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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 19, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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that was in the last couple of hours. we were telling you if they will be interviewing additional candidates than the four we told you about for national security advisor. we may find out what the executive order, the brand-new one, what it looks like on immigration. keep watching fox news. >> "watters world" is on, tonight. >> the swap stripes back painting the president as a traitor. we will break down the leakers and the liars. a celebrity blogger here to smear the white house, but it turns into a catastrophe. >> as a immigrant, don't you feel some sort of bond with malaria trump. >> you say he's going to kill people, how do you justify people that. >> i confront a college professor for teaching political
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propaganda to his students. folks, hunker down because this is a political hurricane that hitting washington. >> the american people are witnessing one of the biggest american scandals in history. this is bigger than watergate. >> the parallel to watergate are eerie. i have to say. >> let's put this into perspective. it's no secret that he iran a shock and all campaign. the entire system was the target. he famously accused bush of botching 9/11.
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he iran down pow john mccain and told the generals and sold them as a political hack. he crucified the fbi director and told everyone in washington they were damp and he won on that platform, determined to drain the swamp. he arrived in washington to find the holdover establishment beaten but more bitter than ever. the so-called lowlife first have waged a war within against mike flynn, former national security advisor. they feared flynn would bear the dirty details of the iranian nuclear deal. he is gone because he made a legal call to russia that was wiretapped by the fed and criminally leaked to the press. flynn wasn't upfront about it and he had to go. unless he lied to the fbi, this is is a cover-up without a crime. obama officials called the syrian dictator during the
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transition to say they would take a softer approach than bush did. regardless, look at the allegation as he cozies up to russia versus the obama administration relationship with russia. hillary has attempted warming relations with russia, handing over a corny reset button that was actually misspelled. hillary allowed access to the re-untran uranium deposit after her husband bill was paid $100,000 to speak and moscow. president trump watched russia take over crimea and large portions of eastern ukraine never sending assistant to our ally. but he was caught with bring on a hot mike, president obama allowed that to run circles around them in syria. he dropped the embargo in cuba. the swap narrative is trump is a traitor. please. president obama was the one
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palling around with domestic terror terrace who bombed the pentagon and reverend wright. >> the government gives them the drugs and puts them in prison, passes a law and wants us to sing god bless america, no, no, no. jesse: the watergate comparisons, the hyperventilating, they want to destroy the president of the united states but have little basis in fact. they're so desperate for scandal that they're falling for fake news. >> i didn't know until i heard from our colleague that the tweet of general flynn today was scapegoat. do you know what a scapegoat is? that means in a community where people want to absorb themselves with guilt, they get a goat and they keep all of the ill onto the goat and they run the goat
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out of town. jesse: thank you mrs. pelosi. turns out that was a fake tweet and the minority leader got duped which is why she will continue to be called the minority leader. as i said, that's the created hysteria. let's get back to the real story, the leaks. joining us now is author of flyover nation and dana from blaze tv, dana lasch. dana, did i say anything wrong in the waters word segment this evening? >> no, i think everybody needs some midol and i think nancy pelosi, i was a little impression little impression could at least go back to leviticus' before i was very intrigued by the goat analyses. i think i learned something for that might've been the first time she ever taught me anything. let me ask you a question. these are just flooding the zone here. do you believe this is payback
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for trump's campaign against the establishment and this is just the thing that goes around comes around. >> i think so, in a way. i really believe the media and certain individuals with the party across the world are trying to destabilize the new administration and they are looking for any way to put a wedge between the administration and the intelligence community. all they are able to claim is that mike pence was misled by general mike flynn. okay, that's obviously stupid, stupid, but it's not illegal. you don't call out someone that you think broke the law by breaking the law and illegally leaking these phone calls. jesse: if being stupid was illegal in washington, everyone would be in jail. >> right, exactly. jesse: i don't know where the leaks came from. was it obama holdovers or hawks
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in the intelligence community, this is speculation but who do you think is trying to undermine someone like flynn? >> that's the million-dollar question. i know the washington -- it was stated that it was obama holdovers that were afraid general flynn would start leaking details of the ram. if that was the case, when they expect president trump to do the same thing, to go on twitter and leak details? it's a facetious argument of what they accused him and. >> i don't think anything will, that but we will have to wait and see. jesse: the narrative is that there is chaos in the wheels are falling off. i wanted to look at president obama's first 100 days. we did some did some research and we found out they had three cabinet nominees who got bounced. tom --, tax problems, bill richardson, pay to play, and judge judge greg had conflict of
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interest and remember the aig scandal when they had to bail out a aig and they got over $100 million and they spread it around to all these guys on wall street, they couldn't get the money back. that doesn't sound like a fine oiled machine over there, does it. >> no, it doesn't. the questions i remember clearly with president obama being asked her in his first 100 days were how impressed he was with the office. they stopped short of asking him what his favorite color was and whether or not he would like even or odd numbers. it was ridiculous the way they coddled him. jesse: thank you very much. up next the blogger comes to "watters world" and it doesn't go so well. >> someone who comes from an immigrant family like yourself, don't you feel some sort of bond toward milani at trump she is an immigrant herself. >> one second. jesse: the perez hilton
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remember this, donald trump trump lacks what it takes to be president of the united states. you have the petition, the authority and the opportunity to go in the books as an american
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hero who changed the course of history. jesse: just hearing the words president trump left many in the industry in tears. >> if and when donald trump becomes president, our economy will tank. >> i care about america. donald trump doesn't care about america. he doesn't care about you. he cares about himself. >> insane. things are not going to be okay. they are not going to be okay. >> perez hilton, does does he still feel that way? he joined me now before you have to admit you were wrong about the economy. it's actually kicking into high gear, the stock market is on the record. will will you at least admit that. >> it is because he is being great for wall street. i thought he campaign to help that. jesse: all of those who have
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investments probably are reaping rewards if they have investments in the market. let me ask a question. i am concerned about you. are you okay? >> i said i would be okay because i'm well-off. i was more concerned for people who aren't well off. i'm one of those bleeding heart liberals that cares about other people and not just my own financial, the wealthy people of america will continue to be okay. it's those that aren't wealthy that i'm concerned about, and i don't know if they will be okay. >> okay, i think in a couple months we will have you back. maybe some people who have jobs will not have jobs and we can think songs. jesse: let me ask you to spread the s&l folks and i know you're tied into the hollywood crowd, the franchise is going pretty aggressively against people in the trump orbit. let's take a look at how they depicted kellyanne conway on saturday night live. take a look.
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>> kelly and, what are you doing here. >> i just want to be a part of the handshake - this is how you do it? stop breaking into my apartment. >> you weren't answering my calls, you changed changed my number. i'm not going to be ignored. jesse: i thought was funny when melissa mccarthy did the spicer indication. that was pretty hilarious. but then to go after kellyanne conway and the picture like a slot, i think it was kind of unfair. do you think it was unfair for her to go after kellyanne like that, putting her in a cheap silk négligee, having her act sultry. >> i did see that but they were spoofing fatal attraction. they were painting her to be something she's not. jesse: okay, well i think many people that saw that might not have agreed with your interpretation. >> and many people who sought
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probably didn't agree with yours either. jesse: we will leave that to the audience to decide. let me ask you to spread the new york times journalist, he calls himself, was at some party and the swimsuit model picked up on something this journalists said and we have the tweet, sat next to a journalist from the new york times. he told me milani at trump is a hooker. whatever your politics, it's crucial to call this out for what it is. i don't care about her sexual history and no one should. i noticed you didn't cover this on your website. >> you probably didn't look closely enough. it's on the right now you want to search that category.
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jesse: i sought was covered in a lawsuit she had but maybe i'm wrong. >> we covered it, i can send you the link right now. jesse: okay, please do what you think the new york times is so anti- milani at trump. >> milani at trump, i am about to send you the link and i'm not going to continue with the interview until i do that. jesse: okay ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪. jesse: perez, we don't have time for you to go to the website and like i said, i couldn't find it there either. if you just answer my question, we will assume you have it.
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if a fox news journalist called michelle obama a hooker, wouldn't you find that offensive, and, and wouldn't you find that on your website pretty quickly. >> yes, i would find it offensive and i do find it offensive that journalist called her a hooker before why do you think that is? what's with smearing the first lady of the united states that the left and people in hollywood find so attractive. >> i disagree with you there. i don't think people smear her. jesse: why. >> because i would perceive her to be somebody who is not very happy. >> how do you know what's in her heart. >> ice didn't say i did. i set up receive her to be. jesse: how do you perceive her genuine feelings. >> i just read her body language when she's with her husband. he doesn't open the door for her. he walks first. he doesn't seem to be a gentleman. >> i'm glad that you know what
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is in melanie trump's heart. she seems happy to me but maybe i am wrong. thank you you so much for joining "watters world". i appreciate it. i look forward to having you back on again. >> sure, i appreciate you having me on. jesse: coming up i tracked down the professor who uses his platform to spew hatred for president trump. >> he said people shouldn't open their hearts to white trump supporters? what kind of thing is that to say? imagine if the things you bought every day
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donald trump is just not being attacked in the media, but also also the classroom. one professor in philadelphia, chair of the communications department, in charge of teaching future journalist, used journalist, used his platform to tell his students people will die as a result of white trump voters. this claim is absurd and demands answers. take a look. >> one of your professors said that people shouldn't open their hearts to white trump supporters. >> i am not sympathetic to the white voters who make over $50000 a year end said we are going to vote for trump. those people, i am not sympathetic to and i do not believe that you have to open your heart to them. if you are a person of color in this room or a woman, you do not have to open your heart to them. >> i don't think it represents our school.
5:24 pm
i think we are very open to all people. i don't think we are a community that causes their hearts to anyone. >> i think it's pretty stupid and it doesn't make much sense. >> i don't agree with what he had to say. >> i think that's not appropriate for anyone to be expressing their views in class like that because you don't know what other people's opinions are and that's not even relevant to what you're supposed to be teaching. >> he also said donald trump was going to kill americans. >> people are going to die because of washington. if you don't believe that we need to have this conversation. >> what's that all about. >> i think a lot of people don't really look into what he's going to do and they use a lot of emotion instead of fact. >> do you know anything about prof. perry. >> yes he did my advisor and i have had them for four years. jesse: he said some pretty outrageous things about not opening your heart to white trump supporters. you agree with that.
5:25 pm
jesse: is the administration going to do anything about the professor. >> not that i know of. jesse: do you think they should - i don't know, i guess it's not really right for him to say that and it goes against the values of saint joe's. jesse: no longer it's real education taking place it's the professor using this dude and their lesson to put forth their political agenda. >> i think you should be talked to and told it's not appropriate for the classroom, especially if he's spreading false information the hesitant appropriate. jesse: a minute catch up with the professor. wish me luck. >> of luck. >> professor perry, jesse watters we just wanted to ask you a few questions. he said some irresponsible things in the classroom. you said students shouldn't open their hearts to white trump
5:26 pm
supporters. what kind of thing is that to say? before you said president trump is going to kill people? how do you justify that this isn't a cult. this is the classroom. wired you trying to indoctrinate your students? does saint joe's know you said these things? because they do now. jesse: we reached out to the university for comment but have not received a response. coming up. >> he had a very famous saying.
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that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here. live from america's news headquarters, a a working weekend for president trump. he spent the day interviewing for candidates to be his national security adviser. he expected to name a new advisor in the coming days. he also made roll out a new executive order handling people coming into the u.s. the new policy will not stop green card holders or travelers already on planes from entering the u.s. a couple memos up obtained by media outlets shall there could be a crackdown on illegal immigration spy hiring thousands of federal agents. james mattis is considering sending troops into afghanistan. they suggested adding thousands
5:31 pm
of troops to train forces. spacex has left the earth. that's on a delivery mission to the space station. and now we will deliver you to "watters world". >> president trump is holding his first rally since holing office. he is speaking to a huge crowd in melbourne florida. campaign trump was back. >> the dishonest media which has published one false story after another, with no sources, even though they pretend may have them, they make them up in many cases, they just don't want to report the truth and they have been calling us wrong for two years. they don't get it, but they are starting to get it. i can tell you that. you want lower taxes, less regulation, millions of new jobs
5:32 pm
and more products start with those beautiful words made in the usa >> mr. president, we the people are moving is the reason the president of the united states is standing here in front of us today. >> we are going to downsize the bloated bureaucracy and make government lean and accountable. we are going to drain the swamp and washington d.c. we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again, and we will make america great again, greater than ever before.
5:33 pm
>> as always he was full of praise and promise for america. taking some shots at his favorite target the media. this comes after days of battles including week's tale of two press conferences. let's start with wednesday's press conference where he called on to right of center reporters pretty was presidential, disciplined and measured, but here's how the press reacted. >> the president of the united states is shutting down part of the first amendment by not taking questions that will be antagonistic. >> the last three news conferences, all of the questions to the american news media have been handled by conservative press, and i think there's no other way to describe it but the fix is in. >> the media, they got their feelings hurt. fast forward to thursday's press conference in a freewheeling no holds barred spectacle that was absolutely riveting. he called on that same reporter claims the fix is in. >> i can handle a bad story better than anybody, as long as it's true, and over and over course of time, i will make mistakes and i'm okay with that.
5:34 pm
i'm not okay when it is fake. >> thank you very much. just for the record, we don't hate you. >> tomorrow they will say donald trump rants and raves at the press. >> i'm not ranting and raving. i'm just telling you. i'm changing it from fake news now. jesse: this time everybody got a shot at the throne. all better? hardly. roll the tape. >> it was unhinged, it was wild. >> bravado, exaggeration and if you lose back. >> it was like a guy on the couch explaining his problem to the shrink. jesse: chuck todd was not a fan either. delegitimizing the press is not american. have they considered they may be delegitimizing themselves? let's take a look back at the so-called question, liberal
5:35 pm
outlets lobbed that president obama. >> when was the first moment that it began to sink in that you are president of the united states. >> you are the equivalent of iraq star in politics. >> joining me now to discuss is the editor of a torch kept lit. great lives of the 20th century. chief washington correspondent james rosen. >> i don't think it's that crazy to remember back when the press was getting so upset when air colder was actually spying on you, do you remember that? >> it rings a bell. jesse: they are mad at trump for delegitimizing the press, but obama spied on the press. you were the victim of that. do you see any comparison right now because i do between how the press is treating president trump and president obama. >> one might be more tempted to see the contrast in the comparison. certainly, nothing that the trump administration has done
5:36 pm
with or to the news video yet approaches in seriousness and nature of the conduct of the obama administration toward the press, and especially fox news and me, but not just fox news and me, there me, there was also an issue with the associated press and others. i think what we are seeing here, in all of these clashes with president trump in the media that you are playing quicksand is a mix things. on the one hand you have a simple institutional biological reflective response on the part of an organism, the news media, the beltway the beltway journalism crowd against someone who, after all, didn't make it a cheap campaign platform to call them out for dishonesty and rally crowds against him. they are pushing back. part of it also is just a kind
5:37 pm
of shock to the system for the news media that things are being done differently at all than the way they've always been done here in the news media. what? you're giving questions to townhall at a news conference, that's never been done, but also speak. jesse: and they can't handle it. it's funny because they're so exposed. when he offers just two questions he's considered a traitor and a threat to the freedom of the press, but then when he takes every single question and is on fire, he is this unhinged maniac who is also a threat to the freedom of the press. so, whatever donald trump does, their game plan is just hatred and mocking him. isn't that pretty apparent just looking at the reactions to both press conferences. >> i made the point on a special reports panel the other night that the left, increasingly is upping the ante with each development in this presidency. along these lines, if you fail to respond to donald trump, and i think anything less than a apocalyptic's term, i don't see
5:38 pm
anything apocalyptic about him or his presidency. but some do have a point he is loose with facts, sometimes unnecessarily so like when he posted he had the biggest electoral college margins in swat ronald reagan. jesse: that's true, and all politicians lie. i think president obama had the biggest lie during the healthcare thing that he said if you like your healthcare plan you could keep it. >> or the cause of the benghazi death was a video that we later learned from officials in libya was a nonoffensive. i will also tell you i do believe as one person said earlier that bad news conference the other day was 78 minutes long and it did offer a roadmap into donald trump's mind. whether one makes the conclusion as the individual did that at the disturbing roadmap is up to the viewer, but i think at one point he did let it slip.
5:39 pm
he said i'm enjoying the back and forth and i guess i have my whole life. that was it. that is where he acknowledged for all the hatred of the dishonest media, it's really a love-hate relationship. >> i think the press loves to hate him and he loves giving it right back. jesse: thank you very much james. >> thank you. >> mark cuban getting in to a nasty war of words. he is here to take him on next. plus the dreaded trump handshake is gripping washington d.c. we will tell you how to handle it h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh...
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ask your doctor about xarelto®. insurance changes? xarelto® has you covered. >> i will pay you for this. i will buy this. you are dead to me, and you are because i'm out before donald trump is doing it here at home and now mr. wonderful wants to make canada great again. businessman kevin o'leary wants to be the conservative neighbor to the north. what has he learned from trump. he joined me now. >> you are big billionaires, you guys understand leverage very effectively. how do do you believe president trump is using leverage in
5:44 pm
negotiating so far his first 30 days as commander-in-chief? >> the first thing trump recognized in the campaign, and i think it's not just unique to the united states, it happened in britain and canada, in france and switzerland, in columbia, the body politic people who vote are sick and tired of politicians. they've had enough bs. they want people who are operators to run government, that make promises they keep and that was the groundswell that elected donald trump and he is doing exactly what he said. not everybody is comfortable about it. it's the first time in a long time a politician actually kept their promises. that's that's what such a shock to everybody. jesse: people are very uncomfortable with politicians keeping promises because it never happens. one of your colleagues in shark tank, mark cuban, very vocal critic of trump before and after he was elected, he said this on
5:45 pm
the o'reilly factor, roll the tape. >> i don't think he has been able to show any leadership. i don't don't think you've taken responsibility for the white house, and i don't think he shown them any direction. >> and donald trump hit back hard on twitter as he does saying, i know mark cuban well. he backed me big time but i wasn't interested in taking all of his calls but he's not smart enough to run for president. what's going on there with your colleague cuban? a lot of sour grapes it seems. >> he has been very vocal, as you suggested pretty is an open critic and he has every right to be so. we live in a free-speech domain all across north america. i get that. you know, if you you go back and look at any administration switchover, i don't care which presented came in, every four or eight years you get chaos in the beginning. there are a lot of issues that happen and mistakes made and that's happening here. what is unique about the trump presidency as he listed four or five items he was going to implement and nobody thought he
5:46 pm
would do it, and he just rams them through so fast that it caught the bureaucracy off guard. the way to measure any presidency is to wait and see how it plays out. by the measure of an investor, you've been pretty happy with trump. you're up almost 10% on the s&p and a huge move in a short period of time. before you said something i want to touch on in terms of economic performance. let's look at the numbers. trump has created well over 200,000 jobs, theoretically, jobs, theoretically, since the election, secured nearly $80 billion in investments in this country from big names like ibm, walmart, general motors. he was tweeting the other day the stock market had a new high with longus winners winning streak in decades. great confidence and optimism even before the tax plan rollout. so not only has he been negotiating a lot of companies reinvesting in jobs and
5:47 pm
infrastructure here in this country, you have the market on a record tear in the tax cuts have even come down the pipeline paired what you expect in terms of the tax cut rollout. >> basically, the entire financial services sector, large money center banks in the regionals have moved almost 25% in a matter of 16 weeks. that's unprecedented. if we don't deliver on deregulation and reduction of corporate taxes, that could easily evaporate. that makes me a little nervous. the fortune hasn't changed for the cash flow hasn't changed for the regulations haven't changed. these are all promises but he has done a masterful job of getting people to believe he's going to do it but now he has to bring home the bacon. jesse: speaking of canadian bacon, your guy justin trudeau was here earlier this week. whenever trump does a photo op, he likes to shake hands very vigorously. before we do this, let's take take a look at how trump usually shakes hands with men he is dealing with.
5:48 pm
i think we have some footage here. jesse: so justin trudeau tried to beat him to the punch when they shook hands, grabbing him by the arm and then going in so he doesn't get the pole job. i thought it was pretty effective. you must've been proud of your canadian counterpart. >> my concern about the meeting was this. i looked at it against the british and japanese prime minister meetings. to me that's the sign of respect, really, let's remember, canada and the united states have an unprecedented relationship. jesse: why would justin trudeau get only 15 minutes of his time and private when the british prime minister got ours and the japanese prime minister got ours. that was the signal item like. >> if you're ever elected, maybe you can go play golf down in florida with trump, okay. >> it's quality time.
5:49 pm
jesse: that's) thank you for joining us and good luck in the election up north. up next, in honor of this presidents day celebration, the "watters world" quiz. >> he was a farmer before he became president. what did he farm. >> he had a chicken farm. >> corn, wheat wheat? >> i will be reading comments your comments about the show son be sure to keep tweeting. ...sleep with a cold, medicine. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced,
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>> each should .
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jesse: presidents' day is monday and we thought we would honor the men who held office by asking a few people how much they know about the presidency. i quickly learned, i should have kept my mouth shut.
5:53 pm
♪'s before big holiday coming up on monday. >> oh yeah, presidents' day. jesse: what are you going to do to commemorate the president. >> president obama, i'll listen to beyoncé all day. jesse: ready, first one. >> i don't know who that is. >> it looks like george bush senior. >> he had a very famous saying, read my lips, no new -- >> oh my gosh. >> policies, friends,. >> actors. >> read my lips, no new taxes. >> i have no idea who he is. >> i wish i didn't know either. jesse: 's they give you a hint. >> yes.
5:54 pm
>> jimmy -- >> he was a farmer before he became president. do not he farm. >> chicken. >> corn, wheat, vegetables. >> oh, i know him before who is it. >> that's john f. kennedy. jesse: excellent. what does the f stand for. >> franklin. >> franklin. >> fitzgerald. ♪. jesse: he also had a very famous saying. >> ask not what your country can do, ask what you can do for your country.
5:55 pm
jesse: what do you do for your country? >> i pay taxes when i buy my soda oh my god, who is he? what's that old white man's name. >> i'm completely blank. jesse: hairy. >> hairy, harry potter? >> he dropped the a-bomb on what country? >> savanna. >> just japan. >> my god, who are these people 's. jesse: i'm waters, and this is my world. coming up, the suite of the week. some are are pretty mean.
5:56 pm
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. >> good or bad, we always want to know what you think of our show. this week candace says -- candace, you mean 2024. fighting the good fight writes -- my staff tells me all the time! beautiful bowe says -- one man's trash is another man's treasure. and troy tweets -- so if you want to let me know
6:00 pm
how i'm doing, send me a tweet and find me on facebook and instagram. and with that, the shows over. "justice with judge jeanine" is next and don't forget, i'm watters and this is my world. . >> right now on "justice," back to basics. >> i want to be in a room filled with hard working american patriots who love their country, who salute their flag, and who pray for a better future. >> after a contentious week, president trump literally wraps himself in the love of his most ardent supporters.. >> this guy! >> at a raucous campaign rally in florida. he wasn't the only one on the mic. >> president trump going the election, promised all these things he was going to do for us. >> we're talking about it all night.


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