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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 2, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> james: america has a new top diplomat. rex tillerson was confirmed by the u.s. senate this afternoon. rich edson is at the state department looking at the world the new secretary of state has traveled before but never with the responsibility sees -- he
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has now. >> replace top deputies, reassuring employees already criticizing an executive order they are charged with implementing. this is newly confirmed secretary rex tillerson's department of state. >> in securing senate confirmation, tillerson has overcome the concerns of senators who opposed him over exxonmobil's relationship with the putin regime during his tenure as ceo. they also claim that schiphol airport fails to understand >> the former ceo of exxonmobil demonstrated that he is unaware of global affairs. he failed to recognize and condemn human rights violations around the world. >> at rex tillerson's business experience will only enhance his ability to provide the president a sound, unbiased judgment. >> tillerson turns to a new
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relationship with russia. he says he will work to bring peace to syria. skeptics claim the russians will continue their support of the dictator. given the presidents criticism of the security alliance with nato. the new administration has promised to address chinese military and economic aggressio aggression. while he has waited for the senate to approve his nomination, the white house is already delivered a message to some of the employees. >> the bureaucrats have a problem? they should get with the program or goal. >> in response to state department employees using an internal dissent channel to criticize the executive order halting immigration from seven predominantly muslim countries. >> a redline for us, we start saying a whole bunch of chemical weapons grade >> employees use the same channel in june when more than 50 criticize the obama
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administration for refusing military strikes against the assad regime. tillerson must address the staffing issues, especially as several top diplomats are leaving, some with decades of experience in the massive bureaucracy. >> james: rich edson at the state department. a top european union official says donald trump is 1 of 3 "existential threats" to the eu. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot explains from london. >> europe is afraid. less than two weeks into the administration of president donald trump and the leader of the european union is branding longtime close ally the u.s. a threat. >> the change in washington puts the european union in a difficult situation. with the new administration seeming to put into question the last 70 years of american foreign policy. >> leaders point to his encouragement of uk prime minister theresa may about
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britain's exit from the eu as well as criticism by a trump aided that germany is undervaluing the euro to exploit the u.s. in trade. >> translator: we tried to stand on ground in the global market with competitive products in fair competition with everybody else. >> add to that, trump's criticism of nato, his apparent friendliness with russian president vladimir putin and the ongoing anger over the executive order on immigration. europe is hoping for the best but fearing the worst. >> if this relation blows up, it's going to be externally painful for everybody. the best is to avoid it. >> in fact, some politicians mostly on the right have been finding common ground with the president. british member of the european parliament nigel farage's stood up today and defended trump amid heckles all around. >> seems to me that actually with all the anti-trump
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rhetoric, actually what we are hearing is the true nature of the european project which is genuine anti-americanism. >> european leaders are looking to meet with president trump but a white house aide reportedly rebuffed a summit scifically with the european union. they were said to be told it's not a priority. james. >> greg palkot, thank you. the federal reserve is declining to raise interest rates. the fed ended its latest policy meeting announcing its keeping its benchmark rate unchanged very last month, the fed raised the rate for the first time in a year. stocks were up. the dow gained 27, s&p 500 finished ahead, nasdaq jumped 28. during the presidential campaign, donald trump appeal for african-american votes with a simple question: what have you got to lose? today, with black history month kicking off, the new president met with african-american leaders at the white house. kristin fisher reports. >> and president trump sat down with african-american leaders for a listening session, he
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heard one idea that stood out. darrell scott, a pastor, said he had been contacted with some top gang thugs in chicago for a sitdown parade >> lowering the . >> totally out of control. >> president trump double down on his twitter pledged to send in the feds of chicago doesn't fix their carnage. >> they are not going to solve the problem and what you are doing is the right thing. we're going to have to do something about chicago. >> it may mark a turning point for president trump with african-americans, when he tried to head home in his inaugural address. >> mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities. this american carnage stops. here and now. >> it was a more polished version of a line he trialed on the campaign trail in michigan, one that got him in trouble with
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some african-americans. >> you are living in poverty. your schools are no good for you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? >> mr. -- today's meeting marks the start of black history mont month. the president is poised to meet with a congressman about the cost of prescription drugs. it will be likely be some time -- john lewis boycotted his inauguration and is protesting his immigration order. sean spicer said the white house will be hosting a series of events in honor of black history month, including the dedication of a stamp for civil rights icon dorothy height. >> james: kristin fisher in the white house briefing room. thank you. at the pentagon inspector general says u.s. central command did not falsify intelligence on isis to paint a
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more favorable picture of the obama administration's conduct in the war against the terrorist group. the ig says investigators could not substantiated allegations that information was falsified, sing intelligence analyst to allege the wrongdoing could not provide specific examples. house armed services committee chairman says the ig's investigation confirms problems within central command first identified in a joint task force report he helped author. >> clearly there were some of these intelligence products that were altered to be more favorable to the obama administration's efforts. the task force could not prove that it was intentional misconduct. it's hard to prove whether there is a difference in judgment or somebody is intentionally trying to please their superiors. >> a source tells fox news whistleblowers are likely to appear before hearings.
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president trump wants to bring prescription drug prices, which he describes as astronomical, back down to earth. the big question is how. here is brian yunus from new york. >> president trump seemed to ease tensions with drug companies on tuesday in a meeting at the white house with top ceos, mr. trump proposed ideas drug companies welcome. >> we have to get lower prices. we have to get even better innovation, and i want you moving companies back to the united states. i want you to manufacture in the united states. we're going to be lowering taxes big league, getting rid of regulations. >> i think that president understands what's at stake. yes, we have to be responsible with regard to pricing but we absolutely have to continue to have incentives for companies to take risks. >> president trump's change in tone came after he called out drug companies last month for rising prices. >> they are getting away with murder. >> emphasize the u.s. government
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should begin negotiating lower drug prices for medicare and medicaid, an idea pharmaceutical companies oppose. >> a report in december concluded drug companies benefit from monopolistic business models. on monday, diabetes patients filed a class action federal lawsuit against the nations three insulin manufacturers, accusing them of colluding and simultaneously increasing their drug prices. the average sticker price has increased 57% for insulin. in the last three years. mount sinai dr. ronald tandler says the increasing prices especially affect diabetic seniors on a fixed income. >> one of the patients who came through our emergency room with uncontrolled blood sugar levels told me he literally had to decide whether to buy insulin, the prescribed insulin, or eat.
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>> of the 80 drugs covered by medicare in 2015, insulin counted for the second largest purchase by the government. >> james: brian yunus, thanks. former vice president joe biden has endorsed tom perez to become the next head of the democratic party. minnesota congressman keith ellison's consider the other main contender. he enjoys the backing of senator bernie sanders. good news for former president george h.w. bush and his wife, barbara. they will handle the coin flip during sunday's super bowl in houston. mr. bush was released on monday after a two-week hospital stay. mrs. bush spent a few days in the same hospital. they tweeted out today they are honored to be invited. how bad is the partisan fighting on capitol hill over president trump's nominees? will we see some casualties who don't make it to the cabinet or the supreme court?
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our allllllllll
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>> if we end up with the gridlock, i would say, mitch, go nuclear. >> the answer should not be to change the rules of the senate but to change the nominee to someone who can earn 60 votes. >> i don't want to see the senate of the united states bow down to an executive demand like this. >> i think they might go ahead and pulled the nuclear option? i think they might. they're going to say you lead the way. why don't we follow along? >> there is nothing wrong with having a fight but we intend to win the fight because we've got outstanding nominees. >> james: there was a number of key players, the first of them, president trump, meeting with activist groups on his supreme court pick, neil gorsuch and urging the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to push
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the button, use the nuclear option and rewrite senate rules so the judge can win confirmation with a simple majority vote. will it happen? with the republicans needed? let's bring in our panel. byron york, a.b. stoddard, and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. first-class mines and friends all. to you, charles. do we see the nuclear option shaping up? 's to go if you listen carefully to mcconnell, he never answers the question about if he'll do . he simply says we will do what it takes and were going to get the candidate through, going to get the nominee through. everybody understands what that means. it means that if he has to come he will do it. he's a traditionalist. he doesn't want to have to blow up the system, and he doesn't want to be a new harry reid on this. but i don't think it helps, and i have supported blowing up the
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process and eliminating the filibuster if necessary. but i don't think it helps if the president keeps saying it. it looks like it's pressure from another branch and it polarizes a debate over gorsuch into a sort of a conflict between the trump white house and the democrats. that's unnecessary. this is such a strong candidate that if you leave it as an issue between the candidate on his merits against obstructionist democrats who are demagogue in him we have already heard the accusations today, completely wild, completely out of control, calling him extreme and going through a list of things which have no relation to reality. you pick a fight like that, i think in the court of public opinion, gorsuch wins hands down. let him do it. let him carry the fight with the
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organizations who are behind him with the senate being behind him and i think in that kind of fight, he wins. the democrats i would guess won't even threaten to ames: it's an extraordinary moment we have come a supreme court nomination pending at the outset of an administration with all of these nominees for cabinet posts still pending. as we reported earlier, rex tillerson was confirmed by the united states senate today to serve as secretary of state. the vote there was 56-43. our research shows that the highest number of nay votes for any secretary of state in history. some of the recent votes, john kerry almost unanimous. hillary clinton, almost unanimous. condoleezza rice getting 13 née votes. this brings the total number of trump cabinet nominees who been confirmed to six.
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that is still one shy of the number of nominees that new president barack obama had confirmed on his first day in office. byron york, is betsy devos, the education secretary nominee, and travel? >> yeah, she is in trouble. you had to republicans come out today and say they are not going to support her. you had 50 to republicans, which means she's got 50 right now, and the vice president can break the tie. she can get in if nothing changes. but it's going to be as close as it absolutely physically possibly can be, so much so there is talk about trying to get her through the senate quickly by the end of this week while jeff sessions is still a republican senator and can vote for her. they are going to need every single vote they've got to. 's the one that's been an objective of the white house legislative office, to stagger these votes so that jeff sessions can still be in a position to vote because his
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vote is needed for betsy devos. >> he is out of committee and he can be voted on pretty soon if the majority leader wants to do that. >> james: the rancor on capitol hill in this political climate is excessive. here's a little sample of two senators from each party talking about the nomination process and how it's going. >> republicans are doing everything they can to rush these nominees through, even if it means bending the rules and cutting off scrutiny and debate. democrats are going to keep fighting back. >> and that she was on the other foot, -- when the shoe was on the other foot, we confirmed seven of president obama's cabinet nominees on the day he was inaugurated. but apparently this is the new normal and i hope our democratic colleagues realize that this is not serving the public interest. >> james: a.b. stoddard,
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wayside committee action that the democrats were boycotting the committee hearings on these nominees then senator hatch on the senate finance committee convened the committee without the democrats present and they voted on two of the presidents nominees. have you ever seen anything like that? 's to go know what these are different times. i think the democrats realize all they have left in the arsenal is stalling tactics. they don't have the power to stop trumps nominees unless -- without republicans breaking like they are on devos. they see now this picture-perfect supreme court justice nominee who they are going to be hearing from their constituents about. they are going to be under a lot of pressure on that debate. it's almost as if they have this really ill-advised strategy to flood the zone and get mad about every single cabinet pick. that wasn't effective but now
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that they see neil gorsuch, they have decided they need to slow things down. no one will remember in the end the election of 2018 or 2020, the stalling techniques. >> the white house is fighting back by saying it's the democrats causing chaos. stay with us. we will come right back to you guys for president trump's national security advisor who put around unnoticed. what does that mean? the rodney and his new business. he teaches lessons to stanley... and that's kind of it right now. but rodney knew just what to do...he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands in an instant. ahhh...that's a profit. which gave him the idea to spend a little cash on some brilliant marketing! ha, clever. wow, look at all these new students!
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way to grow, rodney! know where you stand instantly. visit
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>> houthi forces
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that iran has trained and armed has struck saudi vessels and threatened united states and allied vessels. the trump administration condemns such actions by iran that undermine security, prosperity, security throughout and beyond the middle east which places american lives at risk. as of today, we are officially putting her on on notice. >> james: that was retired general michael flynn, the president's national security advisor, making his debut, if you will, since the trump administration took office on the world stage with the blonde and somewhat cryptic warning to iran that they are being put on notice. everyone in washington and around the world is wondering what that means. sean spicer sought to clarify. >> we wanted to make very clear that we felt as though their actions were provocative and in violation and making sure they understood that we weren't going to sit by and not act. >> james: still later, a
1:50 am
senior official briefed reporters on general flynn's warning but didn't provide too much additional clarification, saying only that the administration is considering a range of options and will respond appropriately to iranian aggression paired what does this mean? we are back with the panel. byron york, this seemed to be stunningly vague on the part of the national security advisor and the press secretary and the senior official. is there utility in dealing with our adversaries on the world stage to employing such vagueness? stick i think you are getting at it. i don't know what's on notice means and i don't think anybody outside the white house knows because the advisors didn't tell anybody in the press but they were talking about. sanctions, some other sort of activity? i think the bigger thing was to try to show iran and the world that this was a big deal. iran has done this before. obama basically didn't ever do anything, and if you listen to general flynn, his statement knocked the obama administration two or three times in the course
1:51 am
of that. i think the intention was to come out and say we are doing things differently. how? unclear. >> i spoke to an official familiar with general flynn's thinking on this and he told me there are specific steps that are under review and that there is a time frame in which to execute the steps. beyond that, i couldn't be told anymore because it's classified. >> james: charles, will the administration, and striking a sharper posture with iran, have a limited toolbox from which to choose? >> it is inherently limited, not so much as in the obama years when there was nothing in the toolbox because obama was not going to act. but strategic ambiguity is a good idea. you don't want to announce what you're going to do. the president said we have to be unpredictable but you have to be careful. once you say you are officially on notice, what you've done is established a redline.
1:52 am
it's not as dark as the obama redline that he established in syria and then walked away from but you are saying were going to do something and i think we should do something. we are long overdue. the iranians have gotten away with murder. the obama administration was hostage to its own iran nuclear deal and didn't want to disturb the waters. this administration is not hostage but it needs a set of steps, perhaps naval attacks on the proxies of the iranians, the houthi rebels in yemen. perhaps more provocation on our part in the persian gulf when those speedboats go around and harass our boats or perhaps economic sanctions. but i don't think that they can civilly say you are on notice and's and have nothing happen. if you have a set of alternatives, they have to be prepared to act on them and they
1:53 am
have to have a plan for counteracting when the iranians do counteract as they inevitably will. >> james: the iranian foreign ministry launched a rhetorical salvo at the new president of their own. "it seems that under current circumstances certain figures in the united states with political and propaganda motivations are seeking pretexts in order to ease the international pressure and criticism they have faced due to imprudent decisions over anti-muslim travel ban or not fulfilling the u.s. responsibility to fully implement its commitments under the joint comprehensive plan of action." is charles correct that the trump administration drew a redline today? >> yes. i think when you do that, you need to do something privately so you are ambiguous in public but putting pressure on yourself to tell them privately this is what we would do. this is i believe the 12 missile
1:54 am
test in addition to the provocations at sea against us and our allies. since the iran deal became official in july of 2015. will they do one again? is likely. they need to be told privately what will happen so that there isn't another missile test or this will be an obama redline that everyone will laugh off. they were saying that general mattis wanted flynn to soften his language in the public statement. i don't know what the original language was but you have to have a plan to come out. the iranians are shrewdly saying, not only trying to stir up anti-american sentiment because of the muslim travel ban, but they are also trying to stir up pressure on the trump administration which that it would rip up the iran deal to make a decision on the iran dea deal. they are challenging and testing the new president. if you come out and say we are drawing a line here, you have to be prepared to fulfill it, and
1:55 am
that has to be translated to them pretty aggressively in private. >> in the campaign, he was kind of all over the place on the iran deal occasionally. sometimes he would tear it up. sometimes he would keep it and strengthen it. it appears they are making the argument that the missile test plus the attack on the saudi boat is apart from the iran deal. they are talking about the u.n. resolution and that we can take some sort of action against iran but not actually affect the four corners of the iran deal. >> james: at a minimum, some kind of marker was laid down. i don't know if i agree it's a redline. thank you, panel. we will be right back with more on "special report." up next, a quality moment with -- you want to be quiet for.
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. .
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♪ >> james: finally, tonight, here's what happened tuesday with senate minority leader charles schumer didn't get the senatorial courtesy of a prize it so much on capitol hill. >> the national security council, the private independent
1:58 am
of the terry shhhh. that was tourist instruction. [laughter] >> if you wondered if there is a group that senator schumer holds in lower regard than senate republicans, now, you know, it is tourists. thank you for watching "special report," i am james rosen and for bret baier. here now, "the first 100 days" with martha maccallum. ♪ ♪ abby: it is thursday february 2nd. liberals unhinged. students flip out over
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conservative speaker at berkeley college setting american flags on fire and destroying their own campus. heather: two nuclear. president trump refusing to let disgruntle democrats selection. >> there will be 60 votes. >> we end up with the gridlock, i would say if you can go nuclear. heather: u judge gorsuch will head today. >> it's showtime, tim. abby: oh, yes, ground hog day. today we will see his shadow.
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heather: good morning. we are right here on "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning. as you said, it is ground hog day and we will get to that in just a moment. abby: february 2nd. we will see if he starts his shadow or not. we do begin fox news alert, chaos on the campus of uc berkeley. heather: conservative free speech causing all out of control liberal riot. abby: setting fire with cocktails, fireworks and reports of flag burning, all this to stop breitbart editor from giving a speech on conservative vi


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