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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 1, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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groupthink. stay tuned for "hannity," he is up next. >> sean: welcome to "hannity," president donald trump's major address to congress is receiving a widespread praise including from his toughest critics. at that us tonight opening monologue. president trump's first address to a joint session of congress with a very big moment, in my opinion, he knocked it out of the park. he did so because he focused on his promises and key policy proposals. in a few months we will get reaction from laura ingraham and ann coulter. the commander-in-chief simply outlined all of the severe challenges, problems the country faces and laid out his very bold
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solutions to fix the problems. let us take a look. >> as promised, i directed the department of defense to develop a plan to demolish and destroy isis. we will work with our allies including our friends and allies in the muslim world. to extinguish the smile enemy from our planet. and we must support the victims of crime. i've ordered the department of homeland security to create an office to serve american victim victims. the office is called voice. victims of immigration crime engagement. my administration has answered the pleas of the american people, for immigration enforcement and border security. by finally enforcing our immigration laws, we will raise wages, help the unemployed, save billions and billions of dollars and make our communities safe. for everyone. i'm also calling on this congress to repeal and replace
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obamacare with reforms that expand choice, increase access, lower costs and at the same time, provide better health car health care. >> sean: in my lifetime i have never seen a president so committed to keeping his promises the way president trump is. he is literally going down a list, checking them off one by one. it is time for congress to do their job, get moving, get up to the speed of trump. because the future of the country depends on their success. that means repealing and replacing obamacare now, not at some point down the road. not repairing it, it is not repairable. it means getting the border wall built as soon as possible. slashing taxes, reforming the tax code. immediately so we can reverse the country's precipitous decline and put the millions of americans that are out of the labor force on food stamps, in poverty, back to work. president trump talked about the economic mess that he inherited from the democrats, an important point. >> him as i outline the next
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steps we must take as a country, we must honestly acknowledge the circumstances we inherited. 94 millions of our out of the labor force. in poverty, over 43 million americans are on food stamps. more than one in five people in their prime working years are not working. we have the worst financial recovery in 65 years, in the last eight years, the past administration has put on more new debt than nearly all of the other presidents combined. >> sean: at one of the other major takeaways from last night was the pathetic partisan politics displayed by the democrats. they sat on their hands the entire night, including with the president talked about putting america first and actually creating jobs. watch this. >> america must put its own citizens first. because only then can we truly
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make america great again. since my election, ford, fiat chrysler, general motors, sprin sprint, lockheed, intel, walmart and many others have announced that they will invest billions and billions of dollars in the united states and will create tens of thousands of new american jobs.
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>> sean: really, nancy? you could not stand or clap for creating jobs? it just shows how much influence the alt left has over the democratic party and that the democrats have zero interest in working with president trump even though he is trying to clean up the mess that they made with their failed leftist policies. the responsibility now to fix the country falls squarely on the republicans in the house and senate. now is the time they have to lead. look at the reaction to last night's speech from the american public, cnn had a pole. at 78% of people had a positive reaction to the president's speech. 69% of the policies he had laid out it would move the country in the right direction. cbs poll found the same thing. at 76% of the people who watched approved of the speech. the address and made them feel more optimistic. take a look how the very tough well respected colleague chris wallace -- listen to what he said.
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>> i thought it was by far the best speech i'd ever heard donald trump give. it was one of the best speeches in that setting i had ever heard any president give. i feel like tonight, donald trump became the president of the united states. that yes of course he got in 38 days ago when he was sworn in but so many democrats did not recognize him. whether they agree or disagree with him, he became the president of the united states and everyone is going to have to accept that fact. we want to even mr. white lashed himself van jones who has repeatedly bashed trump, he praised the president for honoring the widow of ryan owens. >> he became president in that moment. period. there are people who have a lot of reasons to be frustrated with him, to be fearful, mad at him. but that was one of the most
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extraordinary moments you have ever seen in ameri period. >> sean: here's the bottom line, president trump now has the wind at his back. he has sincere concrete plans to fulfill the promises he made to you, the american people. we will hold him and congress accountable. the g.o.p. needs to come together and get these things done. the american people deserve that. herewith reaction, fox news contributor, laura ingraham. your reaction, chris wallace is tough on both sides. he had the same exact comment as van jones. what you think? it's become this was the speech a lot of us have been waiting for. one criticism could be it would have been nice to have that speech as the inaugural address. look, these guys are just five weeks into this. i think -- they are getting their footing, they have their footing now on messaging and
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communicating, much to the chagrin of the left. while the female democrat congresswomen ward the flag of surrender, basically the white outfits. they all dressed in white and i was like yeah, i would put up the white flag two. they were grasping for anything negative to say afterwards, it was good that van jones was honest about it. it was good that rachel maddow said she could not understand why the democrats had such a lame rebuttal they supposedly have such a deep event. the democrats have to figure out where do they go from here? is it just going to be russia, russia, russia, impeach, impeach, bannon, miller? do they have anything substantive to say? are they just not going to work with the issues where democrats
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agree now and have agreed in the past? including the trade issue, a lot of it democrats agree. it's just so disingenuous. they are putting their party before their country. and their policies frankly are in the backseat as well. it is a befuddling time for the democratic party for sure. >> sean: after the speech last night, i had a good interview with speaker newt gingrich. i am worried about the pace of congress a little bit, i talked to some of the freedom caucus members, they have different views. maybe the speaker -- i am worried about some communication issues within congress. what he actually said was pretty interesting. the box will include what you need to pass this health care bill. what do you need? it will be worked out, unfortunately that is a sausage making process. are you confident that congress will do their part? >> i am cautiously optimistic. we have to remember what
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happened to the republican party in 2006, sean. we had a big spending republican party in the second bush term, a lot of it was the war in iraq and afghanistan. we spent an enormous amount of money. big entitlement growth with medicare, bush doing that legislation with the democrats. we have to be careful that we do not become deficit doves. mike pence was known as a deficit hawk and it is great to do all these programs, we have to fix these bridges and so forth but there has to be meaningful cuts. not just rely on future growth in order to get some of this done. i have some agreement and what the freedom caucus is saying here. we don't want to get ourselves in a hole in the deficit. we were just starting to turn the deficit with the sequester cuts, everybody wants to spend $64 billion on the military but we cannot do what obama did and just keep shoveling debt and
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deficit pain onto the next generation. >> sean: the worst thing we can do is let congress spend the money. i would like to see some outside entity created that will manage every penny and nickel and if we stretch those dollars, we will get five times the amount of value out of it because we waste $0.50 on every dollar when congress controls it and they pat each other on the back and then i will support your project, you will support mine. that does not work. >> there is a lot of fat but as you know, the disability payments, that still takes up the lion share of this budget. you have to be super careful how you do it but there is a lot of balance that you have to do. meaningful health care reform, people are going to have to give up on some of their pet issues here because you're not going to get anything done unless people are willing to give a little bi
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bit. >> sean: energy, the corporate tax rate, the repatriation, the middle tax cuts. getting rid of obamacare, that helps the economy. i have to roll, laura, always appreciate you being with us. coming up, ann coulter in the studio. her reaction to the president's address. also later tonight... >> why not join forces and finally get the job done and get it done right? >> sean: president trump retain out to democrats, asking them to work with republicans on behalf of you, the american people. will they ever do it? i kind of doubt it. much more on this busy news night. somethin' i've noticed over the course of my fishing career is anglers being careless and breaking off their rod tip. don't do that. during bass pro shops' spring fishing classic get extra savings when you trade in
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>> good evening and live from america's news headquarters. with the white house counsel office ordering trump administration staff to save all the rush of related material. federal investigators are currently looking into possible contact between trump advisors and russia while congressional committees are proving russia's role in hacking during the election. the president has denied having any knowledge with russian intelligence agencies during the campaign. a huge rally on wall street, one
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day after president trump's address to congress. the dow surging 302 points, pushing the index about 20 of 1,000 points for the first time ever. the s&p and nasdaq saw a healthy gain. to cut taxes and trumps business friendly policies, now back to "hannity." for all of your headlines, log into fox >> we must support the victims of crime. i have ordered the department of homeland security to create an office to serve american victim victims. the office is called voice. victims of immigration crime engagement. we are providing a voice to those who have been ignored by our media and silenced by special interest. >> sean: that was president trump last night addressing a joint session of congress, here with reaction,
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ann coulter. you love that moment. they were hissing. >> i think we got our ad for 2018, 2,020. what is so great about that is it is to democrats natural reaction, they did not have time to think. they just think, oh screw those americans, they probably deserved it. they immediately automatically take the side of the illegal immigrant criminal. it was an astonishing reviewing moment right there. i do not think they are just showing that on the other networks. they will pretend it did not happen. >> sean: the president mentioned a couple of instances last night. i did a town hall with donald trump, then canada trump with mothers whose sons were murdered by illegal immigrants. nobody ever seems to want to talk about that part. >> right, and as it's worth
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pointing out also because everyone is lying about that. everything he said in that speech he has been saying for 18 months or since he came down the escalator and talked about mexico sending rapists and drug dealers. oh, suddenly he looks like a president? no, saying he is putting america first -- he is not running to be president of the world, he is president of the united states of america. what would you say, he says to the democrats? to the american family that has lost jobs, family, income, because we were fused to do our immigration laws. they used to say what kind of state of the union address will he give if he is sending out tweets like this? we all know that we speak differently to your boss the way you speak to your mother, the way speak to your child. it was the same message has been giving all along but delivered
7:20 pm
in a proper state of the union format and nobody else in that room, republicans or democrats could have given that speech. >> sean: may be earlier in the campaign, i did not know how it would work out, i am actually a fan of him tweeting. it is like owning your own newspaper. he is getting more people reading his columns than any newspaper or any major newspaper group combined. >> it drives the left crazy. i see them over on msnbc saying we took a poll and most people in america say he shouldn't treat so much. yeah, you checked in the newsroom. i bet you do not want him to tweet so much. it is fun, it's funny, i do like them doing that. that speech last night, there are so many revealing moments that you say the democrats sitting on their hands when he says we are going to stop drugs from coming into the country, instead of bringing 10,000 jobs back -- they are sitting and scowling. those women in white.
7:21 pm
they finally figured out oh, it is like pilates for them. we have to stand to for this. they are not showing it on the other networks. i'm glad you are showing lots of clips. i was watching thinking what are they going to think about this? every line was a home run. they are not showing it. he would give a blockbuster speech on the campaign and their position is to just say trust us, america, it was dark, it was awful. you don't want to see it. there is nothing new here. it was a beautiful speech. no one else could give this speech. he loves america. one tip for the media, stop asking him if he is softening on immigration. all these rumors keep coming from reporters, it is the thing because he has been very clear about how immigration will be the interest of the people
7:22 pm
who already live here. very clear point. how do different ways does he have to say it and yes they cannot stop asking. the poor illegal. that perspective? we are looking at it from the perspective of americans. there is only one senator who is desperately trying to become my favorite senator, tom cotton. there are a fair number of house numbers. >> sean: the freedom caucus. >> i'm not even sure. i don't know that many house members. there seem to be a few good ones. as i wrote last week, stop imitating reagan and start imitating donald trump right now. >> sean: it would be good for politically, our place in the world gets restored. >> might get some trump primary challengers. i've always been against primaries for republican state seats. we might want to open it up if
7:23 pm
they step up. >> sean: ann coulter, good to see her. up next, president trump reached across the aisle multiple times, for democrats to work with republicans. we will be joined by ari fleischer and anthony scaramucci. >> people who are criticizing him for this, liberals lashing out at president trump. >> sean: why? for honoring the widow of the fallen abc pillared doesn't get any lower than this. we will have more, straight ahead. when did mixing food, with not food, become food? thankfully at panera, 100% of our food is 100% clean. no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be.
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what, i'm helping her save money! shh! men are talking. that's it, i'm out. taking the meatballs. >> everything that is broken in our country can be fixed. every problem can be solved. and every hurting family can find healing and hope. our citizens deserve this. and so much more, so why not
7:28 pm
join forces and finally get the job done and get it done right? democrats and republicans should get together and unite for the good of our country and for the good of the american people. >> sean: president trump called for unity last night but it appears some democrats wanted no part of that bipartisan message. here are some liberal lawmakers reacting to the president's speech. take a look. >> here's the thing that was weird about the speech to me. we have to say, this is a guy in a struggle with the truth. a guy who embellishment is his best friend. >> his speeches are detached from reality. >> it will be forgotten in a day or two and where is the action? >> the policies that he is doing don't add up in any way with the statements he's making. i sat there listening to a lot of what he was saying. i felt like it was mendacity, of the trail on many of the things
7:29 pm
the people voted for him i speech. >> this was stephen bannon on steroids with a smile. >> sean: joining us, larry elder who is laughing. ari fleischer and trump transition director, anthony scaramucci is with us. why are you laughing, larry? >> if you are trump hating lefty, it seemed awfully difficult to watch a speech when you're talking about infrastructure, spending, paid maternity leave, ensuring that people with illnesses get covered. it's awfully hard to watch that speech and call him a hateful racist warmonger the other thing is, a lot of people who cannot stand donald trump -- halfway through the address probably thought twice about how cooper handed him the wrong speech. in four weeks he has said and done more policy and compassion to improve the inner city than
7:30 pm
obama did in eight years. it's awfully hard to come away from that speech and call him a hatemonger unless you really are irrational and a lot of these people like chuck schumer are irrational. >> sean: we will get into this in the next segment but already, it is clear the democrats have now made a decision that they will listen to the loudest voices, they did not want to be primary to. they want to hold onto power and they will appeal to the liberal snowflakes, the michael morris, the rosie o'donnell's, the bill mars. they can expect no help from them, the republicans. >> maybe 8-10 senators who are up for reelection in donald trump states, there may be a little bit of movement. i was raised as a democrat when i was young, i changed after ronald reagan became president at the age of 21. i know it is never a good time to be a democrat. but i also know now now is an even worse time. i tweeted last night that any democrat who stands up more than
7:31 pm
three times in that speech is going to get a primary. >> sean: that is a sad state of affairs. i am watching the speech and i'm there and even when he said we will create jobs for those americans left behind, they still did not applaud. >> you are in a tough spot because what he basically did was he took three or four aspects of the playbook, middle-class jobs, blue-collar families getting a wage increase, infrastructure building, rebuilding our inner cities and helping the african-american communities and that is supposed to be their base, sean. he took that base from them. they will have a very hard time in that group, that voting segment. >> sean: agreed. larry, i do not think he is getting any help from any democrats. that puts the responsibility squarely where it belongs. on the republicans, to do their job and i prefer they move faster and get the job done sooner. but if they do these things, relayed to me it will not matter
7:32 pm
what any democrat pendant or senator says on television. it's become that is between the media and the republican party. he might have more difficulty with republicans. van jones even praised the speech yesterday. mitch mcconnell said i saw myself in a strange position of agreeing with van jones for the first time in my life. [laughter] >> sean: ari, you have been a lot to a lot of these. i thought this was hyper partisanship. >> i do remember what it was like to be a republican when barack obama took office. hope republicans did not want to stand and give the president applause, that is traditional. that brings people up to their feet and the other party has to sit there looking dour and trying not to look too dour. the power of the speech last night was it put wind in donald trump's sales.
7:33 pm
it allows them to get momentum and to show leadership and competence and strength. that is powerful. that also sends a sign for it to republicans that they need to do things the president is asking them to do. frankly, he needed this point in his presidency and i am glad he got it last night. >> also the morale today, from the people i talked to including the president, it is off the charts. very good momentum. good reflection point in the president's early stage. >> sean: even cnn and cbs, the american people liked the speech overwhelmingly. >> they get emotional and upset about it. i said when their hair catches on fire, smoke is coming out. >> sean: thank you all. i appreciate your input as always. coming up tonight, right here on "hannity." >> that is why she is there. as a sort of f you to them.
7:34 pm
people who are criticizing him for this -- >> sean: the most violent and vicious things to say after a fallen navy seals widow was honored tonight at at the presidents joint address to congress. george bush's new book. find out what those paintings mean and more, straight ahead. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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>> we are blessed to be joined tonight by karen owens, the widow of u.s. navy special operator, sr., chief, william ryan owens. he was a part of the highly successful raid that generated large amounts of vital intelligence that will lead to many more victories in the future against our enemy. ryan's legacy is etched into eternity. thank you. >> sean: wow, what a moment. during last night's address, honoring the widow of ryan owens. he was killed in a raid last month in yemen. loudmouth liberals stooped to a
7:39 pm
new low after video and touching moment. >> i wish she had not allowed herself to be used as his prop like that. >> that is why she is there. as a sort of f you to them, people who are criticizing him for this. it's become my ratings, that is what he is thinking about. i'm going to get an emmy for this, most applause for a dead soldier on my watch. this sickness of this man -- >> sean: prop? dead soldier? wow. what was said on twitter was even more this vicious. joining us now is bob beckel and tommy moran. you are not going to defend tha that. >> i felt so badly for that woman. >> sean: i wanted to cry. >> times like that when i think you could argue about the father disagreeing, it doesn't matter. the guy was an american hero.
7:40 pm
he went in and he died. at a minimum, the idea of being able to stand up for 5 minutes and applaud his widow seems to be perfectly legitimate. >> sean: you know, tomi, all these liberal snowflake lunatics, that was so mean, cruel, and heartless to say these things and i'm sitting here and listening, this guy died. these people fight, bleed and die so they have the right to be ignorant and stupid. that lack of appreciation i think bothers me the most. >> how condescending. that is what i first thought when i hear them saying that she is a political prop. that is why she is there, for trump's ratings. no. no. to talk down to her like that, to make her seem as if she is an infant. she does not know what she is therefore? clearly they could learn a thing or two from carryn owens. i would encourage all the women out there that are holding up their f trump signs, marching in their pink hats. i would encourage them to look
7:41 pm
at someone like carryn owens and see what a real woman is and what sacrifice looks like. they don't get it yet. >> sean: my heart goes out to her. a tough thing that anybody has to go through. let me play rosie o'donnell, this represents bob beckel's party? i think they are doomed. we will get his reaction to the spirit >> even if our major media will not call him a liar, we will. he lies. he lies! he lies! to donald trump and his pathetic fans of white privileged criminal businessmen, i would like to say to him, yes, sir, nyet. we have seen what you have done, sir. we have seen you're with russia. the game is over.
7:42 pm
>> sean: so that is rosie, your liberal friends that sat on their hands last night. that is your party. the loony left. >> can you imagine waking up next to her every day? >> sean: [laughs] not exactly. >> i was around for the link lincoln's second inaugural. >> sean: for the lincoln's second inaugural? you have been around a little bit? >> you pick out two or three liberals and you make us all that way. it is just unfair, uncouth. and sad. a good idea if i can give you a little bit of advice. if i were you, i would be a little careful about generalizing about people. >> sean: i'm looking at bob, the tape. it is interesting -- tomi, what is interesting is the democrats that sat on their hands, talking about jobs last
7:43 pm
night, doing things that everyone should agree on, i think they are responding and reacting to the loudest voice in their party, they are afraid of those people. they owned those people in the chamber last night on the democratic side. >> it scared the hill out of me. >> what they are doing is they are reminding those democrats that voted for donald trump that were kind of in between, did not know which way to go, they are reminding them exactly why they cast their vote for donald trump and sitting on their hands while talking about american jobs and infrastructure? the fact that they are sitting there and groaning when he talks about securing our borders? it just goes to show why he is the president of the united states and their party lost. >> can i just say one thing? he gave a good speech, expectations being what they were. but at the end he said let's all get together and unify. this is from the man who ripped the country apart for 18 months. picked up all kinds of enemies, he was cruel.
7:44 pm
>> sean: people on your side called him a nazi, hitler, fascist. >> will you stop doing that? saying our side? who is that fat slob who does -- that guy that is trump's friend? >> i think it's a great day to be an american. it was one of the best speeches that it yes, the left is going to hate this. guess what? that is our president. and i could not be happier. >> he has a lot more speeches in front of you. you will hear a lot more. it >> sean: you both. coming up more for my recent interview with george w. bush. one of the american heroes featured in the 43rd president's book, find out what it meant to him. that and more, tonight on "hannity" ."
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7:48 pm
>> sean: welcome back to "hannity," during my recent interview with president george w. bush about his brand-new book, "portraits of courage," a commander-in-chief's tribute to america's warriors, i had the chance to meet some of the american heroes that were featured in the 43rd president's book. including purple heart recipient, retired u.s. army
7:49 pm
sergeant, daniel. was it surprising that the president of the united states did a portrait of you? did you know it was coming question mike >> i did not, i saw a facebook post. i don't even have facebook but someone did. they sent it to me and blew me away. >> sean: what does that mean to you? >> it was an honor. just knowing that someone, that had been a part of leading the free world and... took the time. that is what i think people need to understand. he took the time. he could have withered away or cycled or golfed. it >> sean: i have been wanting him to bash obama for eight years. he wouldn't do that. >> he didn't do that. he is a man of honor and integrity. to see the 90 something portraits of great men and women shows that integrity and honor that this man has for this
7:50 pm
country. >> sean: this really means a lot to you. i know it does for all the other guys. >> guess what i call him? the preacher. >> >> he gave one of the most stirring speeches. i've heard a lot of speeches. this guy can speak. remember that? >> thank you, sir. >> that was awesome. >> sean: would you consider being a preacher? >> no. i love god but i do not believe that is my calling. september, 2005 i was in south baghdad, iraq. me and five others were in an m&m 113. it is a smaller tank to get us from point a to point b. we rode over and ied, had enough power to where it flipped the tank over. it killed two of my guys from that, i sustained bilateral
7:51 pm
fractures to my right tibia and fibula. shattered left tibia, both my heel and ankle bones were shattered. >> sean: how did you heal? >> still healing to this day. anytime i have a bad day, i looked down and think about their families. it pushes me through. >> sean: i told the president, i have been to iraq. i also went into one of the hospitals there. it is embarrassing -- you kind of walked out saying, these things are pretty superfluous, when you see the suffering. >> tell him what you said about your legs. >> the doctors asked me if i wanted to keep my legs. the chance of me being able to walk again was pretty low according to them. it was early on so they had not seen many cases like mine.
7:52 pm
so the question was, do you want to keep them? i said i came in with two, i want to leave with two. >> sean: so it made a part of your recovery? >> it did, i remember the first time i got out of the wheelchair. to try to walk again. i was on parallel bars. i went half the way with my arms because it was tough, i had no mobility down below. i am walking with my arms. the physical therapist yanked on the belt that was around me and pulled me back and said no, that is not how this works and just tried to put 1 foot in front of the other was very difficult. >> sean: you didn't want to be relying on your upper body strength? where are you now in terms of all your progress? >> well, golfing and cycling. >> one of the few bets that has played golf in our tournament and rode the w100. he is doing damn good.
7:53 pm
>> sean: that is pretty good. >> very accurate statement. >> sean: what was the speech that so inspired the president? do you remember what you were talking about? >> it was just about being there and how i felt, trying to be a voice for the men and women that were sitting there. i wanted the donors and those that were in attendance to understand that we are not to be looked down forests or seen as oh, poor veteran. what can we do to help them? >> sean: i do think a lot of people do not understand the trip to germany, walter reed, those guys are there for a year or longer. >> most people -- a lot of people -- we'll look at danny and say i feel sorry for you. >> sean: you would hate that. >> i really would. it >> sean: i respect your courage. i think the single most special quality, character trait, is
7:54 pm
courage. you embody it, all these other guys embody it. mr. president, i think that is what you capture in these guys. >> thank you. what we ought to focus on, people like danny, transitioning. the future of our country is very bright. when you think about the dandies of the world, taking leadership roles. that is what we are all about. helping these men transition. this guy is awesome. >> sean: pleasure to meet you. >> thank you, sir. >> sean: i think you should be a preacher. coming up, we need your help. a very, very important question of the day. and some of the voice mails -- maybe not so nice -- that you left me on the "hannity" hotlin hotline. that is straight ahead. body to hydrate and soften, unblocking your system naturally. miralax.
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hyundai. >> sean: today's "question of the day," what did you think of the address?, @seanhannity on twitter. let us know what you think. now to play some of the messages he left for me. just leave a message, there are no rules on the hotline. >> sean: all right, that was a nice night. the other night wasn't so light make nice. if you have anything you'd like to say to make the matinees,
8:00 pm
mean, hateful, we don't care. we don't make our money on thet amendment. now is your shot, tell me how you feel. that's all the time we have this evening. thanks for being with us. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor"y is on tonight. >> ryan's legacy is etched into eternity. thank you. >> bill: president trump honoring slain navy seal ryan owens in his presidential address. we will tell you how the speech was received and talk with vice president pence about thee. political climate. >> what an idiot.. we have to watch this idiot for an hour and 9 minutes? >> bill: no matter what president trump says, the haters will hate. we will take a look at that. >> i have ordered the department of homeland security to create an office to serve american victims. the office is called voice, victims of immigration crime engagement. >> bill: also ahea