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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  March 4, 2017 3:00am-7:01am PST

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♪ [national anthem] >> i president trump launched a twitter war with the senate minority leader over russia. first shot a 13-year-old photo of chuck schumer sharing a doughnut with vladimir putin. >> we meet constantly with members of congress. >> u.s. military carried out a another round of air strikes with yemen. >> the intelligence gathered from the navy seal raid are potentially. >> president trump and vice president pence is hitting the road tackling american education. >> own business and make a lot of money, right? but don't run for politics after. [laughter] >> plenty of speculation about what republicans are planning
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for obamacare. >> portable copy machine in hand and journalist in tow, he made miss well publicized plea. >> i'm part of the legislature. shouldn't i be part of the process? >> i can't -- >> you're terminated. >> arnold schwarzenegger quitting celebrity atis because the show has too much baggage. when he stormed out of the room he said eh, he'll be back. ♪ if i could turn back time ♪ if i could find the way ♪ i'd take back all the. abby: that's a lot to share on a saturday morning. >> it's a beautiful day. freezing, freezing outside. we have ed henry in today. how did they let you in the front door. ed: i went in the side door where security is and showed
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my pass. abby: you were getting your hair done for 20 minutes. pete started doing my hair because everybody else was tied up. abby: was it worth it? pete: well qwatt today. abby: i want to start with headlines. attorney general jeff sessions has agreed to submit new testimony on monday on a so-called contact with russian officials during the election. that testimony will be in writing despite democrats best effort to make the attorney general appear in person. sessions has been under fire for north disclosing a meeting that he had with the russian ambassador to the u.s. when asked during his confirmation hearing. he has already recused himself from any probe involving the trump campaign. and after years of vowing to repeal obamacare, republicans are finally ready to get it done. two house committees set to voting on portions of the healthcare package as early as wednesday.
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the controversial legislation would likely be reworked multiple times before the senate is ready to vogt ton around april. arnold schwarzenegger announcing he is terminating. was that terrible? pete: that was good. abby: his relationship with the apprentice. >> as tha hasta la vista, baby. abby: action store is not blaming his performance for poor ratings but former host president trump. saying his continuing association with the show left a, quote, bad taste in viewers' mouths. also in this morning, just her luck a texas woman who gave up beer for lent winning online contest to have free beer delivered to her by clydesdales. linda was stunned to find out that she won and watch the horse pull up with friends and family she even got ride around block.
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can't drink the beer until easter. ed: heard her prayers. do you think president trump feels convinced indicated for donald trump going after arnold schwarzenegger at the prayer breakfast. schwarzenegger went on twitter and said push back on the president. and now he is gone. abby: too much winning, pete. it's so exhausting. pete: already winning so much you just quit. ed: i think the democrats felt this week that turns were turning i that they minely had the president, his attorney general in heir sights, all about meetings with russian officials. how dare this administration sit down with the russian ambassador when nancy pelosi and all these other democrats, chuck schumer said we haven't had meetings with the russian ambassador. we don't do this kind of thing. this is serious stuff, pete. pete: very right. very successful state of the union address. democrats went on the offensive pointing out so-called accusations against the attorney general. turns out a lot of people end
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up meeting with the russians. abby: of course president trump jumps all over this one on twitter he's normally does. he tweeted this one we should start immediate investigation into senator chuck schumer and his ties to putin. a total hypocrite. ed: look at the doughnut. at a new york deli i assume years ago. pete: looking at the photo they look pretty cozy. are they just friends or are they conspiring? you just don't have coffee and donuts with anybody. abby: you don't ask me to get coffee and donuts. ed: you did say you are buying coffee today. abby: i applebying coffee today. nancy pelosi as well not just chuck schumer. ed: this is outrageous how could they have have all these meetings with the russian ambassador? they asked if she had a meeting with a russian ambassador and she said, no, no. this is what she said. >> you have been in congress a little bit and in leadership.
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have you ever met with the russian ambassador? >> not with this russian ambassador, no. >> is there anything wrong, is it normal to meet with ambassadors? help us understand. >> can we replay that? >> pause like have i? have i? >> what about this ambassador? no, i have never met -- oh, wait, actually she did. and that's why the president tweeted a second time. not just that chuck schumer but this picture with nancy pelosi and the current russian ambassador. i hereby demand the president said a second investigation after chuck schumer. of pelosi for her close ties to russia and lying about it. pete: i love i here by demand. total hypocrite on chuck schumer. simply pointing out the double standard that exist. folk he is meet with ambassadors all the time just like my people did, you are making it a conspiracy, what about them? abby: this is exactly why the president tweets. he has to to get out his side of the story. this is a huge part of this whole debate that's going on.
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i think it's to the point now where democrats are looking a little bit -- maybe a lot a bit desperate. for losing the campaign. desperate they are so quick to jump the gun. this all broke a couple days with ago with jeff sessions. we ultimately didn't know what would come on it. they jumped on so quickly he needs to resign and get out of office. ed: that was really ridiculous. not just recuse. it was a reasonable request. jeff sessions ended up doing it of course, was i a big part of the campaign. first senator to endorse donald trump. i should not be the person overseeing this big investigation. so he steps aside there but the idea that he is going to resign after a couple of weeks on the job because, remember, democrats were also dragging their feet on even left jeff sessions be confirmed. so here we are at this point. look, i think the stakes are still enormous for this administration. abby: sure. ed: let's not forget about michael flynn gone because he lied to the vice president. pete: that's why they jumped
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on it there have been some legitimate questions or no facts or no details or no collaboration of anything that's ever habsd between the russians and the campaign. these meetings, these happen all the time. ed: as we now see. pete: a list of bunch of democrats that met with the russian ambassador. ed: as was pelosi. it was clair mccaskill remember the senator from missouri who went on twitter i vent met with that ambassador. here is a list of democratic lawmakers who met with the same investigator. clair mccaskill there were photos. she ended up tweeghts with 140 characters i couldn't fully explain the story. so why did you even get involved? abby: keeps getting better and better. ed: same current russian ambassador was in the obama white house meeting with various officials more than 222 times. pete: in the white house log. ed: we should point out that doesn't prove there was corruption with the russian ambassador just means the ambassador is an ambassador.
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doing his job. diplomatic relations is he reaching out. abby: exclusive last night with our own bret baier "special report." he said the same thing. watch this. >> we meet with ambassadors constantly as members of congress. that's their job is to come and to meet with members of congress and express their interests, their experience, especially with people on foreign policy committees like foreign service committee or foreign relations committee. pete: a let of explaining and hey this is what goes on in washington, d.c. with republicans and democrats. what's amazing to watch is the coverage of this. the breathlessness with which the media grabs a headline and makes accusations and. abby: the banner you see at the bottom of your screen there usual you give people a sense what people are talking about when the sound is on silent. i flipped to other scandals is should session resign? will he resign? so muchbreak breaking news and
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as we always say it feels like out world is coming to an end. huge ordeal now we are he has recused himself from the investigation with the trump campaign. ed: you had exclusive with showers when all of this was breaking. look at all of the coverage pete mentioned 73.32 in terms of cbs, abc, nbc coverage of meeting with the russian ambassador and 10 minute 38 seconds of the former holder being held in contempt of congress. he was actually held in contempt of congress. pete: holding information from congress fast and furious. 10 minutes compared to 72 over one revelation of two meetings one arranged by the obama administration as well. it reconfirms what everyone out there knows that there is a witch-hunt going on against this trump administration. there has been an attempt from day one, feels like orchestrated by the obama white house and continues to be at some level whether it's directed at the top or not because they want to discredit him at every turn.
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russia feels like advantageou advantageous. ed: russia to rush limbaugh who has been all over this. watch. >> we're watching a silent koop that wasigh couldthat was . that what is happening here is a full fledged effort here to deny donald trump the actual control of the government by leaving so many obama career people appointed. by going so slowly on confirming trump's cabinet appointee. i'm telling you, if you want to find out who is you working together to sabotage the united states. you find the link between barack obama, vladimir putin and the russian government. that's the story.
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ed: don't forget it was he is barack obama in 2012 who said medvedev prime minister putin at the time if i get reelected in november 2012 barack obama said it was caught on a hot mike i will have more flexibility. please transmit this message. abby: talk about the amount of media time that would be spent on that moment. pete: take 72 minutes and make it the whole news hours. ed: only thing cowrnghts to rush limbaugh right there is this being orchestrated by barack obama officials stirring this up and doing the leaking? however the trump administration has been pouring some gasoline on the fire when you have someone like mike flynn not telling the truth to the haven't of the united states. he should have told the whole truth to the vice president. pete: gotcha, gotcha, gotcha on bread crumbs that prove nothing. abby: we have four hours to discuss this. pete: attorney general jeff
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sessions meet with the russian ambassador. >> the fact that the attorney general, the top cop in our country lied under oath to the american people is grounds for him to resign. pete: as we discussed if nancy pelosi be so angry if she knew that meeting was set up by the obama administration? because it was. abby: what grade would white house press secretary sean spicer give himself an one month on the job? ed: another shocking hillary clinton coincidence caught on camera. the picture that she will probably claim was not staged. that's ahead. ♪ i'm going to getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ i'm gonna win you ♪ i'm going to getcha, getcha, getcha ♪ one way or another i'm going to see you ♪ i'm going to meet my hygienist said to think of my teeth like an apple.
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pete: democrats going crazy after news broke that attorney general jeff sessions met with the russian ambassador. >> the fact that the attorney general, the top cop in our country lied under oath to the american people is grounds for him to resign. >> for the good of the country, attorney general sessions should resign. >> i think he should resign. >> he certainly should recuse himself. i think he probably should resign. >> i think he has got to go. >> i think resignation could well be on the table here. >> i think he should resign. i think he should get out. pete: talking points had well been distributed. turns out obama department set up the meeting between the sessions and the russian ambassador last year. ed: turns out when you start digging a little bit more it's not as clear cut as first thought. >> that's right. look, the state department they arrange these trips to republican national convention and democratic national
3:18 am
convention. they brought various ambassadors to show them the american electoral process. in that meeting, it's the rnc in cleveland over the summer, there was the russian ambassador, this guy kislyak and then senator jeff sessions. sessions, it seems, spoke to the group and after of afterwards they said hello after the remarks. it appears the first meeting arranged by the state department and, you know, it's a little bit strange. ed: we don't know if they said goodbye. >> that's right. pete: all these senators come out and call for resignation. the second meeting did occur on the hill with senator sessions between him and the russian ambassador. why this outrage? is it amnesia? hey we can get him because he is party of the trump campaign? what are those. >> it isn't any of those. i think sessions should answer some questions. there are very serious questions that are being raised and some should be answered.
3:19 am
this calling for his resignation immediately. it's smelling blood in the water. political expediency. trying to further the democratic agenda. that's why it's so partisan. nancy pelosi is not so concerned about lying. she herself lied as this showed about her own meeting with this ambassador. ed: we established that both sides have met with the ambassador as both sides in washington do all the time. pete: ed even met with the ambassador. >> . come on. ed: meetings are not the points. we have 45 seconds. what would be the there there where the trump administration would have to worry? would it be that on these intercepts that we have heard about previously reported promises were made about lifting sanctions that there is some quo there to the quid pro quo? >> yeah. look, there is a lot of questions about -- well, for sessions himself he has two things. one is he did tell congress that he didn't meet with russian officials and clearly he did. so there is some -- there is some discrepancy which he does need to clear you were and apparently he will on monday.
3:20 am
so that's one issue. separately, there are all these meetings between the trump campaign and russian officials which everybody is denying and all of a sudden are creeping up. one of them by themselves not such a big deal. this sessions meeting not a big deal. but in cumulatively all these put together it does and while the russians were apparently interfering in this elections, it dose raise questions about what was happening. i think that's what congress is focusing -- some people in congress are focused on while some are obviously using it for political expediency. pete: indeed. daniel halper, thank you. >> thank you. pete: remember when entrepreneurship said this. >> new requirement for american pipelines to be made with american steel and fabricated in the united states. pete: turns out that may have been a pipe dream. the big announcement ahead. ed: this dreamer was arrested after her press conference announcing she was an illegal.
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wait until you hear what she is trying to do now. pete: public school district canceling to let all the students march in a day without women strike. one outraged parent next. turns out you need a teacher. there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening.
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>> good morning, again. time for quick check of your headlines. a former reporter is charged with threatening jewish centers across the country in a revenge plot against his x. police arresting juan thompson in st. louis accused of making bomb threats in ex-girlfriend's name. >> the pair broke up last summer. thompson is due back in court on wednesday. vegans unhinged. a woman ramming her car into a truck full of chickens in a fit of anger, yes, over meat. police in georgia says judith
3:25 am
armstrong slammed into the truck several times before dropping off and barricading herself in her house. yes, turns out, she was drunk. she now faces multiple charges, including the very serious charge of hit and run. abby? abby: what a story. thank you, ed. on march 8th women are being encouraged to skip work for a day without women strike. now a public school is making that a whole lot easier for their teachers by canceling classes that day and calling it a teacher work day. they announced on its website that while chapel hill carbor city vowing to it's not a political statement entirely about the safety and district's inability to operate with the high number of staff absences. here to comment is mary liz. mary lives in the same county that the chapel hill school district is located. mary, thank you for being here this morning. >> thank you for having me. abby: help break this down.
3:26 am
you read the headlines and it seems like teachers are not going in to do their job to teach the student so they can protest making it to figure out for parents to figure out what to would their kids on that day. is that what's going on. >> exactly. that's what's going on. the irony these teachers supposedly care about our children and community yet they are inconveniencing parents. especially those who have young children who legally cannot leave their young charnlt home. now these parents are going to have to find a babysitter or perhaps, you know, just stay home with their child because of this day of protest. abby: usually if you don't show up for your job that can be a problem with your employer it seems like the school could maybe do something about this. what are they saying? >> well i'm not sure exactly what they are saying. i'm sure that the teachers probably got together, spoke with their principal, administration there, and what
3:27 am
i find that is lacking is that these principals -- the administration should have gone to, perhaps, the school board and followed protocol and find out exactly how to handle something like this. because this really should have been something that is just a vacation day if you want to go out there and protest. not just make that school -- an optional teacher work day, which is actually taxpayer money that is, you know, allowing them to take this day off. and it is wrong. abby: mary, we can all be for protesting, that's what this country is about. as you said on your free time. are you worried that this might spread to your district? >> absolutely. because for one thing we're right next door. we are all part of this orange county school system. and i have seen some things where some teachers have done some things. for the most part, they are good. they are good teachers out there. but it has momentum.
3:28 am
these things have legs and it will grow and there are copycatters or whatever you want to call them. you see that it will spread like wildfire and, yes, i am very concerned. abby: there is a time and place for protest for sure. mary lopez carter thank you for being with us this morning and helping us understand what's going on where you live. >> thank you so much so much. be a somebody 00 old hond waging war to undermine president trump. dan bordan bongino weighs in next. how is sean spicer hand lick the pressure from the media my one-on-one exclusive ahead. new heights to protest president trump. [speaking spanish]
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that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? >> revenge of the losers. these are people who wanted to make trouble for an administration of a guy who they thought wasn't going to win and shouldn't have won and to see what happens. and that's what i think is going on. to some extent it's happened in other administrations but i think it's more obvious and we're going to get to the bottom of it because there are going to be a lot of investigations. abby: the revenge of the losers.
3:33 am
only our own charles krauthammer can say that we want to bring in dan bongino to add more context to all of this. good to have you here, dan. >> thanks for having me. abby: what do you make of that comment that we just heard from krauthammer that this is -- what were his exact words? revenge of the losers. that this is worse than he said he has ever seen before. >> this is a disgrace. abby, think about this. i was a secret service agent. we are right there. we are surrounding the president and their people everywhere they go. we know a lot of the stuff as they say in sequence where i grew up. we know things. i have written a couple books. i have written a lot commentary i never would disclose any sensitive information i have learned in the white house it would be damaging to them as long as it wasn't criminal to advance some political narrative because we just don't do that enough to you have these losers and that's a great term losers with a capital l forever put to myth that
3:34 am
liberals love government. liberals love liberals government i when liberals aren't in charge they use their own inbeds and deep state bureaucracy to destroy what they are doing right now to destroy the trump administration. this is absolute disgrace. pete: dan, what level is this. give context to viewers. how is unprecedented what they are trying to do undermining president trump from day one? there has been other contentious transitions throughout our history. where would this one rank as far as what is being done to trump from day one? >> sure. we have always had leaks. the leaks aren't unprecedented but i'm glad you characterized it in that way. he is only in office a month and we have had leaks from i kid you not he wear as bath robe to watch fox news that's an actual leak. conversation with australian. now we know his preferred attire while he watches the morning news. conversation with the mexicans leak. this is unbelievable. guy is only in office a month. do you understand the volume
3:35 am
of leaks we have to be talking about right now to be in office a month and have all of this come out? leaks aren't unprecedented. leaks this early and this voluminous are. ed: dan, let's lay out why did general flynn not tell the truth about his meetings and why did the attorney general not tell the whole truth as well? >> ed, people do really, sometimes they do just dumb things. you know, when it comes when the pressure is on. now, i don't think jeff sessions -- i think those are two distinct cases. sessions case first, i really think, i don't know jeff sessions personally but i know people who do as i'm sure you do as well. one thing jeff sessions has been known as is dishonest or unethical unmoral guy. i have never heard those words from anyone on either side of the aisle. i think jeff sessions was answering the question honestly and really throughout al franken was asking him about his role as a surrogate. abby: also want your thoughts
3:36 am
on another story causing real hysteria in the media lately. vice president mike pence being slammed by democrats for using bench email while he was governor. robby mike a former hillary clinton campaign manager said it is just like what hillary clinton did. i have kid you not. watch. >> we know that mike pence had a lot to say about hillary clinton's private email account in the last year. i think for people who supported donald trump, they really need to think about this. think about the kind of rhetoric and the things that mike pence said and was he being honest about himself and about what he really thought about using a private email account when he said those things? >> now, dan, some fair questions there on one hand but on the other hand it sounds like to me on the other hand colin powell used personal emails but yes as secretary of state did he not have a personal server. abby: in his home. ed: right have a server in his house as governor and he was not secretary of state hand links classified information. is there not a pretty big difference there?
3:37 am
>> yeah. ed, didn't you ask mrs. clinton the question about wiping the server when she can that comment. ed: with a cloth. >> what do you mean like with a bounty towel or something? this is absurd. hillary clinton transferred classified information exclusively here echesz the distinction exclusively over a private server that was unsecured. mike pence has not hid any of this. he used a private email to talk to his friends. maybe did some state business but has never lied about it andner did his business exclusively over that server. completely different scenario. ed: i said yesterday and i will say again there is a scandal here when we learned that mike pence is still using aol. abby: him and my grandparents. pete: i don't know that was still azaivel. abby: dan, goofed to have you here this morning. >> thanks a lot. pete: president up early tweeting as well this morning. a cousin pell tweets across the wire.
3:38 am
he tweet the first meet jeff sessions had with the russian ambassador was set up by the obama administration under he educational program for over 100 ambassadors and then the one that just came out two minutes ago the president tweeting terrible, just found out that obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory. nothing found. this is mccarthyism. ed: mccarthyism part he is jacking it up there. he has a fair point about this whole wiretapping issue that goes back to mike flynn and how this information was found out. abby: where these leaks are coming from. he had i had approve a wiretap of trump tower during the transition and/or during the final days of the campaign. remarkable, remarkable, remarkable. pete: that would be a sixth column ban everywhere for the failing "new york times" if it's true. the administration pushing out declassifying intelligence as bread crumbs to reporters. ed: one president approving wiretap of incoming president? seriously this jacks this up.
3:39 am
abby: by the way this breaking news is coming from the president himself. use offing his twitter account. i mean, this is why he uses it. it is exactly what the goal is. right? i had he had of course. abby: you are not going to hear this many other places we actually have folks you don't know about. even if we have them you are not going to believe it. pete: heful say it, they take the bait they will overreact and he comes out on top. abby: we do want to get to other head lines this morning stearating with the keystone pipeline it walls supposed to be built using american steel like president trump pledged. >> we have issued executive orders to build the keystone and dakota pipeline. and issued a new requirement for american pipelines to be made with american steel and fabricated in the united states. [applause] abby: now the white house says it is not going to happen. this language in the executive order only applies to new pipelines. a spokesman says the steel being used is already sitting on a site and it would cause
3:40 am
delays not to use it and now every pipeline from now on will be made of american steel. also this, a dreamer arrested after publicly speaking about her family's deportation is now fighting to stay here in the u.s. >> today my father an brother await deportation as i continue to wage this fight for a dreamer. fight in this country which i feel is very much my country. abby: minutes after that speech danielle vargas arrested by ice. her dreamer status expired in november. she is filing papers to be heard by the judge to avoid being sent back to argentina without a hearing. a woman gets up and close. >> that's amazing. i have never seen that before. what a sight. holding on to that fish. amazing. wow. wow.
3:41 am
i don't want to get near you. i'm glad you got the fish. abby: that's a huge fish compared to that alligator. the divart taking a casual stroll across the florida course before going into a nearby pond. ed: a viewer just tweeted we are mad that we went after aol accounts if you have one it's still cool. pete: it's like a legacy thing like old jordan sneakers. abby: where is adam? there he is. how cold is it out there this morning. >> it is incredibly cold out here this morning? these temperatures dropping drastically in the last 24 hours. everyone on the east coast really feeling these frigid temperatures. it's not just the east coast we are paying attention to. out west as well. here is what we're looking at freezing here in new york city. we where looking at a very chilly start warmer in the center of the country. i will get to that coming up
3:42 am
in just a moment. it is a cold one. we are actually topping off only at 32 degrees on the day. we are looking at incredibly chilly weather out there. i also want to talk about what's going to be happening on the west coast a little bit later today. this is our forecasted precipitation. it's been dry the last couple days. we are dragging another system. another 2 feet of snowe at some of the higher elevations so snow on the way. shear quick look at futurecast. how long is that rain going to be around on the west coast? all day today and running all the way through sunday. stays cold on the east coast. west coast snow and in the milingsdz of the country a good one. for today at least out here it is cold, cold, cold. and will be this way at least for the next couple of days. ed: that's why we are glad adam is outside. abby: we will be out there a little bit later. >> you have to come join me later. abby: thanks, adam. of the president gave himself a c for communications. what grade did sean spicer give himself after one month on the job?
3:43 am
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abby: so this past week i had a unique opportunity to go to the west wing and see what it was like to hang out with sean spicer who is the new press secretary getting a sense of the day in his life. ed: at the center of it all. you were there when the jeff sessions story was going down right in the middle of it. abby: man stuck in the middle between the president and the media incredible job. i asked him about this transition and here is what he said. abby: give me a sense of how your life has changed from the rnc to now we are here talking about breaking news of the day. you work pretty much all hours of the day now in the white house. >> you try to keep up with donald trump you are going to
3:47 am
work all hours of the day. abby: how do you do that. >> stay focused on the issues at hand and try to work with the team to acknowledge the success and effort that the president has in advancing his agenda. abby: give me a sense about -- you are always his middle man between the president and the media and the press. >> he speaks very directly many times. abby: he does as well. but often you are in a difficult role. i do wonder who do you fear more president trump or the media? >> well, i don't fear anybody. i don't want to disappoint this president. abby: um-huh. >> i think he has given me and the rest of the people here an incredible honor to help facilitate the agenda that he has. abby: how involved is he in what do you every day? does he give you feedback? has he been tough on you? what does he say? >> one thing about president trump is that you always know where you stand with him. abby: what are the things he says to you? >> i'm not going to reveal them. i will tell you he will give you constructive criticism but he will give you praise. he will tell you when you have
3:48 am
done a great job. there is a reason that in his business people work for him for 10, 20, 30 years. he is a man who inspires loyalty. he inspires you to do your best. and he let's you know it. abby: he was on "fox & friends" earlier this week as i'm sure you saw. >> i did. abby: there was an interesting moment. ainsley: what grade would you give yourself a to an f? >> i think in terms of effort, which means something but i give myself an a plus, okay, effort. but that's, you know, results are more important. in terms of messaging, i would give myself a c or a c plus. abby: would you agree with that? >> look, i think i'm always somebody who believes that you can do better. i think you saw an amazing joint address the other night, you know, poll after poll in the high 80's throughout the country. people from the right, the left, pundits, members of congress giving him amazing marks. so, you know, maybe going into it we had a c plus coming out of there. we are back in the a, a minus
3:49 am
range. abby: what grade would you give yourself? >> i agree with the president right now that we have some work to do. we are working hard every single day. i think if you look at the full semester if we are going to grade like that, then i think after the other night, we are well on the way. abby: it will be higher than a c? >> yeah. look at the joints address is something that so many people in this country, republican, democrat, conservative, liberal, agnostic. independent, you know, people who -- whatever -- just looked and said i am very proud to be part of the jeansd and the vision that the president articulated that night. abby: when you look back at the past few months urve in your job. what's the one thing you would do differently? >> there is a few things. i mean, look, i think every time i walk out of a briefing, i gather with my team. where did we -- what did we do well? what could we have done better? what answers could have been crisper? where do we have to clean something up? i don't think it's one thing. abby: the leaks, that's been a problem as you know well. >> right. abby: last week you pulled
3:50 am
your staff in your office and told them to hand over their cell phones? >> i'm not going to get into details what we do. when you look at what the president has been very clear at he knowed on "fox & friends." >> that's not the way he said he would have done it but he let's you do what you want to do. >> the president's main administration. have you people entrusted with national security secrets with classified information, that aren't handling it properly. that's a problem. because it undermines our national security. abby: you stand by the way that you handled it? >> well, obviously, i think what we try to do is make sure that people understanding that anything that comes out of here undermines the president's ability to ar articulate the agenda. you know, so we will do what we can to make sure that information stays in the appropriate hands. abby: that was the roosevelt ream. a beautiful room in the west ring. we have a lot more of my interview with sean spicer.
3:51 am
a look his office and briefing room coming up. ed: looking forward to it. pete: more on that breaking news president trump saying the obama administration had his wires tapped in the trump tower shortly before the election. we will bring you more on that.
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
abby: welcome back. well hillary clinton caught on camera scamming an article about a private email server reaction all across social media. pete: sure is here with that and other top trending stories of the day is kurt the cyberguy. >> good morning to you. abby: staged, kurt? or do you think it was real. >> i really want to know says jay dempsey 1 is the twitter handle. this is the snap everybody is talking about. twitter thing going around.
3:55 am
so this is hillary clinton on board an aircraft either livening or enroute to laguardia and the irony here is pretty amazing. reading headlines of mike pence's accusations of using personal email and there she is just checking the daily news and the quote coming in on twitter is pence used personal email in office and she goes on to say. abby: the irony is palpable. >> irony is palpable, crazy. pete: things that come out about clintons on purpose. >> you wonder. pretty framed. nonetheless, it's still very amusing. and even more amusing if you head down to the border and you look at the proposed idea where the wall would go. where an existing wall is, take a look at what this congressman from mexico did. talk about being on the fence. he scales up the side of a fence to show exactly how high the fence is. and how you could just sit on top of the fence and build a
3:56 am
wall as high as you want and i will still get across it if i want to. >> photos of him not actually climbing the fence. >> crane is not necessarily in the shot. abby: by the way, kids don't try this at home. >> i will not be back is what he is saying. arnold schwarzenegger making news this morning. if you take a look at what he is saying online with trump being involved in the show people have a bad taste and don't want to participate as a spectator or a sponsor or any way support the show. this is not about about the show because everyone i ran into same up and said i loved the show i turned it off because i read trump's name i'm out of there. certainly taking a swipe at the president. tit-for-tat. they have really gone at it.
3:57 am
pete: people coming up saying i hate your show. ed: obama administration were the wires tapped in trump tower coming up next. no sir, no sir, some nincompoop stole all my wool sweaters, smart tv and gaming system. luckily, the geico insurance agency recently helped baa baa with renters insurance. everything stolen was replaced. and the hooligan who lives down the lane was caught selling the stolen goods online. visit and see how easy it is to switch and save on renters insurance. for over 100 years like kraft has,natural cheese you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay... "how to win at business." step one: point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours.
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z282sz zwtz
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y282sy ywty >> obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory. nothing found. this is mccarthyism. abby: wow. >> president trump launched a twitter war with the senate minority leader over russia. the first shot of 13-year-old photo of chuck schumer sharing doughnut with vladimir putin. >> we meet with ambassadors constantly as members of congress. >> investigation or no investigation he is simply pointing out the double standard that exists. folks meet with ambassadors all the time. just like my people did. you are making it a conspiracy. what about them? abby: the attorney general jeff sessions has agreed to submit new testimony on monday on a so-called contact with russian officials during the election.
4:01 am
>> the intelligence gathered from the navy seal raid on january 29th are potentially. >> >> president trump and vice president pence hitting the road tackling american education. >> own business and make a lot of money, right? but don't run for politics after you do. [laughter] >> congress is not in session today but there is plenty of speculation about what republicans are planning for obamacare. >> portable copy machine in hand and journalists in tow. the kentucky senator made his well plubleg sized plea. >> i'm part of the legislature. shouldn't i be part of the process. >> ♪ i'm still standing better than i ever did ♪ looking like a true survivor ♪ feeling like a little kid. abby: starting the morning out with cher. elton john though, got to love him. ed: based on a clip a lot of people thought i'm not on the show there is a lot of pete, a
4:02 am
lot of abby. i know you guys had more energy than did i last hour. i'm going to jack it up. i'm not mad or anything. i'm just saying. i'm going to mention a couple times. abby: welcome to the show, ed, we love having you here. pete: state of the union feels like forever ago. ed: we were just talking off camera. pete: news hits on the weekend. ed: biggest speech of the presidency talking about it. five days ago. moved on. four or five major breaking stories since then. and now another one. abby: one this morning. donald trump already up tweeting something that is causing us all to think a lot more about what's going on. he says terrible, just found out that obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory. nothing found. this is mccarthyism. is it legal for the sitting president to be wire tapping a race for president prior to an election turned down by courts earlier. a new low. pete: also tweeted a bet a great lawyer could make a
4:03 am
great case out of the fact that president obama was tapping my phones in october prior to the election. we are following it like you were in realtime. ed: what is he referring to specifically? halls he been briefed on something specific evident public hasn't been told about yet there have been reports there have been intercepts of some the conversations between general flynn and others on the russian deal. is he suggesting that the intercepts did that come from a wiretap approved by the obama administration to those specifically he says to tap into the phones at trump tower. obviously a sitting president going after essentially the incoming president would jack up this whole story of the current president has been talking about how the obama administration was setting traps these leaks that we see now. this would jack it up that there was a wire tap before the election. remarkable. abby: this could change that whole conversation. mccarthyism. this really jacks it up. pete: it's a witch-hunt.
4:04 am
if you do believe that the previous administration is doing anything they can to discredit you to include declassifying intelligence before the election so that if trump wins the information is out there to build a case that there is some sort of collusion with russia. why would it not lead to you believe they did take some steps, extraordinary steps while still in office to monitor whether those conversations were going on. the president has been pretty cra substitute about getting ahead of the news cycle with more information because he knows it he sees it. he has intelligence briefings. he looks at it. we don't. he tweets it we speculate about it. ed: before the president raised this to a whole new level this morning. you had rush limbaugh talking about this very thing basically saying the obama administration on the way out the door was trying to spring a trap. watch. >> so i lent coup put in place by obama and the democrats during the transition and before. after the election.
4:05 am
what is happening here is a full fledged effort here to deny trump the actual control of governing of the government by leaving so many obama career people appointed, by going so slowly on confirming trump's cabinet employees. i'm telling you. if you want to find out whose really working together to sabotage the united states, you find the link between barack obama, vladimir putin, and the russian government. that's the story. pete: conservative talkers talks have all over this secret coup. putting it together to discredit the president. finding out formalized beforehand. abby: you are all over. it. pete: barely keep up. two minutes ago the president just tweeted how low has president obama gone to tap my
4:06 am
phones during the very sacred election process? this is nixon-watergate. bad or sick guy. pretty apropos comparison. abby: just to be clear. we are getting this news directly from the president from his twitter account when he got these reports and how this all came been. we don't have any of those details or how significant any of this. i i can't imagine he would tweet something like, this ed unless he had real con veto evidence to back that up. interesting turning watergate around on the democrats. two weeks ago this administration this is worse than watergate the dnc said in terms of the russia thing. i had a viewer tweet me last hour saying what were you talking about when you said there was no there there? i am say something there evidence? that's the point. pete has been making this and abby has as well look, you can have meetings with the russian ambassador. that does not prove there was criminal action. does not prove there was a problem or ethical issue. the key is the content. is there any evidence there?
4:07 am
is there anything behind it? just talking to somebody, obviously nancy pelosi and chuck schumer have now found out they met with the russian ambassador, too. so meetings don't mean that much. it's what actually happened? so far there is no evidence to back up the idea that there is a problem. abby: that's what i was going to ask you. what is going on with the whole rushing shah and leaks and foreign investigations playing out? we are trying to understand it ourselves and i think that is the problem is what are democrats ultimately trying to find? what is their long-term goal? pete: tear down donald trump. what i will guarantee you from these tweets probably more facts behind these based on what the president knows than facts behind the articles we see in the failing "new york times" and the roast. i'm not kidding. look at the headlines you might as wealthy there was collusion between the trump administration and russia. ed: "new york times" story couple weeks ago in the middle 20th paragraph said there was no evidence this was a problem. they don't put that in the lead or the headline. no evidence.
4:08 am
abby: isn't that what they are trying to find though, ed? ed: find some sort of evidence to suggest there were not just phone calls but promises made inclusion that if donald trump wins you help us get elected i'm not saying this happened but that would be the allegation we would in turn wurches elected sanctions. pete: this is legitimate there is no evidence of this. other obama administration officials have come out and said there is no there there. michael mcfall, the obama's russian ambassador -- this is what he had to say about president trump and russia. >> with respect to coordination about the campaign that's the number one question, okay? that's the watergate moment. that's when everything gets really serious. up to this points there is not -- especially "on the record" as we are here today i'm not willing to speculate about that because the date is not there.
4:09 am
the evidence is not there. >> that is fascinating because i covered mike mcfall. i covered him in the obama white house i also putting aside par sanship is he widely regarded out in california now as an expert on russia. and somebody as you say worked in the obama administration. and he is saying listen closely, there is no evidence. he is to be clear leaving the door open. we may find evidence of a problem. but as an obama partisan and expert on russia he is saying very clear people, calm down, there may be some smoke here but there is no suggestion yet, yet that there is fire. that is a very important thing for an obama person to say that he is not a trump person. abby: something comes out about general michael flynn, not michael flynn jeff sessions and all of a sudden there is this rush for him to resign. you hear from a call there he is saying calm down, everybody. on or about sh obama person. pete: important what sessions said.
4:10 am
it was not illegal. he asked in the context of the campaign whether there was conversations between sessions as a surrogate and what was implied and russia. he said no. he wasn't talking about the campaign when he came to his office. obviously people knew who he was backing. ed: he was wearing two hats. he met as a senator on the armed services committee. fair. however, he was a pro prominence surrogate for donald trump. whether this was perjury and resign give me a break. abby: what's frustrating to a lot of people. it makes it so we are north talking about jobs and things that every day americans are passionate about. the reason many voted on president trump to get voted on. we are still talking about russia and investigation. investigation. ed: he spoke to bret baier exclusively talking about jobs and the economy. pete: while you read some headlines i'm going to keep scanning president trump's feed. abby: we do have other head
4:11 am
lines to get to. starting with attorney general jeff sessions. he has agreed to submit new testimony on monday on so-called contact with russian officials during the election. that testimony will be in writing, despite democrats' best efforts to make the attorney general appear in person. sessions has been under fire for thought disclosing a meeting that he had with the russian ambassador to the u.s. when asked during his confirmation hearing. he has already recused himself from any probe involving the trump campaign. and remember when chuck schumer cried over president trump's attempt to block potentially dangerous immigrants? >> this executive order -- was mean-spirited and unamerican. abby: now an athlete from has been charged with sexual abuse in new york. denied in january. lobbied senator chuck
4:12 am
schumer's office which helped him get cleared neat united states. twist on that story. after years of vowing to repeal obamacare. finally ready to get it done. vote on package this coming wednesday. controversial legislation will likely be rereworked multiple times before the senate is ready to vote on it sometime around april. also in this morning, friendly advice from president trump directly to fourth grader graden florida. >> what do you all want to be when you grow up? what do you want to be? you want your own business? you are going to make a lot of money, right? but don't run for politics after do you. [laughter] >> that's the president visiting a private school in orlando with new education secretary betsy devos to help promote school choice. it's the first time at the school since winning the election. ed: coming up did, president
4:13 am
obama issue a wire tap on trump tower in new york? what should happen to obama staffers who may be responsible for white house leaks? abby: daylight for sean spicer part two of my exclusive interview that's coming up. pete: listen up, all you jimmy buffet fans, you, too, can retire in your very own margaritaville. ♪ some people claim ♪ that there's a woman to blame ♪ but i know ♪ it's all you women's fault
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> ed: it's saturday so president trump is tweeting bright and early this morning accusing the obama administration of tapping trump phones and wires. quote the first meeting that jeff sessions had with the russian ambassador was set up by obama administration under education program for 100 ambassadors. terrible. just found out that obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory. nothing found. this is mccarthyism. big stuff. so what should happen to the obama staffers who may be the source of several white house leaks? here to debate is ian pryor communication director for american crossroads and david morey democratic strategist and former dhs advisor under president obama. i want to start with you first, ian. good morning to both of you. ian, it seems like we have been hearing all this idea the president has been saying there has been a witch-hunt. former obama officials laid traps and trying to trap the trump administration. now he is going much further by suggesting trump tower was
4:18 am
wiretapped. >> look. all americans should be concerned about this situation because right now you have what appears to be an elected shadow government of former obama administration workers that are hold overs working with friends net press and democrats on capitol hill to undermine the president and his administration. and, look, that is far more advantageous to russia and other rivals than having any one person in the white house. that's really the issue here. ed: okay. david, i want to bring you in though. answer that direct question but also this notion that the president of the united states is alleging that the previous president wiretapped his home and office building essentially which is what trump tower is? >> well, never a dull moment. good morning, everyone. we will have to find out what that means. we are all getting that as of three minutes ago. who knows what the details of that mean. it follows a very successful speech before congress. i think the president, you know, can't help but tweet, you know, following up and
4:19 am
controlling the dialogue. to ian's point number one, quickly, anyone who leaks national security confidential classified information should be prosecuted, number two, there is a lot of evidence that leaks coming out of the white house are from the white house, from the west wing there is a lot of infighting, back biting there is a loft evidence that those leaks are coming from people trying to get political position as opposed to former obama holdovers. they are thousands of appointments behind. they have to get moving more quickly this is not a matter of senate confirmation to get the people on the job to be their own team. ed: i will agree with you on that this administration has to speed up there is a lot of vacant posts. on the other hand, aren't their former obama officials trying to undermine his ability to govern? i will let you go quick and ian with respond. >> i know there are none that are. people disagree with the administration. ed: from the fbi about intelligence information how is that the the not undermining. >> part of the job of being a turn around leader which i think the president now is by
4:20 am
the result of the election is bringing a lot of people along with him. it's impossible to go after the entire -- you can't be against moderate republicans, the media, the democrats and the intelligence community and civil service community. too many people to be against. he will have to bring people with him. they will have to move a lot fast tore fill thousands of vacant jobs. ed: ian, are former obama officials trying to undermine his ability to govern? 30 seconds. >> fbi investigation, the house under a the senate are all going to investigate. ultimately, what these people are doing is helping our geopolitical rivals. if i'm china, north korea, iran i'm sitting back looking at the chaos these people have sowed and i wonder how do i capitalize. ed: story still developing this morning. coming up. she is supposed to uphold the law. this judge is aaccused of helping illegal escape ice agents. could that be true? plus, grab your gym gear and resume.
4:21 am
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pete: welcome back to "fox & friends." quick headlines for you. a judge is under investigation accused of helping a criminal illegal immigrant avoid arrest. investigators in oregon say judge monica found out ice was waiting outside of her courtroom to arrest the man. she is then accused of sneaking him out an employee entrance. he was eventually arrested. the judge is still on the bench. and pope francis is reportedly urging people to have fewer children. vatican academy member claims
4:25 am
the pontiff said it will make the word more sustainable. the comments made during a vatican run workshop on how to save the natural world. an interesting potential change for the catholic church. adam, over to you. abby: america's fitness is strengthening the job market. freezing out here. >> time to get moving, abby. let's go. there is a lot -- 55 million people in this country actually are members of gym's. a 25 billion-dollar industry. devin klein burn boot camp which we have abby doing today. tell me about burn boot camp. >> started in a parking lot four years ago. grown to 29 states with 250 locations. we have 60 open and our goal is just really to empower women and empower confidence in them so they can really take that confidence and filter it through their families. >> 1500 jobs. correct? all right.
4:26 am
and what can i make? >> 1500 jobs and if you are a head trainer at burn boot camp you have to pass a rigorous assessment. you can make anywhere from 40 to $80,000 or more because we get paid on commission. >> morgan is taking care of abby right now. you are doing great. all right. let's move over i this is club paclubpay papilates. we will turn you on to it. this is not easy, abby. >> tell me about club pilates. what can people make if they work at one of your studios. >> club pilates is one of the largest premium studio 330 locations ready to be built out this year. we anticipate to grow to 2,000 extra jobs. those jobs are general manager. sales representative.
4:27 am
pilates representatives. you can make $68,000 a year. >> yes. >> that's amazing. >> i know my friends love pilates. >> i love it now. >> all right. good. this is one of my favorite things. cycling. i want to bring in -- master instructor. what makes your company unique from other cycling studios that are out there? >> we have this beautiful balanced. we have rhythm based, in the zone, in the music but then also we have state of the art staff. you are going to be able to track your score and compete with boards in front of you. you can race. there is this friendly competition that is also added in some classes. >> let's talk about jobs. have you about 700 total positions open right now? >> absolutely. we will be opening over 50 locations this year and each location hires about 8 to 11 cycle stars. and the cycle stars are key. that's how it works and amazing. >> adam, do you feel like a cycle scar right now? adam: i do feel like a cycle
4:28 am
star. >> i'm going back after this segment. let's talk about retrofitness. great to see you again. what i love about your company it's affordable gym. it's 19.9 a month. i think that's fabulous. >> more fitness, less money. that's our man trap. talk to me about jobs. what kind of jobs need filled? i know trainers, right? >> retro2.0. team train. so what we have done is taking you -- tremendous amount of services with those services. a lot of talented people. a lot of enough trainers. bringing in really awesome people but we are looking for a whole pool of new people now. >> what can i makes a a trainer in particular? i know that's a very lucrative job? >> it is. depends on the market. here in new york 50 to $100 an hour. it's awesome. >> ed looks very happy. can we just show ed henry. you are rocking this right now. >> i'm not just working out. i'm working on my dance moves.
4:29 am
cheryl, this is the hard part they told me. this is why i'm waiting. in the middle do the squat. it gets about 30,000 times harder right now. you know what? i'm feeling good. >> feel the burn. >> we have to go through fours hours, henry. >> that's called "fox & friends." pete hegseth you, how are you feeling over. >> there feeling good. that's the most hard work ed henry has done in years. pete: next on residencedown, more on breaking story. president trump claiming the obama administration wiretapped trump tower. a potential huge story. plus, what's a day, norm half day like for white house press secretary sean spicer? part two of abby huntsman's exclusive interview including behind the scenes tour of his office next. plus, arnold schwarzenegger won't be backment on the new celebrity apprentice. is he not blaming the ratings. somehow he is blaming president trump? >> connie, you're terminated.
4:30 am
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4:33 am
ed: back with a fox news alert this morning. abby: the white house. the president has been up very early this morning. is he in mar-a-lago. obviously i'm sure there is a lot going on inside that white house this morning. the president has broken some news on twitter. we had to show all planned out this morning. it has totally been upended by this. >> executive producer trump
4:34 am
releasing additional tweets this morning. up early making listen really strong charges that would change the game on what's been talked about recently last couple days about russia and who knew what and when. president trump tweeted this this morning. terrible, just found out that obama had my wires stand in trump tower just before the victory. nothing found but this is mccarthyism. ed: is it legal for a sitting president to be wiretapping a race for president prior to an election turned down by court earlier a new low. i bet a new lawyer could make a great case over president obama tapping my phones in october just prior to the election. now, it's interesting because it also suggests that he is saying there, hinting or more than hinting saying that maybe the phase zoo court, the intelligence court that approves these kinds of wiretaps knocked it down at first. did you watch that part where he said the court initially said no. abby: there is precedent for that. ed: something that happened there and they went forward
4:35 am
with the wiretap anyway. bottom line what we are talking about is you have the sitting president of the united states on s social media suggesting that the president wiretapped his home and office. trump tower is where he lives and works and transition team being put together for a new government. abby: might be where some of these leaks come from. headlines we don't know where the sources are has ended up getting people resigned and different things happening. this is a very, very big deal if you are trying to wrap your head around this. i don't think we have seen anything -- if this turns out to be true, ed, i don't think we have seen anything happen at this scale. pete: one of the comparisons another tweet that came out this morning prosecute president trump says how low has president obama gone to tap my phones during the very sacred election process to the point what could it be compared to? he said this is nixon/watergate. bad or sick guy. referring to president obama
4:36 am
ed, you mentioned the fisa court. we are pulling this together in realtime. we will have more analysis throughout the show and throughout the weekend. fisa by the obama administration which was denied and that was based on some surveillance they wanted to do monitoring communications between president trump and advisors and others. ed: with russian officials. pete: another one in october fisa request nor narrowly focused on trump tower and link to russian banks. the potential here is that it was kept on. that the wiretap remained through the election. again. ed: according to reports and now you have more than just reports though. because you have the president of the united states who is briefed by the intelligence community all the time saying to the world that this happened. now, obviously, he is going to have to back it up at some point with evidence. i thinkable buy made a really strong point a moment ago. when you try to tie all this together, what the president is saying basically is that if there were these wiretaps and the obama administration was sitting on this information by
4:37 am
the "new york times" reporter a couple days as that the obama administration collected data and putting out there contacts between the russian officials and the trump campaign. you could have intelligence officials eavesdropping on phone calls. between trum russian officials d trump officials and leaking out. that might be where the leaks are coming from. abby: they are on team obama. ed: transcript from wiretap. that person. abby: sounds like this might have just broken in the past even few hours. i don't know when president trump ultimately found out about it. he did hint at that time earlier this week. "fox & friends" sat down with him and asked president trump about the leaks. and he said pap earlier this week that obama was find those leaks. here is what he said. >> i think that president obama is behind it because his people are certainly behind it and some. leaks possibly come from that group. some of the leaks which are
4:38 am
really very serious leaks very bad in terms of national security. but i also understand that's politics and in terms of him being behind things that's politics. and it will probably kin. there you go attitude social media have the obama administration monitoring opposing presidential campaign using high tech surveillance. ed: he had endorsed hillary clinton. pete: intelligence services. this is the type -- if this is proven to be true and validated. this is a blockbuster. abby: i want to get judge napolitano on the phone right now if this is true. ed: from a legal standpoint. abby: judge, if you were watching this morning i want to hear. ed: story was first breaking. abby: i was in the west wing thursday morning and that is when it all broke about attorney general jeff sessions and the conversations that he had had with the russian ambassador and democrats were calling for him to resign so it was really interesting time to walk into the white house
4:39 am
that morning and sit down with press secretary sean spicer and just get a better sense of what's going on in the west wing and how they are operating. it was really interesting. take a look. abby: you walk in here every day. >> that's right. abby: press secretary of the united states for president trump. >> that's right. abby: did you ever think you would be here? >> no. when you realize i grew up in a small state a small town to think that you have the honor to represent the president and the american people, you regularly reflect on what an honor it is. abby: is there a press secretary in the past that you grew up idolizing. anyone that you feel like you want to be like or you feel did a great job? >> i think it's a combination. tony snow was amazing. >> i'm glad you raised this. >> dana i had a long relationship with her. she is phenomenal. she has been really helpful. >> prush has followed this campaign. >> she is always there to give you a word of encouragement but more importantly a word of advice and unbelievably con
4:40 am
strubleggive at all times. ashy fleischer has been great. >> even the democrats, there is a small group of folks that have sat in this office. abby: what do you do to calm yourself at the end of the day? >> you prepare. abby: you don't have like a glass of wine or something, chill out? >> no. we are here early and late. sometimes more coffee than anything. abby: give us a little bit of a tour inside your main office. this is where you spend most of your days, right? >> yeah. abby: have you obviously tvs everywhere. >> i do. i can tell what time it is how early or late it is. >> right. >> we gather here a couple times a day to talk about the message. what's going on. what stories are moving and what we're doing to get the word out on the president's agenda. abby: does the president ever come in here. >> no. abby: did you go to him. snl get your thought on. this this is the old spicy and this is the new spicy. abby: spicy.
4:41 am
>> obviously, it's an interesting parody. i think i would rather be focusing on the seriousness of the agenda and the issues that we have. abby: this is a big desk where all of the magic happens. >> the desk has been here since 1960's. every press secretary has used the same. abby: what's this? >> a reminder of what you are doing and why you are doing it. abby: i like that. biggest misconception about you. >> i don't know. depends who is asking. abby: what would your wife say? >> i hope -- i think she -- look, my wife has been a rock through. this i think she would say hey, he is working hard. he is trying to do everything he can to do what's right for this country and this president. so she has been amazing. abby: we always see you on the other end of this room. >> this is behind the scenes. we do what we call a 2-minute warning. huddle back here. get ready to go out and then it's game time. >> very first one. >> very first one. >> how nervous are you? >> a little bit of nervousness there.
4:42 am
probably the first several you are realizing again how much people are watching and it's your obligation to help further the president's message. he is the best messenger by any measure. he can communicate in a way that nobody else can. so our job is frankly just to help facilitate that. and to do our best to give voice to him. but when you know that you have got probably the best messenger that exists. it's a pretty high bar to live up to object. abby: show me the walk. >> sure. abby: every day. >> well, almost every day. so this is it. and here we are. this is the podium. this is the briefing room. sometimes people are amazed at how much smaller it is on television. 49 seats in here. as you see on the briefing. the walls get lined and packed. they can basically -- if you can fit in here, you can be here. >> very cozy. >> very cozy. it gets very warm by the 60th or 70th minute. this is where everything takes place. abby: this is where everything happens. very calm right now.
4:43 am
>> everything fills up from the back. it's packed -- everyone is packed in like sardines on a daily basis. trying to have me talk about what the president is doing. that's the bottom line in all of this. this is where it happens. abby: pinch yourself. >> like i said i do it usually a few times a day. because it is responsibility. it's an honor to do this and to have the president ask to serve in this capacity. abby: so fun to spend the morning with him. could not have been nicer. they seemed like they really wanted us and the american people to see what they're doing every day. they wanted us to have access to it all. did i get to the bottom of the gum thing. he loves gum as we know. cinnamon orbits is his choice. they buy it in bulk. ed: abby will stop at nothing to get the story. ed: coming up arnold schwarzenegger won't be back on the new celebrity apprentice.
4:44 am
>> you're terminated. hasta la vista, baby. ed: he is not blaming the ratings. instead, he is trying to blame the president? really? that's some spin. one army vet could go to prison forever outrageous crime. that's hanging the american flag. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
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watch out, piggies! (child giggles) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. get symbicort free for up to one year. visit today to learn more. hasta la vista, baby. abby: arnold schwarzenegger saying he doesn't want to be involved in the apprentice anymore. pete. ed: tough guy doesn't want to be on anymore. abby: with trump being involved in the show people have a bad taste and don't want to participate in a sponsor or any other way to support the show. not about the show because everyone i ran into came up to me and said i loved the show but i turned it off because as soon as i read trump's name i'm out of here. pete: coming up to the. ed: five people on airport came up to me and said i love
4:48 am
that show. here is why i'm laughing. arnold schwarzenegger has tough guy reputation. he could probably still beat me up, maybe. abby: maybe he could. that's not even a debate. ed: anyway, real point is not me. remember at the prayer breakfast early in his presidency, president trump got up and started mocking arnold schwarzenegger because he was talking about mark burnett who had started at&t prentice with donald trump was there at the prayer breakfast. that was the context. he said mark is a great guy. when i was at the apprentice he was saying the ratings were through the roof. arnold now he is nothing. is he terrible. arnold schwarzenegger tweeted at the president this little video tweeting mr. president, you're not so tough and all of this. why are you scared of me? two weeks later oh, i have to quit because of the president. pete: look at ed. ed: i'm actually really gird up about this because he slammed the president after the prayer breakfast and said i'm a tough guy and my show is better than yours. and now is he walking away. i'm sorry, this is stupid.
4:49 am
abby: don't have the ratings to back it up. ed: maybe the president was right about the ratings. maybe. abby: you haven't had your coffee yet. ed: starbucks is on the way. pete: concerned about the reputation. all gone down hill. ed: come back and invite me on the apprentice and we will square off. pete: i love it. coming up, president trump claiming the obama administration wiretapped trump tower. lieutenant colonel tony shaffer here to explain what we know. this will be an interesting interview at the top of the hour. abby: one army vet could do to prison for outrageous crime hanging the american flag. here next with that story. ♪ and the eagle flies ♪ ♪ there's a lady that stands in a harbor for what we believe ♪
4:50 am
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4:53 am
army veteran facing prosecution -- 6-inch american fence on the v.a.'s facility on memorial day. now, the watchdog group judicial watch is stepping in. representing bob rose brock and asking the trump administration to also step in and stop this prosecution. joining me me now is u.s. army vet who is potentially facing jail time and his attorney. thank you both of us for joining us. bob, if you you would, you have been protesting veterans homelessness at the v.a. for years now. this symbol of a flag is something you have held up. why are they going after you for placing a 6-inch flag on a fence? >> thanks, pete.
4:54 am
and thanks for all you are doing for our veterans. >> actually it revolves around retaliation. we did win a judgment against the v.a. and they are just coming out after me. this is amazing. all we are doing is displaying the american flag. and there is no regulation on it. pete: sure it seems very typical of the v.a. retaliatory against the people who speak out against policies that haven't worked. the v.a. in los angeles has been plagued with problems. you are talking about ongoing issue and protesting it you feel it's less about the flag and more about going after you and what you are talking about? >> i think so. because we want that land used as it was deeded as a national home for disabled soldiers. and they want to use it for ucla baseball diamond.
4:55 am
a public -- a private school athletic complex. dog park on there and where is the capital for homeless veterans. that's absolutely wrong. pete: i'm aware of the ongoing dispute at that facility make sure it's intended to be a place for homeless veterans. do you think you will get a different look at this under the trump administration than you would under the obama administration? >> well, i would certainly hope. so and if mr. -- if president trump is listening right now, this should being an outrage to not only all americans but to our new president. i'm not even sure how this all got started, pete, because how in the world can you prosecute and attempt to jail somebody for attempting to hanging the american flag. >> that's it right. >> there i'm holding up the american flag that they are prosecuting in this case. pete: all the big problems at the v.a. all the problems facing our country, and that's what they
4:56 am
decide to go after. i know our viewers would be outraged by. this we will continue to watch this case. bob, thank you for the ongoing protest have you there. for standing up for what that land is supposed to be used for. good luck in the ongoing legal battle. we have to leave it there. >> thank you. pete: we reached out to the justice department and have not heard from them. as we said we will continue to follow this story from los angeles. just happening minutes ago, president trump calling out the obama administration for potentially wiretapping trump tower. lieutenant colonel tony shaffer and bill bennett join us live to explain what we know at this moment. a couple of great guests coming up. ♪
4:57 am
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and $4.95 online u.s. equity trades, lower than td ameritrade and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪ abby: donald trump already up tweeting he says, terrible, just found out that obama had my wires tapped in trump power prior to the victory. nothing found. this is mccarthyism. >> we are following this in
5:00 am
realtime. has he been briefed on something specific the public doesn't know about yet. >> twitter war over russia. 13-year-old photo of chuck schumer sharing a doughnut with vladimir putin. >> we meet with ambassadors con trantly as members of congress. >> he has agreed to submit new testimony on monday on a so-called contact with russian officials during the election. >> the intelligence gathered from the navy seal raid on january 2nd are potentially actionable. >> president trump and vice president pence hitting the road tackling american education. >> you want your own business? >> yes. >> you are going to make a lot of money, right? but don't run for politics after you do. >> congress is not in session today but there is plenty of speculation about what republicans are planning for obamacare. >> with a portable copy hand in hand and journalists in tow. the senator made publicize. >> i'm part of the legislator, shouldn't i be part of the process? >> you're terminated.
5:01 am
hasta la vista, baby. >> arnold schwarzenegger says he is quitting the show because the show has quote too much baggage. when arnold stormed out of the room they said eh, he'll be back. ed: call jimmy fallon. abby: so much news this morning. ed: can i say that? abby: ed is fired up about arnold schwarzenegger story. there is a ton of news this morning. get right to the fox news alert. president trump unleashing a flurry of tweets this morning accusing former president obama of spying on him during the campaign. this is a big deal. ed: it really is president obama accusing the obama administration of wiretapping his phones and maybe his aids as well at trump tower. pete: all of this unfolding on "fox & friends" this morning. rich edson is live in washington, d.c. tracking this developing story. >> good morning, president trump is accusing president
5:02 am
obama wiretapping him. terrible, just found out that obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory. nothing found. this is mccarthyism and added, quote, how low has president obama gone to tap my phones during the very sacred election process? this is nixon-watergate. bad or sick guy. in all, six tweets this morning. four of them regarding the alleged wiretaps. the president has nothing about who informed him the previous administration wiretapped trump tower. we reached out of to the white house to clarify this. this there is unconfirmed report on breitbart claiming radio host has requested investigation into the previous administration's monitoring of the trump campaign. fbi did catch michael flynn former nasa director nsa direct. that was routine monitoring of the ambassador. this is moments after jeff sessions has agreed to answer questions to congress
5:03 am
regarding his contact with the russian ambassador even though he denied the meeting in his confirmation hearing. several democrats on the senate judiciary committee have requested a hearing and the justice department spokesperson says in a statement, quote: in light of the letter received from senators late this afternoon, the attorney general will respond to their questions along with his amended testimony on monday. back to you guys. abby: all right. rich. a lot to unwrap here. ed: who better to bring in. abby: dr. bill bennett former education secretary joins thus morning. good to have you here. pete: host of the bill bennett show on itunes which we always have to got in there for you. >> thank you. pete: feels like unprecedented times or maybe not as the president refers to nixon and watergate. what are we seeing with accusations of wiretapping and the russians and the president? >> well, we need to find out more, guys, obviously. but this is very serious. under bill bennett's ax i don't mean in washington you are on offense or you are on
5:04 am
defense. this could throw the defendants back on defense. the federal intelligence surveillance act which you remember was hotly debated. but there is no question under the law that you can do surveillance of private citizens when they are talking to foreign powers and so on. did anyone conceive that a sitting president of the united states or his fbi or his justice department would use the fisa act to listen in on the candidate for the other party in october just before the elections? that's the allegation here. that's what the president is saying. by the way, these are two or three tweets? folks, he is really hot on this one as he shouldable. what will the american people think of this? ed: secretary bennett you are right. we have to get more information. these are just reports. the president of the united states is attaching his name at least to the allegations. we have to dig for more evidence. you are absolutely right about that. you are also right that this is raising profound questions about all of these leaks that don't -- they
5:05 am
didn't come from nowhere. they came from somewhere in recent days where it appears like top officials, obama holdovers, maybe fbi, maybe cia and elsewhere have been leaking very specific information about conversations between general flynn and russians and others. >> yeah. ed: you can easily at least raise a question. >> yes. ed: if not connect the dots that maybe this is where they are getting the information. >> yeah. i was reading fast this morning as i was watching the show and as you guys broke the news. there was actually a fair amount written on this, ed, in october. but, there is so much going on. i think a lot of you was didn't pay a lot of attention to it. but the "new york times" i think a couple of days ago pointed out that the results of some of what was being found out by some intelligence agencies was spread pretty far and wide in the agencies before obama left. so that a lot of people would have access to information they had no trite have access to. this could explain the
5:06 am
widespread leaks we have been talking about. again, that connection i. abby: interesting though. >> now ulings, you have gotten -- while there is an interesting link here now you can have an investigation, couldn't you? and the investigation could be of just exactly what the fbi was doing. once again, i remind everybody, all these calls by darrell issa and schumer for independent council. there is no independent counsel. that statute expired 18 years ago. there is a special counsel. do you know where that special counsel lives? in the justice department. so whatever investigation takes place outside of congress, remains within the executive branch in the justice department. lots of ironies here. abby: we love getting your take because have you worked on both sides of the aisle here. have you worked for the media and for administrations in the past. >> never. never the media. never. never. abby: you radio and podcast.
5:07 am
pete: he is his owned me ya. abby: what's so interesting about this. other outlet or a.p.or something that's leaking this out. this is coming directly from the president, from his twitter account. i can't imagine that he would be saying these things if he did not have real concrete evidence to back it up with, right? >> yeah. well, again, the story i read this morning, you know, it want wasn't in quotes. it suggests that the fbi went to the fisa court, you remember, that's required to get a warrant. broad and they were turned down the first time. but the second time they were granted narrowly. a permission to do this surveillance at trump tower. who were they surveilling? were they surveilling the presidential candidate? man, this is potentially very explosive. pete: how narrowly focus dead that surveillance stay on whatever they thought they were looking at and how long did it stick around?
5:08 am
i think there was speculation it may have gone farther and wider than anyone thought. there was declassification going on in the going on couple days ago declassifying intelligence wider spread where leaks come from. abby: he has been tweeting all morning long. this one came out as well the first meet that jeff sessions had with the russian ambassador was set up by the obama administration under a education program for 100 ambassadors. what do you make of that whole story? first thing we did have to concede the problem was jeff sessions response. i know him very well. is he a totally honorable man, is that he answered a question the way he didn't have to. he said i had no communication. no communication with russian ambassador. what he meant to say clearly is he had no communication as a surrogate with the russian ambassador. and that this thing was arnold arranged by the state department. he will issue that on monday.
5:09 am
i don't think there is any there there. if there were any there there we would know what it is and we don't. debbie nunez chairman of the house intelligence has been very forceful on this point. abby: come to find that chuck schumer, nancy pelosi and others who have been criticizing jeff sessions the attorney general for having meetings with the russian ambassador there were photos of them doing the very same thing. the only word that comes to mind is totally hypocritical. >> yeah. well, you know, have you what you call courtesy calls, ed, you know, you spend half your day when you are in the cabinet or in the senate, you know, greeting people who come in. and ambassadors is part of it we are supposed to be cultivating good relations. how do you have a reset unless you shake people's hands? ed: exactly. do you remember in 2012 i was covering president obama up for re-election and hot mike catches him saying hey, tell wladimir who of course was mr. putin president at the time now president of russia after i win re-election i will
5:10 am
have more flexibility. democrats seem to have forgotten that one. >> yeah. that was pretty damning comment at the time. not played up by the mainstream press but absolutely. democrats can't win this one. republicans talk to ambassadors we don't. but this other story that this morning man, it's a big deal. find out more. pete. ed: love when you come on "fox & friends." you can also get them at the bill bennett. abby: always good to get his insight on all these stories. ed: absolutely. abby: we do have other headlines this morning arnold schwarzenegger. starting with this one. get ready for more contact at the airport. the tsa is now rolling out more rigorous patdowns at all u.s. airports. increased screening comes after embarrassing report found handguns and other weapons are slipping past tsa agents. last month as many as 11 people reportedly walked
5:11 am
through an open and unattended check pointed at new york's jfk airport. and, ed, for you, arnold schwarzenegger is announcing he is terminating his relationship with the celebrity apprentice. >> hasta la advice tax baby. >> arnold schwarzenegger says he will not return to the show even if nbc asks him to. of the action star is not blimming his performance for his show's poor ratings but his former host president trump saying -- this is what he says his continued association with the show left a, quote, bad taste in the viewers' mouth. ed: boo who ho, arnold. abby: winning a contest to have free beer delivered to her home by clydesdale. she was stunned she watched the horse pull up friends and family. got her own ride around the block. unfortunately she cannot drink the beer envelope easter. how cool is that though?
5:12 am
ed: tsa thing don't miss that more aggressive patdowns. haven't there been more stories about tsa patdowns? we will get more aggressive. abby: get right up in there. pete: up into the muscle tissue. ed: bill bennett's take. lieutenant tone shaffer will be joining us. abby: one of the men responsible for the operation on the ground explains how dangerous they really are. pete: plus, another shocking hillary clinton coincidence caught on camera? the picture that she will probably claim wasn't staged. we'll see. ♪ ♪ e cplaque psoriasis. so i made a decision to talk to my dermatologist about humira.
5:13 am
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5:14 am
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hey rick, all good? oh ya, we're good! we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home.
5:16 am
♪ ♪ >> as we speak tonight, we are removing gang members, drug dealers, and criminals that threaten our communities and prey on our very innocent citizens. bad ones are going out as i speak. pete: boy, was he right. on the heels of president trump's address to congress. indicted a dozen members most of them notorious mention of m 13 gang. so he how dangerous are these people. joining us is the man who took them down suffolk county commissioner steven. have you been involved in this. >> my pleasure. pete: tell us how they are recruiting illegals to do what they do.
5:17 am
>> this is by far the most violent gang in america. they are located in many cities and suburbs. we have a presence in several communities in suffolk county. also present in new york city. what's unique about this gang is there are a lot of gangs that deal drugs to make money. engage in extortion and use violence to protect that economic business. ms-13 engages in violence for sport. that's what makes them particularly dangerous. pete: recruit from illegals and others. where is this gang recruiting from specifically. >> they have roots in el salvador and honduras. mostly el salvador. they recruit folks who come here. pete: how do they come here? >> through the southern border, that's right. they recruit folks in communities vulnerable individuals who have recently immigrating to this country illegally and legally. people who don't speak english. people whose family structure may not be supportive. and they are vicious bunch. pete: you talk about vicious bunch. two of their event victims a
5:18 am
15 and 16-year-old girl beaten about bats and hacked with machetes. no one can even understand that level of violence. but they are exploiting an open southern border and illegals to fuel that cycle. >> yeah. pete: with president trump's new guidelines, are you seeing an ability to go after these gangs differently. >> we have been working with federal law enforcement partners from day one when i became commissioner and will continue to do that. there is a lot of tools in the federal system we can use. that's why this takedown is a real collaborative effort between the suffolk county police department the fin fbi. as a father of three including a daughter i can't imagine the loss of a child. it was unimaginable. and when those tragic murders occurred, we made a commitment to the families, to the residents of brentwood and we delivered on that promise. pete: do you have a sense with the executive orders and the memorandums that the president has -- even if it hasn't changed every aspect of what
5:19 am
you do do you have a sense your hands run tied a little bit can you go after illegals and others the way you couldn't before. >> i think it's very important that we take a hard look at all the different immigration programs. one of the programs that was mentioned in the memoranda that he issued in connection with executive order dealt with unaccompanied minor program. that's something we need to take a hard look at. a lot of folks are jumping the border illegally and then getting legal status under that program and they are being recruited by ms-13. pete: interesting. commissioner from suffolk county we appreciate you being here. >> thank you very much. pete: did the obama administration wiretap president trump during the election? the debate with republican congressman sean duffy and democratic representative eric swaswalwell next.
5:20 am
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5:23 am
abby: all right. back by popular demand. arnold schwarzenegger stepping down from the apprentice and already this morning the president has been tweeting away. pete: so arnold schwarzenegger stepped down. ed: stepped down or fired? you got fired tough guy? pete: like i'm scared right now. tough guy ed is taking on tough guy arnold for maybe leaving or being fired? ed: after the president. so the prayer breakfast the president decides to go after arnold a little bit. maybe tease him a little and tweak him a little and he took the bait. he said basically his ratings were down. when i was in charge of the apprentice it was number one. now he is tweeting at the president tough guy i'm better than you. all of this. you're a loser. abby: this morning breaking a few moments ago. president trump has tweeted this. he said arnold schwarzenegger isn't voluntarily leaving the
5:24 am
apprentice he was fired by his bad pathetic ratings, not by me. >> sad end to great show. pete: donald trump did make that show incredibly successful and he believed in it and invested in it and probably hoped schwarzenegger would do well well. ed: i wish you the best of luck and hope you will work for all the american people as agrervelly as you worked for your ratings. now his ratings have sunk. arnold schwarzenegger out of a job. he says he is leaving on his own. give mia break. pete: blaming trump somehow. ed: it's because he runs into people at the airport you are doing a great job but i can't watch the show because of president trump. who believes that story? who believes that story? pete: name in the critic us triggers viewers. abby: i said on the last segment you couldn't take on arnold schwarzenegger in a fight. like after seeing the way he has handled this apprentice thing i think you might have a shoat. ed: the president has my back
5:25 am
but not abby. pete: arnold schwarzenegger vs. ed henry. ed: she will never wear the hat ever again. pete: i have never seen you fight. ed: there is in all seriousness major news this morning president trump accusing former president of wiretapping him prior to the election. with us is sean duffy and california congressman sean duffy. we were having a little fun with arnold. >> sean duffy, let's start with you. you are a big backer of the president. this is rather explosive charge to take to twitter. can he back it up?>> first off,a tweet. i don't have any additional information about president obama tapping donald trump but, listen, if this is true, this is absolutely outrageous that we would have an american
5:26 am
administration tap into a campaign of the other party and then gather information and now we are only six weeks in to this presidency and we find out that this tapping has been going on? i think we need an investigation into barack obama, into his prior administration to find out what they were doing looking at donald trump and why this information hasn't been disclosed. when the conversation about russia and democrats are russia all the time. if there was information that donald trump had been colluding with russia, we would have that information. barack obama would have that information. democrats, nancy pelosi. and chuck schumer would have that information. and they would present it. but if you don't have any evidence, what you'll do is try to kill donald trump death by a thousand cuts and dribble information out there and try to slice and dies him and destroy his. >> ed: what about that? you are a democrat? democrats have been having a field day all week jeff sessions should resign. we want an independent counsel
5:27 am
or special counsel in here to investigate. should we also be looking at whether or not president obama pirpsd president trump? >> good morning, ed, guide morning, sean. first, look, presidents do not wiretap anyone. these are pursuit by the department of justice in accordance with the fbi and signed off by a judge. president trump is not credible talking about russia. each dave we learn about more trump russian ties than trump team and russian lies. tichina we don't know what's true. our committee is pursuing its own investigation into prior trump ties with russia. at this point the president up early doing his routine tweeting. ed: go ahead congressman duffy and i will jump in. go ahead, congressman. >> when we talk about lies. of the only lies i have seen watching this last couple weeks on russia is not with jeff sessions but with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and clair mccaskill and barack
5:28 am
obama all saying they are outraged that jeff sessions as a senator met with the russians when they all met with the rughtszs. eric, you and i both know that governments come in to see governors and congressmans build relationships with them because two big powerful governments and democrats have been trying to make a big deal out of this when they themselves. ed: lead me get a very quick swawns from congressman swal well. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer met with the ambassadors too. >> sean is right it's our responsibility to meet with ambassadors from other governments. worse, he lied about it what shows the consciousness of guilt u. ed: we appreciate both of you guys weighing in. have a wonderful sunday with your families. you heard president trump's take on president obama's wiretapping. colonel tony shaffer is going
5:29 am
to join us live to weigh in. meanwhile, another shocking hillary clinton coincidence caught on camera. the picture that you she will probably claim was not staged. ♪ we will, we will wrong you. ♪ [ distorted voice ] progressive claims to show people their competitors' rates alongside their direct rate to save you money. but what's really going on? when played backwards at 1/8th speed you can clearly hear... what could that mean? woman: tom? tom! they're just commercials. or are they? you're waking the neighbors. well, mom, maybe the neighbors need to be woke. i think it's actually "awoken." no, that doesn't even seem right. no, it's "awoken." revealing the truth to help you save. is anglers being careless and breaking off their rod tip. don't do that.
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5:33 am
>> on the flip side that the obama administration may have been surveying members of the trump campaign in a pretty detailed investigation during the election. >> well, i don't think that's the case. >> but there is a report june 2016 there suffice is a request by the obama administration foreign intelligence surveillance court to monitor communications involving donald trump and several other campaign officials. thin they get turned down. and then in october they renew it and they do start a wiretap at trump tower with some computer and russian banks and it doesn't show up anything. by reporting. have you heard that? >> well, again, and, like i said, none of us in congress or anybody that i know in congress has been presented with evidence to the contrary of what you just said. >> so you believe it to be true? >> yeah. that we have seen no evidence that anybody in this campaign or any other american was in
5:34 am
on it with the russians to meddle in our elections. >> i got it. but the point is the obama administration was pretty aggressive. >> i hear your point. but i'm saying i have seen nothing of that. i have seen nothing come of that. that's my point. pete: that was "special report" last night and speaker ryan talking about potential wiretaps and information. but really the big story this morning is the president up tweeting talking about how he believes that the a lot further. once the president is validating it believing he believes trump tower was wiretapped during out election in october. it adds a ton to this. abby: just how big of a deal could this be? we want to bring in lieutenant colonel tony shaffer. good to have you here. >> thanks for having me. abby: this is breaking this morning. coming straight from the president from his twitter account. we don't have a whole lot of details here, on the surface, if this ends up being true, in this was the case that the trump tower was wiretapped by at that time the sitting president, president obama,
5:35 am
how big of a deal would that be? >> this is huge. this is soviet -- dare i say soviet level -- what we have to understand here is very likely he did authorize. this and according -- on the drive in just now you guys called me a little bit late. i was talking to folks on the drive in. this goes back to july of last year when rumors started that even though the obama administration was getting bush alabama back from the internal like the fisa court paper trail stay on this. let me say john broken than was probably involved in this. have you to have three people involved inside doing. this what's going to happen here the paper trail that president trump is referring to has finally showed up. so, let me be very clear, the fisa court thing that bret baier just talked, about that's one piece of evidence. i'm sure there is others out there. so what this indicates is that this is -- this is really the obama administration was taking on the form yoursing
5:36 am
their version of the fsb or the kgb to go and target a candidate. let me be clear of this for your audi audience. simply because you don't like someone does not give you the right as a sitting put to do something like this. he had i had you endorse the opposing candidate in hillary clinton. >> precisely. >> you have a dog in the fight. >> precisely. >> i want to put evidence on the table sings the "new york times" has been leading coverage on this. i was sent an article from january 19th. talking about the investigations into the russia connections with donald trump and there was a line tucked in there, quote: one official said intelligence reports ways based on some of the wiretap communications. >> there you go. ed: wirpsd communications had been provided to the white house. again, tony. january 19th. the white house then was barack obama. so is this the source of some of these leaks, marv leaks come out of the fbi, the cia, alleging all these different
5:37 am
things. did it come from those wiretaps? >> the trump tower to the best of the obama administration's ability was wired for sound. and, yes, there was reasons why mr. trump did not want to give up his own personal security because he knew that people close to him may very well become collectors of this sort of thing, look, in is completely insidious. this is an order of magnitude worse than watergate where you have actually use of you had the mechanism he is of staft, the bawfer the state to go of a a candidate for president and say by the way they presumed he was going to lose. this wasn't about him loosing. this was about him gains a dissolution who are his side. while the democrat keep talking about the ruggless this is so be it the behavior. this is the sort of thing the soviet union would have engage you had in back in the cold war. he. pete: what would be the official cover for this surveillance. they wouldn't say let's surveil the off sit candidate. they would say we have
5:38 am
evidence to shush vale. what are they surveying on. >> international quackets which relate to business transactions. again, projection. we know for a fact the clinton foundation was indeed taking foreign money. a lot of people are recommending that you investigate that. they refused. but, instead here, they focused all their energy on going after trump over the international connection he is. let me be clear on that. if there is anything on that it would have been leeblegd. what you said on the 1 january article, everything is taped u there is going to be tapes of all of this stuff, too. the trump administration is going to find them i. >> so now the question is how can they prove it? how can the president prove this: the world is telling what the president he has to back that stuff up. >> you got to walk a fine line. that's probably what we're going to find. but the other thing is you you can't give up sensitive sources and method u some of this was used in ways look, i can't go into how we do things. but i'm telling you there is very sophisticated collection
5:39 am
president read in on. now that i know this exists could this have been used against me? i think that's where it's all going. pete: how do you prove it? declassification of some aspect of it? what's the best route potentially. >> potentially you have got to say this is what happened on these dates and leave out the technology specifically. but then go and bring in those accountable. dare i say probably going to be some whistleblowers coming in to talk about this. this is as serious as it gets. abby: you think there is enough evidence that's gotten given to the president for him to make this claim. >> no doubt. abby: to make this statement. that's not just coming from nowhere. >> i don't doubt for a minute that mr. trump has got sufficient i would say critical mass of evidence saying there is something really wrong here. again, as a president, you start learning little by little about collection capabilities. there is -- you have to get right into them. so, naturally, as you start learning about stuff, you start questioning how could this have been used against me in some form?
5:40 am
then you stuart asking harder questions. i do believe this is one of the trip wires that i have been talking about on the network for the last month, thieves guys have been trying to intet message to the president and his team to thrive to discredit him. pete: for folks waking up is this a game changer moment? >> no doubt. we are towering bit potential of indictments you have a former siting president and his staff. that's unheard of. ed: tony shaffer has been on this program for a month talking about this. pete: president trump sparking global outrage but next guest says that's not true. alan just got back from traveling overseas. he will tell us. ed: plus i may have said this about mike pence's emails. ed: there is a scandal here. we'll learned the vice president is still using aol. this morning one the founders
5:41 am
of aol is responding to me on twitter. we have got the inside story. steve case and i having a little fun on twitter. ♪ maybe tomorrow ♪ the good lord will take you away ♪ dream on ♪ dream on ♪ a talented workforce, and world-class innovations. like in plattsburgh, where the most advanced transportation is already en route. and in corning, where the future is materializing. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today at
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♪ ♪ on your wedding day ♪ it's a free ride ♪ pete: ironic, set nicely to a visual. suspects this ironic. hillary clinton is spotted on a flight reading the front page of friday's "u.s.a. today" which talks about, well. abby: top story that day which was about vice president mike pence his use of a private email address while he was governor. a fellow passenger, i guess, snapped the photo and it has since gone viral.
5:45 am
the question now is was this staged or was this just totally authentic. pete: most things that clintons find their way out to the public sector. they happened to find her in the woods. looking formal without makeup in a restaurant as she slowly builds the possibility of a political come back. abby: good story about moresette. >> i bought the jagged little pill. had three swear words in it i felt so guilty i brought it back. abby: is that the cutest thing ever. pete: those things are gone. ed: weight lift to kiss. pete: humble brag about weight lifting. ed: robby mike forme mook ever e election crushing loss for him trying to come up with every excuse in the book now looks at the mike pence email and says this. >> we know that mike pence had a lot to say about hillary clinton's private email
5:46 am
account in the last year. i think for people who supported donald trump, they really need to think about this. think about the kind of rhetoric and the things that mike pence said. and was he being honest about himself and about what he really thought about using a private email account when he said those things? pete: strikes me as not apple to apples when you are secretary of state using own home brewed sensitive information. it was not used exclusively in a private servener. abby: in his own home. pete: aol account. abby: started this whole other conversation about who uses aol. ed: my mom does. i said that's the real scandal for mike pence still using aol. guess who responds steve case goes on twitter he is one of the founders hey, be nice @ ed henry some of us still have affection for @ aol.
5:47 am
#aol forever. i actually know steve case. terrific person. gives so much to charity. abby: does he still use aol though? pete: it's a status for some people that find status in email accounts. it's because they don't issue them anymore. if you have one, you hold on to it maybe kind of cool. abby: might be worth something one day. ed: steve case might be picking a slight bone with me and so does abby saying i couldn't beat up arnold schwarzenegger. carl higbie source. abby: navy seal. ed: he sends me a note i got your money on you versus arnold. i asked if i could say tonight air. it will be funny. say i don't want to fight you either. so a navy seal doesn't want to fight me. abby: bring it, carl. i want you here on the set. pete peeft i think it's fake news. abby: i want to see the fight on television. ed: i'm actually off that day that karl is here. meanwhile we are tracking a fox news alert. major news this morning. president trump accusing
5:48 am
president obama of wiretapping trump tower. geraldo rivera and judge alex are here next hour. big story. pete: the president sparking global outrage but next guest says it isn't true. wane alan root just got back from traveling overseas. he will tell us what he learned abroad next. abby: let's have a little ilana mooresett take us out ♪ the mess you left when you went away ♪ it's not fair ♪
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
abby: welcome back. so many democrats think the world knows how the rest of the world views president trump. >> the president's actions have sparked global outrage and concern. >> the nations of the world who no longer look up to us. >> this trump regime, i don't call it an administration. i call it a regime. a coneyism at the highest levels has many people in this country nervous and many around the world as well. ed: next guest says think again. wayne allen road just got back from asia and says the president is a big hit overseas. what he learned from the power of relentless, wayne alan road. you have been traveling two weeks different parts of the week. what reaction have you seen to our new president? >> i will tell you i was in five countries, six cities, nine speeches throughout asia. and, again, democrats will also tell you in america donald trump is not well-liked. i think if you meet with
5:53 am
business people in america they will tell you they love donald trump. i found the same thing to be true in asia. my audiences were about 90% chinese and about 10% muslim and they were all businessmen and women. and they like donald trump and they are rooting for donald trump and they are rooting for america because they realize that a rising tide lifts all boats. if the american economy does welt, we're going to buy their products. they want us to do well. abby: you mentioned you talked to a number of muslims. interested in what they said what's going on here with immigration and the ban and the new zowrd that we are waiting for. >> they said a lot of things. you know, i had a chance after my speeches to meet with people up close and personal. and many of the muslims told me, of course, they're concerned and they are negative about a muslim travel ban. they don't want america to ban muslims. that issue they are not happy about. but in general they were pretty happy about donald trump and his economic policies and also shocked that in america there are people
5:54 am
who actually think illegals should stay here and shouldn't be deported. they were saying we, as muslims, want legal access to immigrate to marker america. we hope you will legally let us in. but we can't even believe that your democratic party there thinks that people are in america i will leolaly have a right to stay. you have every right as a country to determine who comes in and who stays and if someone is there illegally to kick them out. i was surprisingly, refreshingly thrilled with the response of the people i spoke to who obviously think democrats in our own country are a little bit crazy. ed: people seem to forget the dow hit 21,000 this week as you were traveling and on your way back to america. obviously the markets in the united states have been responding and responding positively. >> they should. i'm a businessman. i know that reagan created a great economy. i became a self-made millionaire in my 20's leaving columbia university in 1983 under the reagan regime. weigh was fabulous.
5:55 am
all it was was much lower taxes and lower regulations. less government. more power to the people. i've been the one that's argued on fox news since the day donal trump announced i said this guy is going to wish. is he going to be a great president. is he going to be our reagan. is he going to cavuto taxes. he is going to cut regulations. what's he done in his first month and a half everything he has ever prom policed to do he is doing. don't trust any poll that says don't like him in america or out of america. anyone with a brain could tell you here is the first politician of our lifetime doing exactly what he promised less taxes, lower regulations, kill obamacare. every businessman should be thrilled with donald trump. ed: did you catch that breaking news in there wayne said in his 20's he was a self-made multimillionaire. i met him. he was in washington for the inaugural. i met him for the first time i had a no idea that he was a self-made millionaire. next time steak at the palm. >> you bet. pete: being welcomed as
5:56 am
opposed to opposed. abby: really interesting to hear that side of this. ed: up next, more on our fox news alert. major accusations from the president. claiming trump tower was wiretapped by the obama white house. we are live from mar-a-lago next hour. abby: plus, geraldo rivera joins us right here on the curvey couch with his take. i bet he has no opinions about it. ♪ you ain't seen nothing yet ♪ oh, baby, you just ain't seen nothing yet ♪ here's nothing that you are never going to forget ♪ baby, you just dea, isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪ this is the story of green mountain coffee and fair trade,
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5:59 am
>> donald trump already up tweeting. said obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just about the victory. this is sound. >> we're following like you are. has he been briefed on something specific the public doesn't know about yet? simply because you don't like someone doesn't give you the right to do something like this. this is an order of magnitude worse than watergate. >> president trump launched a
6:00 am
twitter war with the senate minority leader over russia. the first shot? a 13-year-old photo of chuck schumer sharing a doughnut with vladimir putin. >> he has agreed to submit new testimony on monday on a so-called contact of russian official during the election. >> president trump and vice president pence hitting the road, tackling american education. >> so you want your own business, and you're going to make a lot of money; right? but don't run for politics. >> congress is not in session today but there is plenty of session of what republicans are planning for obamacare. >> with a portable copy machine in hand and journalist, made his well documented plea. >> i'm part of the legislature. shouldn't i be part of the process? >> you're terminated. >> arnold schwarzenegger announced that he is quitting celebrity apprentice because the show has quote too much baggage. when arnold stormed out of the room, the producer said he'll
6:01 am
be back. [laughter] ♪ ♪ abby: this is a great song for this morning. i don't know what we're on but there's a lot of news coming in this morning. a lot of great stories. and we have geraldo ferrer on the couch. we want to get your thoughts off the top just on this big news; right? >> you know, abby, i went through various stages of denial. i heard about the tweet, and i went my goodness this is paranoid ranting. and the more i thought about it, the more it sounded true to me, i guess it was originally broken on the right wing radio host and then breitbart the hard right wing website. despite the sources. when you think it through, what are we talking about?
6:02 am
we know for a fact and everybody including president trump agrees that the russians medalled with our election. the allegation is that somebody in the trumpign colluded with the russians. so it make sense that foreign intelligence they get a fisa court warrant, a foreign intelligent warrant to tap the people who are suspected of being the source. >> and that sets us up perfectly of what is breaking this morning in florida. we have christian fisher, our correspondent down on the ground. abby: kristen, help break this down. what are you hearing where you are? >> well, i think geraldo really said it best. when a lot of people wake up this morning, and you look at your phone, and you see all of these tweets from president trump, you may think it is paranoid ranting and who knows it may be. but for president trump to
6:03 am
come out and say these allegations, and i don't think these allegations, the significance of them can really be overstated to come out and say that he believes a sitting president think so that a former president was wiretapping and listening to the lines in his personal home right before the election during the campaign at a time when that sitting president, president obama was actively supporting and campaigning for president trump's component, that is an explosive allegation. so let's just dive into the tweets and give you guys some specifics about what exactly president trump is saying this morning. here's one. quote terrible. just found out that obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory. nothing sound. this is mccarthyism. he then said quote how low has president obama gone to tap my phones during this very sacred election process? this is nixon watergate bad or sick guy. in all, there were six tweets
6:04 am
this morning. four of them regarding the alleged wiretap. so the big question now is, you know, what sort of proof does he have? where is this evidence coming from? look back to friday. there was a breitbart article, which claimed that the obama administration made foreign intelligence surveillance court back in 2016 to monitor trump communications and a computer server in trump tower during the campaign. now, we know that president trump is attentive for watching the news, hearing reports and then talking about it or tweeting about it. but for him to come out and make these allegations, it is very clear that he has some kind of substance. some kind of evidence from within the intelligence community or somewhere within the government to back up these claims at least a little. now, whether or not they're fully true, that remains to be seen. but he has to be getting some kind of intelligence aside from this report to back this
6:05 am
up. so president trump has a meeting with his national security council later today. going to be a very important meeting. but golf or whatever else is scheduled today clearly blown out. >> robin, i want to add one other piece to back up kristen's reporting. on january 19th, the day before the inaugural, the new york times reported about some of the early allegations here or connections between the trump side and russian officials. and they had one line buried in there that we found. one official said that intelligence reports are based on some of the wiretapped communications, and they had been provided to the white house. the wiretap communications. the white house on january 19th was the obama white house. so is that the source of some of the information that has been spilling out? we don't know for sure. but it makes you wonder whether wiretapped communications were in the possession of the obama administration, and that's what's been spilling out in recent days.
6:06 am
>> if you're asking me, i mean, i don't know for a fact, obviously. it would seem to me that this is the beginning of the -- it's like you remember in iraq you walk down a road and there's one ied and then 20 meters forward there's another and another. i think you're going to see now the bam, bam, bam. now we're going to start seeing the leaks because these are political operatives now left over from the obama administration. i do believe that they have planted land mines, and i think it's going to be a very unsettled and violent period as this russian cancer is now unveiled to the public. and when you think about it, flynn resigns because of contacts. what were the contacts about? was he speaking about the sanctions? was he going behind the back of president of the united states and saying don't worry about those sanctions, buddy, we've got you covered. >> don't know the whole truth of vice president pence.
6:07 am
>> we know he did not tell the whole truth to his vice president. i understand the president's rage. i understand how he can be unsettled and upset about the whole notion of his tower there, you know? his citadel being spied on. and his home office as well. and every one of his subordinates. but it's legal. if he had to convince a judge, the judge had to sign off on the warrant, which makes it legal. >> possibly legal. we don't know if they went further with it or not. abby: so you're saying if a sitting president wants to wiretap the person that is running -- that's the nominee i guess at that point; right? >> october. yeah. >> and the president has endorsed hillary clinton, he is legally able to wiretap trump tower? that's fine? >> it wouldn't have to come from the president. it could have come from somebody in the nsa. the investigation is about foreign interference with the u.s. elections and whether any american citizens were
6:08 am
collaborating, colluding, conspiring with the foreign power. that is totally in the purview of the nsa and the various intelligence agency. >> but it's then being used later on to discredit a president, to push and declarify that information certainly smells of something political. we had lieutenant colonel on earlier and asked him about this as an intelligence official. this is where he took it. >> i don't doubt for a minute that mr. trump has sufficient, i would say critical mass of evidence saying there's something really wrong here. and, again, as a president, you start learning little by little about collection capabilities. we're talking about the potential of indictment of a former sitting president and his staff. and that's unheard of. >> for the president to tweet this. he has evidence presented to him this morning that has emboldened him to go public this morning with all of this. but could it go that are that far? that this counterpunch is opening that the obama administration spent the final months of its term and into
6:09 am
the transition period working to discredit president trump? >> i think that colonel safer is spot on when he talks about the intelligence-gathering aspect of it. but then to take the leap and to say that they did it, and there is the possibility of legality and then to take the further catastrophic leap to indictment, i think colonel shafer goes way too far. i think that let's stick with what the issue is. the issue is we know the russians interfered with our election. we know that michael flynn, the national security. >> didn't change any ballots or anything like that. >> no. nothing like that. but everybody. president trump admits concedes or everybody -- it is unanimous that the russians interfered with our election. they hacked our election. not the numbers, but they interfered with the varying damming e-mails so on and so fourth. but then to say that this process is illegal i think is a big jump.
6:10 am
now, are people with access to this classified data now leaking it to the press? there is the potential criminality. if indeed you have someone who has the possession of a top secret document, and they are taking it to the new york times or to fox news or -- >> intentionally declassified so that they could -- >> that's a much more settle and difficult thing to prove. but it could be -- there would be a diabolical aspect to that. but i mean, i'm not putting it past anybody. >> but the most important point you're making. you have this long track record of integrity and reporting and sticking to facts; right? so the trump people now need to be careful not to make all of these subpositions about what all of this meant. but it seems to me that the democrats should stick to the facts about what we know with the trump contact with the trump campaign. abby: and their own contact. >> yeah. and ambassador chuck schumer.
6:11 am
just because you met with an ambassador doesn't mean that something stinks. doesn't mean there's anything illegal or unethical. and we really need in these investigations to stick it to facts but everybody's leaping to conclusions. >> i love the fact that they're releasing all of these photos with schumer having hot dogs with putin. tit for tat, goose for gander. if you're going to embarrass me -- but of course that's not the issue. the issue isn't physical meetings. the issue is whether you're conspiring to affect the election or going behind the back of the 4th president and saying whatever his policies are, we don't care about that. we have our own agenda. just be patient. >> well, that's a great point. we had some sound -- we can play it again i believe from the russian ambassador or u.s. ambassador to russia under president obama who narrows in on that point. it's about -- was there actual collusion and what exist? >> with respect to coordination about the campaign, that's the number
6:12 am
one question. okay? that's the watergate moment. that's when everything gets released. and up to this point, there is not, especially on the record here as we are today, i'm not willing to speculate about that because the data is just not there. the evidence is just not there. abby: i mean, you heard it there. he says they don't have it. >> i think the more basic issue first, the first issue we'll confront is did secretary -- or did attorney general sessions lie to senator al franken or then senator sessions lie to senator franken when he said he never met with the russians? that's really a perjury issue. it has nothing to do with the intelligence. it has to do did he lie or did he not lie? abby: but particularly, geraldo, about the wiretapping. if that ends up being real, there's proof behind it, how big of a deal is that? >> well, i think the fact of the wiretapping is sensational but not really substantive. the real fact will be what the
6:13 am
wiretaps contain. do they say that general flynn said "don't worry. we have your back to the russian president, you know, behind the back of the american president?" i think those are the kinds of issues. and how that stuff was used. and then the leaks of course. the leaks are another crime. >> turns out arnold schwarzenegger won't be back on the silenced apprentice. but you know who will be back? former apprentice contestant on the stunning breaking news overnight. abby: plus what does judge alex think of the president's major wiretapping allegations this morning? he's going to join us live to weigh in on that. that's just ahead.
6:14 am
6:15 am
6:16 am
6:17 am
>> connie, you're terminated. >> well, someone was terminated. for him, and we're finding out a little bit about why. this is what arnold schwarzenegger said about leaving the apprentice. he said with trump being involved in the show, people have a bad taste and don't want to participate or sponsor or any other way support of the show. it's not about the show because everyone i ran into because everyone i ran into said they love the show. but i turned -- but i turned it off because -- but they said they turned it off because when you read trump's name, i'm out of here. blaming trance. >> let's call the whine ambulance. remember a couple of weeks ago because geraldo, at the prayer breakfast, he called out and said i had better ratings. and arnold commented said you should focus on the ratings. now the ratings are not so
6:18 am
fine. soprano responds this morning. >> the president doesn't end there. the president goes on this morning tweeting arnold schwarzenegger isn't voluntarily leaving the apprentice. he was fired by his bad, pathetic ratings. geraldo, we have to get your take on this. >> the president wrote me a note a couple of days before the inauguration and said i miss you. come on over. i went to trump tower to see him. there were a whole lot of things going on. he had just saved $600 million on the f35. he was meeting with all the chief executives. there were a lot of things on the international scene. the first thing we talked about he said come on i want to show you something. and i said yes, mr. president-elect? and on the wall he had the ratings of the apprentice next to arnold's ratings. and he said look at this. i'm beating him three to one. i mean, that was the first thing he said to me. of course we shared the apprentice. trump was great on the apprentice. trump made the apprentice. why? because the apprentice -- remember, before with celebrity apprentice, it was just the apprentice.
6:19 am
it was all about business. it was about business acumen, how clever you are, how creative you are, how entrepreneurial you are and because he was a brash billionaire businessman, he had the credit of someone who knew. arnold, i've known him since pumping iron, i've known him since president trump, and i thought when he was announced, he would be -- if anyone could fill trump's shoes, it would be arnold schwarzenegger and the answer now is no one can fill donald trump's shoes in that time. >> today is going to be why is the president tweeting about arnold schwarzenegger? why does he care about ratings so much? >> i can't answer that. ed, when i saw the tweets this morning, i thought, oh, no, he's at it again. and then i read further into it, and i thought there was a substantive story in there. remember, the apprentice ran for 14 seasons. it was such a big part not only of the trump persona but of his success as a
6:20 am
president. that's how he introduced himself to all those people who later voted for him on november 8th. so it's a big part of in his life, and you mention the national prayer breakfast. how wild was that? they're all gathered to get together after the inauguration. let us pray for higher ratings for arnold schwarzenegger. it was pretty funny. some things you just can't shake. battle between ed henry and arnold -- he thinks he would win. >> he has his money on me. come on, geraldo. >> in what? >> get out of here. [laughter] >> he may be older now but i mean, this is a guy who won the mr. olympiad. >> i really don't spend enough time in the gym. you're right. >> he might eat you for lunch. [laughter] abby: thank you, geraldo.
6:21 am
>> thanks for being here. what does judge alex think of the president major wire accusations? he'll weigh in live just ahead. >> plus making a stunning claim about hollywood. you're going to have to stick around to think about this one.
6:22 am
6:23 am
6:24 am
abby: welcome back. we are back with quick headlines. attorney general jeff sessions has agreed to submit new testimony on his so-called contact with the russian officials during the election. that testimony will be in writing, despite democrat's best efforts to make the attorney general appear in person. has been under pressure for a meeting he had to the russian ambassador. and offering valuable advice to 4th graders. >> what do you want to be when
6:25 am
you grow up? what do you want to be? so you want your own business, and you're going to make a lot of money; right? but don't run for politics. abby: the president visiting a private school in orlando with new education secretary betsy devos to help promote school choice. >> the highly anticipated movie logan hit theaters this weekend but fox senior vp couldn't make it to this week's star-studded event. you were obviously out there for the oscars. >> two places at the same time. so we enlisted 18-year-old tatiana, and she's a super fan. we gave her a shot on the red carpet. let's see how she did. >> hi, this is tatina alvarez. >> whether you're a superhero
6:26 am
or not, i always like the reluctant hero that grows into it. and i think this film has really declined that of him truly accepting his destiny. >> i need the girls. >> what girl? >> i wanted to ask because this has been plaguing me forever. how do those clause -- like is there a hook? >> there's a little brass plate that goes in here and the clause are attached, and they mold around your hand. literally hold on, and. it's so much more unbelievable than. but when i meet 6 or 7-year-olds, they're, like, how are they going to come out? >> the opening scene just the two of us in this horrible upturn massive attack. so much complexity and richness. i think i enjoyed that most. >> when it came to this last movie, we really wanted to focus on that and that
6:27 am
relationship, and it's really a movie about family, this one. >> thank you so much. >> my pleasure. well done. i did great job. congrats. you can relax now. go and enjoy the movie. >> how good did she do? well, she was supposed to be here with us today on the curvy couch, but she couldn't make it because she had a family emergency. but have no fear. we will save this signed poster. how do you jack man signed it for you. >> and we hope her family's doing well. abby: yeah, thanks for doing that for her. it's fun to see the excitement on her face. >> she did a great job. only 18. >> where can we find you on instagram? >> and twitter as well. where the party is happening. >> have a good weekend. clayton: thank you, sir. more on our fox news alert. the president's wiretap.
6:28 am
colonel shafer both here to react next. abby: and wonder what a normal day is like for sean spicer? more with my exclusive interview with him at the white house. >> did you have an interview? oh, i think i heard about it. it was good. horns on their helmets. ostriches don't really stick their heads in the sand. a peanut is not a nut. and a real john deere is actually real affordable. you learn something new everyday. the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors. now you can own america's tractor for just $99 a month. learn more at your john deere dealer.
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abby: we are back with a fox news alert. president trump accusing former president obama of spying on him during the campaign.
6:32 am
>> yes. in a series of early morning tweets, the president claims the obama administration wiretapped the phones at trump tower. that's right. wiretapped the phones at trump tower. clayton: big deal. if this proves to be true, what happens next? here to discuss former miami dade county alex ferrer. if this proves to be true, what happens next? >> well, that's a big question because there are so many unknowns. i guess i think we know is that there was an allegation that the obama administration was seeking a wiretap of then candidate trump based on context with the russian government which in and of itself those contacts are meaningless except with the hacking of the e-mails and those activities, they took on some particular significance. the request for a wiretap was purportedly denied by the fisa court. if it's true that after the wiretap was denied, they did
6:33 am
not then get subsequent permission, and they went ahead and wiretapped him anyway, that would be an egregious violation that could lead to criminal prosecution. then the question becomes whose action was that? whose action was it to proceed? abby: that's a great question. the reason we're all talking about it this morning is because it came from a tweet from president trump. it's so interesting how we get our news these days. he goes right around the media and tweets it to the american people. he tweeted terrible. just found out obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory. nothing so you understood. this is mccarthyism. and goes on to say it is legal. turned down by court earlier. a new low. and it seems as though he has enough proof or enough evidence to tweet this out to his millions of followers; right? >> well, that's a big jump for him to take. we all know that president trump tweets all kinds of things that other presidents would probably never consider
6:34 am
tweeting. but it's hard to imagine that he would throw something out there like that without having something to back it up. but then the question is are you really claiming that this was president obama's decision to go forward? or is he just generalizing it's the obama administration? if it was really an illegal act by a sitting president, presidents are not protected from criminal acts that are outside of their duties. you can't be a president and murder somebody and say, well, you can't prosecute me because i'm a president. when you deal with the decision of wiretapping, it starts to really merge into their official duties if it is part of a national security investigation. so it kind of becomes a really difficult thing to call with a with the very, very limited facts we have from his tweets. >> well, obviously there are wiretaps and then there are wiretaps. if the nsa wants to have one and go to that pfizer court for, say, a mid-level official, that would be one thing. but you would think a wiretap of the tower would reach the oval office.
6:35 am
we don't know that for sure, but you would think. >> oh, absolutely. >> say wait a second. we have to get the president. >> yeah. absolutely. what you're talking about is the distinction between that request reaching the oval office and getting approval to go forward based on what information. i mean, think about george w. bush and the invasion of iraq and the question of weapons of mass destruction. just because it was presented to him, doesn't mean he committed some criminal act if weapons of weapons of mass destruction aren't found. there's a whole lot of information that is underlining the decision to take the act. so we just don't know. i mean, right now, it's just a -- >> we don't and from what we understand, they went to the fisa court in june of 2016, and it was denied because seen as too broad. and then went back in october with a more narrowed. and it was approved. and the question is how was it used so far? >> absolutely. and the leaking is definitely the criminal part. if that information was classified, the leaking of it is absolutely the criminal
6:36 am
part. and that's one of the things that should definitely be pursued aggressively. >> and this is an investigation that started about, you know, contacts between the trump side and russian officials and as the judge says there. this may turn into a big leak investigation about people breaking the law with classified information. abby: but as you said, judge, all we have right now are the tweets from the president. >> thanks a lot. have a good sunday. >> thank you. abby: to some other headlines this morning. some wait times at facilitates in virginia are far worse than the records show. >> shocker. abby: va general shows 36% have wait times longer than 30 days. while only 10% of visits were delayed that long. >> oh, fudging records? abby: and nearly 13,000 vets should have been able to see private doctors but never authorizing them to see
6:37 am
outside care. also a dreamer arrested after publicly speaking about her family's deportation is now fighting to stay here in the u.s. >> today my father and brother await deportation while i continue to fate this battle as a dream to help contribute to this country, which i feel is very much my country. abby: minutes after that speech, danielle was arrested by ice. it turns out her dreamer expired in december. now she's in front of a judge to await deportation. and could tv push people to terror? known for his role in star wars rogue one making that warning to parliament saying the entertainment industry needs to represent all people. take a listen. >> if we fail to represent people in our mainstream narratives, they will build bubbles online and sometimes
6:38 am
even off. abby: ahmed going on to say actors like him have been forced to move to america in order to find roles. and if you ever dreamed of retiring to margaritaville, well, now you can. ♪ ♪ ♪ abby: that is where i want to be right now. the jimmy buffett iconic brand opening an adult -- an active adult community in daytona beach florida this fall. maybe i don't know. i don't want to be there. but no word, though, if you will find your lost -- >> active adult community. sounds like code for something -- i don't know. not bad. abby: you know, i would like to do a report just to see what's going on. let's check it out.
6:39 am
clayton: he's outside braving the elements. how are you? abby: and you have some friends out there. >> i'm not alone braving the elements. a lot of folks out here. hey. i heard wyoming. wyoming's here. and where are you from, little guy? >> nashville. >> a little warmer there. are you cold here? looking at 21 degrees here in new york city. we've settled down into the 20s. 23 degrees currently. where is the warm air right now? with a little warmer in nashville. we're seeing it pile up in the center of the country. that's the only place you see warmer weather today. a little snow in ohio and then the big system tracking that in the pacific northwest. we're talking about rain and potentially getting up to two feet of snow out there for folks before this weekend is over. so that's going to be the big weather story we continue to track the west coast for here and the east coast, it's all about these chilly temperatures. guys, what do you think? are you going to be able to handle this cold weather? we're hanging tough out here, guys. >> i love it. all right. thank you, adam.
6:40 am
come back inside. it is freezing today. >> still has hadda, new reaction of president trump's wiretapping accusations. lieutenant colonel shafer and jim hanson both join us live. there's also new information breaking on social media from former obama aids. we'll have that. abby: plus the battle over the celebrity apprentice continues. arnold schwarzenegger just responding to president trump just moments ago. >> oh, goodness. good luck winning that one. but fairest check in with neil cavuto to find out what's coming up on the cost of freedom business box. >> good morning, guys. just when things are looking up, are distractions threatening to take tax reform down? eric's getting answers from the white house budget director on cashing in. and while everyone else is salivating over snapchat. is there any there? and president trump knows how to make deals. so why not build up the military without spending dollars? the cost of freedom is coming up.
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6:44 am
>> welcome back a couple quick headlines for you. and if you're sick of winning, you better plug your ears. home depot is hiring 80,000 workers for the busy spring season. to make hiring quick, the company is evening shortening the application and allowing people to apply from their smartphones. good news indeed. and at&t is also bringing more jobs back to the u.s. the telecommunications company is vowing to add 3,000 positions that were previously done overseas. it's part of a labor agreement that they worked out with union employees. a lot of winning there. abby: all right. so this week i had the opportunity to sit down with press secretary sean spicer. you probably heard about it. but it was a really busy newsday, and it was just fun to get a sense of how they're operating now in the west wing and also the day in the life of a new press secretary. this is a job that he says he pinches himself many times a day to remind himself how cool this is. so take a look. >> you walk in every day.
6:45 am
>> that's right. >> press secretary of the united states for president trump. >> that's right. >> did you ever think you would be here? >> no. good afternoon, everyone. when you realize i grew up in a small state, a small town to think you have the honor to represent the president and the american people, you regularly reflect on what an honor it is. abby: is there a press secretary in the past that you grew up idolizing? anyone you feel like did a great job? >> i think it's a combination. tony snow was amazing. >> i'm glad you raised this. >> dana, i had a long relationship with her. she's been really helpful. >> president bush has followed this campaign. >> she's always there to give me a word of encouragement but more importantly a word of advice. and unbelievably constructive at all times. >> president bush this morning. >> and even some of the democrats, frankly. there's a small group of folks that have sat in this office. abby: what do you do to calm yourself at the end of the day? >> you prepare. abby: you don't have, like, a
6:46 am
glass of wine or something? chill out? >> no. i think we're here early and late, sometimes a little more coffee than anything. abby: so give us a little bit of a tour inside your main office. this is where you spend most of your days; right? >> yeah. abby: you have obviously tvs everywhere. >> i can tell what time it is. how early it is or how late it is. abby: right. >> but this is. we gather here a couple of times a day to talk about the message. what stories, what's moving. and what we're doing to get the word out on the president's agenda. abby: does the president ever come talk to you? >> no. we go to him. >> that's the old spicey and this is the new spicy. >> melissa mccarthy. spicy. >> yeah. i'll leave it at this. it's an interesting parody. i would rather be focusing on the seriousness of the agenda and the issues that we have. abby: this is a big desk. >> this is it. abby: where all the magic happens.
6:47 am
>> and the desk has been here since 1960s. every press secretary has used the same -- >> what's this? >> it's a reminder of what you're doing and while you're doing it. abby: i like that. biggest misconception about you? >> i don't know. it depends who's asking. abby: what would your wife say? >> i hope she has been -- look, my wife has been a rock through this. so i think she would say, hey, he's working hard, he's trying to do everything he can to do what's right for this country and, you know, she's been amazing. abby: we always see you on the other end of this room. >> that's right. this is behind the scenes. we always do a two-minute warning and then huddle and then it's game time. abby: your very first one, how was it? >> there was a little bit of nervousness there. probably the first several you realize again how many people are watching, and it's your obligation to help further the president's message. he is the best messenger by any merge. he can communicate in a way that nobody else can.
6:48 am
so our job is frankly just to help facilitate that and to do our best to give voice to him. but when you know that you've got probably the best merge that exists, it's a pretty high bar to live up to. abby: so show me the walk. every day. >> well, almost every day. so this is it. and here we are. the podium, the briefing room. i think sometimes people are amazed how much smaller it is on television. so you have 49 seats in here. as you see on the briefing, the walls get lined. they can basically -- you can sit in here, you can be in here. abby: very cozy. >> it is very cozy. it gets very warm by the 60th, 70th minute. but this is where everything take place. abby: this is where all the action happens. everything is so calm right now. >> it's packed. everyone is packed in like sardines on a daily basis.
6:49 am
abby: all staring at you. >> but this is where it happens. abby: you have to pinch yourself a few times. >> like i said i do it a few times a day. and it is an amazing responsibility, and it's an honor to do this and to have the president have me serve in this capacity. abby: a lot of people on twitter were wondering what the book was on his desk. it's called jesus calling. i asked him off camera. he actually gave up wine. so we'll see -- he's done it for many years. and i always sticks with it. and i said we'll see if this is your first year. >> i've known him about 20 years covering the hill before the white house. it's a tough job. a lot of press secretaries. both parties. you're always caught between the president and the press as you asked him in an interview about who you're more afraid of. and the bottom line he has a unique challenge is that this president is basically his own spokesman a lot of times when
6:50 am
he did on twitter this morning. so that is a unique challenge and, you know, he's got a tough job. abby: you don't sleep much. i just said remember your wife's anniversary and your kid's birthdays, and you'll be good. >> good advice. clayton: all right. up next. brand-new reaction to the president's wiretapping claims. the obama administration now responding. we have lieutenant colonel jim shafer and jim enhance that will help discuss next. >> power pact reaction you're here to buy a car.
6:51 am
what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar.
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clayton: welcome back. president trump accusing former president obama of wiretapping trump tower. >> now firing back. tweeting out no president can order a wiretap. those restrictions were put in place to protect citizens from people like you.
6:54 am
abby: here to react from these major accusations executive vice president at the center for security policy jim hanson and senior fellow for policy research lieutenant colonel tony shafer. thanks for being here, you guys. >> pleasure. abby: all right. off the top, jim, what is your reaction? this all breaking this morning. >> well, let's, first of all, dismiss ben rhodes comment as the designated liar for president obama. he doesn't matter. the bottom line is they did wiretap trump tower. they tapped a server that they thought was communicating somehow with russia. they asked for that warrant and were denied and then went back again, got the warrant, found out there was nothing happening, and then went ahead and continued monitoring it. this is a legitimate charge, and we need a serious investigation. >> tony shafer, i'm assuming then since the obama administration was so concerned about what foreign governments are doing, they were probably looking into hillary clinton's server as well. what do you think? >> doubtful, but they should have been. >> right. >> the fairness here is you need to be doing both. there's clear indication that
6:55 am
the clinton folks were doing it. let me be clear and follow up what jim just said. and push back against geraldo's idiotic comments really earlier. in national security law, you have to have a very high confidence that you're going to do something to tap someone's stuff. so what geraldo said is completely inaccurate. in this case, you had to make a clear, concise case of interrogatories. and let me say something else, and this is something else we had to worry about is that the president as we know under president bush can use nsa under what we call title ten. military conditions. so there are ways of getting around the so-called oversight rule that he could have done. >> jim, the next step on this is the president obviously confident if he's tweeting it this morning. but evidence and ability to prove it is going to be the next step if they want to push the ball forward. >> well, they did get a fisa warrant. they don't have to prove did they. the question is how deep did this conspiracy go? why was the obama administration wiretapping a
6:56 am
presidential candidate during the campaign? who else was involved? was this coordinated with the leaks that were coming out during the campaign? the leaks that came out during the transition? and the sustained attack on the trump administration by former obama officials? it seems to me there is a just cause for looking at that. >> tony, i always want to give you the last word because you're always on these. i want to defend our colleague geraldo. he's entitled to his opinion. abby: if he were here, he would jump right in. quick 15 seconds. where does this go next? >> well, you have to as jim said, go back and look at everything. look at the mechanisms that were employed. what the authorizations, if any, and then those things that fall outside the scope of the president's authority. you've got to investigate. abby: tony shafer, good to have you here. >> we'll be right back. more on the celebrity apprentice as well.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
abby: wow what a show it has been. anything from arnold schwarzenegger with president trump.
7:00 am
>> this is what schwarzenegger tweeted back at president trump. >> you should look at hiring a new joke writer and fact checker. >> we'll be back tomorrow. you have to tune in tomorrow. abby: every saturday. >> stocks rocketing the dow soaring past 21,000. and unemployment claims falling to a 44-year low. but is the federal reserve about to do something to turn it all upside down? hi, everybody, i'm dagen mcdowell and this is bulls and bears. the bulls and bears this week. gary b smith, jonas, jay, welcome to everybody. john, is the federal reserve with an interest rate hike maybe this month going to wreck it all? >> i think they certainly could. you have to understand. even the fed goes to their target rate of just under 3%


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