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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 3, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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>> he is the energizer bunny. thank you very much. we'll be exploring that, what he wants to do, versus what congress and the republicans will let him do. cost of freedom tomorrow. beginning at ten eastern right through noon. see you then. >> hello everyone i'm dana perino along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, jesse watters and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. >> dana: it's a witch hunt. that is how president trump is robbing to the out skrie. in a new string of tweets the president calls jeff sessions an honest man. he says the democrats are over playing their hand. they lost the election and now they have lost their grip on reality. the real story is all of the illegal leaks of classified and other information. it is a total witch hunt.
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does the attorney general agree? tucker carlson asked him during his exclusivity interview last night. >> i don't think what was said about that meeting i had with the russian ambassador was legitimate. i think it was hyped beyond reason. and i think it was unfair. i was glad to be able to address it today. >> dana: tucker carlson also asked him about why they didn't amend their statements. here is his answer. >> the question came to me, was from senator franken, and he went into a great length saying that that day some new story had come out, and said that various trump surrogates were meeting continually with russian officials as part of the campaign. i focused on, that i had not had any such meetings. it was not meeting with russian officials on a continuing bases to advance any campaign agenda.
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some time before that i had met in my office, in an official way with the russian ambassador. and so i -- that was the answer i gave. >> dana: then we have these two tweets as well. president trump tweeting we should start on immediate investigation into senator schumer and his ties to putin felt a total hip krit he calls him. and another one, i hereby demand a second investigation and lying about it, and there's a picture there. so, there we go. one more day of the russia story. kimberly. >> kimberly: russia, the country that keeps on giving. >> dana: i thought the attorney general put space and moved o what do you think? >> kimberly: we talked about that yesterday. he did himself and the president a service by getting out in front of this story, getting ahead of it. he wasn't avoiding any questions. he went on with tucker carlson
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last night. talked to tucker before the interview, asking some questions about it. he appears, like you said, we loved the transparency s. the idea of it yesterday. he is certainly a man learned in the law, he knows what he is doing. it appears thus far there isn't any wrongdoing. in fact it seems like this guy has met with quite a few people. the left hysteria and i had okaycracy, trying to flood the news media to further delegitimize president trump and separate him from some of his clothesest allies like with general flynn and now with jeff sessions. >> dana: you said before the show started you have a theory. >> greg: i do. i am equally outraged that people are actually talking to diplomats at a diplomate conference. next time you're going to meet a german at oktoberfest. what's that about? we've seen instances of russians meeting with democrats like
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schumer, feinstein, mckaskle. how do we not know the democrats were secretly helping the russians destroy donald trump? you could easily flip this back to them. and go they have to prove what they were talking about with those russians, so we know they weren't in fact colluding to get hillary elected so she could sell them more you are rain yum. that's my theory. >> dana: flip it over. >> greg: it's like those nesting dolls in russia, you keep opening one and a smaller one comes out. >> dana: that happens with the russian ambassador. >> greg: you open it and there's nothing there. >> dana: the last one is you. >> greg: that was unnecessary kimberly. you were on my show the tonight, i think i'm going to cancel you. >> dana: some are calling for the attorney general to resign, saying this is not enough. >> when loretta lynch met with
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president bill clinton while hillary was under investigation on the tarmac for 45 minutes they just spoke about their grandchildren. maybe that's what sessions
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should have said and he would have gotten off scot-free p they're embarrassed they lost the election and they set up land mines during the transition and during the first 100 days. there's leaks like god knows what coming out. you're getting 24 hour so-called scandals where even republicans are piling on. you have c hafetz and other guys coming in and saying he should step down and reit sign and then 24 hours later the trump puts these people in a body bag on twitter and makes a fool of them. >> dana: no republican has called for him to resign. >> no, they're getting close to that line. wouldn't you just want to wait to hear from sessions himself? >> dana: well we did hear there him. >> you heard a statement at the beginning. even before he went on tucker's show last night you had these
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associates of trump had series of meetings with the russians. i can't believe that you guys don't think, hey maybe there's a p pattern here. maybe something suspicious >> greg: before he was president i said we have to keep track of the russians. the person who gets the most out of this is putin t it's all about disruption. creating instability internally. it's to prove his own nation, his own country that democracy is on its way out. we have to be careful and we have to be aware that this is nothing. talking to a diplomate. i understand you always have to watch the russians. >> kimberly: why are they allowed to do it and republicans are not? do as i say, not as i do. >> bob: you can meet with whoever you like. it's when you start concealing you had the meeting. >> greg: it was a bait and the switch. they were asking whether he was meeting over trump's campaign and he said no. and if they had said, did you meet during your role as arm's chair. >> juan: even he said he should have been more forthcoming, slowed down and thought it out. last night tucker carlson said to him what about your staff, after you testified? didn't anybody come up to you. >> dana: and written testimony as well. that does go through staff.
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>> juan: that's right. senator lay i had of vermont asked him about, did you meet this? why didn't the staff help him out. >> greg: you're answering my question. >> his word is as good as the staff on "the five." >> greg: if the trump was truly colluding with the russians to win an election you would think they would be better at hiding it. their own candidate stood up in front of thousands of people and said hey russians could you look into hillary? do you think he would have done that if he was colluding. >> you think the trump campaign is a bunch of bump bling i did yachts, do you think they could have rigged the election? >> juan: i didn't say that. >> you've been saying it the last nine months. >> kimberly: double standard politics. >> juan: i think that you are confusing the idea that someone purposely or he may not say, intentional, but it sure looks like several people have intentionally concealed their relationships with the russians.
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>> kimberly: to what end? >> greg: to no end. >> juan: that's the point. did the trump campaign coordinate? no evidence whatsoever. the threat would be that the russians have something on president trump that they have somehow penetrated the white house and they have control of our foreign policy. >> you're such a hypocrite. when hillary was letting the russians take all the uranian you didn't say anything. when bill clinton was getting paid half a million dollars from moscow you didn't say anything. you only care about russia on november 9th. >> juan: get out of town. >> your girl lost. >> juan: a moment ago you were complimenting the five staff. i'm going to personally deliver your edition of the national inquire ri. >>. >> dana: what is the next step in the investigation? there's four investigations and it could take awhile. so then how do they figure out a way to answer those questions
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but stay on message. >> kimberly: i think they'll stay on message. because of his transparency, he answered the question, recused himself. i don't think he had to do that. but he did. in an abundance of caution to not create a problem for the president. that was his intention. this will proceed along, i don't believe unless the investigation will come forward, with what we know right now i don't believe there's something going to come out of this. maybe the democrats want to take a look in their own house. they seem to be hud listening all around him at the cocktail parties, eating pigs in a blanket with the russian guy. >> juan: where this goes from here, richard burr the senator from north carolina is going to try and get this thing moving to hold on to it. i don't have much confidence in what's going on in the house. the problem for bur is that he was so close to trump during the campaign. he was campaigning with him. >> kimberly: are you going to ask for him to recuse himself, too.
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>> juan: the pressure is for a special prosecutor. democrats haven't asked for it yet. >> dana: there's a good piece in the washington journal today that says if you want answers don't go to a special prosecutor. if there's nothing indictable everything gets suppressed and it will never see the light of day. >> juan: the democrats are saying if you let it stay in the senate intelligence committee then there are no public hearings, information could be hidden away. if they want it out in the open. >> greg: i have to say most of america is hearing right now, noise. you have to remember what happened during a commotion. stuff you have don't see coming. you ask yourself how come we didn't see bin laden did he know because we had commander in chief embroiled in scandal. we have artificial intelligence, at okay ka lip tick terror. those things are here. it's not going to be putin and
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sergei. obama's white house, 22 times. >> dana: i guess he was doing his job, he must happy with him. rush limbaugh is convinced there's something else at play here. he thinks the democrats and the so-called deep state are scheming to destroy president trump. hear rush's theory next. make no mistakes make no mistakes [ music playing ]mistakes [ music playing ] [ music playing ] (alarms)
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>> kimberly: welcome back. president trump is accusing -- rush limbaugh thinks there's more behind this. a shadow government filled with obama operatives actively working to destroy our president. >> there isn't any evidence of anything, except the obama administration and its hold over in the deep state try to sabotage the duly elected
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president united states. that is the story. that is what's happening. it's happening right in front of our eyes. it's not even a secret. i have no doubt, special prosecutor, everybody clam mo d mored -- investigate what? >> kimberly: well according to the new york times obama official set land mine after land mine on the way out to blowup in president trump's face. hold over in washington. should mr. trump be cleaning house? jesse, you would. >> jesse: i would clean house. i would fire everybody i could see. they're all gone. talk about saving money. you know what else i would do to fight back? i would re-open the hillary investigation. you guys want to play dirty? i'm opening up the investigation into the clinton foundation, observe's department of justice, apparently therm dealing out cash. it's not hard to believe. they rigged the primary against
2:19 pm
bernie. obama's irs went after political enemies and shredded the evidence. they laid land mines every way. paid guys to start fights at trump rallies. how hard is it to believe they're playing dirty and doing some sort of he is and i imagine under the table? i wouldn't put it past them 34689 it's not hard for you. >> jesse: i heard it's hard for you. >> kimberly: is jesse way off? >> juan: he's the ee pitt my of sont at this. i'm surprise the. >> jesse: you look surprised juan. >> juan: most of these leaks, apparently, if i'm watching what's going on, sean spicer and the president think they're in-house and people close to the president. give us your cell phones. whose cell phones. >> jesse: do you think kellyanne is leaking? >> juan: i don't know. >> jesse: maybe bare ron trump is leaking. i'm going to give you your
2:20 pm
national inquiry back. >> juan: if i'm saying give me your cell phones that's not my people that's trump people. i have to imagine if president trump says where are these leaks coming from, he had better get a hold of all the people he's been calling nazzis, all the people feel threatened in the state department. >> jesse: i just don't think sean spicer is leaking to the washington post about bad things coming out of the trump administration. doesn't make sense. >> kimberly: or bad things about himself. dana, voice of reason. >> dana: it's because there are two different kinds of leaks they're upset about. there are the ones about intelligence and then internal white house leaks which apparently have stopped at least for now, that looks like that is taken care of. i don't believe that there are that many obama political appoint ease, in terms of that designation left over. they had to leave unless they
2:21 pm
were specifically asked to stay. that doesn't mean before they left they didn't leave some sort of a trail. the clinton administration did that to president bush on cole fired power plants in december of 1999 -- i'm sorry, december 2000 they filed lawsuits against all sorts of cole firepower plants. they had no intention of prosecuting those. every day press dent bush was asked if he was going to continue it. he finally said, no, i'm not. it was a terrible news store from you r i don't think there's that many obama hold over left. career people could be leaking, state department officials who leaked they were unhappy with obama's policy, or the ones that said they wouldn't go to iraq. that happens but they're not political appoint ease. >> kimberly: hold over could be at shined politically, i'd logically with president obama versus trump.
2:22 pm
>> dana: that would be a schedule c. i wouldn't be surprised if there were very many schedule c employees left because you have to leave on january 20th. if those people were asked to stay they were fire them, there's not that many. >> greg: you don't need that many detain narcotics i'm surprised you would say that. deep state sounds way too cool for what these people are doing. they're basically jerks. they're lifetime loyal lifts who fear they'll lose their job. you only need two or three. believe me when i lost my job many years ago. >> kimberly: which one? >> greg: one of three. loyal lifts did the same thing if me. i think it is a problem but it's a problem that every president has had to deal with. i don't think it's anything new. deep state, i would look to anyone who has an obedient dog, that's your leaker. it's also a tasty pee.
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>> juan: oh my god. >> kimberly: whatever. ahead on "the five" president trump warns that he's going to deport illegal immigrants committing crimes in our country. >> president trump: we are removing gang members, drug dealers and criminals that threaten our communities and prey on our very innocent citizens. bad ones are going out as i speak. >> kimberly: one is doing everything she can to stop that. she helped at least one illegal escape the feds. details next. liberty mutual insurance.
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don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away if you have tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily ...and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made eliquis the right treatment for me. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. [ music playing ] . >> jesse: the trump administration is in the process of kicking out criminal illegal aliens from the country. those protecting our citizens, meet monica her her, everybody,
2:28 pm
she's a circuit court judge? oregon. she allegedly helped this illegal alien charged with dui, evade ice agents in january letting him escape through her private exit in the court house. here is more from prosecutor billy williams. >> obviously he was allowed to exit the courtroom and the facility through one of those doors, without being detected by the ice agents. the judicial system whether federal, or state, you have an expectation that people are going to abide by the law and not take steps based upon their own motivations, their own polly six, whatever the motivation was. >> jesse: they say they won't be launching criminal investigations into judge her her but they are court is doing an internal investigation. she remains on the bench. we reached out to her for
2:29 pm
comment, she says she's unable to give one. >> kimberly: you were supposed to say guilfoyle. what's going on with this? >> jesse: watters has made a judgment. miss guilfoyle, in all seriousness. >> juan: you should not be mocking the man. >> jesse: i'm not mocking him, i'm flat erring him. no one knows what you're talking about. >> kimberly: they do. >> jesse: can you charge this judge with anything. another hypothetical question, say she let's this guy out and he accidentally drives drunk and kills someone, can you charge her with aiding, abetting, accessory? >> kimberly: no, but clever. the first part of your question made sense. obviously what she's done is totally improper. she should be investigated. how outrageous that a judge is allowing, helping someone to escape. violating all the canons of
2:30 pm
ethi ethics. she should be removed from the bench and investigated. this is conduct not in keeping with the canons of ethics and the oath that a judge speaks. it's good we bring this up. you bring up a good point which is, what happens it? he goes out and does something else and kills somebody, et cetera. i mean yeah if i were the family members of that person, then i would try to sue her. you know. >> jesse: sheds probably liable. juan are the judges now becoming like sanctuary judges? it's like a church. can churches let in illegals and give them safe passage? is that what is happening now. they're 'em bolding them. >> juan: i think that's exactly what's happening. >> jesse: it's not good. >> juan: i agree with kimberly. i think the judge has a responsibility under law to protect the interest of the court and law enforcement officials. i don't think she should be interfering in that way.
2:31 pm
i don't think that's good. i really disagree with the whole thesis of this, you using the ward whhombre. >> jesse: it's spanglish. >> greg: president trump is goi -- >> juan: president trump is going after people, this guy on a dui. it is a serious crime. >> kimberly: ask mothers against drunk drivers. >> juan: it's not a felony. it's not a crime that you would say, suddenly this disstiffen wishes. this is not violent crime, not damaging to us. suddenly these are the people. about 25% of the people being deported by trump. >> kimberly: you can have a felony. >> jesse: i actually think driving drunk is pretty serious, especially if you mow someone down. dana what do you think about this judge? this is a big problem if this continues. >> dana: somebody from the bench or -- who would her superior be,
2:32 pm
kimberly? >> juan: the chief judge. >> kimberly: the chief judge there. >> dana: they have to say cut it out. even if your heart, if you think your heart is in the right place you have got to follow the law and that is unacceptable. >> jesse: this is civil disoh bead genes or syringe lab at thissism? >> greg: that's the point. this is how you become a liberal hero. judges are human, they fall for the publicity. she knows she's going to get good publicity. she's auditioning for her own made for it. v movie, she can call it misjudged. i would be really angry. i'm tired of illegal law breakers getting preference over legal law breakers. she let that guy run but not me because i'm send? both are wrong. sheds doing it for press and accolades. >> kimberly: she could be
2:33 pm
removed. >> dana: she could lose her job? >> kimberly: january mauer is going to investigate and see if she would be removed. >> jesse: thank you kimberly. stay tuned to hear what one movie star thinks is contributing to the jihad. up next.
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talk to your doctor about opioid-induced constipation. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. [ music playing ] . >> juan: how do we win the war against isis? an actor in britain thinks he knows. he thinks lack of diversity on television is driving young people to jihad. >> if we fail to represent people in our mainstream narratives, they'll switch off. they're turn to fringe narratives, and sometimes even off to syria. in the mind of the isis recruit, he's a regular james bond,
2:38 pm
right? in their mind everyone thinks they're the good guy. have you seen some of these isis propaganda videos? they're cut like action movies. where is the counter narrative? where are we telling these kids that can be heroes in our stories? >> president trump: greg you love to write narratives. i know that you are dismissive of the idea that if we somehow do things to allow these young people to feel involved that it's gonna lessen the threat of violence. do you understand what he's saying about the need to make your people feel they can be in our story? >> greg: the reason we're seeing this whether isis, al queda or whatever new thing you call it, it's toxic. but he is right, we've talked about on this show about creating a counter narrative to isis. why is isis at appealing? he's absolutely right. it's exciting to go go out and kill and pillage, for young
2:39 pm
guys, with nothing else. tv allows the angry and bitter to see global success. a guy in pakistan didn't know how successful kim car dash i don't know was but now you do. what isis does, it reversus the benefits of re listening john. it used to give civilly saying a counter to your competing desires, you don't need to have what that person has, there are better riches in heaven, go to church, love your neighbor. isis reverses that and says, you know what? you should have that. they don't deserve it. join us. we take it. we create the caliphate on this planet, the islamic state. they die, you live. 72 vir engines. he's got a point. >> juan: it's an interesting point kimberly. it plays into the idea of american pop culture, shows like 24, home land and how muslims
2:40 pm
are portrayed. they're always connected to terror. does that exist here? >> kimberly: it reflects reality. when they make the excuses about climate change, about if only there was the isis job fair they wouldn't do any of this, just completely ridiculous. i'm sick of it. i'm sick of people making excuses. it's the fault of america because we don't have them represented on television, depicted in a nice way, et cetera. but that's not the reality of the situation. their whole mindset and the way they live and breathe is all the ideology of radical islamic terrorism. they want it. they want to own it. they want to be a part of it. and they will achieve their objectives by any means possible. what they're doing actually is laughing when we're saying, oh perhaps if they had jobs or perhaps if they had -- i'm not saying you don't have to have media out there to try to counter act their narrative. but do not make excuses and put
2:41 pm
the blame here, when it's right there. you have to identify it. >> juan: i don't think it's fair to say all muslims are involved in terror? >> kimberly: did i even say that juan? >> juan: i thoughts that's what you were suggesting? >> kimberly: no, i did not say that. >> dana: there's an argument between seb bass shan gorka about whether president trump should have said radical islamic terrorism in his speech tuesday night. >> dana: here's the thing, he said it. >> kimberly: gorka wins! . >> dana: you can't put the horseback in the cart. what helps is ruthless winning. you know what osama bin laden did he know said. he never thought george w. bush would actually do anything. and then they were surprised. they're in afghanistan saying my gosh we didn't anticipate that. >> greg: that was a great impression of bin laden did he know, by the way. >> dana: thanks, just trying.
2:42 pm
friday. any way, we have to win. if we win basically you fill their media up with the fact that they're total losers, if it looks like a losing proposition you don't join. >> kimberly: that they're getting their butts whooped. >> juan: model listen all bright is talking, is he she says when the president uses talk will islamic jihad it's a recruiting tool. >> jesse: down i made a list. gitmo, saying islam nick extremist, climate change, air conditioners, internet, hollywood, travel ban, lack of jobs. drone strikes, board dom. boredom, george w. bush, fox news all recruiting tools for terrorism. >> greg: i'm going to add juan williams. >> juan: watch out. still to come hilarious late
2:43 pm
night laughs with president bush on jimmy kimmel. highlights. straight ahead. [ music playing ] >> do you have people sit for you? no, i go photos. >> do you ever paint nudz? >> none of your >> none of your business. it's not mine. i don't -- dale, honey, is your tummy still hurting, or are you feeling better to ride in the front seat? oh! is this one of your motorcycling friends? hey, chin up there, dale. lots of bikers also drive cars. in fact, you can save big if you bundle them both with progressive. i'd like that. great. whoo. you've got soft hands. he uses my moisturizer. see you, dale. bye, rob.
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[ music playing ] . >> greg: time for facebook friday. that cost $16 million. >> kimberly: now we're not going to get diet coke. >> greg: let's start with you kimberly. we'll work around to the little one. if you had to live the same day over and over again like ground hog day what day would you like to live and why? >> kimberly: it's not spending all day eating salami, i would do that any way. remember when you asked me the question, i said i would like to be invisible and go and kill as many members of isis i could? i would like to do that over and over again. >> greg: that never happened. >> kimberly: so what? in my mind it does. >> greg: all right, juan. try it make it something that actually happened in your life.
2:48 pm
>> juan: that actually happened. the day trump won election. that was such an amazing election. >> jesse: that was mine. >> kimberly: jesse and bolling. >> juan: if i can survive this the at okay clips will be nothing. it made me feel strong inside. christian guided, looking to a higher light, higher power. >> greg: very good. mr. watters. >> jesse: i'm going to go wedding day. >> kimberly: you must be in trouble. >> kimberly: july 22nd. >> greg: kimberly was going to do that, but she had to narrow it down. >> kimberly: that also keeps happening over and over. >> greg: what about you? >> dana: then years ago my husband and i went to wyoming where my family ranch is. we had an opportunity to move calves with them, you can move them up to south dakota so they could pasture for the summer. it was a beautiful day, perfect weather t we were all galoping
2:49 pm
together down this med doe and my uncle tom was still alive. i would love to do that again and again. we thought that was just the best day. >> greg: that's a lot of work. >> dana: it was a lot of work but fun. >> greg: i do relive my life every single day. i am so routine, i eat the same food, get up at the same time. i live my life every single day over and over again. >> kimberly: that's called ocd. >> greg: it allows you freedom to do other things. >> dana: like what? what do you do? >> greg: absolutely nothing. >> dana: you think you have the freedom. >> greg: my brain is free. >> kimberly: you didn't ask what you were going to have for dinner tonight? >> greg: i will. i'm having chinese food again. they know me well there. susan f, what is your favorite game show dana? >> dana: i love all game shows. favorite? i meaning $21,000 pir rid. what is it called? >> greg: 25.
2:50 pm
you don't even know it's time. >> dana: it's been a long time. >> greg: it certainly has. >> dana: i love that show. >> jesse: i like the price is right. that's one of my favorites. i also like when they have high school jeopardy because i can kind of compete against those guys. >> dana: did you see the college girl from mit last week? >> greg: you don't have to spell mitt. >> juan: i thought the kid from georgetown had beaten her. she came back at the last minute. >> greg: you guys actually watch jeopardy? >> juan: yes. >> kimberly: he was on jeopardy. at least you know that name. >> juan: you know how you have this habit, if i'm trying to go to sleepy watch family feud. >> dana: how do you fall asleep watching that? it's exciting. >> kimberly: this is a show we are supposed to go on, if someone would ask, family feud. >> juan: steve, please. >> kimberly: then i have to think of something else.
2:51 pm
>> greg: remember the dating game? [ laughter ] >> greg: with jim lang? >> kimberly: that's the one you? >> greg: every five years they find out a serial killer was on the show. >> kimberly: that would be just my luck. i'll go with wheel of fortune >> greg: that's your life as well. i wrote down concentration. that taught you how to remember things. you had to pick a line. that's very good to get a hold, sit them in front of a game show and force that child. >> dana: match game helped me have a good memory. >> greg: i learned a lot of terms from match game that i wasn't suppose the to in the early 70s. >> kimberly: like what? don't say it 36789 you ask your parents what this means and they would lie to you. >> kimberly: let's go. >> greg: "one more thing," up next! [ music playing ]
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>> it's time now for "one more thing." >> derek taylor, 19-year-old who lives in alabama walked to his 4:00 a.m. shift at ups every day. does it to earn money for his disabled mom, who is not workin working. his coworkers have always admired that work ethic, so they got him a surprise.
2:56 pm
>> [indistinct] [applause] >> this is, really, you know, change a lot for me. thank you again. >> it's unbelievable. if you didn't get that, the coworkers chipped in and got him his own jeep! they got him a jeep. derek was overwhelmed and he keeps to be moving on in ups. one day he hopes to get a degree in music engineering. you are inspiring to all of us. >> that's amazing. >> i thought you were talking to me. >> you are amazing. >> after that, you need to laugh. president bush promoting his book "portraits of courage" talked about a wide range of topics whether it resident bush talked about pop culture or the oscars. here's a clip. >> do you know who won the academy award for best picture? [laughter]
2:57 pm
>> asked the envelope. >> you were involved in many notable full faux pass >> there was mission accomplished. >> do you take pleasure or do you feel sorry for -- >> i feel sorry for them. i feel sorry for you. you look a little lost. >> i get that a lot. >> he's having a good week and the book is amazing for everybody. >> he's the best. >> i have a show tomorrow. it's at 10:00. you might want to check it out. you are missing out. the gas includes ms. kimberly guilfoyle. you know her from "the five." tyrus, katherine timpf. i encourage you to watch it. >> is that all you've got today? >> that's all i've got. >> wow.
2:58 pm
>> kimberly, save it. >> here is where i stretch. [laughter] >> there should be a whole segment of your stretching. perfect. highly acclaimed. in other stretching news, for women's history month, the iconic brawny man, right? the sky ! it's going to be replaced by this lady. not me. there you go. so they are going to do this as a special promotion. a woman is going to be wearing plaid. we look for them today, but couldn't find them. >> they are sold out. >> i know! >> why do they have to take another guys job? >> women pay more for drive dry cleaning. here is the best part. they are also going to showcase a series of short films that highlight women in stem fields,
2:59 pm
making $75,000 donation to girls and advocacy group aspiring girls to enter these. i like this all the way around. i want to say quickly that you can separate this into three little sections and it actually saves money instead of getting the ones that have the one big sheet. it is perforated. >> yes, i like that. >> that is my cleaning tip of the day. >> kimberly likes to bargain. do you have something to promote, jesse? >> there is going to be a lot of cleaned up after my show in 8:00 , i asked democrats if they can be bipartisan at all? check it out. >> is there anything you can get on board with on donald trump's agenda clicks make >> no. >> so you do not want to destroy isis? >> they are doing nothing to me. >> what? [laughter] >> saturday at 8:00. the best and the brightest. >> this has been a really good
3:00 pm
thing. he had eric bolling's birthday yesterday -- >> i will be on there tonight at 7:00. >> we are supporting a lot of big things. that is it for us. have a great weekend. "special report" is up next. >> bret: house speaker paul ryan one-on-one with an update on obamacare, tax reform and his view with the investigation into a possible rush of connection and leaks. a fox news exclusive. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. we will have an interview with house speaker paul ryan just a few minutes. today, the continuing furor over trump officials. and president trump going on a twitter offensive against the top two democrats in congress. chief white house correspondent


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