and yemen. sources tell fox the seals grabbed hard drives they hold may lead them to preventing future attacks. republican congressman scott taylor is a former navy seal. >> i remember may be 2009, i had families calling me. can you talk about this? the rules of engagement are stopping folks from pulling the trigger. they have to make sure they are being shot upon first before they return fire. >> the pentagon has released the name of the navy seal killed in action. william ryan owens. president trump has asked the pentagon to review the rules of engagement and whether they have been to strict. the plan had been on the shelf, awaiting approval since before trump took over. one official told us this
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operation would not have been approved by the last white house. >> bret: jennifer, thank you. former president george w. bush is home from the hospital tonight. the 41st president was released from a houston facility today. 92-year-old mr. bush spent two weeks being treated for breathing difficulties related to pneumonia. his wife and former first lady barbara was also hospitalized for five days for bronchitis. wish them well. the blowback from president trump's immigration order paired we will talk about it with the all-star panel when we come
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>> not a muslim man. it's working out nicely. >> this executive order... was mean-spirited and un-american.
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>> i noticed chuck schumer yesterday with fake tears. i'm going to ask him who is his acting coach. >> the united states has a sovereign right to determine who can and cannot enter. >> they can't deny this is a muslim ban. it is. he said he wanted a muslim ban prayer he said on national television that there would be other religious groups who would receive priority. >> bret: you hear some of the back-and-forth on the immigration order, the executive order dealing with seven countries. refugees and people coming in from those seven countries. here they are. this breaking, at this hour, the associated press as the acting attorney general has told the justice department not to make legal arguments defending this executive order. she is the acting attorney general until jeff sessions gets confirmed by the senate, does not believe the substance of the order is legal.
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that is from the associated press at this hour. let's talk about it with our panel. guy benson, david catanese, and lisa boothe. guy, your thoughts about the white house pushed back to all of this coverage and the coverage itself. >> i saw the clip from keith ellison saying this is a muslim ban and a lot of the media has gone along with it but it's not a muslim ban. you can object to a lot of elements and i do object to some of them but i think that's an inaccurate term based on what we know. that being said, i think the rollout of this is almost a clinic on what not to do because you envision an alternate scenario where the white house had consultations with the appropriate agencies and lawyers, significant ones, head of time where they gave a heads up to allies on capitol hill
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with talking points in advance, where they had carveouts for permanent legal residents, people in transit, people for interpreters and those types of people and limited the pause moving forward. i think we would be having a different conversation about the policy. but that is not what happened, and therefore there is a debacle that the administration has been cleaning up for the last 48 hours. >> bret: david, what about donald trump tweeting "109 people out of 3 and a 25,000 were detained and held for questioning. big problems at airports caused by delta computer outage. the tears of senator schumer. senator kelly said all is going well with few problems. make america safe again." that was reiterated by sean spicer at the briefing about the numbers. >> that data point is a powerful one for the administration but i think they got caught behind all of this and i think they lost
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the p.r. war over the you have pictures all over the country of people at airports, and there was an impression that this was a much wider net of people that were in trouble that were being detained and really that it was only 109. i think this is an insular white house and i think to not reach out to the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee to give them a heads up. bob corker said he was not briefed. question about whether they really spoke to the department of homeland security, department of defense, state department. there is a sense among skeptics but even among some republicans that this is a steve bannon, jared kushner policy with president donald trump they are and that there's not many other people. they need external validator is in congress, they need interest groups. when this policy hit, and now they are playing catch up.
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>> bret: lisa. >> i don't know if we disagree with those assessments. regardless of what the administer ration dated, there was going to be backlash on and execute order like this. ultimately they were going to -- there were things they could have done whether it was get out in front on the issue or have carveouts and have it be a little more specific regarding the green card issue. changing evolutions and changing stories regarding that or even the carve out for special immigrant visas regarding interpreters and people who have helped our military men and women abroad. now the white house has had to backtrack, clarify things. seems to be a lot of intellectual dishonesty in the way it's being approached. whether it's about individuals saying this is a muslim ban even though any religion, anyone from these different countries are not going to be able to come to the united states for a
1:44 am
temporary period uptime. >> on president trump's tweet. "if the ban was announced, the bad would poor in. "he responds to -- >> you can pause the issue of new leases and mitigate the counterargument. i think optics matter in politics. and a lot of us sat at this table and criticized president obama for optics, golfing. the images that you were speaking about over the weekend. these were teed up for the opponents of donald trump to say look at these innocent victims. look at these victims that all americans say it's not fair,
1:45 am
they understand it's not fair while the pushback was virtually nonexistent because there were republicans all over scrambling to figure out what was in this thing, including, according to reports, the secretary of the department of homeland security, which is crazy. that sort of thing can't happen. >> bret: you have president obama releasing a statement, "heartened by the level of engagement around the country. "he spoke about the role of citizens and how americans have a responsibility to be guardians of our democracy. citizens exercising their constitutional right is exactly what we expect to see when american values are at stake. ten days, 11 days. how the former president weighs in on a policy issue. >> it's extraordinary that it only took ten days for him. i felt he felt he had no
1:46 am
obligation. he never cited president trump. he was careful not to cite president trump's name. he said he disagreed with policy. you and that's what he did on the campaign trail. >> that was on the campaign trail. now it's president trump. president obama took arrows for everything he did. i think there's a mutual respect between presidents. they know they are the only guys to sit here and take the flak. >> bret: a different way to deal with than for instance george w. bush, who did not weigh in. >> we knew president obama wasn't going to sit down -- sit back and give president trump the same respect he gave president bush. the terms were different with the iraqi refugees. we saw the amount of refugees we were taking in from syria, small
1:47 am
numbers until 2016. when you are leaving office, that shows a lot of courage. doing it on your way out. a lot of the problems that happened in syria were things he created an exasperated by his inaction. there is a lot of intellectual dishonesty in the conversation. back to the point, a lot of it could be -- could have been taken care of. get out in front of the issue. i didn't see people out there combating the narrative that was being drawn. anyone would know that would be drawn, given the coverage president trump has been given throughout the election and since he took office. >> bret: a big shakeup on on te national security council and a big push back about as
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♪ >> this administration is being rather transparent, putting out in the public who is going to be in and out of those meetings, not just letting people go in willy-nilly. steve is not going to be in every meeting, like axelrod, he will come out when needed. we need to be upfront about it and make sure that it stated so it is not a story when he did. >> bret: sean spicer answering questions about a stephen bannon, the chief political strategist for president trump, not only attending the national security council meetings but being a regular meeting of that supposed committee. the former national security advisor, susan rice, tweeting "this is stone cold crazy after a week of crazy, who needs military advice or intel to make policy on iso, syria, afghanistan, north korea?
1:52 am
"back with a panel. she is referencing the chairman of the joint chiefs and the director of national intelligence technically not listed there, but they are according to the white house welcome at any meeting. they may just not be a part of different topics on homeland security, et cetera. >> i think at first blocked, this story was deeply concerning on a few different levels. sean spicer came out today. i think he was a necessarily superfluid at the podium. but he came out with three documents. he held them up for the cameras. he said, here is the one document under bush, the '09 document under obama. these are virtually identical. a tiny handful of words that aren't all that significant. he said this freak out i'm expecting is overblown. i think he made a pretty good case on this front. but on the band in question, why was steve bannon, the political figure, not just allowed into the room, but put on this permanent standing committee, the principles committee? the arguments we've heard in
1:53 am
favor of that as well. he served and the navy, axelrod would go into these meetings during the -- >> bret: not occasionally, he was a regular factor in the administration. >> fair. i don't think that is enough of a reason to ensconced bannon officially on that committee, on par with the secretary of state. >> bret: is a part that there is this ominous portrayal of bannon and has passed time at breitbart, what his role is with the president? the president can name whoever he wants to on that committee. >> i think there is a little bit of hypocrisy on the democratic side on this. it is not that stephen bannon is his chief political strategist. it is the democrats believe that he is a villain, is a radical conservative, some accuse him as being anti-somatic. it is all out there, what they believe. they believe he is a dark forest, he has joked he is the darth vader of this administration. but david axelrod, he admitted, he sat and most nse briefings on
1:54 am
afghanistan, pakistan, he said, the difference was, he was a silent observer. he is claiming that he sat in these high-level meetings never said anything, was there to be a communicator coming to take the information out. the is, we don't know, there is this allure that bannon as the president, the acting president, forcing trump's hand. we don't know how much of an acting role he has. >> bret: wasn't that the case with karl rove george w. bush? they were portrayed by either party as being these evil figures who were really making the decisions. >> there has been reports, as we know, president obama skirting the national security council and dividing policy with the valley of with someone independent of that advisory co. president trump, every administration has the ability to form a national security council the way that they want. there are some guidelines but
1:55 am
other than that, based off who they want to be advising them, on foreign policy issues. there has been a criticism that it should be generals instead of steve bannon. there was an article the other day in "the wall street journal" talking about the fact that president trump had to stack his national security council with more military brats than any other president since ronald reagan. i feel like with a lot of the stuff, the criticism with president trump, which one do you want to? every day come the criticism is different. then, if something is addressed, it is a new criticism but is contradictory to the original criticism. it does get confusing to keep track of the different horrible things that president trump is allegedly doing. >> bret: we have a statement from the chairman of joint chiefs, saying he welcomes being a part of those meetings. we will see what goes forward with these nsc meetings. we will keep you up-to-date. thank you, panel. next up, anoththththth (announcer) at boll and branch, we believe everyone deserves a great night's sleep. . . .ro
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1:58 am
from nick, a real mean to eat. "did we ever figure out why bret baier looks like that? as he like dennis the menace's [bleep] cousin? "as for the presentation, we have "bret baier, i love his voice, always waiting for 6:00 p.m.." finally, "omg, bret baier is like talking xanax." nice, soothing tones. talking xanax. that is nice. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for tonight's "special report." fair, balanced, unafraid. relax, who we will be back tomorrow night, 6:00 p.m., then, tomorrow night, 6:00 p.m., then, clayton: good morning, it's tuesday january 31st, and you're fired, broking overnight. president trump firing attorney general for refuse to enforce
1:59 am
the president's immigration order. >> that's accuse to go defend the prosecution and the country. clayton: anybody refuse to go get on board with the mission. heather: former president obama quick to criticized the commander in chief elect today replace him and team trump just responded. clayton: justin bieber saying sorry, not sorry, the singer boycotting the grammy's and he's not alone. "fox & friends first" next.
2:00 am
heather: good morning to you, always wake up to have a better day than yesterday and this is a good way to begin it, you're watching fork fork first on this tuesday morning, i'm childers. clayton: good morningened and i'm clayton morris. heather: bold move sending a clear message to washington, get on board or you're out. jenkins with the dramatic rude awaking. >> this administration is very busy, incredible news overnight as you alluded to. the message is very clear, the boss is always right. president trump firing acting attorney general sally


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