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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 3, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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going viral. the school resource officer showing his support for a high school in buiillings, montana. he did it for the team. here's shep. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast. noon on the west. once upon a time, disagreements in american democracy were settled in a debate. times a duel. but now they tend to break out in cyber space. the leader of the free world get in a twitter war with the senate top democrat. and going after terrorists in yemen. war drones hitting targets affiliated with al-quaida. we'll go to the pentagon with the latest. repealing obamacare. new word of a vote could happen within weeks. we're learning what the republican plan may include. from doing away to penalties to taxes on your workplace health
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insurance and possible higher premiums for older americans. we'll look at how the gop plan could affect all of us. let's get to it. first from the news deck, president trump is blaming democrats for the problems of jeff sessions. the president says the democrats are trying to make up for their election loss and the entire russian narrative is a "total witch hunt." president trump even sparked a twitter ward with chuck schumer over the russian matter. more on that in a moment. this comes a day after the attorney general jeff sessions recused himself from the investigation into russia's interference in america's election after admitting that he spoke twice with the russian ambassador in the campaign season. sessions didn't disclose those
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discussions in confirmation hearings. the attorney general claims that's because he spokes to russia's ambassador as a senator, not as a campaign surrogate. and that the two did not discuss the election. one of the conversations took place in july after attorney general sessions gave a speech on the sidelines of the republican national convention. he traveled on campaign money, not senate money. senator sessions says his second meeting took place in september in the senator's office. here's what he told fox news last night about the meeting. >> i don't recall any discussion of the campaign in any significant way. it was not an coordinating of an effort or doing anything improper. i don't believe anybody that was in that meeting would have seen or believed i said one thing that was improper or unwise.
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>> the attorney general said he didn't consider disclosing his meetings with the russian ambassador. michael flynn met with the same ambassador. he did take to sergey kislyak about meddling in the u.s. election. the white house said he lied to the white house about it and the president asked him to resign as a result. many on team trump have had contact with russian officials. we learned that jared kushner was in the flynn meeting with the russian ambassador who is described as a russian spy and spy recruiter. former trump campaign adviser carter paige met with the russians. he worked for years in russia as an investment banker and gave a speech where he criticized the us for ideas like democratization, regime change in the soviet union and russia. paul manafort reportedly talked with the russians. intelligence officials say they
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have recordings with him on the phone. manafort denies it. he did political consulting work for trump and the ukrainian strong man victor yanakovich. he was wanted in ukraine for high treason. for sessions, we didn't learn of his talks until "the washington post" broke the story wednesday. john roberts is live at the white house this afternoon. tell us more about the twitter war between the president and the senator from new york. >> shep, good afternoon. these things used to be settled through debates or sometimes the odd duel. now it's moved to the twitter sphere. the good news is, some people committed career suicide on twitter. nobody dies these days. the president taking aim at chuck schumer finding a picture of him in 2003 with vladimir putin when vladimir putin was in new york city to open the luc oil station tweeting out we
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should start an immediate investigation into senator schumer and his ties to russia and putin labelling him -- [technical difficulties] >> it appears we lost our connection with john roberts on the north lawn. that's a place where connections with reliable. in this case, it's gone done. we'll work to re-establish with john. actually i should tell you, he's back. hello. >> hey, shep. sorry. i don't know what happened there. we're back. good. glad to hear we're back. president trump tweeted out a picture of senator schumer back in 2003 standing with vladimir putin when vladimir putin was in new york city to open the first luc oil was station there saying we should start an immediate investigation with schumer's ties to russia. schumer fired back in a tweet, happily talked my contact with
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many putin and his associates. senator schumer added they were krispy kreme doughnuts that we were eating there. of course, the senate minority leader has been calling on senator sessions now attorney general sessions to step down saying that he's lost the credibility to lead the department of justice. but the vice president, mike pence, who is visiting in janesville, wisconsin, with paul ryan, said that the senator, now the attorney general, has the full confidence of the president and certainly of the vice president. listen to what pence said a short time ago. >> i think he's corrected the record appropriately. we're just very confident in his ability to lead this agency and respect his decision to recuse himself. >> senator schumer is saying this matter shouldn't stay inside the chain of command at the justice department with sessions recusing himself and
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would now pass to his deputy to over see investigations. senator schumer wants a special prosecutor or an outside investigator named to head up this investigation even saying yesterday that while perhaps we should resurrect the office of the independent counsel. shep, you'll remember that was the office that gave rise to the ken starr investigation. >> indeed. my understanding -- one of the meetings with the russian ambassador, a quick meeting at the republican convention. we have more on his travels. >> we. the "wall street journal" said that sessions paid for that out of political funds. how could he be acting as a senator and a member of the armed services committee. he paid for it out of his re-election fund. he was still a senator. gives him broad latitude while
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he's at the rnc. he was the head of the alabama delegation. he was invited to give a speech to this global partners in dediplomacy convention going on sponsored by the u.s. state department and the heritage foundation. there was a similar conference that went on in philadelphia at the dnc after that. it was on the sidelines of his speech that he met with kislyak, the russian ambassador. he said it was a chance meeting. kislyak came up and talked to him and they didn't talk about anything to do with the campaign. if he had have been -- the travel had been paid by the trump campaign, it would have been difficult to claim he was there as a senator. if he traveled on the taxpayer's dime, he wouldn't have done anything politically. so my understanding he was firmly on legal ground. ever pry thing that he did there at the rnc and terms of how that was paid for and the activities he engaged in. >> thanks, john roberts.
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a senior pentagon official says al-quaida in the arabian peninsula or aqap represents a greater threat to the united states homeland than isis. the u.s. military carried out another round of air strikes in yemen for the second straight night. local officials say it's one of the most sustained air campaigns we've seen. the attacks, part of the a ramped up effort against al-quaida since the january 29th navy seal raid that killed ryan owens. there's been conflicting intelligence against the evidence gathered in the raid. we're hearing from the pentagon saying it's helping better understand the workings in the arabian peninsula. jennifer griffin has more. >> shepard, the pentagon says the intelligence gathered from the navy seal raid on january
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29th are potentially actionable. it's definitely helping us understand the aqap network and further develop it out. this official described it as large volumes of information, including who is connected to who and what is part of the information that the seals recovered from the operation. it's good information, the officials said. we reported at the time the navy seals collected a computer and ten mobile phones that out in and would be scanning them for targets. the u.s. military has been working with other arab special forces in gathering intelligence on al-quaida in the arabian peninsula for some time. we're told aqap represents a greater threat to the u.s. homeland than isis. top officials have been long concerned about aqap's ability to build nonmetallic bombs that can slip through airport screening. the pentagon says over 30 air strikes have been carried out
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against aqap in yemen the past two nights. that's according to captain jeff davis. ground forces have not been involved in combat since january 29th on the ground, the seal raid. officials say that both drones and man-to-aircraft were used in the strikes that took place the last two nights. >> shepard: jennifer, thanks. let's bring in tara maller, former c.i.a. military analyst in washington. more dangerous to us in the homeland than even isis is aqap. >> yes. officials have been concerned about al-quaida in the arabian peninsula. they have shown capabilities for more coordinated attacks and bomb making abilities. so individuals here that may or may not be inspired is what we've seen on the isis front. they're both concerning. the real concern act the nonmetallic bombs that could go
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through airport security, i was listening to a subcommittee on the hill. a lot of concern about drones by terrorist groups that are armed and can attack targeting abroad or in the united states and in europe. >> shepard: the bombs, bombs that can't be detected by the detection systems which our services use. have those bombs been found anywhere? have they been put into action anywhere? >> i think one of the things that you'll see in the next few weeks, as they go there intelligence recovered in the raid and as they hit more targeting in yemen, part of the operations are degrading capabilities but part are to get information about their plans, get information about individuals and get information about camps and where they're operating out of. we don't know if all of those types of intelligence were recovered in this raid. it seems like right now, they're going through the materials that they took and we'll see what comes out of this. we may not hear the precise intelligence gained in the raid because they might act upon it
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smartly so without making it public. >> shepard: that would make sense. interesting thing about this raid, tara, and our viewers are aware of from reading on this, at first there were records this was highly successful. then there were reports that came in the next few days, that they hadn't gotten much intelligence and now we're hearing from the pentagon they did get intelligence and some may with actionable. what are we to believe here? >> a few things going on here. obviously the loss of a navy seal in a raid is tragic and awful. these are the riskiest operations. so in these cases, there's things that could go wrong. the bin laden raid was a success when we carried that out under obama but there could easily have been something that went wrong. the pentagon is going to try to show there was valuable intelligence that was gained from this raid. that justifies why they used forces as opposed to air strikes. if you strike the facility, it's harder to get the information from the ground from special forces. that's why they have been very
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public to show there was intelligence gleaned. i haven't seen the smoking gun. i don't know that they found intelligence about a plan or plot, but it's usually demonstrated over time. >> shepard: thanks, tara. the threat against jewish centers and an arrest. 90% of the world's largest supercomputers run on intel? that means you can take a universe of data - in your case literally - and turn it into medical discoveries, diagnostic breakthroughs... ...proof that black holes collapse into one singularity. i don't know what that is. but yes. innovation runs on supercomputers... ...and supercomputers run on intel. you are super smart.
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>> shepard: breaking news now on fox news channel. the suspect accused of threatening jewish centers across our nation set to appear in federal court in st. louis at any moment. the suspect we know is a 31-year-old named juan thompson.
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police arrested him yet. they say he made those threats in his ex-girlfriend's name to try to frame her as part of a revenge plot. thompson is a former journalist. his former employer, the intercept, fired him from making up stories. federal officials say thompson is behind at least eight of the recent threat of jewish centers across the united states. laura engle has more. what do we know about this man? >> all we know right now, he's 31 years old, juan thomas from st. louis and appears to be a romantic twist behind this. behind these several bomb threats. eight in all. one comes in here in new york and several to jewish centers around the country. we've been reporting there's been more than 100 threats throughout the month. if proven true, this solves part of the puzzle. investigators say he used his
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ex-girlfriend's name in an attempt to frame her after she broke up with him last summer. some of the calls that forced the evacuation of schools were described as robo calls. others had a live person on the line. official federals say that thompson attempted to flip the script and made up an e-mail address to make it look like his ex-girlfriend was sending the bomb threats in in his name. new jersey state senator bob menendez vowing to put an end to the threat to the jewish community. >> i'm confident as we evidence in today's arrest in missouri, that we will find and prosecute those that have committed these acts of hatred. >> now, reps with the anti-defamation league say thompson was on the radar of the a.d.l. center on extremism who follows his past activities and
12:19 pm
the false reporters that he made about dillon roof, the charleston, south carolina church shooter. >> shepard: we mentioned his former employer fired him for making up stories. do we have more on that? >> thompson had identified a suspect, people that knew him coming forward, telling reporters that he was fired from the intercept after conjuring up a story about interviewing a fictional cousin of dillon roof and trying to game sympathy with suffering from testicular cancer. he was reportedly fired in january of last year after the outlet claimed to have discovered a pattern of deception, fabricating stories and creating fake e-mail accounts that he used to i'm percent canadian people, which is a pattern of what we're seeing in this bomb threat story, shep. >> shepard: thanks, laura. a catholic high school is giving lessons on how to make millions
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of dollars after an investment in the tech company paid off in an enormous way. snap chat this! man, they got millions. wait till you hear the story. and a check in on the dow, which has been running like wild fire of late. today it's up just barely. details ahead.
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>> shepard: well, do you have kids or grandkids? if so, there's a good chance they're using snap chat. they're snapping it this dais. it's an app that let's you send pictures and messages that disappear after viewing them. the company went public yesterday. a high school in mountainview, california made bank. the board of st. francis, the name hoff the school, invested
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about $15,000 a few years ago. they did it on a simple recommendation from a venture capitalist. this guy had a teenage daughter and he saw her on this app. he's like what is this? she's like it's the best thing. talked to your siblings. they loved it. turned out all the kids were using it. dad bought some and said hey, school, you do the same. $15,000. that investment worth $24 million. >> it's going to do wonders for building new buildings around here and helping out our students. >> st. francis will be popular, even if he missed out on the snap chat ipo, your 401(k) will be doing okay today. stocks are on a tear. the dow is up 15% since the presidential election. it's not doing bad today. we learned from janet yell len, the fed chairman, that interest rates are most likely going up at the end of the month. investors figured that. hearing it often moves the
12:25 pm
market down, which i guess it did for a while, but she's rebounded nicely. the chairman signalled interest rates will go up in a couple weeks, which mean you could pay more on credit card and mortgage bills. your cds might do better. it's a sign that our economy is getting stronger. and we have the co-founder of syn. >> syn plus. >> and a financial strategist. love the story of this high school. >> i love it. >> i guess one of the kid's dads was giving love to the school and you ought to try this. they put 15 k in there. >> they're setting a look at how we look at angel investing. we're thinking constitutional investors will make it big when these things happen. we've seen it, it could be you or i or your school board. i'm exciting to see this case study and sparks innovation.
12:26 pm
>> shepard: snap chat opened at $27. by the time it made it to the market, it was like $41. >> yeah. exactly. 15 k turning into $24 million. not a bad roi. >> good for them. >> i hope that other private organizations look at the way they invest in their boards and for a good cause in in case. snap chat looking to be a social enterprise so now they are for this catholic school. >> shepard: the market, the valuations are weird. but the market is up and everybody seems to be making money. but something is weird, right? >> a lot owed oh. >> shepard: valuations are off. >> people say that we're overly optimistic from what is happening from a political standpoint. anticipation of infrastructure and deregulating and tax cuts. now the interest rates going up, which is also a signal for a healthier economy. all of that, it's almost too good to be tree. we keep seeing it go up and up. why not leverage it when you
12:27 pm
can? >> shepard: president trump speaking at a parent teacher listening session today during a i have have it at st. andrews catholic school in orlando, florida. there's video from the event that the white house is playing out for us and coming to us right now. let's listen. >> a fantastic job. just did a tour. i was given a couple of beautiful cards by the students. well-done. i appreciate it. bishop noonan, thanks so much. a very powerful man. i appreciate it very much, your helping us with prayer. i have to say that your support of schools like st. andrews has been incredible. everybody talks about it. they talk about you. you understand how much a student benefit's from full education, one that enriches the mind and the soul, a combination. a good combination. latrina, i want to thank you.
12:28 pm
the job you have done is incredible. we've been talking about you. you have a big reputation in florida, you know that, for your talent and a lot of other thing. and for your love of what the you do. i can see as soon as i met you, the love you have for what you do is really fantastic. i want to thank you very much. superintendent val, where are you? you have been fantastic. the job you're doing, going to do, is i think with what is happening and with people like marco and rick scott, the presence of seeing this today, it's going to go further and further. they're big fans. so i'm grateful to have everybody here today. i'm very pleased. where is governor scott? right over here. senator marco rubio. as you know, secretary devos was approved a couple weeks ago. she's the one that we report to
12:29 pm
when it comes to education. i know you'll have a fantastic relationship with the secretary. that's going to be a lot of good things for your school and the entire system. st. andrews catholic school represents one of the many parochial schools dedicated to the nation's most disadvantaged children. but they're becoming just the opposite very a paidly through education and with the help of the school choice programs, this month we commemorate the thousands of peaceful activists for justice who joined martin luther king on the march from solomon to montgomery. on that day, reverend king hoped that in fear, education would become, as he said "a thing of the past" and we're going to work very much for the future and what he predicted would be the future. as i have often said in my address to congress and to just about anyplace i can speak, education is the civil rights
12:30 pm
issue of our time. it's why i've asked congress to support a school choice bill. we have come a long way. we're right out there. we're ahead of schedule in so many ways when it comes to education. again, betsy will lead that charge. right? doing a fantastic job. and danisha meriwether is with us. you did a great job the other night. i was honored that she joined melania and myself as our guests to congress and my address. she's the first to graduate high school and college and about to complete her masters in social work, right? [applause] we want millions more to have the same chance to achieve the great success that you're a chiefing right now. you think that can be done, i bet, right? >> of course. >> look at that. her eyes light up.
12:31 pm
fantastic. i want to thank the parents and teachers in st. andrews and the graduates that are with us today. it's a special place. it's also a special state. florida to me is a very, very special state. i mean, i know people back there. they know why i like it so much. we've had a lot of success if florida and i love it. it's my second home. i'm here all the time. we have the southern white house in florida. we get a lot of work done. there's no rest there. it's all work. we love the state. we love the state the way it's managed between marco and rick and some of the others. doing a great job. we appreciate it very much. thank you. thank you very much. [applause] >> shepard: an education emphasis in central florida today with the president's men and women. republicans have promised to repeal and replace obamacare. while we're still not clear on what the replacement will be, we're getting strong word now on when the repeal might happen.
12:32 pm
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>> shepard: more headlines from the fox news channel. newly released video shows a prisoner attacking a guard with a towel. trying to strangle him before some of they are inmates jump in to help the guard. it happened at a jail in tampa. the inmate saved the guard's life. the attacker facing assault charges. in florida, crews cleaning up a tanker truck after it spilled 8,000 gallons of fuel. crews put down foam to help absorb the fuel. some of the gasoline got in the water. the coast guard is helping with the cleanup. an unexploded world war ii bomb caused a scare in london.
12:35 pm
the emergency workers evacuated skills and businesses and homes an transit officials re-routed trains and buses. everybody is okay. the news continues after this. i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at
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hey rick, all good? oh ya, we're good! we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. >> shepard: this afternoon, vice president pence reiterated obamacare is the president's top priority and in his words, we're going to go to work on it in a number of days. so how many days? we don't know. president trump's health secretary is responding to accusations that the gop is hiding a secret bill to replace obamacare. this is a bit of a stunt on the hill. the gop senator rand paul claimed house republicans renewed to show it to other republicans. tom price says he's unaware senator paul ryan was trying to see a draft of it. secretary price has not claimed to have seen a new bill.
12:38 pm
made an important point. they're having a hard time figuring out what's going on. >> shep, i'm told the relevant lawmakers will work through the weekend doing fine tuning of the republican obamacare repeal and replace plan. mike pence, dr. tom price, the secretary of health and human services and paul ryan were in janesville, wisconsin, the hometown of speaker ryan. all three are key players in the effort. pence said they look forward to ending obamacare by bringing in a system that will serve the needs of the american people. >> we expect in a matter of days that we'll begin to see a very brisk pace of legislative activity. we're going to repeal and replace obamacare and do it at the same time. >> rand paul continues jabbing at the gop establishment tweeting this afternoon, oh, look, politco has more details on the house obamacare life plan. the reporter says, can i get a copy?
12:39 pm
democrats like nancy pelosi are mocking the republicans who have campaigned on repeal and replacing since 2010 and have yet to release the bill. denny hoyer had this exchange with kevin mccarthy on the house floor to end the week. >> can i see the bill today? is. >> you're not on that committee. you can look when we work it up. >> in other words, they will mark it up before anybody in the public, including -- >> no -- >> -- a member of the house of representatives -- >> if the gentleman yields, i'll answer the question. it's similar to every other bill we move. they will post it before they mark it up so everybody can see it and debate it. >> the expectation the relevant committees will work it next week with a vote by the end of the month. >> shepard: sounds like we have to vote on it before we read it. now more on what may or may not
12:40 pm
be in the new plan. this is aaron zitner. somebody called it obamacare-like. is that fair? do we know? >> in a certain sense, yeah, some people say obamacare-like. they will say this is like taking a dog, shaving the fur off and calling it a different animal but it's still a dog. some of the reasons for that are under obamacare, we know a lot of people get subsidies to buy insurance. under the new bill, a lot more people would get tax credits. it's still the government helping people buy insurance. >> shepard: tax credits, the tea party-types, the right wing, the fiscal conservatives won't like that and neither are the constituents. >> that's right. that's why we say everything is tentative. this bill is being written with the support of the house leadership. it has to get through the house. the conservatives don't like it. they have a lot of votes there. if it gets through the house, it will have a different set of
12:41 pm
challenges in the senate. >> shepard: i'm reading about higher premiums for older people? is that right? >> that's right. what you get is freedom. the current law has a mandate. you have to buy insurance. the mandate goes away. larger employers have to buy insurance. that goes away. insurers are told under the existing law that have to have certain elements. have to have maternity care, pediatric care, have to cover pre-existing conditions, have to cover preventative services. a lot of those go away so they can sell a broader away of insurance. the flip side is that a lot of people will pay more money for skimpier coverage. as you mentioned, there's a limit on how much you can charge older people compared to younger people. that limit gets raised and older people can be charged more compared to younger people. >> shepard: older people can be charged five times more, right? >> compared to three times. >> shepard: my reading of the obamacare law was that the
12:42 pm
concept at least was that everybody pays into insurance, when you're young, you don't use it as much because you're younger and healthier. later when you're older, you'll use it more, but will spread the costs out among all the people. that was the sort of theory behind this. i'm not saying it worked. i'm saying that was the idea. that's not the idea here at all. you use it more, injury in this category, you'll pay more. >> right. you're describing the element of insurance. >> total. >> we pay in. when we need it, you have a big risk pool. insurance, the patient's bill of rights, the insurers were trying to find the way to gain risk pool and only cover healthy people and exclude sick people. this proposal as it comes together seems to push more of the risk for covering your own costs on to sicker people and older people compared to obamacare. >> shepard: as you heard them say, they're still marking it up, if you will, their term for
12:43 pm
getting it all right beforehand and moving it on. so once it's marked up and made public, we'll know something about it. until then, we'll wonder. thanks, aaron. >> thank you. >> shepard: may have seen a story we did about a woman in mississippi who made front-page headlines. her family had been deported. she was here because her parents brought her here when she was 7. she lived an american life, paid taxes. there were some problems. the rest of her family got deported. she was in hiding. came to give a conference about how difficult that is and five minutes later she's been locked up. now she's moved to louisiana. the next step? she's out of here. we'll have that for you in just a moment.
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with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option click to activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. >> shepard: a live look in palm beach, airport. president trump has arrived at
12:47 pm
the winter white house, as the aides say. now he says it's all work and no relaxing at mar-a-largo. immigration policy is in flux. what we've been told is that a priority for deportation is undocumented immigrants and those violent criminals get the bad ones out as the president put it. the bad hombres. that's not universal. a case in point a young woman in mississippi spoke out about immigrati immigration. she will now be deported without a hearing. the feds are causing it a visa waiver overstay which is why she doesn't get a hearing. daniel vargas is from columbia. she called on president trump to protect immigrants like her. federal agents arrested her minutes later. retaliation? is that what happened? her lawyer says the paperwork had expired and that she applied for a renewal but it's still
12:48 pm
waiting. jonathan serrie with more on this. jonathan? >> well, daniella vargas' lawyers are worried. they requested a stay for her. it was a lapse in the daca that must but renewed every two years that allowed federal agents to detain her. an ice official says mrs. var s mrs. vargas's arrest is for agents finding her, not speaking out. >> the statement that ice made is that they were going to take her in front of a judge. we would like for them to do what they said they were going to do. >> lawyer nathan elmore that you saw there, met with vargas this
12:49 pm
afternoon and said physically she's doing well. emotionally she's distraught. after all, she's been in federal custody since wednesday, shep. >> shepard: there's reports that agents found a firearm in the family's home which makes the case more complicated. >> yeah, more complicated. february 15, agents went to the vargas family home and detained her father and her brother. then conducted a search of the home. according to the clarion ledger newspaper, they're reporting the search uncovered a firearm, which miss vargas said was for protect. federal law prohibits undocumented immigrants from having firearms. it's a felony. there was no dispute of the reporting. ice agents did not arrest mrs. vargas because she was there under daca. but it was later determined that was not the case. >> shepard: jonathan serrie live
12:50 pm
for us. thank you. everybody makes typos, right? it's not a big deal. except for the one an amazon staffer made which affected tens of thousands of websites and cost businesses millions of dollars. details on that coming. plus a look at how the world is watching and waiting to welcome a baby giraffe. the live feed that has captivated millions and then there's luchia. my luchia is the darker one. this is from the dog park. the lighter brown one is getting the better of her. they're not happy about it. the giraffe is next.
12:51 pm
when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> shepard: the.
12:54 pm
president arriving to cheers on the tarmac. just coming off air force one. let's listen. looks pretty good. west palm beach, florida. this can't be right. weather channel says it's 37 right there now. that's not possible, is it? 37 in palm beach? no! that can't be right, is it? today, today's forecast. 72 is better. that's more likely. what is this imposter? my weather app has been hacked. 72 and sunny in the palm beaches. i want to go! the president off for the
12:55 pm
weekend with some friends and first family. federal, state and health officials investigating an e. coli outbreak across five states now. people have reported a dozen cases so far. according to the center for disease control, the reported likely outbreak is the i.m. healthy brand of soy nut butter. from the soy nut butter company. really? as a precaution, the company is recalling the original creamy version with best-buy dates of august 30 and 31 of next year. the cdc says it may contain a specific type of e. coli bacteria. this type of e. coli kills about 30 people each year. i don't know what that is. trace gallagher, what is that? >> 11 of the 12 people that have gotten sick are under the age of 18. six hospitalized. four experiencing kidney
12:56 pm
failure. none have died but very serious. four cases in arizona, four in california, two in oregon and one each in both maryland and new jersey. if you have any on this i.m. healthy brands soy nut butter, even if you have eaten it, get rid of it. it's critical to point out that we could have more cases because it takes up to three weeks for symptoms to present, which means people that aid this stuff as late as february 10 are still at risk of getting sick. the cdc points out that the dna fingerprint of this e. coli strain has never been seen before, shep. >> shepard: thanks, trace. the giraffe is next waiting and waiting. the giraffe wants to get it done! (vo) this is not a video game.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
this is not a screensaver. this is the destruction of a cancer cell by the body's own immune system, thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now. and today can save your life. ♪ ♪ >> shepard: nobody likes a big baby, unless it's a giraffe. lillian is watching the giraffe cam. she's ready to drop, isn't she? oh, the microphone. they need to hear you.
1:00 pm
>> the latest internet sensation, april, the pregnant giraffe. the zoo started showing this feed on their account. she's had -- >> shepard: we have to go. out of time. bye. >> neil: all right. a republican sticking their neck out to do what the democrats used to do. hold meetings behind closed doors. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. you're watching "your world" and you're watching a turn in political worlds here where now republicans are hiding key legislation or at least their plans for it from other republicans who might be critical of their approach to repealing and ultimately replacing obamacare. wouldn't you know it got the likes of rand paul angry that he was trying to get into this so-called super secret meeting where they want to make sure they can craft a plan and not have anyone else see it. it got me th.