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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 18, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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he was hiding in a dunkin' donuts coffee cup. what would've happened if she missed it. that is all the news that we have here. >> this is a fox news alert. president trump is back in campaign mode hitting it. he will speak at the orlando international airport later this afternoon at his first campaign rally since becoming president. hello and welcome to america's news headquarters. laura, good to have you. president trump tweeting about the event saying he's expecting a massive crowd at his rally reminiscent of his days when the campaign trail. our steve harrigan is life with more and what is the mood out there right now.
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>> since 4:00 in the morning this airport hangar holds about 8,500 people it extends back two blocks to the main road. really as far as the eye can see at this point and we are still three hours away from the doors been open. looks like there are multiple thousands here. it will exceed the capacity of this airport hangar. been talking to people asking them why they are here today we will let you hear from one of them in her own words. >> we see a lot of negative fake news out there. and were not seen people supporting him every day like we see all of these people here. with so many supporters for him. we want to show him that we are so thankful that he's there. he's looking out for the american people. they are hoping to hear from the president directly without any filters in between.
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>> they have whether working on their side as well. what do they expect the president to talk about. it's about 80 degrees here in sunny. we see a lot of people with their umbrellas out as well. they are likely to hear what they heard during the campaign. is not likely to push any single issue more like an old-style campaign rally. a lot of his supporters here felt like he has been getting the tough shake. in trying to energize him as well. both sides looking to get reinvigorated. steve is reporting from melbourne florida. they will be visiting the area and a short time for now.
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>> what can we expect the rally today. he's expected to talk about some of the accomplishments. among them his action on immigration and law enforcement. the president cited executive action in to take into take action against drug cartel. he set the reels and motion of building a southern border wall. in nearly 700 people have been arrested as part of a nationwide effort to remove illegal immigrant criminals. we have seen quite the stock market boom that many companies are now touting new investments. he kept his promise to withdraw from tpt he has taken action to get pipeline projects restarted and sanctions against iran for continued aggression were announced.
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and we do have this rally to talk about it of course there is a lot to get to with the president's effort to reconnect with his base. he comes after four weeks what some had called chaos in washington. the ousting of his national security adviser and an all out war with the press. why is he already on the campaign trail summer asking. tony, thank you so much for being here today. i understand that you are correlated over 9,000 rallies in supporters. we see there are enormous lines there. tell us what it takes to get a rally of the size together. they called me two or three days ago and asked me to help start building some volunteers i was on staff with trump all last year but i'm here volunteering today. we're excited about president trump being here in the first reelection rally. we are excited. two to three days to get that many people in position is
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very impressive you done a great job. let's look at recent fox news poll numbers on the approval rating. he is at 48% approval and 47% disapproval. how do you think he can improve those numbers today with this rally and with his momentum today. >> president trump is can continue to get his poll numbers increasing because today he is speaking to the american people. when he is a news conference the other day he was speaking to the american people. they want to hear from him they don't want to hear from abc cbs in the new york times. his numbers will go up. assume is the mainstream media will leave him alone. we're here to support a president trump today. if you think that the press has been too hard on president trump.
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i guess that answers that. is that when you're feeling from your friends and the people that you work with down there. all of my republican and trump fans love fox news. i know you were recently at a rally where travel ban protesters clashed a bit you support building the wall we want to take a look at another fox news poll that we have here for you. only 26% say it's important for trump to build a wall. replacing obama care is more important right now. what is most important to people and floridians down there. >> i remember hearing the interview with the speaker of the house a couple of days ago and the speaker of the house laid all out. they're they are doing what donald trump wants to do. it is late and out when it has to be done. she has to do away with obama care and i have full
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confidence in the president that he will do everything is going to do. he said it on the campaign trail. i have full faith in him that he will do it all. >> i know you have a full day ahead of you. enjoy that nice weather in that rally will check back in with you and congratulations on getting that many people together. >> vice president mike pence are sending a strong message that the u.s. remains committed to nato mr. pentz also telling the president of ukraine that russia will be held accountable for its actions even as president trump searches for common ground with moscow. kitty join in a slide. >> the vice president to
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publicly address issues of the new administration in the foreign policy to the european leaders mr. pence was pentz was speaking at the security conference alongside andrea merkel. he said he wants members of the alliance to allocate more funds for defense spending. they don't meet nato's target of the defense budget. they also addressed wide range of pop topics. also issued a clear warning to of divided by the cease-fire deal. it has been violated repeatedly. >> we must hold brush accountable. and demand that they honor the agreements. those tough words on russia
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were welcomed by leaders of both countries who they met with later in the day he also held a one-on-one meeting the white house said the two leaders talked about this commitment to nato and the conflict in ukraine. overall the vice president said he was bringing a message of support from president trump to europe that many european leaders are often wary of. they continue the diplomatic efforts with a series of meetings and brussel. thank you so much. >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle facing tough questions from concerned constituents across the country today. this as congressional republicans begin to flush out their plans to replace the massive health care law. the gop leaning heavily on tax credit and changes to medicaid funding among other mentors. hi garrett, where does the gop plan stand right now.
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the good news is there is still plenty of consensus that the obama care needs to be repealed and replaced. there is still a no agreement on exactly how to go around doing that. they did meet behind closed doors with its members to lay out the next step and what their goals are. right now republicans plan to introduce repeal and replace legislation as it is a soon as i get back from recess. the mandates. at the same time they will continue to work on plans for how to replace the old affordable care act. as well as how to pay for all of it. those discussions are expected to take weeks if not months. how speaker paul ryan this week said he remains optimistic that ultimately they will be able to get it done. >> we need to replace it with a true patient centered system. against them access to quality
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affordable coverage. that means more choices and lower cost. it means real protections in peace of mind. it means returning your character your control. >> the repeal in replacement effort is moving along. there is growing frustration along members and voters that they're they are not moving along fast enough. >> it is not always smooth sailing indeed. what are they doing to block the efforts at this point. he has now been confirmed and now he is in place activists are focusing over the next week. they are organizing groups to confront them at town halls all over the next week but also helping them as a lack of consensus among republican lawmakers on the repeal and replace plans. >> with the affordable care
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act they have not come up with a plan yet. they haven't have anything that they have scored there. they are still fighting among themselves. it raises another tacking point. they are going to be using it over the next weeks and months. how much it will cost a repeal in replace obama care as well as focusing on individual stories of what it has done for them and what will happen if he gets taken away. i think you so much for that report. >> fox news alert on the death of sheikh omar abdel-rahman known as the blind sheikh has died in the u.s. prison. he was 78 years old. he died at the federal medical center in butner north carolina while serving a life sentence there. for his role in masterminding the 1993 world trade center bombing.
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he was repaired with extremist circles during the 1980s. >> california bracing for a massive storm. how work crews are preparing for the torrential downpour's as a residence there. for the worse. members of president trump's cabinet meet with russian leaders overseas a lot of questions remain about the u.s. relationship. i see stories of chaos. yet is the exact opposite this administration is running like a find two machine. they are outstanding people. boost
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laura: time for a check of the headlines. a murder that killed two people including a toddler. he was writing in a cart with his uncle when they were shot and killed a pregnant woman driving the car was wounded. the attack was gang-related.
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before the region gets hit. as much as ten more inches of rain. that storm system in northern california may be the strongest in more than 20 years. they were stopping at the lunch. it was just 13 seconds ago. to go. a technical problem. they were promising to hold brush accountable for its actions in ukraine. 2d escalate recent violence the defense secretary they were joining the vice president at the munich security conference. they also reassure american allies of u.s. support for nato. i'm very encouraged by the response. i wanted to make it clear that
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president trumps commitment is strong. you sustain that commitment and it's important that our allies live up to their work even as america does as well. in joining me now is the director of the margaret thatcher department of freedom. let's get right to. european countries are watching president trump very closely as you can will imagine. they are well aware that during the presidential campaign mister trump said nato must do more and pay its fair share. so how important is this a visit from the vice president and how well is the message being received from america's european allies? >> this is a very important visit. it's the first overseas trip by the vice president.
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the nato alliance matches fundamentally to the united states. it is committed to the nato alliance. the allies must spend more on their defense as well. that's also the point made by general manis. the overall message being sent has been very much welcomed by european allies also by the leadership of nato. a very strong signal to be ascending and the time when russian aggression is rising in europe and you have to reassure america's allies that america stands with those. they have to invest more in their own defense in order for the alliance to be robust. the regard of them pulling their own responsibility to strengthen the nato alliance. you were talking about them
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early this week. james mattis told nato allies something similar to what vice president pence have a say in that they would have to increase their defense spending by the end of the year he gave them a deadline or the u.s. would moderate its commitment and more to the point here is a quote of what he told european defense ministers. it's a fair demand that all who benefit from the best defense in the world carry their share of the necessary cost to defend freedom and we should never forget ultimately it is freedom that we defend here at nato. so now he was straight into the point. most people know him as being very intelligent and very savvy when it comes to foreign affairs even though he served as the marine corps as a general but how do you think europe is responding to the strong and firm message. >> great words from general matus.
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it's not a welfare system for european countries. i think many european countries will be very supportive of his message in the minimum 2% of gdp. i think you're gonna see some pushback from officials in germany for example spends 1.2% of gdp on dispense. you're gonna see resistance from those who simply are not pulling their weight in europe. it's very disappointing when a major economy supposedly the power of the european pull its weight on the european state. >> as well as you know when it comes to defending that area
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this is no time to be shirking one's responsibility. given the fact that there is a topic of russia. they've expressed concern about the aggression and its aggressive actions. they hold russia accountable in demand they honor the agreement beginning by the escalating the violence. he also added that the u.s. will hold russia accountable even as we search for new common ground. can the u.s. count on nato to stand firm against russia into, can president trump be successful in being a firm into tough against russia and the leader and at the same time to develop take to develop the common ground that he wants. >> i think the u.s. and nato in the nato allies must send the right signal to moscow. russia is a real aggressor. the poets a huge threat in the
11:24 am
united states in the alliance must be fully united in terms of standing up to any kind of russian aggression at this time. any sense of weakness on the part of the nato alliance. it sends the wrong signal. but somebody that has extremely been aggressive. they threaten the stability of europe. and i believe that america with its allies and nato must be prepared to confront and in resist any kind of aggression coming from moscow. and it must be sent to moscow. to withdraw the forces from eastern ukraine and also they need to be out of georgia as well and it's unacceptable for the russians to be occupying parts of europe at this day and also if there's any attempt by moscow to threaten nato alliances they must be
11:25 am
strongly resistant. kelly: a lot of weight being measured right now. thank you so much sir. >> we are awaiting the start of the president trumps rally. there are huge lines ready to get in. we will tell you what to expect plus, president trump takes his fight with the memory media to a whole new level. how do they feel about that. the panel debates. >> leaks are real. i'm okay with it. i'm not okay when it is fake. i watch cnn with so much anger and hatred
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we are awaiting the start of president trumps campaign style rally in florida. he's taking his message directly to the people with a speech to his supporters. it's happening later this afternoon. they will also hold meetings at the mara lago estate. we are live life from west palm beach florida with more on this in the sunny weather. who is paying for today's rally. i am having a hard time hearing you. it's going to what's go into a little bit of the details about who is paying for this event today.
11:31 am
this is paid for by his campaign and this is of course coming one day after president trump called several members of the mainstream media enemies of the american people. he's going to try to remove the media filter. one of those things he is of course best at. it will be his first big rally. and likely the first time that we see him standing there with the air force one right behind him. yesterday the dream liner. less on imports and more on products here in the united states. he wants to create jobs. he promised that i will not disappoint you and i will level the playing field. i expect to hear today a lot of the same things that we hear from president trump on
11:32 am
the campaign trail. you also talk a little bit about a few of the things that he will talk about. like a nominating judge corset. and rolling back that. the president pierces to secure in the u.s. vice president mike pence making headlines overseas. >> this is really the first foreign policy speech of the trump in ministration. he was speaking at the munich security conference they address the allegations that the in ministration is too friendly with the russian government. let's listen. >> know this. the united states will continue to hold russia accountable. even as we search for new common ground which as you know president trump believes can be found. at that same conference the
11:33 am
russian foreign minister said the dominants a world of fair is ending. kind of contradicting what he was saying there. this is the time when you really want and need the national security advisor in place. there trying to fill the role. we know one meeting definitely taking place is with the acting national security advisor. other names in the next. keith alexander stephen hadley and u.s. ambassador to the un john bolton. those are the two big things happening. the meetings with national security adviser candidates advisor candidates and of course the big rally which is getting underway later this afternoon. speak to definitely a big day. you will bring us up to speed as a move through this the state. thank you.
11:34 am
kelly: president trump has been railing against the media. a brand-new of fox news poll shows how americans feel about the coverage he has received since he took office it finds a huge majority of voters 60% feel like the press is tougher. then it was on president obama. only 18% said the press has been easier on him let's talk about that with the panel. alex bolt is the senior writer for the help. thank you for joining us. while observers are seeing this that the media is not totally at fault here. son some of the blame you have to argue is on the side of president trump who raised questions within the media with the campaign style. and his penchant for attacking the media. is there blame on both sides.
11:35 am
>> i think there is. if you looked at the first press conference it was kind of just arguing and you very rarely saw that. they have an absolute point. if people turn down jobs and on jobs and people are quitting a lot of people who are trying to get a job in the department of defense has not been hired yet. they're just sitting unopened. that's going across to the government. it's through washington dc and that talent pools. it's not a good time to leave the job. so much is going wrong over there. he needs to right the ship. it will not be part of his legacy if he could write the ship quickly. i can have something to do with that. getting back to the media. in the relationship with the president and vice versa. what i
11:36 am
how does the president president move forward and how does the media move forward so that they can agree to disagree in a civil way and still play both of the roles that are still very important to the american people. >> i think the president is using his the media to his own ends taking advantage of the fact that the public thinks the media is treating him unfairly. it shows that it shows it was too tough trump. he is taking advantage of that to deflect the criticism that has been directed at his administration. i don't really think i see that anytime soon. his goading of the media and calling it a public enemy it's reminiscent of what nixon said in 1972. it only goes the media more.
11:37 am
while it's helping him with the public at least in the short term may hurt him in the long term because it only gears up the media to attack that much harder. here's another poll that goes to the heart of his actions. in regards to what president trump says. here is their response. 71% say he should be more careful 28% said he likes that he speaks his mind and do you think the majority of the people are saying to the present in the media look everybody i've yet to come out swinging at least swing in the right direction. they are backwards with that. i would just make the point that rich mcconnell the senate majority leader he made the point this week he's not a fan of these tweets. stick to the script. i like boring. president trump well not be boring.
11:38 am
that's not going to happen. >> they feel like it is distracting. is he being distracted because they are seeking attention or he's smart as the facts and trying to keep people focused on something else while he is behind the scenes working on his agenda. >> he is clearly smart. he makes his case pretty will but what i think he would need to try to balance right now is still be himself and shoot from the hip a little bit. americans like that. they find that refreshing. he is to get has to get his business organize. they are getting the right people on the national security council. and then once you have a will oiled machine it will be there to really stick to him.
11:39 am
if it's chaos it will be difficult. kelly: thank you very both -- thank you very much for weighing in. will be on this topic for a while. >> and nba celebrity all-star game turning a bit political. the message appeared to be insane to the president was just a number on his jersey. we are talking about it in a rally with supporters. how this compares to the first term. it's the phillips' lady!
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mark cuban taking an apparent jab with his jersey choice at the all-star celebrity game. he was seen at last night's game wearing a number 46 jersey which represents the number of the next u.s. president. they treated last week. he backed me big time. he's not smart enough to run for president. he is been outspoken criticism critic especially on twitter. and president trump trying to get his mojo back after a rocky start in his first month on the job. a former campaign manager said he was once again by passing the mainstream media. >> this is the president has very best. he'd loves to be engaged with the crowds. what i think you will see today is him reminding people by bypassing the mainstream media and going directly to
11:45 am
the media that is the most important thing. let's bring in our political panel today. also the president of the institute welcome to you both. it is a big day and of course all eyes are in florida. i want to start with you. is this where he is at his best when he's avoiding the mainstream media. maybe he's not addressing some of the white house issues the issues that are so hot right now. this is definitely where he is in his comfort zone. it's also where president obama was always at his most comfortable moments. both of them were very much more interested in front of a political rally than enough policy discussion. i think the challenge for the trump administration it's time to pivot.
11:46 am
they have come to the crossroads in the realities of governing and they need to get to an agenda. why he can't bypass the media he can bolster up his base. and not really unified republican parties. it's time for us to really pivot and press forward with an agenda that is focused on the upward mobility. as a promise during the campaign to make sure that he knows the privilege for the wealthy in that well-connected. it was his way of getting around the filter. what do you make of that timing do you think you will be able to make this pivot this way. he loves to go out and do the speeches the rallies and give them a lot of energy. to distract from some of the stuff that's going on right now.
11:47 am
i will say the key thing is now for him to remember is that when he was sarcastic on the campaign trail has to be careful not to say anything when he was saying lock her up. some country can get a little scared about what he might say. from the u.s. government. that will be something that he has to tailor himself and can taint himself a little bit. >> the president is getting a little flack for holding this rally today when there is so much to be done. summary things that do i need to be addressed. with that said we also want to take a look at president obama's first post inaugural rally. a lot of people are making a lot about the timing here is this a good time for mister trump to get out there in this way.
11:48 am
>> there is obviously a lot to do. he needs to get back home. my dad always says you need to pull the blinds down and get to focus. they need to reject what a lot of the democrats are doing. they have to recognize that anger is not an agenda for the american people that frustration is not the platform. he needs to get his team together. and get focused. most of them fail not because they have -- they don't have the right talent but because they aren't focused. you've a lot of unforced errors and they need to get focused around an agenda because of that is ultimately what is going to allow them to deliver for the american people. there is still a lot of disease out there in the country they are undermining the confidence not only of his base but of the american people in general. he needs to go out with a sense of populism and address
11:49 am
some of the issues that are impacting the pocketbooks. this is the perfect time to reset the narrative. they can rerun all of the teams. to think it will last here. >> the one thing i would say that tactic is being angry i think the focus for trump is definitely not fixated on the media. he have it with his new labor nominee. he just went on and talked about the press and how he was cranky with them. he has to announce the labor nominee.
11:50 am
the blocks will get into place and things will move more smoothly. right now rough waters. laura: thank you so much for being with us. kelly: we are a few hours away from president trump's rally. we will bring that to you life. heavy rain causing major problems in california. a sinkhole a sinkhole cars.
11:51 am
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kelly: several people are dead in southern california and several hundreds of thousands are without power. they are swallowing two cars last night. fire crews helping them crawl out. really hard to believe. the massive sinkhole opened up about 20 feet deep because of this area simply got so much rain so quickly and video shows the aftermath. two cars as you mentioned ended up being swallowed by
11:55 am
the sinkhole. a woman went down with her car. they have firefighters recede to the area. thankfully nobody was seriously hurt. but the issue here is that the oil started seeping into a sewage pipe. take a listen. >> something compromise it. i'm in the cayman and damaged the sewer. everybody is okay. >> one of the cars that was pulled out which was totaled show you just how dangerous it was. up in santa barbara the airport had to be shut down for a time when the runway flooded they gave in.
11:56 am
nobody hurt there. the crews are thankful they can stabilize it. they will bring forth steel walls for steel walls and. while they try to figure it out. to make sure the surrounding area is all right as well. >> thank you very much for that report. and that does it for us. we will be back with more news at 4:00 p.m. eastern. the journal editorial report is next.
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that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. break through your allergies. new flonase sensimist. ♪ ♪ ♪ paul: president trump reacted at a wild and wide-ranging press conference thursday, condemning the leaks that led to his national security adviser's resignation. >> mike flynn is a fine be


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