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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 2, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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watching "fox & friends" fist on this thursday morning. i'm jackie ibañez. heather: and i'm heather childers and everyone at home. home run congressional address. jackie: focus how to turn aggressive agenda into action. griff jenkins live in washington, d.c. with the first order of business. griff, good morning. >> i can't confirm whether or not they had chocolate cake but planned to put that ambitious into action. >> we think we are going to have tremendous success and thank you very much. appreciate it. >> no democrats attended the luncheon but appeal a trillion dollar infrastructure bill, significant tax reform, school choice and possibly even
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immigration reform, but top priority repealing and replacing obamacare something that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell made clear with martha maccallul last night. >> we hope to act within the next month and six weeks. we won the election and with winning the election comes a responsibility to producing results. we feel that obamacare is a disaster and needs to be changed. >> this comes after breaking that attorney general had two contacts with russia's embassador during campaign, something he denied during confirmation hearing prompting house minority leader nancy pelosi even to call for resignation. the attorney general issued this statement to fox news saying, quote, i never met with any russian officials to discuss issues of the campaign. i have no idea what this allegation is about. it is false.
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finally, guys, hhs secretary tom price are taking plan of action later on the road today heading for ohio to meet with business leaders. busy day. heather: thank you, griff. ben carson, remember way back, he is set to be confirmed today of housing and urban development, finally teed up for a vote after being nominated in december. ryan zinke sworn in overnight leafing three of president trump's positions to be filled. >> listen. >> ryan's leg is edged into eternity. thank you.
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[applause] >> the president recognizing the widow of owens. quote, sorry, owens wife, you're not helping yourself or your husband's, fired him anyway. don't miss former u.s. nayy seal live in the 8:00 o'clock of "fox & friends" to react on this outrageous tweet. heather: lost his job and now deleted twitter account. liberals quick to join in. jackie: todd has something to say about that with one-minute commentary. >> i sure do have something to say. anybody who attacks a gold-star family is a steaming pile of garbage.
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president trump paid tribute to carryn owens. but we all know how much liberals low the military and within minutes they were condemning the president and mrs. owens, a former hillary clinton volunteer said she was lauding like an idiot. sweet mercy. msnbc gave time to michael moore, bill, the widow allowed herself to be used as a presidential prop. carryn owens is no prop and if liberals can't muster the decency to respect that, well, maybe they ought to take a cue from tyler perry's madea and put a shot to the up.
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>> thank you. >> not with madea. heather: that moment is bigger than trump. >> amazing, we want you to weigh in on this. e-mail us at "fox & friends first" at fox, find us on facebook or join the twitter conversation. heather: i should have said president trump. record high on wall street, stocks soaring a they apt mystic address to congress. jackie: dow surpassing the 20,000 mark. charles pain with a look on what's driving the surge. charles: record-breaking day at wall street with dow jones pushing past 21,000 ever on wednesday, the gain since november. >> and there is it is, folks, make it rain, dow 21,000. make that 21,113.
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a new milestone. charles: dow gained 333 points, s&p 50 was up 32 and nasdaq ahe. all this in the wake of president donald trump's address to congress. >> his tone is quite different than we are used to him. that basically caught the attention of a lot of investors. >> during speech he mentioned probusiness plan. incredible run. >> our objective is to pass reform by august recess. that's an aggressive timetable
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and realistic and something that the president and i are preparing to do. neil: by voted done and agreed. >> and signed. charles: sending u.s. stock surging also saw major gains, president said wednesday that the case for raising interest rates has gotten stronger. in new york charles payne fox business. heather: he was so exciteed. police saying there's not enough evidence to charge him in kim jung-nam's murder. surveillance video was remarkable and captured them to use their bare hands to poison him with weapon of mass
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destruction. jackie: bombing did hit other u.s.-friendly forces fighting in the region. u.s. calling it a complicated battlefield. heather: noor salman is facing terrorist charges. her lawyers claim that she had, quote, diminished capacity and the judge granting her bail saying that she poses no danger. salman will be released on friday. the attack last june was the deadliest mass shooting in history. the judge now say that is the florida mother killed her daughter by accident. judge perry speaking out for the first time six years after anthony was found not guilty, she believes that she used too
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much and the baby died. perry says computer search and the amount of it in anthony's trunk convinced him. jackie: roof in georgia ripped right off bringing power lines with it. check it out. latest wave of destruction coming less than 24 hours after 14 tornadoes carved deadly pass through the midwest. woke up to tornado sirens and hail, our chimney is in our driveway, feels like home. same line of severe storms is now moving east. incredible images of nasa of wind taking over the surface of
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mars. curiosity capturing a dust devil proving the martians is windy. the only difference the atmosphere of mars, what does that mean, the wind doesn't blow very hard there. heather: science class there. time now is about 10 minutes after the top of the hour and we do have a fox news alert. happening right now, police hunting for a killer who stabbed a young nurse to death in cold blood. the brand-new surveillance video that police wants you to see. jackie: remember the navy seal unit not shy about supporting commander in chief. the punishment for flying that flag. heather: the little boy that goes to hilarious links to avoid a wrestling match..
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show me the carfax. start your used car search and get free carfax reports at the all-new >> welcome back to "fox & friends first". heartbreaking as widow takes a stand how a failed immigration system killed her husband. horrific nightmare saying that she was force today hide in attic while illegal immigrant from méxico killed the love-her life. >> not only has ice failed us but our borders have failed us. they have obviously wide open as the man was able to enter not once but twice without being detected. heather: suspect had been arrested several times before going on a killing spree in missouri killing five men including norman's husband. jackie: illegal immigrant under arrest after making public statement at a rally in mississippi.
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>> today my father and brother await foration while i continue to fight the ball as a dreamer to help contribute to this country which i feel very much like my country. my name is daniela vargas. jackie: not long after spelling out her name she was arrested by ice because her dreamer status had expired. the agents reportedly told vargas, you know who we are and you know what we are here for. ice detention being held without bond. heather: listen to this story, group of navy seal punished for flying, you can see it right there, a trump flag and they did it on military convoy and investigation was launched after the video went viral of the truck driving down the highway in kentucky. navy officers saying they violated that prohibit endorsement. no details on how they are being released.
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let's keep talking about this. what do you think the navy seal punished for supporting the president. use the #keeptalking. jackie: well is oprah planning on running against president trump on 2020? >> i never considered the question even a possibility. i just thought, oh, oh, i thought, oh gee, i don't have the experience and now i'm thinking, oh. jackie: maybe the only thing she hasn't done so far in her career, but what's clear is how serious she's about this. heather: what will happen to gail? jackie: i don't know. heather: single slice of
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chocolate cake landing mom in hot water. jackie: put the treat in the kindergarten's lunch. heather: fell under red category and went onto tell her to make better choices with an unhappy wave. jackie: friend posting the note on facebook. my friend mother of eight, healthy children received today from 3-year-old's teacher, i told her to put two slices in tomorrow and tell the teacher to get lost. good for her. heather: one for you. jackie: my daughter would be thrilled if i she -- she got a piece of cake. heather: send an e-mail to "fox & friends first" at fox and we will share them in the show. jackie: mom you said that.
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heather: time now 17 minutes after the top of the hour. new clues that obama is mounting insurgency against successor. jackie: you will never guess what delayed this plane four hours costing the airlines hundreds of dollars. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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i'm 51 years old.m. when i was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital... my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd have waited two more days, you would've died." if i'd have known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor or pharmacist about it.
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saying the obama administration gave it to progressive groups like the national council of la raza. former arkansas governor mike huckabee sounding off about it. >> it is unbelievable. this is worst than a mafia shakedown. your store doesn't burn down. imagine, for example, you should a republican department of justice, the department department of justice had allocated to right to life or nra, can you imagine how that would have gone over with the democrats, i don't think very well. jackie: lawmakers have now introduced bills in the house and senate to end the practice. well, three's company in the new home of the former first lady. a new report, garrett is moving
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to dc mansion to plot ways to take down president trump. they will use the home as antitrump center because of his office, oppose presidential perk cannot be used for political reasons and there's the house right there, heather. heather: nice house. well, he is back as the wolverine. those hopes are shadowed around threats of every corner. >> someone has come along. heather: michael tamara, he helped one lucky fox fan make it to the cast. >> i did. i had to be in la for the oscars, heather. heather: that was nice like you. >> enlist a super fan to do the job, tatiana álvarez stepped up
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to the plate and tatiana, the floor is yours. >> hi, this is tatiana álvarez. i'm a very big fan of yours. >> whether you're a super hero or not i like the reluctant hero that grows into it and this film is really -- >> i wanted to ask, how do close claws fit in between, is there a hook? >> there's a little brass plate that goes in here and they are attached and they mold around your hand and literally hold on, here they are. >> that's amazing. >> so much more simple than people believe but when i meet 7-year-olds and they all look at the hands, are they going to
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come out, it's very sweet. >> the opening scene in this movie that we share together just the two of us in this horrible upturn massive, so much complexity, i think i enjoyed that most. >> we we wanted to focus on that relationship and maybe ultimately about family. >> thank you so much. >> my pleasure, well done, you did a great job, congrats. you can relax and enjoy the movie. >> you did great. it was good. >> how great was she? heather: do you have tears in your eyes? >> not at all. i'm so proud of her. when she grows up she wants to work for acs in the city with all the news, headlines, they could use her but i think she found her calling right there.
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so her school is part of new york care's program which 21st century fox is a sponsor off. that's how she came to our world. heather: logan hits theaters when? >> this friday. heather: 25 minutes after the top of the hour. a new low for liberals calling tribute to rye -- ryan owens a political ploy. >> that makes me angry and in some way it always has to be political. it negates the meaning behind this. heather: now the wife of navy chris kyle is firing back
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heather: the sun not up yet. a life shot of new york city where the lights are always shining bright. good morning to you, you are watching "fox & friends first". i'm heather childers. jackie: and i'm jackie ibañez, 30 after the hour. heather: hitting the ground running, republican leaders meeting with president trump after first congressional address. jackie: gop waste nothing time turning agenda into action. griff jenkins live in washington, d.c. with the first order of business. hey, griff. >> hey, jackie and heather, it is time to get busy, president trump huddling with gop leaders, plan to go put ambitious agenda into action. >> thank you very much, we are just here to start the process. it begins as of now, we think we
2:31 am
are going to have tremendous success and thank you very much. appreciate it. >> now, no democrats attended that luncheon but appeal to the wider congress includes moving legislation on a long list of issues ranging from infrastructure to tax reform with the top priority repealing and replacing obamacare. hhs secretary tom price telling bret baier last night that things are moving. >> well, i think we are getting very, very close. we have good input from all individuals across the hill. the president last night, i thought he did a remarkable job in laying out the challenge that we have where we are right now, that plans are costing too much, providing too little care and only getting worse. >> this comes as news-breaking last night about allegations that attorney general jeff sessions had two contacts with russia's embassador during presidential campaign, something he did not discloses during confirmation hearing, this prompting house minority leader nancy pelosi and other democrat leaders to call for his
2:32 am
resignation. the attorney general responding by issuing this statement to fox news saying, quote, i never met with any russian officials to discuss issues of the campaign, i have no idea what the allegation is about, it is false. and finally, guys, hhs secretary tom price and vice president mike pence will hit the road taking plan of action to ohio to meet with business leaders. it's going to be a very busy thursday. jackie: it'll be interesting to see how that shakes out today. heather: thank you, griff. jackie: disgusting new low for democrats. hillary clinton volunteer fired for bashing the powerful moment during president trump's speech to congress recognizing the widow of navy seal ryan owen. former clinton volunteer creating a fire storm with this disgusting tweet saying, quote, sorry owens wife, you're not helping yourself and husband's
2:33 am
memory but clapping like an idiot. trump just used you. consulting firm fired him any way for that. heather: shut down the twitter account too. liberal attacks not stopping there. listen to what michael moore had to say about the moment. >> to use that and put another notch on his belt and what is he thinking about, my ratings, record applause. i'm going to get an emmy for this, most applause for a dead soldier on my watch. i mean, this is the -- the sickness of this man. heather: isn't he using it too there? the comments about owens honor sparking outrage, widow of chris kyle refusing to stay silent. >> it makes me sick to my stomach and makes me angry because he's say two things when he says that to me, a, she's a fool and doesn't know she's being used, that's ridiculous and farther from the truth and
2:34 am
that this wasn't warranted. it totally negates with everyone watching that cried with her that some people fighting not for republicans, not for democrats, they're fighting for this ownt ri. she is anything but a poor woman or a poor widow, she has strength in her little finger than most will have in a lifetime. heather: absolutely. don't miss taya kyle. jackie: shameful and disgusting. heather: the president was sincere. dan asked, why would you purposely try and cause more woman more pain than she's already endured. jackie: the left and the media have turned me into a republican. bashing of carryn
2:35 am
owens was just a nail in the coffin. heather: manhunt intensing right now for a cold-blooded kill ner nashville. the man seen on surveillance video stabbed 23-year-old ferguson, the roommate finding lifeless body after waking up to schemes, the man was looking for unlocked cars before finding ferguson's door unlocked. seven police officers in baltimore indicted for racketeering, accused of using power to stop people for no reason and rob them. in some cases thousands of dollars, they are also used to falsifying records to make double salaries in overtime. all seven are on the gun-tracing task force and face up to 20 years in prison. >> record number of guns at
2:36 am
airport security check points, 21 guns con fistated in one day. that beat it is old record of 18 confiscated in a single day. 79 guns found in carry-on luggage, 68 loaded with bullets believe it or not and some had round chamber. that's scary. delaying takeoff for four hours, folks. mice are known to chew through wires and the jet had to find ot plane to get out of london. delay could have reportedly caused british airways 300,000 bucks in fee. that's a mouse that knows thousand rack up the bill. heather: stick it to the airline
2:37 am
. boy run get away from a girl from wrestling tournament. taking off after the handshake in pennsylvania. jackie: the girl is not knowing what to do with the little guy and pins him down but he refuses to fight back. he eventually wiggles free and takes off running again, he's like no way. heather: he was being a gentleman. he wasn't going to fight back. >> the time now is about 20 minutes after the top of the hour and record-breaking day on wall street. it was huge as stocks soar above 21,000. our next guest to break it down and tell us what is behind the surge. >> i don't understand the question.
2:38 am
jackie: pretended to be brack and she's back with a new name. you bet you, you're not going to believe this one. heather: the friends who sent police on a wild chase
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heather: welcome back, the fox business alerts stocks in new high in wake to congress. dow closing above 21,000 for the first time ever. guest bryan chair of the business and finance at king's college in new york city is here to break down what all of this means. i do know it's good news, right? >> absolutely. record high for the dow, the biggest run-up since 1999. the stock market is soaring, they love the president's
2:42 am
address the other night. heather: they feel things are going in a good direction, obviously? >> positive and constructive and the market wanted to see him do that because that's going to help him get policies through. heather: positivity and four factors specifically. >> americans when they look at the economy should slook -- look at the stock market and look at gdp growth, participation rate, they need to look at the hiring rates, these are the kinds of things that drive the economy forward and help average americans. in terms of gdp, it's been verye past eight years particularly last year. we would love to see that move up. we think that tax cuts and regulatory form can help us to get there. heather: is there a certain marker level that we get to. >> the president has talked about that, 3 to 4% growth. heather: participation rate.
2:43 am
>> it's been very low. we have seen a lot of people drop out and they have given up looking for work. very bad news for the economy. heather: unemployment numbers are deceiving. >> very odd to the average american, that's simply how we count it. we want to see people move back to the labor force, they are feeling good and companies are hiring. heather: wage rate. >> wages have been slow to grow over the last eight years, even longer than that, around 3% or so. we want to see that move up to 3 to 4%. companies hire, businesses, pushes wages back. exactly, exactly. heather: that's what president trump has said. his administration will be about jobs, jobs, jobs. he's been working hard to do that even before getting into office. >> the stock market is moving up because investors think he's going to deliver on that. the average americans want to look at underlying factors and see, are we seeing the growth because that's going to put
2:44 am
money in their pockets and when they get money in their pockets, affirms what's happening in the stock market. heather: this is tech bubble which may not be a good thick? >> the run-up that we have seen lately was matched only in 1999, with the tech bubble. i don't know the situations, but when the market moves up that quickly, you know investor expectations are high and the important thing is will the real economy deliver and that means the president has to delivery on his policies. if he can do that, i think the run-ups, we are going be just fine, if we have trouble with tax reform, that's when the stock market might be getting ahead of itself. >> people are waking up this morning, what should they do, what can they watch? >> the president gets policies through. if he has trouble with his policies, that's when the stock market gets into trouble.
2:45 am
watch what happens with tax reform, watch what happens with health care. heather: jackie. jackie: trump administration vows to crack down on recreational pot use, colorado now pushing back. the state moving ahead with the first in the nation to allow marijuana clubs, but individual counties can bar the measure meanwhile, houston is getting on board. a new policy is going into effect that allows people caught with up to 4-ounces of marijuana to avoid arrest or jail time by taking a four-hour drug education class. are you deplorable and proud? now you can drink to that. >> hillary called them deplorable. they're not deplorable. jackie: wine made right here in the good old usa, worth 15 bucks each, proceeds go toward fighting liberal bias in the
2:46 am
mainstream media. now let's check in with brian kilmeade. what dow yo think about the deplorable wine? brian: i'm always open to try new things. good to be in big screen behind you. now in my own screen. here he answers viewers' questions, for example. >> are you a mets fan or yankees fan, the faith of the world relies on this answer. >> well, i don't think it does. brian: we are going to talk about carryn owens. a navy seal comes to her defense. we will bring you that story only on "fox & friends". please get dressed. put something on
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jackie: good morning, tin minutes till the top of the hour. no habla ingles, new bill is getting rid of a school of testing children's ability in english, it would allow to test in spanish, measure receiving unanimous support from the house education committee. heather: ignoring our laws two north eastern university professors saying that the united states has a moral obligation to provide illegal immigrants with health care. philosophy and law professors controversial plan calls for extending healthcare subsidies to noncitizens even if it means american taxpayers foot the bill. they counter that financial strains on hospitals would then decrease. do you remember this woman,
2:51 am
rachel, she made some head lines for lying about being black. >> are you african american? >> i don't understand the question. heather: former naacp chapter president exposed by her white participants as living secretly as a black woman and now goes by the west african name, set to release a tell-all books and says that she still doesn't believe that she is white. jackie: police capturing four-legged felons wandering. seems like we are seeing this a lot. >> of all the calls police have made over the years, none as hairy involving dolly llama and her boyfriend. >> a fun call to be on. when you roll up and there's a
2:52 am
couple of llamas hanging out, it'll be an interesting day. >> the neighbors noticed the run aways, as you can see in dash cam video, the police found the four-legged felons in the front yard a couple of houses, llamamas' momma brought leashes and within a couple of minutes hoofing them back to holding pen. >> they are about 9-month-olds. they love the attention as much as they love being on self-guided tour. >> when police tweeted out a picture of animals, social media came up with its own humorous nick neighborings for the entire escapade.
2:53 am
>> llamagedon and llama drama. >> arizona police chasing a pair of run away llamas went viral but when all is said and done, our local llamas on the loose that had a good run. >> any time you get the hang out with llamas is a good day. heather: maybe they are really smart. >> the time now is 8 minutes until the top of the hour and chocolate cake for lunch, a school now criticizing a mother's choice for her child and your emails are, of course, pouring in on this one. up next. >> this is not a joke. this is not a joke, i'm afraid they read the wrong thing. this is not a joke, moonlight has won best picture. jackie: can you believe this happened? who can forget this major oscars oops who is now being vanished from the awards to make sure this never happens again. pretty embarrassing. heather: the horror. ♪
2:54 am
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2:58 am
it rayed 3.4 billion-dollar in its initial public offering. one share will cost you 17 bucks. and george w. bush's art exhibit officially opens at stores this morning for his presidential on the. the former president painting dozen of military members who have served since september 11th that he has gotten to know personally. time now for the good, the bad, the ugly. first, the good, the golden arches served right to your front door, mcdonald's test delivering service in its top five global markets including right here in the u.s. next, the bad. the accountants behind this epic oscar epic blunder officially fired and banished by holiday. >> this is not a joke. >> this is not a joke. i'm afraid they read the wrong thing. this is not a joke. moonlight has won best picture. responsible for mixing up the envelopes that led to that moment. conan was caught taking photos
2:59 am
with celebrities when it all happened. suing papa john's pizza for sending too many promotional text messages claiming calling anxiety. started getting. replied stop. they never did. now he want 500 bucks for every unwanted message that comes across his phone. heather: earlier we telling you about australian mother who landed in hot water over a piece of chocolate cake. >> she put the treat in her kindergartner's lunch. heather: fell under the red category it has too much sugar and saturated fat. it went on to tell her to make better choices with unhappy face. >> we asked you is this a valid concern or out of line. your comments pouring in on social media. school is not a parent, end of story. heather: amy emailed saying when i was a kid you could
3:00 am
learn how to bake a cake in home economics. >> the school was out the line. let the parent decide what to feed the child. heather: it was her birthday by the way. "fox & friends" starts now. >> have a piece of chocolate cake. >> no longer should the government be dictating to the american people what kind of health coverage they ought to buy. >> we are here to start the process. it begins as of now. >> he is one of the three or four smartest people ever to be president. >> the dow 30 has now crossed 21,000 for the first time. >> that ties a record we haven't seen since may 1999. and beginning of an internet boom. >> our objective is to pass tax reform by the august recess.>> wall street now beliet can in fact and will get done. >> deadly storms across the midwest. >> looks like a bomb went off but it was a tornado that hit.


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