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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 11, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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on january 20 so were certainly seen that. i think it will be a big topic especially this weekend. chris wallace will be sitting down with the policy advisor. thank you for watching. we hope you stay to tuned throughout the weekend. >> a fox news news alert on a busy weekend. hosting the prime minister of japan at his estate in palm beach florida. the president and first lady will be holding a delegation dinner but that's not all that is on the president mine. while come to a brand-new hour. in addition to hosting a world leader today. the president taking to twitter: the little -- the legal system broken. they upheld the suspension of the travel ban be in and weighing in on the cost of the controversial border wall between the united states and mexico.
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illegal immigration back in the spotlight following a series of raids immigration and customs enforcement. also known as ice. we have a live fox team coverage for you this afternoon. we begin with kristen fisher at the presidents estate in palm beach. >> president trump is just wrapping up a round of golf with the prime minister but president trump started his day with a tweet in which he essentially called out the federal appeals court that reeled against his immigration order. he claims our legal system is broken. 77% of refugees allowed in hail from seven suspect countries. so dangerous. we had crunched those numbers in our calculations were closer to 74% is still a huge number's a president trump is now bowing to fight this in court.
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he has also hinted at the possibility of implementing an entirely new executive order on immigration and that could be coming as early as monday or tuesday of next week. listen to what he said about this yesterday. i like to surprise you. it could very will be. in the meantime it's all about a little golf course diplomacy here in west palm beach. president trump just posted this picture on twitter. no word on what the two talked about today but as president trump said last week you get to know somebody better on a golf course then you well over lunch. a little bit more. the president and the prime minister played golf they visited a japanese museum over at delray beach. the first solo public appearance and then tonight they will all be dining
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together here at mara lago. the on the surface certainly a more relaxing weekend than it has been for president trump but president trump but behind the scenes making a mistake white house officials are working furiously to try to salvage some of his immigration order. do you notice the two wives there. they are also together. an interesting and unusual meeting between the two world leaders. we will be discussing that in just a bit. immigration and customs of force meant enforcement carrying out a series of raids across six u.s. cities this week. more than a hundred and 60 people were arrested and 75 percent of them have prior felony convictions. will, tell me about it. >> those raids sparked a lot of controversy.
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federal immigration officials fired back on friday after raids took place in cities across the country this past week. authorities arrested around hundred 60 immigrants in los angeles. the immigrants right groups. said that they were sweeping up residence but they said the rumors said they were random they had planned the raids for weeks but the vast majority of the hundred 60 were convicted felons and their fewer people during these raids than they did during last summer. the department of homeland security secretary addressed the raids during a border tour on friday night. >> first of all they're not rounding anyone up. the people that they apprehend our people who are illegal and then some. >> they led to protests in downtown los angeles on thursday night and critics say they are prepared to fight the
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administration moving forward. >> people are scared they are panicked. as nonprofits we have this plan in place. where here to fight in here to resist. similar raids took place in atlanta, and new york. this is already something that was done in terms of weeding out those who were already found guilty of some sort of crime. >> thank you. president trump said he is considering a brand-new immigration order after his travel ban stalled in federal court so how does the new administration look following this early legal setback. and alex conant. thank you both for talking to us.
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>> president trump's immediate reaction was tweeting see you in court. and then the white house issued a statement saying that trump would not immediately be appealing the travel ban. it sort of indicating potentially down the road. now the administration is looking at ways to tailor the bands language than yesterday trump said he was considering a brand-new order on immigration. it seems that they're trying to get their next plan of action ready before they go ahead and file that appeal in order to great in their chances of not being rejected at this time. where does this go from here. you pretty much outlined all of the problems that existed with executive order from the get-go not only in terms of implementation in the race it was drafted and how it was rolled out the idea and the
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within the realm of the president's ability to create an executive order that does protect the american people and deals with immigration. it was so poorly executed that it did not withstand legal challenge. and now they need to get themselves organized they need to work with the people who are there to understand the law and create something that is can a survive so that the original intent being that it is protecting the american people actually happens. if the courts have essentially said that the whole thing is been hold on -- put on hold to show you right now. the current protest happening in minneapolis. once the administration stops saying they're gonna come up with some sort of new immigration plan it will stop to have the life pictures of this in minneapolis. this just happened to continue every weekend.
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president trump saying that the court has been political is the court been political for following judicial protocol. >> it depends a lot on your perspective. the protesters there would argue that the court is following the law and at the white house thus this being overly political. and now they're just faced with a lot of bad options. they can go to the supreme court but they will probably lose their since i don't have a majority. the lower courts have already shown a lot of skepticism about that original order issue a new order but you know that any new orders are also can end up in court right away and there will be even more protests. because they botched the initial rollout they face a lot of really bad options ahead of them . i want to went to play his most recent comments about signing another executive
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order. before getting on route to florida. with prime minister abbé. let's go ahead and play the state. we will win that battle. but we also have a lot of other options. it could very will be. i like to surprise you. we need speed for reasons of security. i like to surprise you. anything is possible. will most likely be a new order that really is the best of all of that. speed obviously is of the essence.
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in complete secrecy or using a certain number of staffers and not talking with them. hopefully now that it is fully in place he will be able to get together the correct minds needed in order to do something that is can be will thought out. it will be able to survive any challenges that's what he needs to do in order to do what he same which saying which is protect the american people. i want to switch gears to president trump and his weekend trip he has recently blasted the trade practices and he's even hinted at pulling the umbrella. the prime minister of japan. apparently a golf outing between these two is supposed to smooth things over. what he think of their plans
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this weekend. >> this trip by washington and now florida is a high point for the trump administration. it has been without a flaw. you can see that there is real chemistry between the two leaders. also to americans worried about our security situation. to hear president trump commit to our defense relations with japan and to say he wants to have a stronger trade relations. it's a very encouraging relation. this is an interesting way to go about it. they were slated both before and after lunch today. it is rare for an american president to devote that much time it certainly seems to be a very smart strategy. they go on the same plane the
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idea behind all of this is to become friends first and do business later which kind of seems like something that might work with them. >> at this was a hallmark of the trump administration. one of the reasons that he was elected was because he is the outsider to politics and certainly this is not a diplomatic norm that we've seen and doesn't build relationships and it looks more like a business deal. if there were two ceos more likely what we would see particularly given the passion for golf. it is a huge pastime there. it's a good way to create a bridge. perhaps this is what we will see going forward. it will be interesting to see if a lot of the socialization goes on between the president
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and other leaders of other nations. we appreciate you both wayne and on this topic. amid allegations that he may have illegally discussed the removal of russian sanctions. a month before president trump took office. this as we learned that the cia has rejected a security clearance for one of the top aides. fallout for national security advisor continues today as his spokesman is now rolling back at the dial that he never discussed . with the ambassador to the u.s. they couldn't remember talking about sanctions but wasn't completely certain and never came up. if they did discuss shanks sanctions with the ambassador
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it was a violation of the logan act which bars citizens from unauthorized interference with u.s. foreign policy. multiple members of congress are calling for an investigation. president trump must admittedly suspend flynn and holt has access to classified information until a full investigation occurs. a top deputy to flynn had a critical security clearance denied by the cia. it could severely ratchet up already tense relations between flynn and the intel community. fellow republicans are concerned about any possibility the trump administration would remove sanctions against russia. >> and i know but the conversation was about with the general flynn and the russian ambassador i can tell you with no uncertain terms if it was about lifting sanctions that conversation is going to run into a very violent reaction in the congress. speemac back in mid january
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they vouched for flint on the sunday morning shows. at the allegations are true that flynn mess -- misled it. thank you for that report. they are reportedly considering using edward snowden as a gift. sending a nearly two dozen railcars into a river. no cruiser on the scene. president trump is not giving up yet on the executive order but what legal options does it ministration had. >> we will have very strong betting. i call it extreme betting. they guarantee
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your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands.
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>> time for a quick check of some of the headlines we are following for you today. apple ceo tim cook seen that fake news is killing minds.
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they find ways to stop the spread of untrustworthy news stories. sending 22 railcars into a river. it was carrying food products. and they don't think anything hazardous got into the water. that's the good news. no one was injured. it was round two for new england. it comes to days after a major storm dumped more than a foot of snow in parts of the northeast. i am among the minority of course. about controversial border wall. i am reading that the great border wall will cost more than the government originally thought but i have not gotten involved in the design.
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when i do price will come way down. the administration considers its next move after the ninth circuit court upheld the restraining order against the president's travel ban on executive order. what exactly does the legal option had. and an immigration attorney. they now both join me. good to see you this afternoon. let's talk about this. what are the legal options that lie ahead for mister president donald trump. >> we will start with you francis. quite frankly the whole issue is going to be mute if there are a hundred 20 hundred 20 days expired. he got what he wanted. that is all that matters. it was clearly
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unconstitutional. does it really matter if it went to the supreme court. it would take for five years to climb up that ladder. let's move on to immigration reform. i don't agree with that at all. i think the band was clearly constitutional having been seven countries only 12% of the muslim population worldwide so clearly this was not a muslim band as that would be unconstitutional under the first amendment. it is constitutional and i think that the supreme court would clearly find it constitutional. you are seen as a national origin issue. let's punted up to the supreme court.
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it's over and hundred 20 days. he could rewrite the executive order tomorrow and would start all over again. let's move it to the important part. how will he pay for the wall. well had to legalize that. the constitutionality of the span. the bottom line is national origin doesn't play a role in this at all. it's seven countries that had no control over their entire vetting system. that's why those seven countries were chosen. the same exact man took place under jimmy carter under george bush 43. and under present obama. and nobody made a big deal when those presidents did it. >> i will agree end great that you are a scholar. i respect that but, the effect of the executive order you know it doesn't have to be named as race or religion but the effect of it is the same.
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when you look at the effect is 88 percent of the muslims worldwide. let's bring up a graph to show you exactly what the options appear to be for president trump we are looking at it right as we look at this. he could file in the emergency application he can petition the supreme court of the united states which of course is before judgment seeking essay of the plan that he has. he can allow the case to play out in the lower district court and petition for review by the full ninth circuit. what you say are his best options. i think he will put out another executive order. that would be the best option. out of those options i would petition to the supreme court as soon as the ninth judge is put on the supreme court.
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>> how does he just did that executive order. two most more closely see these immigrants. then you have solved the problem and you don't waste the judiciary time. next week he has from us to do some things. i don't know what that will be. he will be able to file some sort of executive order to move forward. what he think his options are legally. legally i think you laid out all of the options. i do believe he would petition right to the supreme court and try to get out of the ninth circuit and get out of the lower court. they didn't even have a standing to bring it. didn't have a c need to bring this case in the first place. that was not even argued in lower court. they are not addressing the more significant decisions.
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it wasn't a commentary. in your and you're right the fifth circuit would likely go opposite way. both of you to show how heated this debate is. we can go to live shots right now of what is unfolding. as we get the life situation taking place there. let me ask you something. you used to represent her work with mister trump prior to him being president of the united states. did you discuss it anytime what he possibly had to examine. i would never discuss anything with mister trump. i'm speaking from a legal standpoint and clearly that this the span under the laws of the united states is
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constitutional. whether or not it was political or not. the final word and then we have to cut it. let's get congress to act on immigration reform. we've been waiting 17 years. give given a chance to succeed. david schwartz. finally ended on agreement. thank you. a fugitive from justice could be coming back. going over decision to send the leaker edward snowden home. what a new report claims russia may be looking to gain in return. netanyahu makes a trip to the white house next week. to meet with president trump. the ambassador joins master joins us to talk about that visit and what the israeli leader is looking to accomplish next. (man vo) it was may, when dad forgot
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the former national security agency contract who leaked last five documents could be on his way back to the u.s. russia is reportedly considering returning edward snowden to u.s. soil as a way to gain favor with president trump. a fact that he is now saying proves he is not a spy.
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russia believes they had exhausted edward snowden's value. they would give up is noted to the u.s. and returned for something. they had called the whistleblower a terrible trader and tweeted before that before he was president that snowden deserves to be executed. citing to government officials and receipt reports that russia is considering handing over's noted to the u.s. as a gift to president trump in an attempt to create favor. they could mean and that they would give up snowden for nothing in return. i also raises questions as to
11:34 am
where there is a more sinister attempt by the russians. why would a gift something to the americans. the talk of returning to the u.s. about this report finally irrefutable evidence that i never cooperated with russian intel. no country trades away spies as the rest would appear there next. there next. that have given the u.s. secrets in return. the department of justice has made it clear that they would welcome the return to the u.s. he is facing at least 30 years in prison for violating the espionage act. he still tops the current document while working as a contractor for the national security agency. he gave those documents to journalists.
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu visiting the white house next week for a much anticipated visit to president trump. looking to get his relationship with the u.s. back on track after years of tension with the obama administration but just days before the visit he's taking a tougher tone on the issue of israeli settlements. they could actually hinder peace talks. the former israeli ambassador to the un in a fox news contributor. in the quest for peace his he's morning israel he did this on friday that building more homes was not good for peace. that is in contrary to what netanyahu was hoping to do. how they resonate as a u.s. tried to broker peace talks. i think that those comments were heard loud and clear and
11:36 am
i think the prime minister will be coming to the white house and prepared to have a very frank and open dialogue with the discussion. i think the meeting in fact is a classic case of there being no second chance to make a first impression. it's indeed a very crucial meeting. after years of mistrust and not a very great relationship between the prime minister and the president of the united states with barack obama there is a chance now to restart that very special relationship between israel and the united states. i think the meeting really has two objectives one of style and substance. i think they have to create chemistry between them. and then draw out the roadmap -- roadmap where they can work together. and bring peace to this very troubling time. it's how incredibly important
11:37 am
and critical this is. israel considered the prime minister is highly critical. but it's so important to them that since trump's integration israel had hoped that trump would back building in the west bank it was promised to them by god and the palestinians want for a future future state but already we are seeing a disagreement here is there any way that they can somehow convinced president trump to change his mind on the settlement and rebuilding their as israel so badly would like to sort of come to an agreement on. i am sure the prime minister would try very hard to use both his experience and his job to convince the president that the settlement at the end of the day are not the problem. the problem is a settlement and if the president is serious about working on the
11:38 am
settlement and i understand he is hoping that maybe his son-in-law would be in charge of the negotiations that i think whatever the president thinks is right at the moment and whatever he thinks will enable this discussion. would also be respected by the prime minister. i don't think the main subject of the discussions are going to be the settlement i think it's going to be how to mobilize the arab world in order to get it to normalize relations with israel and indeed legitimate ties that. they would make a logical agreement with israel. this is obviously going to be at the center of their because y they actually celebrated the anniversary of the 1979 islamic revolution.
11:39 am
while they were still on display. they didn't really appear as blatant as in the past. what are your comments. they are very clever and they are very smart. i think they are trained to be trying to be more careful about what they say. what is important is not what they say what they do. it's still the main generator and the founder of terror in the world. beyond the very bad agreement which well indeed be on the table between the president and prime minister i think also the support of terror and terrorist activities be addressed. i think that somehow we have the feeling the present trump will be our last understanding and forgiving and also realize i ran as iran is a threat not just to israel to the whole
11:40 am
muslim world. the threat to civilization as we know it. iran has already made it very clear they're not say taking this president very seriously. they been put on notice after a tough firing missiles. a hearing to the rules that have been set by them it will be interesting moving forward. in order to make it more peaceful outcome. but thank you very much. thank you very much. could it president trump be the one who brings high-speed rail to america. the prime minister are working on new bilateral deals. it weighs in ahead. i wanted to m and where i came from.
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see. >> senator chuck schumer and bernie sanders are calling on constituents and the federal -- fellow senators to do that across the country. more than 75 percent of americans in support of the law this coming one day after tom price was sworn in to lead the health department the georgia republican is expected to hit the ground running on rolling back the affordable care act. >> between two world leaders putting them for structure on the agenda. president trump in japanese leader forging a personal bond over a round of golf today in the wake of the withdrawal from the transpacific partnership. the prime minister aims to promote economic growth in the asia-pacific region including introducing high-speed rail
11:46 am
weight technology to the u.s. but will it find a place in president president trump's spending budget. brian bevan from texas who sits on the house committee. it's good to you -- good of you to join us today. a long way from texas and dc but we are glad that you are here. let's talk about this. this is an important dynamic that we are seen over the weekend. they are actually having some golfer diplomacy. and they are talking about something that is very crucial in the is that u.s. infrastructure and how japan might best investments dollars into it. the high-speed rail project what would that do for america's economy. >> i think it would be a wonderful thing. i think it is healthy for the prime minister and president trump to be talking about this over a golf game.
11:47 am
the very fact that they are speaking and there is obvious cooperation took prime minister it's really open to some rate negotiated of maybe a bilateral agreement with japan which the president has in speaking about. and there's nothing more important to the future of jobs and infrastructure. i really am excited about it. that is one of the most critical things in america right now. we can talk about some other things that are going on obviously but when you look at the infrastructure and the fact that some of the roads and highways are in some very precarious positions and then have the bridges. some of them need to be repaired. in president trump's trillion dollar proposal for the info structure can we fit in
11:48 am
high-speed rail. as is the time for it. between baltimore, dc and new york. this is the most important aspect of infrastructure. i think we need to be very cautious about having washington impose some of these and infrastructure projects upon the local populations and regions this has to be driven by those people my real needs about consensus of what the problems are. those states need to identify what the problems are in address it. i think that's a very important thing. in transportation the other day which is a very bipartisan
11:49 am
decision. we need more of that as you can see. infrastructure transportation needs are in that back-to-school party serving under chairman bill schumer of pennsylvania. we've got three great bills through the past session. the highway bill for a change and also a water resources bill. those were all past most of them with 300 votes in the house. those are the things that we need to talk about. i have to ask you in your heart what do you you want to see done for the american people to have us rebound totally in terms of providing more jobs and with
11:50 am
infrastructure and how can you best serve to help with that. this is a multifaceted question. i could talk about it for a long time. i just want to say we have to have regular tory reform. some new trade agreements. and infrastructure and the 900-pound gorilla in the room's pain for them. there is some great possibilities there. repatriation of funds parked overseas. there is a lot to talk about there. i wish i could keep you longer but the bottom line is america is always going to be great and become greater. i'm very optimistic. >> we will send it over to julie. an imminent attack was averted with the arrest of four people. what authorities say they found in a raid that could've
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will be back here at 4:00 p.m. eastern for another hour of news. >> that's right, the journal editorial is next, we will see you in an hour, just spend the day with us. >> you might as well camp out. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul, federal appeal on thursday upheld a temporary suspension of president donald trump's travel. unanimously ruled that seattle judge's earlier restraining order on the new policy should remain in effect. president trump called the ruling a political decision and vow that had his administration would ultimately prevail. joining the panel this week, wall street journal columnist, deputy editor dan, columnist kim


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