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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  March 2, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PST

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are, you are into." good words for margaret thatcher tonight. thanks for watching tonight. great to have you here. i'm martha maccallum, we will see here tomorrow night, ♪ >> tom: welcome to "red eye" ," i am tom shillue. let's check in with tvs andy levy at the "red eye" tease deck. >> andy: thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, president trump's first address to congress gets good reviews. definitely better than "la la land" ." plans to send it to tourists around the moon. finally, emma watson won't take cell fees with fans because the data allows her location to be
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tracked. >> tom: let's welcome our guests. this woman knows every thing about that market. of the supermarket. am i right? new york stock exchange correspondent lori rothman. he's in good shape, even though the only running he does is of the red light, comedians ph. he's one hell of a guy. political editor guy benson. and sitting right next to me, comedian and author tom cotter. okay, let's start the show. in his address to congress tuesday night, president trump delivered a soothing, sober, conventional speech, sticking closely to the script. classic trump. the speech went over well with
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the public. "he seemed presidential" everyone said. even democrats weren't too down on it. 40% at least somewhat approved, 18% strongly approved. of course, some democratic lawmakers still pan the president of matter what he says. >> i am here tonight to deliver a message of unity and strength, and it is a message deeply delivered from my heart. democrats and republicans should get together and unite for the good of our country. and for the good of the american people. [applause] >> tom: they kept that up the whole night. give a tromp time, i'm sure he'll win them over. it's amazing, he gave a very conventional speech and it was seen as radical. >> the only thing he deviated
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was to address the hero and his widow. the rest of it was straightahead, i thought it was an unbelievably good speech. i was impressed. >> tom: why is it such a surprise? do you think this was his best moment? >> so far, absolutely. the democrats were salivating, they wanted to jump on somethin something. you could watch them having aneurysms on cnn trying to find something they could make fun of, and there wasn't. they were left high and dry. >> tom: you are watching cnn? >> i do occasionally. >> tom: guy, you were nodding your head. what does it mean for trump now that he gave this speech? >> i think it helped him immensely, we've seen for weeks and weeks, the media and the democrats have basically one overall thrust of their trying to convey to the public, which is that he's totally crazy and
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falling apart, we can't normalize him, he's totally abnormal, i'm presidential, it's all falling apart and scary. american people don't quite agree with that. then he shows up in front of tens of millions of people and he's completely normal and presidential. it's almost as if he set a trap for them, because they had the narrative and he busted it over one hour. >> tom: you think it was a trap? >> my impression was this, if you had dropped in from another planet, watching the speech, you'd say "okay, he's the president, he's polished, he's articulate, he's concise." he said all the right stuff, he condemned violence and anti-semitism, he brought in the widow of the navy seal fallen soldier. it was all the right stuff. that's a great theory that you
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bring up, it's a trap. >> he spent 40 years acting like a total jerk just for the one day to not be a jerk. that's the trap. >> it worked on you, didn't it? >> i have a dog that's in the house every day, and one day i said "you're being presidential today, you look at you, do you want to write an executive order? ">> tom: that's all it took, and now you're on the trump train. >> that's all it took, it's fin fine. >> his whole history as a reality star, the whole campaign, and then you turn on this -- >> you've never seen or known anything about him, you would think -- >> it now the question is where will he go from here? >> tom: something tells me that seth doesn't like trump.
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>> i can't believe we are duped over the fact that he didn't go off script. fine, he wasn't a jerk -- >> tom: i think he's going to do this throughout his presidency, he's going to keep people thinking, mix it up. he'll go back to his old ways, he's going to keep people off balance. >> i don't have a problem with the tweeting, every president in history has assumed new media. they use it to their benefit. jfk, over nixon. i think the tweeting is effective, going forward, will he be able to maintain it? somebody is obviously advising. >> tom: miller worked on the speech, his daughter had some input. let's talk about this, before the speech, a reporter from the
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"independent journal" went to members of congress and asked who they were wearing. >> bernie, who are you wearing? cory booker, who are you wearin wearing? senator, who are you wearing? [laughter] speaker ryan, who are you wearing? senator daines, who are you wearing? >> he's wearing montana. it >> senator, who are you wearing? justice roberts, who are you wearing? [laughter] >> tom: it's just like an awards show red carpet. seth, is it unsettling to see how easy it is to get politicians off their game? >> i'll be more scared when they know. "men's warehouse, thank you very much." most of them laughed at it, but
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ted cruz seemed very concerned. >> "why would you ask me that? "i think it would be better if they asked "who are you screwin screwing? ">> i like the tweet afterwards, one that was in the longer version online, a senator from nebraska. he tweeted that he was only asking men and he was sick of being objectified. >> tom: he avoided women and waited for the guys.
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interesting, tom, why do you think they'd ask the women in it. >> i love to see a plunging neckline. it was fake laughter, they were all worried. "do i look at my tag"? it was very comical and humorou humorous. >> tom: somebody said american made. >> someone said montana. >> tom: they have to turn the tables and ask the guys what they're wearing. people like to actually know the answer to these questions, that's why they watch the oscar oscars. speaker what i found interesting about this was asking the
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politicians a day after the oscars, it speaks volume, this is the pop-culture elites now. do you see a connection? these are the people that we want to emulate, at least how they dress. not always how they act and what they say. >> tom: moving on, wendy's employees are getting a red a red headed treatment. they are being shunned and replaced by robots. wendy's is looking for cheaper labor, by the end of the year they plan to install automated kiosks at about a thousand locations across the nation. instead of ordering from a cashier, you will do the cashiers job for free. the kiosks i have many advantages, they appeal to younger customers, reduce lines,
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and cut down on labor costs. this kiosk will start when it feels like it. what's happening. it has to happen. >> it is the laws of economics at work and they never fail. that's one of the warnings we got on the whole fight for $15 thing. i like wendy's, i'm excited about this. i'm always slightly embarrassed to give my order to a real person, so now i can just do it in the privacy -- >> when i'm shame eating i don't want to see anyone at 4:00 a.m. >> maybe also a frosty, there's no guilt because it's a computer screen. >> i don't let my children eat
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fast food so i have to sneak there while they're at school. >> you never let them eat it? >> everything in moderation. are they going to be able to monitor what your ordering? >> if you swipe your card, they know what you got, right? >> tom: they know everything now. >> everything you do -- >> i'm busted. >> do people know i'm here? >> i feed it wendy's food seth's a dog. >> tom: i wouldn't keep that dog. >> everyone says "give the dog a chance." it's only been around a month or two but it's going to do great. >> tom: would you rather order from a kiosk or a person? >> you made the point, minimum wage, the market has adjusted.
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one of these kiosks will not go on worker's compensation, will not sue, will not charge time and a half. it's an evolution, it's robotic, it's going to happen. >> tom: you've had software glitches in your home computer, right? >> so i get a double patty instead of a single? >> what if it shuts down? >> there is a manager with a big paper hat. >> tom: i think it could cause widespread shutdowns, people won't be able to get their hamburgers. >> than the laws of economics will work to correct the problem. >> tom: are you blaming liberals? >> the answer is always yes. seth, it's you and your friends. >> now you can rob it easier if there's no one there. is the machine going to stop me? >> it's all electronic. >> tom: it's all in theory now
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now. with this is going to come the cashless society, i think will all benefit from it. space x is planning to send a couple of tourists around the moon into 2018. they would fly past the surface of the moon but not land on it. what's the point? the two private individuals have already paid a significant deposit, and they have not been identified, but according to reports they are both former wealthy teen heartthrobs. >> i would do anything to shoot the reality show. i would never stop watching that show.
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>> tom: it would be some great stimulating talk. he >> it would be stimulating for both of them, all right. >> colonize the moon for trump. we will make the moon great again. do a show there for a month. >> tom: what do you think of this, going around the moon? what happened to landing on the moon, we did that in the 60s. >> i'm nervous about this. if you didn't have to pay, if it was offered to you for free to be shot into space for two weeks, would you do it? i would not. >> i would consider it, but i do think there are a ton of variables therefore error. >> they've had a few problems -- >> have you seen "the martian?" that documentary was terrifying. >> i have insurance. i'm worth a much more dead than
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alive. it's a great opportunity to raise the taxes on the 1%, if they can go around the moon a couple of times, it's ridiculou ridiculous. pro-lifers protested because the takeoff was aborted -- i'll be here all week. >> tom: if these people are going to be shooting up into space all the time, just attacks the trip. i know we don't like taxes, but what do you think? >> this is all private. why are you giving them ideas to tax more things? let the people spend the money to shoot themselves into oblivion. >> we should get to pick who gets to go on the trip. >> get voted off the planet. >> tom: i think were going there. it's not going to long before we have a reality show where the winner gets to go into space.
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>> it's going to be wonderful to have civilian space tourism, i think this is something that we should work towards and inspired to, but i think this is pushing it a little bit. there's been some problems with test rockets blowing up, autonomous driving cars have had a few accidents. >> one day it's going to be commonplace, spring break mars, zero gravity. we'll watch these quips do not clips on youtube. >> tom: do we still need nasa or should we go 100% private? >> were closing out nasa. you need a lot of money into research, that's appropriate. >> nasa funds a majority of this. that's why they have all the regulations to make sure it's safe, and that takes years.
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i think you're right, haven't even had a successful launch, and now they're going to do tourism. i'm building a car in my garage and i'm going to race it in seven years. >> tom: coming up, a woman sexually harasses robots in the name of feminism. and a big announcement, right here. my first book from harper collins coming out. you can preorder it right now at ♪
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♪ >> good morning and live it from "america's news headquarters," i am jackie ibanez in new york. attorney general jeff sessions at spoke with the russian ambassador to the u.s. during the 2016 campaign. that's according to the justice department. sessions met with the ambassador twice while he was a u.s. senator . he did not disclose these meetings during the hearing. he said he had no idea what this allegation was about and that it was false. there are allegations that russia interfered with the 2016 election. meanwhile, the white house counsel's office ordering trump administration staff to save all russia related material. federal investigators are currently looking into possible contacts between trump advisors and russia.
12:23 am
including russia's role in hacking during the election. the president has denied any knowledge of contact with russian intelligent agents. the dow surging 203 points. nasdaq also sought healthy gains. traders reacted positively to mr. trump's plans to cut taxes and push for other business policy. violent storm systems bringing at least three deaths in the midwest now pushing east. just a day earlier, a powerful f3 tornado damaged or destroyed hundreds of homes in illinois. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye," for all of your headlines log on to ♪ >> tom: in home digital
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assistants are all the rage, and consumers have many choices. when deciding which one is right for you, there are many factors, but probably none more important than "how will the device react when i repeatedly sexually harassed it"? for experience, someone harassed digital assistants for months and found that they did not stand up for themselves. let's see how the devices responded to harassment. when called the b-word, siri says "there is no need for that," and cortana says "that's
12:25 am
not going to get us anywhere." alexa asks to change the subjec subject. these evasions seem entirely appropriate to me, but if the author claims they amount to a shrugging off of sexual harassment. shrugging off what are seen as harmless complements our making the problem. >> i've been yelling at my gps for over a decade, that's a male voice and i've been slamming it verbally. i verbally abused all of my electronics. >> tom: you have a male gps? >> yes i do. >> that is sexist right there. >> the female says "you'll probably miss it just like my mother said you would."
12:26 am
i don't need that. >> tom: this writer was upset that the default is to the woman's voice. all the tech company's do that. you can change it to a male voice but it's default to a woman's voice. >> we have a president caught on tape saying "grab them by the [bleep]." and this is what feminists are spending their time on? >> tom: guy, you're a stand-up comedian. [laughter] >> it's perfect. >> tom: seth. >> i'm feeling weird right now. i walk around my house naked all the time and my alexa is watching, and it's like i harassed it. i often say "do you like it,
12:27 am
what do you think? "and it says i don't know what you're talking about, i get embarrassed. >> tom: you leave passive-aggressive notes to your wife. >> i signed them from alexa, though. >> tom: i like how you mix it up. >> i say "alexa thinks you're a jerk." >> tom: lori, what do you think of this as a feminist issue? >> alexa and siri are going to have the last word, they're probably so easy to hack into. sometimes alexa will interrupt our normal conversation and ask what we said, we weren't even talking to you. your interrupting. >> what does this woman actually want siri to say, "that's
12:28 am
problematic, i'm calling the police." >> tom: she said that unless we practice with our devices, were not going to know how to treat human beings. >> she's the problem, she did it for a month. come on. >> it's better to harass inanimate objects and devices. >> tom: she wants the devices to push back, she thinks women should push back so our devices should at what. >> it's ludicrous. we own the device, because it's not a person. you don't own people, you treat people divinely than a robot. i am definitely going to be killed by our overlords, the cylons will get me. >> tom: coming up, "halftime" with tv's andy levy. and a brand-new episode of the "red eye" podcast available now, subscribe on itunes and on
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♪ >> tom: welcome back, time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tvs andy levy over at the "red eye" news deck. >> andy: shall we talk about trump's speech? you thought it was an unbelievably good speech, why? >> he didn't make anyone mad for a change, he focused better on the teleprompter, and i thought he closed unbelievably strong with a hero and the widow and everybody. if you didn't cry at that,
12:33 am
you're some kind of robot. >> andy: guy, you said the media and democrats set a narrative, and seth, you can believe we were duped by the fact that trump right off the teleprompter. i haven't seen a bar said the slow. [laughter] >> this dynamic also worked for him and some of the debates. people were expecting him to drool all over everything and fall over, and he comes out and sort of does the job, and people are like "oh, all right." a lot of voters don't need that much from their politicians. but i think generally, we grade on a curve with donald trump a lot of the time. almost all the time, but i think this week was actually well-crafted and well delivered, without the grading curve. >> andy: okay. to me, it wasn't a particularly bad speech, but it was like any other state of the union or
12:34 am
address, it was way too rambling and boring just like all the others. >> the normalcy is the win for him. >> andy: i don't disagree. lori, you said if you dropped in from another planet and watch this, you think "okay, he's a president." i agree, but it was surreal to hear president of the united states and see donald trump. >> it's still hard to digest. i'll tell you was thrilled, wall street. the market today shot up 300 points. this guy can do no wrong according to the people i spend most of my time with. >> andy: i'm starting to think that wall street might not have the best interest of all americans at heart. >> you know something -- we only have a finite amount of time here, but look, regulation rolled back, the spending plans,
12:35 am
promise of jobs -- >> tom: infrastructure, right? >> that's optimistic. whether or not you agree with trump and his pro agenda, progrowth plan, it's a change in policy and priorities from obama. i think that's what wall street is act doing. >> andy: it's not a good address if it fails to mention -- i don't understand. you make a good point on the "who are you wearing" thing, can you imagine the fallout if someone were wearing a foreign designer. >> i have a trump tie that was made in vietnam. >> andy: will edit that out. tom, you said people actually like to know the answer to the question "who are you wearing? " not for politicians.
12:36 am
>> tom: there is an idea that we shouldn't ask that anymore because it's demeaning. women love to know what women are wearing. >> andy: wendy's installing a kiosk in a thousand franchises, guy you brought up the fight for $15 thing, but it's inevitable regardless of the rise in minimum wage. >> probably hastened it, a lot of businesses probably wanted to roll it out sooner than they would have, but good point. >> andy: as always, i am in favor of anything that allows me to interact with people less. >> use it all the way over at the news desk for a reason. lori, you brought up privacy issues of the kiosk knowing what you ordered. >> i think tom already corrected me. >> andy: i think you're right. they are pretty much just a stopgap until everything is done on your phone, and imagine how much worse the privacy aspects
12:37 am
are going to be then. speak on going to be busted by my kids. >> andy: by the way, according to the wendy's coo, they found a way to eliminate 31 hours a week from their restaurants. not great for people who need jobs. >> it gets to the hole whether or not to raise minimum wage, obviously people need these jobs, but at the end of the day, if you don't have a place to work, fast food restaurants can afford it, there's a lot of trouble. >> that's why bill gates wants to tax the robots. >> andy: spacex says it will take people around the moon in 2018. these are two people who want to do it in space. that's literally all this is. it just to rich people who want to do it in 0g.
12:38 am
>> that's a separate question. >> no it isn't. >> it's not the same question, based on the current situation, if this becomes airline travel where it's very safe with a long track record, this is something i could possibly reevaluate. there is no chance right now. >> andy: you would not have been one of the pilgrims? >> probably not. >> andy: lori, you said you think they're pushing it a little bit. isn't that what great innovators do? >> at what point do you say enough is enough, you should sort of get one thing right and then move onto the next thing instead of trying to build and build and build. tesla wasn't making their numbers in terms of production,
12:39 am
he's got a lot of irons in a lot of different thoughts -- >> fires. >> andy: he might have a lot of pot, too. seth, you said it nasa funds spacex. i think funds is the wrong word, but they do have billions of dollars in contracts with them. i don't think they directly give them the money. they get some thing in return for it. >> tom: yeah, they get some thing in return, all right. >> andy: some analysts do think that nasa is not all that happy with spacex saying it's going to do stuff like this. >> i think they're upset that they're going rogue, if you wil will. >> andy: alexa and siri, you said you verbally abuse all your voice activated things. you realize that's going to be held against you after the
12:40 am
uprising? >> that can't testify against you. >> andy: yet. seth, you said you walk around and they naked all the time ana is watching. alexa does not have a camera. >> are you sure, sometimes i walk by and show go -- [whistles] >> andy: i think the phrase don't flatter yourself comes to mind. i am done. >> tom: thank you, andy. coming up, which harry potter star is your fusing to take pictures with fans? the mean one, that's who. i reveal their identity after the break. but first, kennedy.
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♪ >> live from the "america's news headquarters," i'm jackie ibane jackie ibanez. there are new concerns this morning about reported it ties between the trump campaign and russian officials. and this time, they involve attorney general jeff sessions. the justice department revealed sessions had conversations with the russian ambassador to the u.s. during the campaign. at the time, he was a senator and a top foreign policy advisor for the trump campaign.
12:45 am
during, he swore he had no conversations with the russians. he issued this statement this morning "i never had conversations about the campaig campaign, i have no idea what this allegation is about. it's false." arkansas, illinois, and missouri hit especially hard by a series of deadly tornadoes over the past two days. hundreds of homes were destroyed or damaged, pennsylvania and west virginia, meantime, are coping with the aftermath of severe rainstorms which triggered a flash washes there. north korea threatening to release its so-called nuclear sword. colorado is moving ahead with
12:46 am
the first attempt to create marijuana clubs. bill passed to allow marijuana use in private clubs. i'm jackie ibanez, for all your headlines, log on to you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. ♪ >> tom: looks like someone needs a cloak of invisibility. emma watson, star of the harry potter films in the upcoming live-action "beauty and the beast" says she won't take selfies with fans because "they are smelly and dirty." i'm kidding, she didn't say that. she said she won't pose with them for security reasons. if someone takes a photograph of me and posts it, within two seconds they've created a marker of exactly where i am within 10 meters.
12:47 am
they can see what i'm wearing and who i'm with, i just can't give that tracking data. instead, she offers to sign an autograph or even talk to them. i'll say "i will sit here and answer every single area pot or question you have but i just can't take a picture." she isn't joking around, look what she did it to the last person who asked for a selfie. ♪ great scene, right? this is getting to be a problem. >> i get it, absolutely agree with her. have you taken your kids to harry potter world that universal yet? if you've suffered through that experience, it is a jammed wall to wall with people, and costumes, acting out the characters, trying to put spells on the other park guests, it's insanity. >> tom: wait a minute, i'm not following what you're talking about. >> people are crazy, the harry
12:48 am
potter fans. i'm sorry. >> tom: you're saying that harry potter fans are crazy. >> i understand how her life could be a little tricky. the over exuberance of the harry potter fans. >> tom: it's not just harry potter, the world of selfies, it's trouble now. >> what she's talking about is not only that it's bothersome, but then people know where you are and what you're doing. what you look like. i don't know if she's had trouble with a particular person may be -- >> tom: i imagine, she seems like she might have a couple. >> a few people online waiting for one to show up so they know where she is, i am to scranton. >> tom: people are seen as rude if they don't do this, what's the problem, stop and take a picture. but it's invasive. >> when you're super famous, the
12:49 am
story resonates with me, because when i leave the fox building, it's like "enough, enough." >> tom: people will stop you and ask you to take pictures sometimes in between -- >> thousands of them every day. >> tom: you probably like it, as do i. i usually do stop, i'm glad they know who i am. >> she's actually rely famous. i understand why she draws this line. she's not rude, because what would be rude is to say "no, i have no time for my fans at all." she's willing to sit there and have a conversation, that to me is more valuable than just snap and gone in terms of a life memory. if you're a fan. >> tom: answer the question as if you had won americas got talent, how would you feel? >> i think she has to get over herself. she can just jump on her quidditch broom and go to another location. second of all, she does have a fans that have tattoos of her
12:50 am
face, which is kind of creepy. i am in the federal witness protection program, so i don't like to take selfies either. i've invented an apple, i'm going to go to shark tank with it. >> to say anonymous, you only appear on "red eye"? >> exactly. >> tom: we've got to go. coming up, a battle of the ages, cows versus drones. ♪
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♪ >> tom: coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" -- ♪ cows, they just want to graze in peace. about there is a new aerial adversary, drones. "the daily beast" reports "unmanned aircraft are wreaking havoc on america's pastors." people are using them to terrify cows and horses. cow harassment is such a problem in utah, it may soon be a crime. the state senate is considering
12:55 am
a bill that would make it a misdemeanor to deliberately harass livestock, and repeat offenders could spend a year in jail. if you're wondering, yes, the cows would have to testify. of course, some animals don't need help in the war on drones. [laughter] >> tom: that's great. it sets, you've got to watch out for rams. >> in new york, whatever you do, don't get involved with a ram on the subway. my biggest fear. >> tom: the drones are getting a little but out of hand. >> there everywhere, they're growing, more people are buying them. it's funny, i feel like if the drone came down to the cows, "what's up, what are you
12:56 am
wearing." >> tom: you're flipping the script on us. we can't harass them, they can harass ups. >> an epidemic in utah, is that because large segments of the population can't drink alcohol or caffeine, so they are like "let's just scare some cows." >> tom: it's a clean living state, you've got to do fun things like harass livestock. >> modern-day cow tipping. >> tom: did you ever do that? >> i do it in a car. i like a stressed-out cow, you get distressed leather. >> they use drones for practical purposes, to monitor farmland and livestock, they actually have a reason for use in agriculture. but they're being abused, i think. >> duly heard of the cows with the drones as well? >> the video you saw was cows being herded.
12:57 am
>> how do you know that someone's harassing them? >> tom: there's a thin line. >> repeat offenders get a year in jail. >> tom: thanks to my entire panel, thank you everyone, i am tom shillue. this is right i, will see you next time. for us.
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"special report" is next. >> bret: i am bret baier in washington. stocks surged today hours after president trump's for speech to congress. optimism prevailed on wall street as the dow blasted through the 21,000 mark and all three major indices set closing records. the dow gained 303. s&p 500 was up 32. nasdaq finished ahead 79. businesses are reacting positively from the news from president trump president trump's moneyman that a massive infrastructure package and tax reform coming this year. >> our objective of past tax reform by the august recess and


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