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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  February 26, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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[music] he really is the original gangster. >> [applause]
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friday donald trump returned to see pack like a night hungry for mead. they better have soup. >> i wonder. does he like campbell's? >> i like campbell's. >> who doesn't? >> except for the cream of celery. i would not feed that to a hobo. >> hehid on his enemies ãi wonder if you have nicknames for them . >> the clinton news network is. >> and what he said clinton. imagine the other options that begin with theother see . >> trump manages to have his cake and eat it too. he could roast the media was still getting all the media. how did cnn handle it? >> the speech i thought was overly long. it was boring in some places and flat. he looked tired >> i wonder if trump has a message for them . >> they lost the election. it's like how many elections we
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have to have? they lost. >> trump did limit his wrath to the media.he hit his predecessors. ifonly our leaders had gone . >> if our presidents would have gone to the beach for 15 years we would be in much better shape than we are right now. >> i could tell you. >> that i can tell you. >> he also reminded us that he would fulfill every promise that he talked about and he talked about what would happen next. will the country get bigger? >> it will be bigger. >> slowdown. want to make sure i get all of this. >> go ahead. >> it's going to be bigger and better and stronger than ever before. >> he main depreciation down. in case you forgot, what did hill recall them? >> they are not deplorable. >> it's true. it's amazing how much hillary mattered in the selection. one word ãdeplorable.
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framing the movement and galvanizing with deplorable says the betelgeuse. she said it and it appeared in this and destroyed her. as it was going on, hillary tweeted this message. >> let resistance and persistence equal progress for the party and our country. >> seriously ãit's time. >> as they say at the bar after last call ãyou don't have to go home but you can't stay here. >> so ãwith see pack we see it first. a conservative gathering after a trekkie convention. to his credit, he brought fun to the world boiling down substance into entertaining nuggets. obama once gave soaring rhetoric and trump gives us a memorable barn. they did not think we would win. the consultants that suck up
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that money ãthey suck it up so good. >> trump didn't even go. now he owned it. talking about unite and conquer ãhe may not have been the first choice but he was the last man standing. jillian turner. >> he gargles with clorox and fraud losses with barb wire. he is a former navy seal. he tracked down osama bin laden. >> who knew? who knew he was killed by metrosexual? [laughter] she developed a
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shellfish allergy with catherine finch. >> finally ãit's his beach ball ãthe tna wrestler tyrant. >> i will go to uc don't kill me. >> it's a lot of the similar campaign staff. he just likes the media. now he is to the point where he doesn't like them and he will walk them out of it. he came out and it's obviously to base it off of anything media. >> seems like he enjoys himself. >> he came back and he was like the guy voted least popular in high school.
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he comes back and buys the high school. >> he tortures it with everyone in it. >> i just wonder, where was he allthe other years ? he wasn't there last year. >> because he knew that it was's so interesting to see that he's nowreally welcomed and embraced by this . >> the gop. >> last year with ted cruz ãhe had three there. >> winning heals all wounds. there was a lot of things that he said like the trade stuff. eight by that because i like to stand fornational security. he is like a grab bag. there is no libertarianism and there . it has shifted. more of a populace national group. >> i could have done without a lot of references to bernie and hillary but he's like a sore loser. >> is a sore winter. >> i have to say. >> i am a sore winter.if i
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win i like to rub people's faces and it. >> i have a theory that he is for the right way, obama was for the left. he provides an energy to the group that didn't exist before. >> i would accept that theory. >> i would also say that they were pretty anti-trump. he won ãi love that guy. >> by the way ãi am one of those people. they watch the little show we do called the vibe. i pretty much hold it together. >> every day i was hypercritical trump because i wanted him to be a better candidate and when he won i said now, i want him to be a better party. i have suspended my criticism. >> i have given him some honey and so far, most of his
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policies are not outlandish. just the way he delivers them. >> they told him last year that they would walk out and they are opening up the house to him we have alibertarian here . she has to be a little squirmy. >> think about it. >> it's just irritating that the country will waste money in the middle east even after he complained that we waste money in the affiliate middle east and nobody seems to notice now that it wastes nothing at all. >> the last lack of consistency is dead. >> everyone is consistent. >> no you are not. >> could you imagine. >> i worked with you for a year and and a half. >> you are not holding anything together.
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>> my political views i do. >> you are hanging by a thread. >> imagine this ãimagine see pack if trump had lost. it would have been a people showing up for cannibalism. it would be like the end of the game of thrones. like a red winning. o>> i watched it. >> it did not happen. it is good. >> the president's greatest attribute is the inconsistencies. >> i love that. >> we need more of that. >> i have to say, at least they are having fun. >> it's all that matters. >> i am talking about i have done speeches and i have seen everyone stonefaced. they are just looking at it and
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it's just nice to see people having fun. >> you have to throw a few down. >> let's say trump didn't win. you would've had three hours of cruz saying i told you. >> there would've been a massive suicide everywhere. >> it would be khakis and ralph lauren. >> maybe ted cruz would be condescending for change. >> there were a lot of khakis. >> we went there and we actually have a package. >> they want to throw to it? >> take a look at my package. >> they say it's a conservative political action conference but we all know what it really is. it's the prom in the prom party all rolled into one. >> rup caulking right now? you will come like this and steal everyone's lady. >> that is the plan? >> you seem very excited.
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>> it's like heaven. >> when you die it's where you want to go. what are your goals for the night? >> it's a nice quiet dinner. >> that's what i want to tell my parents.>> what is your strategy? >> i already wore my best suit today. we will see if we get any luck with that. >> when do you have to return the suit to men's warehouse. >> actually bought this. >> i hear it's doctor ben carson throwing the after party. it will be a hell of a party. >> i think he probably goes to sleep pretty early. was all through the prom or
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just a moment? just a moment? they like me but they didn't like me, like me. this is my father. >> okay. >> you took your dad. what's more fun? spring break or see pack. >> definitely. >> you get ted cruz and the party. >> when i think fun i think ted cruz. >> there was no cop saying legalize drugs that my from. >> i am a lobbyist. they fight me because of the money. they think prohibition is a good idea. >> it's your goal tonight party wise.>> prom king and prom
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queen of see pack. >> kellyanne conway. >> [applause] it's some great word. very important work. >> it feels very good.>> the thing is ãi was wondering about ben carson in the invite. come join us. >> do you get it? between. >> thank you for that. >> come and join us. >> i feel safer already.
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keep the nation safe and it's scaring the hell out of the left. addressing border security and after eight years of hearing obama explain why gitmo must closed, the trump in white house says it needs to stay open because we get into from there. that makes sense. that's the point. the national security policy are pretty normal. they are explained in a way that we are just not used to. >> all of a sudden we have a gang member getting out in a drug lord going out. we are really bad dudes out of this country. >> these are bad dudes. >> they don't wear uniforms. they are sneaky and dirty rats. >> we have been so coddled by
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safe language that we think his words somehow make it worse. the last guy would go into a pretzel before he would call an act of terror an act of terror. radical islam was not even in his dictionary whichleads me to sweden . >> you look at what's happening ingermany, what happened last night in sweden . sweden ãwho would believethis ãsweden ? they took large numbers and they have problems like they never thought possible. >> that set the world's hair on fire. trump suggested sweden and jordan immigrant fueled spike and crime. you heard it on tucker carson tonight. of course, everyone said trump was full of it. except for the swedes. two leading democrats jimmy aiken cinema taste carlson ã you know them.
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the echo claims inthe wall street journal saying mr. trump did not exaggerate the current problem but if anything, he understated it . the media mocked trump and it's a heavily immigrant stock. they disappeared factorthan a faster than a turkey leg on michael moore's law . >> when trump says that something heis wrong because he says it's lovely until you realize later that he might be right . you move on quietly. it doesn't matter how he says it. liberals will hate gitmo borders and extreme betting. national securityis so mean. gitmo is a jail . enough. extreme betting ãit sounds like something horrible. borders ãthat's discrimination. how dare you keep everyone out. yes. gitmo, borders ãthey are so mean. why shouldn't they be?
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his words are rough but times are tough. don't hire anybody to be a guard dog. >> jillian, you are anational security expert. are they that out of bounds?i found the reasonable . it's a little bit different. he is straight out of brooklyn. so, what i was going to say was that he's not talking to tough. it's that he sounds like. >> you spelledit out . [laughter] i play it safe. >> he didn't sound like he so tough to me.
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these guys are terrible. we have to get rid of them. they are bad dudes.>> you rememberwhen tommy , the obama era spokesperson was on special report. it's one of our dish network programs. he said the word dude and everyone freaked out. now, the president says dude in a national dress. >> he's like do ãcome on. >> it's insulting. >> rob, have you bought my theory that is fairly traditional?he's not a polished politician. he will do a really weird thing in washington and say what he thinks. he is trying to speak truth but the problem is, you will get labeled. >> my favorite one is a misogynist and i don't know what that means but i hear people screaming it and that means you are one.
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>> a lot of these people as part of the betting goes ãthey will vet the heck out of you when you try to geta gun in the system but if you want to come in for free , come on in. >> i think it just means i was pro-gun and using a weapon the right way. >> all right, congress. >> infiltration through changing the world.we have to look at things differently and sometimes we have to use blunt language. >> sometimes you have to tell these people what time it is. i don't care how you say it.
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just mean what you say. >> we only have to believe one letter>> can you spell check him ? >> with her fake news ãnew orleans trying to hear that. >> this sweden thing. >> the blunt language is one thing. nothing happened. >> snowflake was the white girls that would date us. >> you are calling me a snowflake. >> your voice is so much better. >> 90 now. >> i will have to separate you with more than two people. >> hey, cat you are trying to say something. >> now we give you achance to speak. >> that's it . >> i am joking. >> that's what misogyny is. >> go for it. >> as i was trying tosay, i
2:25 pm
agree with you . on immigration like obama and deporting 2.5 million. such a nice guy ãthey talk like a nice guy? we are talking like sweden he said it nicely. it's not like something last night. something that didn't happen. >> exactly. also, the way that you can lie with statistics. people are saying it's the raise capital of the world because it's a high number of offenses. they are more encouraged to repeat the offenses. saudi arabia is not so encouraged so it's almost none. saudi arabia is a feminist paradigm. >> they make an excellent point. >> this is such great news. the pentagon announced
2:26 pm
officially that they are calling it isis. not isolating more. >> this is a big's like clarity matters. sean combs and puff daddy it drives you nuts.wafinally, it's like p didier puff daddy. >> now i know. >> i thought it was interesting. >> first, why one tom said no way. giving kids high-fives. a lesson in being a total jerk, next. >>
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the president hosting the annual governors ball this evening. he and the first lady say they look forward to meeting with state leaders leaving partisanship interest behind. the president also prepares for his first address where he has a joint session of congress. tuesday's televised speech will highlight the administrations accomplishment and outline proposals like revamping obama
2:31 pm
care and new economic and tax proposals pending before congress. i ran flexing its muscles with one third of all new oil in the area. it has been the scene of past confrontation between the us and iran. these are iran's first major exercise since the president took office. we will have more on that and all the days news and justand a half an hour.i am eric shawn >> . [music] they band the massachusetts, the police department started a program where officers go to elementary school to high five students. what's wrong with that? i have no idea. a dozen parents expressed concern about the program and the northampton police described in a facebook posting people were concerned about kids of color undocumented children or any children who may have had negative experiences with the police.
2:32 pm
apparently a lot of five-year-olds havehad run-ins with the law . the police chief says hi5 friday started as a way to prop your better relationships between police and children. what a bunch of monsters. they cancel the program and hoping to find a new way to reach out to the schools.i believe we have a new initiative. >> high-fiving cats. >> you can't be a high-fiving cat . >> shouldn't liberals be celebrating this kind of thing? it's community policing. >> i saw it for the first time at hi5 friday and they will describe rain tuesday. >> if a five-year-old has an issue with a parent.
2:33 pm
maybe it's the bad parents. >> listen ãfirst of all, the officer bert is rolling over in his grave. he comes in with a talking period. you talk louder and it means something.>> the police come in once a month and you are saying because they see the parent and they look at the police and is not necessarily one's arrested. did you squawk? >> the birds did cool tricks and he rode a bike. >> i will believe it when i see it. >> he never saw a bird ride a bike. >> the point is that it bird builds a bridge. >> if they are afraid, they
2:34 pm
don't need to be afraid of them. >> a lot of good it did you. >> he did great because we learn how to talk to police. the one side and the aclu on the other. you hi5 the mall. >> you have donald trump. say atmosphere anti-law enforcement. you have them painting as bad. they know they will get in trouble for doing that. >> was likely to be murder. >> i'm not sure i am for the fight hi5. it's a endorsement of
2:35 pm
narcotics. it replaces ãi am old enough to remember give mefive. we went like this. he went like that . >> it's give me 10. >> no one says give me 10. >> two fives. >> got replaced in 1977. wiley brown and derek smith. >> you are the only one on the show born before 77. >> one of us know about that. >> thank you very much. >> the story is so important
2:36 pm
has its own dressing room. we are discovering that has a whole bunch of planets. what a relief. >> if you like to be in the studio audience email
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nasa announced that they discovered seven new artists orbiting a dwarf star. dwarf star was my nickname when i made a golf films in the early 90s. honestly, it feels like this is the right time. it's an alternative universe to be discovered. what do we know about the planets? three of them are located in the zone meaning most likely to have liquid water. potentially having life. possibly even frozen yogurt. now, we have a far more
2:41 pm
expansive research team that nasa and we found a few more details. for example, one of the planets is called avenue topia and the life form is nothing but rockhard. also, we have the entire planet made of gold and silver. the good news is that it's also reverse mortgage and catheters grow on trees. it's orbited by six outer rings. [applause] the last livable planet is jupiter filled with billions of billions of blue dogs. >>. [cheering] he can hear you. >> i am moving there next week. it's after a quick getaway. am i right? >> all right ãjillian, is it
2:42 pm
good or bad? i feel like it's kind of a misogynistic question. it comes to me right out of this. >> can we nominate people there? >> we can. >> you can't send a planet to a planet.>> i made an ashtray of myself. >> rob? are you excited over this? >> i am concerned because i'm wondering what we do with the world records. >>you eat so many cheeseburgers . >> it's interesting. eat them in the green room. >> they do but then they throw up. >> it's interesting to think. you see these planets so far away. it brings you back to everyone
2:43 pm
killing each other over the man-made beliefs. we could get withthe times a little bit and maybeunderstand each other . maybe there's something out there we don't understand. >> united against another enemy that we kill . >> mytheory is to breed a sex planet . >> only you would think of that. >> i think that we need a vacation planet like the equivalentupstate . it gets really bad and we all had to cabin planet. >> trying to find a train for a month. >> it could be a planet. >> i don't believe any planet. >> explained. i might agree with you. >> jupiter was a planet and now we is not a planet. i've seen none of them. i've been to none of them. let alone know if there has been water on them.there is been water my apartment.i don't listen to planet news whatsoever. >> there is no signs of life in your apartment.
2:44 pm
>> i want to say that i have a cat but i feel like it's not bragging. >> you are correct. >> this is an interesting theory.even if there are signs of life ãwhy is there a lock of contact. the theory is that the living creatures in the universe before us invented the technologies that were on the verge of doubt. they discovered computers and artificial intelligence way before we did and what happened is artificial intelligence eliminated all of the aliens and now it's a universe of just a quiet hub of machinery and that's why we don't have any signs of life because they are a million years ahead of us and they are all dead. >> they dropped us off and they arebidding to see how long it takes us to get to the planet .
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the oscars are sunday night. it is true. by the hollywood reporter magazine, findings 6/10 americans can't name a single best picture nominees. 7/10 say they are watching them anyway. then i stopped. i wondered, what are we watch the show when we don't even care. does anyone know why the annual festival even got started? the latest installment of where does it come from? >> the oscars, where does it
2:50 pm
come from? >> a bunch from hollywood realize something was missing in their lives. love . they made the statuettes that appeared made of gold. they were actually called from wealthy people who can't find happiness. that's despite having thebest trainers, drugs , passengers, cars and dogs. one said let's give them away on national t.v.. the oscars are a therapeuticexercise . half of you enjoy your life with others don't know you are enjoying it. >> according to science, one telecast has been known to reduce the instances of actors weeping in their cars by 50 percent.>> where does it come from? >> [applause]
2:51 pm
they will tell you one thing ã i'm a little bit mad about the whole thing. i said, what movie is that? >> happy gilmore kind of thing. >> i felt robbed. >> you know, you mention happy gilmore. does it still bother you? >> it's a good point. most people watch that. the english patient one. >> how often do you quote lines from that? >> never. >> i don't know what it is. >> in 1999, when shakespeare
2:52 pm
said, i'm done with that. >> that is so true. >> it's definitely a great movie. >> saving private ryan. if i'm not mistaken ãhas zero. >> it did not know that theory. >> jillian ãi pummel in clinical speeches but praise him on the oscars because it's hilarious and it's fun to make fun of him. it damages the cause. i like the political stuff. are you weird? >> not because of that. >> thank you. >> what ends up happening is they get up there and all they talk about is ãyou know what?
2:53 pm
they get up there and all they talk about is how they had such a great time next level. >> it is true. they get up there and they get the award and the thank million people and all theyever say is , it's such a blast. >> i would love it if they said mean things. >> you know what almost maybe not make this movie is this person. >> i am soglad they got lyme disease . >> who likes 20 people? >> that's true. i don't even know 20 people. >> services been a few films. >> what movie were you in?
2:54 pm
>> snowflake the dynasty. >> final thoughts. if you leave now you can forget about brunch tomorrow. >> [applause] real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses. learn your key health numbers, and take control today.
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are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. if you're still just managing your symptoms, talk with your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. >> we are >> we are running out of time. what you wanted to say all show but haven't had a chance to say so here's your chance to say it >> i don't have any books coming up. i am not giving any speeches. i am not booked on any shows. my. my album is dropping a streak. check it out. >> what is it called? >> i forgot. >> i will be more prepared next time. >> on a serious note i want to thank you i was going to give on this week in my senior advisor
2:59 pm
road and awesome speech i couldn't deliver and i just want to say thanks i wish we could've made it. seemed like a party at cpac we missed out. >> tyrus. >> kalin jenner is a disaster. being the queen, king of disaster herself, cease talking to anybody as for his disaster shows. >> i have a book coming out. >> what is it called? >> i have to write it and then it is coming out. [applause] >> any idea what it is about? >> it is going to be door for star. >> thank you to our guests.
3:00 pm
[applause] to the studio audience, i am greg gutfeld. [applause] >> there's a busy week ahead for the white house. president trump preparing to make his first major policy cheap to a joint session of congress. it could shape the remainder of his first 100 days in office. this is the administration puts the finishing touches on a new executive order on travel and immigration. hello everyone i am uma pemmaraju. >> a welcome another hour of america's news headquarters. this comes as the president is


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