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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 9, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PST

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gi's tan. ashley graham appear thinner as people on social media placed near ashley's waste looks unusually long. >> jackie: i think their legs look unusually long but i'm just ge jealous. heather: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> jackie: have great day. >> i don't want to call courts bias but they are extremely political. >> members of the judiciary disheartening and demoralizing. >> neil gorsuch has to say that it's perfectly reasonable he would take exception to that. >> senator jeff sessions has at long last been named attorney general of the united states. >> i want to thank vice presidet trump. >> man to be attorney general in the last 50 years. >> i brought. so comments i get from twitter. you are a disgrace to the black race.
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how does a black man turn on his own. >> good to see you, prime minister. >> good to see you. >> >> he millions and millions in the northeast bracing for what could be the biggest snow storm of the season. >> the storm is expected to hit eastern pennsylvania and northern new jersey. could get up to 18 inches of snow. a rate of 2 to 4 inches per hour. ♪ oh, everybody's dreaming big ♪ steve: looking at the avenue of americas up toward central park. kids here in new york city have the day off. it's going to be a slushy mess. just in the last hour or so it's changed over from rain to snow. brian? brian: whose idea was that? steve: mother nature. ainsley: too take off school? brian: in boston, they said no school today. really? we haven't been in school all week because of the patriots. ainsley: yeah. because they won the super bowl. we are excited about the snow.
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we're nor excited that it is thursday. you only have one more alarm clock. we like the end of the week. brian: that's coming from a woman who loves her job. ainsley: i do. brian: you look forward to weekends? ainsley: fun to sleep in every once in a while. brian: sleep in till 6:00? brian: 7 if i'm lucky. that's four or five more hours. brian: if i sleep too long on the weekends, i don't know but, it's like i'm drunk. if you get 8 hours on the weekend i'm out of it until sunday. steve: there you go. brian: last thing you want is a lot of sleep. ainsley: what time do you wake up? brian: probably around 7:00 or 8:00. steve: meanwhile we have extreme weather. ainsley: 50 million americans in the path of this monster symptom. looking live at clifton, new jersey where the snow is already coming down. brian: he yep. more than 5,000 flights canceled or delight nationwide. steve: road crews working across the northeast preparing for blizzard-like conditions. not just a lot of snow but a
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lot of wind. brian: now to the woman. ainsley: now the snow is expected to fall thick and fast with temperatures plunging to below freezing. brian: now to the man. steve: we have some fox team coverage rob schmidt as you can see screen left live in new york city. first we go to janice dean live in the plaza. janice, just switched over from rain to snow and the wind is coming and that's the bad part. janice: that's right. it's snowing. back to you. [laughter] ainsley: janice, you were so good at your job, you predicted the exact hour it would start snowing. the exact moment i was leaving for work is the when it was. janice: sometimes we get it right. brian kilmeade yesterday you said you weren't thinking it was going to happen. brian: i wouldn't be surprised if it would end soon. janice: don't ever become a meteorologist. brian: all right. janice: it is snowing in new york city. a changeover actually happening in philadelphia. freezing rain for them e it's going to be treacherous because we are going to get that change over to snow in
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philadelphia. light snow with sleet mixed in here in new york. timing of the storm, it's a quick move relatively speaking. going to dump a lot of snow? a short period of time. models show 6 to 12, even 18 inches of snow. with the wind in excess of 35 miles per hour for a duration of time. we have blizzard warnings up for parts of long island and coastal massachusetts. can you see the winds as they start to crank up. this storm hasn't even gotten its act together. that's going to happen later on today. of course we will be out here covering it for you live on "fox & friends." doing snow angels and taking the day off school. back inside. steve: get the shovel, thank you. brian: turn over to rob schmidt live in battery park in new york city. i think he has maybe a rural. see how much inches we got. >> well, yeah. we don't need a ruler yet. just a dusting. you thought it was going to be winter. they are expecting a foot of snow here in new york city.
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as much as. maybe 18-inch in boston. little bit less as you go down south. a dusting. maybe a half inch at this point. we have seen it come down in bands. some of these flakes have been huge. it's going to create a big mess. janice said it's going to come down, it's going to come down very fast the next few hours. the worst time to come down rush hour. 7:00 or 8:00 really bad. 5,000 flight cancellations or delays can. half of those are cancellations. big mess travelwise. in new york city say you need to stay home, stay home. a lot of companies are saying that. steve: for some folks in our department they actually do get the day off. brian: really? steve: because of the snow. for safety reasons. brian: for us said you better get here and you can stay if you have to. ainsley: when the interns all ask like do you love your job? you are working. think about people can watch the news it's when they're at home. you are working when they are
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still home. and home and working the holidays. brian: that's when they leave in tears. ainsley: either you love it or hate it. if you can't handle the hours, get out. brian: if senator sessions can't handle the heat he never would be attorney general. he did get a lot of heat and a lot of turbulence but last night it became official he is the next attorney general. the first man that i know of in the senate to jump on the trump train was senator jeff sessions. this has got to feel great if you are president trump. steve: it was a bruising battle. one democrat joe manchin from the great state of west virginia he is the lone democrat who hopped onto the jeff sessions train. it was a bruising battle. when you look back, never in our american history has a sitting u.s. senator, corey booker, gone out on the floor of the u.s. senate in confirmation hearings and denounced another sitting senator. corey came out and said, you know, he can't be attorney general. and then you have got another senator, richard blumenthal
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who during the confirmation hearings said to mr. sessions now didn't you get an award from the kkk? really? brian: not true. and by the way in the corey booker case, i know you are senator, in the corey booker case just lauded on the year before both getting award and talking about what outstanding senator he has been. they brought race into it from day one. when you bring race into it and whether it's right or wrong, all of a sudden everybody runs to their corners, they take sides. and when you label someone like that, and when elizabeth warren did what she did 24 hours ago. when she starts quoting coretta scott king and everything, all hell broke loose. and then she raises $250,000 because of it. ains ain't alveda king was defending jeff sessions about this and elizabeth warren went to twitter and this is what she is writing about senator jeff sessions. steve: she tweeted deeply disappointed that the senate
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confirmed a.g. whose record does not show he will faithfully and fairly enforce the law. there is no rule 19 to silence me from talking about jeff sessions anymore. let me say loudly and clearly, this is just the beginning. brian: unbelievable that shield do that. she has raised, as i mentioned $250,000 because of it. bumper stickers vote for me in 2020 i'm running for president. that's what this is about. senator scott. ainsley: from south carolina. republican. brian: who is the only black republican in the senate has gotten some backlash. decided to bring this to the senate floor yesterday. listen. >> the white man in a black body. you are a disgrace to the black race. how does a black man turn on his own. senator tim scott is not an uncle tom. he doesn't have a shred of honor, he is a house negro. like the one in jing go, i'm in complete horror. i used out all the country
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ones that used the "n" word. just felt that would not be appropriate. see, what i'm surprised by just a smidgen is that the liberal left that speaks and desires for all of us to be tolerant do not want to be tolerant of anyone that disagrees with where they are coming from. so, the definition of tolerance isn't that all americans experience the high level of tolerance it's that all americans who agree with them experiences this so-called tolerance. ainsley: standing up for what he believes in. he says if you are a black conservative, just plan to be attacked. i just want to give him a hug. i woke up this morning, it's thursday, it's the end of the week, i am excited about that but i also feel very heavy. my heart feels very heavy for this country not just because of what is happening there for like senator warren is writing and saying about other senators for what's happening to ivanka and her business and for people just attacking and
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attacking. steve: there he was. he was reading tweets that people had sent him. he said i'm not going to read the "n" word ones because that would be inappropriate. a lot of people have a heavy heart because the politics have become so cumbersome in washington, d.c. ainsley: hateful. steve: we knew three weeks ago that jeff sessions was going to be our attorney general after donald trump nominated him. we knew the vote. yet they dragged it out all this time after he was confirmed, a whole bunch of democrats went over and shook his hand and said congratulations. then one of the senators from delaware who has been -- and they are all friends. they all love him went over and hugged him yet, would not vote for him. but this is the plan of chuck schumer. just to say no to everything. to stop donald trump and his agenda at every turn. and if this is the plan, senator schumer with all due respect you need a new one because this is a dud. brian: it's called friction fatigue. real quick, everybody played when senator scott came out
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and said i have been pulled over 8 times as a black man on the street. every network played that and people appreciated him talking about his experience. i don't see anybody -- i watched a lot. they might have played it i don't see anybody playing that besides this channel for senator scott making just as impactful statements. ainsley: i was watching another channel for about an hour. did i not see it. maybe they did play it. steve: that's the thing about fox, we play it all. you can email us, tweet us or facebook us. brian: go to heather. heather: first story is about basketball. check out what happened. a former new york knicks star dragged from his seat from a game and handcuffed and thrown out of madison square garden in new york city. watch this. >> apparently -- in the stand. charles oakley involved with something. they need security that big way. heather: charles oakley sitting neither knicks owner james dollan. heckling dollan for his team's
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poor season this year. when confronted, oakley shoved the security guards. arrested and charged with assault and also criminal trespass. the knicks releasing this statement saying, quote: he was a great nick and we hope kn. how performer lost their balance and fell in sarasota, florida. two in critical condition. the group was practicing an 8 person pyramid kind of similar to this. remember the famed "time" tight rope walker nic woe linda. he was the anchor for the pyramid. he was not hurt. all are expected to make a full recovery. the show as they say will go on. texas governor greg abbot wants too drop the hammer on politicians to stop sanctuary cities. the republican proposing an idea to boot local elected officials out of office and then charge them with crimes that they refuse to deport illegals. the provision is attached to a bill to ban sanctuary cities from texas.
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in the meantime, in hoirks the dayton police department officially dropping its sanctuary city policy allowing officers to hand whoever criminal illegals to the feds. and those are your headlines. a lot going on today. steve: key word there criminal. they should hand them over. thank you. brian: 13 minutes after the hour. president trump following through on campaign promise to our service members. after 8 crippling years under president obama. what needs to be done to fix it? u.s. army veteran pete hegseth talks about the v.a. and? ainsley: a shocking statistic 69% of divorces are initiated by the woman. relationship expert suzanne binker is here to tell you how to save your marriage. ♪ i need you now ♪ and i need you then ♪ just stop ♪ because i really love you ♪ stop ♪ i've been thinking of you ♪ look in my heart he chronic, wd pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more
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♪ >> we will ensure that the men and women of our military have the tools, equipment, resources, training and supplies you need to get the job done. steve: well, that sound great. president trump following through on another campaign promise to our service members because after eight years of the obama administration our military not at the stage it needs to be. what exactly does the president need to do to fix it? here to discuss in iraq -- is iraq and afghani combat vet
3:18 am
and fox news contributor pete hegseth. good morning to you. pete: good morning. steve: no secret for the most part the pentagon was hollowed out? pete: no secret at all. first thing our troops are going to get right now is leadership and prioritization from president trump. he cares about the military. he wants to be funded properly. he knows in a dangerous world it needs to be the proper size. barack obama never cared about any of that the budget control act otherwise known as sequestration was the idea of that white house, slashed funding of our military. as a result, we don't have enough planes, we don't have enough ships. we don't have enough troops. they are not ready to go. they don't have the training, maintenance and modernization of their weapon systems. our ships are old, our planes are old and our troops are not as trained as they were in the past. especially conventional forces. goes back to barack obama was unwilling to prioritize defense spending. what reagan faced after carter. he has got to rebuild a hollowed out military. steve: sure.
3:19 am
to your point we have got about the -- the last five years for the budget for the military and as folks can see right there it's going the wrong direction. it's going the wrong direction fora myriad of reasons. what exactly -- it's not like our taxes went down. it's not like washington didn't have more money. they had more money than they have ever had in the history of the united states of america. so where did that money go if it wasn't to the military? >> and our debt increased exponentially it went to social spending programs. it went to a v.a. that still isn't run well. even though they are pumping more money at the problem. more money isn't always the solution but at the defense department if you can't pay to maintain your weapon systems, if you don't have enough troops, if you can't train those troops. steve: right. >> if you don't pay for the next generation weapon system you won't be prepared for that next battlefield. funding does matter at dod and they have undercut it. steve: donald trump has made it very clear that funding the military to the strength we need to be is a priority. what are the odds of him getting the money to do that? >> well, the chairman of the armed services committee and
3:20 am
the house and the senate mac thorn berry and john mccain are both dead kateed to getting rid of sequestration making sure money spent is spent well. it is a big bureaucracy. have you to make it actually works and not overspending. that's a donald trump specialty as well. let's spend more and spend it wisely which i think he has allies in the house and senate to do it. if he wants to make this a priority which i think he does i think they can get it done. steve: all right. pete hegseth joining us from the windy cities. thanks so much. >> you got it thank you. steve: president trump meeting with ceos from three major airlines. what they want him to stop doing. we're going to tell you about that plus, stop arguing and serve your husband. our next guest has advice she says will save your marriage, if it needs saving ♪ cut me free ♪ why don't you baby ♪ get out my life why don't
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and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. brian: all right. some quick headlines now. i have got to tell you what's happening. president trump meeting with world leader-leader of major airlines. american, united and delta all fighting for blocked flights from emirates airline and qatar airlines -- now it was sound like i was stuck on the word airline. allegedly receiving more than $50 billion in subsidies in the last decade. hoping to confirm tom price as the new u.s. health and human services secretary. the final vote expected later on this morning. they decided not to stay up last night and delay the whole thing. steve: well, good for them.
3:25 am
now get something done. meanwhile, unfortunately for a lot of people, relationships these days end like this. >> all i ask, brook, is that you show a little bit of appreciation that i just get 20 minutes to relax when i come home instead of being attacked with questions and nagged the whole damn day. >> you think that i nag you? >> that's all you do. all you do is nag me. the bathroom's a mess. your belt doesn't match. hey, gary, you should probably go work out. nothing i ever do is good enough. >> i'm done. >> what? >> i'm done. i don't deserve. this i really do not deserve this. ainsley: wow. turns out 69% of divorces are initiated by the woman. and our next guest says it's because women today are groomed to lead and insist on being in charge. brian: that's a problem? suzanne binker is the problem of this book the alpha female's guide to men and marriage how love works. so, women -- there is a look at the book and those are the bells. bells aren't real the book is. >> i love it that's so great.
3:26 am
brian: you think women are doing something wrong in what way? >> i think that ultimately what women are struggling with especially what i call the alpha woman. can you replace that with a type a it doesn't have to be the word alpha that they struggle getting in touch with their feminine side that ultimately this is a book about helping women, like myself. this is very much a part memoir, part advice book. my experience and my mother growing up very much alpha and never could shift out of that mode and it caused a lot of problems there was a lot of contention there. steve: one of the problems you say is when men and women enter a relationship in the beginning generally the man is the alpha and the woman is the beta. >> that's how almost all relationships start. you as a man make the phone call. you pay the bill. you actually even ask the woman to marry you. brian: unless it's said did i hawkins dance. >> in that state a woman is much more receptive to your
3:27 am
energy. they are on the receiving end. what happens over time after you have been married a really long time especially once kids come into the picture. women get into this mode of just sort of micromanaging everything. this are working. they are not working. but if they are not working they are raising their they are working at that and micromanaging that. that's all fine but if they don't switch over into wife mode kind of back where they were when you started i think the relationship deteriorates. steve: a beta becomes alpha and man becomes confused and maybe she should be the beta. >> exactly. yes. i will put this down. i was going to use this as a prop. this is my prop to show that in order for batteries to work you need the positive and the negative energy to go together. steve: okay. >> right? steve: two positives not good. two negatives not good. >> the goal is to get one of each. if you are bringing the alpha energy to the table and he alpha by nature he has all the
3:28 am
testosterone like two bulls in a china shop. if you want him to be the more feminine in the relationship that doesn't work for most people women are usually feminine. ainsley: al few come home what does the husband need from the woman. >> the husband needs the woman softness. happiness instead of anger. being more compliant and less dictatorial. basically not telling them what to do. i don't know how else to put it. men don't like. brian: positive not the negative. don't do what we just saw vince vaughn was getting nagged. >> nagging, perfectionist. tell him what he is doing wrong. my husband would call it i can't believe i'm saying this on national tv. directing his traffic. not not directing his traffic. brian: men are simple, not dumb. what do you mean by that? >> really important. men are so simple to love. all they want is sex, companionship and respect. and women are so complicated
3:29 am
that they need a whole lot more. but they don't realize how easy it is if you tap into that femininity to get that man be more receptive to what you want. >> steve: so simple. >> it's so simple. ainsley: last night i found you were going to be on the show. i was reading information about the book and all of that as a woman, are you getting some fall back because it's like i don't expect to hear this message from a woman because we all think it's the man's problem. and. >> that is the problem that we are constantly pointing fingers at the men. i'm saying we're the ones that are actually kind of the problem. ainsley: can't it be both? why is it always our fault. >> it's not that this is your fault. it's a dance. female kind of steers the relationship boat and men feed off of that if you exude really positive energy. very feminine energy they are very responsive to that if you are coming in with all this negativity. but not negativity but all this hardness, they recoil. they don't want it. they are looking for something
3:30 am
soft. ainsley: does the man need to change at although to help with this? >> absolutely. that's certainly been my story and i talk about it in the book. my husband has changed. it is something that will happen. it's just that naturally on his part. but it's just that you kind of have to go first and be good with that. brian: we can leave our socks out and we expected wife to just ignore it after a while. steve: maybe you should put it away and not cause a problem. >> thank you, steve. >> understand those socks are there not because you expect her to pick them up. they don't seat socks. they don't care about the socks. brian: there you go. this is a reasonable woman. steve: what do you think about suzanne's premise here? email us at email or tweet us. brian: brian. steve: the book is called the alpha female's guide to love and marriage. brian. steve: some people are yelling at the tv right now. ainsley: thank you. steve: meanwhile, coming up. take a look at this video.
3:31 am
ice officials under siege for detaining illegal immigrant about to be deported but people stopped them. we're going to explain the story coming up. ainsley: and 24 is back on fox. so what's going to be different this time? we go behind the scenes. >> there is a situation. get here. >> whatever is going on over there, it's not your job anymore. >> i'm the only one who can help. people just can't get enough of me and my discounts. so this year, they're getting a whole lot more. box 365, the calendar. everyone knows my paperless, safe driver, and multi-car discounts, but they're about to see a whole new side of me. heck, i can get you over $600 in savings. chop, chop. do i look like i've been hurt before? because i've been hurt before.
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♪ money, money, money ♪ money, money, money ♪ ♪ money. ainsley: it is your shot of the morning, a new brooklyn coffee shop is taking it to
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the extreme with an $18 cup of coffee. steve is going to test it out. ainsley: it's the highest, most expensive coffee in the country. brian: is it good? steve: it's good. brian: extraction lab uses rare beans from panama three brewing methods. >> steve: it's $18 a cu. ainsley: the brewing machine is $18,000. brian: i cannot drink starbucks coffee it takes out the lining as it goes down of my stomach. steve: so much coffee tastes burned. brian: $18. i don't think so. can you imagine $18 and you spill some of it? ainsley: i was reading an article one time thing. you got to do it one time. you can't do it every day but one time. steve: put these cups next to each other for just a second. $54 worth of coffee right here. brian: and no free refills.
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ainsley: average of 60, that's good. steve: speaking of numbers. janice you got some. janice: i do too. does it have alcohol in it? steve: that's after work. ainsley: janice, is that the question you ask every day? janice: i would spend $18 on martini. steve: that's a lot. the forecast would drive to you drink because it's pretty wintery here. brian: i don't think it's going to snow. janice: brian said that this time yesterday that it wasn't going to snow. hello, take a look around here. i believe during next hour i will be doing a snow angel out here on the plaza. brian: not yet. janice: it's happening. it's side ways right now. ainsley: how long is it going to last. janice: scotty is going to hold this and i'm going to get my clicker. it's going to last in the morning throughout the afternoon. it's happening at such a fast rate. dealing with snow 1 to 3 inches an hour. that's why we have snow totals upwards of a foot and wind gusts. wind gusts in effect long
3:37 am
island and coastal, massachusetts. this will be with us throughout the afternoon. people are urged to stay off the roads. the trucks are out, the plows are out. the schools are not happening. can i just say happy birthday to theodore my youngest who is 6 years old today and who is at home on a winter snow day with his dad. happy birthday, my love. i'll be home soon hopefully, back to you. steve: janice, we should point out as well for brian who is checking his email right now. brian, actually out in long island, you're going to wind up with the most snow and blizzard warnings as well where the wind is coming in side ways. janice: good luck with the weather happening right now. ainsley: i live in the city. the three of do you not come on over. janice: i'm there. ainsley: we will have a snow party tonight. janice: pillow fight with ainsley. ainsley: okay. or not. thanks, janice. steve: outside where i could hear -- could you hear the snow blower? doing a great job.
3:38 am
ainsley: is that what it was? steve: in front of our building. heather: sounds like a great night. my husband is home with the kids as well. they will have fun plowing the driveway. ainsley: martinis for me and you and you guys can stay, too. let's start out with a fox news alert. the sons of the drug king pin el chapo wounded in ambush style attack set up by one of their rivals of their father. the men telling a mexican journalist that they were able to escape but their body guards were killed. el chapo currently in jail in maximum security prison in new york. he was extradited here last month. more information on that as we get it and breaking overnight. protests erupt in phoenix over illegal immigrant. watch this. [chanting] heather: that's new video just coming in to our newsroom. it shows protesters blocking a van that was transporting her
3:39 am
to immigration offices. she was going in for six month check-in. the policy under the obama administration. but instead of being released she was detained under president trump's illegal immigration crack down. seven protesters were arrested. the van was eventually allowed to leave. fascinating. these adorable malian tiger cubs. zoo officials forced to hand feed. mom's maternal instincts never kicked in. it's important to keep the cats healthy and alive. the zoo hopes they will much needed diversity to help that species. fewer than 500 malayian tigers left in the world. ainsley, we will take those. ainsley: we'll take them for a few months. brian: meanwhile, the emmy award winning show 24 is back on fox this time with a whole new coast facing brand new threats.
3:40 am
>> there's a situation at ctu. >> whatever is going on over there is not your job anymore. >> i'm the only one that can help. >> steve: let's step into the fox light with michael tammero who got a behind the scenes look at the new "24" kiefer sutherland is not in this show but is he working on it. >> what it was like to bring back the series to fox. ♪ >> i'm probably the only person on this planet who has not seen "24". [gasp] >> i know but i love this one. new generation of "24" fans right here. >> yes. that's what we want. >> were you guys fans of the original. >> super fans. >> i was a normal fan. he was super fan. >> how are you going to get on to your favorite show as an actor? >> our version is all new cast and a lot of new twists.
3:41 am
but it absolutely winks to the original. >> planning an attack on u.s. soil. >> maybe this is a party of that. >> do you know what we're doing hits really close to home. and almost maybe too close to home. and you will sees a the story unfolds that it's very exciting. very scary and very topical: >> there is political corruption, there is drug trade. there is terrorist cells. >> everything. >> everything that we deal with and all those worlds colliding in a show like this. while it's topical it's not trying to be ripped from the headlines every week. >> no matter what happens, stay there. >> catch 24 monday only on fox as we were saying the original 24 was the beginning of this whole golden air wrath television. steve: whole season is just going to be one day, right?
3:42 am
for more of my celebrity interviews check out fox news or follow me on twitter and instagram at fox light michael. steve: we're running out of time as jack bauer used to say. ainsley: thank you, michael. move over nordstrom now t.j. max and refusing to carry the line. steve: what are the effects, dr. nicole is a fir nicole saphg in to the studio. she has flont say next ♪ the heat is on ♪ the heat is on ♪ the heat is on ♪ burning, burning, burning ♪ it's on the street ♪ the heat is on ♪ and it all starts
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3:45 am
ainsley: at least 33 medical societies have come out in the
3:46 am
trump travel ban saying it could affect the number of doctors in the u.s. for medical research. joining us with her analysis is dr. nicole is a fire. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. ainsley: if the ban were not in place like it is now, if we have influx of refugees, how does that effect the medical community here in the u.s.? >> we have already seen overwhelming of our system with the implementation of the affordable care act. if we were to welcome a large amount of refugees we would just see more, overburdening of our healthcare system. more of the doctor shortage that we are already dealing with unfortunately what we -- people aren't understanding is foreign graduates are critical to our healthcare system, the compassion, intelligence and scientific research. there is no national boundaries there. so we do have international collaboration that really is vital to the medical system. ainsley: would doctors be completely overwhelmed? you said there is already a shortage. i know in the e.r. there are
3:47 am
so many people that flood the e.r.s. so many people don't get a bed and have to wait hours. wouldn't it make it worse for those folks living in our country to get care. >> absolutely. if we have more people coming who do need medical attention, we already have overburdened system. we would have more of an overburdened system. more than a quarter of practicing physicians now are foreign graduates. it's very important to recognize that they are crucial to our healthcare system. and, you know, the urgency in protecting americans from international adversaries is justified, absolutely. and for this to have a moment to impact to have exceptions would be, lessen that impact. but what we need to see is clarity in the future what this temporary ban holds for our international researchers, our scientists and our physicians so that we can compensate. ainsley: how does it work? how do we pay for the influx of refugees that are needing medical care? >> well, i think there isn't an actual plan in sight right now.
3:48 am
expansion of medicaid has been what we have done predominantly in the past. that does come from taxpayers' dollars. that's party of what america is. when refugees come in we do try to take care of them. if we allow them in, they deserve healthcare. we want to be able to take care of them. we do see different diseases that they bring over here. so we need to make sure that we're equipped to take care of them. ainsley: it's so tough, i'm sure, being a physician. you want to help everyone. you hear about these stories and cases in other countries they don't have medical care and they die over something we would be treated for quickly. your heart breaks for them. but the folks here in america, the taxpayers, we are running out of money. it's got to be tough. especially as a physician. >> you know, any time that there is an executive order or big decision anywhere, you're going to make a lot of people happy and you are going to upseat lot of people. i think the trump administration is going to deal with that right now. they are trying to do what they feel is best for america. by having this executive order they feel that's what they need for america to be the safest. we as a medical community are trying to figure out what
3:49 am
that's going to mean for us. ainsley: have you veterans not getting help and they fought for this country thanks, dr. is dr. saphier. first it was nordstrom now it's t.j. maxx and marshals. they refuse to promote ivanka's brand. should you stop going to those stores? we'll talk to kellyanne about that. carlie shimkus is here to talk about the major backlash ♪ shake, shake, shake ♪ shake it off ♪
3:50 am
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3:52 am
♪ steve: all right. the trends on friends, president trump firing back at retailers dropping his
3:53 am
daughter ivanka's line of clothing and accessories. in a tweet yesterday he writes my daughter ivanka has been treated so unfairly by nordstrom's. she is a great person. always pushing me to do the right thing. terrible. ainsley: here with more on today's top trending stories is fox news headlines 24/7 reporter carlie shimkus. hey, carlie. >> good morning. steve: you can see the dad trying to protect the daughter. >> that's exactly what he was doing. nordstrom's maintains they dropped ivanka's clothing line because people stopped buying it. one of the reasons is #grab your wallet campaign which is online movement which calls for people to stop buying anything related to the trump family. and now people are looking at this, especially with t.j. max and and marshalls. they are being called to hide their products in her store. steve: take down promotional stuff and put her stuff on the reaction with everything else. >> some are looking and saying this is ridiculous. they have #movement of their
3:54 am
own that they started #buy ivanka. brandon says hey, nordstrom if america's first family isn't good enough for you then neither is my money #biivanka. my husband asked me if there is something special i wanted for valentine's day my response #biivanka. he said okay. janice says said i'm with her to a whole new level. brian: question is a lot of people are saying should the president be tweeting and retweeting on potus about nordstrom and his daughter. steve: it's his daughter. brian: long history of presidents sticking up for daughter. harry truman fought for his daughter his daughter had a recital and a lot of people were critical. he. ainsley: nothing wrong with that. >> kellyanne conway is going to be on at 7:30. steve: kellyanne conway is
3:55 am
coming up there you go. infuriate half the country. >> look at the brands that have already dropped ivanka trump's clothing. we have neiman marcus, jet belt, shop shoes do the come and bilk. grab your wallet campaign is working. ainsley: political. they don't agree with donald trump. they are dropping his daughter's line? >> exactly. brian: tom brady, what's going on with his jersey? it still has not surfaced but there is hope. >> we have a lead. there is a new lead on? might actually have been packed away in the team's equipment truck. that could be it. he said they. steve: 18-wheeler. >> it's an 18-wheeler. it's arriving in boston and will be unpacked today. ainsley: hope it's in there. he said someone took it out of his bag. >> i know. we do have a list of possible suspects. this is an actual patriot, players, team employees, family of teen executives. nfl officials and security
3:56 am
staff. the houston police are on the case. ainsley: that's a long list. >> to search and find this jersey. maybe they should have told the driver, maybe called his cell phone and told him to pull over on the side of the road. search the truck. it could save the houston police a whole lot of trouble. steve: that's crazy. so later today the mystery could be solved. because it could be in a bag. >> very exciting stuff. brian: got to smell like him. got to be his jersey. >> jauch. ainsley: how do they know? do they put something inside the jersey? >> it's got his name on the back. steve: and it's dirty. brian: not like us at camp write your name on the inside. his is on the outside. steve: thank you. brian: many stooping to a new low. saying absolutely disgusting things to republican senator tim scott. >> a white man in a black body. you are a disgrace to the black race. how does a black man turn on
3:57 am
his own? brian: so much for tolerance, right? steve: judge napolitano ways in on the new attorney general. jeff sessions is the top law man and our law man coming in the studio ♪ put up your dukes ♪
3:58 am
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4:00 am
>> i don't ever want to call a court biased but courts seem to be so political. >> neil gorsuch found the verbal attacks that the president has been leveling at the judiciary disheartening and demoralizing. >> neil gorsuch has to say that it's perfectly reasonable that he would take exception to this. >> senator jeff sessions has at long last been confirmed as the attorney general of the united states. >> he believes in the rule of law. >> . so comments i get on twitter. you are a disgrace to the black race. how does a black man turn on his own? >> you are our heroes and we
4:01 am
are prepared to fight and we pray for peace. >> he cares about the military. he wants it to be funded profferly. and he knows in a dangerous world it needs to be the proper size. barack obama never cared about any of that. >> forecast models showing anywhere from 6 to 12, even 18 inches of snow. >> it's going to come down very fast over the next few hours. and talk about the worst time for it to come down, right through rush hour. ♪ starting off a brand new day ♪ turn the clock ♪ i wonder if she'll take me back ♪ brand new way ♪ ainsley: it's so beautiful, isn't it? steve: it's pretty but treacherous as well. we just looked at clifton, new jersey, you go out the lincoln tunnel and head west 10, 15 miles. that's clifton, here in midtown, manhattan. there is clifton right there. some snow is coming down. will it be a foot?
4:02 am
it could be. ainsley: there is someone out right now. steve: that's the camera guy. brian: you know what happens in my family that causes stress when it starts getting bad. they say you better stay in because you can't get back tomorrow. guess who is out there using the electric snow chevrolet. ainsley: oh no, dawn? brian: she has gotten good. >> steve: you are so lucky you have the electric snow shovel my wife is at home with the regular shovel. honey, i'll be off at 9:00. ainsley: she doesn't have the little ones. tell her not to do it you will get doo it when you get home. steve: they are all stuck home. ainsley: let her stay inside. brian: hunker down with the dogs. steve: extreme weather. ainsley: 50 million affected by the path of this monster storm. looking live at times square right now where the snow is already coming down. steve: so far airlines have canceled nearly 3,000 flights, cancelled or delayed. ainsley: sometimes it's one l.
4:03 am
>> either way it won't fly. i'm pretty sure. road crews working overnight preparing for blizzard like conditions that's all i have to read. ainsley: snow is expected to fall thick and fast with temperatures falling below freezing. brian: rob schmid live in new york city. janice: later on i will be shoveling on the plaza, i promise you that it is happening. what we predicted is actually happening. i'm so excited about that. the snow is flying sideways here in new york city. we are expecting upwards of a foot. and it's going to continue throughout the morning and in to the afternoon. there are your temperatures. i just want to mention this like jed we had a daytime high of 61. which was a record. and now we are in to the 30's. and all up and down the i-95 corridor we have a mix of rain, sleet, freezing rain, and snow for long island and new york. up towards boston.
4:04 am
relatively a quick mover, but it's going to dump a lot of snow in a very short period of time. 6 to 10 inches. some areas could receive 12 inches. we will see jackpot of 2 feet especially in new england. winter storm warnings and winter advisories for millions of people. many have not seen winter storm warnings in their area for at least a year. this is a big deal. schools are cancelled. flights are cancelled. and travel is going to be treacherous if not impossible. i also want to point out we have blizzard warnings in effect for parts of long island including where brian lives. be careful out there, dawn, as well as parts of coastal massachusetts. winds in excess of 35 miles per hour. that's why we have blizzard warnings. it is tough out here. i guarantee i will be shoveling and doing snow angels in the next hour so stay tuned. back over to you brian, steve, ainsley. steve: thank you very much. brian: just examining new tweets that have just come out. steve: tell you what donald trump is tweeting not about the snow in just a moment.
4:05 am
rob schmid is live in battery park in new york at the lower end of the island. it's starting to come down because nobody is sitting behind you. >> ♪ going to be anybody sitting out here today. right, steve. this would usually be a spectacular seen and nice place to sit outside. you would be able to see statue of liberty on a clear day not today. very rough day if you are driving the staten island ferry. can't be easy job in. this take a look at the ground here. i just made these footprints two minutes ago and already covered up. really coming down. couple inches on the ground here. flight san sell legs the big thing we need to get to 5,000 delays or san sell legs. 3,000 are cancellations. this is going to make a mess of flights in this country. quick video. allen town, pennsylvania, 80 miles straight to my west. you can see the plows are out there and out here in new york city. expecting the most snow i think in boston. send it back to you guys. steve: all right. rob. thank you very much with that
4:06 am
shovel ready job out there. brian: meanwhile judge napolitano working overtime. we are tapping into everything you have ever learned about law. >> just about, brian. brian: the battle to get attorney general is front and center. first things first we just did get a tweet from donald trump in regards to judge gorsuch who is the nominee to be the next supreme court justice coming out and speaking with senator richard blumenthal came out and talked about what gorsuch told him about donald trump's disappointment in ninth district court. steve: senator richard blumenthal, who never fought in vietnam when he said for years he had, major lie, now misrepresents what judge gorsuch told him. in talking yesterday in a private meeting with neil gorsuch, apparently it's a private meeting. so senator blumenthal comes out and says the judge said he was disheartened and demoralized by this abhorrent comment.
4:07 am
then the person who is escorting judge gorsuch around said he never said abhorrent. he misquoted him. >> abhorrent, of course, is a horrific word. meaning. steve: neff used it? >> hateful. obviously was what this senator blumenthal adescribed to what he heard. a couple of questions here. are there judges who are disheartened by what the president said? yeah. they feel that and maybe he is so angry at the inappropriate intervention with his regulation of foreign affairs that he should be reminded that the judiciary is an equal branch. did judge gorsuch say this? well, this is senator blumenthal's summary. is this conversation between judge gorsuch -- this is an interesting question in each senator private or can it be revealed to the public? brian: that's the first thing i asked you in the hall. >> i don't know what the answer to that is, brian. except to say that senators, like senator blumenthal, will
4:08 am
reveal what they think will help themselves politically. steve: sure. >> he obviously is not a fan of donald trump and not a fan of judge gorsuch. and might want to do what he can to drive a wedge between them. i have defended the president's criticism of these judges because their questions, both the trial judge, judge robart and the three appellate judges were political questions. they all said. brian: exactly. >> what studies did he rely on to choose the seven countries? that is an irrelevant question. their job is not to second guess him. not to decide if he was smart or prudent, but just to determine if his behavior was constitutional and lawful. my late great friend justice scalia had a sign on his desk which said three words stupid but constitutional. meaning i don't care of the wisdom -- about the wisdom of the government's choices. and the court doesn't care. it only cares about the constitutionality.
4:09 am
is donald trump's order constitutional? it is so crystal clear that it is. the statute that he read to the police chiefs yesterday is exactly right on point. ainsley: jeff sessions was just confirmed yesterday. >> about time. now we have a justice department that's no longer rogue e. ainsley: what will the doj look like? >> well, i think it's going to be much more of a down the line law and order doj than the politicized one that we had under poem donald trump has promised that and the jeff sessions 12 to 13 years. i might not agree with everything jeff sessions do. it's going to be a far more traditional law and order oriented justice department. fbi and all the other instruments that belong to the justice department. brian: judge, do you think that the turbulence he put and all the consternation we received and watched leading to his nomination. leading to his confirmation,
4:10 am
will that affect anything that he does or anything that his justice department does? >> i hope note. because the jeff sessions that i know is not the person that was profoundly misrepresented by the democrats, particularly my very good friend corey booker whom i have known for 20 years. and senator warren from massachusetts. they grossly misrepresented senator sessions on the very difficult issue of race. steve: people on the political left are attacking donald trump because he said look, you can't attack the court system. historically presidents have taken shots at the other branches of government at the congress and at the courts. >> look, when the supreme court once ruled that the second national bank of the united states was lawful and the government had to put its money in there and andrew jackson, the president didn't want to do it, chief justice john marshal famously said john marshal has made his ruling. >> now let him go enforce it not suggesting that presidents should be lawless, but the tradition of presidents criticizing courts is.
4:11 am
>> is nothing new. >> teddy roosevelt, too right? >> yes. steve: thank you very much. we have a shovel over at the studio door. can you help out? >> i think janice already has it. [laughter] steve: 7:11 in new york city and heather has a fox news alert. heather: judge is putting the woman to work. come on, judge. get out that shovel. i know you will do it. hope you are to have a great day. i have news from overseas and fox news alert. a new terror takedown. u.s. drone strikes killing 11 al qaeda fighters in syria. among the dead at least two senior terror commanders. pentagon officials say that one of them had links to the 9/11 mastermind usama bin laden. and al qaeda's current leader ayman al zawahiri. he also oversought creation of the many al qaeda training camps in afghanistan in the 80's and 90's. bring you more of this developing story as we get it meantime back here at home former new york knicks store
4:12 am
drand from higg seat and handcuffed and thrown out of madison square garden. >> apparently charlie oakley over there in the stands. charlie oakley. they need security in a big way. heather: charles oakley played for the knicks in the 90's. he sat near james dollan and heckled him for the team's poor season. when he was confronted oakley shoved security guards. he was later arrested and charged with assault and criminal trespass. the knicks then releasing this statement, quote: he was a great nick and we hope he gets some help soon. officials investigating how five circus performers lost their balance and fell 25 feet trying a record-breaking stunt in sarasota, florida. two people in critical condition. the group was practicing an 8 person pyramid kind of like this one. famed tight rope walker nic wallenda was the anchor for the pyramid. he was not hurt though.
4:13 am
all are expected to make a full recovery and the show will go on. as they say the show will go on. those are your headlines. brian: the old president of the team dave checkuts went out to bail him out of prison last night. steve: out of jail. brian: yeah. out of jail. unbelievable. steve: meanwhile the v.a. just spent millions of taxpayer dollars on funeral costs for veterans. the only problem, those vets not dead. how does something like that happen? we'll try to explain. brian: president trump promised you would be sick of winning. this morning ed henry with the victory for the american worker live from washington. look at that he is so focused. ♪ oh, baby e here i am ♪ signed, sealed, delivered ♪ i'm yours ♪
4:14 am
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♪ ♪ >> we're going to win so much you may even get tired of winning. and you will say please, please, it's too much winning. we can't take it anymore. brian: all right. there you go. he predicted it. and now it's come true to a certain extent. the ceo of intel meeting with the president in the oval office to announce a huge deal to create new american jobs. ainsley: this as rumors swirl about the future of the white house press seacketd sean spicer. steve: our chief national
4:18 am
correspondent ed henry joins us from washington to talk about it. how are you doing? steve: doing okay. the president says we are winning, right? >> when you mention intel deal this is a big deal. the head of intel comes into the oval office yesterday and said look we're going to pour $7 billion, billion with a b in a facility in arizona. as you say that will mean american jobs. that's a big investment in the u.s. economy. and that's why the president was highlighting it. look at where we have come in just a few weeks. talked about deals with ford and carrier. so, it's not just jobs created. it's jobs saved that might have gone to mexico or elsewhere. so, these are some of the things he talked about in the campaign that he is actually following through on. the problem for the white house right now, among other things, is that he is getting very little or no credit for the fact that he is focusing on these jobs. so what i'm hearing among some trump insiders is there is talk that you have got sean spicer doing these two jobs, communications director which
4:19 am
is supposed to be more big picture, figure out the message long-term as well as press secretary. and i'm told that snl skit is still knawing at the president where sean spicer last weekend was mocked. a woman, you remember, melissa mccarthy was playing him and mocking his tone and tenor at the podium. some in the white house speculating about the idea maybe spicer will focus on communications director full time and they will look for somebody else to come into the podium. i think it should be noted that while he had a rocky start, spicer has been getting high marks for these skype things where he has local reporters come in and talk about real issues like jobs. he has been a little more sure of himself at the podium. in fact, i reached out to him this morning saying look, people are out there talking about this, do you want to weigh in? so far he hasn't responded. if he does later in the show obviously i will come back. nobody says it's imminent but people are saying there is a lot of talk that maybe he will focus a lot more on communication director and
4:20 am
look for somebody else. steve: no doubt about it donald trump is unconventional president and going to have unconventional communications. brian: they did say they offered the job to a few people and all those people have turned it down. steve: to stay tuned. ainsley: thank you, ed. steve: 7:20 in new york city. we want to get to the bottom of the sean spicer story. who better to ask than the counselor of the president kellyanne conway is going to be joining us from the white house. brian: senator john mccain says the operation in yemen that left a navy seal dead. is he right or should he apologize to that seal's family? we'll ask taya kyle who is the wife of chri chris kyle is here.
4:21 am
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call today. comcast business. built for business. ♪ ainsley: some quick headlines for you. texas governor greg abbot wants to drop the hammer on cities drop sanctuary cities. boot local elected officials out of office and charge them with crimes if they refuse to deport illegals. the provision is attached to a bill from the state of texas. and another black eye for the v.a. the new report showing the v.a. wasted $3 million to pay for veterans funeral expenses. what's the problem with that? well, those vets are still alive. the inspector general's office found the agency authorizing incorrect payments because it had a poor system. steve: computers from the 60's. brian: after eight years of
4:25 am
the military being depleted, president trump is making this promise. >> we will ensure that the men and women of our military have the tools, equipment, resources, training and supplies you need to get the job done. steve: here to discuss now we have the widow of "american sniper" chris kyle and fox news contributor taya keil. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we want to start with breaking news. yesterday john mccain said regarding the raid in yemen where an american navy seal lost his life. he said, you know, i couldn't consider it a success if he loses 75-million-dollar airplane than the loss of a life. what do you say to senator mccain? because sean spicer says that mccain owes critics of that. ainsley: and owes ryan owens' family an apoll. >> he could apologize to the family for saying it was a failure. they got 14 high value targets. that's a big deal.
4:26 am
these guys went in and risked their lives and very successful. did everything go well? no everything didn't go to plan but it's war. >> ainsley: did you know ryan owens. >> no but i know friend close him to. i talked to some friend this morning about it and asked what do you feel? she said yeah, it's horrible because they hear the kids of other parents talking about it at school or saying it's a failure or commenting negatively about that without counter acting about that with some of the positive results. that's hard on them. they gave their lives for that they planned, they worked hard. they are valiant. ainsley: did you go through that, people credit sighing? >> oh, yeah. in a way that's party of it. when it comes from somebody like john mccain it gives it weight. when he says it's a failure it sounds factual it's not factual. it's not true. brian: are not more resistance than they originally thought. makes you think you got close to people very important when you get that kind of fire power back.
4:27 am
senator john mccain said this on another network. >> when you lose a 75-million-dollar airplane and more importantly american lives are -- a life is lost and wounded, i don't believe that you can call it a success. steve: but you say that's simply not accurate. and you also -- what i think is the most powerful point is just that if you lost a family member, you know, the family that lost that navy seal, you don't want to think he gave away his life for nothing. >> it's semantics when you say something is a failure or success. i don't think you can categorically say that have you to be a little more detailed. brian: let me ask you this because you are uniquely qualified to answer. this people in the military say we have been so risk averse for 8 years. we are letting a lot of people get away with a lot of things and a lot of red lines have been passing. for someone in the military of a spouse or directly there, how do you feel about that beings, being risk adverse, is that a good thing? >> no. if you are going to get terrorists, you have to be able to risk something.
4:28 am
have you to be able to go into the hard situations and know that everything isn't going to go according to plan. if you want it to be perfect, you're not going to get the people you need. ainsley: what does president trump need to do to make our military as strong as it can be and protect our country? >> i think he is on the right track when it comes to the military. is he working on morale. letting them know he supports them. he is talking to guys on the ground. is he not listening to a couple chosen generals. he is actually talking to the guys serving, and i think that's a big deal. is he showing up like when owens' body was brought back he was there and he showed respect that way. he is working on funding. if congress can get behind that, that will be a big deal, too. steve: sure. the funding we did a segment with pete hegseth about an hour ago where over the last 8 years the funding has gone down while the threats have gone up. >> right. steve: our air force has never had as few airplanes as we do right now in the modern times. >> helicopter crashes all the time. gear is subpar. they need to bring all that up so the worry is not only fight the fight but be safe while they do it. brian: that's important. do you also think it's
4:29 am
important because donald trump has been a critic of the iraq war. but the way we fought in there, the way we adjusted, the surge, fought very valiantly, do you think it would be better to dial back on the criticism of the iraq war because so many people have lost their lives and limbs fighting for it? >> yeah. i mean you just have to keep eyes forward too, right? it's easy to come in and criticize something that's already happened. they made a lot of progress in iraq. they got rid of a lot of terrorists and cleaned up the area substantially for the civilians as well. there are schools where there used to be a lot of mines. i think that you have to be careful about it and keep eyes forward without so much going back and criticizing efforts that were made there. steve: all right. taya kyle, thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you. ainsley: ivanka trump shared this adorable picture of her showing her son inside the white house. now she is facing major mom shaming. she knows what it's like to be a mom in washington and we'll ask kellyanne conway about that coming up next. brian: 69% of divorces are
4:30 am
initiated by women. does that mean it's the women's fault? you are all -- it was the earlier guest that everyone keeps talking about. your emails and texts coming your way. everything you are writing us on we are watching and reading ♪ you can't have one without the other ♪ love and marriage ♪ love and marriage ♪ can i give it to you straight? that airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy. this why you asked me to coffee?
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♪ here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority : you steve: all right. it is a snow day here in new york city. the kids got the day off. we have got snowplows around the building. and i think we -- janice dean, we probably would have 2 or 3 inches already.
4:34 am
janice: absolutely. i don't have my official ruler here right now but i will get one. steve: you do have a fan over your shoulder. >> what are you doing here? came out to visit. >> florida. janice: what do you think of the snow. >> beautiful. my wife is up the street and she is watching us right now. my family is in florida watching us. janice: wave to them and say hello. >> hello. janice: i'm crazy in the snow storm. >> are you going to do snow angels with me later? >> i love to. >> tom. janice: stay where you are. we are going to do snow angels in a second. it's snowing out. i have to tell you this is good news for meteorologists because we were forecasting this. and when the forecast happens, we get excited about that. so there are your temperatures. yesterday by the way we broke a record. it was 61 here in new york city. and now we have got the snow. we had the changeover earlier on today. philadelphia is getting freezing rain and sleet right now. d.c. got a little bit of snow but they really weren't into this mess like we are right now.
4:35 am
blizzard warnings in effect for parts of long island as well as coastal massachusetts. you can see the snowfall totals. this is going to be with us six or seven hours. dump upwards of a foot to 18 inches of snow from new york northward. coming 1 to 3 inches of hour. reports of thunder snow which doesn't happen very often. which gets us very excited. winter storm warnings for millions of people you will up and down the i-95 corridor. we have blizzard warnings across long island and coastal, massachusetts as you she as we zoom. in that means not only storm totals of a foot. wind gusts of 35 miles per hour for a duration of at least three hours. that's the criteria that you need for a blizzard warning. also want to make mention across the west by the way they are like you ain't seen nothing. we have seen storm after storm after storm with heavy rain and mountain snow for them as well. and can i just mention real quick. it's my son theodore's sixth
4:36 am
birthday today. so i want to say happy birthday theodore. he has got a snow day. it's not bad. a snow day for him and presents later on and cake. ainsley: the boys have birthdays close together. steve: janice dean with a fan from florida. janice: we are going to do snow angels. brian: can you handle breaking news? come back with kellyanne conway. heather: couple quick medicine medical headlines to to you. clinic telling patients they had alzheimer's disease. one quit their job. one person ended their life. the director of the toledo clinic cognitive center in ohio did not have a medical license. she allegedly used the name and the license of her husband to authorize tests. patients now suing for at least a million dollars each. more on that story as we get it and a heart warming moment
4:37 am
as a 6-year-old celebrates the end of his chemo treatment. watch this. [bell] [cheers] >> awe, look at that sweet little superman his name is jimmy dancing wildly as he rings the bell at pittsburgh's children's hospital. he has been battling inoperable brain tumor since he was just 4 months old. heart breaking for that family. what a spirit that guy has. steve: soaks sighted and he showed his belly right there jumping around. because that was the last chemo day he was wearing a superman shirt. heat heat so sweet. ainsley: he has been battles citizens 4 months old. he has never had a life without chemo. so excited for him. sweets story. thank you. brian: when we come back, we will be jind from the white house by kellyanne conway. we will find out what's happening with the communications division and press preacketd division and other hires and including getting her reaction to having attorney general on staff.
4:38 am
ainsley: and vawnk. steve: we have a lot to talk about. she is live from the white house. we'll be right back. ♪ when it comes to heartburn... trust the brand doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the #1 choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for all day and all night protection... banish the burn... with nexium 24hr. withevery late night...g... and moment away... with every and paycheck... you've earned your medicare. it was a deal that was made long ago, and aarp believes it should be honored. thankfully, president trump does too. "i am going to protect and save your social security and your medicare. you made a deal a long time ago." now, it's congress' turn. tell them to protect medicare.
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dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles have a unique gel wave design for outrageous comfort that helps you feel more energized. dr. scholl's. feel the energy! steve: all right. well, there is a lot going on down in washington. who better to talk to than special counselor to the president of the united states kellyanne conway who joins us today from the briefing room because we have got some lousy weather here in the northeast. kellyanne conway, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: hey, we had ed henry on about a half an hour ago. he said there could be -- there is some rumblings in washington that there could be something happening. sean spicer communication director stuff like that. what's the truth? >> the truth is sean spicer is our preacke press secretary andl continue to be. he has the president's ear and full confidence meeting with him every day. issues for sean press' briefing. we have a communications
4:42 am
director sean spicer. he has been doing two jobs. >> these are two separate jobs. communication directors is more visionary. planner, somebody block out how does this look when the president or vice president goes somewhere out in the country to sign an executive order, to meet with individual job creators. or go to the dakota pipeline for example at some point, how does it look? who are the other messengers? what are the visuals? and the communications director is very different in that regard because it's sort of a visionary not necessarily somebody who goes on tv, maybe, maybe not. traditionally. but the press secretary you see what that individual does each day. >> those are both huge jobs. >> he has been willing to take them both on. but these are very big jobs. and he has, i think he is doing excellent job, frankly, as both. but if we can get additional help for communications, i think that would alleviate some of the idea that this man is doing two jobs. he has full faith and confidence of the president.
4:43 am
these reports are completely false. i have talked to the president and i have talked to sean spicer they are false. brian: first off. two jobs there they have got to be filled by two different people. >> that's right. brian: the word is that you offer the communication director job to a number of people and they have all said no. how true is that? >> that is completely false, also. i know people who are interested in the job, actually, as i stand here. they have reached out to us. and i think that we'll be either interviewing or deciding what to do in that regard, but, look, i think communications is important to any president of the united states as an obvious point. to this president it's exceptionally important, because is he a tv expert himself. he has the number one show on nbc when the apprentice came out. he is -- i have been in the room with him many times when he is about to do a tv hit or record something at length. he knows right away the camera angles and the visuals. that's who he is. brian: i remember walking into a locker room run down jim?
4:44 am
scranton adjusted my lights. i will make you look better too. give me a second. physically picked up the lights and worked with them. so i get it. having said that in the big picture i did hear he does watch a lot of shows. did i hear he was upset by the way sean spicer was portrayed on snl and the fact that he didn't text afterwards shows he is upset by it? >> the president is very protective of us. we have been a small team all along in the campaign and through the rnc. and he ends up being very protective of us. trying to divide and conquer us it actually has the opposite effect we get tighter and closer. if that's even possible. so, there is that. secondly, he doesn't -- he thinks that people are treating him unfairly by and large. he just wants to get his message out in a way that's fair and full and complete. ainsley: he is loyal. >> and is he very -- is he exceptionally loyal. and we are exceptionally loyal to him. that's why we are here. look, we are here whether it's sean my, reince, others, we are here to serve the president and the president is here to serve people. it's very linear.
4:45 am
ainsley: he tweeted this morning. you have senator richard blumenthal and he was having a private conversation with judge gorsuch, neil gorsuch, and he says that neil gorsuch told him that he was disheartened by the president's comments about the judges. steve: and demoralized and richard blumenthal described it as trump's abhorrent comments. and abhorrent and demoralizing and disheartening got part of the mix but, in fact, mr. gorsuch never mentioned abhorrent. so then your boss today tweeted this. >> exactly. this is what he tweeted out. senator richard blumenthal who never fought in vietnam when he said for years he had major lie now misrepresents what judge gorsuch told him. what is he saying there at the white house about this? >> well, he is saying that the judge has been misrepresented and some of his comments have been distorted. also, probably that you don't reveal a private conversation. even if it means you could be on cable tv 24/7.
4:46 am
this is the president's way of reminding everybody that senator blumenthal has had a credibility problem of his eaten. we know that gets glossed over. i remember years ago when he was run for re-election, lifelong politician and very wealthy man, senator blume that. he is somebody who said he fought in vietnam answered meant to say he fought -- he was enlisted during vietnam. so it was just a matter of a word that happens to some of us sometimes but in the case of senator blumenthal it didn't get that much coverage. so perhaps the president is trying to maybe make everybody see the credibility of senator blumenthal as well as is he out there representing the judge's conversation. look, i go back to one other thing. two things. one quickly. one is remember during the conversation hearings for other still unconfirmed nominees that the president said at some point that his -- he is very comfortable with his nominees expressing their own points of view. he said that when these folks are being grilled by the democratic senators voting against them anyway for no
4:47 am
good reason excepted politics. he said i want them to express their own independent views. the president is very comfortable with that number two, what about when president obama tried to shame the supreme court in front of the world at the state of the union address after the citizens united decision? you had justice alito literally shaking his head because it was just such a shocking thing to have sitting president with the supreme court right in front of him scolding them for an opinion. this is a different standard because different standard applied to us in the trump administration. but i'm glad that he said that and we have full faith and confidence in judge gorsuch. he has credentials, of course not. the president is very fully confident in the nominee. by the way, those democrats around what judge gorsuch said, it really is beside the point. all they care about who is -- i'm not sure why they are raising this. brian: very quick before we
4:48 am
talk about ivanka what she is going through now. does the president pick up the phone or judge speak up the phone and did they speak yesterday about senator blume that. >> i'm not going to comment on that i'm going to tell you the president is fully confident in judge confiden gorsuch. look at polling data. on the blue is how much people support what the president is doing. steve: the travel ban. >> keystone xl. affordable care act. sanctuary cities. this is what matters the most. america is paying attention the way is he communicating and connecting with them on the substance. brian: it's a politico poll if you want to get the poll. steve: quinnipiac poll shows that 91% of republicans love donald trump favorability wise. >> basically because he keeps his promises. everybody is just shocked that man about accountability. you could ask about ivanka. i visited with her yesterday. this is a very successful business woman twice.
4:49 am
obviously she stepped away from it now but in the past she has helped to run her family's real estate empire and on the side, she developed another fully unbelievably entrepreneurial wildly success business that bears her name. and i think she has gone from 800 stores to 1,000 stores or 1,000 places where can you buy. you can buy her booze gadd union linget very good place. incredibly creative, talented woman who also supports her father's presidency and realizes that there are bigger issues that he is going to tackle and if she decides and it works for her family, she comes inside the white house here. she knows people will be working with her to help on women empowerment. women and girls. i do find it ironic that you have got some executives all over the internet bragging about what they have done to her and her line and, yet, they are using the most prominent woman in donald trump's, you know, most prominent his daughter. using her who has been a chach i don't know for women
4:50 am
empowerment of women in the workplace to get to him. i think people could k. see through that go buy ivanka's stuff. i hate shopping, i will go get some myself today. steve: there is is that #buy ivanka right now. there is that #grab your wallet is that behind that stuff. >> some of it is. we know where that's came from. they had a whole election. first female president everybody saw talking about that day. she had no message no, positive mes message that failed at the ballot box. a march saying the same thing the day after he was sworn in as president. they are welcome to march. but what's of it in terms of commercial interests. this is just wonderful line. i own some of it i fully -- i'm going to give a free commercial here. go buy it today, everybody, you can find it online. steve: all right. kellyanne conway from the briefing room. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. steve: covered a lot of territory. brian: 10 moins before the top of the hour. a lot more to go this hour before the show. thousands of illegals outraged
4:51 am
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4:54 am
brian: thousand of illegals are outraged over their treatment at the border. and you are paying for them to complain about it with a series of hotlines. new report reveals hotlines set up during the bush administration received thousands of complaints by illegals unsatisfied with amnesty rights. think about that for a second. tying up phone lines for 85,000 hours and costing taxpayers $15 million. art del quetto president of the local border patrol union in arizona joins us.
4:55 am
art, i was stunned by. this the number and the fact that this exists. are you? >> what's more stunning is a lot of these complaint were frivolous complaints. not only was the money that was being spent on the individuals that are answering the phone calls, but also it was taking agents away from the field when frivolous complaints were being made. so they would open up investigations. you would remove agents from the field and now you have less agents on the field. i mean, it's horrible. brian: what message are we sending to illegal sneaking in that we have complaint hotlines for them? what are we saying that they have as equal rights to us? >> i think the bigger picture is we were empowering these groups under the obama administration. they concentrated on empowering the groups that were anti-law enforcement. empowering groups that would make complaints on law enforcement officers. we are seeing a change. i mean we are happy about that. brian: you had a lot to do with the president getting elected when the union jumped on board.
4:56 am
people got the sense that president trump was being serious. meanwhile, just got a few numbers at you. the employee conduct complaints, 3039 complaints. employee conduct. and frequent searches and time delays because of this, 1222. and also long lines, 852 complaints about long lines. that must just really burn you up. >> it angers you. and like i said it was a huge morale dump on a lot of the agents that were out there. because it was hard -- it's hard to do your job. that's what these agents are doing. i work with the agents. i'm out there in the field. we have professional agents but we were seeing little things as much as somebody wasn't listening and you would say, you know, you would raise your voice and say hey, you need to sit down. and that would cause a complaint. that complaint would go through. that would pull the agent out of field because now he is under investigation. brian: by the way, art, there so new sheriff in town that's what he said yesterday. thanks so much.
4:57 am
>> thank you. brian: meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, everyone is still talking about this exchange on the floor with senator elizabeth warren was told to take a seat. >> i appeal the ruling. >> objection is heard. the senator will take her seat. nt planning clearer. and it all starts with getting your fidelity retirement score. in 60 seconds, you'll know where you stand. and together, we'll help you make decisions for your plan... to keep you on track. ♪ time to think of your future it's your retirement. know where you stand. mattress firmness? fortunately there's a bed where you both get what you want every night. enter sleep number and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow!
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5:00 am
>> i don't ever want to call a court bias but courts seem to be so political. >> their job is not to second-guess him but just determine if his behavior was constitutional and lawful. >> donald trump just tweeted out. senator richard blumenthal who never fought in vietnam when for years he said he had. major lie. what gorsuch told him. >> senator has been confirmed as the attorney general of the united states. >> president trump, he believes in the rule of law. >> i brought some of the comments i get from twitter. you are a disgrace to the black race.
5:01 am
you're for sessions. how did the black man turn on his own? >> it's an owner to be able to announce our 7 billion-dollar investment. >> it's not just jobs created. it's jobs saved from going from mexico or. >> forecast shows 12 or 18 inches of snow. >> it's going to come down very fast. and talk about the worst time to come down. right through rush hour. ♪ ♪ brian: if you are for a living america, i would get dressed. or you would actually not dressed. ainsley: what would you wear today? brian: i would wear something lined. steve: that is, if you have to go out. it is rush hour here in new york city, and you just saw 6th avenue and 48th street. not many people actually going to work today.
5:02 am
ainsley: doesn't this make you happy? steve: yeah. ainsley: growing up in the south, we maybe got this once every eight years. brian: right. if you were in the south praying for snow, i think you should move north. ainsley: i took your advice. steve: so anyway, it's a slow go here in new york city and boston after that big parade and all the celebration, they could wind with a foot of snow. brian: and if you're just waking up and have to drive, put on snow tires. just change your tires. steve: really? you can do that? brian: if you don't want to slip, put on snow tires. ainsley: that's a lot of work. brian: not really. just jack it up and switch it. steve: what about good shoes? brian: good point. right now 50 million americans are in the path of a monster winter storm. you're looking live at babylon, new york where the snow is already coming down. ainsley: live. brian: actually, you're not really looking. ainsley: okay. 3,000
5:03 am
flights -- brian: i owe you a babylon video. okay. go ahead. ainsley: or delayed. that number is actually going to continue to go up as you imagine. steve: meanwhile crews working overnight for blizzard-like conditions. brian: that's avalon. still no babylon. temperatures plunging to below freezing. ainsley: janice, we don't know what is in brian's coffee this morning. we are live in the plaza. already completed two years of the show. >> more of the same here in the city for the next couple of hours. a relatively fast moving storm system but dumping so much snow. one on two inches. we have blizzard warnings in effect for parts of long island up towards the coastal massachusetts area. but you can see the winds already 30, 40 miles per hour. this storm is getting cranked up. it is a northeastern. it is off the coast, and it is getting stronger over the next
5:04 am
couple of hours, and we're expecting more snow in the forecast new york city probably tapering off in the afternoon and by 4:00, it's out of here. but not for bottom. boston, we're still going to be dealing with snow at around 8:00. and still expensing with winds at 35 miles per hour, those lead to blizzard conditions. obviously, schools are closed in the area and slight delays and cancellations are prevalent across the northeast. and that's going to cause a big ripple effect. you can see the winds in excess of 40, 50 miles per hour over the next couple of hours as this storm really cranks up and move north and eastward. so that is the situation. the good news is we got the warning out there, and i think the cities are definitely taking all of the warnings very seriously. and you can see the snowfall totals. 6 to 12 inches in some cases and i know people need to be careful. it is a snow day, but it can be really dangerous.
5:05 am
crippling. brian: i'm just glad we waited until february. it has been a great winter so far. janice, great job. thanks for coming to work today. >> thank you. steve: if you watched saturday night live, you saw melissa mccarthy and president trump said he didn't like that, sean spicer being portrayed by a woman. and if the president was upset about the portrayal, and she said the president is very protective of his team. didn't like that. the background over the last week or so, there have been some people saying, look, sean spicer has two jobs. he's wearing two hats. he's press secretary, and he's communications director. brian: because jason miller was supposed to have that job. decided not to take the job. steve: so he's wearing two hats. all right. be a time that mr. spicer ends up with one hat or both? it sounds like maybe just one hat. ainsley: all right. we asked kellyanne conway about it.
5:06 am
>> the truth is sean spicer is our press secretary and will continue to be. he has the president's ear meeting every day on many issues before sean's press briefing. and we have a communications director in sean spicer also. i mean, this man has been doing two jobs. and good for sean spicer, he's been willing to take them both on. but these are very big jobs, and he has i think he's doing excellent job, frankly, as both. but if we can get additional help for communications, i think that would alleviate the aidea that this man is doing two jobs. he's got the full faith and the confidence of the president. brian: a couple of things. sean spicer said my first day as press secretary, when he came in with a loose suit, he said i shouldn't have done that. okay. that's fine. since then, he has gotten better and better. i talked to two white house components who said they have been in here over the course of different administrations.
5:07 am
they have never seen such challenging, aggressive questions against the press secretary. so he has a brand-new job, he has a polarized country, and he has the most aggressive press core that anyone has seen in the last 30 years. so you put that together, there is not a press secretary on the planet that would have been able to hit the ground running. so i think you can see a guy that's gradually getting used to it. however, the communication, for example, what's happening with business yesterday, what's happening with business the day before. adding jobs, keeping companies here. the way this whole roleout with executive order, which is popular with the american people. if the communication was more effective, i think the president would have -- ainsley: bottom line what kellyanne is saying these are two full-time major jobs that he must be a very powerful, such a good leader if he can handle two jobs. but she's saying he also has a
5:08 am
wife, two kids, a family. and this is not a fast-food restaurant. these are two jobs. she's saying he will probably give up one of them. maybe they'll have discussion, and he gets to choose. it sounds like she said he's press secretary and will continue to be. it sounds like he is going to give up being communications director. because he has fun talking to the press. steve: you know what? i think he does have some fun there. but to brian's point, we have never seen a press core so openly hostile to the president. so whoever the press secretary is going to take the fire. and, you know, he's a former navy commander. he's a tough guy. he can take it. brian: marine. steve: marine? brian: yep. steve: all right. meanwhile let's talk a little bit about this. we now have a new attorney general. it only took the senate three weeks to confirm. jeff sessions yesterday. it was pretty much along party lines although joe mansion did from the democratic column come over from across the
5:09 am
way. and you know what? we knew this was going to be the vote three weeks ago but the democrats, look, got a game plan. to slow things down for donald trump much like the press core. so what they did, we knew three weeks ago the vote was going to be what it was. and here we are. ainsley: we have never seen -- i've never seen a country this divided. all of these tough confessions. it's so disheartening to me. and then being from south carolina, tim scott the only afternoon senato african senator that's a republican. and the amount of hate mail he has been getting. >> a white man in a black body. you are a disgrace to the race. how did a black man turn on his own? senator tom is not uncle tom. he's a house negro. i'm in complete horror. i left out all the ones that used the n word.
5:10 am
just felt that would not be appropriate. you see, what i'm surprised by just a smidge is that the liberal left that seeks and desires for all of us to be tolerant do not want to be tolerant of anyone that disagrees with where they are coming from. so the definition of tolerance isn't that all americans experience a high level of tolerance, it's that all americans that away from with them experience this so-called tolerance. brian: yeah, i would say this. i was able to spend a day with him. we did a couple of features with him. he's got leadership qualities that has the attention from everybody from tray gowdy on down. everyone hovers around him. he has a special presence with him, whether it's with kids or colleagues. i would expect this is one step in his career. especially when he's able to step out and talk about when he was pulled out eight times
5:11 am
as an african american, when he was stopped going through the capitol building metal detectors. ainsley: when you signed up to be a black conservative, you're set up to be attacked. and he said i'm used to it. but this isn't fair to me and my family. steve: and he said he wasn't going to use the n word because that would be appropriate. it's 8:11 in new york city, and we have a lot of weather and a lot of news, don't we? >> yeah, we do. great thursday. breaking news coming in overnight from the west coast. protests erupting in phoenix over the arrest of an illegal immigrant. watch this. this video coming in overnight. it's showing about protesters blocking a van that was transporting an illegal immigrant, a woman for the immigration office. she was going in for a check-in that's under policy of the obama administration. but instead of being released,
5:12 am
she was detained under president trump's new illegal immigration crack down. so a change in the process here. seven protesters were arrested. that van was eventually allowed to leave. we'll get more on that story. a former knicks star handcuffed and thrown out of madison square guarden. that guy being pulled away charles oakley sat near the knicks owner and heckled him for the team's four seasons. he was charged with criminal assault and trespass. the knicks going on to release this statement. he was a great nick, and we hope he gets help some time soon. back in the 1990s he was on the team. lost their balance and then fell 25 feet trying a
5:13 am
record-breaking stunt in sarasota, florida. two of them now in critical condition. the group was practicing an eight-person pyramid kind of like this one. the famed tight walker was the anchor for the pyramid. he was not hurt, though. all performers expected to make a full recovery and the show will go on. right, gang? the show always goes on. ainsley: well, president trump meeting with ceos from three major airlines, and they wanted to stop flights from the middle east. we're going to tell you why. brian: plus everyone is still talking about this exchange on the senate floor. >> i appeal the ruling -- >> objection is heard. the senator will take her seat. brian: the senator who told elizabeth warren to take a seat joins us next. senator steve danes live with us. at old dominion, we ship everything you can imagine.
5:14 am
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5:18 am
continue my remarks. >> is there objections? >> i've got. >> i appeal the ruling. >> objection is heard. the senator will take her seat. brian: senator jeff sessions finally confirmed as attorney general of the united states of america. but not before senator elizabeth warren was shut down and silenced on the floor. senator steve daines was the one to block warren from speaking because he was adhering to rule 19 in the senate. he joins us right now live. senator, what brought you to that point? >> well, i think it's important to step back and look at the historic obstruction going on in the united states senate. president trump has the fewest number of cabinet appointees confirmed since any president since george. the temperatures are rising in the senate, and it's very important that we adhere to the rules of the united states senate, which ensures we have a civil discourse, civil conversations, and rule 19 is very clear. you cannot impugn a sitting
5:19 am
senator. and that's what happened with senator warren and jeff sessions. brian: and you said prior to that, she read some barbs from the deceased senator ted kennedy. and this was the end of it. in retrospect, do you think you could have let her go and no one would have known any better? >> well, the irony behind that and the words of ted kennedy using shameful and saying he's a disgrace. this is calling out jeff sessions a sitting united states senator. the irony as you heard from senator sessions last night when he gave his farewell speech as now he's going to become our attorney general, he said that ted kennedy and jeff sessions, they reconciled. they worked together in the senate. they actually passed a bill on prison reform. so it's just so out of context, and it was a violation of rule 19. and, again, we must hold the senate to a higher standard. the senators when they walk on the floor, represent the american people, the institution does not belong to the senators.
5:20 am
it belongs to the american people. and we must hold the senate to a higher standard. we are the greatest deliberative body in the world. right now it's the greatest obstructionist body in the world. and that's unacceptable to most senators and the american people. brian: senator, real quick. some people are saying it's sexist. you wouldn't have shut down a man for saying that? >> absolutely not. i don't care if it was a man or woman, the rule applies consistently for all united states senators. and it's important again we strive to have civil discourse. let's turn the temperature down right now in the united states senate and have adult conversations here about the future of our country. brian: yeah, it's up to you guys to do that. we can't control it. we can just watch it with horror. senator steve daines, thank you very much. republican from montana. >> thank you. brian: coming up straight ahead. some big news from america's big political families. which just announced run for governor and showdown between president trump and the judge's immigration order. you may know bob as a property
5:21 am
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that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. brian: i've got the read the headlines, and i want to know you have clothes on. meanwhile the leader talking about domestic jobs. you have united, american, airlines all pushing for flights to be blocked from emirates and cutter airlines for allegedly receiving more than $50 billion in subsidies over the last decade. and senate republicans hoping to confirm congressman tom
5:25 am
price as the u.s. secretary of health and human services. the final vote this morning because they didn't keep up -- stay up all last night and delay everything. hi, steve, hi, ainsley. ainsley: hi, brian. steve: hi, brian. meanwhile president trump taking on and weighing in on the court's deciding on. >> i don't want to call the courts bias. i don't ever want to call the courts bias. and we haven't had a decision receipt yeth. but courts seem to be so political. ainsley: here's steve gorsuch calling it demoralizing and disheartening. so did the president pick the wrong fight? bob joining us now. good morning to you, bob. so he's saying he doesn't want to call the courts bias. but are the courts being biased, the ninth circuit? >> i would prefer honestly that the executive branch whether it be president trump, obama, and any other president sort of stay away from
5:26 am
profiling their personal opinion about federal judges or otherwise. and the reason i say that is because we have the separation here of the three branches. and let the lawyers do their job. let them advocate, ainsley. but i would prefer it not go that way. i understand the frustration. we as lawyers understand certain things but the president, stay over there and have your opinion silently. sometimes you shouldn't say what you're thinking just because. but i obviously support what he's trying to do, but i like the executive branch to stay very independent as to judges. steve: well, you know -- and you're in the legal business. however, historically, we had judge napolitano on and, you know, going back to andrew jackson, he was very critical of the courts. teddy roosevelt critical of the courts. and then you had barack obama at that state of the union a and number of years ago where he actually called out that supreme court about citizens united. and you had one of the justices going, oh, boy. ainsley: and donald trump said the courts are making
5:27 am
decisions on national security. shouldn't that be up to him and the advisers and the generals? >> we definitely know that certain judges legislate from the bench. we know it has been a problem for years. nobody loves judge napolitano more than i do. that guy teaches me more about something than anybody on the planet. i think they're so juiced up to make things happen as to what they said on the campaign. but i think there's a way to slow it down. who am i? i'm a citizen just talking the way i see it through my eyes. get the judge appointed to the supreme court. he is. the other cia directors keep them safe, i'm going to come out with executive orders. because what i think is this. some of this could potentially have been prevented if maybe certain things were in order first. saying that this is who we
5:28 am
have, this is the kind of man he is. this is why he got elected. this is why he is loved by many and obviously disliked by many. but he's our guy, and this is the guy we have, and he wants do the things to protect our country. it's going to be interesting to see what this ninth circuit says. we know that we've got what? two democrat appointees and one republican? so many say 2-1, it will probably go to the supreme court. steve: it could be but the president says it seems like there is a bias or politics is involved. but when you do look at the fact that it is the most overturned court of appeals in america. >> it is. steve: and they have had so many lefty decisions. >> yes. steve: trump's a sportsman. he looks at the score. two democrats against one republican. is he kind of working the rest here by putting out comments? >> yeah. he is. nobody positions people better than he does. one of the things that people have to understand. he's still the smartest guy in
5:29 am
the room. whether you want to believe it or not, i don't care. the guy's a smart guy. and he knows how to posture himself. what i didn't like is i didn't appreciate a federal judge, again, as an officer of the court, i say this respectfully. saying some of the things as federal district said several months ago. again, i think each position, guys, needs to sort of be reserved and respect the referenced of the position and let it play out. unfortunately, this is a very, very vocal presidency, and we only have another three -- almost four years left. so it's interesting and exciting at the same time. ainsley: all right. bob, our fox news channel legal analyst. thank you so much, bob. great to see you. >> thanks, ainsley. steve: all right. it's 8:30 here in new york city. 5:30 in vegas where bob is. coming up, what's the best way to get rid of sanctuary cities? how about charge the mayors who allow them with a crime. texas congressman michael purges is going to weigh in on that and talk to ainsley about it coming up. ainsley: and 65% of divorces
5:30 am
are initiated by the woman and a lot of people saying it's all their fault. a lot of you at home are fired up about that interview we have this morning. we're reading your e-mails next
5:31 am
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steve: come on in. ainsley: shot of the morning. national pizza play. pizza for breakfast is so good. steve: what is this? ainsley: this is all from pizza beach, which is close to my apartment. great pizza. this is the one with the vodka sauce on it. that's for janice. steve: can somebody zoom in on this. like a cuban sandwich? a cuban pizza.
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brian: say it with me. pepperoni. steve: did you realize that on any given day, one in eight americans eat pizza? pizza beach is one of new york city's finest and most popular pizzerias with two locations. one uptown and one downtown. brian: if you go in there and mention us, you could buy pizza. ainsley: do you eat pizza with a fork? steve: are you guys delivering on the snow day? if you're snowed in new york city, they are delivering. brian: what's this called? ainsley: that's the mushroom. brian: oh, mushroom. steve: you don't know what a mushroom is. ainsley: there is one that's interesting. it has an egg on it. i saw it in here. steve: janice, you don't want any pizza, do you? ainsley: you always talk about alcohol. this one says vodka. brian: truffle egg.
5:35 am
>> me out here braving the elements. i have a 50th anniversary here. what are your names? >> bonnie. >> and. >> ben. >> and where are you from? >> virginia. >> and what are you doing out here in a blizzard? will go to has been we w out here on our hobby moon 50 years ago, it was 9 degrees. a little bit warmer. >> let's do a quick weather hit. it is a blizzard. obviously, we want people to be extra careful. you don't want to be on the road ways. that's why they've canceled school. that's why they've canceled thousands of -- what do you call it? flights in and out of the airports here in the northeast. 50million people affected by this storm system. it's going to be out of here by this afternoon. but for now, we could see upwards of a foot of snow. all right. you ready? get in here. come on. we're going to do a snow angel right now. and then we're going to get some pizza. come on in here. ready? all right. ready? okay. you can just, like,
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give me how well i'm doing. like, a plus, b minus. happy anniversary. steve: congratulations. a classic snow angel. the first one of 2017 on fox and friends. brian: on february 9th. let the record show. she is now an angel officially. steve: pizza angel. brian: pizza angel. it is national pizza day. that will not affect heather at all now because she's all about the news. >> good morning to all of you. we're enjoying a snowy day here in new york city, and i have a couple of news headlines to bring you no. there is a legendary political density that is now back in the headlines once again this morning. the chicago businessman chris kennedy now announcing that he is running for governor of illinois. well, he's the son of the former late senator robert f kennedy who was assassinated in 1968. the democrat armed with instant name recognition and the personal wealth to take on the current republican
5:37 am
governor bruce roner. kennedy's platform similar to the economic message of president trump. >> we can restore the promise of this country, the notion that anybody can make it. that you can rise from rags to riches. that this is the land of opportunity. we can do that. but it's not that way in illinois today. >> kennedy saying he'll spend between 50 and 100 million of his own fortune to beat the governor. the boy scouts of america welcoming its first openly transgender member a week after changing the organization's policy. 9-year-old joining a pack in maple wood, new jersey. joe says he's proud to be accepted as a scout. and zoo officials proud to nurse these cubs who were rejected by their mother right after birth. handfeeding to keep the cubs warm. their mom's natural instincts never kicking in.
5:38 am
it's important to keep them alive and healthy. the zoo hopes they'll contribute to genetic diversity. fewer than 500 of these tigers left in the world. and who is to blame for a divorce? well, according to one author, it's alpha female. >> i think that ultimately what women are struggling with, what i'm calling alpha women. and you can replace that with type a. it doesn't have to be alpha. but they struggle getting in touch with their feminine side. >> writer susan baker says women are groomed and in charge and unable to love. ainsley, listen to this. she says we're too competitive. that we need to be leaders instead of wives. she says that we delegate most of the decisions and therefore we don't fulfill our husband's needs ultimately leading to divorce. wow. we are getting a lot of comments about this one. brian: being in charge is not charge at home. >> be an alpha at work but be
5:39 am
a beta when you go home and basically listen to your husband, and you should initiate serving him because he'll serve you. ainsley: and be more compliant. brian: and don't complain as much. >> the secret to a good marriage. ainsley: we've gotten a lot of comments from you this morning. we asked you if you agreed or disagreed. steve: on facebook saying it's gone too far. posting feminine flying solo. men can't want and can't stand such overaggressively bombastic women. brian: all right. and bob says this. i think traditional roles work best. treat with respect and get it in return. ainsley: donna says she thinks everyone should be equal. saying relationships don't need to have a alpha and beta. just masculine and feminine. to just people who want to be happy and be together. >> i agree with donna. steve: the statistic she cited in the beginning where 70% of all divorces originate with the woman because she's unhappy.
5:40 am
less than 70%69. brian: most men aren't in touch, they don't even know if they're happy. men are simple but not dumb. ainsley: or maybe men don't want the divorce because they know they have an amazing woman. the woman has to initiate the divorce. brian: or they don't want to divide their empire. steve: there you go. >> what's the saying? happy wife is a happy life. steve: the key is say, yes, dear. brian: that is not in the book. it should be. it works. steve: i actually wrote the marriage book. ainsley: she'll do anything you want if you just say, yes, dear. steve: it goes a long way. in the meantime coming up on this thursday, what's the best way to get rid of sanctuary cities? how about charge the mayors with a crime. brian: and president trump still taking heat for his
5:41 am
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5:45 am
people claim gigi's hand placed on ashley's waste looks unusually lengthy. you be the judge. ainsley: texas governor wants to stop sanctuary cities and a new bill that he's proposing booting officials out of office and charging them with crimes if they refuse to deport illegals. michael burges joins us now to react to this. >> than good morning to you. >> thank you. good morning. ainsley: do you prefer doctor or congressman? >> well, doctors always poll me a little bit better. the rigs may be rigged. so you're correct. ainsley: with what do you want to do? >> clearly, i support my governor. i've had constituents come in and talk to me because of problems that they have had. i think the governor is on the right track. obviously, the replacement of the public official is up to the voters of that area. and surely that may well
5:46 am
become an issue in elections coming up in may. ainsley: and sue the government because kate tried to do that in california, and they were not successful. >> so that would be a change in state law and obviously up for the up for the legislature to consider that. ainsley: okay. let's talk about obamacare because you want longest serving position right now. how many positions are there right now? >> i think on the house side 15. ainsley: so obamacare, you're for repealing, replaying? >> never for obamacare ever. if i ran things, which i don't, i'm a simple, humble member of congress regress, but if i ran things, the simple mandate would be the first thing i would place. it was never correct for the federal government saying we're going to cause you to buy something and then regulate under the commerce clause because we've caused to you buy it. ainsley: so are you for repealing and not replacing? >> for the individual mandate,
5:47 am
it needs to go. yeah, people need to have health insurance. it's a responsibility not a right. it's a responsibility. people should want to take care of themselves and their families. i want that as a physician. but i know mandating it -- look, we're all mandated to pay our income taxes and what's the yourself? about 15%. ainsley: what's the timetable? the president said maybe a year. >> the repeal of the bigger pieces of the affordable care act is likely to happen that under senate reconciliation rule that only requires 61 senate votes to get it through. i think that that will come through the house early march, late february, and that will set things in motion for appeal. ainsley: all right. congressman, doctor burges, thank you so much. >> thank you. ainsley: president trump still taking heat for his plans to build that wall. but what is so wrong of coming to america the right way?
5:48 am
a lesson from a illegal immigrant coming up next. but first, let's check in with bill to see what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> how was that pizza? ainsley: great. i will bring it to you. >> what exactly was said with gorsuch in meetings with senators? kelly is here to talk about that. and also what's due on taxes and obamacare. we'll find out from senator about the status of both. senator ted cruz levels the kkk charge against democrats while martin luther king's niece fires a shot of her own. the politics of race in washington are hot. we'll get on that today too. see you in 12 minutes top of the hour in america's newsroom what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts.
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>> you know the bad ones. you know the good ones. i want you to turn in the bad ones. call secretary kelly's representatives, and we'll get them out of our country and bring them back where they came from, and we'll do it fast. steve: there you have president trump delivering a very strong message to the law enforcement community and to those living here in the united states illegally. so what does one legal immigrant think about it? rick adams is from australia, he has an american green card, he's the founder and director for american liberty and american greatness and the author of the book green card warrior. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: okay. so what do you make of the president's temporary travel restrictions, which currently are being litigated in the courts? >> an illegal immigrant to the greatest country in the history of the world, someone who is come to give, not take, to join, not receive, this is the best thing that has happened to america in a long time. finally, the antiseptic statements of previous white
5:53 am
house administrations have been replaced by bold, powerful american. if president trump keeps it up, his face will be on mount rusmount rushmore. steve: and you're an australian. >> well, i'm an steve: what about the way doing it the diligent way? >> i did it legally and to see people do it the wrong way, it is infuriating. it is exuberanting for people who don't follow the law to be rewarded. we should make it good people to come and impossible for bad people to come. steve: speaking of impossible. we've heard it's impossible to become a american citizen, and you have group over the line, do it in a shady way. tell us your story.
5:54 am
>> it took me four and a half years, it cost me $50,000. it was torture. it was absolutely terrible. but never, ever once did i consider breaking the law. never once did i consider doing it the wrong way because i believe if you want to come and be part of a country -- if you love that place, the first action should never be to break the law of that country. that's common sense. steve: let me ask you about this. the big story in the last week or so where president trump apparently called your -- australia's prime minister and the call was kurt but short. and the stories are that the president not happy with the deal that the obama administration reached with the prime minister regarding refugees because we were going to have to take 1,250. >> it was a terrible deal. there was no upside for the united states in it. as i understand it, president trump humiliated the prime minister and the prime minister deserved it because
5:55 am
there was no reason why america should be expected to take in people australia didn't want. why should america be taken advantage of in that way? steve: nick, i did not expect you to say the prime minister of australia deserve it. >> well, he did. he did. because when you really think about how it unfolded, steve, the australian prime minister malcondecided to try to box president trump in. he tried to make president trump accept this offer by publicly announcing it, putting it in a corner. i don't know why he possibly thought that a man who prides himself being the toughest of all negotiators and a man who complained on precisely the opposite premise of what this deal was all about would accept it. so shame on the australian prime minister. bravo, president trump for standing up for the free world. standing up for the united states of america. steve: and as the green card warrior, why is it -- what is it about the united states of america that is, you know,
5:56 am
pushing you toward us and away from your native australia? >> this is the most optimistic, dynamic, inspirationallal, patriotic, this is where you can color outside the lines, you can fold down 5,000 times, get up 5,001. this is the greatest country in the world. that's why i set up an organization called flag designed to promote american exceptionalism and fight anti-americanism. steve: and he has the choice of 50 different states. where is he living? >> the great state of texas. best state in the union. always good to see you, steve. steve: thank you so much. we're going to step aside. we have more fox and friends in about two minutes (vo) maybe it was here,
5:57 am
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5:59 am
>> nick adams from australia is here for the big storm. you've never seen snow like this, right? >> never seen us. we're all burning for america inside. >> do you want to do a snow
6:00 am
angel with me? >> any time. i would love it. >> run to the radio, coming up between 9:00 and noon steve doocy and ainsley ehrhardt. james rosen and dan henger. >> bill: after weeks of delays from democrats president trump has his man. jeff sessions will be sworn in as the next attorney general a bit later this morning. the president will be there as we say good morning on a snowy day here in the northeast. i'm bill hemmer, here we go on thursday. heather, welcome back to you. >> i'm heather in for shannon bream. jeff sessions was the most controversial pick for the democrats opposing senators staging an all-night talk-a-thon ahead of last night's confirmation vote. he won confirmation with every republican vote and one democrat. he thanked them for


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