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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 24, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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ladies. >> we are never going to argue with that. >> it is true, we are out of time. >> have a great weekend. >> we'll be back on monday, noon eastern. "happening now" on now. >> a fox news alert. vice-president pence is speaking to governors in washington. >> jenna: it is shaping up to be a busy day for the trump administration. >> we have to go out and be honest. our victory was a win like nobody has seen before. >> jenna: president trump takes center stage in cpac. plus. >> he will continue to craft his agenda and as jobs get better they will continue to fight.
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>> jenna: the president making a pitch for party unitty and can the white house get it done? it is all "happening now". and we begin this hour with president trump telling conservatives that he kept his word in the white house turning campaign promises in to reality. >> nice to be with you. i am leland vitter in for jon scott. president trump spoke to cheering crowds in cpac despite the group's past skeptism about his conservative value and his absence last year as candidate trump. the president spent much of his speech lashing out at the messenger and media in covering his new administration. >> president trump: i'm against the people that make up stories
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and make up sources. they shouldn't be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody's name. the core conviction of our movement is that we are a nation that put and will put its own citizens first. [applause] >> president trump: for too long we have traded our jobs to other countries, so terrible. we have are defended other nation's boards while leaving ours wide open, anybody can come in. we are going to build the wall, don't worry about it. and so let me state this clearly as we can. we are going to keep radical islamic terrorist the hell out of our country. >> doug mcelway live from cpac.
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calmer now behind you. >> reporter: it is now. we expected the president to come out with both guns blazing with the fake news media. when he came out people were on the fit. he told them to sit down because the fake news media would report he didn't receive a standing ovation. it got a laugh and he launched an assault on the fake news media. and that as far as potentially threatening the first amendment. >> president trump: i love the first amendment. no one loves it better than me. who use its more than i do? but the first amendment gives all of us, it gives it to me and all of us and you and all
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americans the right to speak our minds freely. >> reporter: aside from a few crowd pleasing zingers this was a redoing of the campaign speeches with a couple of differences there. repealing and reare placing obamacare, cut and simplify tax and cut regulations and rebuild military and build the wall and deport illegals. and it is another thing to accomplish those things legislatively. cutting taxes and cutting the debt and increasing the size and cost of the military. on that note, one other important speaker to come today, kevin brady, chairman of the house way and means committee is expected to outline his plan to
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cut tax and cataput united states to third place on the corporate tax burden. he wants to do that with a cut from 35 2:00. >> wall street is down 42 points and thank you, doug, jenna? >> jenna: one of the president's influential advisor fighting what he calls the political and media establishment. steve beenon described several priorities in that fight including national security and economic policy. >> what i refer to as economic nationalism. the and peter navarro and stephen miller, rethinking of how to reconstruct our trade
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arrangementes around the world. one of the most pivotal momentses in america's history is withdrawal out of tpp. >> jenna: kristin is here and harold great to have you both today. i want to start with the idea of nationalism. you are both word smiths and i feel like what i am read aring, nationalism has a negative connotation and i want your definition. chris, how would you see it and project it. >> it would be helpful to set up a counter. kelly ann said it is not cpac but tpac and that being trump as nationalism. i think nationalism is an
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attitude type of thing. steve bannon talking about taking it to the media and calling out the opposition party. and a lot of people talking about what is the entire idea of nationalism? is it it have a policy of eight policy position and explain it in a sentence? it doesn't. it is an america first type of thing. if you are looking at a policy where the trump white house looks at winners and losers and they see trade in this vein. they are protectionist because they see america as losing on the trade deals. it is looking at america ahead of the opponent or an adversari abroad. >> i think that is right. i think there are two issues with nationalism. that is trade that chris talked about and immigration, too.
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you go back to ronald reaganing and george h bush. they were supporting increased immigration and offer amnesty to undocumented immigrants live nothing the united states. president trump is taking the opposite approach. cracking down on illegal immigration and building a border wall and keeping terrorism out of the country. >> jenna: very interesting. sometimes you define things by saying what you are not. i remember back to barrack obama he useses global citizenship. he used it last year. and then you hear president trump step before the microphone and this is what he said today. >> president trump: global cooperation and getting along with other countries is good and very important but no such thing
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as a global anthem and a global currency or global flag. this is the united states of america that i am representing. i am not representing the globe. i am representing your country. >> jenna: critics of the trump administration, they call those on the inside bigots and looking at a new york times editorial about that today. what will the criticism come of the agenda and how does the trump administration and other conservatives respond? >> i think the criticism will be a denial of the new world order and the way things evolved in the natural state. the world is interconnected in all manners of commerce and technology, we are linked and being able to do business wi
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with/beijing. like jordan talked about trade in the forefront. immigration is a leading edge issue. looking at trying to define americaning sovereignty and america first to use their rhetoric. when it comes to the white house explaining away, they won. that is trump's mantra, look we were elected on these particular policy proposals and principles. we get lost in the media narrative and outrage. it was a fervent campaign and there were still policies that underlying trump and he will argue in favor of them to fulfill what he was talking on on the campaign trail.
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>> jenna: that's what steve bannon said yesterday. they were filled with content. the democrats are out there, thinking, what is wrong with putting america first? >> there is certainly a lot of democrats on the issues of trade think favorably of donald trump's position. he mentioned bernie sanders hillary clinton's opponent who was a protectionist on trade like he was. one issue in this whole discussion of nationalism, we hear the flowing rhetoric and how it is put in place practicical practicically? he talks about america first. look at nato and the foundation of the post world war ii order and the western world against russia. trump raised questions as to whether they are paying enough in their defense. and the antinuclear missile
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treaties, trump has put them back on the table that were long part of the established world order. those are the things we have to look forward to moving forward. >> jenna: we have seen the order of thing and have we received the results we want? that's upon -- seems to be what president trump is saying. thank you very much. >> a lot of discussion of the chaos in the republican town halls around the country. a lot of event and republicans getting booed and some republican ares are opting for a different town hall. holding a public question and answer by phone. we'll ask how that went. and president trump going after a favorite target over cpac, the fake news media.
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>> the affordable care act. >> repeal and replace? [crowd noise] >> this is a question, ma'am. >> jenna: this is a taste of the receptions that republicans are getting back week. republicans say they are filled with activist and skipping them altogether. our next guest opted to hold a telephone town hall. house majority whip. and you return back to work next week. congressman, why did you opt for
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the telephone town hall instead of appearing face-to-face with the constituents? >> i always do both. what i found from my constituent, they refer the telephone route and 69 percent margin they prefer us to go to them ragger than pick a place to. look at senator casside town hall, they turned away 800 people and we'll do both and we enjoy to do venues. but it is convenient. >> jenna: it had nothing to do with what you have seen and the video you have showed of the aggressiveness of protestors that swayed you to do a telephone town hall? >> no, we do the in person at august. and we'll continue to do that. but during the year, i do it over the telephone.
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we reached thousands of people this morning and not everybody agreed with my position of repealing and replacing obamacare. >> jenna: one of your local protestors, they were listed by your local press said they were worried about their phone calls edited if they participated in the telephone town hall. do you edit the phone calls? >> no, we do polls in the call and i have done these eight years i have been in congress. you get a reflection of the district. i asked about the affordable care act and should be repealed or replaced. 74 percent said they want to repeal it. and 26 said no. 26 percent felt differently than me and i will fight for the best
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health care in this country and that is repealing the failed law. >> jenna: it is interesting to see congressman go back to their own district and our policies are global. and the bigger picture is what happens to the health care law. i am curious based on what you have seen in the brief recess. the recess for congress. when you get back to washington d.c., what will you fight for. not only repeal and replace. but one concrete thing that you reflect on and going back to dc and want to push forward when you look for a solution for republicans. >> sure, i met with a woman who talked about her bad health care experience under obamacare. they lost the plan they and liked under obamacare. and so she would like to see it repeal would and replaced. i hear these stories all of the
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time. the media doesn't report those as much as the other side. most people don't want to see shouting back and forth. they want solutions. and shouting down a military veteran -- >> jenna: what is the plan for the health care law. what is one solution you will fight forward that you think will work when it comes to replacing? >> giving people control over the decision. first, get rid are of the man date and taxes that jacks up the cost of the health care. that is increase to deductibles. strengthen health savings account that employees like and gives them flexibility. and let them buy insurance across state lines. you can find a product for the price you want, you should make that choice. and look at medicaid, the broken
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form of health care. president obama dumped more on medicaid. they go to the emergency rooms. and they can be innovative with the state's specific problems. governors know better than washington how to do better on medicaid. there are other good ideas that we are working on to put in our bill. >> jenna: the president is expecting it by midmarch. we'll look forward to talking to you again. >> leland: president trump taking on a familiar foe in his speech. slamming the fake news stories and the use of anonymous sources in media. howard talks about why they are
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vital to investigative reporting when he joins us next. >> president trump: they shouldn't be allowed to use sources unless they use the name. a source said donald trump is a horrible, horrible human being being. let them say it to my face. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer and i finally found our big idaho potato truck. it's been touring the country telling folks about our heart healthy idaho potatoes, america's favorite potatoes, and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs. aw man. hey, wait up. where you goin'? here we go again.
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grow into further success. it just feels good to know that i'm helping someone else. my first goal is to learn about their business, what they're currently doing in their advertising. pull some research, create a great story. trying to figure out some way of building some kind of trust in a very quick moment. you have to love to work with people. our goal, without a doubt, is that all customers are satisfied before they leave. ♪ >> president trump: i want you all to know we are fighting fake news. it is phoniy. i am not against the media. i am not gaents press and i don't mind bad stories if i deserve them. i am only against the fake media news or press. >> jenna: president trump expressing concerns and slamming outlets for fake news.
10:26 am
white house's steve bannon went after the media and named them the opposition party. >> if you look at the opposition party and how they portrayed the campaign and transition and it is always wrong. >> jenna: interesting. howard kurtz. have you ever been in such a interesting time? >> no, it reflects the cultural war. half side with president trump and steve bannon and do not trust the main streenl media and i want to talk if i could about the jenna escalating beyond the fake news to a use of anonymous sources. as a guy who did investigative reporting, there is a lot of stories involved in holding government accountable that you
10:27 am
couldn't do if if you couldn't talk to people at risk of losing their jobs. >> jenna: we have the sound byte. it was one part of the conversation of the news that i want your opinion on. and president trump talking about his questions about sourcing. >> and i talked to one story, nine people confirmed. i don't believe there was one or twochlt nine people and i said give me a break. i know who they talked to. there were no nine people. but they say nine people and people read. it oh, they have nine sources. they make up sources. >> jenna: back to you howie. your thoughts? >> the president is referring to a story of mike flynn having previous contact with a russian ambassador and giving a false
10:28 am
story to vice-president pence. that was confirmed by the administration and led to the firing of the adviser. and anonymous sources are way over used in too many political stories where they take a swipe at somebody be and hides behind the curtain and the president has reason to feel it is it well ground. but when he tells the press not to use anonymous sources. he is i think impacting on stories that are important. >> jenna: we are listening, and if we don't like her dress, anonymous source says, you don't need an anonymous source. but if it is bigger substance that's your point. if you have nine of them do carry weight still today. >> or 1 or 2 if they are the right people. i agree people should go on the record more often.
10:29 am
but this administration like every administration have a lot of people who talk off the record and they are willing to avail themselves of that. >> jenna: it is it fascinating to see that report from the white house. i am going to repeat something that newt gingrich said and i apologize for recycling this. the media is it going to chase the rabbit and you might as well give them one to chase. you see the repeated thing. bannon, he talks about the opsugz party and any new's conference and press briefings over the last several weeks, what does the press ask most? they ask about it themselves. the press is part of this, too. what should the press talk about when the president is commenting on this. are we making the right decision by continuing the conversation and talking about ourselves
10:30 am
more? >> i would be the first to say that media are self absorbed. but everything that the president says is news and he uses twitter new's organizations by name. it is a deep-seated feeling that he has in talking about the corporate media and they believe the press is out to undercut the agenda. there is a lot of unfair reporting and negative tone to a lot of reporting. you are right, don't do it at the expense of what is happening to obamacare and tax cut and infrastructure bill. >> jenna: there is quite a list. i know you talk about being self absorbed. and when the president, he's not talking about us but everybody else.
10:31 am
howy, look forward to seeing ow sunday. >> leland: also at cpac, president trump making the case of a massive military build up and general jack keane explains why the president is on the right track. don't want one thd a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing i like it start your used car search at i did... n't. hat? hey, come look what lisa made. wow. you grilled that chicken? yup! i did... n't. smartmade frozen meals. real ingredients, grilled and roasted. it's like you made it. and you did... n't.
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>> jenna: this is a big story this week, president trump ramp
10:35 am
aring up immigration enforcement. and homeland security planning to crack down by returning illegal immigrants to mexico. john kelly saying he wants more resources directed to the board. catherine herridge has more from washington. >> reporter: thank you, jenna. homeland security chief john kelly wants more resources in the border so that illegal immigrants are processed in day and sent home in day and not years. >> the surge, and the court proceedings will do it rapidly in a rapid turn and i think that alone would act as a huge deterrent for people who consider making the trip up. >> reporter: the president this morning in cpac is determined to keep individuals who are a threat to national security. fox new pressed jack kelly if there is evidence that terrorist
10:36 am
suspects have have come in the southern border. have a come to the united states as refugees? >> i am not aware of any right now. but you know, catherine, if it comes from outside of the country as opposed to home grown, they will have come through the southwest border or come here in a way that we had taken our eye off of the ball. >> reporter: critics say there is not any hard evidence and added that they would not take the risk and keep it open for the southwest border for their drugs and other stuff they do. >> thank you. >> leland: president trump calling for the biggest military build up in history. saying yesterday that the u.s. should expand our nuclear
10:37 am
arsennal suggesting that we are falling behind other nations. >> president trump: it would be wonderful that no country would have nukes. but if countries are going to have nukes, we are going to be in the top of the pack. >> leland: joining us now is general jack keane, fox news military analyst and former chief of staff. after reading your resum i believe you are an expert. >> we'll see. >> leland: the president suggested that the united states is not at the top of the pack with a nuclear deterrent. two questions, who is? should we with as americans be worried that someone else is in the top of the pack? >> yes, we have let it deteriorate and it is inner continental ballistic missile and long range bombers on the
10:38 am
submarine and they have deteriorated and the worse is the ballistic missiles and russia and china modernized their nuclear arsenal. what are we concern body here? we want mutually insured destruction. if anyone uses a nuclear weapon, it guarantees their te instruction of their own society. that has kept the peace since world war ii. >> leland: i remember that 60 minutes went down in the bunkers and they were launching icbm with floppy disk. i mean the big ones that are five and half and still used dos on their computer and blast and a big scandal within the air force and minutemen launch system. has that gotten cleaned up?
10:39 am
>> some of that has. most of it surrounds the fact that the equipment is so old and it has to be replaced and that is the issue. it has to be modernized and the other thing about nuclear weapon and people may not think of this, but we and the soviet union both had nuclear weapons, helped to prevent us from having a ground war. if we had a conventional war, it would lead to a nuclear exchange and that went on for 50 years. this is a vital part of national security for the united states and the president is right about making it one of his top priorities. >> leland: it is between china, russia and soviet union. and this is what president trump spoke about in relations to the conventional military. >> president trump: we'll be upgrading all of our military,
10:40 am
all of our military. offensive, defensive, everything. bigger and better and stronger than ever before and hopefully we'll never have to use it, but no body will mess with us, folks. >> leland: paraphrase and that sounds like the last republican president to speak at cpac which was ronald reagan when he said peace through strength. >> this is the case. to maintain deterient. you have to have the capability and the adversari believes it is real and they have to believe you would use it. that was the case with ronald reagan and believe will be the case about president trump. >> and you talked a lot on this program. how far behind the u.s. military got in terms of modernization and is it simply a money
10:41 am
problem? can they throw enough money about the problem and the u.s. fighting force best equipped and trained and most modern far above russia and china. or other institutional issues that they have to get over? >> it is mostly investment, the fact of the matter is all services are too small. we have serious readiness and aviation 50 percent nonready and united states military ground forces and the army in particular, 75 percent of the ground forces nonready and all services are too small and adversaris closed the technology gap. those are the three main things and it will take an investment to do it. >> leland: and money will help a lot of those and getting rid of the sequester which capitol hill will take up in a couple of
10:42 am
months. >> jenna: one of president trump's executive order at the center of a legal battle. this involving sanctuary city. what it means for hundreds of communities and the white house and a federal crack down for marijuana. they are now reaping the benefits of legalized pot. there's only one egg that just tastes better. fresher. more flavorful. delicious. only one egg
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>> leland: new developments over the battle of sanctuary city. santa clara count is asking a federal judge is asked to stop the with hold of federal funds. we are defending santa clara core value and the values of so many counties in the nation. there is no justification of with holding 1.7 billion in
10:46 am
funds used to deliver essential county services. we'll bring in our attorneys. doug, executive order and courts, dejavu like with the travel ban. the politics may be different. >> is the way to put it. the political discussion over here and legal discussion here. the claim is a pretty good one. and if you want to threaten to with hold funds, it has to be funds for our immigration program and not roads and school and hospital and that is not related to your complaints that we are not helping you. >> leland: it doesn't matter what it is. we'll cut everything. and it is probably not coincidence if you will that this is being done in california, home of the 9th circuit. >> not at all. i think the courts in california
10:47 am
are going to be receptive to the ban. >> leland: they were about the travel ban. >> santa clara has a good claim. putting conditions on federal funding is unconstitutional and violates the 10th amendment and states have to put the conditions. and trump is moving ahead and trying to put the conditions on the funds and it is too broad. i don't think the courts will uphold particulars. >> leland: we are seeing the travel band rewritten and the dhs guidance and they put out a policy and now tweak it a bit. >> yeah, it is it like 7th grade social studies. they put out an order and it is challenged in the court. but you make a point. you have to put a finer point on
10:48 am
the pencil. we gave you funds and now changing conditions. you can't do. that but they can say we will not give you funds going forward. for immigration and not for roads and schools et cetera are. >> leland: congresses passes the law. in order to get the funds they can put whatever conditions they want. be it driving laws. >> they can, but if you don't follow immigration directives. it is it a separate seminar and the sanctuary city thing. 80 percent of the americans don't like sanctuary cities. but they can probably say if you don't follow immigration policies, we'll take action. but it may be too broad the way they did it. >> and also the separation of state's rights. federal government can't force
10:49 am
states to help enforce federal law. there are restrictions even if the conditions are up front. >> leland: interesting. we had gregg abbot on and he said the state legislature in texas was trying to pass laws that would enforce the same kind of rules. >> i understand what nick is saying. the 10th amendment is laid out. but the reality is, you know while they are not necessarily required to be forced to assist federal government, i agree with that. but federal law is supreme. ice agents can go in directly. you follow me? that's what they are missing the local police are not helping us apprehend. but ice can do it themselves. >> that is true. the feds can go in and trump is trying to make the states help. >> leland: that is a debate over
10:50 am
sanctuary city. president trump tweeted about the travel ban. i will see you in court and seems like it is there. >> like a macho one liner. and the one person said we already saw you in court. >> leland: keeping people in court keeps you in business. doug and nick, appreciate it? jenna? >> jenna: it may be type to enforce laos marijuana. even in states that let it be grown and sold. a look at the story just ahead.
10:51 am
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>> jenna: the obama
10:54 am
administration did not enforce federal laws criminalizing marijuana. the white house signalled it may enforce the law. colorado, the first such state where marijuana is a profitable industry and the state is benefitting from it as well. a lyssa. >> reporter: there was swift reaction after the white house press secretary sean spicer said this. whether the government will enforce the federal law. >> press secretary spicer: i believe you will see greater enforcement of it. >> reporter: eight states in the district of colombia legalized recreational marijuana. this state made 200 million in tax and fees from recreational pot last year. and the spokesman said the words were so general in nation it is impossible what action the
10:55 am
administration will make on legalized marijuana. we'll not be able to chart a course of legal action for colorado. in california, many medical marijuana dispensaries are planning to expand. >> the day we are allowed to serve adults, we'll serve adults and if the federal government wants to it take actions against us. we are ready to face that music. >> reporter: a recent poll shows that the majority of manners oppose the federal law enforcement against states that legalized marijuana. and then candidate trump said he was for state rights. this is it a state issue and so far there is no official word from the doj. >> jenna: interesting, we'll watch this.
10:56 am
>> leland: president trump getting ready to sit down with a former rival governor kasich and we'll tell you what happenses in the white house. there was a speech at cpac and signing an executive order. we'll tell you how mr. trump said that order will benefit american business. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs. aw man. hey, wait up. where you goin'? here we go again.
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>> jenna: a giant panda is now getting adjusted to new life in a chinese zoo. the three-year-old panda will be quant an tede while she gets used to the food and learn chinese. >> leland: dare i say smarter than the average pand a. she was born in the national zoo of washington d.c. and return to china and will be in the
11:00 am
breeding program there. i wonder if she got a flatbed on the flight. >> she looks great. >> leland: it is a great week. enjoy it. >> jenna: "america's news headquarters" starts right now. >> shannon: president trump firing up the crowd in cpac before returning to the white house to sign an executive order on regulatory reform. hello, everyone. i am melissa francis. the president addressing the crowd and said the era of talk is over. >> president trump: we are translating meetings by action be. one by one, we are checking off the promises we need to the people of the united states. a lot of promises.


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