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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 21, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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3-year-old american-born panda will be joining a breeding program there. bao bao will be the only >> panda passenger on the 16-hour flight. her trainers to pack her favorite snacks, apples, sweet potatoes, and of course, bamboo. be back in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: fox news alert, the white house is announcing an overhaul and immigration enforcement. word today it will call for adding thousands of federal immigration and border patrol agents and it focuses on deporting criminals who are already in the country illegally. all of it fulfilling a key promise from president trump. this is "outnumbered" on a fine tuesday, i'm harris faulkner come here today sandra smith, meghan mccain, the host on business melissa francis and today's #oneluckyguy, the coast of "america's newsroom hq," bill hemmer. he is all about it and "outnumbered" ." >> bill: that is my geraldo
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impression. good to be back with you, ladie ladies. >> harris: you feel like we have enough going on? >> bill: we are all right for now. >> harris: welcome. we will begin with the big changes to immigration enforcement. but the white house is calling improvements. new secretary of homeland security retired marine general john kelly has issued new directives to fortify border security come at 15,000 i.c.e. and border personnel and speed up deportation of illegal immigrants. that is not all. chief white house correspondent john roberts is here, and this launches the president's brand-new executive order. >> writes, and that new executive order is expected to come toward the end of the week. this goes back to january 25th. you will remember the president signed two executive orders, one for border security and the other getting rid of criminal illegal aliens. here's what the so-called implementation memos will do. they will call for the hiring of 10,000 additional immigration and customs enforcement agents
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and an additional 5,000 border patrol agents. it will also end the long-standing program of catch and release, where someone comes across the border they are handed a piece of paper and told to appear in court, many times they do not appear. there will be a special caveat for unaccompanied minors, children who come across the border by themselves. it also restores the secure committees program which means any time anyone is arrested, not just a suspected illegal immigrant, arrested and figure printed, they will be run through an immigration database. it also prioritizes the removal of criminal illegal aliens, people convicted of any kind of criminal offense, people have been charged with criminal offense that has not been resolved, people who have committed acts which constitute a chargeable criminal offense even though they have not been charged, this is really aimed at gangs and drug dealers. people who have abused public benefit programs are subject to a removal order but are still in the country. it also creates a victims of immigration crimes enforcement
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office, acronym is "voice," they wreak allocate advocate resources currently targeted to illegal aliens and switch those to victims of illegal immigrant crime which may be a little controversial. on the border while, immediately begins planning, design and maintenance construction using materials originating to the fullest extent of the law, materials from the united states, it will begin building and if you places. el paso, texas, el centro, california, landing mask fencing they use there is obsolete to president trump was at the museum of african-american history earlier this morning where he gave us a few words on the implementation orders coming from dhs, here's the president. >> we have to have a safe country. we have to let people come and that are going to love the country. this is about love. this building is about love. after have people coming who are going to love the country not harm the country.
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>> some of this is going to take time to implement, dhs officials were careful to say this is not going to be rounding people up right away, they don't want to create a sense of panic in the immigrant or illegal immigrant community. this will be phased in over time. don't forget again the new executive order on extreme vetting, the immigration ban, should be coming down either thursday or friday of this week. one quick question for you, harris. what is "landing back fencing?" >> harris: i know a little bit about this, dallas in certain areas have this because meghan and i have homes in arizona so we understand this. it is sort of like suggested fencing. >> it is old helicopter landing pads which were used in vietnam during the vietnam war, basically corrugated or perforated steel that has been repurposed to be used for a fence. it is old, obsolete, dhs says that is what needs replacing first. >> harris: it is a suggestion
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because it does not really actually do anything, as we know. john roberts, thank you for the pop quiz and since you made a personal, your hair looks fabulous, thank you. he got a new haircut. we all agree on that. i brought you up, so let's start there. we note this issue well. talk to me a little bit about arizona where you go. >> meghan: i'm not surprised at all as we talked about it's probably the most emotional issue i've ever experienced living in arizona, nothing gets people out and protesting loud and long and intensely more than anything having to do with illegal immigration. two quick things, the ending of catch and release is a really big one. a lot of people are going to be really happy about that. big problem in arizona and other border states are illegal immigrants being taught that let out to commit, some of them continue to commit crime spirit also dreamers, dream act students, it appears a lot of young immigrants who came as children will be allowed to stay, that is a huge issue, very
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emotional especially on college campuses. i am surprised by this because it's a little bit more lax on immigration the end i anticipated. >> harris: at his interest income you have your finger in the air. >> harris: there is an add-on to that we just heard talking about people over the border and unaccompanied minors, though different rules for them. i am worried about the incentive that creates. >> harris: what do you think, do we know enough about what the carve out what looked like, but will it look like? >> harris: not necessarily -- >> meghan: there was such an emphasis on anchor babies, president trump used it on the campaign trail, i am also surprised. >> harris: they say enforcement rules are going to e different in terms of sending people to the border, they willm differently, does that mean they are allowed to stay? that creates an incentive to send children alone. i understand that compassion, but i am just worried about what we are really talking about with the danger. >> harris: really quickly because i want to follow up with what you said meghan then posted
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to bill if i can. what you are talking about in terms of the program of catch and release officially ended in 2006, but as meghan mentions, it continued. >> bill: i think this is a big deal today. there is a lot at this, just think of the number of things john roberts adjust ticked off there. i remember the night he was at the convention in cleveland, ohio, and he said i am your law and order candidate. these are all of the ideas he's been talking about. then there was the prayer breakfast a week and a half ago when he said we're going to build the wall, people said he's not going to, i don't kid aroun around. for those who really support this president and say he is doing what he says, this is just another example of it. the former governor from arizona was with us today on "america's newsroom hq," and all these questions and points you all are raising here. when i asked her, can you confirm whether or not a wall will be established by the end of this for years, the first
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term, and she said something is better than nothing. is it? >> harris: you hear about helicopter landing pads being used. >> sandra: when you look at the overall situation, obviously his base sees what they are getting, but this is the second time around. is there going to be as much tolerance if this is not bold out in the best way possible? >> bill: i would suggest to you that this entire presidency will be measured based on results, nothing else. i know later in the show we get into obamacare, tax reform, sanctuaries, but it is all about results. you can have as many press conferences as you like and blow up the people like us, but unless you're getting things physically done, none of it means anything. >> harris: really quickly, we have not talked about democrats and they are a reaction. >> sandra: they can't react to
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anything yet. >> meghan: fulfilling campaign promises, and i think part of the problem with this issue -- i'm here to tell you i've never seen protesting or the emotional reaction from people and any other issue except possibly abortion when it comes to immigration reform. for a long time, i think the interpretation was democrats did not care about national security and simply wanted open borders and illegal immigrants that came here and committed crimes like the young women as if a cisco who was murdered by an illegal immigrant with a long criminal history, catherine steinle, i think the impression was maybe democrats did not care about this and this is why the end res extreme turn to the right. i think this is the chickens coming home to roost. >> harris: either they did not care or did not know what to do about it but they were not talking about it when it came up on the campaign trail like donald trump at the time. meanwhile, despite widespread media reporting of president trump's crackdown on illegal immigrants, approximately 1 million on the deportation list have been arrested. the "washington examiner"
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reports that according to statistics from congress and i.c.e., 680 illegals seized in recent sweeps represent not even a 10th of 1% of the more than 950,000 with deportation orders. and just a little more than 11,000, 1% are in custody. how did the list get so out of hand and how realistic is it to remove this many people? one thing we saw to where the end obama's administration was a ticked up in the deportations. you would see these raids on the down low, not really talked about much in other parts of the mainstream media. >> bill: he would defend it, but you're right about that in terms of the coverage. my feeling with that is like with this actuary cities or counties -- >> harris: they are called areas of jurisdiction, whatever. >> bill: my feeling is you're going to get a lot of pushback on this. they cameras are going to be there to capture it. it could get ugly. >> harris: we are already seeing it, people hiding out in
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churches and we have seen this before, it is not new, but now it seems like magnets. like they have lighting brought income you can get really good visuals on this. >> melissa: it's so hard to sort the numbers when you look at who has been ordered deported, he was actually gone. i think one of the biggest takeaways is for people in the country it has made them very furious when you have someone here illegally and continues to commit crime after crime after crime and is picked up that is released or not handed over to federal authorities. that is the question. if you knew someone had a repeat history of committing crimes, why were they not deported at that point? >> bill: that is going to be their defense through all of this. >> harris: i had a question because i mentioned 2006, george w. bush got rid of the catch and release program as we know them, but what change? i know politically the differences between the men who held office, but what change in this country to make that even palatable to let catch and release come back in such force?
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>> sandra: as melissa just said, looking at the numbers it is daunting numbers, daunting task, going to be tightly kept track of. i don't even know how you implement this. >> meghan: that is the $64,000 question, and i still have a lever many questions about the wall, how long it's going to be, and you and i have talked on the couch, is it just to rein in some parts of arizona that make building a wall almost impossible. i am up for conference of negation reform, people serving our country than becoming citizens, this is not necessarily the approach i would take. the american public spoke out loud and clear, so he is following up on his campaign promises. >> bill: whether it is the wall or manpower, it's going to cost. >> harris: the border patrol says they do have some funds allocated. 180 day deadline to take a look at where they can actually build the wall and get that started. dhs is in charge of that. we will see something in short order pair that is not a long
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period of time. we will move on. at a big event tonight, martha maccallum anchors a "the first 100 days" town hall from jacksonville, florida, and she will have a special guest, white house advisor stephen miller. he is now, we know, the author of the original immigration pause our travel ban as it has been called executive order that the white house is tailoring, replacing basically and plans to reissue this week. so tune in tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fnc, that is what the cool kids call fox news channel. president trump has made lieutenant general hr mcmaster as his new national security advisor. general mcmaster is more hawkish on russia than mr. trump reportedly and feels very strongly about not turning the war on terror into a war on islam. how will that relationship work? can they work together? plus, thousands of people are protesting once again across the nation. you just heard it on the couch during "not my president day"
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>> meghan: fox news alert on president trump's newly named national security advisor. mr. trump announcing lieutenant general hr mcmaster boat replaced michael flynn, he is a scholar that fought in both iraq wars and state on active duty while heat leads the national security council. catherine herridge is alive in washington, please give us some more background on general mcmaster. >> thank you. lieutenant general hr mcmaster is widely respected by republicans and democrats as a military strategist who challenges conventional thinking. mix mcmaster seen as an independent thinker took the military establishment to task for their handling of the vietnm war and later became a critic of how the bush administration prosecuted the war in iraq. mcmaster is credited for turning the iraq war around during its darkest periods. >> he is incredibly bright, very articulate. he has a strong personality, and he truly speaks his mind. he fights for his own ideas that doesn't mean he would not execute his bosses policies if they were different from him, of course he would.
9:19 am
>> democrats like the fact that mcmaster was not connected to that trump can pay my former national security advisor mike flynn, and it appears to be less politically aligned. >> i worked with general mcmaster when i was on the armed services committee and the appropriation subcommittee on defense, we work together on professional military education, that is how we educate our troops and invest in their critical thinking and it's very challenging and complex strategic environments. >> mcmaster said it's an honor to continue his service under president trump. >> meghan: general mcmaster is not exactly in lockstep with the president on some of the issues but can you tell us about that? speak a good point, the lieutenant general appears to be more hawkish on russia than president trump. in his current job as director of the army capabilities integration center, his job is to see the future where the army needs to be and 2025 and beyond. mcmaster sees russia as a rising threat in that context because of its tactics and the so-called green zone, the battle
9:20 am
space between conventional war and peace. republican senator tom cotton told msnbc this morning that he believes that mcmaster can obligate policy to differences. >> general mcmaster's role as national security advisor is in keeping with the best people who have served in that role as an honest worker like stephen hadley is to try to resolve those disagreements when they can be resolved at a level below the president, but if they cannot become a differing those disagreements can make the president well-informed with all the expertise that our national security professionals bring so that the president can make the right decision. >> mcmaster also sees the war on terror as more nuanced than a war against radical islam. >> meghan: thank you so much. so i'm going to start with you, bill appeared i'm thrilled with his choice, general mcmaster is a warrior and a scholar, one of the architects that helped us in iraq when the search was still going on. i quite frankly to be really candid, i think it's an upgrade from general flynn. i do. there are a lot of concerns from people like me with his
9:21 am
relationship with putin and russia, and i don't have the same concerns. >> bill: may be you for listening to john mccain, some kudos. >> meghan: i know him. if those two people can come together. >> bill: this is what we call a tough hombre, little known fact, he was involved in a tough battle in iraq and he is one of the people who invented the counterinsurgency, and i agree with you, this is an excellent choice. i think he along with casey mcfarlane he used to be our colleague here will do a fantastic job. >> sandra: what about concerns his vision is not in line with the president? that's not the first time we have heard it. >> bill: he has picked some really strong personalities. that tells me he likes that. we will see how they do. >> harris: that was about as politically correct --
9:22 am
>> sandra: i put him on the spot a little bit. >> bill: they are going to be challenges, we will see how they do. it is not all a kumbaya moment down there. i think trump is willing to be challenged right now. >> harris: i think sometimes you learn more from the distention then of the agreement, part of the criticism up until now as he has had cronies and he probably needs someone that would write a book about vietnam and talk about how wrong part of that war was. >> bill: disguised tough, played rugby at west point, on and on. >> harris: he is really different, we had operation inherent resolve a star this weekend which is taking back along with iraqi forces and american forces of mosul in iraq, the stronghold and isis, so it will be interesting to see how he looks at that protection, not a battle against islam as we begin to take it to the islamic state. >> melissa: he's also a student of what is going on in russia and that is important reflecting back to general flynn. he studied what has been going
9:23 am
on and ukraine, he studied russia's new tactics and prepared a whole playbook on how the u.s. needs to change their operations in order to keep up with an answer to what is going on and russia. he may be exactly what the doctor ordered. >> bill: keep your eye on this battle in mosul. i know it is not on the radar for a lot of people right now. jennifer reporting yesterday that we have special ops involved in this operation, perhaps not on the front lines, but based on the reporting near the front lines. if they have 3,000 or 5,000 which is the projection of ices folders -- isis fighters, and it could be in a city of 2 million, thiss urban wear fair, street by street, this is falluja all over again. and we could possibly pay a price here. so just watch this story as it develops. >> harris: some think it might be more like mogadishu because we are having to fly helicopters in there to give some substantial support to our guys
9:24 am
as they go door-to-door. >> meghan: and we want someone like general mcmaster in charge and advising the president peered honestly, a home run, i was thrilled last night. it was one of president trump's biggest campaign promises, scraping the affordable care act. but our republicans on the same page when it comes to a plan to repeal and replace obamacare? plus the president's former campaign manager blaming mr. trump's staff for not preparing him enough for the presidency in early days, but are they really at fault or are there other things at play? and after that shall come you can join our live chat by clicking the overtime tab at or go to you can tweet us, see you there. ♪ nything about this missing inventory? wasn't me! the cheeks don't lie, chet... irresistibly planters.
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speak of the fact is you want great schools for your children. you want good, high-paying jobs for yourselves and for your loved ones again for the future
9:29 am
of your families. you want a healthcare system in, by the way, we are going to be submitting in a couple of weeks a great healthcare plan that is going to take the place of the disaster known as obamacare. it will be repealed and replace replaced. >> sandra: that was the president at his florida rally over the weekend repeating a frequent campaign promise, repealing and replacing president obama's signature healthcare law. with republicans not controlling the white house and capitol hill, there are questions over when and how that will actually happen. lots of mixed signals over the plan to move forward and who will lead the charge. some republicans worry about getting blamed if the replacement takes health insurance away from millions of people. others like senator rand paul are pushing for republicans to go all the way. >> legislatively, i think we
9:30 am
will repeal obamacare within the next 1-2 months. i'm pretty sure of that. there is a debate whether to repeal the whole thing or whether or not some of the big government republicans want to keep obamacare light, the conservatives were ready for a fight, the house caucus said they will not vote for partial repeal. i'm in the same camp. i'm not voting for partial repeal. >> sandra: because he doesn't want "obamacare light." >> bill: biggest caterpillar machinery in the world right out of illinois. listen, they set up the whole schedule. they told us -- is it? >> sandra: major publicly traded company. >> bill: they said after presidents' day holiday, they are going after obamacare. they said after that, they're going after tax reform. they laid out the schedule for us. if you listen to mitch mcconnell's outgoing press conference before the break last week, he said, we are going to
9:31 am
get it done. he laid out the schedule. he said, we are going to get the votes. this is ambitious. i know president obama spent what seemed like every day for ten months to get obamacare passed when he held majorities in congress as well. this is a big list, they say they are going to do it, so we will see. all of it comes back to the original argument, results matter. the only thing that matters to this administration. >> harris: always say money is where the rubber meets the road, that is the problem with this where he is saying "obamacare light." if you repeal the mandate and allow people to buy insurance that is catastrophic only, that starves the system of money because those are the healthy people that were not paying in to the original plan they were supposed to pay into support everything else. so how do you pay for the people with the pre-existing conditions? i've heard speaker ryan, had some people on the show to ask how do you do that. they say you direct the federal funds that were going toward
9:32 am
subsidizing those healthy people that were buying insurance plans and you target that. i don't know. we have really got to see them out. i don't know who has the math, what does it cost and what is the federal outlay? do we end up spending less as taxpayers or more in the new structure? >> harris: look for that political prison it seems that his focus on every issue that it seems we are focused, wouldn't above who the people that have the most recent experience with feeling, that would be democrats be ready president obama show us? not even go to his party to make changes, he did dozens of them by executive order. do you call them to the table? do they come to the table on their own? that is really a missed opportunity and shame in all of this. it takes everybody to do what we need to do to go forward. >> meghan: this is a background issue come you see these democrats taking a page out of the tea party playbook, getting to that town halls and
9:33 am
getting actually militant and loud pure just get on youtube to see these videos. if president trump and congress can pull this off, all the political capital he has spent in the first 30 days with the rocky rollout of the executive orders to some of the missteps he has made will not matter. i think they call it trumpcare, he should own it the way obama owns obamacare. >> harris: while, he did not call it that. for the record, peoria, illinois peer that is where caterpillar is made. so we have the entire discussion of the affordable care act and where it is going, where caterpillar is from. >> meghan: i think it should come down to arizona because they had over 100% premium raises. >> bill: when they build the wall, they will get some caterpillar. >> harris: what does happen to people have pre-existing conditions and all of that? i still think that's a question on the table that has to be answered. >> melissa: someone has to pay
9:34 am
for it. harsh critique of president trump's staff from his former manager corey lewandowski who was fired back in june, don't forget. he made the results due to back remarks during david axelrod's podcast "the x-files." he was asked about what was called a rocky start for the trump admin iteration. lewandowski defends the president then says this. speak of the staff is probably not prepared them as well as they could have or should have relating to some of those executive orders and the limitation of what that would mn particular as it related to immigration issues. i look at the totality of the senior staff, kellyanne conway, stephen bannon, reince preibus, jared kushner, the senior staff, none of them have ever worked inside the white house. it's both a+ and minus but you don't know what you do not know. >> melissa: sour grapes? >> bill: i don't take that as that biting a criticism.
9:35 am
i asked about lewandowski's criticism on the show earlier today, and he said the president said we are running like a fine-tuned machine, who am i to disagree? that is pretty much what he sai said. i think there were growing pains and an every administer ration, obama headed eight years ago, another clinton had it in january of 1993. so this happens, you figure out how it works for the man come you figure out how you work around him and how to adjust. >> melissa: this has been the criticism. we see other administrations and with the clintons, it seemed like they brought everybody from little rock that did not know anything about running an actual government. >> meghan: the growing pains of staffers on presidential campaigns are the stories that bad hbo movies are made out of, very bad hbo movies. original, not unique, corey lewandowski changed the narrative made all about him as we remember on the campaign
9:36 am
trail, he was too much of it is due the mack distraction. my question is there still people who seem to be working for president trump they have their own specific agenda, their own personal agenda not necessarily looking out for the principal. if i were president trump right now -- stephen bannon is the one i have questions on. i think the buck should stop at the main candidate, and it is far from unique. i'm sure this went on when president lincoln was running for president at the same time, but this staff according to corey lewandowski, the point he's making about young staff is a legitimate one. there are some people, and we have talked about on the couch at length, he could use help with his narrative by people who have gone before. >> sandra: you say their people at his side not using. >> meghan: there are people i know at this administration. i know there are people working in this administration that would possibly do a better job, especially when it comes to communicate with the american people that he has not played to a larger platform. >> harris: sarah saunders i
9:37 am
think is her last name. she came out, did the off-camera gaggle, so obviously someone is listening to you. i'm really basic girl. corey lewandowski looking for a job now with this initiation? >> bill: he may get another crack at that. my impression of how things are working now. he is such a dynamic and dominating character that the staff is waiting for him to sign off on far too many issues of the day. the more you can delegate, the more you trust the people around you, that is my impression. >> harris: trust is the key. >> sandra: you could argue running a business like he has for most of his life, he knows how to do that. >> bill: are not suggesting he does not, but this is a whole new animal. as lewandowski said, until you have been in there come you don't know what you don't know. >> meghan: not just the job necessarily but it is about the spin. we talked about people who go on
9:38 am
tv to represent president trump, they take their native to a place it does not need to go. >> harris: interesting. >> harris: we will keep -- >> melissa: we will keep an eye on that. during what is supposed to be a patriotic holiday, thousands of protesters took place and "not my president rallies cocoa appeared but could this be actually helping president trum? ♪
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>> meghan: not everyone was celebrating yesterday's patriotic holiday. thousands of protesters taking to the streets and cities nationwide for what was billed as "not my presidents' day" rallies. just the latest display of opposition to president trump. meantime, liberal film maker michael moore who called on mr. trump to be removed from office now launching an online resistance calendar to track anti-trump events worldwide. along with protest to get other
9:43 am
republicans. "the new york times" recently asking if all this resistance can actually help president trump? saying that "protest and righteous indignation on social media and hollywood may seem to liberals to be about policy and persuasion but moderate conservatives say they are having the opposite effect, chipping away at their middle ground and pushing them closer to mr. trump." this is happening to me. i have to tell you. liberals are endearing me to it trump a little bit more. i'm going to give you an example. over the weekend, the director -- it makes me very protective of trump supporters and republicans in general. director jut up a tacit the weekend he felt "raped" after the election, comments like that from the hollywood make me feel extreme is supportive. >> bill: did you work yesterday? listen, nobody was working yesterday, everything was closed, it was like edge ghost
9:44 am
town, do not tell the boss. >> harris: it looked like a ghost town? >> bill: do not tell the boss. and i got caught up in the rally, and i'm telling you there were thousands of people. school was out, a lot of people were off of work, it was not easy to have a rally, but it was pretty easy. science as far as the eye can see. here is my feeling. when you don't have any power, the only power you have is resistance. if democrats had the house or senate, whatever the other come we would not be seeing this. since they don't, for a minimum of two years, he was see a lot more of this. >> melissa: why didn't we see this kind of enthusiasm and energy for hillary clinton? of these people are so upset which i completely understand, why were they not able to mobilize and win? >> harris: this is about something they are resisting, to use your words. that run for the white house that she was forging if you drill down into a lot of the polling was not for her. she wanted them to be with her, but they were not for her
9:45 am
appeared they were actually against something. they are much more motivated to come out on sunday and do that instead. i walked through the "i am a muslim too" rally to get to take the link story, it was equally as big. they are against something peer they are dedicated to it. i did not know they would that dedicated. >> bill: there is no cohesion in the resistance. what i mean by that is there's not a consist they do not like e results of this election. every sign says that. >> harris: that seems to be enough to get them together. >> sandra: that is part of the criticism of democrats, you don't know when they are picking their battles or fights come you don't really know what they are angry about. >> meghan: i was in los angeles over the weekend to do something totally different, and when you are republican come you go to places like l.a., i feel like i have to explain trump's win because they are so disrespectful from the election. the vitriol and anger and
9:46 am
ignorance directed toward donald trump and his supporters, everyone knows, i have my issues with donald trump and his ideology, but i am giving him a fair shot. i think the idea you were going to say things like you feel "raped after the election" like judd apatow does come it makes me very productive and endeared anyway to donald trump that he has not been able to do. democrats and liberals, i'm living proof of the effect you're having. >> melissa: so many democrats have said to me i cannot believe anyone would vote for donald trump. i know you cannot believe that. i know democrats cannot believe anyone would vote for him. i understand that you cannot even believe it, cannot connect in your mind what they are thinking, don't empathize or understand. you don't have any sort of copper henge and people were fed up with this whole idea of washington doing nothing, the middle class being left behind, working and not getting anywhere. all these people on the upper west side.
9:47 am
>> meghan: we have to move on, hillary clinton's former campaign manager seems to still be struggling with what his candidate lost. who he is blaming for her loss. is it time to let it go or is it more serious than that? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you could spend the next few days weeding through w2s, pay stubs and bank statements to refinance your home. or you could push that button. [dong] [rocket launching]
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>> harris: what do we do? we are making more "outnumbered," quick break we will see jenna lee with what is happening in the second hour of "happening now." >> everybody knows what is happening. next, white house press secretary sean spicer is about to hold his daily briefing, what will he have to say about the president's new immigration order or what we should expect this week? we want to give their life, plus a new border wall could cost more money than anticipated. while the government have to seize private property? interesting question and also terrifying video of the deadly plane crash, what brought a plane down in australia, it is quite the site. we will have that "happening now." >> harris: we will see you at
9:52 am
the top of the hour, thank you. >> sandra: some people still rejecting the notion that president trump won the election fair and square more than three months later. former clinton campaign manager mook said russian interference may be to blame for his candidates lost, watch. >> this is the key, no campaign manager or candidate should ever sit at a table like this on a news program and say i don't know, russians may have been the reason we lost the election. it's not important whether they were or not, it's important that it could have been the reason, and i should never happen. >> sandra: one day earlier, he echoed the comments with the same sentiment. >> the problem is via mere food devastates and destroys his enemies come he's been doing that to the syrian people come in hillary clinton spoke against him, she had the courage and paid the price because by the mayor of hooton interceded in the election. putin. >> sandra: if i had enough of a good singing voice, i would sing "let it go" from "frozen"
9:53 am
for you. >> bill: i don't think they will let it go. i honestly don't know where it goes. it's not a great answer, but i don't have a crystal ball. my feeling is that when president trump and president putin meet, that will be something. [laughs] >> harris: meet where cameras can see. >> bill: when they have their summit. i know he is going to england, i think, london in may. some members of parliament are rejecting his visit there, they've talked about to the countryside. i think that will be interesting as well, but the putin/trump meeting will be arguably -- >> meghan: a game changer? >> bill: i don't know about a game changer but when the meeting is established, circle it on the calendar. >> sandra: let's go back to why is this discussion still taking place? >> meghan: because he needs job and as long as he doesn't take responsibility that you had
9:54 am
someone campaigning in north carolina, maybe you should pay judgment to battleground states, maybe that is your problem. she ran a horrible campaign. there are many questions to talk about with russia, that is not the point specifically with him. people like that are associated with a losing campaign. that way she lost this election will be analyzed for decades and decades and decades. she last arguably and on visible election, and again, he needs a job someplace, and the best that he can do is continue to blame shifting someplace else. >> melissa: it also doesn't matter. how many elections how we watched republicans lose than afterward you criticize the other side and say what president obama is doing wrong, no one really cares. president obama won appeared you cannot change the outcome. i guess that is my point, no matter how much they sit there and talk about what an impact it had, it doesn't change the outcome. he still won, no taking it back. >> harris: i also point to what sandra has said, you are so right about this. it is hard to figure out what democrats are truly upset about.
9:55 am
are they upset because they lost and need a reason or do they legitimately think the russians were somehow interfering in hacking, and what we do not to be factual about that, are they not upset about that? that could have more of an investigative movement rather than his back fighting, so i'm confused what they are really upset about. by the way, extra revenue, rent out portions of our home to safe spaces for these people who just cannot -- i am joking because i want to live with just my family, but they cannot move forward, they need to figure it out. >> bill: at the moment, so much as theoretical in it will stay that way until the senate gives us some answers. >> sandra: i'm glad i was right about something because you pointed out, i'm wrong about where caterpillar was based. bill hemmer said it correctly and i did not hear him. >> harris: where is it? peoria?
9:56 am
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make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. >> all right, your night is made, special edition of "the first 100 days" errors in just a few hours, martha maccallum will be in jacksonville, florida, where she worked incorporated or a town hall and immigration, simply one of the biggest issues facing our nation right now. talked about a lot this hour, that is at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. you will see a little countdown on some of the shows throughout the day to let you know how close you are to that event. bill hemmer, you made an event of your own by being here. glad to have you.
10:00 am
>> thank you, ladies peer check out martha tonight. martha left me, how about that? >> you're going to be around online, right?, click the overtime tab or on facebook live, outnumberedfnc. "happening now" now. >> jon: we begin with a fox news alert, the daily white house briefings that you start soon, this after the department of homeland security issues new guidelines meant to significantly crackdown on illegal immigration. >> jenna: as we await the president's new executive order on travel in immigration, we are covering all of the news "happening now" ." >> the mainstream media's audience, their viewers, listeners, readers, they are not you, the american people. see the little slivers of blue, coastal elites, that is where the media is catering to you. >> jenna: comments like that resonating with plenty of people across the country as questions intensify about the media's coverage of the trump


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