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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  March 5, 2017 3:00am-7:01am PST

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claim "washington post", test test
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so that it could employee -- bred crumbs picked up by people want to report against trump, drip, drip, drip, the elaboration that have keem out the frustration, of. >> the root of the problem. >> being of course where is it coming from here that is small sampling of the time line of leakes from russian dossier january, to black sights stuff about executive orders, the mexican phone call on february about 1, obviously miker michael flynn jeff sessions a successful state of union on tuesday, wednesday, thursday here comes aon in mouse source, about jeff sessions, elaboration -- >> seem to be designed, to
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flowl throw president trump off game say he gave great speech liberalize saying great job, he was trying to unify crunch are rhetoric looks like agenda maybe was getting on track confusing to me is why then after that successful speech yes more leaks clearly some people in southern -- paraphrase to be trying to throw him off game why more ammunition. >> question marks tweets came through yesterday we are only couch, stunned like this is breaking news if this is true this leads to a whole investigation. >> popping up -- what that means, because there have been 35,000 requests for support court orders 12 denied one was request in june to, surveil trump tower why denied was it too broadcast too focused, eventually a was approved in
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october why not approved in june but approved in october in midst of a presidential cycle a ton of questions, if it was focused on rush able, conversation, why are we getting information about domestic meetings not with a swainz is meant to do. >> debate for years. >> pit forward, the leaks that he found that are phone calls they had some deal with o verizon that, brought up the fact that it is not about foreign governments that he where do you draw line to privacy what you want to use the fisa courts for people trying to put on. >> all clear what you can cannot do you cannot just disseminate information about meantimes this is attacking on our country with a fisa is for, foreign aid -- >> all this within going to come on show reported on this. >> -- mark levin on show later as well as greatest -- on "fox & friends", james rosen --
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surveillance under obama administration may have perspective on this. >> not another show going to cover this. >> not like us. >> we have an expert about fisa court, i am excited about -- >> that is really. >> -- i love that. all right. we have headlines to get to president trump set the sign a i don't do travel order the new order restricting attractively, about those a o the original order held up in federal court since signed in late january consecutive action to preventative radical islamic. >> terrorists. >> things got ugly in berkeley, california, line between trump protests,
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arresting nearly a dozen people the brawl leaving seven people injured. >> a jihadi facing terrorism charges trying to join isis investigators say of new york, told them he that he was ready to strap a bomb sacrifice himself for jihad after getting bustedz for pot authorities say he traveled to middle east twice to join are a group in syria tissued away by officials now held without bail, if you are not tired off of "saturday night live." >> nothing -- i love the press respect the press, take another question from the press. >> hi, yeah from him buzz -- >> no you are not buzzfeed. >> ira pile of garbage. >> punch line keeps going baldwin announcing ride writing a memoir from point of view entitled you can't sell
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america without me the tremendous story might have fantastic first year as president donald trump a writer will do most work he will lend this is. >> impersonation. >> a lot of news coming up more on top story man on the shortless to be president trump's cia chief in former chair of the house intel committee, will join us next. >> president trump -- the motives undermining president trump is it all about hillary author klein joins us. >> trump tower find out what they are doing. >> -- have you found any president of the united states, is -- is a horrible thing to do because what do you want to president to be successful, what did you want america to be successful?
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. speaker ryan asked if he could o confirm the report that president trump was wiretapped here is what he said. >> have you heard that? >> well, again, and like i said, none of us in congress or anybody i know in congress has been presented about evidence to the contrary what you just said. >> so you believe it to be true. >> yeah, that -- we want to seen no evidence that anybody in this campaign or any other american was in on it with the russians to meddle in our elections we know they count eled russia an -- react. >> was he -- former chair house committee peter hoekstra good to see you what do you make of that, because you know, you know, as well as
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anyone, that the chair, and ranking member of the house intel committee as well as speaker minority leader are europe briefed of something, something of this magnitude, how we answered right there the question was he confirming trump tower was wiretapped. >> i think speaker being very very careful when you are dealing with, i know the wiretaps especially, the -- the content of phone calls that may involve, u.s. persons, yeah, that is a gang of 8 thing only 8 people in congress may have been briefed on something like that i think paul was just being very, very careful, that -- he did not divulge anything in this top-secret classified briefing, that he may have received. >> so sir, was he being careful, because it is true? and he didn't want to initially confirm it or was he being careful because these are just -- reports, i mean you had to deal with this as member of the "gang of 8." >> right. >> what those he being careful, because there is some there there -- >> i think probably very careful i would like to
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believe there is there there, i think there is a lot of circumstantial received that says there is some there there. >> -- with what -- >> but trump -- that perhaps, minimum people within the trump campaign, within trump transition team may have been wiretapped, through fisa through about capability that we have, remember this came up during the bush administration. remember we first learned of the american people fird learned of all this cata this digital data nsa could sweep up on global bays america might be -- american people became concerned, what if this was ever turned against us? >> that is a really interesting point, the question that we are waiting on is the proof, that some -- from president trump administration from tweets what are they going to back that up with does he have that proof what do you make of that. >> i think there is -- again,
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if information coming all it appears that there is evidence of that we know that, how did we know that a take a look what happened with michael flynn 8 years 6 1/2 years that i was in the leadership on the intel committee -- was a -- you know, extremely rare circumstance where we might have seen, the content of a -- an american captured through foreign swainz we would have seen the transcript that does not happen very often, but all of a sudden you've got one of the key i advisories to the president-elect where his conversations were not only swept up, it appears that they were disseminmated fairly wildly through community the content was provided to media a huge breach of federal law. >> -- we appreciate your insights. >> good to have you here, all right, coming up how do you
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president trump supporters feel about wiretap claims pete went to the tower to find out you don't want to miss it. ♪ they call my name me call my name they call my name ♪
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>> good morning, again, we are back with quick headlines, vice president pence demanding an apology after publishes wife's e-mail address. pence sharing a letter he wrote, when he requested they take it down, they refused. the ap others my wife an apology. ap responding with this statement, quote, ap removed the e-mail address from sub scwebt stories after learning
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mrs. pence still used the count. >> general james "mad dog" mattis. turns out there's a new nickname our secretary of defense prefers. he prefers to be called chaos. >> yesterday was the 44th day of trump presidency across the country. >> and he's the 45th president. >> one of the location where is they did so was outside of trump tower where, you know, there's allegations of wiretapping, maybe they listened to our conversation. i had a chance to talk to trump supporters and get a sense of how they feel with the news of the day. >> why are you all out here? >> i came here motivate today support the president.
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>> what do you think about the leaks? >> i think to take down any president of the united states is -- is a horrible thing to do because why wouldn't you want the president to be successful. >> can i ask you a question, are you a russian agent? >> no. >> they used to criticized the republicans for not getting along with the russians, now that we are being diplomatic now trainingers. >> that's what's trump is going saying right now. it's really undermining the progress that the country can make. we are the ones who suffer. >> who was it who told that tell vladimir, that once i'm president, i will have more flexibility?
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>> obama. >> are you a russian agent? >> no. >> what do you make of what president trump is talking about wiretap to trump tower? >> i'm not happy about it at all. any of us can be wiretapped. >> does it worry you that an obama administration would be authorizing even if it was legal wiretaps of trump tower? >> definitely not okay. >> i think it's insane. the president of the united states cannot do that without an order. >> even if there was an order or sense that communication with somebody, does it concern you that in the middle of an election you would be listening on the opposition candidate. >> of course, that's back to 1971. that's watergate-type of thing. i would like to see any kind of evidence. >> have you seen evidence that there's collusion between the trump campaign and russians? >> i haven'ten anything, no.
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>> right now you can be the make a judgment about collusion. that's a grand accusation. >> a lot of accusations, i don't think there's a lot of evidence. >> i think i found one right there. >> whenever we go to tiners, that's exactly what i hear. >> e-mail us this morning about recent developments about the white house, the leaks and concerted to take down -- abby: we don't know, we don't know, we
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>> i think that president trump is behind us because his people is certainly behind it and some of the leaks possibly come from that group, you know, some of the leak which is are very serious leaks because are bad in terms of national security, but i also understand that's politics and in terms of him being behind things, that's politics. and it will probably continue. abby: that was president trump on monday with "fox & friends" saying that former president obama has been -- and his team have been behind the protests and leaks we have seen come out in the recent weeks. now we have this this weekend, ed, boom. what do you make of all of this? >> there's two things going on simultaneously, one is the intelligence community at war with donald trump and his administration. i think that's pretty clear. i mean, he doesn't like them, he's called them nazis if you
3:34 am
recall. right. the american intelligence community went over to israel, told the israelis, don't cooperate with this new administration because they might leak stuff to the russians, remember that? >> sure. >> but at the same time we know that the nsa twice tried to get a pfizer court to get them permission to tap trump tower and then the conversations by americans were leaked to various press. >> which is was not supposed to happen. >> which was not supposed to happen. >> you have more information on those computers that may have been tapped into at trump tower? >> i don't. >> how many of them? >> i don't have -- >> i thought you said two computers? >> i don't know how many computers. two requests.
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but what i'm saying is that the fbi is now looking into whether the nsa did something illegal and if so, you're going to not not only a war between the intelligence community and the administration but the with intelligence community with the fbi. >> you're saying there's an interagency tug of war, however you want to phrase it, because the fbi is saying nsa my have stepped its bounds? >> that's a very good question. according to my sources comey, the director of the fbi and trump have had, in fact, conversations about this. where trump is getting this, i believe is from directly from james comey. you've been tapped, this is probably not legal and that's what set off donald trump. abby: he called it the revenge
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of losers going all the way bacg that there's anger that james comey as you're saying didn't come out with more information on everything that was going on. >> exactly. >> tell us about the revenge of losers and how that might be tied with what we are talking about today? >> the big thing and we discussed it right before we went on air is the iran deal, the iran deal is the capstone of the policy of the obama manage and now there's a real possibility that this trump administration would undo that and ben rhodes who was key to setting up this deal is now part of the resistance movement against trump. >> he was the first one on twitter saying you're wrong about the wiretapping. >> that is the shadow government that you talked about? >> this is the shadow government. rhodes is getting leaks in the intelligence community and
3:37 am
talking to the washington post and others. abby: interesting. >> you're saying that you believe that there's been conversations between james comey and the president or people between them -- >> no, directly. >> giving the president idea that this was not authorized by the fbi, it would have been the nsa going to the court. >> while comey was doing the investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails he was being blocked by the other -- by the other parts of the intelligence community. he went, for instance, to the nsa, and dia, he went to all intelligence agencies and they had been told by the white house, do not cop rate dosh -- cooperate. he believes that there's been this underground prohillary antitrump feeling throughout the
3:38 am
intelligence community and he's looking into it right now. abby: we saw the tweet from president trump calling president obama, former president potentially a sick guy for doing this. would president obama have known about this at the type, had the wiretapping taking place? >> he must have known about it. my guess that it was more likely that valerie jared and ben rhodes and obama -- the architects of this and obama was informed. obama is not exactly the most engaged guy when it comes to these kind of details. he spends an awful lot of time watching espn and reading his books. >> curious that the statements from the obama camp did not deny it, just that he did not order it.
3:39 am
that left the door open. >> i think it was ordered by valerie jared. i don't know that for a fact. but knowing how the administration worked while obama was in the white house, she was really pulling the levers and ben rhodes was the guy who was between the press and these leaks. abby: very interesting. >> thanks for being here. abby: to other headlines this morning, illegal immigrant is on the run after assaults a border patrol agent, border officials say that the man escaped from a hospital in arizona where he was taken after entering the u.s. illegally and then assaulting an agent. the 37-year-old has a criminal history with drug offenses and has previously been deported from the u.s. and a reporter is attacked by a man in a ski mask all on live tv. >> while the buff throi and bars are open late at night --
3:40 am
[inaudible] >> oh, my god. abby: yikes. able to fight off the attacker whose face was captured. fortunately no one was hurt. a u.s. stocker is first sport to require to stand for national anthem. requiring anyone involved to stand respectfully and comes, of course, after megyn kneeled last year. rapino was dropped from the latest national women's team roster. >> nfl take note. abby: proof that practice makes perfect.
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two new jersey brothers going viral, 12-year-old michael and 10-year-old nicholas started working at their dad's pizzeria a couple of years ago and the keep the boys busy, their dad put them to work and they were spinning pies like the pros. >> wow. we have adam outside braving the elements. it's gotten incredibly cold. >> incredibly cold is absolutely right. temperatures in a lot of places, at least temperatures getting down into single digits in new england, really throughout the entire northeast with actual temperatures falling at least into the teens, let's take a look at some of the numbers where they are really plummeting, 14-degrees currently in new york with a little bit of wind that's coming through right now. it feels colder than that. we have some negative numbers across the board. so certainly it's chilly throughout this morning. here is what it looks across the
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country. little bit of rain down the gulf coast and a big system we will be paying attention to, running into monday. that's out in the pacific northwest where we are seeing snow at times, very heavy snow, totals getting up to 2 feet. i'm talking a lot of cold weather. 37-degrees in new york city and spots getting up into the 60's in the midwest. so it's warm in some spots, not warm out here this morning. abby: thank you, adam. go back inside. >> will do. >> all right, as you just heard former speech writer is slamming wiretap claims, but who is ben rhodes? the washington post trying to sell a sob story about illegal immigrants saying they will get deported to a country where, quote, they will barely recognize it. our next guest calls this absurd. we will be right back when you've been making delicious natural cheese
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all this for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee. packed with goodness. clayton: we're back with some quick headlines of quick headlines of interest or make quick headlines but dangerous dirt bike stunt catches the attention of the authority. the baker video now going viral. while they been successful, the bikers could be in her legal troubles. california highway patrol now investigating. these four suspects showing up to their misery home finding this welcome mat at the front door. it reads comeback with a warrant. only problem, that's exactly what the police had. they searched the home finding drugs come a cache of weapons along with an ironic doormat. pete: president putting a hard hard stance on the removal of
3:47 am
illegal immigrants. >> as we speak tonight, we are removing gang members, drug dealers and criminals that threaten our communities and prey communities and prey on our very innocent citizens. bad ones are going out as i speak and as i promised throughout the campaign. trade to the mainstream media sociality wants to enforce the law the "washington post" trying to get sympathy in an article titled after decades in america comment newly deported term to mexico by the recognized us. clayton: more in this sob story for the "washington times." good morning. i took a look at this story and you can almost read it in reverse. a raised about folks who have been deported from going to mexico and not being prepared. what did they think would happen if they came to the u.s. illegally? >> goodness gracious. i would appreciate if they could
3:48 am
rather such compassion and sympathy about the blue-collar everyday american worker like they did about these illegal criminal aliens that are getting deported back to their home country. there were so many absurdities in this article, it was hard to wrap my mind around what the narrative has been versus how they went to spend this for the illegal aliens. that may just read you a graph in the article appeared more returnees back to mexico means lower wages for everybody in blue-collar industries such as construction and automotive manufacturing or competition to jobs likely to increase. how ironic just in president's joint address to congress. the same paper, the "washington post" fact check it on comments about immigration and how it's hurting the average american worker. the economists say that's not true. somehow for mexicans in mexico
3:49 am
that is true. train to one flight a week am a 135 men on the fly. that's less than 10,000 people a year compared to the 12 million illegals. if anything, if you are supportive committee will want do even more. >> this is a nonstory. it also says president barack obama had two flights a week another president trumpets only increasing to one flight. if anything, barack obama was a racist enough so to porter in chief. clayton: the story notes a lot of mexicans are frustrated that those deported don't speak spanish, but english instead. you pointed out, if you ask folks from mexico to speak english. a lot of double standards. abby: kelley, thank you for bringing the same. coming up, at least in this controversial billboard this is real men provide real women
3:50 am
appreciate it. you are not going to believe with what it's been replaced. trade for a president obama's former speechwriter national security adviser. who is this ben rhodes and what is from the past obama scandal? stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ grandma! grandpa!
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clayton: barack obama or staff after president where allegation. former obama speechwriter ben wrote strolling president
3:54 am
yesterday tweeting no, president can order a wiretap. those restrictions were put in place to protect citizens from people like you. so who is then rose and what is dancerske in all of this? come executive vice president for security policy, jim hansen. good morning. obviously, deeply invested in every nuclear deal as you are talking about a few moments ago which trump has said he's going to unravel. >> is actually one of the serial fabulist to help lie to the american public. a know nothing foreign-policy person who let the d.c. journalist crowd down the garden path into helping them and obama and he lie about the iran deal and get it in. >> a "new york times" profile where penrose openly admitted he was essentially tricking reporters into believing that it would be tough on iran. they may say that? >> he said it. it wasn't true.
3:55 am
it has even an element of truth. you've got a guy who's a one of the fiction writer who found his ideal role as the script writer for a bonus delusional foreign policy fantasy. this guy should have never gotten anywhere near our national security and it's a disgrace that he and obama use their mind about to turn most of the world into wreckage. abby: what you anticipate his role now today post-presidency? what is then rose going to try to do? >> is obviously part of the resistance. he's one of the people helping organize the other side, obama loyalists and people part of the antitrust movement and abby: abstract president for running his agenda. it's obvious his role right here is trying to pretend the president didn't order a wiretap. does anybody on earth with an bathroom temperature i.q. say he didn't know it and approve it? of course he did. rose is trying to stop transfer
3:56 am
of governing and it's going to be painful for him and the rest of the what happens when an investigation comes down. i've heard there may be people going to jail. abby: for what? leaking classified information? >> to start with, for sure. there are other things. the entire resistance movement seemed to have been planned. the more they look into this come the more there are actual things that may have broken the law by a number of people. they disseminate and declassify information that would be above board. >> to change the rules given at the last thing is to soften the most for what the nsa can release regarding the intercepted communications. abby: jim hansen, the story still playing out. links. if the obama administration did wiretap trump tower, they needed in order from the fisa court to do it. but with the president know? would he know anything at all?
3:57 am
a doj official that is all about the process. he takes us inside the process light next hour. we've got a big show on tap. stuart varney, james rosen and an exclusive interview with talk show host mark levin. he will not want to miss all of he will not want to miss all of that this morning right here on "fox & friends." we're the willi, and we're usaa members for life.
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tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i'm still going for my best. and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. >> reaction poured into president trump's bombshell allegations about the man who preceded him. just found out that mr. obama had ordered wiretaps of trump tower. >> he did spend time with jeff sessions. what other conversations they listen on? >> the obama white house never ordered on any u.s. citizens. >> the bottom line is you still have an administration use of investigative tools to go after a political opponent.
4:01 am
that is a very scary business. >> supporters of president trump holding rallies across the country. >> i support this president and all the things he's doing. >> the protest goals were to shut down any support for president. protesters wanted to give groups and started arguing. >> is a great country and a lot of people don't look at that. you're so blessed in so many ways. it's really there to help us get even better again. ♪ >> i need to add henry in the morning. abby: so sweet. good to have you back this
4:02 am
morning. so much happening. that is really broken our show yesterday if you are tuning in. we had a whole show plan paper that up because president treated. another conversation has completely changed. >> yesterday a lot of conversation, speculation and try to get underneath the four tweets in the morning appeared wiretaps at trump tower. worth a gun legally, illegally. i think even this morning a lot of questions, but we get a few more answers in the first hour. >> as you say yesterday, the current president accusing the previous president of basically ordering wiretaps of trump tower. the former president putting up a statement yesterday that left a lot of wiggle room, insisting that he never ordered the wiretapping. however, maybe someone else in his administration did. we are still trying to confirm all of that. last night on fox who had corey lewandowski, the first campaign
4:03 am
manager for donald trump doubling down and saying it wasn't just trump tower. the u.s. senate may have been bugged as well. >> will be seen from the previous administration as they did spend time listening to conversation between ben senator jeff sessions and ambassador to russia while he was in his u.s. senate office. if that were to take place, were supposedly did take place, what other conversations have they listened in on? >> you are saying they were listening to conversations between ben senator sessions and russian ambassador or are you talking about mike flynn and carefully ask? >> i am talking about jeff sessions. the administration said they were aware on two different occasions where senator jeff sessions met with the ambassador one time during the convention, but more importantly the second time is in the united states senate office in a federal building and they were monitoring what the united states senate was having a
4:04 am
private conversation. if that is the case, that is very concerning. >> powerful information. would be concerning the fisa court ordered in october, one attempt in june but tonight and the fisa court order granted in october. if that was used is to build broader than what they initially asked for or in certain places they didn't want. what cory lewandowski is suggesting that there is a concerted effort to take some information or utilized in some places, not just to identify foreign surveillance, but to disseminate information about trump and his associates and others. if you look at all the leaks, first general flynn very specific unimagined sessions, where is this information coming from? >> where the flakes coming from? you almost think there has to have been a wiretapping source. people come out of the intelligence leak the intelligence leak in the staff. that is where you really try and figure out where did this begin?
4:05 am
how did we get? >> january 19, "new york times" story, the day before donald trump's inauguration reporting that the outgoing obama administration had wiretapping playing into the russian investigation. abby: at open up to the community said they could have access to it the information told them. that is what makes you believe that it comes from these leaks. maybe it did come from the wiretapping. but he was so good that yesterday, it's all yet to be known. we don't have all the facts he appeared changing the narrative, changing the way way we talk about the story because before this they were very much on the defense saying if you are going to accuse me of colluding with the russians, let me tell you they are not the good ones either. they are also tapping into trump tower. ed: why did the failing "new
4:06 am
york times" and "washington post" get to write stories that anonymous face in outrageous headlines, but the president of the united states has access to fbi director of nsa, is the headlines from the media say no additives, basis wiretap sighting. he's the commander-in-chief with access to intelligence. it will be on him and others to carefully show where this is coming from and there is a lot more. >> when you say "washington post," say "washington post" on the day the story a few days ago. where did those leaks come from? >> you is so true that just true that jeff sessions had to recuse himself. >> the fact of the matter is plenty of articles where there is no evidence of anonymous sourcing and in the seventh paragraph it turns out there is no pollution. >> to at this point about donald trump on offense yesterday, former president obama suddenly
4:07 am
on defense in his camp at the state ban. a cardinal rule of the above illustration was no white house official lover interfered with an independent investigation led by the department of justice as part of the days. neither president obama or any white house official orders surveillance on u.s. citizen. any suggestion otherwise is simply false. a couple things. the last part they never orders surveillance of the u.s. citizen. james rosen is a u.s. citizen. there was surveillance of him earlier in the obama administration. are they trying to be cute and they there was surveillance but the president never ordered it. >> actress amanda surveillance didn't happen with james rosen. abby: that is what john bobrow, the former speechwriter treated. i'd be careful reporting there was no wiretapping. neither he nor the white house ordered it. >> is done at trump supporter. this is someone who worked or president obama.
4:08 am
you can drive a truck through the caveats. they are hedging and have been using was properly. >> fifty-year. >> like a big rig. that's not a denial. in fact, that isn't hard evidence. they are not denying that. they are merely saying technically this person, that person. we had climbed on earlier. he gave us additional insight about fighting between agencies and let that they tell us about what president trump knows and how he knows it. take a listen. >> according to my sources, call me, director of the fbi had in fact had conversations about this. we're trump is getting this i believe is directly from james comey. you've been tagged. this is not legal. the fbi is now looking into whether the nsa did send an
4:09 am
illegal and if so, you are going to have not only a war between the intelligence community and the administration, but within the intelligence community. >> that could be reportedly heard that he was behind the scenes fbi director and others who came and said he supported on the russian collusion is bs. help us disseminate that because that is the truth. they be fbi is trying to be the fair arbiter. >> when he mentions the nsa, a story from 2015 and "the wall street journal" for other agencies were listening on israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu another israeli officials. his calls and their calls with members of congress here. that's what that did not. the obama administration is in that surveillance. that is a tantalizing twist as well. that would be another example where it starts with brescia and
4:10 am
all the sadness in trump tower. it starts at israel on capitol hill. remember what cory lewandowski said about surveillance in the u.s. senate. >> could also rise to the debate we've been having in this country about 55 and the use of the course and how much power they have. would you draw the line with our privacy? that will continue on as they've gone back and forth in recent years. i'm curious on your thoughts on why we haven't heard yet from the white house that they have not backed it up. not saying they're not going to. ed: the current white house, not the former one, why do they have to show the proof? they know something that the president claims he knows something. on the other hand from the intercept is a story saying the president has the power to declassify anything. if in fact president obama ordered this for someone in his administration took us to the core, that could be declassified.
4:11 am
all of this could be resolved quickly because the president that the united states, the current president, could declassify some of this. go to congress, the fbi, say what the american people to see the evidence. pete: that is very true. for an interference congressmen and senators, or in this case a presidential candidate. it is a pretty tricky science. abby: we've got some great guests coming out. pete: famed conservative talk show host mark levin who started this and other resources he has had that triggered a breitbart story and properly revealed what may be going on. he will be on later in the show as well. abby: some other headlines this morning. president trump assigned revised executive order restrict teen travels with seven middle eastern and african countries could come as early as tomorrow. the president's original order has been held up in court in
4:12 am
late january. the executive action aimed at radical islamic terrorists from reaching out. people across the nation showed their support for our commander-in-chief march for trump rallies held in 40 states, the counter protesters also showed up as though attempting to shut down any support for the president. things did get ugly in berkeley, california. face between supporters and protesters. police arresting nearly a dozen the brawls leaving seven people injured. the president, a painter and now yoga rebel. laura bush telling people magazine that george w. bush was once kicked out of yoga class. she says he and his friends would show up late and join while on vacation in florida. donny, george and charlie are other friend one time had to be asked to do because they were behaving badly. i love this. it's unclear what specifically he did to get kicked out.
4:13 am
my husband would do the same thing. pete: at the obama administration did wiretap trump tower, they would need in order to do it. would he know anything at all? doj official christian adams knows all about the process. he takes us inside the process like macs. abby: how did president trump supporters feel about the wiretap claims? our road pete went to find out. >> they will put us to the test this hour. ♪ looking for balance in your digestive system?
4:14 am
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4:17 am
pete: spokesman for former president obama calling the wiretapping simply false. if it is true, how would the former administration do it? that is where the federal intelligence surveillance court comes in. here to tell us what is doj official jay christian adams. good morning. let's start with the basics and then get to the specifics, what we know and don't know. for viewers who don't understand is that, without getting into the weeds, this is a process we have to go to a court to get in order to open the door to surveillance. >> is a federal special court to the chief justice of the united states. is this a couple blocks from where i yam. they review applications to monitor what are potentially foreign agents, foreign influence, foreign powers
4:18 am
communicating are operating to the united states. it's an application by the fbi. they have to show probable cause that there is a foreign power and engaging in some sort of back to the days within the united states. >> if you were to get a court order and come up with the allegation that in this case russia was trying to hack the election. not saying they did, but that was to charge a year ago when it all started. you want to listen in and survey of foreign agents, where is the line when those foreign agents start talking to americans like general flynt? >> well, the attorney general of the united states has to certify a fisa applications. they are done by the fbi. you are going to have loretta lynch. you are going to have james khomeini, more than likely james cone likely james coleman with intimate knowledge about this in the fall. there were documents are people who know, answers we can obtain
4:19 am
that the right questions arise. that is why knocking sessions out of the game is such a victory for the swamp. the people who know and can do some in about this and are willing to take on the administrative state that is responsible, namely mr. sessions are no longer in the game. >> i think you put your finger on the point that president trump in large part was that sad about. since there's no deputy attorney general confirmed they are, there is murkiness about who's going to be in charge of all this investigating. comment on that, but also i want to get to the key point, which as you open a door that the rather lynch would likely have known about such a court order of surveillance at trump tower. would this have reached the oval office even if they stay in their statement president obama did not order it. something of this magnitude, would it have crossed his desk so he knew in the oval office? >> it's hard to say. a judge always orders at isobar.
4:20 am
of course the president didn't order it. what is important sessions recusal is that it prevents him from getting to the bottom of it and replaces them with career swap bureaucrats. they don't have a team in place yet. i laughed when i heard general sessions talk about an ethics officer at biasing recuse himself. i know this ethics opinions are often skewed. >> incredible it might have a president obama may not have ordered it, he probably was aware of it and they were not getting at the truth in their statement. number two, jeff sessions for choosing himself is key to all of this because what happens at this investigation look at very interesting. thank you. how do president trump supporters feel about wiretap claims? trump tower to be specific to find out. plus, bp versus ap. vice president mike pence hopping mad. he's demanding an apology from the associated press. we will tell you why.
4:21 am
nascar's most patriotic race set to begin in just a few hours. wonderful charity will benefit the families of our fallen heroes. major dan linney joins us live from the motor speedway. ♪ ostriches don't really stick vitheir heads in the horns on their helmets. and a real john deere is actually real affordable. you learn something new everyday. the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors.
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that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. pete: we're back with some headlines. another chewer cemetery desecrated. five tombstones at a cemetery in brooklyn. the latest wave of incidents included st. louis were 170 tombstones were toppled two weeks ago. a wanted bg hottie now facing terrorism charges for trying to travel to the middle east in an attempt to join isis.
4:25 am
federal investigators say elvis -- i butchered that they don't care. new york told him he was ready to strap a bomb and sacrificed himself for jihads after getting busted for pot. he is now being held without bail. >> in just a few hours, nascar's most patriotic race is set to begin. >> the second race in a mosque stir series. fans are gearing up right now at the atlantic seaway. -- speedway. transferred dan varney joins us live. >> hey, you guys. i feel the need, the need for speed today. we are the most patriotic place in america. trump flags flying all over. fires of patriotism burning or just an amazing day.
4:26 am
my brothers and squadron are treated as to fly by. this is just everything that is right in america today on a sunday afternoon. traditional core values alive and well in atlanta. abby: at about the charity because it had some of the most important people. the family members of our brave men and women who serve. since 2007, they provided more than 10,000 scholarships at nearly $70 million great incredible to work you guys are doing. tell us about lap 13 and what everyone is going to do there. >> a lot of people don't realize there are actually 13 folds that bring the flag to its triangle shape. during the 13th lap today, all the fans will have folded flags they will hold up on cards. it is a beautiful education moment for all of us that freedom isn't free. this purpose is to raise funds and awareness for what is now
4:27 am
one point type independence who had someone killed or disabled defending our freedoms. nine out of 10 get no federal assistance. coca-cola stepping up to sponsor this race in front of millions of patriots across this country. we'll raise hundreds of thousands of dollars today to feel the dreams literally of spouses and children across the country. >> you and i've been talking about my book, 42 faith. we will donate proceeds because it's a book about jackie robinson served in the american military. when abby was talking about the $70 million that goes to these families, would you do with the money question arc >> we provide scholarships to spouses and children who have someone killed or disabled defending our freedoms a 90-cent goes directly to scholarship program so it is high-speed in the low drag. we cannot wait for your book on jackie robbins had to come out so we can fulfill some were
4:28 am
scholarship. pete: is going to be a great race today. abby: the folds of honor quiktrip 500 at 2:30 eastern. come on how to donate, had to folds of pete: american flags, budweiser on a sunday afternoon. abby: have you seen this controversial billboard? real men provide, railway than appreciated. it has been replaced that you're not going to believe with what. trade for chris wallace, stuart arnie in an exclusive with conservative radio talk show host mark levin. you will not want to miss this. >> how do president trump supporters feel about wiretap complaints? trump tower to find out. >> take down any president at the united states is a horrible thing to do.
4:29 am
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♪ pete: and new version, pete on the street. abby: i like it. it has a nice ring to it.
4:33 am
pete: sixth ave. live shot. i was one block over wi-fi myself at trump tower. yesterday a series of trump rallies in support of the president. since that was the building he says was wiretap radio by the administration, we as supporters and others walking by what they thought about recent developing. here's what they said. >> why are you all out here? >> i felt motivated to support the president. >> what you make of all the leaks coming out? >> i think it's an organized attempt to undermine a president. >> i think to take down any president that the united states is a horrible thing to do because why would you want the president to be successful? >> or your russian agent? when do the democrats go out dr. strangelove? you go back a generation. these who criticize republicans for not getting along with russians. now that we are being diplomatic, now we are traitors.
4:34 am
>> that is what trump is saying right now. if you insinuate we are in bed with russia, we will do the same to you. it is a game and it's undermining the process are country can make. >> who said tell vladimir after the election i have more flexibility. >> to reset button. >> hillary, hillary. >> they are all have connections. they are hypocrites. they are what they say the enemy is. >> are your russian agent? you saw the three supporting. what you make about president trump is talking about as far as wired tops? >> i'm not happy about it at all. >> does it worry you potentially obama administration about the foreign election would be authorizing wiretaps of trump tower? >> definitely not okay. >> i think it's insane. the president of the united states can't do that without a court order. >> if there is a sense that communication is somebody that
4:35 am
does it concern you in the middle of an election you would be listening in on the opposition candidate? >> of course, that is back to 1972. that is watergate. >> can be seen evidence of collusion between the term campaign and russians? >> i haven't seen anything directly. >> a lot of talk during the trump campaign and the russians over the course of the election. have you seen evidence that mr. also question marks the mac not at all. evidence of contact, but we don't know yet about the details of those contacts. bright contacts. right now you really can't make a real judgment upon collusion. that is a grand annexation. >> a lot of accusations. a lot of accusations with no evidence. >> that sounds a little pro-trump. are your russian agent? abby: or your russian agent, a great way to end it. pete: a lot of people on the
4:36 am
street, very well-informed people. i did ask that question. who is that basically said to the russian president, told vladimir to have more flexibility. president trump remembers that moment as well. who was that? it's an important point. there was the president of the united states that was caught on a hot mike moment think how vladimir -- abby: we have sound of that. let's play it. >> in my election have more flexibility. [inaudible] pete: i will have more flexibility after my reelection. so he thought his mike was not moment. i was a real telling moment they are, that exchange. transfer wait a sec income he's been accused of being too close to moscow.
4:37 am
meanwhile, president obama right there on tape was saying i want to work with vladimir. i'll have more flexibility to cut deals with him. when medvedev settled transmit that message. pete: where is the headline from the failing "new york times," an anonymous source with headlines about conspiracy and scandal with the obama administration. there is a reset button and it was broken. abby: the story goes on. president trump suspends controversial h. one b. visa applications for the non-immigrant visa allows u.s. companies to hire foreigners in specialized fields. critics say they have been abused or outsourcing firms putting american workers. the suspension will help reduce a backlog of lawn visa decisions. will take effect april 3rd and could last up to eight months.
4:38 am
the vice president demanded an apology from "the associated press" after was published that his wife's private e-mail sharing the letter that he wrote reading what we requested they take it down, they refused. the ap owes my wife an apology. the ap responding removing the e-mail address from subsequent stories after learning she still used the account. the ap still has yet to apologize. do you remember this billboard? real men provide, rail when it appreciated. on a north carolina interstate. it's now been replaced. the billboard now saying much to do about nothing, a social experiment that rockport does so immersed in their own security that in the mirror they could only see an aggregate about there and correct interpretation of the silly billboard. bless their hearts. signed clearly mocking those in defense of the original one. i wonder if you could read the
4:39 am
whole side. history is made scouting combine washington wide receiver john roth with the 40-yard dash in just 4.22 seconds. that's the fastest time in the 4000 players around the event since 2003. chris johnson had been the record older since 2008. posted a 4.24. >> wow. abby: what happened? let's go to adam klotz for some weather. reporter: a few cold is exactly right. usually i would have some friends at me. not today. way too cold for that. temperatures dropped down into the teens. pretty good wind makes it feel even colder. i'll limited to the northeast. let's take a look at these maps and see what we are talking about. 14 degrees right now in new york city. it feels like temperature in single digits. spots further inland.
4:40 am
zero, negative four degrees in ithaca. it is cold this morning. we will battle this chilly weather. across the country from thunderstorms across the goal state and then a really big system out by us. this one continues to drop heavy snow. talking about as much as another two feet of snow before this is over. i want to show you quickly it is cold here, the spots where folks enjoy warm weather. the defect occurs in chicago, europe is for a little while longer and just going to be stayed bundled up its chilly out here. abby: we will be outside later in the show playing basketball. it has gone viral. we are so excited to have been here. pete: were trying to find someone to be. president trump getting slammed by the left for using twitter to accuse president obama of wiretapping. here to debate fair and balanced next. abby: who wants this job?
4:41 am
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pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search and get free carfax reports at the all-new pete: announced the news by the numbers. 27, how many planes the faa saying breach the restricted airspace over president trump estate in february. in one incident, fighter jets causing a sonic boom racing to intercept a plane. the faa is investigating each one of those incidents. 50 million bucks is how much the mexican government is now 14 over to pay for legal assistance to illegal immigrants that the u.s. who fear deportation. finally, 1 billion bucks is how much the irs says it has an unclaimed tax refunds from 2013.
4:45 am
the clock is ticking. he must send in your return by april 18th to get your money back. abby: thank you on the ad. a spokesman denied accusations that his administration ordered wiretaps leading up to the election. allegations coming in a series of tweets from president trump. our commander-in-chief is facing criticism for the way he delivered this message. is this fair? a fair and balanced today, navy seal colony beach and strategist linda tran. good morning to both of you. thanks for being with us. we just played a few minutes ago the clip of president obama talking to medvedev and the hot mike moment where he said this is my last election. i will be a lot more flexible after this. you have people saying some people in the media are covering up for president obama and president trump is not getting the same fair treatment this go around. would you say? >> the pattern is the media
4:46 am
always covers up for president obama. he uses us to address his method to you breach the american people. president trump, tweet on, baby, tweet on. >> i think there's actually a time to unpack here. the reality is a president does not order a wiretap. it would be illegal to do so. there's a reason why there is a foreign surveillance -- i'm sorry, foreign intelligence surveillance court with a number of federal judges on it elected seven-year term said they approve whether or not there's a wiretap of the larger issue is you have president trump making allegations about a lot of evidence of that should be troubling. abby: was a deceptive democrats are trying to get to? what are they trying to accuse president trump and his team when it comes to russians? what their intent is at the end of all of this. >> democrats including
4:47 am
representative should who is helping to lead the charge had said they don't know what is behind all of this. they don't know what the connections are between president trump and russia. that's the whole point direct to be an independent investigation and an independent prosecutor looking into it. >> as you know we don't have any evidence of this. yesterday morning at rope on her show saying i will go direct to the american people. this is not revealing the story the way i would like it to be told. i will handle it my way. >> democrats they are screaming is so unfair president trump can reach the allegations. the crazy thing is the liberal media believes that they are spewing. this is going to be one thing or president obama will come out and say we have no evidence. then they are going to justify it and it's just going to be a downhill effect in the media will cover up for it and make it go away. that's how it always happens.
4:48 am
abby: is that how it's going to play out? >> to be clear, plenty of evidence of interactions between donald trump's team and members of the russian government. the point is there are to be a lot more area than sunshine around it to see if there is a conflict of interest, if there's been problems, but the fact show is russia to intervene in the election that russia has an interest in working with donald trump and his team and frankly backed his team in the past election. what else is there behind the curtain on what i'll should the american people now? >> what the american people want to spare coverage of all of this and for investigations. we will leave it there. thanks for being with us. abby: a big lineup. florida governor rick scott from a radio talk show host mark levin all here lies. and of course this, we hope you are hungry because it is pizza time. these two brothers going viral
4:49 am
with their pizza tossing skills. they will be put up to the test. i can't wait for this. ♪
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
abby: check out these pint sized. posting this video on facebook and now it is gone viral. more than 17 million of you. >> use shortcut metallic red michael, nikki and her dad. other of [applause] 's pizza factory in jersey city. he told me it's like shooting a basketball. you put your palm in the middle of it.
4:53 am
>> put your palm in the middle. >> we've got to play hoops later, so this is practice. >> a long have you guys been spinning? >> five years. >> me too. >> you were 12. you are time. i think the bosses that dad behind, the mastermind. >> don't get me in trouble at home. abby: we saw this video. 17 million views. >> five years ago, my daughter chloe was born and she was a handful. some saturdays that would bring the boys to work with me to give my wife a break. i've been downtown for 17 years. the boys grew up in the pizzeria. they are very hands-on washing dishes, helping employees. i can't go outside and play ball with them, so i threw them some dough instead go play with it. that's how it started.
4:54 am
and then they got really good at it. i said i may get some of this on film. and here we are. it's amazing. >> tell-year-old man to give you some other dough. where's the money? >> with them, they work for me already. we are opening new store in the new year. abby: how much practiced you have to get to perfection? >> we practice an hour and a half each day when the event comes up for about a week. abby: you've got to train and get ready. >> i'm going to take over my dad's restaurant. abby: i love that. all in the family. >> is this more fun than homework? >> are you competitive? which one of you guys is better? >> will give you 15 seconds.
4:55 am
abby: wow. i'm loving this. >> michael scott the tricks. abby: i kind of want to see you to go against each other. >> call that the pizza stare down. >> you get extra points because you did it in high heels. >> that's true. >> this is downtown jersey city. so this pizza is how people should be. everybody gets along. to make islam with the veggies, that gets along with a salad. some spinach and peppers.
4:56 am
that is my cookie pizza. >> president trump might want to bring you to washington. >> will make something for him. >> ensuring, the president trump's nickname draws tears nationwide. >> general james mad dog matters. pete: defense secretary mattis has a new nickname. abby: chris wallace on the stuart varney, tim ryan, florida governor rick scott and talkshow host that love them. how are we going to fit it all? ♪ y pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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5:00 am
>> reaction pouring many in to president trump's bombshell allegations against the man who preceded him. >> what he was able to do yesterday was turn this narrative around to pretty much put the obama administration, the former administration on the defense. >> now you have corey lewandowski doubling, tripling down saying maybe there's a wiretap of a u.s. senator. >> they did spend time listening to conversation between then senator jeff sessions and the ambassador to russia. what other conversations did they listen in on. >> the former president saying they never listened in on any u.s. citizen. >> using investigative tools to go after a political opponent. that's a very scary business. >> supporters of president trump holding rallies across the country and today's event are called march for trump. >> this is about america first and i support this president and all the things he's doing and that's why i'm here today. >> trump protests. their goal was to shut down any
5:01 am
support for president trump. in berkeley, california, the protesters went up to the group which started arguing and shoving and fists flying. >> it's a great country, and i think a lot of people don't look at that. we are so blessed in so many ways by what we have and i think trump is there to help us get even better again. ♪ [italian music] >> ah, yes, i win another competition. abby: you won that, ed. ed: yeah. look pe video. clayton: those kids were so much better than us. abby: it shows us that hard work pays off, if you really put your focus on something and you love doing it you can be good at it. clayton: he's like i'm bringing my kids to work, play with dough dough. turns out they're awesome now. ed: 17 million people see their video. i told him we ought to get him to washington instead of jersey city, because he's talking about pizza, getting people together.
5:02 am
we got to bring them to washington right now because of a whole lot of fighting. abby: our top story this morning new questions from president trump about the democratic party 24 hours after accusing the obama administration of spying on him during the came. >> kristen, an update. good morning. >> my head is still spinning from all the allegations and accusations that came out yesterday, but already president trump is on to more tweets that lead to even more questions. he had one tweet about russian president vladimir putin. he was also tweeting about the hacks over the summer into the dnc. here's that tweet, quote, "is it true that the dnc would not allow the fbi access to check server our other equipment after learning that it was hacked? can that be possible?" so is president trump advancing the narrative on to another topic as his supporters say, or is he being the deflector-in- deflector-in-chief which is what nancy pelosi called him
5:03 am
yesterday, by trying to shift the focus away from his attorney jeff sessions? but president trump's former campaign manager corey lewandowski said last night that the second story and the wiretap story are essentially the same thing. he then accused the former administration of possibly wiretapping sessions' senate office to listen to his conversation with the russian ambassador. listen to this. >> this previous administration has said that they were aware of the conversation on two different occasions where then- then-senator jeff sessions met with the ambassador one time during the republican national convention, but more importantly the second time that he met with was in the united states senate office in a federal building, and they were monitoring what a united states senator was having a private conversation with, is what i understand, and if that is the case, that's very concerning. >> now, last night lewandowski offered no hard proof, and so far, neither his president trump to back up his bombshell all of
5:04 am
claim yesterday. that former president barack obama had ordered the wiretapping of phones inside trump tower during the election. but remember, a president is often privy to a lot more information than you or i would typically have, and in fact the new york times is reporting that senior white house officials -- excuse me -- a senior white house official have said that don mcgann, who is the president president's chief counsel, was working to secure access to what mcgann believed to be an order issued by the foreign intelligence surveillance court offering some kind of surveillance to president trump. this is the fisa court, the highly secretive court. so far, radio silence from the white house communications staff though a deputy press secretary is expected to be on another sunday show this morning. so hopefully we'll get some answers later today. abby: chris, kristen, you've been working all hours of the day. nice work. >> david bossie is the former
5:05 am
deputy director of the trump transition team. you've been involved with the trump campaign and transitions, and from the inside. what do you make of the last 24 hours starting with the president's tweets, the reaction to it in the media, and your take on where this goes from here? >> well, i think the president's pushing back because the democrats in this permanent campaign of obstruction. they can't get over the election defeat in november. this is just a continuation of their permanent campaign against president trump to delegitimize him and to really affect how he operates in a day-to-day basis. so, look, when president obama was there, it was fine for president obama to walked back putin, for him to tell him our relationship's going to be different, it was fine for the clinton foundation to try to recruit investors into what was called the russian-silicon valley project. it's fine for us when it's democrats to want to work with russia and to build our relationship. with president trump, they're using the russian relationship
5:06 am
in a very dangerous way for political purposes. i find that to be quite honestly revolting. i think the democrat party needs to be held responsible for what they're doing. we know there were things going on with the russians, but this is a bridge too far. abby: david, you were an investigator for congress during whitewater. i want to get your thoughts on former president obama's statement to this yesterday. i'll read this to you. he says "the cardinal rule of the obama administration was that no white house official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the department of justice. has part of that practice neither president obama nor any white house official ever ordered surveillance on any u.s. citizen. any suggest otherwise is simple false." what do you make of that? >> well, when you parse the words, president obama, you know he says "ordered." of course the word "order" -- of course he wouldn't have done that, he couldn't have done that that. thephizes acourt would do it. that would not be the same thing thing.
5:07 am
and president obama and his team who use those tactics uses it to try to deflect from them. i'll tell you, i think that president trump needs to pull together a tremendous team of investigators lawyers, and communicators to put together exactly what happened in a very expeditious manner and disgorge it to the american people so that it is not the drip, drip, drip of what we did to president clinton, meaning what president clinton allowed to have happen. it ate up his presidency because if we continue to uncover, as i served as chief investigator for -- from the senate whitewater committee all the way through the campaign finance and chinese espionage cases, all the way up through impeachment of president clinton, and it was the drip, drip, drip that really did the damage to president clinton. and i think that we just need to disgorge all the information, disgorge it all very quickly. this is all about the investigation of paul manafort.
5:08 am
it starts and ends really there. clayton: but, david, when you make that very point that this administration has to learn from previous ones and move on from all of this, once the president, as you know, it basically put gasoline on the fire yesterday. what are you hearing from people inside the administration now? are they going to present evidence to back up his rather dramatic claims, and then try to move back to their agenda, or what is the strategy moving forward? >> ed, that's a great point. and i think what the president needs to do is really look at gain be the american people's confidence by putting forward a team and announcing that we're going to disgorge all information, gather and put out for the american people. because there's nothing to see here. i know it; i was the deputy campaign manager. i never saw any of this. this is a ridiculous red herring by the left -- ed: so how do you do that, david david? i don't mean to interrupt, but, you know, the white house communications team has had weeks now to do that. how do they finally get ahead of this?
5:09 am
>> well, look, i mean these folks in the communications shop are friends of mine. they are highly competent, very good people. but i think the president giving himself a c+ on his communications is right, and i think that he needs to get better, and i think his team needs to get better, and i think they're learning that, but i will say this: they need to get this announcement out. i think they should take very aggressive posture over the next couple days and transition back to the issues that got him elected, back to immigration, back to tax reform, back to repeal and replace obamacare. if they do that this week, put together a couple of days, one good day after the other, i think they're back on track. track.. clayton: david, some people are saying that the reason for the saturday morning tweets about the wiretapping at trump tower was reaction to what happened on friday night using the word "ballistic" that the president was frustrated by the fact that senator sessions recused himself in the way that he did and other aspects. take a listen to what another news network said about that. i want to get your reaction. >> moments before his departure
5:10 am
for florida, president trump summoned his top aides to an oval office meeting, where senior white house sources tell abc news the president went ballistic, erupting at them in anger. sources tell abc news trump's anger had been brewing since thursday, when attorney general jeff sessions caught him by surprise by recusing himself from any investigations into russia's meddling in the 2016 campaign. clayton: so, david, "ballistic," and the banner says "west wing chaos." you talk to people at the white house. what are you hearing? >> well, look, you know, these people are trying their very hardest, but they need to do a better job for the president. the president has them there to protect him and the interests that got us elected in november. so i would just say -- and they mean well, and they're trying very hard. they need to bring in people who can and will do this job solely and not have a hundred other
5:11 am
things on their plates. that's a big part of this, they need to be singularly focused on putting this behind them so that they can get back to repealing and replacing obamacare and tax reform. abby: it is understandable that there's some frustration there because he feels that he lost one of his main players when it comes to this investigation. ed: i want to get on this point here, i don't mean to interrupt, you can jump in here. i've known you a long time. i'm reading what you're saying that people in the white house are not serving this president well -- i'm not trying to put words in your mouth. i want to be clear. it seems to be that they need to make changes. i'm hearing that from you. >> that's the president's call on changes. that's not what i'm saying. i'm saying these people are over overworked, they're working incredibly hard. but the problem is is there's not enough of them so they need to have some support brought in. that's what i believe the next step is. but i also believe that general sessions, you know, for the attorney general, you know, i
5:12 am
was caught off guard as well because i saw from janet reno in the nineties who threw her body in the doorway of every investigation for the clintons, they had the famous fights with louis freeh, the f.b.i. director director. you see holder and lynch in really these corrupt activities that were going on when they served in that position. and for the attorney general to feel that he had to recuse himself i think was a -- just too quick of a decision on that. i don't think it was necessary. i think the attorney general could have been fair, but he served in the campaign, and i think he was getting advice to the contrary. ed: david, final point. jed j. christian adams, former white house official, that the idea of sessions recusing himself now leaves career bureaucrats in charge of this investigation because there's no deputy attorney general who's been confirmed. chuck schumer is blocking a lot of the nominations out there. so and basically he said last hour that the swamp won, and that's why the president is
5:13 am
frustrated. what do you think about that? >> i think that's a very good point. chuck schumer now has a lot of power, if he continues to obstruct, whether it's the cabinet members or the sub subcabinet, these deputy spots across the government, he can slow down president trump's agenda. president trump, in my book, i think that reince priebus and the rest of the senior staff at the white house really has to make some tough decisions to clean out what's going on at justice and at the other departments, from a bureaucracy standpoint. abby: david bossie, great to have you here. really appreciate that. ed: the mainstream media says there's no evidence to support the president's wiretapping claims. but president obama's own former speechwriter says not so fast. chris wallace here to react, next. clayton: and we know how vicente fox feels about trump's big, beautiful border wall. >> i am not going to pay for this [bleep] wall.
5:14 am
let him pay for it. it.. clayton: well, wait until you hear what he thinks about the wiretapping. oh, my. ♪ come on, baby ♪
5:15 am
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just like here. anybody got a pack... that needs leadin'? serving all your motorcycle insurance needs. now, that's progressive. ♪ >> well, you heard the statement yesterday from president obama's office that he did not order the wiretapping of trump tower but his own former speechwriter said i'd be careful about obama reporting there was no wiretapping. statement just said that neither he nor the white house ordered it. important distinction. clayton: yeah, it is is, very much so. big caveat. here to react fox news suns anchor chris wallace.
5:18 am
some are pointing to where's the evidence, is there evidence, and some say that tweet right there says there is a lot of hedging from former obama administration employees which makes it look like something happened, something was ordered, something was conducted at trump tower. >> well, that's possible. it could also be that jon favreau, who is a very clever guy and has a sense of humor, might just be trolling the trump people and saying, "well, maybe it did happen." i wouldn't read too much into jon favreau and what he said there. look, the president made an explosive charge. he says that former president obama wiretapped him and compares it to nixon and watergate, mccarthyism, and the white house has so far failed to come up with any evidence for that charge so really the obligation is on them to prove it happened, not on the obama white house to prove it didn't happen. abby: chris, why do you think that is? because he made this huge statement, as you said, on twitter yesterday morning during our show and leaving us all to
5:19 am
try to find out what's going on here. we have not heard from the white house, as you said, since his tweet yesterday morning. you understand the inner workings of the west wing and how they might be able to maneuver something like this. what do you think is going on and why do you think we haven't heard yet? >> well, you've got to figure, i mean, they knew we're all going to be talking about it today, that if they had hard evidence, that they would have put it out. that just seems to be logical. i mean, there are a couple of issues here. one is that if there was that kind of a wiretap, it actually would be classified, and it would be, if not illegal because the president can declassify, highly unusual for him even if it was a wiretap of him to release information about a classified wiretap. i mean, it would be part of an investigation and in a sense by revealing it, he would be interfering with that investigation. there is another possibility that we all have to consider, and that is that the president has no evidence, that he just went off on this, that he had heard about it from various
5:20 am
sources and went off on it, and we do know that he was very upset about the fact that he'd had a very good week, he had had a successful speech, he was pushing his agenda and that all of that then got waylaid by the information, the disclosure of jeff sessions and the fact that he hadn't told the judiciary committee about his relationship relationship. so the possibility that he just -- it was a fit of temper is out there. ed: who do you have on today -- >> we're going to be talking to the senate intelligence committee, going to be talking to tom cotton and ask him what evidence he's season, and also talk to chris coons who interestingly enough talks about f.b.i. transcripts. we'll ask him about that. ed: chris wallace, no one better to break all of this down with insights. abby: we look forward to it, chris. thanks. >> thanks, guys. clayton: it was supposed to be a peaceful show of support for president trump, but instead they came under attack by violent protesters and a mob. when will this stop? we're live in washington. abby: tech stocks are booming
5:21 am
thanks to the president, but will news of a possible wiretap put a stop to it? stuart varney on what it means for your wallet. that's next. ♪ hold on tight to your dreams she ate some porridge, broke the baby bear's chair, and stole some jewelry, a flat-screen tv, and a laptop. luckily the geico insurance agency had helped the bears with homeowners insurance. they were able to replace all their items... ...including a new chair from crate and barrel. call geico and see how easy it is to switch and save on homeowners insurance. the whole country booking on choice four words, badda book. badda boom... let it sink in. shouldn't we say we have the lowest price? nope, badda book. badda boom. have you ever stayed with choice hotels? like at a comfort inn? yep. free waffles, can't go wrong. i like it. promote that guy.
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until someone else scoops your story. switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. ♪ . clayton: welcome back. we've got quick headlines for you. a manhunt underway in connection with a possible hate man. police say a gunman walked up to a sikh man near seattle saying go back to your own country before shooting him in the arm. the victim's injuries are fortunately not serious. another jewish cemetery accelerated. police activity at a cemetery in brooklyn. it's the latest in a very unfortunate wave of incidents like it across the country, like in st. louis where 170
5:25 am
tombstones were knocked over two weeks ago. abby: horrible. thank you, pete. investors predicting that the stock market's tech rally spurred by the president is far from over. but will this new controversy about the white house wiretapping put a stop to it? >> here to weigh in, no one better host of varney & co. abby: hardest workingman in television. >> i like all of this. really good instruction. straight answer. abby: yes. >> yes. if this turmoil bleeds over and affect's the president's schedule of repeal and replace and tax reform, it will fact the stock market. clayton: we just heard david bossie very blunt in saying they've got to get this information about russia out, get it behind them to move on to issues like immigration, repeal and replacing obamacare and economic issues you talk about, regulation and, of course, tax reform. >> look, we had on the screen just a moment ago this whopping great big stock market rally.
5:26 am
the dow industry is, what, 2,600 points since the election, and that's all about growth. president trump wants to grow the economy. tax cuts, deregulate, grow the economy. this turmoil -- that's the best word i can find to use -- if this turmoil affects that schedule, if we don't get the tax cuts signed, sealed, delivered by august or certainly the fall, then, yes, this stock market looks perilously high and it could come down a little bit. abby: president trump, he's at his best, right, when he's talking about jobs, when he's talking about the economy. that's when his numbers are soaring, that's what the american people ultimately want to hear right now. isn't that all the more motivation for him though, as ed was saying, to get out everything that they have when it comes to russia to say we've got to just end this thing and move on to more important things things? >> i would say isolate it to the executive branch of government and don't let it blowed over into the legislative branch of government. there are plenty of people who say, look, if we get that tax cut in place by august, we can still go up some more on the
5:27 am
market. i'm not one of those, but there are people who say, yes, the second leg is coming. but is this stuff that's going on now interferes with that schedule and we don't get that tax cut laid on the line this year, i think we got a problem. ed: you follow this every single day. absent a videotape or an audio that shows that president trump is right and the democrats' accusation of russian interference or collusion are wrong, how do they get past the permanent campaign in the left leftstream media that is going to try to trickle this and drip it no matter what? >> it's very difficult because the president is fighting his own bureaucracy holdovers from the obama administration which are going to selectively leak stuff as long as they're in a position to selectively leak stuff. and that's damaging for the president. >> so look ahead to the markets this week because you also had news on interest rate hikes as well at the end of the week. so you throw that into the mix and that's a big deal? >> actually interest rate hikes on this occasion are good news for the stock market. ed: really? >> because it means that the federal reserve means the
5:28 am
economy is growing. ed: stops the zero percent borrowing? >> exactly. it will come to an end. interest rates are rising. but for once, many, many years, it's a good sign, it means we are growing the economy. that's what investors want. they want three or four percent growth, they want more profits, they want to run that market up and have done so already. they want another leg up. that's what they really, really want. >> you know 'em, you love 'em, tomorrow morning, nine a.m. live live. don't miss it. abby: coffee helps a lot of us in the morning. >> president trump has called democrats hypocrites for having russian relationships of their own. does he have a point? >> we certainly know how vicente fox feels about trump's big, beautiful border wall. >> i am not going to pay for this [bleep] wall. let him pay for it. clayton: he might end up paying for it but wait until you hear what he thinks about the wiretapping? stick around for that.
5:29 am
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♪ >> citizens across the nation showing their support for our commander-in-chief.
5:33 am
abby: but counterprotesters also showed up at the march for trump rallies attempting to shut down any support for the president. ed: live in washington, d.c., with just how ugly things got. good morning, lauren. >> good morning. things did get ugly during what was supposed to be a day for trump fans to come out and exercise their right to free speech by peacefully showing their support for the president. the couple hundred pro-trump supporters expected here at berkeley were met by counter counterprotesters, some wearing face masks, all-out brawls breaking out at berkeley, that famously liberal college in california, and check this out. anti-trump supporters even antagonizing an old man leading to even more fighting. ten people were arrested and seven injured, although none were hospitalized. when the shouting matches between the two sides at berkeley turned into fistfights and scuffles. >> these guys look like the thugs from nazi germany that they claim to be against. they say no fascism.
5:34 am
they're acting like fascists. they dress like fascists. they look like fascists. they are the fascists. >> there were pro-trump rallies planned in about 50 cities across the country while many remained peaceful, the handful that did turn ugly are taking over headlines this morning. one rally organizer in austin told us she planned the rally because despite all the protests recently against the president, she wanted to show that he did have support. and this as the president spends another weekend down in west palm beach, florida, getting out of his limo yesterday to wave at the well-wishers. pete, abby, ed. abby: all right, lorne blanch this morning. ed: such a display of tolerance when counterprotesters beat the crap out of protesters. clayton: what better way -- abby: bring in ohio congressman tim riley. let's start right with that. we were talking about these protests. you've seen them playing out across this country for months now, many of the democrats up in arms over losing the election and things that they're
5:35 am
passionate about but here you see in berkeley, california, -- we can pull up some of this video, protesters showing up their support for president trump, what do you make of that, and where's the decency in this country anymore? >> there's no place for violence i think. there is a lot of anger out there, but there's absolutely no place for violence. i think as democrats, as progressives we should have non nonviolent protests. it's appropriate for us to participate and to speak our mind and to stand tall and to oppose, but it should always be done in a none violent way. ed: congressman, you took on nancy pelosi, you tried to become the house democratic leader just a few months ago and you're trying to move your party more towards, you know, jobs and talking about the white working class that you feel maybe the party got away from in the last election. now you see, though, that things turned on nancy pelosi a little bit this week after bashing the president again and again for ties to russia. all of a sudden these pictures emerge, she met with the same russian ambassador as well. what do you think? are democrats on defense a
5:36 am
little on this? >> no, i don't think so at all. i mean, obviously a lot of people in political life meet with ambassadors. the question is, do the ambassadors try to influence a campaign, how many meetings are going on, the fact that flynn has resigned, sessions has recused himself, and we still don't know about trump's business ties to russia, speak volumes i think about what's going on here. and the fact that everybody lied about it, quite frankly, like if you're having these meetings, fine. just say you're having the meetings. don't lie about it 'cause when you lie, that shows that maybe you are hiding something. clayton: are you saying that you believe the attorney general lied? >> i personally believe that he did. he misled the senate, he misled the country. he knew he had meetings with the russian ambassador. this is all after the flynn deal too, let's remember. so you put in the context, flynn just was blown up, and then he's going to completely forget that he had two meetings with the
5:37 am
russian ambassador. ed: of course, as you said everyone or many people in washington on both i'd say of the aisle meet regularly with ambassadors especially folks who would be in the future in national security positions. do you not find it curious, though, that all of this information maybe from fisa courts, from elsewhere, finds its way into the pages of the washington post and then outrage comes reflexively from democrats calling for resignations, do you feel like this is helpful for a country to immediately impugn, potentially in a criminal way if these leaks are done incorrectly do you see a sense that it really undermines the ability to get anything done at all? >> well, the problem is that, as i said, people are lying about these meetings. if you just come clean -- ed: no, but nancy pelosi said she didn't meet with the russian ambassador and the picture came out two hours hour. >> yeah, but the russians didn't influence an election in the direction of the democrats. ed: well, there's no proof of that. >> now, whether or not it was enough to turn it, we don't know that question. but clearly they hacked the dnc,
5:38 am
leaked the information, tried to influence it, and then you have all these meetings that are happening with trump campaign people with the russian ambassador and russians, and then lying about it. meanwhile, they're putting in place in the republican party platform that we're going to be soft on russia in the ukraine. so as an american, as someone who sits on the defense appropriations committee, i want to know what's going on here. clayton: but what peruse do you have that ultimately -- all of these articles with headlines about russian collusion, where has there yet to have been any proof at all that trump advisors or trump campaign folks were colluding with russians? there's none. >> that's what -- that is what we're trying to find out. we do know that the russians influenced the election. we do know that they hacked the dnc. the investigation needs to happen as to whether there were connections. but then when people on the campaign are not being forthright with the meetings that they're having with frustrations, all of a sudden it sparks this whole controversy. and what trump did yesterday was explosive, as chris wallace said
5:39 am
said. if you go -- you have to have something initiated by the fbi, it then has to be certified by the attorney general to go to the fisa court, the foreign intelligence court, then the intelligence court has to find probable cause. the fisa court is appointed by the supreme court justice, which is a george w. bush appointee, and they have to find probable cause. ed: but, congressman, is there anything -- >> -- it had to go there. ed: is there anything from the president's big speech to the country that you as a democrat can work with him on? >> i wish if the president was really trying to change the news cycle he would do it by bringing a trillion-dollar transportation infrastructure broadband bill to the congress. that would certainly change the narrative. instead of doing these tweets and making up stuff, change the story and the country by bringing us a trillion-dollar infrastructure bill. abby: are you saying that democrats aren't part of this media cycle and what we're focused on? because they paid a ton of attention to russia and these investigations. you wonder, what do the american
5:40 am
people want to hear? what do they care about most? and you said a lot about the democrats in this last election cycle losing races across the board, they've got to get back to what the american people care about. >> yeah. abby: how do you say that and then you see the democrats today focusing so much on something like this? >> well, i say to the president, bring us a trillion-dollar infrastructure bill so we can rebuild the country, drive up wages, put people back to work and lay broadband fiber all over the country as they can be ready for the next generation of jobs. that would shift the story right now. and democrats like me and areas like mine are waiting for the president to do what he said he was going to do during the campaign. he was going to open up the steele mills, he was going to re reopen up the coal mines westbound a trillion-dollar transportation bill. bring it, and let's get to work on getting the american people back to work. and he can do this. he can do this. he's the president. he can change the story and let's get to work. ed: congressman ryan from ohio says to the president, bring it.
5:41 am
we appreciate you bringing your insights. clayton: and i mean this none disparagingly, democrats are always up for spending a trillion dollars. just saying. abby: there are other headlines we want to get to. mexico's former president calling out president trump again after this comment about a border wall last year. take a listen. >> i am not going to pay for this [bleep] wall. let him pay for it. it.. abby: well, now vicente fox defending former president obama over president trump's wiretap claims, tweeting this: "a so-called president is calling a real president a true leader. bad and sick guy. what a shame, america. you need to do something now." no response yet from president trump. stay tuned. also this, vermont senator bernie sanders and actor danny glover standing with thousands of pro-union protesters outside a nissan plant in mississippi. the protesters marching nearly two miles to the canton plant demanding better wages and job security.
5:42 am
these responding to the protesters in a statement saying this: nissan respects and values the canton workforce and our history reflects that we recognize the employees' rights to decide for themselves whether or not to have third-party representation." also this morning, u.s. soccer is the first sport requiring players and personnel to stand is for our national anthem. the federation announcing the new real anyone involved with the team to stand respectfully during the anthem. of course this comes after megan rappino kneeled during several games last fall. this was a nod from kaepernick. she was dropped from the u.s. women's latest national team roster. you like that, pete. clayton: yeah, it's great. nfl take note. you can actually enforce rules that people care about. anyway, we've got a big lineup ahead. florida governor rick scott joins us live next plus james rosen and radio talk shows host mark leaven also all going to be here live this morning. abby: these grannies, they have got some game. a couple of ladies getting nationwide attention for their
5:43 am
incredible basketball skills. they are going to play against us next hour. that is frightening. ed: that is awesome. abby: they're good, too. ♪ i'm hanging around with you ♪ on the edge, the edge, the edge, i'm on the edge when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates
5:44 am
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5:46 am
♪ >> joining us live now one of the most prominent leaders in the republican party, governor rick scott of florida. good morning, sir. we appreciate you coming in. >> good morning. i've been watching you this morning. it's chilly up north. >> yeah, i wish i was down in florida right now, sir. i want to talk to you about obamacare. that's why we invited you on. but there's obviously this tit-for-tat going between president trump and democrats in washington. regardless of who fired the first shot about these russian investigations and wiretapping, are you concerned that valuable time is being lost in your
5:47 am
effort to repeal and replace obamacare? >> well, if you go back to the election last year, what did people care about? they really wanted to get our economy going again and they also wanted to make sure that the disaster of obamacare is repealed. we've got to replace it with something that actually works, which drives down costs. you know, my background is, i grew up in public housing. i know -- we didn't have health care. i ran the largest hospital company. i know we've the booth fix this program. president trump inherited a terrible mess. ed: he certainly did, and rand paul, senator from kentucky, has been the last several days trying to find -- he's made a show of it, and we've got video of it -- looking around trying to get into basically a secret room in the capitol where he says the house republican bill to repeal and replace obamacare is being drafted. are you frustrated that that bill has not been made possible, that there's not more transparency in this process right now? >> well, i've met with president trump, secretary price, members
5:48 am
of the house and the senate, and i think we all want to make sure the right thing happens here so i think the more we get out there and let people know what the conversation is about, you'll get feedback from individuals like mine. one of the big issues i've got is we are not a state that expanded medicaid because we know it was not sustainable. it's a disaster. i want to make sure florida does not get treated worse than a state that took medicaid expansion because it's not fair to our taxpayers. ed: there's a big issue that's developing, and in washington there's always talk among democrats and republicans, let's do big things, let's have one big repeal and replace big and one big replace bill. you have an idea to break this up into pizzas. >> i think it's very difficult. the grand bargains don't seem to work out very well in health care. so i would focus on how do you drive down costs? the biggest issue we have is costs are too high. how do you do that? more competition, let people buy the insurance they want to buy. you know your body better than anybody else. your family knows what their needs are. reward people for taking care of themselves.
5:49 am
so what i would do is i would work piece by piece, say, what does everybody agree with now, and do that. ed: interesting because governor scott had lunch and dinner with president trump last weekend. we'll see if he takes some of that advice in the days ahead. good to have you, governor. >> have a great day. >> we've got a big final hour on tape. the great one is coming in. not james rosen. he's coming in, but he's not the great one though he's great. mark levin coming in, and maria bartiromo. we're heading to the racetrack. nascar's most patriotic race gets underway in just a few hours. the quiktrip 500 next. ♪ we're all american and god we trust ♪ is living the dream and never giving up ♪ in what we believe in ♪ we're all american weight-loss medicine that may help adults who are overweight
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5:53 am
♪ . abby: just a few hours nascar's most patriotic race is set to begin. >> the second race in the monster energy cup series is the folds of honor. quiktrip 500 and race fans are getting ready at the atlanta speedway. abby: we are joined now by folds of honor major dan rooney and former officer wesley boggus. larry boggus was killed in combat back in 2007. thank you both for being here. >> it's a great morning to be an american, our old buddy pe. thanks for joining us. abby: introduce us to your guest here, wesley, and what this charity does for her and her family. >> well, you know, i think when you talk about the race and what this date represents you can see the trophy in our background and it is the most patriotic trophy in nascar. what you can't see on it is there's actually scripture on
5:54 am
that trophy and it's john 15:13 and that ties back to that wonderful verse that there's no greater sacrifice a man can have than to lay down his life for his friends, and that is exactly what wesley's husband, larry, did, and i'll let wesley share a little bit of his story but it's an incredibly powerful testament to the man he was, the soldier he is, and that we're able to honor his sacrifice by educating his daughters, ryan and ellie. abby: wesley, we have your husband's picture right here on the screen for everyone to see. tell us about him and tell us what happened. >> larry was an amazing man. major larry boggus, he was serving with the 82nd airborne division out of fort bragg, north carolina. they were deployed to afghanistan in 2007. on may 14th, 2007, he and his commander and leadership from the u.s. and afghanistan went into pakistan for a peace meeting on may 14th and, by all accounts, the meeting was successful. at the end they were boarding vehicles and larry was -- could have ridden with the senior
5:55 am
leaders in their vehicles but he stayed behind with his men and boarded the back of a pickup truck and just as his men were seated he was boarding the back of a truck and a uniformed pakistani frontier guards man opened fire at close range about ten feet away and larry was standing between the shooter and his men, and on his feet he took the brunt of the assault, and gave his life for his men, our country, and our freedom today, and we spent nearly ten -- it's been nearly ten years and we miss him every day but we're so proud of him and his sacrifice and so thankful for the folds of honor foundation for coming alongside us and helping us educate our daughters. clayton: i get chills just listening to that. obviously, wesley, folds of honor educates people like your two beautiful daughters. major rooney, tell us how you're going to honor that kind of sacrifice and service today at the race. >> we'll be live on fox sports at 2:30 this afternoon to millions of households and celebrating god and country and more specifically, the lesson
5:56 am
now it's one half of a percent that suits up every day to defend our freedoms as a country country. and as an organization we've been so blessed, we have over 12,000 scholarship recipients now, ryan and ellie here representing them today and they're in a wonderful christian school in north carolina. it will take them all wait through college. and this race, it's certainly about nascar but more importantly it's about fueling the dreams. and that's what we're blessed to do with ryan and ellie. abby: we love that. dan and wesley, thank you for your service. tell your daughters they're beautiful and we're happy to have them with us. >> they say you look beautiful. thank you so much for having us. clayton: god bless. abby: coming up within the folds -- also talking about folds of honor, the quiktrip, it airs on fox today at 2:30 p.m. eastern and for more info on how to donate to this incredible charity, go to abby: white house press
5:57 am
secretary sean spicer commenting on the wiretap allegations as former president obama denies any involvement. live at mar-a-lago with the latest. >> mark levin, james rosen, and maria bartiromo will be all here in a jam-packed final hour. you won't want to miss it. this is not a screensaver. this is the destruction of a cancer cell by the body's own immune system, thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now. and today can save your life. ♪ ♪ crsugar is everywherets sugar shield and crest complete has a sugar shield to protect teeth from sugar found in everyday foods. crest complete. shield your teeth from sugar. so sugar may visit, but it's not sticking around.
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6:00 am
. . . >> the action pouring in on president trump's bombshell allegations on the man who proceeded him. >> turn the narrative around. pretty much put the former administration on the defense. >> now you have corey lewandoswski saying there's a wiretap on the u.s. senator. >> they did listen conversation with jeff sessions and em bar -- embassador to russia. >> they say the white house never ordered surveillance on anybody. >> there may be people going to jail.
6:01 am
>> for what? leaking classified information? >> to start, for sure. knocking out of sessions out of the game was victory for the swamp. >> march for trump. >> america first. ♪ ♪ ♪ abby: it's been a long morning. good morning. great guests, a lot of news. >> we have a lot more. >> happy sunday morning, we have ed henry was. good morning. we do want to get right to re we just heard from the white house. we want to bring in kristin fisher who is at mar-a-lago. what are you hearing?
6:02 am
>> hey, abby, big news for the very first time since president trump tweeted and made accusations against former president barack obama that he had alleged wiretapped trump tower during elections. we are finally getting response from the white house. it is from white house press secretary sean spicer. he posted it on twitter about ten minutes ago. a series of four tweets. the first one is reports concerning potentially politically motivated investigations immediately ahead of 2016 election are very troubling. president trump is requiring that part of investigation in russian activity the congressional intelligence committees exercise their oversight authorities to determine whether executive branch investigative powers were abused in 2016. neither the white house nor the president will comment further until such oversight is conducted. so this is coming out just
6:03 am
minutes before the white house principal deputy press secretary sarah is expected to be speaking on another sunday show and given that statement that the white house nor the president will comment further until this investigation is conducted, we likely won't be getting any more information from her or the white house today. and so president trump's critics are going to come out. you make a claim like this that your predecessor broke the law by wiretapping, if you put out a claim that big, that bold, you will need to offer hard proof and hard evidence to back it up, but the white house is going to standby its claim, it appears, that these allegations took place and that they took place right before the election. so this is now the white house really handing the ball over to these congressional intelligence committees and we will see what
6:04 am
they say, but this is our first official response from the white house and it comes a little over 24 hours after the very first tweet. >> thank you, kristin. the plot thickness. it continues to thickness. >> if you want to stay on top of the news just watch "fox & friends". abby: we are calling for an investigation into the executive government. what they're trying to say, ed, it seems we want to get to the bottom on what president obama knew and how involved was he on this. >> the white house is basically saying this investigation of russian hacking should not just be about what did trump campaign advisers know and what did they say and what contact did they have, it should also include potential executive branch abuse of power by the obama administration in 2016. @a -- it's a gambit here. they are gang lg that they can
6:05 am
shift the focus from the trump administration to the obama administration. number two, did you notice that the congressional committee should investigate whether executive power was abused by the obama administration. donald trump didn't say whether it was abuse yesterday. he said it was. >> it means that the obama administration's executive actions will be investigated. we want congressional review. the question is how long it goes, how long that investigation takes and can you not comment during entire of investigation if there are more leaks. >> key trump adviser live on the show saying, they have to get this behind it. get it behind you, focus on immigration, jobs, all of that. >> i think that's where it's the strongest, they are focusing on
6:06 am
following throughout the promises made in the campaign, you mentioned that tax reform, health care, immigration. the problem is what the media is focused and what they're talking about, much of a distraction from what the american people want to hear right now. >> they are battling the media every single day. we are going to have a member, different part of the media mark who is a famed radio talk show host, also a former chief of staff to an attorney general, i will clarify and constitutional lawyer. allot of -- a lot of people are crediting, but you wouldn't know if he's a constitutional lawyer if you listen to abc world news and the mainstream media, this is how they frame anyone who happens to challenge former president obama. >> it is not clear tonight whether he based allegations on
6:07 am
a top secret white house briefing or whether it came from reading an article on the conservative breitbart website posted friday that detailed speculation from a conspiracy talk show host. >> i listen to his program almost every single day. former attorney chief of staff, he knows what he's talking about. he doesn't throw stuff out. the media says talk show host, this is what you're up against. this is the left stream, they are not unbiased. totally in the tank. abby: exclusive interview. >> we are going to allow mark to lay out the case. abby: that'll be interesting. meanwhile former president obama gave statement yesterday after all of this broke on our show this morning. this is what he wrote, a cardinal rule of obama administration was no white house official ever interfered with any independent
6:08 am
investigation led by the department of justice as part of that practice neither president obama nor any white house official ever ordered surveillance on any u.s. citizen. any suggestion otherwise is simply false. >> right, they picked up on one point and they sort of parsed it and said, president obama did not order it, that statement did not say it did not happen. someone else ordered it apparently and reminded me of the story of 2015n. the wall street journal exploded out, december 29th, 2015, about israel being spied on and members of congress -- spied on by the obama administration, members of congress getting drag. behind the scenes, the white house decided to keep certain allies under close watch topping the list israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, white house believed the white house intercepted information could be valuable to
6:09 am
countermr. netanyahu's campaign, this was on iran, of course. the white house let the nsa decide what to share and what to withhold. quote, we didn't say do it an official senior said, and we didn't say don't do it. abby: exactly sounds like the same thing. >> we didn't want a paper trail. >> you see stuff like that from the white house -- >> it wasn't ordered by the white house. >> john had two tweets that were similar to that. the amount of caveats in nondenials you can drive a mack truck. it's evidence that there's something there. the question is through this investigation if you now learned we are going to get to the bottom. abby: we had asked him about his
6:10 am
thoughts, he would be shocked if former president obama didn't know about this. that is in a level that is so high, likely -- marijuana he wasn't behind it but he certainly would have known that something was going on. >> another key part of the trump white house statement a couple of moments ago breaking this hour is the last line which was while this is being investigated, the white house will have no further comment. that's what the white house communication team is saying. will president trump follow through on that? are they now saying, hey, let's knock this off. >> it's going to be pretty hard not to comment. we will see how it unfolds. the story moves forward. abby: i have a feeling that he's willing to comment. happening tight, let's just let this play out. >> senior adviser was telling us last hour that this is something that's eating at them. remember what president trump said right here on "fox &
6:11 am
friends" at the binning of this week where it all started before congressional. a for effort and frustration among some of his own people that they've been playing to -- >> yeah. we heard that, of course. more on this and we will keep talking, of course, the president's twitter feed as well. coming up exclusive interview with mark levine breaking down the president's wiretap claim. live straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪
6:12 am
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6:14 am
>> fox news alert. president trump demanding investigation into potential wiretapping on his campaign an trump tourer by the obama administration. that's his allegation, reports concerning politically motivated investigation ahead of 2016
6:15 am
election are troubling to say, president trump is requesting that part of investigation into russian activity, the congressional intelligence committees exercise their oversight authority to determine whether executive branch investigative powers were abused in 2016 either by -- neither by the white house or the president will comment further until oversight is conducted. former state department spokesperson under the obama administration fox news contributor marie, pretty dramatic 24 hours as you can imagine. you have been in the bunker for stories like this before. first of all, what do you make of what the white house is trying to spin this morning? >> well, there is to be very clear zero evidence to back up what president trump tweeted yesterday morning. and so i don't blame them for trying to take a series of very bizarre, very discuss tushing -- disturbing tweeting and spin them and do something in the news cycle.
6:16 am
as we talked about, he had a good week in the speech and moving forward on some of his other policy priorities and we have sent the last 24 hours dissecting bizarre tweets from the president that have no basis in fact. >> that's your view to that's what he tweeted was bizarre. a cardinal rule of the obama administration was that no white house official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the department of justice, as part of that practice neither president obama nor any white house official ever ordered surveillance on u.s. citizen. any suggestion otherwise is simply false. they're saying the president didn't order that however you
6:17 am
know that means that somebody else ordered of the surveillance donald to donald trump. >> they were right to respond to that. there are two way that is american citizens can get caught up in wiretaps that are involved in national security investigations, one if they get caught talking to foreign official being surveilled. talking to the russians. the other is if law enforcement, the fbi or other law enforcement agencies go to a court called the feifa court and get a warrant to tap the individual, that's a process that the obama administration was making very clear in the statement yesterday was not -- would not have been directed by president obama or the white house. >> not directed by the white house but they were essentially confirming that there was surveillance. >> i don't think i would read the statement that way. we need to be careful before we get out in front of the facts.
6:18 am
john, colleagues in the obama administration said the contrary. he said they were not saying surveillance didn't happen. >> well, i wouldn't assume that they were saying it did, though. >> are we playing words games here, what happened? >> we are. what this underscores is we need a broad independent investigation to see all of the facts about what happened in the 2016 election, the russian meddling, who knew what, who was talking to who and, sure, look, i'm happy for them to take a look at how the obama administration respond today this. every day that president trump draws attention to this story of russian meddling and their contacts with russia, he's taking away from tax reform, from health care from all of the other things he wants to focus on and that's not a good day for him in the administration. that's not what i said. >> i heard you. >> i'm saying that i'm happy for anyone to look at the record
6:19 am
that we had in the obama administration. i wasn't directly involved in this issue, of course, i was the state department doing diplomatic things. >> you have done the dances before. >> i have. >> here, i've got something that's direct. we have this on tape. 2012, you remember it well, president obama not president trump told then president of russia, i get reelected, tell vladimiri will have more reflection to do what, to do deals. >> i remember the outcry. i would love to hear some soft the outcry from the same republicans when he compares us to russia in human rights and he refuses to criticize russia on anything that it's doing when he's much cozzier to russia than we were in the obama mechanics. we need consistency here. every day that we are
6:20 am
investigating this issue, whichd trump raises more questions yesterday, i think they are ridiculous, what he said was irresponsible. let's investigate the russia connection. i would love for us too and i think donald trump will regret drawing more attention to this and taking attention from political agent agenda. >> remember he, he kicked a lot of us off next week, he will be here. he joins us live to weigh in on the president's accusations, net
6:21 am
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6:24 am
xfinity, the future of awesome. >> time for a quick check of your headlines, president trump expecting to sign new order restricting travel from seven countries, it could come as early as tomorrow. original order has been held in federal court since signed in late january. aimed at preventing radical islamic terrorists from reaching our soil. people across the nation showing their support for our commander in chief. march for trump rallies were held in more than 40 states, but counter protestors some violent also showed up as well, things getting ugly in berkeley, california, fists flying between president trump supporters and the brawl leaving seven people
6:25 am
injured, wow. >> president trump accusing the obama administration of wiretapping his team and our next guest knows all too well what that it's like. >> the previous attorney general eric holder signed on an order to tap the person phones and emails of one of our own, naming him a, quote, possible coconspirator you should the espionage act. that man is james rosen, author of a great new book, he joins us live from washington. james. we said a little bit of it, refer our viewers, remind them of what you went through in 2013? >> well, good to be pete, abby and ed, they teach news school never to contradict the anchor unless it's absolutely necessary and here i guess it is because i have to clarify that i was not wiretapped, my parents were not wiretapped which is where you place a listening device on someone's telephone line and you listen to their conversations, what happened to me was that the attorney general eric holder under barack obama as president
6:26 am
secretly designated me a criminal coconspirator and a flight risk and thereby had a federal judge give the government permission to rifle through all my gmails, that could read emails and also to get the phone records associated with about 20 phones that i used at the time in my reporting. all of the phone numbers were 202 or 703, area codes associated with washington, pentagon, virginia area, one was 708 and that was my parent's house at staton island at the time. the obama administration has launched an investigation to determine my sourcing for a series of reports i did about north korea's nuclear weapon's program. that's how i learned about it along with the rest of the world.
6:27 am
president obama in a speech at national defense on counterterrorism pronounced himself troubled by the idea that a working journalist would be criminalized for doing his job and the person responsible for him, iric holder, the attorney general should get to the bottom of what happened and provide some reforms at the department of justice which were, in turn, enacted. the current president's tweets alleging that president obama was behind wiretapping him or trump tower, separate case. the reaction from the obama camp yesterday was president obama never ordered surveillance of any american citizen, thin line there which is he didn't personally ordered it but clear any in your case someone in his administration ordered surveillance of you, a u.s. citizen, period. >> that's right. the surveillance extend today --
6:28 am
extended to monitoring badge when i was leaving the building, where i was using telephones and so forth and that was attributed to eric holder and by all xts, -- accounts this was illegal and unprecedented. so that was an honor that i had all onto myself. [laughter] >> in the case of what we are hearing now from president trump, there's just a lot we don't know. we have to caution our viewers that we hope to learn more about it. if it's true that the obama administration went to the feiza court to get surveillance, computer tower, whether it was of the president's telephone as he seems to believe wiretapping, we would like to know what basis of probable cause would have
6:29 am
been asserted in order to secure that permission for that surveillance. >> there's some dismissing it offhand that it will never happen. it's possible that something like president trump is alleging could have happened? >> it's entirely plausible. this is the nature of the age in which we live. the age of eric snowden. it remains unproved at this point. we have heard from sean spicer in a tweet storm of his own, it's the view of the white house any committees russian meddling in the election, should also be investigating the allegation about president obama wiretapping president trump. the white house -- neither the white house nor the president will comment further until such oversight is provided. that's probably the one thing shown spicer has ever said in his life that he's least sure will turn out to be true. that the president won't
6:30 am
comment. [laughter] abby: i think you're perspective and your voice this morning is exactly what the american people need to hear, someone who has personally experienced being investigated by the government to say, everyone take a step back, anything is possible in this situation. we have to wait and see how everything unfolds. really important voice to have this morning, thanks, james. >> our exclusive interview with radio talk show host mark levin, former president obama used police tactics. he will bring those claims next. my doctor said the risk is greater now that i'm over 50! yeah...ya-ha... just one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia- an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing,
6:31 am
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>> wac back to "fox & friends", joining us now is the former chief of staff to attorney general edwin, a constitutional lawyer and radio talk show host, the great one mark levin from hidden bunker. thank you very much for joining us this morning. on your thursday evening radio broadcast you layed out a devastating of executive overreach of the obama administration which many believe to tweets that president trump sent out saturday morning of accusing potentially wiretapping in trump towerment we want to give you a case of what you know and the evidence you have of potential overreach of the obama administration. >> well, a pleasure to be here. the evidence is overwhelming. this is not about president trump's tweeting, this is about the obama administration spying
6:35 am
and the question is not whether they spied, we know they went to court twice, who they did spy and who did they spy, trump transition, trump surrogates, and i want to walk you through this, american people, exhibit 1, this is all public. head street, two separate sources with links to the counter intelligence community have confirmed that the fbi sought and was granted a foreign intelligence surveillance act court, this is spying. in october, counter intelligence permission to examine the activity of, quote, u.s. persons in donald trump's campaign with ties to russia. let me go on. second was drawn more narrowly and granted in october after evidence presented of a server possibly related to the trump campaign and its alleged links
6:36 am
to two banks. now, sources suggest that the warrant was looked to look at full content of emails and other related document that is made persons. how did they get access to the server information? does it matter if it was wiretapping, surveillance, whatever it was? right-wing newspaper, here it is. quote, the guardian has learned the fbi applied for a warrant from the foreign intelligence surveillance court in court in order to monitor four members of the trump team, keep in mind, this is during presidential election. the sitting president, the incumbent party is now investigating the presidential candidate of the republican party and his campaign to some extent. the court turned down the application asking fbi counterintelligence investigators no narrow its focus. according to one report, the fbi
6:37 am
was finally granted a warrant in october. exhibit 3, another well-known right-wing newspaper, here they have the agencies, headline, fbi, five other agencies, five other obama administration agencies possible covert kremlin aid to trump. the fbi and five law enforcement intelligent agencies have collaborated for months in an investigation in russian attempts to influence the november election including whether money from kremlin covertly president donald trump. the agencies involve in the inquiry are the fbi, cia, nsa, the justice department, the treasury department's enforcement network and representatives to have director of the national intelligence. are you telling me barack obama didn't know it was going on in six agencies? hold on, hold on. >> keep going. >> i'm not done. i need make the case because the
6:38 am
media seems to be confused about their own reporting. new york times, another well-known liberal outlet intercepted russian communication into trump, january 19, the fbi is leading the investigation, the investigators have accelerated efforts in recent weeks but have found no exclusive conclusive evidence of wrong doing. listen to this. one official says intelligence reports baited on sop of the wiretap communications had been provided to the white house. this is "the new york times" -- >> another right-wing outlet, yeah. >> let's continue. [laughter] >> new york times again, nsa gets more latitude to share intercepted communications in the final days of the obama administration the administration is expanded the power of the nsa to share globally intercepted personally communications with government
6:39 am
16 intelligent agencies before applying privacy, protections, why would they do this on the way out the door? well, march 1, exhibit 6, obama administration rush today preserve intelligence of russian election hacking. in the obama administration's last days, listen to this, some white house officials scrambled to spread information about russian efforts to undermine the presidential election and about possible contacts between associates of president trump and russians across the government. i'm not done. [laughter] >> exhibit 7. new york times, flynn said to have talked to russians about sanctions trump took office. where did they get this information? well, you know, the court is always monitoring the russian embassador and so, how do we know that? maybe they are and maybe they're not but there's an awful lot of activity. >> sure. >> washington post. one more, washington post march second.
6:40 am
u.s. investigators have examined attorney general sessions from the time he was advising donald trump's campaign. focus of u.s. counter intelligence has been on communication between trump campaign officials and russia, listen to this. the inquiry involving sessions examining his context while serving as advise ner the spring and summer of 2016. this has been going on for a year. >> as you do on your radio program you lay out case on documents, mainstream left stream sources, how confident are you that the investigation which was on russian hacking, the white house says this morning will be broaden to look into executive overreach, how will they find something here? >> i don't know. they already found something. the issue isn't whether the obama administration spied on the trump campaign or transition of surrogates, the issue is the extent of it.
6:41 am
they went to court a second time. they were so aggressive. they waited four or five months, they went back in october, weeks before general election, narrow request, we have leaks coming out on flynn and then we have a horrible meeting that took place between sessions and so forth and i'm telling you as a former chief of staff from attorney general in the united states, these are tactics. what did barack obama know, he knew everything he knew apart from one or two articles, how do i know? it's in the newspapers. barack obama not only knew this but he gets a daily intelligence briefing and let me tell you something about daily intelligence briefings, if you're attorney general and you're fbi going to the court, take out a warrant to investigate aspects of an opposition party in the middle of a general election campaign, how much you want to bet the president of the united states knew that? >> i don't want to bet you on that. we are about to hit a hard
6:42 am
break, is there any way you can stick around another minute? >> that's fine? >> more with mark levin smart tv and gaming system. luckily, the geico insurance agency recently helped baa baa with renters insurance. everything stolen was replaced. and the hooligan who lives down the lane was caught selling the stolen goods online. visit and see how easy it is to switch and save on renters insurance. across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive.
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could be a missing piece for you. learn more about better breathing at >> welcome back to "fox & friends", still joining us live former chief of staff to attorney general edwin, constitutional lawyer and radio talk show host mark levin. in the break response has been overwhelming to the case that you layed out which is devastating and abby and i were talking in the break of where it goes from here, right, abby? >> that is the question. you layed out your case, you're passionate about the evidence that you have and we have so many people writing us and saying, thank you for speaking your voice, my question is how does this play out in the media, how are they going to continue to cover the story? >> let me first say, this is the case made by "the new york times", the washington post, the rest of them. i just put it together as they former justice department official and donald trump here
6:46 am
is being attacked for what he tweeted. donald trump is the victim. his campaign is the victim. his transition team is the victim. his surrogates are the victim, these are police-state tactics, i'm telling you as a former chief of staff, if this has been done to barack obama all hell would break loose and it should. barack obama's statement is pathetic. where does it go from here? they should release applications where they sought the warrant, the one in the summer and the one in october so we know exactly what they were doing. that's number one, number two, congress needs to see the daily presidential intelligence briefings over the past year or so. those are the beginnings of a serious investigation. number three, for the republicans in congress you control the majority, if the democrats do not want to assist and they won't, because i'm starting to think chuck schumer and the others are participating in all of this cover-up activity, then plow ahead
6:47 am
without them. but this is important to the country. we cannot have a sitting presidential administration unleashing six federal agencies, intelligence and law enforcement, i don't mean the president sitting there, you know what, valley, let's go get them. obviously the attorney general and the fbi were involved in this. this is how you get a court application. prepare and submit it. >> do you think former president obama was involved in this and if so how much was he involved? >> i just think that we ought to find out. i will tell you this, he's more involved than hi says, it's his executive branch. i don't know anything about it. we have reporters including james rose in the ap where the obama administration did more investigation on reporters than any administration in american history. they are quite capable of these things.
6:48 am
it doesn't matter. we want to know what took place and there ought to be public hearings too. i agree with the democrats, let's get to the bottom of this, join me, join us, this is the public record. it's the newspaper of record, "the new york times", let's go. >> mark, there's another aspect of this, when you mentioned chuck schumer a moment ago, he's been trying to block nominees as he can and slow the process can, we had jay christian adams, former justice official which you probably know well and he was pointing out something very important here which is now that jeff sessions has rescued himself, the person in charge is a career bureaucrat. the swamp won because you have people inside justice, some maybe who have been trying to undermine president trump who are now in charge of the information and the chances of chuck schumer and the democrats in the senate, you know, confirming the nomination of the deputy attorney general, a trump loyalist now seems kneel.
6:49 am
>> they have -- do that. i'm recessing and appointing so and so as department attorney general of the united states. then attorney general sessions refused hymn from matters affecting the russian investigation and so forth, then the deputy attorney general who has recessed pointed, so christian is right, he served the justice in the civil rights decision, i'm right, i served as chief of staff, the administration need to be responsible. >> mark, you layed out a devastating case, we know why they call you the great one. thanks for joining "fox & friends" this morning. abby: we appreciate that. we are going to liven things up a little bit. this is going to be the active,
6:50 am
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>> all right, we are snuggled up here. meet the footballous -- fabulous ladies. >> it's never too late to get in the game. >> i love it. >> today we are going to compete
6:54 am
them. >> he played basketball at princeton. pressure is on. >> i want no part of playing against these ladies. >> have you heard of james harden? abby: how did this all start? how did you come together? >> played 24 years ago, we started playing in senior games movement which is all over the country and after that came local newspapers that they wanted to play basketball and so we got together, none of us knew each other. >> okay. abby: you did play basketball in high school and then you weren't able to play after that. this was an excuse to come back together. >> that's right. >> this is a league across the country. >> yes. >> where are you in the standings?
6:55 am
>> you guys are telling me national championships. >> yeah. >> no. we play women and men that at your anal group. >> what is the age group of this, 20 to 30? [laughter] abby: all right, why don't we play a little basketball. >> sure. >> you guys get the ball first. >> this is women's ball. >> right there. there it is. >> okay, let's go. >> let's do it. >> you're ready? [laughter]
6:56 am
>> all right. >> there we go. >> it's their ball, it's their ball. >> cincinnati. >> you guys are so great. >> more coming up next
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meas, thank you so much for being with us. >> fabulous 70's. what a squad. >> fun morning. abby: have a good sunday, everybody, we will see you soon. >> good morning, will the noise from the left change the president's timeline as he tries to make good on promises to voters in good morning, everyone, i'm maria bartiromo, welcome to sunday morning futures. one week from tomorrow president trump hands over his spending plan to lawmakers in his new budget. he is calling for a 51 billion-dollar increase in defense spending. is that enough? white house budget director mick mulvaney joins us live momentarily. the president accusing president obama tapping his phone comparing to watergate


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