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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 6, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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were there, do not be a miscreant when writing to us. thanks for watching tonight, i am bill o'reilly please always are remember the spin stopsri right here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson donald trump's presidency is now in its third week, and the battle to push to his agenda is onlyis escalating in its relentless ferocity. tomorrow circuit court of appeals will whether to continue block the executive order on immigration. we will discuss that with piers morgan in just a minute. each passing day, war between the press and of the president grows more intense. today, the president tweeted this morning he tweeted this...
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one immediate out with it particularly antagonistic relationship towards the president isrt cnn, the cable ns network, which labeled trump -- fake news more than once. piers morgan iss editor at large for he is the former face of cnn. he won abr "celebrity apprentic" when a certain future president was its host. he draws a snap from l.a. thank you, for joining us. i was forget that what a cool thing to have on your cv. i remember well when you were a face of cnn. i watched your show a lot. i always thought you were straightforward. you put out there and it said it. you left three years ago. since then, thanks to wikileaks, we learned a lot of detail about them colluding with the democratic party during the election. were you shop back shocked by? >> i was a bit. i don't know how directly cnn was, but i do know what happened
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with some of the other characters involved. it frankly. it brought some light to thingst its main beef with immediate which is that a two-way street this question of respect and honesty. he has felt for quite some time that a lot of people in the mainstream media, for want of a better phrase, are absolutely determined to bring him down. i think these are the points. i think some of them absolutely are, and they run the tank for hillary clinton. their candidate didn't win, and now they are utterly determined to bring the trump presidency crashing down. you have a war between the media and the white house. the like of which i have certainly never seen before. it's pretty dangerous all aroun around. >> tucker: there's a difference though between having a perspective and stating it clearly, as you do and as i try to. in a subterranean way, the quote from public view coordinating
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with a political party. we learn the story where she got the debate questions ahead of time. also found the dnc research director was consulted by cnn for questions to ask ted cruz. a clinton staffer implied that the politics producer at cnn was a friend and an ally, and then you have the chief political analyst emailing john john poda saying you are a tv star, i've been in g.o.p. hell. it really seems like there is a between cnnection and that party. did you notice that when you work there? >> to be honest and to be fair to cnn, i have spent four years there. the mass majority, particularly the anchors, have great integrity. i don't think they would want to be party to any of this kind of stuff, but i definitely think there were people lower down the food chain, perhaps, that didn't have such scruples and who were absolutely determined that trump wouldn't win. bear in mind, the history of
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this, from the moment that donald trump decided to run, he was for about four or five months the only gig in town. cnn and all the other networks were racing to give him up as much air time that they could possibly give him. this of course fueled the monster. and then when the moment came, when they thought, he might actually win, they dr. frankenstein thought they would have to kill him off. by then, trump, the nominee, was gone. he was off and racing around america. he became unstoppable. i noticed the last few much of that came, he got more and more of your lip. in a paper about "the new york times," frankly, i thought they were a disgrace. they were even pretending to be anything but in the tank for hillary clinton. i found that as a journalist, pretty obscene to watch actually. for "the new york times" and others now to be saying for us, we are the innocent parties here, donald trump is
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annihilating the media and breaking down the first amendment and so on. it's pretty rich, i think, given the way that they themselves conducted themselves as a supposedly paper of record. i think there is a fault on both sides here. i think it is dangerous and toxic, and i think that the media have got to start showing president trump a bit more respect. he, in turn, at his white house operation have to show the media a bit more respect and they all gotta move on. >> tucker: certainly impounds for news organizations to call out politicians on statements that are false, and i think he has made a few.s. i don't have any problem with reporter saint prove what you say. if the orientation that stocks me, it does seem like a lot of journal see the row delectable butts affect the outcome of the election. has that changed in the decades you been in the business? >> britain for example, we have a very free press, and you have papers that are very obviously partisan to political parties beyond of the left and of the right. it's pretty balanced on the middle. there is many left-wing papers
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and britain as there are right wing. in america, what i don't like is this pretense from papers like "the new york times" that somehow they are completely beyond any reproach when it comes to their coverage, that they are completely neutral. they are not neutral. i remember the middle of the campaign picking up "the new york times" entering it from cover to cover. there were 11 different stories and letters and comment op-ed pieces about donald trump and that once the addition "the new york times." every single one of them was styled to trump, including 4 out of 4 letters. that is not a coincidence. i think what you are saying, you are seen generally here what we are seeing in britain with the post brexit. i do not vote brexit. i voted to stay in here. i thought it was a mistake. i always have been a firm believer, you have a free democratic election in a free democracy, be at the europe referendum and britain or the u.s. election here.
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somebody wins, they win. you have to accept that they have one, you have to accept it the squealing, the wailing, the teeth gnashing. what we are seeing just as we are seeing in america is have one, you have to accept it just one of the great hissy fits of modern political times and everyone just got a stop wailing and actually start coming together as we saw a little bit actually at the super bowl, and to start putting america before their own self interest. >> tucker: by america, you mean the basic precept of the countryy which is democracy. they don't really believe in democracy, do they? the idea that the outcome is legitimate as long as the majority supports it? >> right. that is the essence of democracy. i would be more or less a right as i'm sure many of your viewers would have gleaned from my time at cnn. i'm not absolutely a traditional conservative. i am appalled by the behavior of so many liberals right now.
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i just think it's so alien to the concept of being a liberal. they bang on about democracy, they bang on about tolerance, about fairness, and yet they are behaving exactly the same way that they warned us all that donald trump and his supporters would behave if and when, they assumed, he lost. i just don't think you could do that. knowing trump as i have for ten years, it's completely the wrong way toco go about trying to deft him. if i was on the left, i would surely by now be trying to work out how we lost to somebody like donald trump, who is a nonpolitician, he wasn't even a guy with any military experience, he came out of nowhere, as a business guy and a t-bar star, and he's become the president of the united states. how has that happened? the reality is for all the fancy talk about barack obama being this wonderful president, actually, in the post before the election, over 70% of americans said they were unhappy with the direction of the electorate in the country. hillary clinton was a terrible
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candidate who offered nothing new, nothing fresh. i was doing a documentary series around florida and texas throughout last year. i spent a lot of time in the state.e. i could feel the trump phenomenon as it was happening in real time. it really came down to this. they thought that donald trump cared about the stuff that they actually cared about. that is how he managed to resonate. hean won. he won fair and square. my message to the left is, if you want to try and beat donald trump, then do it democratically. stop trying to delegitimize us, stopop trying to make every twe, every statement, every comment he says the armageddon of the world. just try and apply some rational, political common sense to defeating your opponent. >> tucker: we seek the every night on the show. a lot of americans look to europe and the uk, and they say, it's changed anan awful lot in e past four years.
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as a regular visitor to your country and others, it hasn't gotten better. part of the reason hasn't gotten better is because of the immigration policies in europe. those countries are more divided, less dangerous, it was happy and more poor. i know you are against the immigration how do we keep what is happened over there from happening over here? >> let me first of all say that i absolutely agree with donald trump. the threat from islamic terrorists is very real and very quite right to cite what is happened in paris twice and brussels as examples of where the massive amount of migration through europe has created a lot of turmoil, a lot of unease, a lot of insecurity amongst the people because no one is really quite sure who all these people are, where they are coming from, what their motivation is. if donald trump is absolutely right, i believe, to want to protect america as his number one mission statement right now.
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he's absolutely right to say that the islamic state presents a real and a very dangerous threat to america. he's absolutely right, thirdly, to look at what c happened in europe and say well how do we avoid what happened has there? a million people being led into germany and all hell breaking loose. how do we stop that coming to america? where i disagree with them is in the implementation of this the band where it seemshi to be perverse tonight and countries like study rivet and egypt and others. also, i didn't like the idea people with green cards being detained and threatened with deportation. >> tucker: they went back on that pretty quick. stick other things are wrongin about it. this iss the keyport? point. i say to them, what is your ide idea. speak of the main idea from the left appears to be we all got to talk more to the community, that's all fine, but while you are talking isis is right now
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planning attacks on the british mainland on the american mainla, and they've got to somehow be stopped. i think donald trump is right in his concern, and he's just slightly wrong in the way that he completed it. let's all get so pious that we put the attacks on donald trump and our hatred on him before the real threat, which is people trying to kill and maim and behead us. >> tucker: that is up breezing reminder. thank you for joining us might come appears. the trump white house is repealing the order blocking the plan. it will be her tomorrow. for not, we go to trace gallagher with the latest. >> tucker, a three-judge panel will hear the oral arguments over the phone tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. specific. it's like it's 30 minutes. and it's legal brief, the trump administration contends the president have access to the best intelligence arguing it takes the extraordinary steps of
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second-guessing a formal national security judgment made by the resident himself, pursuant to broad grant order. if the three-judge panel which could also rule as early as tomorrow includes two democrats act moderately liberal, and a george w. bush appointed considered moderately conservative. this is the same circuit that once wrote one nation under god should be considered and take out the pledge of allegiance and also banned nativity scenes from public parts inro southern california. meantime, during his first official to centcom in tampa, florida, president trump reiterated his disdain for the immediate and support for the troops, saying he is 100% behind military and their fight against radical islamic terrorism. them. president also indicated e some terror attacks are not being covered by the media, watch. >> all over europe, it's happening. it's gotten to a point where
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it's not even being reported, and in many cases, the very, very dishonest press doesn't want to report it. they have their reasons, and you understand that. >> the white house offered 78 examples to support the president's claim. wewe are checking to see if any were not covered. mr. trump also dismissed the polls that show his immigration policies are unpopular, calling them fake news, saying instead, he relies on his internal numbers. want to based on the chelation of data and everyone knows it. some fake news media to marginalize lies. the president is getting pushback from some republicans for appearing to equate russian leader vladimir putin's morality to the united states. four to senator marco rubio tweeting... senate majority leader mitch mcconnell also said...
9:15 pm
we don't operate like russia. tucker. >> tucker: trace gallagher, thanks a lot. coming up next, the mayor of new orleans says protecting illegal aliens from the feds makes new orleans a f lot safer, and get crime in that city has surged dramatically in the last year. he will tell us why he is not changing course. also, president trump just had a big interview with bill o'reilly. we will discuss with the president had to say about vladimir putin and why. your brokerage fees. fees? what did you have in mind? i don't know. $6.95 per trade? uhhh- and i was wondering if your brokerage offers some sort of guarantee? guarantee? where we can get our fees and commissions back if we're not happy. so can you offer me what schwab is offering? what's with all the questions? ask your broker if they're offering $6.95 online equity trades and a satisfaction guarantee. if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab.
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9:19 pm
funding. the mayor of new orleans won't call his city a sanctuary city, but nevertheless, it has many policies to protect the rights of illegal immigrants. police cannot inquire about a person's immigration status, they won't detain suspected illegal aliens at the request of i.c.e. he said his policies make it city safer. live hands, crime is surging in new orleans and the latter, the question is is it working? he joins us now. mr. mayor, thank you for goingn? on. tucker?re you >> tucker: all my friends think you are a good mayor, you care about new orleans. it's true, you are a popular mayor. how is this policy helping the people of your city? >> first of all, he misstated something in the beginning of it, so let me just sayay this. you and i and everyone can agree that the first order of business is to make sureus the people tht live in america are safe and secure, and i think that is everybody's priority. we are trying toat figure out a way to get that done. what's interesting about the sanctuary city argument is that
9:20 pm
it's not even a definitive definition, in fact it means a lot of things to a lot of different people. essentially, i want to be really clear about this. should the new orleans police department -- our job is to put them in jail and make sure ice knows about it so they can come get them and report them or have them prosecuted here and put in jail. that really has never been a bone of contention for anybody that lives in the city of new orleans, and for that point of order, also ms. across america. >> tucker: why would they take advice from you? the second question would be -- here.the numbers right your murder rate has almost doubled from january of last year. your rates are up almost 100% in every category. as increased by 10% overall. i'm not saying it's your fault. clearly, you save these policies that will alleviate from heaven. is there any actual evidence to prove that you're talking point which i've heard a thousand times, if they ask an immigration status they will have more crime, where do you
9:21 pm
get that? how do you know that is true? >> those are all good questions. let me respond to them. first of all, in the city of new orleans, from 1996 until today, crime is half what it used to be. as a matter of fact, two years ago we had our lowest murder rate in 30 years. you are right there in the last year, crime has gone back up, but if you look at it overall. but wait, let me finish. you said you would let me finis finish. secondly, these policies, these particular policies have nothing to do with that particular crime. because the people t that areit committing those crimes are not folks here illegally. we do have a challenge throughout all of america on issues of violence that we have really gots to get a handle on. the question gets to become a how do you actually do that and what is the best way? the answer to your second question is how do i know this. is there any empirical data? i rely on the generals in the field, and those guys in the american cities are the major police chiefs across america,
9:22 pm
along with the major's sheriffs association, who always had tolo us, these are the guys we listen to. they say we make us become a deportation force for i.c.e., we to push all these individuals back in the shadow, and it's going to make it harder for us to solve crimes for everybody. >> tucker: i wrote a book on this actually, years ago. i heard this line many, many times, but we study crime. armies of criminals and american universities, and nobody has shown that your claim is true. that's my only point. we don't actually know that's true. that's the opinion of a lot of people, including you. if these policies are meant to make youre city safer, why has t become more dangerous? >> it's a good question. it's a great question. one of the reasons why cities become unsafe is because number one, we don't have enough police officers on the street. number two, we don't invest a fish max well enough. number three, the federal government does not have direct authority to get the guys with guns off the street.
9:23 pm
it has to be attached to some kind of drug offense. number four, there isn't enough coordination. if we did the same thing to do back in 9096 we put that crime plan together, you would actually be able to reduce crime on the streets. this is not necessarily tethered to the issue of immigration. by the way, if you can find anybody in america -- you asked me a question, i intimated that was the answer. let me just finish this point for you. if you can find anybody in america that has definitively found the answer to young kids killing young kids over inconsequential things who don't have a job, who don't have an appropriate education, we need to make a huge investment in those kinds of things and not let it get caught up in the issue of immigration. let me just finish with this, the thing that makes me so sad about this. as we want maybe they are tied. >> tucker: in los angeles it's directly related to one another. nobody denies
9:24 pm
that's not always true. >> that's correct. nothing is true in every circumstance. this is a complicated problem. the answer is not a simple as what is coming out of thee white house. i actually think the country is in a moment, just like only nixon could go to china, maybe only trunk into immigration reform, we could get this done and a way that was positive for, wery just seem to be battling wh each other. >> tucker: a lot of what you say is true. very quickly, in the interest of civil discord, you issued a press release when you described the president'sse plan of as un-american and a cup unchristian. if you like something thehe pope would say. you are the mayor. do you think about the policies and new orleans on whether or not they are christian and should you? >> let me say this. i am a person of faith. i wasi raised in the catholic faith and in the church. i think a lot of people are what people think in terms of what american values are really important. it's not just christian values
9:25 pm
or judeo-christian values and other values as well auto be whether we are an open group or whether we be close. i think one of the challenges i have with the a president, who i know is trying to do the right thing, is he seems to solve every problem with a battle ax and not with a scalpel. we had a couple of difficult ten days here. >> tucker: un-american, unchristian? that is not a scalpel either. un-american? who says that? >> first of all, i think that american values support reaching out to people and trying to help them rather than trying to punish them, working through issues, not saying. >> tucker: they are telling us we are about to -- i'm sorry to do that. >> we will finish it another time. i wantim to come back and talk o you. am happy to be here. >> tucker: thank you, mr. mayor. great to talk to see you. up next, one california politician wants to make legal russian hacking and the 2016
9:26 pm
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made with flexfoam, absorbs 10x its weight. rewrite the rules. always. >> tucker: just three weeks ago, a california lawmaker who was upset about thehr election wanted to mandate school training in how to spot fake news. a different law makers same state has its own notion about how to improve education in the wake of hillary clinton's defea defeat. california marc levine is crafting a new bill that would
9:30 pm
require public schools in the state to teach about the subject of russian hacking and how it supposedly swayed the lastt u.s. election. marc levine choices from california. iuc am reading this and thinkin, how would you feel if donald trump directed the education department to withhold funding from any state that refused to add to textbooks the claimant 3 million people voted illegally in the last election? would be mad. it raises the question, why should politicians be involved in t crafting textbooks? speak out to me, the most important thing is that we need to understand our history to have ace --dash >>speak out to me, the most the foreign policy we have in the future. looking back take it or not, why are we on the court that we are on the look of the war of 1812, marshall plan, these are moments in history that really helped us understand where america leadership has come from. we need to understand russian interference in the 2016
9:31 pm
election and the impact on foreign policy to make sure we have an american century in ahead of us like we have behind us when they are in full control of its destiny. >> tucker: okay, i think you are right, actually. the point is we don't understand the effect of russia in the election as well. the marshall plan was 70 years ago. we have an advantage. if we get it now. we have perspective. we have no perspective of what happened, and basically what you are suggesting is adding propaganda from a pop connect politician. >> they had an assessment where they agreed that the russian government in vladimir putin himself had the boldest move ever in their interference in our election, and this will have an impact on american foreign policy, but we have a president who is the least curious man on the planet when it comes to this issue. he wants to change the results of the election by saying that he won by a landslide. he wants to change the number of people that went to hisha inauguration with numbers that just cannot be substantiated.
9:32 pm
a loose affinity fords the trut, usually winners write the history books, but we need to make sure that the truth is in our history books. he had not taken over by the president. >> tucker: what you are doing is trying to get losers to write the history books. i want historians to write the history books. >> i agree with you. >> tucker: you seem like a reasonable person. i don't want to attack you. what you are suggesting is the additional of politicalxt propaganda in texas. there'sng nothing to substantiae your claims. we don't know the extent to -- the election. they are assessment does not say that the outcome of the election wass affected by russian interference. it doesn't say that, and you know it doesn't. they also have no way of knowing the intent. >> they did not assess whether or not their interference had an outcome. they assessed whether or not the russian government purposely intervened. if i were president trump, i
9:33 pm
would condemn that interference, and i would say that they would be held accountable and at their impact would not be on foreign policy other than that. the president has done everything he can to deny it, but when he was confronted with the uncontroverted evidence of the intelligence community assessment, even he had to agree that they were involved. >> tucker: i know you're from marin county, i get it. i have lived in california. angry richh people come up to parties and say we got to do something about the trump character. i get the pressure you are under, but i -- >> i am highly educated. people are hassling you, and i get it. let me just ask you, how would you feel as a parent, and i think you are a parent. if your kids textbooks had political claims that were not basically substantiated and they were clearly partisan and they were inserted by some politiciai didn't agree with, wouldn't that enrage you? >> let's get in the weeds on
9:34 pm
this. what would happen is that california has an instructional quality condition that looks at curriculum for the different they would make an assessment of how to include this, they would then make a recommendation that would be approved and accepted, revised, modified, or even rejected by the state board of education. that's how curriculum is developed. politicians will not have a hand and what is being written in our history books, nor should they. >> tucker: what do you mean? you are writing a bill to require this. so by definition, you have a hand in it. without being mean, i love california, it's my home state. it's not as nice as it was when i grew up there. it's much poorer than it used to be, got a lot of problems, a lot of uneducated -- work puppetry than any state. it has some of the worst schools in america. soso should you, a smart capable guy with power be spending his time trying to appease the angry rich housewives with nonsense like this or improving the state?in >> you shouldn't talk about your friends like that, but what we do have are excellent schools,
9:35 pm
the best public universities in largestd, the sixth p economy. we are leading the nation and job creation, innovation comes from california. wherem you live should not defined whether or not you should be successful. the socioeconomic challenge, this inequality is something that isn't true and california as it is in kentucky. we need to do more to fix that. nationally, we all struggle with this. >> tucker: if you are national met in months -- it's more like 20% pass the math standards at that age. his learning propaganda about russian interference in the election, is that really going to make you a better software engineer? this is totally frivolous. >> we can learn history and we can also, as i have since i was elected in 2012, reinvest in education where i voted to increase spending by $14 billion, also change the way we spend in education by making sure that the socioeconomic statusci does not define how muh money goes to your school, but in fact you can direct money to help improve outcomes. we have a lot more work to do,
9:36 pm
but we need to know the truth about american history. >> tucker: you know that i am right. you know that i do on some level. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: president trump saw bill o'reilly last night and thought to it may be a killer and the u.s. isn't so innocent either. we will talk about what that means. we will talk a lot about it, stay tuned. you can clearly hear... what could that mean? woman: tom? tom! they're just commercials. or are they? you're waking the neighbors. well, mom, maybe the neighbors need to be woke. i think it's actually "awoken." no, that doesn't even seem right. no, it's "awoken." revealing the truth to help you save.
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>> tucker: president trump said vladimir putin is causing connections in the press. in washington, an interview with fox's bill o'reilly, trump said this. >> do you respect putin? >> i do respect them. >> do you? why? >> i respect a lot of people, but that doesn't mean i'm going to get along with him. he is a leader of his country. i think it is better to get along with russia than not, and if russia helps us in the fight against isis, which is a major fight and islamic terrorism all over the world, major fight,
9:41 pm
that's a good thing. will i get along with them? i have no idea. >> he n is a killer. pollutant is a killer. >> they are a lot of killers. >> you think our country so innocent to think our country is so innocent? >> i don't know of any government leaders who are killers in america. >> take a look at what we have done two. we have made mistakes. a lot of people were killed. a lot of killers around, believe me. >> tucker: david horwitz know something about thew russians russians. his parents left the party after learning about his atrocities. it has been an amazon bestseller for the past three weeks. he joins us now from los angeles. david, great to seegele you. >> so good to be on your show, tucker. >> i think -- i do kind of think america is innocent compared to putin's russia. written? >> trump is a transparent figur
9:42 pm
figure. the idea that he sees a moral equivalence between russia and the united states is ludicrous. he is a passionate patriot. do our politicians kill people? barack obama killed qaddafi. qaddafi was no threat to this country, there was no authorization from the congress, from security council, from anybody. hillary boasted on television with a big smile on her face, we came, we saw, he died. that is a murder. the world is full of such news. john f. kennedy murdered the president of south vietnam, our ally. it happens. the problem here is, let me say virtue of trump, amazing
9:43 pm
thing about him and why, as i show in my book, that he is transforming the republican party and america in the process. it is that he doesn't back down. it's kind of like the bruce springsteen song, no retreat they become no surrender. he saw mcconnell and paul ryan obediently back off. you can't back off. trump has gotten no honeymoon. according to gallen, the average honeymoon. forne an incoming president is seven months. trump didn't get seven seconds. it's been a constant war against him. >> tucker: will react, tell me, you wrote a book on this of the big agenda that trump has and seeks to implement. what is the most important thin thing? reforming the republican party in making the country better, what is the number one agenda
9:44 pm
item? speak of the most important thing is he is not intimidated. we had republican congress for six year with record majority, and they did nothing. they pledged to do obamacare and defund his illegal amnesty programs and they funded him. why? because they were scared of being called obstructionists and racists. moma in the campaign came in the second debate when trump faced the cameras with hillary on straight and said you have to understand, hillary has tremendous hatred in her heart. so does the democratic party, have hatred in their hearts for republicans. it's all come out now. you see it every night on tv. they are more calling for the impeachment of trump. he's hasn't been in office for two weeks. trump is on intimidated. people don't realize how
9:45 pm
important that is in advancing any agenda because you end up just appeasing the left. my whole chapter in my book is devoted to who will our adversaries are and why the democratic party has gone off the deep end. they are marching over the cliff now. have to understand that bernie sanders would've been the candidate if the corrupt clintons hadn't fixed the primaries. >> tucker: i think that's true. >> that's how left the democratic party is. trump has shown a way to show? stand up for them. the democrats declared war. i wish they would do what lady gaga did at the super bowl last night. have some immunity for ao while. that is not going to happen. he is a stand-up guy, and donald trump is that guy. >> tucker: david horwitz, thank you for joining us. bestseller for three weeks. i appreciate it. up next news abuse, joins us to show us the missives of last
9:46 pm
week. there are many to choose from, butre he will call three. stay tuned.
9:47 pm
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>> tucker: time now for "news abuse" where we highlight the most dreadful cases of media misconduct, joining us now it's fox's own highly cursed, the host of media buzz. it's great to see you. the new president said today that press does not cover terrorist attacks. is that true? >>ai it is true that attacks in europe get less coverage on u.s. soil. it's also truly move on more quickly now from these attracts because it becomes much more common. i am puzzled what parts and trump would say. this is always huge public interest. moving onto "news abuse," tucker. >> tucker: we certainly cover it, and i think we should. magazine covers have found a new villain.
9:51 pm
>> president trump beheading the statue of liberty, lovely. "businessweek" says, insert hastily executive order here. worst for last, crosshairs on trump's head with a headline, why not? thankfully tucker, it concludes it would not be right to assassinate him. >> tucker: i don't even know we are putting on the screen. it is pretty over the top. the piece in the magazine debates whether or not it's a good idea. >> let sell magazines by putting the crosshairs there. >> tucker: it is a debate that this is people to debate. >> from posts backed off on an article about steeping and supposedly marching himself over to homeland security and telling secretary john kelly that he couldn't bring travel plan limping on it to our conference call. none of that was true. talk to the white house spokesman said sean spicer who told me the following.
9:52 pm
the paper that is criticized about the use of fact, they didn't follow basic journal standards and excuse their pathetic reporting is unbelievable. the problem is the reporter didn't call the white house for comment. the paper to put out an editor's note to update the story to spicer's comment. he still wants an apology. >> tucker: going back 100 years, the particle was you call them and think what they think. >> especially if you have a story based on unnamed sources and what you are making allegations about top officials or in meetings and phone calls. you would want to have a chance for them to punch back, if only to protect yourself. i don't get not calling for them. now, there was a story that made the rounds that detroit ported this but picked up by new york daily news, around the world. in a rocky refugee in michigan claimed that his mother died because of trump's tech prairie travel ban. he was trying to bring her from the us to medical treatment.
9:53 pm
turns out, the same detroit station later discovered that this was completely and totally untrue, there was a holt. they talked of the woman that that woman had passed away at least five days before the president's action. >> tucker: interesting. it was even more interesting isk that the assumption that the u.s. government has a moral responsibility to let in -- there are a lot of sick people in the world and i feel sorry for anyone who dies try to seek medical care, on the other hand, if the united states responsibility to admit anyone who wants medical care? what is the assumption here? >> the assumption could been that he could have come lets up was for this arbitrary and heartless temporary ban. if you can findu emotionally wrenching case, and there have been some work people are stuck at airports and such. we can all fold into hoaxes. what i don't understand is why there is such a rush to put these claims on the air before you can verify and take another day or two, check it out, people
9:54 pm
sometimes why. they make stuff up. >> tucker: there were a lot of interviews in which a tossing i feel safer now. >> that's the part of the stuff. >> tucker: there iss another side to this. some of these like these executive orders. i didn't see them being interviewed. >> they went out and turned to mark talk to trump photos and elect what he was doing generally. i think that shows what they didn't do in the campaign, at least showing there is another side when it comes to him. >> tucker: there always is. howard kurtz, thank you very much. coming up, we try to do this cement lasted but kept getting transferred by breaking his every single night. take a look at what the member of the presst really think. stay tuned who recommended once-daily toujeo®. now i'm on the path to better blood sugar control. toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®. it releases slowly, providing consistent insulin levels for a full 24 hours, proven full 24-hour blood sugar control,
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and now we unleash it onwerful your taxes.pecies has created. hello my name is watson. yep. h&r block and ibm watson together. come see us and get your taxes won. >> tucker: it >> tucker: it is time for what we really think. it's a new segment where we take a look at the semiprivate words of our country's premier journalist and see how those rumors align with their being neutral purveyors of fact. efforts are stammering, his t chief warrant respondent for abc news.
9:59 pm
don't believe us, here are some examples. upset trump didn't destroy isis within days of taking office. i thought trump already had a secret plan to detroit isis, what happened to it? afterr the president immigration or, he wrote, for 70 years and more, scientist at triumph because they have the best minds in the world. now that's at risk. thanks, trump. son declares exactly what this is, a muslim ban, whatever weasels worth his father and minutes come up with. in another tree, he simply labeled trump president snowflake. he was at the woman's mark tweeting this, has there ever been a date when so many people in so many days marched in solitary for a clause? the day. he felt a tingle down his leg when it hit 3 million subscribers. failing, not. responsive them downplaying the
10:00 pm
violence, he moaned, somewhere ronald reagan weeps. that's what he really thinks, no matter what he tells you on tv. that is it from us tonight. see you tomorrow at nine. sean is next. have a great night. >> sean: tonight. the legal battle over president trump's temporary travel ban continues counsel to the president kellyanne conway is here with reaction. >> the border is soft and weak, drugs are pouring in, and i am not going to let that happen. >> sean: then our hannity producers today right along with the border patrol. to see how bad things really are today on our southern border. geraldo rivera weighs in. >> the men and women of the united states military, they are the greatest fighters and greatest force of justice. on thear face of the earth. >> sean: and president trump outlinedis


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