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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 17, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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i am jesse watters in for bill o'reilly, he will be back on monday. please remember, i am watters, and this is my world. >> : good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i'm filling in for tucker before he returns on monday. the media breastfeeding about president trump allegedly being stuck in crisis mode, he went back to winning near hours after that ruckus at the white house, he was on offense again. another cabinet pick, this time the senate confirmed scott pruitt to run the environmental protection agency. but a republican warned today that scott pruitt is going to face nothing short then a bloodbath over at the epa. exaggeration? not really.
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hundreds of epa bureaucrats have been lobbying the senate to block the new boss from even getting the job. years of their precious government regulation, remember, the president warned yesterday about just this type of insurrection. >> i've also
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confirm that i object appears to been thrown at the motorcade this afternoon. we are investigating and don't have anything further. we don't know who threw it, we don't know what was thrown, but nobody was hurt. ed? >> good to hear that nobody was hurt. stay safe this weekend. good to see you. up next, is president trump winning his war with the media on the heels of an epic news conference? a new fox pull out tonight that suggests his strategy may be working. we will debate eight, fair and balanced. and we'll show you what the president just tweeted to the media. also, a girl in new york was given a bad grade on a homework examined. that happens. this time, she didn't want to answer an antitrust question. we'll talk to the girl's father who is anything but happy. did we mention the girl is just
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what's the difference? show me best actor. i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so very much. get all the greatest scripted and unscripted oscar moments on xfinity x1. the oscars, live sunday, february 26th 7eâ4p on abc. >> unfortunately, much of the media in washington, d.c., along with new york, los angeles, in particular, speaks not for the people but for the special interests and for those profiting off of a very, very obviously broken system. the press has become so dishonest that if we don't talk about it, we are doing a tremendous disservice to the american people. a tremendous disservice. we have to talk about it. the press honestly is out of control. the level of dishonesty is
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out of control. you know what it is? the public isn't -- they read newspapers, they see television, they watch. they don't know if it is true or false because they are not involved. i am involved. i have been involved with stuff all of my life. but i am involved. so i know when you are telling the truth and when you are not. i just see many, many untruthful things. and i'll tell you what else i see, icy tone. you know, the word "tone." the tone is hatred. i'm really not a bad person, by the way. >> did you think it back off today? come on, this is president trump breached meeting, "the fake news media is not my enemy. it is the enemy of the american people." immediate the howling that this was un-american. they seem to be forgetting that during the campaign hillary hillary clinton tweeted something a little bit similar. i'm sure there was just as much
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howling then, right? no? we'll get to that in a minute. a brand-new foxpro suggests the president may be winning his war with the media. found that 68% believed the media is tougher on president trump then on president obama. also 45% trust president trump more than they trust the though 42% say they trust the media more, right within the margin of error. slight advantage trump. i cannot hold and is there any problem with holding them there? color me lucky to say that these guys are both joining us right now. i said on twitter that i was bringing on two rock stars. >> but you don't want me to sing, right? >> i don't want either one of you to sing. someone tweeted back, they wanted to know if jessica was bringing a violin, and i assume that was because -- >> a tiny one?
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>> this sad song about, donald trump was so mean to the media, unhinged, misinformed, maybe you and other democrats realized donald trump was elected. >> oh, i absolutely realize that. i've been dealing with this reality for almost four weeks now, since inauguration. before that i was hazy. donald trump won by being the donald trump we saw yesterday and that press conference. advise a base-rallying cry there. he campaigned on, the news is fake, right? he repeated that yesterday. the leaks are real but the news is fake. there is something interesting within that fox pull back. while 58% that's the media is tougher on trump, why do you think is true, there is a defensiveness he is created, 55% said they do want the press to cover him aggressively. so that implies they want him to make them to consider fighting back, to say things like, wait, i'm going to ask again, please explain to me the timeline of
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the conversations he found out about with general flynn. can we get a "yes" or or no anr to our question. they want the truth. >> you wrote online today a national review that what is going to matter is not a theater of these news conferences or the back and forth of general flynn, they may be there or not. the result on tax reform, not just repealing but replacing obamacare. so how is he doing on that score? >> my advice would be, a press conference like yesterday, a lot of fun for everyone. when trump said i am not ranting or raving, i am having a good time. he was telling the truth. ultimate revenge on the media it will be governing successfully and building a popular mandate to be elected for a second term. i think he needs to get his white house on a better managerial footing, needs to fill out his administration, focus on jobs, the event he did yesterday with the minors come up today with boeing should be
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the focus. and then getting things done on capitol hill, with the gorsucch nomination, and then obamacare repeal and replace and tax reform. >> jessica, i am a little sad for you tonight. >> but unhappy, ed. >> senator rand paul is coming up, and he is bringing a plan to this anchor desk to not just repeal but replace obamacare. and so i am sad because this talking point you've had so long about republicans not being able to replace obamacare is no more. >> well, we will see what the plan looks like. only 16% who want obamacare repealed. there is a lot in there they do like. we know that kids being able to stand their insurance until 26 is overwhelmingly popular as well as maintaining pre-existing conditions. if rand paul can find the money to get rid of the individual mandate and the country keeps ticking, i would love to hear
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that out. republicans are in power. i am facing it. i know we have to work together. right now, i think that orrin hatch has the right idea, repair and not repealed. one more night that talking point. >> i remember, to be fair and balanced here, every time barack obama went out and decided to visit one of the states across the country, republicans jumped on him and said he is in campaign mode, all he does his campaign. not only a month has passed, donald trump and a little bit of hot water, is campaigning. what's good for the goose is good for the gander, no? >> the campaigning literally never ends. i think he enjoys it. he enjoys the crowd, he feeds off it, we saw that in the campaign, and he doesn't want to stop when he is president of the united states. both sides do it, both sides complain, but it is a reality. >> jessica, i mentioned this tweet that got people aflutter, donald trump suggesting the
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media is against the country. the fake news media failing "new york times," nbc news, they are not my enemy, the enemy of the american people. democrats freaked out about this, but in late 2015, hillary clinton was on twitter saying not to be exact same thing, but hillary, on the enemy she is proud to have made, "drug companies, the iranians, okay, fine, they are the enemy. but republicans, she said, or enemies. >> yeah, that's a totally different debate. i remember talking about it, i didn't like it also. at one point she compared the g.o.p. with terrorists, we are having a conversation about the war on women. that wasn't smart. they are not comparable. not just democrats that are upset about that tweet. on both sides of the aisle, the constitution is critically important to the functioning of this country, that tweet shows that he has very little respect for the first amendment. thinking back to yesterday in that press conference, the line about the fact that the travel ban was ruled out, got a bad
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court, as if his steak was cooked improperly. this is not how america works. three separate branches of government, all equally powerful, all checks and balances. >> this is not a violation of the first amendment for the president to say things, right? if they were shutting it down, that would be something different. i don't like any of this, but criticizing a court, criticizing the press, it is all part of a freewheeling thing. >> you would never call a federal judge a so-called judge. >> no, i wouldn't, but despite acidity decision is wrong -- >> and that you disagree with that. it's the one i want to give you each 15 seconds. back to substance, jobs, tax cuts, as promised in the campaign. this sort of freak out in the mainstream media that he is in crisis mode, things are falling apart, mike this is chief of staff, yet we saw at the beginning for the clinton administration, mistakes, cabinet picks.
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starting with rich, has valuable time slipped for him to actually repeal and replace obamacare? or is he still on target. >> time is slipping, but we have forgotten, haven't basically done any legislating for five years, it is messy and complicated. i think he actually directed them in the right direction, do repeal and replace at the same time, and that is going to be a little harder and more complicated to get it right. >> ed: jessica, final word? >> i definitely think if they are going to do it, have to do both at the same time. going to be a lot more people at town halls. going back to the earlier point, if donald trump can deliver 4% gdp growth, he will get reelected, and that is where elections are won and lost. >> ed: jessica thinks he might be reelected. >> do know how hard it is to get 4% gdp? >> ed: jessica, rich, i promised we would have rock stars, you delivered. >> thank you, ed.
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the one refugees in sweden, how is this wave of diversity working out for them? we'll get a special visit from the man himself. tucker, his back. he talks to a filmmaker who decided to go and get those answers.
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like stroke, dementia, or ms. he prescribed nuedexta, the only fda-approved treatment for pba. tell your doctor about medicines you take. some can't be taken with nuedexta. nuedexta is not for people with certain heart conditions. serious side effects may occur. life-threatening allergic reactions to quinidine can happen. tell your doctor right away if you have bleeding or bruising. stop nuedexta if muscle twitching, confusion, fever, or shivering occurs with antidepressants. side effects may include diarrhea, dizziness, cough, vomiting, weakness, or ankle swelling. nuedexta made a difference by reducing my pba episodes. ask about nuedexta and go to >> are you ready for another wave of freak outs over the immigration policy? should be coming in the next week. president trump says his administration will release an executive order following up on his previous decree.
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during his news conference yesterday, the president said this. >> let me tell you about the travel ban. we had a very smooth rollout of the travel ban, but we had a bad court, a bad decision, a court that has been overturned -- i may be wrong, but i think it is 80% of the time. a lot. we had a bad decision, we're going to keep going with that, a new executive order next week sometime. but we had a bad decision. >> ed: obviously, we will let you know the moments that order drops so we can cue the outrage. speaking of arrivals from asian countries, perhaps none is more accepting than sweden. accepting more than 160,000 asylum-seekers despite having a population of less than 10 million people. only 500 of these migrants were able to get jobs in sweden, but that these arrivals aren't able to work, there are at least able to commit crimes. quite a few of them, in fact.
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ami horowitz went to sweden. here is a short clip. >> you can see the violence cutting into the cities. >> five years ago, how often would you say it was? >> three times a year. >> the increase in this kind of crime is exponential? >> i think we were caught offguard. we didn't expect it to be so much increase. >> ed: tucker spoke with the filmmaker earlier this week. >> tucker: ami, thanks a lot for coming on. what if the justification within sweden for importing this many migrants from other countries? why are they doing it? >> in sweden's own words, they consider themselves to be a humanitarian superpower, probably the only superpower they will qualify for. they feel it is their moral duty
quote quote
6:31 pm
to open their borders to all and any refugees that want to come to them. this video you recently spent time there. tell me if i'm overstating this. i don't think many people in sweden think this is working well. is that fair to say? >> not fair to say paid most people you asked about the refugee crisis -- the whole reason i did it to start with, to take a step back, a surge in on violence and rape in sweden. they know this crime is happening, they can feel it, but they would refer to the cause behind it and say it is just happening, more violence, they will make excuses for it. the majority of the population in sweden wants to have an open-door policy period. it is confounding. spitted the statistics on the crime rising you've been referring to, they have been statistics that they are either closely held by the authoritiesr manipulated by the swedish authorities to downplay the
6:32 pm
role of migrants in those crime. is that true? >> it depends. the crime statistics are the crime statistics. they do show this incredible spur in violence. they often trams try to cover up some of these crimes that, for example, there has been a rash of these rapes and music festivals, and they would cover up as far as they could who the perpetrators were or if actually rapes had actually reoccurred. so many people witnessing the rapes, difficult to do. i think that is what they are referring to, that the government has gone out of its way to cover up some of these problems. >> tucker: that is grotesque. the job numbers, something like 160,000 asylum-seekers, only 500 wind up working in sweden, what are they doing and how are they living? >> they live great, tucker. one of the most generous financial programs that they have in terms of the amount of money they are giving to them,
6:33 pm
the housing benefits, the cash benefits, so you have these -- but they have art these zones, areas the cops won't even enter because it is too dangerous. this is a policy of the national police authority in sweden. they live in these enclaves which, by the way, our love lovely, leafy neighborhoods, beautiful apartments, difficult to get jobs, too many of them, they have tremendous benefits which is why so many of these migrants are going to swing to begin with. spit it we know the masochism of the west knows no bounds at all, so i believe you when you say it is not often people say out loud, it is dissatisfied with this arrangement. i know swedes -- what is the social sanction for saying that outside. can you say this isn't working or do people say this isn't working? >> you can do it, but you are a racist, xenophobic, islamophobe. i was at the swanky party in
6:34 pm
stockholm and esther discussing what i was doing there and the entire party kind of gathered around me and started yelling me all those things, i'm a xenophobe, i am a racist, i am anti-islamic, even the statistics were clear about the perpetrators. it doesn't make a difference. very socially unacceptable to make these kind of claims. spitted the most important thing is to feel virtuous, i guess. one last question, i can't resist. what is the long game. how is this going to look ten to 15 years from now? does it seem like assimilation is taking place? >> not at all. we don't have to look at them long game. france and belgium, they've been doing it for longer. you can see the terrorism that is happening there, sweden is a relatively new policy phenomenon for them, by the way commit sweden had its first terrorist islamic attack not that long ag. now getting a taste of what we have been seeing across europe already. >> tucker: said. thanks a lot for joining us.
6:35 pm
ami horowitz. >> ed: thanks, tucker. about a month into the jump administration, and the g.o.p. is still getting its legislative ducks in a row on repealing obamacare. i sit down with senator rand paul who says he has the plan republicans reduce to replace a law that his top insurance officials said this week is facing a death spiral. plus we'll talk to a father in new york city whose daughter was punished for refusing to fill out and i trump rhetoric on her homework. the girl is just 11 years old. really?
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it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. you should tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (child giggles) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. get symbicort free for up to one year. visit today to learn more. >> ed: after close to a month, there has been very little movement, but if republicans haven't taken action yet, it is no thanks to senator rand paul
6:40 pm
who says he has just the plan for nixing obamacare and actually implementing a cheaper, more free market approach to health care. senator paul joins us. >> thanks for having me. it's the one i want to start by diagnosing the problem. this other news, the extraordinary press conference president trump had, the ceo of aetna said that obamacare is in a death spiral. that is dramatic. >> in order for the insurance companies to make money and in order for the insurance model to work, people have to buy insurance that are healthy, a lot of them, in order to pay for the people who get sick when they have insurance. right now many young, healthy people are not buying insurance because obamacare told them, oh, you can buy after you get sick. it doesn't work if everybody waits to buy insurance until after you are sick. the other problem, obamacare at all of these mandates. ten or 11 things that every
6:41 pm
insurance company has to cover. whether you are married or not you have to have pregnancy coverage or whether you are even having kids anymore. 75 years old, have to have pregnancy coverage. that added expense and added to the selection that young people didn't want to buy because of the expense. >> ed: you are a doctor, what is the prescription? you don't have a plan to replace it, tonight, you came with white. >> our goal is the same. left or right, conservative, liberal, we want more people to have insurance and more affordable. affordable care act is what obama called it, but it turned out to be unaffordable because he loaded it with some new mandates that it increased the cost of your insurance paid my plan legalizes forms of all insurance to be sold. what does that mean? you can buy a catastrophic insurance. if you are 22 years old, you may not wanted to cover everything under the sun. you may want to have a $2,000 deductible and say, i want cheaper insurance. that is illegal under obamacare.
6:42 pm
we legalize that again. you can buy catastrophic insurance. we let you save in a health savings account rate will let you use your health savings account to pay your premium, your deductible, your co-pay, weight loss program, exercise program, vitamins, preventative care. you can do all of that on your hsa, and will give you a tax credit in your hsa. >> ed: i heard you say this is not going to cost taxpayers anything new. you know your hope folks back home back in kentucky they hear somebody sad here from the government, i am here to help, let me grab my balls, senator. >> there is no government program and what i am offering. if you pay taxes, you get to keep some of your money, and it gets to go into a health savings account. we legalize legalize the sale f inexpensive insurance, then the third thing is really interesting. we let individuals join associations, so if you are a mom-and-pop and you own a
6:43 pm
plumbing business come up with it you join an association with thousands of other people to give you leverage to lower your price. >> ed: two quick questions in one-page timetable. president trump said his plan for replacing will come out in mid-march, probably around the time of the new budget. is it realistic to think that you, he, and others can come together on a plan by the end of this year. number two, i wonder about the fact that you and other republicans railed against president obama saying, he did this with democrat only votes, one reason obamacare was not durable. what are you doing to reach across the aisle and, in kind, say, we are going to get democratic democratic votes for this. >> i would love to have democrats on board. we tried to have things that meet the same goals that democrats wanted. more insurance for more people, more access. whether we will get them or not is up to them. i'm trying to convince them. >> ed: let's say democrats alone passed obamacare,
6:44 pm
republicans undo it, the next stage is going to take working together. my replacement villas can stick 60 votes in the senate. we will have to have democrats for the replacement bill. i'm inviting conversation. we want everybody to participation. it shouldn't be about which party you are income a less expensive insurance for more people. >> ed: last quick thing. you know a lot of the president's supporters voted in a republican house and senate segment you said you were going to do this quickly. can get this get done by the nt year? >> the next month or so. were not waiting. we're not going to be talking about this in july. >> ed: good to have your back. thanks, senator. senator rand paul, appreciate it. coming up, target will be following up. in new york father is steaming after he saw anti-trump propaganda in his daughter's homework assignment. his daughter is 11, they are already trying to indoctrinate
6:45 pm
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>> ed: a father new york city is irate after a teacher injected politics into his 11-year-old daughter's homework. he was helping his daughter with a vocabulary assignment when the wording of the questions caught his eye. one question, for instance, read "president trump speaks in a very superior and blank manner, insulting many people. he needs to be more blank so that the american people respect and admire him." he told his daughter not to answer, and in response, the teacher took 15 points. he joins us live on face time from his kitchen. we appreciate you being here.
6:50 pm
what was your reaction? he is joining us by facetime. >> my initial reaction was -- i mean, i was stunned. first, i just want to say that, the school that she goes to is a wonderful school. my children have excelled in it. they have done really well. this was not a school protocol exam or homework assignments. this was an enrichment which the school does, the teachers do it on their own time, and it's a wonderful thing, but this was strictly from this one teacher, her words, her sentences. and i looked at it, and i just couldn't believe that that sentence, out of all the sentences in the world that she could have used, that she would try to slip in an anti-trump statements, and i didn't take too kindly to it. >> ed: have you spoken to her and/or the principal? >> yes. what wound up happening, without the exposure it did get, she was
6:51 pm
disciplined, like a red flag in her file come on, and my daughtr was awarded the 15 points back, which is nice. wonderful for them to do that. i guess it is a case closed thing now, but it is good to keep the conversation open because one thing that this taught us is that we have to be a little more diligent into now what these schools might be teaching our students about their political views rather than their parents. >> ed: vincent, you make an excellent point, tucker, in particular, normally in this chair, does a lot about what he calls college campus craziness. your daughter is 11 years old, so it sounds like the indoctrination is starting much earlier than any of us even thought. >> a lot sooner. that is what scares me. that's why i wanted my voice to be out there, and i've done several different things already. and the word has gotten out
6:52 pm
there. on staten island alone, the one web site received over 800 or 850 comments. and over 90% of them, i would say, were overwhelmingly in my favor. so there are many other people that feel that way. and it is unfortunate that may be some other people didn't step up besides me. but i felt it was time to do that. i wanted to protect my daughter and another thing to protect my person. >> ed: good for you speaking up. on the other side, there are not a lot of people who are shy in these so-called hashtag resist movement. other people on the left standing up fighting on behalf of this teacher? >> to be honest with you, i haven't heard too much. some of the comments in their were saying she has been there for a long time and the children love her. things like that. but not too much as far as sticking up for her. more so on my side, i would say.
6:53 pm
and i think that is great. still one last question, as from your perspective now on how this impacted your daughter, as we look almost 30 days into the trump administration, it seems like there are a lot of people who still have not accepted the results of the last election. i am from long island, what i know about staten island, people don't hold back. what is happening in this country right now? >> you know, i really don't know. there are a lot of trump supporters out there but i think we are still in the silent majority. and i personally would like to see more people stand up for the president. a lot of people talk the talk, it is time to walk the walk. when somebody is doing something that is unethical, as with what this teacher did, or other things, trying to disparage the should stand up for it. and as an american and as a father, i felt it was the right thing to do. and the one thing i think that i did teach my daughter was that you can accomplish a lot by just using a pen, some patience, a little persistence.
6:54 pm
you don't have to wear funny costumes. you don't have to destroy other people's property. there is a certain way of going about doing things, and i think the way that i did it was really well and it is working out really well. >> ed: and we applaud you and especially appreciate that you stood up for your daughter beyond all of the other politics stuff up there. have a wonderful weekend with your family. >> thank you, so much, to you and yours. >> ed: the latest edition of mean tweets next.
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6:59 pm
thinking will save some for fox? me filling in leads to a friday night mini version of "mean tweets. let me say thank you to so many of you who welcome welcomed mee tucker was away, but it clearly did not sit well with some create a few tweets here, including, white house correspondent, show host, not some lunch. next time tucker is on leave, not so much. yowza. another twitter saying that be the unfriendly song. meanwhile, debating that he likes my reporting but this quote is like billy ripken substituting for cal. watching ed cohost is painful. that's brittle. wait. your hand is really poopdog? tweeting, shut up, poop, he can
7:00 pm
only work 30 hours a week because of obamacare. i can't, tucker is a friend. he had some well-deserved time off with his family, until then, have a great weekend. "hannity" next musical musicals produced welcome to "hannity." the tonight's opening monologue.


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