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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 20, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> do you have another hour left in you? >> i think i do. >> we will see you back in an hour. >> thank you for joining us today, fox news alerts, general james mattis taking his first trip to iraq as defense secretary, the battle to reclaim mosul from isis is raging on. and to the campaign promises breaking the back of the terror group. this is "outnumbered," i am sandra smith coming here today, meghan mccain, dagen mcdowell is here, fox news political analysis eboni williams coming and #oneluckyguy, did her chris stirewalt is here. he has outnumbered on the presidents' day, so good to have you, sir. >> so good to be here. >> a historian on the couch. >> fake historian. but you will take what you get paid >> you can quiz him on just about anything him and he has an
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answer. >> i was going to talk about using stove up. >> i like how you think i would not say that. you stove your finger. you go to catch a ball, and it jams you upcoming your finger is stoved up. >> already done. thank you all for being here today. defense secretary mattis in ira iraq, despite taking mosul from isis, under way. and some comments that appeared to be a departure from arts president trump had in the past. >> i think that's all of us here in this room, all of us in america, generally paid for our gas and oil all along. i'm sure that we will continue to do so in the future. we are not in iraq to seize anybody's oils. >> iraqi forces pushing into the southern outskirts of mosul, david two of a new defensive to drive at isis of the western half.
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conor powell, live in our bureau with more around us. >> sandra, secretary mattis making his unannounced visit to iraq, answering on the battle for mosul. now meeting with other iraqi officials. isis is really beginning to lose significant ground across the country. but also in particular the, mosul, the military group has lost ground in the entire eastern half of mosul. at the new operation, the new phase beginning to tackle the western part. but there are some signs that this page may be more difficult than the previous part in the eastern. the roads are much more narrow in the eastern part, making it much more difficult for armored vehicles. it is clear that the u.s. and iraqis believe that isis is on its last leg. they expect to be in iraq even after mosul is liberated. have a listen. >> we are going to continue to
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go after them until we destroy them and any kind of belief in the inevitability of their message. they are going to be shown to be at fault, and they are going to be shown to be exactly what they are, which is a bunch of murderous relics. >> don't know isis still controls a lot of land in syria, so the u.s. will likely be part of a coalition from iraq coming in the northern parts of training and target isis in places like iraq, and president trump has ordered the pentagon to come up with a new strategy to escalate the fight against isis. second mattis, going to deliver the new strategy in the next week or so. >> all right, thank you. that live reports from a mid east bureau, i will open this up to you. chris, what will the effect have on the fight against isis? >> the first and most immediate is that it does a great reassurance to our allies that despite a change in
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administration, we are there. we are not going anywhere. trauma can intentionally, or sometimes unintentionally, bill welter with his statements on foreign policy. what does it all about? mattis is there. he is a steady hand, no stranger to iraq. in the military forces of the world, of that region, out our allies in europe all know this guy. they have dealt with him before. this is a strong moment, steady hand for the united states. >> digging into the campaigning donald trump words, we should have kept oil, but you heard mattis say that there is no plan to seize any of the oil. it does seem like a departure from the campaign promise. >> he said that after the campaign was over after he won make the election coming and after he was inaugurated. because on january 21st, president trump double down on that's rhetoric saying that the u.s. should have taken the iraqi oil and maybe we will have another chance at that. but i think that's coming and it
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is not just what general mattis said about the oil, but what he said about the use of torture. this differs from what donald trump has had. so there is an important moderating effect that mattis is having on trumpet and the administration. also stabilizing effect. because trump has said, i do not agree with defense secretary on the torture policy, but he would defer to him. these are critical points in terms of sending a message of stability. >> there is a motif that has developed of the good cop and the bad cop. chooses a secretary of defense that understands that that is a war crime. and trump says, i don't know, i'm going with this guy. and it gives him latitude, gives mattis latitude. as rex tillerson goes around and talk to people as secretary of state, he can say, i am with you, i get it.
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he is crazy. i can't tell him that. you have to give me some extra room here. it is the madman theory. people are off guard about you, not sure what they are going to do, they think you might be unstable, crazy. then your people who are going forward on your behalf, a great example is the u.s. ambassador to china choosing the governor of iowa, a dear friend of china, a lover of trade with china, all of the stuff, he takes a hard line with china and says that i am sending your body over. that gives him latitude. >> listen, you know that i sort of worship at the altar of all things mad dog mattis, i love him. i think that he has beloved, i would say he has a cold hero with men and women in the military. as he said, not his first time in iraq, if you ever google some of the things he said under the siege, it is extremely inspiring. he understands the reality of the threat that we are facing. there was a solution under president obama that just because we left, somehow isis
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would not -- it grew out of our vacuum from a wreck. but i think that the confusing part for me is, while mattis was over there coming he met with the iraqi translator, and said that i am assured that we will take steps who have fought alongside us to be allowed to the united states. if that is also a departure from the executive immigration order. there is some confusion here. it is not just mattis, nikki haley as well, her coming hard over russia and vladimir putin, and then the president coming on tv and making a comparison to vladimir putin in the united states have america. i am thrilled by everything that mattis is doing and saying in a rack, but i am confused where the buck stops. >> this is very good cop, bad cop like chris said. people who are outraged about what the president has said, this type of rhetoric, saying that our iraqi people who have filed for us and with us will not be repaid by being kept from
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her country. this is a very reassuring. i look forward to seeing more of that dynamic, that negotiation play out. >> okay, in the meantime we are awaiting the group -- remake of the travel ban. the new plan targets travelers from the same seven countries, but with some revisions among them. a green card holders, dual citizens of the u.s. in any of those countries are exempt. also syrian refugees are no longer singled out. travelers already up on planes will be allowed to the united states according to john f. kelly. those folks being detained at airports last time around was the target of a lot of criticism. even before the new version is officially revealed, head in cities opposing the immigration policy. i'm going to go to you. if this is a new executive order. it does not mean that the last one was a failure? >> yes. that's okay. today is presidents' day, right? we celebrate all of the presidents and the fact that
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some were either brave or foolish enough to go into the arena. try to become president and serve in that role. we are grateful, right? whether you agree or disagree, you should be grateful. a lot of that comes with the territory, you are going to screw up. people are going to blame you for head. even if it is not your fault. i'm sure that people who drafted the original order said, boss, we've got it. we nailed it. rim, it is great. then he put it out there and say, oh, we forgot about the green card segment. you screw up, and that is okay. you know what, people will forgive you. people will forgive you. of the voters will forgive you. and when they are the fastest, when you say, oops, okay, we tried it that way. this one works. and i promise if they did it the first time, we would not have had -- they would've been people who opposed and no matter what. but there would not spend a quarter of the deal that surrounded that one. >> i agree. i think the people that drafted the person order really failed the president. on its face, too broad, overly
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broad, not tailored. it did not come close to the constitutional requirement that has to take place. you can target certain countries. obviously those seven countries were not new to the targeting regime. it has to be done in a particular way. it was not done that way the first time around. certainly this is closer to the mark. we heard the ninth circuit in their questioning, whatever you think about their opinion, the long-term residence, the visa holders, green card holders, they have special consideration. the next order show respect that. >> there are a couple of more things in there that are learning from their mistakes moments. we have to wait and see what it is. but according to one of the drafts of "the wall street journal" had, careful deliberate rollout of 7-14 days after signing the document to prevent chaos at airports. also a new version, it appears to address criticism that the order amounted to religious discrimination because it
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eliminates preferences for religious minorities. those are two critical things. it will be harder for lawyers to argue that it violates that's pretty >> it is a cleanup job. it is a necessary and important cleanup job. i'm saying that some of this could've been taken care of. >> the timing is pretty quick turnaround for another executive order. what we do know is that this is being crafted with the help of the justice department lawyers, aunt two of the cabinet members. senator john simmons has, i am told that they have something. i am not sure what they have done. i hope that they run all the traps on it. it does not sound like the biggest vote of confidence. has there been enough time? >> probably, because as you will have pointed out, if you keep it simple and straightforward, the president has an enormous powers as it comes to regulating immigration policy in the united states. when you are coming from a national security point of view,
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bending refugees into the united states as a departure, but certainly within his authority as a president. when you're talking about national security issues, so by keeping it clearer and simpler and saying that this is a time-limited thing. we are going to do it. we are going to protect the country. but then on the other's side, super extreme vetting. >> really, really extreme vetting. >> donald trump's cap at refugees staying at 50,000, that is hugely significant. beyond the additional vetting, 50,000 refuge -- refugees into this country, 50,000 -- only 15,000 more refugees. >> that was the norm of the bush era, came up with 80,000 or more. >> less than half the 110,000 that president obama wanted in. >> we have to wait and see how it all rolls out, backing up their boss when it comes to battle with the media. the latest in the form of a tweet saying that fake news
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media is the enemy of the american people. if the reaction in the fall out. are we seeing a reset of the white house? president trump holding a rally this weekend right after hiring a new communications director. whether the new administration is trying to start over, and is it the right move for him to get out in front of the people again? after their show you can join the live chat, and go to, or go to coming and you can tweet us. see you there. ♪
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♪ >> president trump, not backing off his criticism of the media. after tweeting that fake news media is the enemy of the american people, he ramped up his attacks at his florida rally on saturday saying that he was bypassing the press and taking his message directly to the people. and just this morning we heard from vice president of mike pence a meeting with nato leaders. >> both the president and i strongly support a free and independent press. but you can anticipate that the president and all of us will continue to call out the media when they play fast and loose with the facts. the truth is that we have an
9:18 am
president trump, someone who has a unique ability to speak directly to the american people. when the media gets it wrong, i promise you that president trump will take his case straight to the american people to set the record straight. >> senator john mccain with some pretty strong words on that ongoing battle. >> if you want to preserve democracy as we know it's coming you have to have a free and many times adversarial process. without it, am afraid that we would lose so much of our individual liberties over time. that is how dictators get started. >> another republican senator, lindsey graham was something of a different take. >> the backbone of democracy as a prepress and an independent judiciary, and they are worth fighting and dying for. i would say this to the american press corps, when it says to trump, over the top, acting more like an opposition party, every president has had problems with the press. you need to do your job.
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from a republican point of view, i think the coverage of president trump has been almost to the point of being hysterical. >> and here is radio talk show host rush limbaugh talking to our own chris wallace. >> trump has a wide area here, chris. the media did not make donald trump, and they cannot destroy him. >> don't senator mccain and graham and the likes who are upset with the term, don't they realize that he just enjoys thi this? and that it is a sport? changes the new cycle, quite frankly, because what did he do last week? he kept going, and that's all the press could talk about after the press conference. >> do you know that the only people more obsessed with the media then donald trump is the media, members of the media. we cannot help it. he brings out. it is like that lower right through the water, and a large
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amount fast, we come right through, nothing that's political reporters like to talk that's more than themselves, i think a lot of them anxiety is overblown. i think as we said the other day, if everything is hitler nothing is. if everything is overlarge, then no one is going to hear you. and i think that the press needs a cover, but the political press means to cover president trump cover president trump in a way that is an effective and holds him to account and does all of those things, stop taking the bait. when he bashes you, when he says that you stink, he says that you are the worst, say, back to my question. as one guy did in that, do not debate about his ratings. say, yes, now back to the question. >> but the language does go overboard. your father, senator mccain criticized for using the word dictator. but bernstein on one of the
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shows over the weekend took it a step further. he said that trump's assault on the press was more treacherous than president nixon's private attacks. and harking back to dictators and authoritarians including stolen and including hitler. >> i believe his son got in trouble for saying things about our first lady, but there wherever he wanted. i just want to get to a place in the media where it is not absolute hysteria on the left, but also on the rights where you can say constructive criticism about donald trump without being called a heretic, rino, all of these dirty words that are getting lauded as a people. i have criticism of donald trump, and the tiny bit of criticism, even the most, of ways is interpreted as, you hate the president, you are working for the left, you are working for the democrats. it is exhausting. it makes people not want to talk about it. i think that is a dangerous part
9:22 am
paid him external lists are, and commentators exhausted about talking with it, and i want to get in a place in the media where we can have a rational conversation that is not so emotional on both sides. >> or have a laugh about it, because rush limbaugh said that they have a formula, a blueprint for destroying republican officials that they do not like. it is not going to work on trump. it is comical to watch. we had a good chuckle so far. >> you look at ronald reagan, the process was not particularly a friend out, and he handled it in a different way. i preferred it, personally. he recognized, they want to make me into this type of person. i'm going to play it against them. >> i would only say this with deference to the leading talk radio host and the great success that rush limbaugh has had to, donald trump is imparts a creation of the press. >> hello. >> successful exploitation of
9:23 am
their outrage to show his supporters, you may not like me -- at the beginning the republicans had, i don't know about this guy. is he republican? he is the one that's reporters hate the most, he must be okay. >> i just want to point out that left-leaning members of the media, so upset about the criticism of them in their work, where were they when eric holder was signing off on a search warrant by the justice department over our very own james rosen? and he was being followed. they were going into, and labeled as a co-conspirator. where were they wet their outrage? there was home, but not enough. >> i am completely skeptical of the whole dance. i think you hit it on the nail in the intro. this is the press also relishing in this. they have never been more relevant in terms of pop culture, conversation, people are talking about them. we know their names and names that we did in it before. and i think they are getting as much out of this as ever. i truly do. >> 100%. >> they love it. >> they love it.
9:24 am
>> they love getting it. >> standby. >> keep it clean. >> speaking of choice words, i got called one on twitter just a moment ago. and backlash in the deportation rates. now the trump administration reportedly preparing a new crackdown on people living here illegally. details on that. plus president trump taking his message right to the people. during a campaign style rally. this as some say the white house is hitting the reset button. we will debate it. ufferers, the search for relief often leads... here... here... or here. today, there's another option. drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity, and helps you get back to things like this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle.
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♪ speak of the white house preparing to take new steps to target illegal immigration. internal memos released showing homeland security chief john f. kelly discussing plans to hire thousands more enforcement agents. and fast tracting deportations. for the white house deputy
9:29 am
telling reporters that they are nothing more than draft memos. this comes amid the backlash from democrats talking about the raids over over the country hag earlier this month. new measures coming. will we see americans embrace these? >> and then how do they do them? one of the things i democrats and republicans alike both missed in the run-up to trump was that there was a broad distance satisfaction with the regime on immigration in the united states of america. it was taken for granted by the elites of both parties. people were basically happy with the way that things were, but wanted to do things about illegal immigration. they paid lip service to it, move through. 1-5 five democrats favors nasty deportations. this is not like an altar position. i think that if trump can deliver this, and his team can deliver something in such a way that reassures people that this is not going to be house to house, jillian gonzalez kicking
9:30 am
the front door type of rating, but we are going to be serious about reinforcement. to the other one on the table that we have talked about, is have verified. which would hold employers responsible if they are employing people who are in the united states illegally. internal enforcement, stuff like that could change the game dramatically. >> i think it touched on something dramatic here, the mainstream notion. i think people are giving this very wrong when they think about immigration, you are right. they think there are many elites, mainstream people think that it is the mainstream position to be against any enforcement policy. it is not true. are there a lot of people in this country that feel very strongly from the right and i laughed. especially on economic concerns and other things that we cannot get the facts, things like that. but the feeling is they are in real. how this goes down is very critical. >> could you speak to the impact that this is or would be having on the business community. >> it would harbor it businesses who employ people here illegally. but shame on them.
9:31 am
it is an important part on cracking down and preventing illegal immigration. a somebody who is coming here or overstaying a visa, if they do not think that they can get a job, then it discourages that kind of behavior. i also want to point out that along with going along during the obama administration in terms of, because less than half of the illegal immigrants coming here come from mexico. it is that people particularly from asia now coming to the united states, the problem of maternity hotels, maternity tourism. the people who come here so that they are born on american soil. there were raids on maternity hotels in los angeles. >> they do not call them the did porter and chief for nothing. it is nothing new, it is not exactly a right-wing issue only. a lot of lip service has failed the governments. and now many of us are seeing the price in this extreme way. >> does seem surprising that there is so much outrage over something that donald trump made
9:32 am
very clear that he was going to do on the campaign trail. >> first thing he said when he came down the escalator, nobody should be surprise that this is happening. nobody should be a surprise. >> enter people here his tone when he was talking about children here under the deferred action per childhood our arrival who been given amnesty being here? i thought that was very touching. >> tomorrow night, more honest, fox news anchor martha maccallum will be hosting a "first 100 days" from jacksonville, florida, be sure to turn in without spread happening at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> president trump getting back to his campaign routes. holding a rally on saturday that some say may have been part of the reset after challenging early start. the president touching on the themes that have fired up his supporters in saying that his white house is doing just fine, thank you. >> we are here today to speak the truth, the whole truth, and
9:33 am
nothing but the truth. i hear your demands. i hear your voice is. and i promise you i will deliver! i promise that. and by the way, you have seen what we have accomplished in a very short. lack of time. the white house is running so smoothly. >> the rally hires -- whom hopes that it will improve the administration's discussion. but reince priebus denied any section of a reset. he would not call it a reset, we are proud of the achievements over the last four weeks. i think we have accomplished a lot. i think the media has been fixated on a couple of issues that are totally bogus. what is it? honestly. everything is going well. nothing to see here to, or is it a reset?
9:34 am
>> you have to put their hands out. like a well-oiled machine. meanwhile, the labor nominees being tossed out, i would say that i do not think of it as a reset. it is a set. they have not been getting set yet. the communications operative you are talking about, probably going to be an enormous helpful addition to the administration. i am mad because he is so good at spinning, i'm afraid that i will miss some of the spinning. >> that as a compliment. >> writes, and so he will be a help to the administration. >> will i ask you, sitting in the traditional way that we think of spinning, or not -- >> telling true words. look, i just think that we forget, because a month is not very long. we forget that bill clinton at this point in 1993 was only beginning to fail. he would feel so much through 1993, it would be seven, eight
9:35 am
months, he tagged two nominees for attorney general that went right down the pipe before he ended up with jenna reno, and in the military, and bumbled on the health care rollouts, but he said this guy is a mess, he figured it out. he realized that the guys that he brought with him from arkansas were not going to feed the bulldogs. he needed a better way to do this. he found people who could help him, and he helped spread >> thank you. thank you for that. >> important to have a historical perspective. question for you, he has his face locked and loaded. his supporters are ride or die to the very end. or do they care about independents or democrats coming over and winning over anything besides the core base? >> no. perspective with offering answer, absolutely not. trump looks and gets his strength from, getting in front of these crowds in florida and feeling that energy from them. i do not fault him one bit for going back to that place and
9:36 am
kind of getting reenergized around it. >> but that does not make a lot of what has come out to bogus. it does not bogus what happen with general flynn. if that is not bogus. it has to be looked at. i'm not saying it is unprecedented in terms of false starts, what have you, but real. this is the narrative that we are going to see. and independents and democrats are not going to be a part of it, but that is baked into the cake, they are going to stick to their base throughout the four years. >> i do think that people need to stop complaining. i am speaking from personal experience about what donald trump says on twitter, because again he enjoys -- >> i better look down at it. >> it's like breathing hot garlic breath on that neighbor that you hate standing in the elevator with you. >> wow. >> we all hate that person. so i'm going to breathe some fire breath. >> you can blame people over looking at his tweets, he is the president of the united states. >> it was three hours ago, happy
9:37 am
presidents' day, make america great again. >> wishing himself happy presidents' day. >> happy day to me. >> donald trump during the campaign, during the election process, master or reading the american people, what they need, what they are not getting. the american people also feel like they have not been getting the straight story about the administration. donald trump decided on saturday taking the message straight to the people. >> i would take this any day over the passive aggressive, let me be clear, i know better than you do a tears that we just came out of. >> who could you possibly referring to? >> he knows better than anyone. >> at least you know. >> we have to move on. i could talk bad about that all day. a potential brewing as lawmakers has that obama administration are leaking material from the white house to damage president trump. calls for an fbi investigation. that is next.
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♪ >> lawmakers trying to get to the bottom of white house leaks, specifically how the president's conversation with foreign leaders and general michael flynn's communication with the russian ambassador out into the. health intelligence chairman devin nunes accusing the obama administration loyalists of targeting president trump. watch list. >> the fbi and others need to investigate this, because the number of people that would actually have known that general flynn who was the national security advisor designee was having conversations with the russians had to be very, very small number. it had to have been the highest at the highest levels of obama administration. what we do have, people in the last administration, who were burrowed in perhaps all throughout the government who
9:43 am
clearly are leaking to the press. and it is against the law, major laws have been broken. >> former cia director leon panetta, serving under president obama and clinton says that the leaks are always an issue, and there is one thing that can fix the problem. >> the presidents complaining about leaks, but the reality is that to leaks come from all kinds of directions. the most important thing that you can do to stop leaks is to establish loyalty between the people that are working for you in the president of the united states. if you establish that sense of loyalty, then he will not have to worry about leaks. >> how many people need to go to establish that loyalty who are still working in close proximity to secret information? >> just clearly on the record and say to any leakers out there, keep them coming. me and every journalist in
9:44 am
washington, we want to hear leaks. that is how we do this, right? so much of the reporting that we do in any administration is leaking. and there are strategic leaks from the white house including this one that are designed to to to trial balloons, test ideas, run down an opponent, elevate somebody. this is the currency of washington. there is nothing new under the sun. that having been said, we would point out that elite elf essentially a transcript of highly classified eavesdropping on a senior and american official is a departure. the fbi got a little leaky during the election on hillary clinton. and maybe a little bit leaky this time as well. i'm very sure that the congressman's hope that investigation is ongoing was already well meant, because i am sure that the fbi is getting to all of this. >> how should they handle those leakers?
9:45 am
>> do what obama did, and try to fully them, then you will not end the leaks. you will drive, because there is always an incentive. this is the thing that people forgot spread if i believe that i am a prisoner of conscience inside the administration of fillmore, and i decide that i'm going to leak on him coming and i'm going to make him look bad, there is a reward for me, even if i get because, even if i get fired, even if i get sent to jail, there's still a reward for me. i may be a hero to people who are ideologically like minded to me. it might be lucrative in the sense that i could write a book, do all the stuff. >> a martyr of sorts. >> there is always going to be leaking that will have its adherents, and i say to that, thank god. >> it doesn't even, some of the stories that have been planted like the one in "the wall street journalence bem president trump, it does not even need to be true. we just plan to, and then foam
9:46 am
in that uncertainty and anger on your targets, that will be trump and his administration. >> absolutely leak. >> i don't think there is any truth from that spread we heard that from the cia directors. they are never going to do that. it is so far opposed to america's safety interest to ever withhold that type of intelligence from a sitting president that to your point, maybe it does not have to be true to cause rumblings around the common people, but absolutely. i do not think any reasonable person would believe that. >> a month ago it was not clear that the president would work with or believe the intelligence community, that was an open question. he was at war with them. he said my guys are doing a good job. we are going to get the right answers. he is content with his team and they are going to figure out and give him the right information. that to make every american, regardless of how they feel about the president, reassured. >> i echo everything you said. i echo everything chris said. but it is true that that problem is that the owner nest for leakers, because you become a
9:47 am
cult hero. an even people that come on this couch, thinking that people were saying truth to power. i was accused of being nixonian. i feel like the proof is in the putting right now, these leaks are unprecedented than usual. it is putting our national security at risk. >> you have to be careful, because obama tried that war on leakers, totally backfired. >> amen to what was said. >> first lady with a savage backlash after kicking off the trump rally on saturday with a prayer. >> our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. thy kingdom come, thy will be done. >> how is this hate warranted? might the reaction be different if she were democrats? we will discuss.
9:48 am
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. we will get to jon scott with what is coming up on the next hour of "happening now." >> in the next hour emergency crews showing off the damage of
9:52 am
the oroville spillway, before more storms headed for california, could spark another evacuation. plus a chilling surveillance footage the korean leader kim jong-un brother poisoned in the middle of an airport. an update on a story we have been following from kentucky, a young couple who against all odds had quadruplets, now getting a generous contribution from a virginia high school team who saw their story and just wanted to help. all the head "happening now." >> very good, thank you. >> and the power and the glory forever and ever, amen. >> that was melania trump reciting the lord's prayer on saturday as she opened the president's rally in florida. not long before people on social media began tearing into the first lady. also attacked her accent, and accused her of violating the separation of church and state. one user pointing to twitter to
9:53 am
say, i could recite the prayer backwards drugged with a gun to my head. if you need to read the prayer, you are not a christian. another writing, resist. i think i'm going to expletive throw up, first lady melania trump introduced her husband at the rally reciting the lord's prayer. and starting the dictatorship rally with the lord's prayer, not every american is christian. country over party. >> sorry. i am a christian. i respect that we are a country that invites and supports and has every religion. at that really bothered me on top and at different levels. let's start with us, no one on this couch, and i think any reasonable mind will support any of that. at the same time, i do not think this is a partisan issue. at the notion of what if that was to a democratic first lady. maybe not on the lord's prayer,
9:54 am
but i do not know many first lady as they were called a monkey as michelle obama was. when he sent out to be the first lady of the united states, it is a privilege and an honor, but you are serving the american people. i do not think any woman or man in the case of a first husband deserves this kind of treatment. i think it is so viscerally uncalled for. i just do not understand it. >> social media is lovely sometimes. it also keeps us in contact with the worst impulses of some of the worst people. this is quite reflective of how what people would never say in public, what they would never say to the face of another human being. that they would just feel that they are totally entitled to on social media, barf this out into the internet as if it is just what we are saying. and the other thing is, and this is a first lady who is struggling to find her voice and her role in this work, as they all do for different periods of time. this is a woman who i am sure from her childhood until about a
9:55 am
year ago had no thought in her mind that she would have to fulfill the role and the duties of the first lady of the united states for anybody to not get hurt -- it is the lord's prayer. it is about grace. >> she can't do anything. there is nothing that she can do that is not warranting criticism, and i do not understand why we are not giving her a chance to be our first lady. it is particularly nasty and cruel with her. i do not agree with the things that were said about any previous first ladies. i do not agree with the things that were said about mitt romney's life. >> i think that was in children's art attack. >> i would socially conservative wives especially, and in journalism schools, there is a different standard for the way that they are written about and covered. i think melania trump is the worst that i've ever seen. and i feel bad for her when i watch this. she is just reciting the lord's prayer, being supportive of her husband coming and trying to become the first lady that we would all like her to be. and she is viscerally attacked for saying the lord's prayer, i
9:56 am
mean, get a grip. >> making a place to prepare, thank you for making a place for the first lady as a place with prayer. and broadcast on television before every race, and i think that there is a critically important place for a prayer in the united states. >> i do agree with you, really, really bad for conservative women, but to michelle obama supports black women to be the first lady, and it was awful for her as well. >> i'm not just saying that. >> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. ♪
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>> what a way to start off the week, chris on the couch. what a show, fun times. thank you for being here. "happening now" starts right no now. >> jenna: we begin with a fox news alert, listen to this, russian ambassador to the united nations has died suddenly here in new york city. >> jon: he was considered moscow's great champion at the united nations. we are covering all of the news "happening now" ." >> we are going to be submitting in a couple weeks a great health care plan that is going to take the place of the disaster known as obamacare. >> jon: president trump wrapping up his first month in office. how close is he to keeping one of his biggest campaign promises, repealing and replacing obamacare? plus... >>


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