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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 21, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> sean: president trump fulfills another campaign promise by moving forward with a plan to strengthen american's southern border and deport criminal illegal aliens, that is tonight's opening monologue. department of homeland security secretary john kelly announced earlier today new guidelines to implement president trump's agenda on immigration.. they include prioritizing the removal of criminal aliens who have been convicted of any criminal offense, who have been charged with any criminal offense that has not yet been resolved and who havee submitted potentially chargeable criminal acts.po c dhs is also calling for hiring
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an additional 10,000 i.c.e. agents, 5,000 additional border control agents, invest expanding the two-way seven g program which act allows locall police to act as immigration agents, plan against construction of the border wall, and restoring the communities program which was shut down by the obama administration. also returning aliens to their country of origin. creating the victims of which is meant to help families that are impacted by illegal immigrants crimes, and commissioning a study on border security to better determine what works and what does not work. it's important to know that dreamers are not impacted by these new orders, but you can guarantee, that the liberals and their friends in the old left propaganda media, they're going to spin or distort what these guidelines are all about. if you take the complete and honest and unbiased look at what president trump is trying to do, then you see, it's all pretty simple.
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he's securing our borders, trying to stop crimes against americans, preventing drugs from entering this country, arms from entering this country, he wants to stop drug trafficking. you see there, i've personally have been down to the border over a dozen times on bold, all-terrain vehicle, helicopters, i've been on horseback. i have seen these drug warehouses looked from floor to ceiling, the biggest warehouse you have ever seen. i've seen drug tunnels and illegal immigrants being i saw a gang member being arrested. just a couple of weeks ago, one of our producers caught on video border patrol agents, you see that?ks 400 pounds of drugs headed right into your community. i'm speaking tonight from first-hand experience, as far as i know, nobody else in the media has taken the time to go down to the border as much as i have and look up close and personal eight to what's really happening and how bad it is. back in 2014 during one of my trips, i sat through a brief an4
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income it was eye-opening. it was with rick perry, we were just told how bad illegall immigrants crimes were for the state of texas alone. 642,000 crimes. watch this. >> criminal aliens have been responsible for about 642,000 criminal offenses. >> 642,000 crimes in sevenon years, we have brave men and women, that are literally using military tactics that are fighting cartels, that is a huge story. >> sean: 642,000 crimes against texans alone and a seven year. mack. there are other statistics that are just as shocking. according to a 2015 report foror the immigration policy institute, an estimated 820,000 of the projected 11 million illegal immigrants living in america are convicted criminals. look at the numbers, in fiscal year 2015, 36.6% of the over 70,000 federal sentences were
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for crimes committed by illegal aliens. these aren't just numbers were talking about here. these are people, your citizens, fellow citizens, americans. directly impacted by illegal immigrants crimes. to add to this, the massive costs. the american taxpayer are paying a fortune according to a study from the federal american immigration reform appeared illegal immigration, get this: cost state and local governments $113 billion a year for things like education, for medicine, medical treatment, public assistance, judicial costs, criminal justice costs. huge amounts of money. then there is the cost to individual border states, with take a look at some of the numbers. if you live in california, illegal immigration is estimated to cost an astounding $25.3 billion a year. if you live in the state of texas, you're on the hook, if you're a taxpayer, for 12.1 billion annually.
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that is taxpayer money. that's supposed to go to your towns and communities, your hospitals, your educational facilities, but no. it's going to pay for illegal immigrants. the good news is this, president trump is laying out a comprehensive plan to fix the problem to make our communities safer and to save you, the american taxpayer, obviously a fortune. here with reaction fox news senior correspondent geraldo rivera. you look at those numbers, you're a great attorney. that's a very strong case that the cost to the american -- the average american is massive. we are paying a huge price. >> you've done a masterful job in assembling your facts at present i got very compelling argument and i congratulate you. >> sean: there's a but coming. >> it's very simple, let everybody know where i am coming from.. we set a crackdown by ice last week or two. it was on every news program,
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local programs, national programs, the i.c.e. agents, heavily armored escorting the undocumented immigrants from their communities. 684 of them. we sought every night on the news. imagine that we have 10 million, 990,000 whatever the math is to go. we've been seeing this human trauma of 684 immigrants being deported, imagine what it's going to be like when it's 10 million. it's going to convulse this country, it's going toto tear neighborhoods apart. i think following through on the president, i get it, it's his campaign, i do not believe he would have been elected but for the immigration issue. i think the country is in for ad very rocky road.ct >> sean: what do we do? you've watched my programs whenn i did town halls, and mothers were on these programs. their children were killed by illegal immigrants that had
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already been in the criminal justice system. you love family. there is nobody that loves family more than you.u. if that were your son or daughter, i think you would be apoplectic and angry. >> that's why a rational, logical argument fails. i get that i have lost the argument for the hearts and minds of a majority of people in a majority of states and that's why as you know, i've withdrawn my objection to the wall being built. people want to spend that kind of money for that kind of fall,o god bless. i know that you are sincerely motivated and go out and do it. >> sean: a wall with a door. >> that's fine. >> sean: shut up, hannity [laughs] >> the situation to argue objectively and coolly is very difficult. your powerful statistics in your meeting, you look a little younger a little less gray.
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[laughter] >> i just saw the cato institute study in preparation for this appearance. these undocumented immigrants commit fewer crimes per capita than citizens do. you could argue that undocumented immigrants moving into the community makes it safer per capita than it was when they moved in. i know those arguments fall on deaf i know there is an instinctive revulsion about people who are here without permission. >> sean: for example, in fiscal year 2015, 36.6% of over 70,000 federal sentences for crimes committed by illegals, that does not jibe with your statistics. >> you know what these crimes are, by and large? these aren't violent crimes. these are crimes where i want to work i'm here without documentation. i get a fake social security card, a federal felony! i pay social security tax into d state social security account, this is money i'm paying in but no chance of redeeming.
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>> sean: that does happen, i'm not going to dispute it. let's use texas alone i sat there and that security briefing. salt of the earth, law enforcement guys who put their lives and lend every day. in a seven year period. that also included murder, also included rate, also included violent crimes. i ask you why are we taking this risk when we have an opportunity with a door to events people before they come in and ask them to respect our law and sovereignty? >> i think we have to totallyy rethink the legal visas for people like mexico, there has been an ebb and flow across that border that worked well for decades until 9/11 where we gote the fear of terrorism. we have to have a vastly improved legal immigration system. >> sean: but we have to secure it and we have to vet and we have to make sure -- >> what happens to the city of
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austin and houston, texas? we have the local authorities refuse to assist the feds. >> sean: it's there was a guy killed, a criminal alien edgar of l.a. is his name, he murdered a 32-year-old kid, tim cruz in denver, colorado, i asked the denver police department to elude them so he could deport them. ended up getting out and he killed this kid, that was last week. >> but why didn't they get a specific warrant? this is my point. my point is sanctuary cities and the litigation that will flow from sanctuary cities will be where the rubber meets the road, where the right and the left fight it out where the red and the blue have this war. this will be the battleground. >> sean: i think they're going to lose money i think donald trump will cut off federal funds to those cities if they refuse to enforce federal law.
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i think he has every right legally to do so.. >> i think what should happen -- i am delighted that he now has a hispanic in his cabinet, secretary of labor. >> sean: if you weren't so hard on them, you'd be on his cabinet. i would have loved that.t >> i want him to succeed. i understand that immigration really hurts people. >> sean: we talk a lot about our families and our backgrounds. generally speaking, you're the hispanic story in america is very similar to the average story. the values are the same. the beliefs are the same, hardo work, all of these things, family. it's amazing how similar it is. >> in your ethnic memory, when you think back to the 19th century, how the irish immigrants were treated. >> sean: horribly, i have a sign
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in my office. >> exploded in all the rest of it. >> sean: that but they did it legally. >> there were no immigration laws, they were all checked when i got to ellis island. if they had disease, we didn't live in the world of terrorism that we have the day. >> i think the anvil of 9/11 has hit hardest on the latino immigrants, even though the enemy is islamic extremism. >> sean: i'm pulling you over, ever so -- this show has been good for i'm bringing youe an essential as long as you have the decency >> sean: trump does too. >> i agree. i argued when i was on "the today show," this guy doesn't have a racist or evil bone of his body, you have tof give them a chance. some of it is packaging. >> sean: up next night right here on "hannity."
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>> i've ordered the construction of a great border wall which will start very shortly. c >> sean: more reaction to president trump's new immigration guidelines to keep america safe, laura ingraham will weigh in. coming up tonight. >> if you take somebody who's got a legitimate reason to be upset in the first place and you pump them up and it starts to come a call to action, somebody's going to get hurt. >> sean: out of control alt left propaganda media now say president trump's criticism of their lives could leave to violence. really? cory lewandowski will weigh in, that is more tonight on this busy, busy news nighty me. do it again. there you go... i can do whatever you want. except keep your eyes on the road. now would be a good time to have new car replacement.
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>> live from speed seven, i am jack ibanez in new york. evidence in the death of kim jong-un's estranged half-brother points back to the north korean embassy. authorities say that official is among eight north koreans expected in the fatal poisoning last week. i can confirm if north korea's government was behind the killing. north koreans allegedly trained women to rub a tocsin on half-brother's face. he died a short while later. a video just released by tmz, shows actor harrison ford latest aviation mishap. here it is on the video.
10:18 pm
you can see the 74-year-old "star wars" and indiana jones start flying dangerously close over an airliner out of a southern california airport. he was supposed to land on a different runway. he can be heard asking "was that airliner meant to be underneath me?" i am jack ibanez. now back to "hannity" ." >> you want to safe neighborhoods where the streets belong to families and communities, not gang members,st and drug dealers who are right now as i speak being thrown out of the country and they will not be let back in.
10:19 pm
the we will have a strong borders again. we've taken historic action to secure the southern border and i've ordered the construction of a great border wall which will start very shortly. >> sean: that's president trump taking his message directly to you the american people over the weekend promising to secure all borders and make america's neighborhoods safe again. earlier today the department of homeland security they unveiled new immigration a enforcement guidelines, not new laws, laws are already on the books. joining us now, fox news contributor radio talk show host nationally syndicated laura ingraham. people don't understand what conservatism means, here's what i want for my fellow americans. i want our borders and country safe and secure for those who would want to bring drugs and gangs and radical islamic violence to our country. 13 million more americans on food stamps, i want them to get off and have a job.ry 8 million more in poverty, i want the american dream for them. 95 million americans out of the labor force, the lowest home lowest home ownership rate in 51 years, and i like the economy to flourish so everybody can have a good life. isn't that what it really comes down to? why we support these policies of
10:20 pm
president trump? >> i think being a conservative requires that we want toid conserve all that is good about america, our independence, our a freedom, belief in our constitution, our traditions, our language. our sovereignty, we want to conserve, the good when we have a rampant gang a culture fueled in part by illegal immigrants in the united states, not all illegal immigrants, but a shocking number. just in northern virginia where just a few days ago, we had a mass arrest in northern virginia of ten individuals including illegal immigrants who became part of what is ms 13, you've talked about it, one of the most vicious, violent gangs in the world, feeling the most savage violence in northern virginia, we've got a big problem on our hands.,he it's not about being heartless
10:21 pm
or cruel or me in it. what donald trump is doing now as president is fulfilling his promise to do a better job at keeping americans safe. it doesn't mean it's going to be 100% safe, it's never going to be that. if we can save one life because we are enforcing our border and actually enforcing our laws, that can turn everybody's heads around on this issue. i applaud when he said i was there at that rally with t melbourne on saturday, the reaction from the crowd which i think was a lot more thanan 9,00 people come up it was a massive crowd. was just overwhelmingly positive. at some of it gets publicize some of it doesn't. i positive reaction. >> sean: why are those in the left fighting the executive order, on vetting. all it is vetting the people from countries with ties to terrorism, not a muslim ban, and building a border wall with a door. to keep americans safe, why are
10:22 pm
people on the left so willing to gamble with other people's lives? i've interviewed far too many mothers who lost their children that were killed by illegal immigrants as i was saying to geraldo. >> i think for a lot of the activists, the real hard-core radical activists on the left,f sean, borders are a thing of the past. borders are passe, antiquated devices and designs of a bunch of old dead white guys, the framers who believed in a republic is it something special different with a set of laws that uniquely invested us with an opportunitywi to pursue happiness and pursue our freedom and our own individual pursuits as americans. that america was special. a lot of these folks truly do not believe that america is exceptional --ly >> sean: this globalist utopia, european union. >> they believe we have to pay for our sins, our crimes against humanity, our colonial past, we have to pay. if it means a bunch of americans
10:23 pm
have to die because of this, so be it. i really believe they think people like you and myself and millions of americans who believe in borders and a national language, that we are far more frightening than ms 13 gang members who literallyti decapitates people. >> sean: if you're advisingbe president trump and they'veea attacked everyone around him, the media has declared war on him, how do you advise them deal with this? >> i think he has to stay at really firm in his resolve to do what he pledged what he was going to do. we cannot allow congress to slow walk major pieces of legislation. they have to get the obamacare repealed and replaced. they cannot delay that. that much delay tax reform because of the way the two pieces of legislation, the borders part of it.of enforcement is part of it, he's doing what he said he was going to do. >> sean: do believe the timetable when i interviewed him
10:24 pm
the other night doesn't? >> i think they have to move faster than that. i think you're giving the left e lot of running room to create a more chaos, disrupt the processg make the nation ungovernable. a i think you have to move fast but smart. >> sean: always good to see you, thank you. i appreciated. up next on busy newsnight on "hannity." >> if you take somebody who's got a legitimate reason to be upset in the first place if you pump them up and it starts to become a call to action, somebody's going to get hurt! >> sean: really, would you call the president and compare them to hitler, is he going to get hurt? is that a threat? the fearmongering media now claiming president trump will cause violence because he called out their lives. crybaby liberal snowflakes take the streets again and violence occurs, herman cain, he'll react and that much more tonight on "hannity" well, a 103 yeah, 103. well, let me ask you guys.
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10:29 pm
mainstream media, they're complaining that the presidents words could actually lead to physical violence against them, watch this. >> i think most people at this table were alive and politically conscious at the time of the okayama city bombings. every time that donald trump uses this kind of language, i always worry that's it to an incitement. >> i'm worried, i'm worried that somebody who's deranged is going to hear this kind of language and take action against the journalists at a rally or in some more private setting. >> i said this during the campaign commits going to happen. >> somebody's going to get hurt. it's just a question of time.o just like in every of the dynamic in life you take somebody who's got a legitimatel reason to be upset in the first place and you pump that up and it becomes a collection, somebody is going to get hurt. >> sean: will the president get hurt what he called a dictator, liar, racist, sexes, massages,
10:30 pm
homophobe, xenophobe, is at the same thing? chris cuomo and others lecture us about public discourse and the incitement of violence, where was my friend chris when his colleague bennett jones called trumps a victory a white lash, insinuating all his supporters are racist? this is the same chris cuomo who it's also had to apologize for making a kind of bad >> i see being called fake news as the equivalent of the n word for journalism. the equivalent of calling an italian any of the ugly words that people have for that ethnicity. >> sean: let's not forget about the lack of concern from cuomo and others in the media who are not whining when president trump was literally compared to the world's most evil dictator, u broughthey forgot the . up in the "philadelphia inquirer" on the front page like hitler. they've got you in a personage of hitler, a characterization of that."p >> even trump himself seems to be encouraging the comparison. look at the photo from a recent rally. >> when he said america first,
10:31 pm
it was not just the racial -- hitlerian background to it. >> i wondered since my teens what it must've been like forac distant relatives i will neverer know to have been a german andt to watch what seem like a strange but unimportant political movement from the fringes of my own society, i have wondered for decades, what it would be like to see my country to devolve and deteriorate from democracy to mindless, soulless cult worship. thanks to donald trump i'm getting the chance to find out. >> sean: if you call the president a nazi or compare him to hitler, are you inciting violence against him? they're all overpaid, myself included.hi they're not struggling to pay their mortgages like i did for two decades of my life and putth food on my table like so many of you americans working so hard for so little and the government taking more and more every day.
10:32 pm
let me be clear, to the whiny l crybaby snowflakes in the liberal ultraleft media that are worried about their safety, how about you lead by example and maybe stop calling the president and comparing him to hitler, let's start there. joining us know former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski, new york city independent merrill candidate bo dietl is with us. is there any name trump has been called, are they inciting violence against him if we could use this ridiculous analogy of theirs? >> it wasn't that long ago, you're exactly right, all of the things they said about this president, about him as ael candidate, all the pejorative statements they have made withs absolutely no accountability, the fake news stories front page of "new york times," "wall street journal," time and time again with absolutely noif accountability. this is the problem with the media, you finally have the president who not only has the ability to hit back but will hit
10:33 pm
back, who will call people out when they're wrong, no president has ever been willing to take on the fourth estate, the media because they've been so afraid of. he is willing to and he's fighting for the american people. if you look at the fox polls, the american people believe that donald trump gives them the accurate information, more so than the mainstream media does. that's what he's going to be successful. >> sean: let me go to t beckett adams, this is an important piece and put up there. he wrote a piece to respond to this, while you answer this question, it shows how often the media got it wrong. we'll just keep slowly rolling this so our audience can read it so you respond. look at this list, it goes on forever, how wrong the media has been about trump. what's your reaction? >> what jumps out to make him were talking about seeing these 600 people rounded up. during the obama administration, people don't realize, 2.5 million people were deported to. immigrants were deported of the united states. they worry about violence, i like chris cuomo and i like hisf father mario, chris, the only violence i see is when i was at
10:34 pm
the inauguration when people were burning cars, throwing on people, also in berkeley, bussing up things, setting fires, they are the soros people that are out they're organized effort to cause violence. >> sean: they've done and said horrible things about them.. if something can buy god forbid happens to any american president, our words responsible or the people that do violence responsible? >> i'm starting to see, usuallyy the liberal peoples are the people that one fight normally,a now it seems like the ultra-liberals are the ones get into people faces and the starting physical altercations. it's reversing them out. the true fact of the matter is, george soros agitators that aree out there that are beating people, setting fires, torching things, that's with a violencese >> sean: we saw that, you were in chicago. i was live that night when all that violence broke up and
10:35 pm
donald trump cancel the rally. >> i was there, we were sitting in the hotel room and we were supposed to have a big rally in chicago and we could do that because of all the cast and the violence. there is no place for that, there is a place for peaceful t protests. i happen to be in chicago last weekend, give a speech there with bob from "the washington post," a coupleg hundred protesters peaceful and nobody is complaining about that. where it turns violent as where it goes over the line. with these people who have been so egregious about the things they've said about the president to not hold themselvesio accountable is really thed hypocrisy. >> sean: good luck in your independent run. i'm calling him mr. mayoror already, you could beat comrade de blasio. they can't stop protesting donald trump all around the country, herman cain will weigh in, that's straightahead what! she washed this like a month ago
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10:40 pm
they were shocked. i think they're coming out red which they did not do in 2014. >> sean: traumatized little snowflakes, here with reaction fox news contributor, former presidential candidate 999, herman cain, how are you? >> i'm great, how are you? >> sean: if you lost the election to post traumatic stress disorder, that there traumatized, is this where were headed? >> i don't think so. look, those test on presidents' day, they did not succeed in changing anybody's minds. in fact, i believe that the protest encouraged conservatives and republicans to stay thee course. the rnc just announced with the month of january, it had a record fundraising month people would be giving money like that if they didn't believe in president trump's agenda, the
10:41 pm
accomplishments that he's made in one month, one day, that wouldn't be happening. what i think the protesters are doing, they are pitching mess tent or temp term thinking that it's going to endear some support from some people that are not paying attention because they know what's going on. one other thing, howard dean is talking about hillary clinton losing, and donald trump winning, that there traumatized. no. no, not the ones that are being paid to be there. they are not traumatized. they will continue to protest until the money runs out. that's what's going on. >> sean: follow the money. we've instituted both in my radio show and on the show, a new segment. it's called "holding them accountable." i've been upset republicans have been too slow, they're not keeping up with the speed of trump. i interviewed the speaker of the house, paul ryan. t i don't know if you saw the interview.he he said he supports the entire
10:42 pm
trump agenda and legislatively, everything will be done in 200 days. are you confident? do you think that's true? is it a good time frame for you? >> i believe most of the major initiatives will be introduced and put on the table in that time frame. now, the reason that they maynt not get it across the finish is because of -- as you know -- political headwinds. that's the parts. >> sean: i don't want to make excuses, i don't want to hear it. >> the political headwinds aren't just coming from the democrats, some of that is coming from republicans. >> sean: any republicans that doesn't support it, they need to go home. >> we need to keep their feet to the fire, all of them. the house, the semite, they tried to sabotage trump.
10:43 pm
>> sean: he's running on the conservative agenda, support him or get out of the way. >> support him or get out of the way. i have it to believe that the american people have to speak up, conservative republicansns have got to let their conservative republican representatives and senators know that they are paying attention. that way, his 200 days would be realistic. you, my friend, thank you. up next this busy newsnight. >> president trump: the anti-semitic threats targeting our jewish community and community centers are horrible. and are painful. >> sean: the president speaking out against anti-semitic incidents all across the country. incidents that the left are trying to blame him for. this comes as democrats may pice congressman keith ellison who some jewish groups are opposing to be the next chair of the dnc. this is a guy associated with louis farrakhan, reaction as we continue. want longer lasting heartburn relief?
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♪ >> sean: will the trump administration actually sue the mayors of century city's quick market investigation, and expected. >> the anti-semitic threats targeting our jewish community and community centers are horrible. and are painful, and a very sad reminder of the work that the
10:48 pm
root must be done and to out hate and prejudice and evil. >> sean: that was president trump earlier today addressing the issue of anti-semitism after nearly a dozen jewish community centers all around the country received bomb threats yesterday. n the left has been quick to try and blame the president for the rise in these threats, and their search for new dnc chair, which will be selected on saturday, the leading contender is minnesota congressman keith ellison. he has a very controversial association with the leader ofth the nation of islam, that is louis farrakhan. he reportedly backed out of an interview with "the new york times" back in november after being told that he would be asked about this relationship, and take a look at the headline from "the new york times" article in december. jewish groups and unions grow uneasy with keith ellison. joining us now the president of the jerusalem center for public affairs dore gold, and fox news contributor and former clinton poster, doug schoen. dore gold, at time of the prime minister, what he said
10:49 pm
publically is what he told me privately, there's never been a better supporter for israel than this president in his lifetime. that's how i see this relationship, he's been very clear, i think speaking out today is another example of it, what's your reaction. >> this is a very serious subject, anti-semitism. if we were in france or germany, we have another of possible suspects. we can have neo-nazis, we can have islamic radicals. we can have the far left. all three have been associated with hate crimes against the in europe.l one of the first things you havn to do is make sure you have enough manpower, to get to the bottom of these acts. and then act accordingly. >> sean: i agree with you, this weekend to detroit, louis
10:50 pm
farrakhan, in association with keith ellison, who may be the head of the dnc, i want to disabuse the jews today that you are the chosen of god, that israel or palestine belongs to you. and i want to disabuse you ofe, that, i want to tell you about your future, you think you have the power to frighten ando dominate the peoples of the work, i'm here to announce the end of your time slamming his hand on the podium.d >> that's horrific. i will be startled and ashamed of my party if keith ellison as yet as i speak to disavowal the reverend louis farrakhan, if hes is elected dnc chairman. dore gold is speaking exactly right, we have the bds movement where europeans and many around the world are seeking to just delegitimize israel any products made in israel cannot be purchased, by anyone.
10:51 pm
this is a scary, scary time, i'm glad the president spoke out. i speak as a democrat and a, and says someone who's passionate. >> sean: i'm speaking as a passionate supporter, we must protect our houses of worship, i agree. if you look at the latest fbi crime statistics, they show 58% of hate crimes are motivated by their defenders anti-jewish s bias. you have keith ellison saying the want to oppress minorities, all over the world. >> this is horrific. i don't think this is a partisan issue, this isn't politics. this is standing up for what's right. reasonable and responsible, your interview with the u prime minister made that very clear. >> sean: what is your reaction to that? you work with people from both sides of the outcome a republican and democratic presidents.
10:52 pm
i don't think israeli-american relations have been any worse than under president obama. are you uncomfortable with the democratic party picking somebody like keith ellison and his controversial past? >> keith ellison doesn't have much to offer us, let me put it this way. i think we should avoid politicizing this issue. this is very serious. of course, if somebody has associations with the muslim brotherhood or with louis farrakhan, that's a real problem. fundamentally, i know everybodyl is tempted to politicize these issues and it's a big mistake to go down that route. what we have to do is root of this outcome, get to the bottom of it. assign an fbi agent, find out who's behind it. this has been going on for at while, just now reaching levels that are getting a lot of press attention. i noticed there's a piece in "the washington post" by
10:53 pm
oppenheim, just a few days on the 17th. he wrote he was citing the agl statistics he was the number of anti-semitic incidents on united states campuses doubled in 2015. nobody talks about that as far as i can recall. we got a big problem on our hands it's got to be tackled. and not politicized. >> sean: i agree, but i don'to think we can ignore this. when he was a third-year law student, he was responding another student who said louis farrakhan was no malcolm x. he defended him against chargeso of racism, racism means conspiracy to subjugate and actual subjugation. that means a planned socialra economic political subjugation of whites, it cannot be intelligently argued that the nation of islam is doing this. in fact, blacks have no history of harming or subjecting whites as a class. i'm sorry, any organized for the million man march out of his community. you cannot just ignore the white
10:54 pm
people god that teaches meat tell me the white people are the skunk of the planet earth or judaism -- religion. and real jews in referring, using anti-semitic slurs. >> if keith ellison becomes chairman of the dnc, it's a decided to step back. >> sean: will you leave the democratic party?ec >> i have to think strongly and seriously about it. he represents everything that's antithetical to the way i live. he should disavowal louis farrakhan right now. >> sean: good to see you. coming up, a very important question of the day and we're going to play some of the callsy from the hannity hotline, i hear they're not so nice tonight, straight it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced, our senses awake, our hearts racing as one.
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10:59 pm, @seanhannity on twitter. time to play it, i'll handle it, i'll brace for it, the messages you left on the handy hotline. -- "hannity" hotline. >> sean: that's what my staff was telling you. that's not that mean. you can be as mean as you want. let not your heart be troubled. call the number on my screen
11:00 pm
right now, 877-225-8587. yeah, you haters, will put you on the air too, let's not your heart be troubled. we'll see you stephen miller. [applause] >> martha: breaking tonight, we are live in jacksonville, florida, for a special immigration town hall, on the same day that president trump's department of homeland security issued two very important memos, designed to crack down on illegal immigrants on our southern border. welcome to day 33, everybody, of the first 100. i'm martha maccallum. and this was president trump just days here in jacksonville before the election. >> president trump: the border crisis is the worst it has ever been. it is a national emergency. they go to jail for five years, guess what is going to happen?


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