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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  March 4, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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judge jeanine." thanks for watching. judge jeanine: breaking tonight. reaction pouring in to president trump's bombshell allegations against the man who preceded him in the white house. hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. the president setting off a firestorm in the media early this morning making direct accusations against his predecessor president barack obama. he tweeted at 6:35:00 a.m. that he just found out that mr. obama ordered wiretaps of trump tower just before the election.
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the president went on to indicate that obama had had an earlier request for surveillance turned down by a court. president trump compared the whole thing to a nixon watergate-style crime and coverup and called his predecessor a bad or sick guy. close quote. for his part president obama's specksman did release a statement on behalf of the former president. a cardinal rule of the obama administration was no white house official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the department of justice. as part of that practice, neither president trump nor any white house official ever ordered surveillance on any u.s. citizen. any suggestion otherwise is simply false. the white house so far has been mum on all of this. let's try to get to the bottom of it tonight.
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joining me is former trump campaign manager, the man who engineered donald trump's run to the republican nomination, cory lawn due ski. good evening. crazy day today. you probably know president trump better than anyone in terms your experience with him from the time he first announced until about a year or so later when you have got off the campaign. when the president tweeted at 6:35 this morning, would it be unusual for the rest of his staff to not have any idea what he was tweeting about or any forewarning? >> no, it wouldn't be unusual because the president is a man who is willing to take his message directly to the american people. there were many times during the campaign where i would wake up or i'm sure sean spicer wakes up to and says, wow, the president just tweeted. it's not unusual for him to take his message to the american
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people without consulting his white house or campaign staff. judge jeanine: we are waiting for a response from the white house, we are still waiting. there is no backup, evidence or support for that claim which i'm sure you know is quite an incredible allegation to have one president accuse another president of a nixon-type wiretapping. >> what we have seen from the previous administration is they did spend time listening to conversations between then senator jeff sessions and the ambassador to russia while he was in his u.s. senate office. if that were to take place, what other conversations are they listening in on. judge jeanine: you are saying they were listening to conversation between senator sessions and the russian ambassador kislyak? >> no i'm talking about jeff
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sessions. this previous administration said they were aware of two conversations with jeff sessions met with the ambassador one time during the republican convention and the second time was in the united states senate office in a federal building and they were monitoring when the united states senator was having a private conversation with. if that is the case that's very concerning. is it possible that previous administration was listening to the conversations that took place in the trump tower? if that's the case, that's very, very disturbing of our future going forward to what the federal government has done to the american public. judge jeanine: i'm unaware of any claim of them listening to a conversation as being aware of a meeting between nor sessions and ambassador kislyak. i don't think there is any problem with it. the senator met with 25
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ambassadors in the same year. there were public photographs of them together. no one is trying to hide anything. on this watergate type thing. for the fisa court to issue of this warrant and then for it to be denied and for them to go back. does it surprise you that the obama administration was doing everything in its power to monitor what was going on at trump tower? >> well, judge, here is the problem. we don't know for sure that the former department of justice under general lynch, attorney general lynch actual live applied for a fisa court warrant in june which is what some of the mainstream media is reporting and was denied and then applied for a second fisa warrant in october and potentially was granted that. if that did occur, that's very troubling. the fact that the federal intelligence surveillance act is
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being used to listen to political opponent of the united states is very, very damaging. very dangerous, and think for one second. if george w. bush would have used the same thing to listen to barack obama when he was a candidate, when he was spending time with people who have talked about bombing a number of places like jeremiah wright. think of the outrage of the mainstream media and if for one second president george w. bush or his justice department asked for a fisa warrant what the mainstream media would be doing today. judge jeanine: i want to get to some of the facts about carter page. he was on the campaign. some of these reports are indicating paul manafort as well as carter page had other contacted with the russian government and they may be the basis for the fisa warrant. i'll make clear with my next guest, former attorney general mike mukasey, that it isn't
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necessarily the f.b.i. that makes the application and the department of justice. it could be the nsa or other intelligence agencies. but carter page was someone who came on the campaign for trump while you were there. this is a man who supposedly where there is admitted russian connections. what can you tell us about this man. >> paul manafort's role in the campaign was to get delegates for the trump campaign. that was his job on the campaign. carter page, i have never met carter page. to the best of my knowledge the president of the united states has never met carter page. he's a person telling everybody he's part of the campaign. he had no formal role in the campaign. he had nothing to do with the campaign. judge jeanine: wasn't he a foreign policy advisor? >> i was on the campaign for 18 months and i never met the guy. i never met carter page.
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and anybody who says otherwise is not being truthful. a lot of people want to claim they were on the trump campaign because he is the president of the united states and carter page is one of those guys. judge jeanine: is it possible that if there were a warrant issued, that it could be simply benign communications between a computer server in trump tower, and a russian bank, whether it be emails or anything like that? >> of course that's possible. the bottom line is, judge, you know this and i know this. anybody who potentially had communications with the russian government, potentially if they wanted to impact the outcome of the u.s. election. i'm certain the government of the president of the united states would say that person should be prosecuted.
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judge jeanine: paul ryan seems to confirm based on the intelligence he got after the president ordered the investigation there will be was no indication that any american was cooperating with the russian government, that's based on a statement by paul ryan last night. corey lewandowski, thanks so much for joining us this evening. joining me now to dig deeper into these allegations made by president trump is the former attorney general of the united states, judge michael mukasey. i'm going to ask you some very general questions. now, there are reports there were two applications made to a fisa court. one was denied and the second was granted. one denied in june. would you agree with me that applications to the fisa courts are according to everything that i have read and former attorneys who applied for these are almost always granted so a denial must
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be based on a real lack of any facts? would you agree with that? >> yeah, statistically they are always granted for the simple reason that the justice department is pretty conservative about what it puts in. tries to create as much of -- to establish as much probable cause as they can. the fact that it was denied, there was very little there. what's interesting is that application mentioned the name trump, though it's not clear in what connection. and that application was denied. judge jeanine: so they go back, the obama administration goes back, whether it's the f.b.i. other nsa. >> it has got to be the fine because they have -- they are the ones with the jurisdiction to conduct this surveillance inside the united states. judge jeanine: so the f.b.i.
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does it and makes that second application, and takes trump's name out of it, it's granted in october. now, is there always a requirement of probable cause? it's different than requirement in a wire in a criminal case. >> there is a requirement of probable cause but it's probable cause of a different sort. in a criminal case probable cause that a crime was committed, and probable cause that the wiretap would have evidence of that. but this is not that. all they have to show is projectable cause to believe -- probable cause to believe that somebody on that wires a agent of a foreign power. this may not have had anything to do with mr. trump because there were allegations about man for the getting money from putin's puppet in the ukraine
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and so on way back. judge jeanine: judge, i want to stop you there. man for the was not on the campaign in the first application of the fisa court. man for the did not come on until after corey was gone. so -- >> and the first application was not granted. >> it was the second one that was granted. how would we at this point get our hands on that fisa warrant? >> we wouldn't. because the fact that this is out is extraordinarily unusual. fisa activities generally is number one highly confidential, and number two for very good reason. because first all we don't want foreign powers or terrorist organizations to find out that we are evils dropping.
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and we don't want to damage people's reputations if it turns out there is nothing there. judge napolitano: in the last days of the obama administration the president expand the powers of the nsa to share information with 16 other agencies by tearing count bureaucrat i can barriers and sharing intelligence supposedly with other agencies. there are those who feel this was a tee-up, a set-up so there could be these kinds of leaks that never before would have occurred. but because there are so many more players involved, that donald trump was almost set up once the obama administration was gone by those people who were still in the government with access to this information. >> that is not an implausible theory. pushing this out, in an extraordinary way.
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predictably when very little -- we are not talking about a terrorist investigation. when very little came of it. i think it's pretty unusual. judge jeanine: my final question. when president obama ended up kick out a number of russian official, i believe there were 35 russian operatives, he did not throw out this ambassador kislyak who jeff sessions as information met with which wasn't unusual for him to meet with an ambassador. why is there all this hoopla about kislyak being a bad guy? >> kislyak may be a bad guy. but the point is he is the russian ambassador, and that appointment with sessions was set up by the justice -- by the state department. obama's state department as they
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set up all his other appointments with foreign officials. judge jeanine: thanks so much for joining us and shedding light on this. we are just getting started on this very busy news day. former department of justice official j. christian adams is here live to talk about where any order for these alleged wiretaps could have come from. it was one of the most eve motional and moving moments we have seen in a political speech that i can remember. what these two guys said about it got me quite mad. i just had to get some "street justice." you can't miss this week's edition. charmin ultra soft gets you clean without the wasteful wadding. it has comfort cushions you can see that are softer... ...and more absorbent, and you can use up to 4 times less. enjoy the go with charmin.
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judge jeanine: no official word from the white house about the bombshell allegations from president obama this morning that president obama wiretapped him and his campaign. i'm joined by jay christian adams. let me ask you this. last night on bret baier's show,
6:20 pm
paul ryan respond and i'm going to ask them to put up his response in a minute. by want to identify what was going on. after hillary lost, the president ordered an investigation by his intelligence community so that we could get a report to congress as to whether or not there was any kind of influence by anyone in the trump campaign or in this country with the russian government. paul ryan answered that question on bret baier as to whether they found anything like that out by saying this. >> we have seen no evidence anybody in this campaign or any other american was in on it with the russians to meddle in our elections. we know they melded with russians, an adversary and we
6:21 pm
have to work to counter act that. judge jeanine: he says we've got the report of the president claimle that and there was nothing. >> if paul ryan has access to the information which we can presume as speaker he does. it under mines the entire narrative that russians were involved with colluding with the trump campaign to swing the election. judge jeanine: the president ordered the report to go to congress january 9. he ordered it december 6. you are a lawyer, you were in the justice department. i want you to listen to this statement issued by a spokesman for president obama. ben rhodes says there is a cardinal rule at the obama administration, no white house official ever interfered with any independent investigation and neither president obama nor any white house official ever ordered surveillance on any u.s.
6:22 pm
citizen and any suggestion otherwise is false. operative word to me, ordered. >> that many right. there is a big difference between ordered and knowing everything else about it. ben rhodes doesn't deny they knew of everything else about this fisa warrant tapping into the trump campaign in the middle of the fall election. if this happened, folks need to understand this is what the tactics of a police state are, to use intelligence gathering against political opponents. it makes watergate look like a joke. they were bugging the office of a secretary with a piece. hardware from the 50s. this is entirely different if it's true. judge jeanine: when the president made that allegation, and this is based on open source reporting, which means a number
6:23 pm
of credible reporters, media reported on this, or a lot of source supporting there was a fisa warrant, a trump tower computer was being monitored. soft original fisa court to not grant the warrant, there is like a .03 chance of that happening. does it tell you that the obama administration was over the top in trying to get into that campaign to monitor it? >> fisa warrant are almost always granted because they are so carefully crafted before they get to the courts. but to have it glantd october in the middle of a campaign. we have seen the product of it. americans will learn what the deep state is. that intelligence information about mike flynn, his conversations with the russians it got out into the "washington post." that's exactly how it is working in a dangerous fashion where intelligence operations.
6:24 pm
judge jeanine: "the washington post" being a left-leaning newspaper. what else amazing is on the one manned you have got president trump saying the hillary clinton and bill clinton are good people, and you have to let by gones be by gones. yet everything is being teed up so he is someone who is almost victimized by all of these leaks with the broadening of intelligence information across the whole 16 or 18 agencies. >> it's a very deliberate campaign engineered to smear and delegitimize the president and general sessions. to ham stringt administration into enacting its proposals. almost all of the justice department are a bunch of democrats. if you look at the donation rate. if you look across the government, they are foes of president trump.
6:25 pm
judge jeanine: all those democrats criticizing senator sessions. nancy pelosi and mccaskill can't wait to get in front of a camera. they met with that russian ambassador, too. when there is big news on the weekend, no one gets into it like my panel. democratic strategist mary anne march and david abelia are here. i may even jump into the fight, too, though i try not to. the panel is next. michael moore, bill maher and the hollywood elite took on the most emotional moment of the president's joint sessions address. you're here to buy a car.
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headquarters." i'm patti ann browne. reports suggest chemical weapons are being used in mosul by isis. most of the victims are children. u.s.-backed iraqi forces continue to fight the last isis stronghold. the country has test fired an air defense system. iran signed the $800 million contract with russia nearly 10 years ago. construction of the keystone xl pipeline will continue without american-made steel. this despite president trump's that it will only use american made steel. presidential politics take on a
6:31 pm
new meaning today. if you are just joining us, let's get you caught up. president trump unleashing a string of treats accusing former president obama of being responsible for wiretapping the trump campaign inside trump tower in new york city. serious allegations indeed. joining me go pack chairman david avella, and mary anne marsh. we'll start first with the jeff sessions claim he's connected to russia and his recusal this week. mary anne, is there anything unusual about a united states senator meeting from an ambassador from another country? isn't that generally what they are supposed to do? >> for most senators. the difference with jeff sessions is the timing and the role he played in the trump
6:32 pm
campaign at the time. everyone was talking about russia hacking this election. it was also around the time when obama imposed the sanctions against russia and russia was mad at obama and clinton. jeff sessions ran and led the foreign policy and national security team for donald trump. of course, the ambassador of russia wanted to meet with jeff sessions during that time. judge jeanine: i never said jeff sessions ran the national security team. >> carter page. judge jeanine: at the time he met him, the fisa warrant was turned down. there wasn't enough to get a warrant. >> i'm not connecting the two. judge jeanine: i am. i am saying there was something there and the obama administration was trying to get to it. they didn't have a scintilla of evidence to get a warrant. david, if kislyak was such a bad dude that another station called
6:33 pm
him today a top spy from russia, why didn't president obama order him out of the country with the other top russian officials he threw out? >> it's a great question and another tactic the democrats are using to continue to painted that somehow hillary clinton's loss was because donald trump and the russians were working together to get information out about a private serve offer that -- a private server that hillary clinton wasn't supposed to have. judge jeanine: if this same guy kislyak was at the obama white house 22 times, how can he be such a top russian dirt bag. >> the reason they didn't remove him is obama decided not to go that far. instead he took 35 lower-level diplomats to make a point. he wasn't looking to escalate it. but you are missing the context here. jeff sessions was a desired
6:34 pm
conversation with kislyak for the role he was playing with trump. if sessions discussed sanctions with kislyak in that meeting he will have to resign. judge jeanine: he's in a meeting with 10 other people. >> russia was never a problem for the democrats until typical of democrats, something they believe happened to them, now all of a sudden because they believe they lost an election because of russian tint force, now russia is this world power that has to be taken care of as opposed to all the years before when obama is like i can have a reset with these folks. now all of a sudden because russia apparently or allegedly hacked into hillary clinton's private server, now they are a
6:35 pm
threat again. judge jeanine: does the context and timing lend a different interpretation to it? >> what shred of evidence is there that the trump campaign worked with the russians on anything. judge jeanine: paul ryan said there is none. >> the investigation into trump and his associates and their relationship with russia started in the spring of 2015. that is a fact. judge jeanine: who told you that? >> that's widely known. judge jeanine: wait a minute. you are telling me in 2015, if this is a fact, why did obama why it until after they lost in december in 2016 if this was a fact. >> two separate investigations. the association with rush investigation started in the spring of 2015. obama got his first briefing in june of 2015. the post-election investigation
6:36 pm
was into the election itself. so separate and distinct. i think it will all be bundled into one. but the start of the investigation in 2015 was different than the one he ended up doing after the election. number two, what you should listen to what paul ryan said, the interview where he said about sessions, unless sessions is under investigation, he then wouldn't have to recuse himself. if he is, he should. judge jeanine: he's not under investigation and nobody is claiming that. he met with the russian ambassador just like nancy pelosi who denied she ever met this guy kislyak, she lied about that. there is nancy pelosi, and there is kislyak. and schumer is having coffee and donuts with putin and the clintons sold 25% of our uranium to the russians. we have got to go to a break.
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street justice still coming right back. don't go away.
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judge jeanine: let's get to today's news. i want to move to this fisa investigation. david, clearly during the course of a campaign you have got one president, one white house, and what they are doing, and clearly the president knows about this because there would be no warrant to a fisa court or application, i should say, seeking a warrants, without the attorney general behind and clearly the president knowing that the trump campaign was being investigated. now, does that smack of nixon
6:42 pm
watergate type mccarthyism? what is going on here? what is the biggest concern for the american people? >> the big jest concern is that it could be true. it actually happened. for those who think that it's true, all they have to do is point to the fact that the president obama through media reports confirming it actually did approve the wiretapping of german chancellor angela merkel. how is it beyond a reasonable doubt that he didn't do it this time. judge jeanine: here, mary anne, is the issue. if you have got one president surveilling another president -- another candidate for president during the course a campaign, that's about as chilling as you can get in terms of democracy and a free election. >> no president can get a fisa warrant. judge jeanine: our viewers need
6:43 pm
to know that even the response by ben rhodes i thought was double speak. no president can order it. you have got to have your attorney general go in and the judge orders it. but there is no question that president obama knew if any of this is true that his administration was going after a candidate he december spiced against a woman he supported. >> you know this as a prosecutor and a judge. you can only get a fisa warrant if there is reasonable proof of criminal activity or espionage. if donald trump and others in tower are under surveillance with a fisa warrant, that's a bad place to be. judge jeanine: it doesn't have to be a crime. it's a different standard of proof. we are not just talking about a crime probable cause. someone can be an unwitting
6:44 pm
agent if someone is listening to a conversation with a foreign entity, they may not knot it. you cannot accuse based on a warrant of someone with criminal activity. >> that's the bar you have to clear to get the surveillance. what i think donald trump did this morning is disclose it because he believes other for us coming out. i think the fact that they disclosed, jared kushner and nuke flynn's meeting in trump tower with kislyak after sessions recused himself. you have to connect those activities together. i think they are related. i think trump is trying to blame it on obama to frame this story about this because there is more news coming out. judge jeanine: jeff sessions, i know him to be an honorable man. he rekiewlsd himself -- he recused himself because of the
6:45 pm
possible appearance of wrongdoing. the fact that jared came out as mary anne said and tried to get ahead of it. isn't that a smart thing to do because everybody is so crazy about russia, i'm ready to throw myself under my desk just in case they are supplying overhead. >> it many smart to get all the facts out on the table and americans can decide for themselves what's legitimate and what's not legitimate. it goes to another point. in all of this russia cost hillary clinton the election, not one shred of evidence has been shown as to what exactly they did and how exactly did she lose the election because of it. in january of 2016, hillary clinton's approval rating was 42% favorable, 51% unfavorable
6:46 pm
on election day. judge jeanine: the investigating president ordered. there was no evidence and the report was supposed to go to congress of any american involvement. the fact that they were too stupid to have their emails protected is their problem. nothing has been claimed to be untrue -- marianne. judge jeanine: i'm going to ask you to tell me where you got that spring of 2015 because nobody can seem to find it here. bill maher and michael moore got me so fired up this week so i hit the pavement for "street justice."
6:47 pm
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judge jeanine: it was one of the most emotional moments we have seen in a presidential speech. the widow of ryan owens.
6:51 pm
i was moved by that moment and then sickened way saw later that night in reaction to it. >> i wish she hadn't aloud herself to be used as his prop like that. >> that's why she is there. what's he thinking about? my ratings. record a[applause] i'll get an emmy for the most applause for a dead soldier on my watch. this is the sickness of this man. judge jeanine: she was used by the president any was so angry i hit the streets. here is tonight's street justice. michael moore, bill maher, the woman is being used, the poor woman, she is pathetic. what do you think of that. >> i think it's uncalled for. the families of our fallen and those in uniform serve just as much as those on the front
6:52 pm
lines. judge jeanine: is she being used when the house was applauding her for two minutes? >> absolutely not, i don't think so. judge jeanine: do you think bill maher and michael moore said she is being used and she is a poor, pathetic moment? >> no, it's a disgrace they would say those things. she should be proud of her husband and i hope the democrats and the rest of the democratic party shrt showing more respect. judge jeanine: michael moore and bill maher said she was used and the president was putting another notch on his belt. >> it's one way to look at it. >> i agree completely. i think he was banking on her suffering. judge jeanine: what do you think of people like michael moore saying she was being used. and the poor woman. do you think that's right?
6:53 pm
>> no, i don't think it's right. he's a navy seal and people should support our military. judge jeanine: why do you think they are being so critical for her being applauded? >> i think he's looking to make another movie. judge jeanine: what do you think of people calling her this poor woman? >> she is a widow. and i think we should have compassion for her. her husband lost his life fighting for our country. judge jeanine: people are just extremely critical of everything these days. judge jeanine: do you think for the next four years it will change? >> if i manage it's probably going to get worse. judge jeanine: there is no hope? >> no. maybe in five years. >> they shouldn't do that at
6:54 pm
all. got it went out there and risked his life. when you risk your life, that's like risking your family, you are take care of everybody out there. judge jeanine: do you have hope for the next four years? >> we have to ride it until the wheels fall off baits is what it is. judge jeanine: is this a two-wheerl or four-wheeler. >> i don't think they thought they would lose to a tv personality with no experience. judge jeanine: do you think things will change in the next four years? >> i hope so. judge jeanine: me, too. judge jeanine: why are they saying mean things like that? >> to make him look bad. a lot of people hate trump. everyone hate him right now. >> why would michael moore and
6:55 pm
bill maher say the president shouldn't have brought her out. >> if the president does that, that's not a good thing. judge jeanine: shouldn't we thank her for her service? >> absolutely. judge jeanine: was it a good thing or bad thing what michael moore said? >> bad thing. judge jeanine: good, we got it. thank you. bad. that's the end of that. bad. do you know how your laxative works? you might be surprised. stimulant laxatives make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften, unblocking your system naturally. miralax.
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>> on a personal note, my sincere thanks to all my loyal i viewers. justice has consistently been the number one show in prime time across all cable on the weekends, and you're the reason why. so i want to say thank you. remember to trend me on facebook, follow me on twitter and instagram at judge underscore jeanine. the greg gutfeld show is next. see you tomorrow night. ♪ ♪
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>> to donald trump is can his papa -- pathetic fans of white privileged criminal businessmen, i would like to say to him, yes, sir! [cheers and applause] gregg: behold, the new face of the democratic party. [laughter] [cheers and applause] greg: all right, enough from you people. president trump had his most presidential week yet. he talked about building up the military on an aircraft carrier.


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