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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 1, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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confirmed. at last count, 52-42. it appears he has enough votes for confirmation. the former ceo of exxon mobil, rex tillerson. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 on capitol hill where senators have confirmed trump's pick for secretary of state, the former exxon mobil boss, rex tillerson. the democrats have slowed his roll but they can't keep him from filling his cabinet. president trump says he wants the confirmation process for judge gorsuch to be elegant and dignified. though if that doesn't work out, he said the senate republicans should go nuclear. an explanation on that. and a warning to iran. breaking this afternoon. the trump administration hitting back after the country's recent missile test and warning the iranians, america is putting you on notice.
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so what the in the world does that mean? let's get to it. there is breaking news on three americans this hour. first to the senate where leaders have just voted to confirm president trump's secretary of state nominee, rex tillerson. that is a live look on the floor now. tillerson will enter the state department facing a full plate of foreign policy issues including iran. also breaking in the last few minutes, the trump administration issuing that warning to iran over their recent missile tests and what the administration claims are other actions against the united states and our allies. the warning minutes ago from the president trump's national security advisor, the retired general, michael flynn. >> iran continues to threaten u.s. friends and allies in the region. the obama administration failed to respond adequately to tehran's malign actions, including weapons transfers,
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support for terrorism and other violations of international norms. the trump administration condemns such actions that undermine security, prosperity and stability throughout and beyond the middle east and places american lives at risk. president trump has severely criticized the various agreements reached between iran and the obama administration as well as the united nations as being weak and ineffective. instead of being thankful to the united states in these agreements, iran is feeling enbolden. as of today, we put them on notice. >> shepard: more on that in just a moment. for rex tillerson, democrats on the senate foreign relations committee grilled the exxon mobil ceo about his ties to russia and president vladimir putin. tillerson called him an unfriendly adversary and said he would serve only the interest of the american people. the democrats have been fighting
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president trump's other picks. they have also been fighting back against supreme court pick neil gorsuch. chuck schumer says he may filibuster the nomination. today he said 60 votes is the appropriate way to go. president trump fired back at the democrat and told mitch mcconnell to go nuclear if that's what it takes. that's a big statement. it means getting rid of the filibuster option. the president said he wants a confirmation process for gorsuch to be elegant. john roberts is live at the white house. we're a long way for any nuclear option to be discussed. what do we know about the trump administration's warning to the iranians, john? this is new to us. >> we're learning more about that. the president just departed the south lawn of the white house in marine one for a tbd location. we can't disclose that yet. we'll bring that later on today. as to what the the u.s. talking
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about, they're putting iran on notice. we'll learn more about that in about 55 minutes when the national security advisor, michael flynn, holds a briefing for us. what they're talking about, a couple things here. talking about iran's missile test on sunday. when that jennifer griffin talked about a short time ago. it occurred in december and then the attack by rebels on that saudi flag ship, which they may have thought was a u.s. ship. in terms of the missile test, the white house insists this is all against the iran deal that was broken between the united states and several countries representing the united nations. iran is saying this does not violate that agreement. there wasn't a nuclear warhead on the missile. the white house begs to differ. this is what sean spicer said. >> we wanted to make very clear that we felt as though that -- their actions were both provocative and in a violation and making sure that they understood we weren't going to sit by. >> not going to sit by.
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we don't know what the official u.s. response will be at this point. we should find out in the hour. >> shepard: what else has the president said about neil gorsuch? >> this morning he had a meeting with a lot of people that represent organizations that guide him through the type of supreme court nominee that they would like to see. they'll also likely be involved in supporting him. you mentioned the world "elegant" and "dignified." that's what president trump would like to see for having kneel gorsuch confirmed. he's afraid that the democrats and members of the media might be demeaning when it comes to this process. he says he's qualified to be the next supreme court justice, the next associate supreme court justice. he made headlines, shep. when i asked him if he would encourage mitch mcconnell to pull the trigger on what is called the nuclear option, which changes the number of votes needed to confirm a supreme court nominee from 60 to a simple majority of 51, here's
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what the president told me this morning. >> if we end up with the same gridlock that they've had in washington the last -- longer than eight years in all fairness to president obama, a lot longer, but if we have the gridlock, if you can, mitch, go nuclear. that would be an absolute shame if a man of this quality was caught up in the web. >> mitch, go nuclear. the democrats are warning against using that so-called nuclear option even though they implemented in 2013 for certain nominations. however, supreme court nominations currently still require 60 votes to get through. we'll see how that lasts, shep. >> shepard: before we let you go, there's this problem in great britain over the prospect of president trump visiting. a million people plus have signed an online petition saying don't let him come. now the prime minister is
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speaking out about the muslim temporary travel ban for people of seven different countries. >> what is really interesting too, shep, the two of them, when theresa may was here at the white house friday, seemed to be in lock step on almost all of the issues. she was pleased that president trump supports nato. she deferred when i asked her if she was concerned about the d diplomatic dust up between the us and mexico. but today, they were critical on the president's extreme vetting. listen to what she said. >> his government is clear that that policy is wrong. we wouldn't do it in six years. i never introduced such a policy. we believe it is divisive and wrong. >> divisive and wrong after deferring on a question about what she thought about mexico, she certainly is not afraid to weigh-in on this policy. we should point out the white house and the department of
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homeland security and border patrol continue to make adjustments to the extreme vetting. you'll remember over the weekend, some people that were legal permanent residents, green card holders, were detained. some were sent back. the white house and the dhs has adjusted that policy. so people that are legal permanent residents, lprs are free to come and go even if they're from this country. >> john roberts working double time. so iran is on notice. with us now, john bussey. what does that mean? >> we don't know. we'll probably know more at 4:00 when there's a pentagon briefing. >> shepard: 4:00 eastern. >> this was unusual. >> shepard: i don't think i've ever seen that. >> i couldn't recall either. >> shepard: the beginning of a war rumsfeld would come in on occasion. a completely different circumstance. >> different person. a little alarming, don't you think? >> shepard: it got our
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attention. >> felt urgent. >> shepard: i wonder if that wasn't the idea, to get their attention. >> maybe it was. we called them afterwards and said, what gives? what did he mean by that, they're on warning? maybe there were back channels that weren't working and maybe -- it's conjecture at this point. >> shepard: the iranians say that wasn't a violation. the united states says that looks like a violation. they have to figure out how to come together on this. >> chase solomon has win about this in the journal. there's been nearly a dozen ballistic missile tests since 2015. the world power, the so-called iran deal. mind you, the u.n. used to have a resolution said that we prohibit it. that language was softened as a result of the 2015 deal. they say now we're against it. it's not an outright prohibition. how you define then whether or not iran has violated that intent by the united nations, that's up for debate.
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that's what the united states is saying now, is that we view the nearly dozen ballistic missile tests and the latest as being in violation. >> shepard: president trump made it clear, he wasn't a fan of this deal. that he -- if he were put in power, he and his people would watch this closely. in the absence -- you may not like the deal. but in the absence of the deal now, 2016, february 1, we have nothing. >> and that's what the administration is going to have to fill, that potential void if there is some kind of cabergation of the deal. in is a precursor to that. might be a precursor to more sanctions. >> shepard: you desire more sanctions. if you don't have china, russia, you don't have much of a sanctions program. >> he will need the international cooperation. he has it for what he sees as
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flaws. coming out and kind of publicly saying this about iran may be a way of stepping up the rhetoric in expectation of some kind of additional action by the united states diplomatically as well. mind you, michael flynn has had a little bit of trouble image-wise. he's being -- >> shepard: his son killed his twitter account. >> this might be an opportunity for him to come out and look like the national security advisor. i wouldn't put too much emphasis on that. this does appear by the united states to be a warning. it is certainly that. maybe not a line in the sand, but certainly a warning that more is going to come down the pike unless iran reduces these tests. >> shepard: so 4:00 eastern time, 50 minutes from now, we'll have more. >> the press is asking the
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question that you and i have been asking, what does that mean, being on notice. >> shepard: we'll have coverage for that if it happens this hour. john, good to see you. all that, ahead, we'll take you to capitol hill where the senate has been voting on the secretary of state, rex tillerson. that has passed. he will be secretary of state. it's not official yet but it's done. there's no more hurdles. and republican senators said they will not support one of donald trump's most controversial nominees. the education secretary pick about betsy devos. she talked about guns in school. she said they would need a gun to protect from the grizzly bears. if there's one person that is in jeopardy, it's probably betsy devos. they only need one more republican to come over to make that pick go out the window. it's breaking right now.
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12:16 pm
was close. 56-43. in the end, the republicans who were most skeptical, john mccain and marco rubio voted to make him the next secretary of state. so did three democrats and one democratic senator that caucuses with the democrats. so they had a little help from the other side. he will be the secretary of state now. all that is left is the swearing in. the focus on capitol hill is shifting to the next big fight, the one over the education secretary nominee, betsy devos. we found out that two senators are not going to vote for her. that means that if devos wants to become the education secretary, she can't lose any more republican votes. shep? >> we'll have details in just a moment. donald trump, the president, has made it clear, he wants this confirmation process to move along faster. it went faster for obama.
12:17 pm
republicans trying to make that happen. how so? >> they're making it happen by changing the rules. democrats did not show up for a committee vote, a procedural vote to advance two of the critical nominees for treasury secretary and hhs secretary. so republicans are getting rid of a rule that at least one democrat has to be in the room to get it on the way. so they did it. mnuchin is now on his way to the senate floor. they used the rulings the way they thought they could use them. they just did not do what was right yesterday. >> democratic members say republicans didn't change the rules. they broke them. senator ron white does not think the republicans took the proceedings seriously.
12:18 pm
he says he thinks the republicans gave short shrift to ethical questions. >> shepard: thanks, peter. rex tillerson made it through the process today but it's not gone smoothly for others as all. when you hear about democrats delaying hears, you wonder why are you doing this? our next guest says it comes down to leverage. details next. you get rewarded for buying stuff. like what? like a second bee helmet with protective netting. or like a balm? you know? or a cooling ointment for the skin. how about a motorcycle? or some bee repellant. i'm just spit-balling here. nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. ally. do it right. told you not to swat 'em.
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>> shepard: more on two republican senators that have broken away from their party too vote against betsy devos. she's the candidate for secretary of education. they say they have serious
12:22 pm
concerns about betsy devos. they're the first republicans to cross party lines and oppose one of president trump's cabinet nominees. let's bring in nancy gooden from real clear politics. what are their reasons stated for this? >> they have two reasons, shep. at her confirmation hearing, betsy devos botched what the federal disabilities act applies to in schools. that was a big mistakes and caused concern. secondly, it's the school choice issue. senators from rural states are concerned about how school choice will affect their states and the students in their states. that's a big issue for them. >> shepard: senator sessions would get a vote on this, if he's a senator. if he's not a senator anymore and he's move to his new position, then he couldn't vote. that could put this nomination in jeopardy. we just got a notice from leader mcconnell's office who told our
12:23 pm
folks they're not worried about the devos nomination but wouldn't elaborate on why. one thing we know, her nomination will come before senator session's nomination. by one vote that could give her the nomination. is nobody else shaky on this matter? >> yeah, a great question. a couple senators we may want to watch carefully going forward are dan sullivan, who is a republican from alaska, senator murkowski's colleague, maybe dean heller of nevada. it's a big issue in those states. now a couple republicans have broken, more might follow. >> joe manchin, the democrat from west virginia, often votes with republicans. on this matter he says he's a nay. the concerns about betsy devos seem less political than some of the other concerns. sometimes you can go that's just politics. these concerns seem to be more of reality.
12:24 pm
in other words, senators seem to have genuine concerns that she doesn't know what she's talking about. >> yeah, she really botched some questions in her confirmation hearing. i mentioned the federal disabilities act that she botched. she made that grizzlies comment that didn't go over well. school choice has been a long issue for both parties. >> shepard: she seemed not to understand that in some cases really charter schools aren't working. like there's areas in this country -- people forget this -- there's areas where the public schools are absolutely fantastic. people want to make money, whose desire is only to make money, not to help children, they set up these schools and they drain money away from the school system and then the results for their kids are in the dumper. kids are not passing. they're in it for the money. she seems to have no idea that this was on the landscape in american's education system. it's a very complicated thing, education. throwing money at it doesn't work. but there's more complicated
12:25 pm
matters than that. >> yeah, absolutely. i think you hit the nail on the head about what some republican senators are concerned about. it's a big issue in rural areas. >> shepard: and rex tillerson, it's not as if those that -- it was all democrats opposed to rex tillerson. there seemed to be genuine concern or a lack of -- a way to know for sure whether rex tillerson was going to act in best interest of the nation or for the oil companies. perhaps because he's all the been an oil executive. >> yeah, i know. i talked to some senate aides that are concerned about whether mr. tillerson would enforce this immigration ban of. trump's or not. they wanted him on the record. >> shepard: and they got him on the record. >> yeah. >> shepard: beyond that, this idea that there's certain
12:26 pm
concerns that exxon would now be able to work in russia if the sanctions were dropped. could mean $500 billion for exxon mobil, could mean an economy changer for the russians. we still have a great deal of uncertainty on that matter. many people say i trust him, just do it. if you're a lawmaker, you really want a handle on that sort of thing. at least publicly i haven't seen it. >> shepard: exactly. that's what democrats wanted from rex tillerson. they want some more answers from mnuchin on his insider trading. they're arguing just the same point you're making. they're not getting enough answers on the complicated questions. the nominees have a lot of money. the more money you have, the more room for conflict of interest. the paperwork is so dense and takes so long to go through. democrats are concerned that something might have been missed. a question that should have been asked that wasn't. >> shepard: emily gooden from real clear politics.
12:27 pm
we've been watching a serious situation at a prison in delaware. a hostage situation underway now. the james t. vaughn correctional center which is in the town of smyrna. inmates are holding a group of guards hostage at this corrections facility. the president of the correctional officers association of delaware say the inmates have complete control of the building. we have sky cam pictures from sky fox, which has been flying not directly over it but off of the property. if you were to watch long enough, you'd see the inmates are in charge of the asylum. as a precaution, every prison across the state is in lock down. the situation where this is happening is delaware's largest adult male facility. they have medium and maximum inmates. the inmates are in charge hoff it all now. 2,500 inmates there. live pictures which are coming in. that's the skid of the
12:28 pm
helicopter and they're panning around now to give us a shot of the prison. if history is my guide, they'll zoom in and show you, surveying the landscape now with the west cam on that helicopter. the prison is coming in to the area right there, i believe. it houses prisoners on death row. trace gallagher has been following this. a very serious situation when the inmates take over. >> it is. you can see right there, that is the prison zooming in on. this began this morning. you can see the guards outside. it began when fire crews were notified that there was some kind of smoke coming outs of the james t. vaughn correctional center. it's unclear if there was a fire in the compound. we're being told three to five correctional officers have been taken hostage. as you mentioned, the inmates have control of a building is what they're saying. you can see there's many buildings here, this is medium,
12:29 pm
minimum and maximum security prison. there's several buildings. it remains unclear in the building they're surrounding is the one that we're talking about, if that's the one they have control of, this has a death row. it's delaware's largest death row. executions are done on site. we don't know what building the standoff is in. we know all five prisons across the state as a precaution placed on lockdown. the prison maintains there's no threat to the public. as you can see from the demeanor of the people outside, that appears to be the case. we know the department of corrections response team is on scene as well as the delaware state police and dozens of police vehicles and ambulances continue to pour in to the compound. we don't know why the ambulances are there, because so far there are no reports of any injuries. again, 2,500 inmates. it was back in 2004 an inmate took a prison counselor hostage, barricaded himself and her
12:30 pm
inside one of the buildings for more than 6 1/2 hours and repeatedly he kept threatening to kill the counselor. the inmate was later killed when swat teams stormed the office. the cause of the stand off was determined to be poor security. this facility has been open 50 years. but they did a major renovation in 1990, spent about $110 million increasing the security. you talked about history being our guide. if you go through, the reason for the uprisings, the violent outbursts towards prison guards has always been mostly because of one prison crowding or two prison services. we haven't had any complaints that we've seen from this prison as of late. there's supposed to be enough beds for all 2,500 of the inmates. there have been no grievances that we can find either. so the reasoning for all this remains unclear.
12:31 pm
we're kind of waiting for the department of corrections to give us more information. right now the information has been very, very lean in the past few minutes. we do know one of the buildings is now fully controlled by inmates inside that building. we don't know if they're maximum, minute or medium security. the maximum we would expect would not be involved because the death row inmates only get an hour a day outside of their prison cells. they're in for 23 hours a day. shep? >> trace, very good. thanks very much. it has been going on about 4 1/2 hours. when we learn more, we'll take you back. ahead, democrats can fight the supreme court nominee all that way but the republicans have the support and power to push them through. we'll get into their game plain and dive deeper into judge gorsuch's background from his time at harvard with president obama and to what he likes to do
12:32 pm
on the weekend. that's coming up. our top story at the bottom of the hour which has passed. we're running behind. it will be all right. i discovered a woman named marianne gaspard... it was her french name. then she came to louisiana as a slave. i became curious where in africa she was from. so i took the ancestry dna test to find out more about my african roots. the ancestry dna results were really specific. they told me all of these places in west africa. i feel really proud of my lineage, and i feel really proud of my ancestry. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story, get started for free at
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>> i'm lea gabriel with the headlines. ukraine's government has reported heavy fighting with russian backed rebels. this shows damage. the shelling has hit homes and killed innocent people. here at home, the u.s. air force reports one person died and another injured in what officials are calling a training accident. it happened on a military range in southern new mexico. officials say f-16 fighter attack jets dropped munitions that hit people that were helping direct the aircraft from the ground. new video shows a stream of lava pouring from the ground into the ocean in hawaii. there's a seam forcing the lava
12:35 pm
out and forcing an explosion when it makes contact with the water. the news continues with shepard smith after this.
12:36 pm
12:37 pm
>> shepard: there's breaking news now on fox news channel. we're able to report that president trump is making an unannounced trip to honor the return of the fallen u.s. navy seal who was killed in yemen in the raid targeting al-quaida compound in southern yemen. here's his picture. the navy seal was ryan owens. he was 36 years from peoria, illinois. he was a member of seal team six, which of course the overriding umbrella of that group killed osama bin laden. ryan owens died in an intense firefight in yemen. officials say three other seals were hurt. the raid killed more than a dozen al-quaida members
12:38 pm
including three top leaders. officials say civilians also died. sean spicer today said that seal team recovered an unbelievable amount of intelligence from the compound but he would not call the mission a success because of ryan owens' death and now the president headed to dover air force base to receive his remains. jennifer griffin with more on this developing story live at the pentagon. jennifer? >> shepard, the family didn't want press coverage of the return of chief petty officer ryan owens. they wanted their privacy. there's security concerns for them. he leaves behind a wife and three young children. the president made a surprise visit, landing at dover air force base. this is the beginning of the solemn dignified return of that seal. ryan owens has served multiple tours overseas. we're told more than 12 tours
12:39 pm
overseas. so today he returns home after that raid in yemen over the weekend, shep. >> shepard: some new information i understand, jennifer, about the raid itself. >> that's right. we learned the seals grabbed a laptop and about ten cell phones, thumb drives, documents and a bag full of material. almost as good as the bin laden raid. a sizable amount of sensitive information was seized. i'm told the commander approached the compound the hard way. the only way to judge the mission's success will be the final analysis of the materials gathered. >> shepard: i was under the impression you were waiting for sound there. >> yes, i thought we had a sound bite from sean spicer. he said you never want to call this mission 100% success when you lose someone like chief
12:40 pm
petty officer ryan owens. that's what he said just a moments ago from the white house. >> shepard: we're looking at video now from the white house as the president and his daughter are leaving the white house. this is as they were heading out to dover. you mentioned the family didn't want press coverage on site. what the president does is news. the press pool held this to respect their wishes. the president -- is in a normal part of normal course of events? i heard the former president obama said that this was something he didn't on occasion but we didn't hear much about it. >> i think not only president obama but president bush before him. they would often go to dover and meet these dignified returns, meet the family and they were very private events. the white house and the president did not publicize it. president trump is in an awkward position.
12:41 pm
he wants to respect the privacy of the family, but this is the first u.s. member of the armed services who has died in combat on his watch. this is a profound moment. symbolically it's appropriate for the president to be there. there are security issues for these seals. the fact that which team it was that conducted this motion is not something that special operations forces wants out there. unfortunately the way information moves these day, that's what often happens. again, chief petty officer ryan owens leaves behind a wife and three children. he will be returned home just moments from now. >> shepard: our understanding is, an unbelievable amount, a phrase they've used it a lot, but when they compared to it the raid on bin laden's compound, and we know with the luxury of
12:42 pm
hindsight and sources, it was a treasure trove of information. to compare it to that would mean they're on something quite special. >> i think it's probably too early to say that it's equivalent to that raid. but what this source was trying to explain to me, they did manage to take away quite a large haul in terms of potential intelligence. they're still sifting through it. we won't know for some times if there's tips, phone numbers or leads in the phones that disrupt terror plots. they have been watching this compound for some time. we're told that president obama had been brought this mission before he left office. he was concerned about two things we're told. that putting u.s. boots on the ground in yemen is something he didn't want to do in yet another country. since 2014, u.s. has not had boots on the ground in yemen, even special operations forces.
12:43 pm
so because of the way the lunar cycle works, this mission was going to fall after january 20th. so we're told president obama did not want to box in president trump. he left it for him. president trump took the decision, a difficult decision. this was a tough mission. it's something that the u.s. military had wanted to do. they had been watching this compound for some time and they had tips that this was an al-quaida compound. they wanted to know what was going on inside. >> shepard: as the president put it, and i'm quoting, "americans are saddened with the news that the life of heroic service member has been tight in the fight of radical islamic terrorism." he said 14 militants were killed as were some civilians. >> it's important to point out, shep that the pentagon does say they're investigating these reports of civilian deaths. this was not without some casualties.
12:44 pm
>> shepard: we'll have more on this. hard to say if it was a successful mission when a life has been lost. our coverage continues in just a moment.
12:45 pm
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>> shepard: democrats lost the presidential election, obviously. republicans hold the majority in congress. so what are democrats doing? just delaying the inevitable by pushing back on president trump's nominees? what is this? juan williams is here, co host of "the five" and author of two books, "eyes on the prize" and more recently, "we the people", the modern day theory of what the vision is. here's what i don't get. you don't have the power. you can't make this happen. i know your base wants you to fight. i've seen them by the hundreds and thousands. >> yep. >> shepard: if you invoke the
12:48 pm
nuclear option, you overturned everything. if you have another democratic president, you have no hope of getting anything done. >> they want to ready fine mainstream. the republicans won the election. as president obama said, elections have consequences. here's a moment where the democrats say yeah, you have not only the white house, the majority and the house and senate but you won't define what a mainstream judge is. last night, president trump really said, this is a mainstream judge. immediately nancy pelosi, the democratic leader in the house, charles schumer, the leader in the senate, said this person is outside of the mainstream. >> shepard: but they can't stop him. he's not outside of the mold of antonin scalia. scalia was a hard right. he was a constitutionalist. this judge is like him in many ways. this doesn't change the balance of power on the supreme court.
12:49 pm
it's still going to be a 5-4 vote. it's the next one you need to worry about. so why not let it go? why put us through this? >> what you have here is a politically explosive toxic mix, shepard. you have the trump brand, which is highly polarizing which is what we just saw on the immigration ruling, the hundreds of thousands of people in the streets. you have the pipeline decisions, the opposition to obamacare. you have democrats feeling as if they're not being heard and putting pressure, schumer in specific, as the democrats punitive leader in the congress at the moment is in a box. is he in terms of his first move here going to be positioned as impotent or is he going to say, i was able to make moves and to somewhat mute what the trump was trying to do? or is he just going to say, i have to stand by and trump gets his run of the road? i think that's why this definition of gorsuch as mainstream is so critical right
12:50 pm
now. >> shepard: it was donald trump that said i want someone in the mold of antonin scalia. scalia wouldn't have called himself mainstream. >> no. >> shepard: he would have called himself to the right and a constitutionalist. this doesn't change the balance of power. if you invoke the nuclear option and get rid of the filibuster, what help do you have next time if god forbid one of them dies or if there's an opening for some other reason? >> none. let me say, remember the majority leader, mitch mcconnell has indicated that he doesn't want to employ the nuclear option. he's clear about this. the problem is, as you put it with the democrats forcing his hand, president trump has said he would use the nuclear option. so is it the case that the voters would view it as the democrats having used the nuclear option, forced republicans or that republicans at the incitigation of trump,
12:51 pm
would it be a republican move. i don't think we'll get anything done. i don't know how they feel about obstruction but it would mean you wouldn't get business done in the senate. a meeting? it's a big one. too bad. we are double booked: diarrhea and abdominal pain. why don't you start without me? oh. yeah. if you're living with frequent, unpredictable diarrhea and abdominal pain, you may have irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, or ibs-d. a condition that can be really frustrating. talk to your doctor about viberzi, a different way to treat ibs-d. viberzi is a prescription medication you take every day that helps proactively manage both diarrhea and abdominal pain at the same time. so you stay ahead of your symptoms. viberzi can cause new or worsening abdominal pain. do not take viberzi if you have or may have had: pancreas or severe liver problems, problems with alcohol abuse, long-lasting or severe constipation, or a blockage of your bowel or gallbladder. if you are taking viberzi, you should not take medicines
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12:55 pm
line, the inmate. we assume. he was relaying a list of demands to the newspaper. said he couldn't give his name. he was one of the ones being held hostage. they asked him how many were being held hostage. he said a lot of people. he's giving off a list of demands and said there's improper sentences and there's no actual specific demand that they have of what they want. just kind of releasing a bunch of information. it appears to be getting a bit larger. >> shepard: thanks, trace. incredible news coming next. topic? super bowl li and president bush 41. stay tuned.
12:56 pm
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>> shepard: queen beyonce is pregnant. this time it's twins. they put this picture on instagram. they said we would like to share our love and happiness. we've been blessed two times over. we've been grateful that our family will be growing by two. we thank you nor your well-wishes signed the carters. beyonce is married to jay z. they have a daughter named blue ivy. she's 5. and we just got word from the nfl that george h.w. bush will flip the coin at the super bowl because amazing, commissioner roger goodell confirms barbara bush will also be there. president bush 41 left the hospital in houston monday where he was treated for pneumonia. he's 92 years old now. of course, it's patriots and falcons for the trophy. our team will be live in houston this friday and saturday, 3:00 eastern, 2:00 central for all
1:00 pm
the festivities and news mixed in. you can catch the game 6:30 on the fox broadcast network. neil cavuto starts now. >> neil: it's one of the more solemn duties of the president of the united states. a president honoring a fallen seal at dover air force. the family has requested privacy. we likely won't see this. william ryan owens was killed in a raid in on an al-quaida compound in yemen just this past weekend. been collins joins us right now. a former u.s. green beret. sadly these are one of the more somber duties of the president of the united states. this is someone that obviously again and again signed up for this. you guys are a different breed to put it mildly. we're told that president


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