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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 3, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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♪ ♪ >> jesse: hi, i'm jesse watters in for bill o'reilly who is on assignment. we are broadcasting live from houston at the site of super bowl li. thanks for watching us tonight. our top story, anarchy and violence throughout college campuses as a force to bludgeon free speech. last night at new york university, 11 people were arrested after protests turn violent. >> i will not sit back and i will not be silenced. w allow nazis to feel comfortable. >> i am a student here, and i am
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disgusted! how dare you! how dare you! [bleep]. take that, neo-natzis! [bleep]! >> jesse: wow. the protesters didn't want gavin mcinnes to speak at a college republican event. silencers tried to conservative activists. liberals have been at a loss to explain the point behind these protests. some dabbling in conspiracy theory numeric theories. >> those people were not berkeley students. those were outsiders, agitators, i've never seen them before. there is rumors that they actually were right-wingers. they were part of a kind of group that were organized and ready to create the kind of tumult and danger you saw that forced the police to cancel the event.
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>> jesse: to be clear, there is absolutely no evidence that right-wing groups are behind the berkeley riot. president donald trump weighed in on the protest today, tweeting, "professional anarchists, thugs, and paid protesters are proving the point of the millions of people who voted to make america great again." joining us now from los angeles, leo terrell, a civil rights attorney, and from boston, adriana cohen. leo, i'll begin with you. it's my opinion that liberals on college campuses now resemble islamist mobs where they riot over rhetoric. you remember in iraq and afghanistan whenever there was a affront or challenge to islam, they would burn the flag and riot and break things. now, on the left, on college campuses, when liberalism is perceived to be under attack, they riot, they burn things, and they hurl expletives and cause complete chaos.t, isn't that just childish?
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>> no, jesse, i'm a little surprised. when you look at a school like berkeley which represents the brightest and the best of america's college students, these are people who are expressing disappointment with extreme views of the right. even people on the right disagree with some of the views that are being put out. my point is simply this, this is a voting block. these are people who will be voting at the midterm elections, and they cannot be ignored. is our students -- yes? >> jesse: leo, you said that they were expressing disappointment. when i express disappointment, maybe i shrug my shoulders or i complain a little bit. i don't throw things through windows of private property. and another thing, i don't know if all these people are going t be voting, because the other mob that came out after the election that was rioting and protesting and burning things on the west coast, half of them never even voted in the general.d so i don't see these people as engaged voters.
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i just see them as rabble-rousers. adriana, you have to admit that the more the left goes crazy like this that donald trump comes out looking reasonable and mature. >> yeah, absolutely. because we know that all donald trump supporters value the constitution and our right to free speech, and we see ourpp basic civil liberties, our right to free speech being trampled on on college campuses all across this country. it's so dangerous, and we've been seeing this trend for overd ten years now, but now it's gotten so violent. if you look at the riots that took place at berkeley, there was $100,000 worth of damage, windows smashed, things set on fire. these are criminals. some would even go as far as saying these aren't particularly voters, they're political terrorists. >> let's draw a distinction between criminals and people expressing their first amendment
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right. i'm not condoning the violence. i'm not going to sit there and broad stroke everyone who are protesting against donald trump are wrong. everybody who supports donald trump is right. that is a tremendous broad stroke. i think you're disingenuous. it's very wrong. >> look, i support peaceful protest, that's allowed per ther constitution. but when you vandalize buildings, that's a criminal act so you are going to be charged with criminal charges. arson is a criminal charge. these are not peaceful protesters, these are thugs and criminals. who belong in jail. and they should also pay for damages. >> jesse: let me just say something. it's very hard to come out as a leftist and say trump is this rude guy who is prone to violence and then act yourself rude and engage in violence during the protests. it doesn't serve your interests. >> look at the broad-stroking that you and adriana is pointing
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out. first of all, college campuses, all liberals. it's funny, your fox colleague greg gutfeld came from berkeley as well. the argument of these college campuses are expressing a viewpoint. what is wrong with that? trump wants to worry about a blowback at the midterm elections. >> jesse: blowing things through buildings and lighting things on fire. if i was a citizen in berkeley and my store got crashed into by some radical, i'd be pretty angry. and politics is about persuasion. i don't think people are persuading other people. if they're holding up airport lines at jfk or lax or torching someone's limousine like they did in the d.c. inauguration. that's not necessarily getting people to come to your side. >> i'm not going to defend that. that's the misdirection of thiss argument. the argument is very simple. civil disobedience has been part of this country's history. and more importantly, people are
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expressing, jesse and adriana, an outrage at the extreme argument that trump supporters are using. trump is providing cover for the extreme right and the extreme right is under his umbrella. that is what these protesters are articulating. >> jesse: the only extreme i see is on the left. they have been responsible for every act of violence since the election. >> did you hear what you just said? >> jesse: last word, adriana. >> absolutely. what's happening is, the left is censoring conservative speech. leo, you can't defend that. our rights are being violated. s i mean, these speakers are being shut out. they are not able to express their first amendment rights. you know that that's wrong. >> i agree it's wrong. but the left is not always wrong. >> jesse: in this case, they are. we can see the video evidence. the only one that made it out with a head on his shoulders. next on the rundown, we have some breaking news, a federal judge has temporarily blocked
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president trump's controversial travel ban. we have the details when we come right back. back.
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♪ >> jesse: in the "impact segment" tonight, we have breaking news. a federal judge in seattle hasas temporarily blocked president trump's controversial order barring nationals from seven muslim-majority countries for 90 days. james robart put the travel ban on hold until more proceedings could take place, ruling of the states that sued to block the order were likely to win. by the way, the judge was appointed by president george w. bush. dan springer, fox news correspondent. tell us what's going on here, dan. >> jesse, this is a total victory for those opposing this
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trump travel ban. this goes into effect immediately and it affects the entire country. so what that means is, somebody over in afghanistan or iraq, if they have a ticket and visa to come to the united states, they can get on that plane and they're not supposed to be stopped by the administration officials or anybody with immigration. so it iswe've had other challenn michigan and boston and virginia, but this is the first one where the ruling applies nationally. the trump administration, the justice department's lawyer argued -- the attorney for the state of washington argued that this was not about keeping americans safe but really about religious discrimination, and judge robart decided that the washington attorney general will likely win. so he did issue this temporary
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restraining order. what we don't know is whether the trump administration will file an appeal and try to block this with an injunction. >> jesse: i'm sure they will. you will probably see a flow of people coming from these nations once this thing is stopped. i mean, this is just going to open up the floodgates until they make an appeal and they get this blockade up and running again. wouldn't you imagine that? >> i would. we have not heard from the trump administration yet about the reaction. but i would expect just what you would, that they will immediately file for an appeal. anan injunction. that would possibly block this from going into effect. that would be a legal back and forth between the trump administration -- yeah. >> jesse: this is not something that the trump administration can ignore completely, because i remember president obama disregarded some judge's orders with regards to his immigration eos,
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executive orders, this is not something trump can say, i'm not going to listen to this judge, we are going to go on with the blockade? >> well, he could but then he might be in contempt of court. the attorney general came out and said that this does mean that the immigration officials must follow this. they must honor this ruling because the judge said that it is nationwide. it might open him up to contempt charges. >> jesse: well, wouldn't be the first time. dan, thank you very much. joining us from austin, texas, nick adams, and with me here in houston, arash aramesh. an attorney and foreign policy expert. so we had a situation in paris today where there was a muslim immigrant and he came in, i think he had been in paris for about a week, and charged some officials at the louvre, the museum where
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the mona lisa is, with a machete. he was shot five times in the gut, and they're trying to save his life over there and paris. he yelled "allahu akbar" before he started slicing and dicing people. this is another example, wouldn't you agree, of radical islam infringing upon the west? and i think about 200 people in paris and france have died over the last two years inn terror attacks. this just makes the case for very strict immigration proceedings, wouldn't you agree? >> i love it when conservatives trump supporters like yourself, start using europe as an example to try to make an analogy to things that happen here in america. let's talk about america. let's talk about what has not happened on u.s. soil since 1975. there are seven countries on th5 ban list, iran, iraq, syria, yemen, libya, sudan, and somalia. not a single citizen of those countries have killed an
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american on u.s. soil since 1975. >> jesse: you know what? we want to keep it we want to keep it that way. you know what? that means something is working. if you look at what's happening in europe, that's basically the next shore. they come here and then they come here next. we saw what happened when the refugees flowed over to europe and there's no restrictions at all, they come over here willy-nilly and there's carnage on the streets. what the trump administration is saying is, let's get tougher so what's happening in europe uyesn't happen here. this guy, i don't know you can prevent this guy from coming over. i think he was egyptian. came over through the uae at some point on a plane. i don't know if he had a radical background or not. these are the types of people that this extreme vetting t is trying to check. maybe he had a crazy social media facebook situation, who
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knows. this is a prime example of a bad guy that needs to be kept in the middle east and out of the west. >> jesse, the simple fact is that every country has the right to determine who comes to their country and the circumstances under which they come. nobody who values the security and the safety of americans, ofs our families, of our communities, should object to president trump's executive order. thank god that finally we have s president that's more interested in protecting our families and protecting our country then protecting our feelings. thank god that we finally have a president that's interested in kicking butt rather than kissing it. and thank god we have a president that is really not following the edict of political correctness, is radical elements of islam that have stated
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that their intention is to destroy america, israel, and our way of life. o >> jesse: ire agree. there's nothing un-american about keeping people safe. since you disregard my last let me give you an analogy since you disregarded my last brilliant analogy. say you're having a party in the neighborhood. you've been having these parties and a bunch of students from north high school keep coming to the party, keep showing up, keep drinking the booze and keephe starting fights with everybody at the party. this happens weekend after weekend after weekend. after a while, when north high school comes knocking at the door trying to come into the next party, i'll say, where are you from? north high school? sorry, doors closed, can't come in. l >> i want you to do this. you travel a lot. i want you to go to stanford, harvard, mit, princeton, and do me a favor and go to a lot of other universities. go up to the nearest hospital near you and see how much immigrants have contributed to this country. three examples, a phd student at
8:19 pm
sanford was detained at jfk. >> jesse: are not trying to say i don't want immigrants coming into the country. i'm not going to shed tears that some iranian genius can't get into harvard for an extra month. i'd rather keep the country safe. i think that is what the point is. >> speaking of feelings, what trump has done, this is trying to appease the feelings in his own base. >> jesse: real quick response, 20 seconds. let him get a real quick response in. >> president trump, keep going. we have your back, we are there for you. keep us safe, protect to west, protect christianity. we are with you. >> jesse: thank you guys, i appreciate it. we will have more on the travel ban later in the program.
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♪ >> jesse: in "the factor follow-up" segment tonight, sanctuary cities on the ropes. today, april that would strip findings from sanctuary cities. yesterday on "the factor," texas governor greg abbott explained why he had already cut off money to travis county, which includes austin. >> even though i.c.e. may ask e for a detention, a hold, sheriff hernandez says, i'm not going to hold criminals that the homeland security might want incarcerated, i'm going to release them? is that what the woman is doing? >> that's exactly right, bill. and even if these people have
8:24 pm
had a past record of armed robbery, a criminal record working with the mexican drug cartels, regardless of what type of heavy-duty crime except for three exceptions that she listed, she will let these people loose on the streets in a state of texas and across america. i will not allow it. >> jesse: joining us now from chicago, steve cortes, a fox news contributor, and from fort worth, texas, immigration attorney francisco hernandez. francisco, why do democratsm seem -- i'm great. why do democrats seem so intent on protecting criminals. >> i don't know that anybody is intent on protecting criminals. bottom line, there is no such thing as a sanctuary city. it is a political phantom. everybody's scared of it. >> jesse: i can name a half
8:25 pm
dozen sanctuaries right now. the list goes on. >> let me finish what i'm saying. the cities don't need to cooperate with the federal government. homeland security can go pick up in any jail, any prison, anywhere in the country and take people out. they don't need cooperation from the cities. >> jesse: if they know an illegal immigrant that's being detained there. they're not cooperating, and if they want to -- >> we do it every day with drug dealers. >> jesse: steve, francisco says that santuary cities are an illusion. is that true? >> no, they are not an illusion. by the way, very sadly ask the family of kate steinle if they are an illusion and they will say no.
8:26 pm
because san francisco had custody of her murderer for a lesser charge. >> you are wrong. >> i am not wrong. let me finish. they defied i.c.e. who had a detainer to deport him. he had been deported five times previously, and instead they released him to the streets of san francisco, and weeks later, he murdered kate steinle in cold blood. by the way, i wish that was an isolated case. i will tell you this, as a latino, it is demeaning to legal immigrants to treat illegal immigrants the same as legal immigrants.. >> oh, come on. >> when you're not supposed to be here in the first place, on top of that, you commit a crime, you need to be gone yesterday. >> fair enough. >> you're right. >> jesse: francisco, steve, let me just give francisco an example here. i think this might enlighten him.
8:27 pm
one of the problems with sanctuary cities is thatt it attracts illegal alien criminals because they know they'll be taken care of and given protection. for instance, when you are underage -- let me finish. when you are underage and you liked to drink and it was illegal, you went over to your friend's house, his parents didn't do anything about it. everybody had those friends' parents, didn't really care, turned a blind eye and the entire high school went over to that house and got wasted. i have daughters now, bad things can happen. maybe i did the same things, non i'm not really a fan of it. that's the same thing with sanctuary cities. you know can get away with stuff so nobody goes there and they run wild. >> it is not. the guy in san francisco was transferred from los angeles to san francisco with an immigration hold. homeland security can take anyone anytime they want. they don't need -- yes, they ca
8:28 pm
can. francisco, theyy can. francisco, they would have to have esp to figure out he was there. >> they knew he was there. >> jesse: they released him. >> they didn't know he was being released. >> jesse: the left loves communication. you guys love to talk, you love every bureaucrat working together, but all a sudden, when it's immigration, it's, oh, yeah, i can't talk to this guy. you have to follow the irs wants but you can't follow with the dhs wants. i've got to run. plenty a more as we move on. new sanctions today, well they work. then, friendship for the a ages. pats qb tom brady and donald trump. bill and jim gray weigh in. stay tuned for these reports
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♪ >> jesse: in the "unresolved problem" segment tonight, getting tough on iran. president trump has been a fierce critic of the obama administration's nuclear deal with iran, in the cleanest break yet from obama, trump administration ordered two dozen companies and their role supporting iran's ballistic program. >> i think today's sanctions really represent a very, very strong stance against the actions iran has been taking. we make it very clear that the
8:33 pm
deal that they struck private -- previously was not in the best interest of this country and that president trump is going to do everything he can to makend sure that iran is kept in check. >> jesse: joining us now from washington, michael rubin, a resident scholar at the american enterprise institute, marie harf, former spokesperson and fox news contributor. before we get to the iran sanctions, we want to get your take on trump's travel ban. just moments ago, a spokesperson for homeland security, "we h do not comment on pending litigation as a matter of policy." marie, you must be pumped up about this injunction. george w. bush appointee judge, you never thought you'd agreeho with him, did you? >> we all have strange bedfellows now.
8:34 pm
that's one thing i'm learning. this is what happens when you do policymaking without talking to people who actually have to implement these policies. this is really two weeks for the trip administration is doing a lot of big things, a lot of his supporters like when the rubber meets the road, that's why you're seeing not just judicial rulings that have put some stays on some of it, but also career experts, i know you don't like bureaucrats, but career experts who actually have to implement these policies saying, wait a second, we need to take some time and talkol through how this is actually going to work. t that's how you get things like you saw today. >> jesse: well, he's not just doing big things, he's doing big league things, marie. >> i haven't started using that word yet. i'm trying to hold off on that. >> jesse: any time obama did anything, it works both ways. everybody's going to sue everybody these days. michael, what do you think about this injunction?ha it looks like americans are less
8:35 pm
safe because of it, doesn't it? >> absolutely. the judge doesn't make problems go away. these seven countries are the countries with which we have most problems. we don't have diplomatic representation or because our poor cooperation with their security forces, leave a lot to be desired. i'd be very worried on the left for people to say, you can't discriminate on the basis of national origins. they're throwing the entire visa lottery under the bus at the same time. >> jesse: speaking of one of these countries, iran. some of these people can't come days. here now temporarily for 90 days. iran just had these sanctions slapped on them big time, big league, as we said, marie, because of the ballistic missiles i think this the fifth ballistic missile test since the nuclear deal was signed. they've also been hassling ships off the coast. i don't see the iranian nuclear deal changing the iranian
8:36 pm
regime's behavior whatsoever. in fact, i believe more ballistic missile tests have happened since then i can remember beforehand. i mean, these sanctions, it's got to be a good thing. i mean, the obama administration tried so hard to not do anything to upset the arrangement with the nuclear deal. and they kind of danced around any violation of u.n. resolutions. these ballistic missile launches violate u.n. resolutions, marie. you can't be happy with what's going on there. >> well, i would say two things. first, the obama administration put additional sanctions on iran after it tested ballistic missiles. the sanctions the trumpte administration put on today are actually very similar to the exact same sanctions we did including after the nuclear deal. we said we're going to keep sanctioning them and we did. >> jesse: i would have linked the ballistic missile tests to the iran i don't know why they kept that separate.
8:37 pm
>> you never would have gotten a nuclear deal. you never would have gotten a nuclear deal. >> jesse: in order to get them to sign it? >> we judged that the most immediate threat, most of us can agree, is if iran could put a nuclear warhead onto one of the ballistic missiles. they can't. because of the deal, their nuclear program is a shadow of what it was and they cannot develop a weapon today. that's a fact. >> jesse: it's not that they can't, it's gthat we can't trust that they won't. >> not at all. that's not true. >> jesse: it's whether they are capable of carrying a nuclear weapon. >> they are not capable of making a nuclear warhead. they are not capable of making a nuclear warhead. >> jesse: they can put on the missile that they just launched. michael, we just gave this country $150 billion, and now they're launching missiles and hassling sailors.
8:38 pm
this doesn't seem like a regime that understands that america is fed up with this under this current administration. do you believe what trump said today in his tweet that they'll have to pay a price? do you believe that will be backed up? >> absolutely. it's important to speak softly and carry a big stick. it's important to restore deterrence. what we shouldn't be doing isn't speaking softly and waving our hands in surrender. if the deal is working, these missiles, there's ten of them by the way, it shows just how fulls of loopholes this was.. the fact of the matter is, we don't have a full inspection, iran hasn't ratified the additional framework of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. this deal is a disaster. >> jesse: all right. i talked to sean spicer a little while ago, and he told me that trump is looking into tearing up the deal. hasn't decided whether to do it yet. that's on the table. guys, thank you very much. straight ahead, bill talked to sports analyst jim grayy.
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>> announcer: "the o'reilly factor," the number one cable news show for 16 years and counting. >> jesse: thanks for staying with us, i am jesse watters from houston filling in foror bill o'reilly who is on assignment. at this hour, houston is the epicenter of the sports world.
8:43 pm
the super bowl will be played here in just two days. the face-off between the patriots and the falcons should be epic. yesterday, bill spoke with sportscaster extraordinaire and fox news contributor jim gray about the big contest. >> bill: gray, you're going to call the game on westwood one. handicappers have it pretty close. do you see it that way? >> i do. i think it's a very close game, and i think it's going to come down to who has the ball last. tom brady said that yesterday when we spoke to him. he believes it will turn out just like his past six super bowls where a guy or the team that has the ball last basically won the game. all those super bowls have come down to the waning seconds in the last play. it's the number one offense against the number one defense and when those teams have shot it out before, believe it or not, the number one defense, which the patriots are in this instance, have won. a >> bill: tom brady, 39 years old, up against matt ryan, 31 years old.
8:44 pm
that's the marquee matchup. both quarterbacks have had sensational. looks to me like ryan is a little bit better passer now, would that be accurate? >> he's had a fantastic year and he is the odds-on favorite to win mvp on saturday night. he's 31 years of age, and by his basically pattered himself and has followed tom brady. he's texted tom throughout his career and brady has given him advice on how to handle things. brady, 28 touchdowns, two interceptions, a four-game suspension coming off of that, he's been just stupendous. >> bill: in my opinion, best quarterback of all time. do you agree with that? best quarterback of all time. >> absolutely. look at it like this, bill. this is his seventh super bowl. he's been eligible for 16. one year, he was out all year because of an injury.
8:45 pm
he's played in basically half of super bowls he's been eligible for. he's 39 years of age. >> the guy's a winner and a very, very strong competitor. let's go to politics. brady is a friend of donald trump's. not an overly political guy, doesn't talk a lot of politics, but i did see a bunch of articles saying that brady is the devil because he's friends with trump. did the sporting crew in houston, where you are now, give him any jazz on that? >> well, there've been numerous articles that have been written. he has been asked about it during the week. he has basically deflected it all, saying he is here for the football game and is concentrating on the falcons. he also said, just because he is friends with somebody and happens to like somebody doesn't necessarily mean that he agrees with the thoughts or opinions that his friends are putting out. that would apply to president trump. remember one thing. donald trump, during the campaign, went out after the national football league and
8:46 pm
the way that they handled deflategate. he was very outspoken in the way that brady was treated. tom is a loyal, honorable guy and he is not going to give up on donald trump, particularly after he's known him for so long. >> bill: you know what surprises me, i don't know if most people know this, many, and i would say most, of the sports press are liberals. am i wrong? >> well, it's hard for me to know that. i don't know d who they're votig for, and i don't have a lot of political conversations with them.a if you base it on some of the articles that have been written or some of the talk shows, yes, they seem to be. that's a hard thing to really assess, bill. >> bill: not for me. i'll assess anything. >> you're bill o'reilly, that's why you can do >> bill: okay, great, here it is. prediction time. what's the score and who wins? >> patriots win. tom brady gets his fifth super bowl.
8:47 pm
bill belichick cements his place as best coach of all time. it will be an interesting moment to see roger goodell hand that over to robert kraft, bill belichick, and tom brady. >> can you get gme a hoodie that bill belichick wears? i'm an extra-large. he's a lot smaller than i am. i absolutely want to run around in one of those patriot hoodies. jim gray, calling the game for westwood one. thanks for speaking to us. >> thank you, bill. >> jesse: just a footnote, we want to remind you to watch bill's big super bowl pregame interview with donald trump. it will be airing during the pregame show. even more of that will air right here on "the factor" on monday and tuesday. when we come right back, are the democrats now the party of obstruction?ow we'll debate it after these brief messages.
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♪ >> jesse: in the "back of the book" segment tonight, the democratic freakout over donald trump. the party of pelosi is trying to block every initiative trump wants to institute, but will that backfire? joining us now from washington, kelly riddell, and from new york, jeanne zaino. jeanne, it's more thanru obstruction. it's more than abdicating their responsibilities. people not going to the inauguration, boycotting it, they're not showing up for votes, not showing up for hearings. they're doing everything they can to delegitimize the president. they're coming out againstga the supreme court nominee before they even know who it is, trying to stop them in their tracks..
8:52 pm
on borkinge planning this guy. it gets to a point where they're just not doing their job. after years and years of saying republicans are the party of no, now the democrats are doing the exact same thing. it seems like even worse. >> i would politely disagree. i don't see it as them being obstructionist. i see it as them doing their job. if you look at the latest polls, the president is doing many things the american public and democrats in particular find to be wildly unpopular and un-american and unconstitutional. for instance, instituting the ban on seven predominately muslim countries for >> jesse: jeanne, i would say a majority of the people agree with it. according to the most recent rasmussen poll, 57% of likely voters agree withv the temporary travel ban. >> according to the recent gallup poll, 57% disagree.
8:53 pm
listen, you know what the polls said at the election, they were all wrong. throw the pollsto away. midterm elections are coming up in two years, and the senate could see a majority. they're expected to do because the democrat senators, thoset of the states that trump wants. they continue to obstruct and yell and scream and name call, they are in real trouble. you agree with me? >> i definitely agree with you. there are 25 seats up for grabs for democrats in the senate. only eight up for grabs are republican seats. if you narrow that down, ten of those 25 seats are from states where donald trump won. if you whittle that down more, five of them are from states in the midwest and flyover states. indiana, west virginia, missouri, north dakota, places where pelosi politics, they are
8:54 pm
unpalatable. they want their jobs returned to them, they want their national security ensured, and they voted for donald trump because of these reasons. they want job growth, they want the economy back on track, to be protected. if democrats don't get on board, they'll be held liable. >> jesse: there's a lot of things that i think the democrats can get on board with. infrastructure, health care, trade, jeanne, let me ask you something. kelly just mentioned a few names. you have pelosi and crying chuck schumer now as the face of the party. not only that, you have people like madonna saying she wants to blow up the white house and sarah silverman, this comedian or something, saying that we need a coup to take down donald trump. these faces of the party are really hurting the brand. the more and more you have these radicals out there as the face of the party, the middle of the country, especially in the rust belt, the states trump stole away from the democrats,
8:55 pm
they are at real risk of creating a fissure in the party and doing extreme damage to the brand. >> the face of the democratic party to me, i'm not a o democratic operative by any imagination. they are the people who were marching the saturday after election day. >> jesse: the people on stage -- listen, i agree, it was a great site to see. but the people on the stage, the face of it, the people who had all the tv cameras on them, saying things like trump is hitler, that's not good.go >> i would also suggest the democratic party, i agree, it has a ways to grow. that is absolutely true. coming up from the bottom, where the republican party seems to be coming from the top down at this point. and the democratic party in a position of growing from the bottom up. >> jesse: i think it's an issue of people obstructing and not reaching across the aisle.
8:56 pm
i think that is what the country guys, thank you very much. country wants. coming up next, we'll be right back from houston. a major television event from bill o'reilly. you don't want to miss this upcoming. contagious. [coughing] credit karma, huh? yeah, it's free. credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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>> jesse: before we go tonight, a very few important reminders. i will be doing my show here from houston tomorrow night. as the super bowl fever builds to a boil. during my "watters' world" thing, before i came out here, would they know about the supreme court? w check this out. who is this? >> this is kellyanne conway. >> jesse: no. >> my grandma. c >> jesse: i think it is someone's grandma. >> baking cookies? i do not know who this is. >> doesn't look dangerous. >> jesse: do i look dangerous? >> no, you're fine.
8:59 pm
>> he looks like a chubby paul ryan. looks like hlb paul ryan >> [laughs] i'm glad you know who he is. >> is that o.j. simpson? >> that is not the the b juice. >> jesse: unbelievable. going to be much more tomorrow that on watters' world. then there is the big exclusive interview with bill o'reilly and president donald trump, before the super bowl. it's airing at 4:00 p.m. eastern on fox during the pregame show. grab a huge plate of nachos or a bowl of guacamole. watch it live. set your dvrs. tell your friends about it, it will be one for the books. if that is not enough, there will be even more of the o'reilly trump interview at 8:00 p.m. eastern nothing will be off the table, you really do not want to miss it. thank you for watching tonight, i am jesse watters, and for bill o'reilly. reporting from houston. please remember. i am watters and this is my world.
9:00 pm
♪ >> tucker: we have a fox news alert, donald trump's muslim travel ban is blocked so-called for now. a judge has placed a temporary restraining order against the executive order blocking arrivals from seven countries. the ruling means that for now, the order can't be enforced. fox news correspondent dan springer is more with live on the judge's decision. the end, what you know? >> tucker, this is important because it's a nationwide enforcement. an effort to block this enforcement of this trump executive order, we have seen other challenges but they are more narrowly tailored. this is across the country. judge james robart, given the attorney general here in washington state a full victory


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