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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  March 5, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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giving her more time for what matters most. tech: how'd ya do? player: we won! tech: nice! that's another safelite advantage. mom: thank you so much! (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. we begin with a bombshell request. regarding the white house regarding action. according to the new reports fbi director james comey is asking the justice department to reject the claims.
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that still leaves a lot of unanswered questions. including whether the president's own staff believes
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that. the president of the united states is accusing the former president of wiretapping. i agree. why is the president saying it did happen. i think he's going off of information that he is saying that has led them to believe that this is a very real potential. the presidents information for this saturday morning tweet appears to have come from a article on the right leaning site. it bases its reporting of several other reports all of citing unnamed sources that back in the summer of 2016 the justice department ask the foreign intelligence surveillance court for a warrant. because of the alleged ties to russian agents.
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the request was denied. there was another one made in october. and that request was approved by the court. president obama has come out and has died -- denied any of these. the democrats on capitol hill. if he falsely spreads this kind of misinformation that is so wrong. it is beneath the dignity of the presidency. on the other hand if it is true it is even worse. that means a federal judge independently elected has found probable cause that the president or people on his
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staff had had probable cause to break the law not today the president tweeted this. after the election i will have mark flex ability. that was a reference to president obama been picked up on an open mic when he was talking to the russian president before his reelection in 2012. where are we right now. the fbi director has allegedly asked the justice department to either allow him or for the justice department itself to put out a statement knocking down any accusations of a wiretapping against the trump campaign. according to the new york times which fox news cannot verify it paints the fbi in a very big light. so far we haven't heard from him or the justice department. to that end we did ask the white house earlier today why the need for congressional investigation being that the
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justice department and the fbi both report to him. they will answer those questions through the -- today acquired cap. so far no response from the white house about why they are trying to go through congress for this. >> thank you so much. we will be talking here on fox news channel with a former assistant director of the fbi and asking him what appears to be a collision course between the president of the united states and the director of the fbi. meanwhile, attorney general jeff sessions will amend his testimony about not meeting with those russians specifically. the ambassador to the united states the attorney general will submit written answers to democrats.
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meanwhile the lawmakers from both parties responding today about the growing investigation into the influence in the election any possible ties between the president trump has top campaign officials and moscow. we are live with the latest details on the investigations from washington. for the most part republicans are fully behind the investigations into russia's interference. it's a serious issue that we need to get to the bottom up. they argued that instead they are focusing their records. he doesn't believe attorney general jeff sessions light about meeting with the russian ambassador because they frequently meet with them and that democrats are simply doing anything they can to hurt the president's agenda. >> i think we got to the point of hysteria here. that is when they try to meet with people all the time. i meet with dozens of ambassadors and city most senators especially those on
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committees that touch upon foreign touched upon foreign affairs and foreign relations. there are a number of early investigations already underway. surrounding the election including ones in the house, the senate and by the fbi. and both the democrats and republicans concede that at this point they had found zero evidence of collusion between the trump campaign into the kremlin. that is an assessment that the former director also shared today on nbc's meet the press. >> we did not include any evidence in our report with my office that have anything with reflection over collusion there is no evidence of that. but still democrats argued that argue that there had been too many incidences of the allies meeting with the russian officials during the election and keeping the information private. this basically cannot ignore
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this. here he is on fox news sunday. he certainly misspoke when he did not had comedic issue with the russians. and whether or not that is a well for misrepresentation i think it it's something we should investigate. he ought to come back and answer questions. and clear the air and get to the bottom of this. and this week they are scheduled to hold confirmation hearings for the deputy attorney general who will take over for sessions in the russian investigations and we are here --dash make sure to hear a lot more about this. a lot of folks will be on hand with the investigation and they continue. a manhunt is underway for a mass gunman who police say told amanda to go back to his own country before shooting him in it seattle suburb. they are now asking authorities to investigate the case as a hate crime.
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a manhunt is underway for a gunman and we now know the fbi is assisting police in the city of kent in washington see in this investigation of the potential hate crime. it all happened about 8:00 p.m. on friday night in the suburb just outside of seattle. i 39-year-old man a u.s. national from india was on his own driveway when he was approached by a man he did not know. they got into an argument and altercation ensued and they shot the man in the arm and fled the scene but not before alleging that. and also the local community. >> he was approached, confronted by a subject and some comments were made to the effect of a get out of our country go back to where you are from and our victim was then shot. and our victim was then shot. it was very disheartening to see the news that somebody was
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actually a victim of hate crime in the city that we have never felt like this before. >> they were recovering in the hospital. i suspect as a 6-foot tall white man with a mass. he have a stocky build and work dock -- dark clothing. calling for this to be investigated as anti- hate crime. while we appreciate the efforts of the state and local officials to respond to attacks like this we need our national leaders to make the crime prevention a top priority. tone matters because this is a matter of life or death for millions of americans who are worried about losing a loved ones to hate. it all comes in the wake of a shooting on for very 22nd at a kansas bar that left one indian man dead and another indian man who did. the fbi is investigating that
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shooting is a hate crime after witnesses say the suspect yelled get out of my country. they often wear turbans and do not shave their beards. about 50,000 of them live in washington state according to local leaders there who say they have seen an increase in complaints recently from within their community of people directing foul language in comments their way. a terrifying scene was caught on live television when a reporter was attacked in the air. they were doing a live report for the local abc affiliate here in new york city. take a look at that. suddenly a man in hockey mask came up behind him. he grabbed him by the neck, that man was shot to the ground. the bystanders did manage to separate the two and the attacker ran off. thankfully he only got some scrapes and bruises.
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[indiscernible] you could actually see his face perhaps we will show you that hopefully the police will get to the guy. so far they have not done that. and more on the new reporting by the new york times this evening the fbi director is rejecting president trump's exec -- explosive accusation. they were asked to rebuke the claims in an official response. meanwhile is there any connection to the investigation of the trump team ties. we discussed this with the former high-ranking official. also they are now poised to
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repeal obama care after a seven-year weight but when will we see the replacement plan. >> should i be part of the process. i was elected to represent my state.
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they are now aiming to give president trump health care bill a health care bill by easter but first congressional republicans need to settle their disagreement on how the repeal and replace should work. paul ryan needs at least 216 votes in the house to push legislation to the senate. kentucky senator rand paul believes that lawmakers should be able to reveal the bill as instructed. although ryan said the bill is not being kept secret. we are not so unified as replacement. let's vote on a couple
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different versions. if they force us to have big government replacement kind of bills that i can win. but other republican leaders believe that if there are too many cooks in the kitchen it could fail. once the legislation is finished it will have to market sessions likely midweek in the energy and commerce and ways and means committees. >> it is a meeting in the middle. this is what typically happens in the middle. if we don't get it after markup them have a problem. i think were getting a little bit ahead of ourselves in terms of a full drop of the bill. many congressional members ran last fall on the promise to repeal and replace obama care. by giving them only one option. it may force them to vote for
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whatever legislation they come up with. >> president trump shaking up the political world. that president obama and his predecessor had it trump tower wiretapped during the presidential campaign. they did not offer any proof of that claim which if it did happen would have required finding probable cause. i think the whole time it was thrown around very loosely. and by a lot of people. if to understand exactly understand exactly what they're talking about. i have never heard that allegation made before by anybody there certain kinds are certain kinds of information that cannot be given to congress that is classified or that can't be released. and there is a prosecutable sort of way of doing things that you don't comment on ongoing investigations. there is a new development of fbi development.
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publicly refute the president's claim saying that they are not true. the former fbi deputy assistant director who joins joins us now. this is a pretty stunning return. we have a situation shaping up in washington of the president versus the fbi director versus the department of justice. obviously they would know. in order to get a wiretap to take the court order and a very long paper trail that is generated by the fbi they will know exactly if pfizer was requested. and they will know who did it and what do the supporting did the supporting evidence was. and if it did happen it's not there. i think there is a possibility was some kind of coverage may have imitated their at the
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trump tower may be some other thing. there are a lot of entities at trump tower. we know they are looking at attempt by the russians to infiltrate the political process and they may have ask for some kind of coverage it's good to be really easy to figure this out. i had had to do these a lot of times the paper trail is very detailed you know exactly who did it and you know exactly what the evidence was. at the fbi doesn't have that than i think is highly likely to have ever occurred in the way that was presented. >> in other words is not true. the president's tweet is not true according to what mr. comay is same. by the new york times.
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why is he not there. to speak about the investigation. they did that. and then when anthony weiner stuff popped up what was stopping him from coming out. they said that he is at the doj -- dj to step up. they are silent. wednesday night is, and say if it's not true. he is saying that department of justice is lying. as an independent entity. and if he comes out and says this is to happen. and the department of justice says it doesn't happen then i think that says volumes about what his position is on this thing with regard to mrs. clinton. as a close case. we are not going to prosecute her.
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all of this is open. you're sane and saying that they can't directly come out. what i'm saying is the denial is rightly come. in the ability. in washington right now. it's kind of silly. it's so easy to find out. and there is no gray area. they classed with the white house.
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>> i think what he is saying is it's a misunderstanding. i think some information has gotten to the white house staff and they're all a twitter about it concerned that they were being monitored in the previous president when it comes on to. you'll find in on the way they think it occurred. i've have meetings with him since i left the fbi. he is a man of integrity and he's gonna stand can stand up and do what's right. we will will see how this plays out monday morning. i realized you just said everyone's a twitter. that certainly has been the case. you sir. meetings in syria.
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>> violence breaking out at a pro- trump rally. nearly a dozen people were rusted and several other center. the clash has been -underscore the hyper clinical tensions as the president took office. let's bring in will card. >> we start to have a demonstration of protest and both sides were there. how soon did it spin out of control? >> it was fast. it. it started as a really for president trump supporters but they collided with protesters. that's when the situation escalated. a number of fights broke out. some people in the crowd were
2:30 pm
pepper sprayed and some were punched. they had helmets, bats, and to by force. some with their faces covered. >> these guys look like they're thugs from nazi, germany that they claim to be against. they say no fascism, they are acting like fascists. they dress like fascists, they look like they dress like fascists, they look like fascists, they are the fascist. >> a comes after the campus police were criticized for not making arrest last month after protesters destroyed $100,000 in property. the department gave it a statement yesterday saying they were not able to make immediate arrest without inciting further violence. ultimately ten people wound up behind bar. >> it turns out that was one of many rallies across the country. any trouble with the others? >> rallies that were pro-trump rallies were in dozens of states. they. they are for the most part peaceful. supporters say they showed up to counter some of the big protest against president trump that we have seen since the election. and to let the country know why they voted for president trump. >> i am an immigrant myself. i was not born here. we came here from algeria.
2:31 pm
i thought that trump had a good message and if you listen to him you would agree. >> those rallies it came after trump on twitter call for pro- trump rallies a few weeks ago. >> arthel: members of the house and senate intelligence committees are putting together the framework for their investigation into russian interference in our election. here is senator tom cotten, this morning. >> we are going to review allegations of any improper contacts between russian officials and campaign officials or other american citizens. i'm sure will review any allegation such as this. >> arthel: until reports revealing him several members of president johnson or circle had contacts with russian authorities during his campaign. joining me now is congressman eric -- who is a ranking member for the cia subcommittee of the house permanent select committee on
2:32 pm
i like to start with breaking news that the new york times is reporting. the fbi director, james call me rebuking president trump and his claim that president obama ordered the wiretapping of trumps campaign office. call me essay there's no evidence to support that and insinuated the fbi broke the law and the director is asking the doj to put out an official statement. i would like your reaction to this news. >> think you for having me on. if if it is true, it is clearly the fbi director tried to correct course from a president who is taking our country to a breaking point. so recklessly to accuse president obama of wiretapping him, something that president obama would not have even been
2:33 pm
able to do. if it was dead and it sounds like it wasn't, by the department of justice, the fbi and signed up by a judge. this president so recklessly put the charges out there as he did with the 3 - 5 illegal immigrants he claimed to voted. then the rest of the country has to catch up and find out what the truth is. this is an effort to deceive and deflect. >> arthel: if you believe this is an effort to deflect, deflect what? i want to talk to you about the investigation into the russian interference into the election, is there something there that you can tie into the deflection you're talking about? >> with respect to the trump team of the russian ties, the burner is getting hotter these days. with all this past week that jeff sessions headlight twice under oath about prior russian context. this came after michael flynn had done the same thing. so, i am calling am calling for an independent commission to look at this. i do not think congress is the right place to do it. it's too politicized. i think we need to have it in a panic commission to look at what were the prior political financial and personal ties that president trump and
2:34 pm
his team had with russia. as each day goes by we learn about more russian ties that were followed by more russian mice. >> arthel: so you're saying there needs to be up special prosecutor assigned to this case. in fact the senate intel committee cannot investigate because there's too much politics of all. is this a political witch hunt like president trump is saying it is? >> an independent commission would be to look at what russia did during the last election. if any american persons were involved in recommendations to make sure they do not do it again. actually, every democrat in congress a supports it and walter jones, republican from north carolina spoke out against the iraq war has just come on board. separate from that would be special counsel appointment. since a jeff sessions cannot be impartial here, we do need somebody who has independence to pursue these allegations. these allegations are supported bite where the evidence has taken us so far. a number of people and donald
2:35 pm
trump's orbit had prior russian ties. at. at this point we should pursue the evidence and nothing else. >> arthel: there has not been confirmation that this prior former ties to russian diplomats, that there are not various relationships at this point. we are careful here not to indict before i have the information. what dots would have to be connected for you to prove what it is that you are claiming, if in fact there is ron doing here? >> that's right. as a former it prosecutor there's responsibility to only follow the evidence. what we have is that russia attacked us, it was ordered by putin, they sought to help donald trump. that is what our intelligence community has concluded. then you have people in donald trump's orbit people in donald trump's orbit who have a prior russian ties. and we're meeting with the russian ambassador after.
2:36 pm
>> arthel: i understand i. as you know, ambassadors meet with all politicians. that is what ambassadors do. >> i think what is problematic is that after the meetings with the russian ambassador, when they are asked under oath were asked by the vice president, two individuals have lied. when i was a prosecutor in the court of law that was called the consciousness of guilt. if you didn't have anything to hide why did july twice when asked about it under oath. i think we have more questions and the only way to get to the bottom of it would be in independent commission. >> and you're open to whatever answers that commission might find right? >> absolutely. we know russia attacked us, the question is whether the president had any personal, political or financial ties. it is in our president's interest if nothing happened and these are mere coincidences, to be clear himself. i hope he welcomes this. it sounds like with his bizarre allegations yesterday he's asking for an independent allegation. i hope he supports our effort to do that.
2:37 pm
>> arthel: as the game of politics seems to have been raised to two alarming levels, what other fronts might america stand to lose is at the fight against isis? keep an eye on role nations like korea. what is the polyp beyond our borders? >> right now when you have the president suggesting that an illegal wiretap occurred at his residence, what you are doing is undermining the fbi and the department of justice in their pursuit of terrorists. it is the fisa court that does consider any wiretapping or warrants that the fbi or department of justice wants when they are going after terrorists across america and the globe. we erode our ability to go after them when you make basic allegations because you are afraid of the evidence with the prior russian ties. i am concerned about what he is doing in the world effort to fight terrorists.
2:38 pm
>> arthel: i have to leave it there. think of your time. >> please invite me back. thank you. >> eric: will have no on the fbi director pushing back against the president of the united states. say there was no wire type at trump tower, where this will go, what it will mean, a legal panel is up ahead. z28cnz zwtz y28cny ywty so with our ally cashback credit card, you get rewarded for buying stuff. like what? like a second bee helmet with protective netting. or like a balm? you know? or a cooling ointment for the skin. how about a motorcycle? or some bee repellant.
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>> three are heard after were buried by an avalanche in northern italy. reports amos gear who died with this french national. the other skiers were american, french, and british. the survivors are expected to be okay. this comes days after three skiers that died in a separate avalanche in the italian alps. >> eric: fbi director is demanded the department of justice come out publicly and correct president trump and his claims that he was wiretapped at trump tower by president obama as not being true. the new york times a mr. or call me once the doj to correct the record that the president allegations are false and not supported by
2:43 pm
evidence. the department as of this hour has not done that. this comes as as there are more questions about whether there are or if there was a fisa order. lawmakers say the nation needs answers. >> this deserves full investigation. the larger point i will agree with senator caught in on is that it's in the best interest of our country to move forward promptly and get to the bottom of all of this. i believe that no president it should ever directly order and interceptor wiretap on an american citizen. that is not what our system provides. >> eric: president obama's spokesman has denied the accusation by president trump saying "neither president obama nor any white house official ordered surveillance on any white house citizen. any suggestion otherwise is simply false" can we we make of these developments? will bring in our panel.
2:44 pm
alex lamb assert the. your reaction to the director of the fbi, according to fbi, according to the new york times wanting the doj to issue a rebuke of the president of the united states saying his claim is not true. >> it's an interesting development because it's usually the fbi or an essay that petition the fisa court for a fisa warrant. when you have the director one of those agencies say this is not happen it put a huge? over the president's tweet. i cover president trump during the primary and election, he is very active on twitter. it reduced quite a bit since he began the transition and after the inauguration. i kind of think there has to be some evidence for him to say there was a wiretap of trump tower.
2:45 pm
however, the call me statement does paint a huge?. that's the biggest intelligence agency that did not petition the court. >> eric: as the new york times have you heard anything from the department of justice to push back with the president's claim? >> i've not heard anything from the doj. it does not seem that the white house is making any comments either. i think they have called for congress to investigate. it should should be investigated and should roll into a bigger investigation of whether the trump campaign wasn't medication with the russian officials. >> eric: what you make of this? the fbi versus the president. >> the fbi would've been the ones conducting an investigation. it it would've been charged with the responsibility of executing any wiretapping pursuant to benny ward. to to think the fbi is coming out and say this is not true is a very interesting development. it is pretty easy to figure it out. you just have to go to the court, their secret proceedings but somewhere there is a record of what happened and whether or not this warrant actually exist. >> eric: can you walk us through briefly the whole process. three
2:46 pm
people in in the department of justice, the deputy attorney general and head of the national security department, they're the ones that can prove this and then it goes to a judge to approve it then a fisa warrant is issued. >> absolutely. the judge just as an issue these willy-nilly. you have to come in with evidence and show probable cause that there some sort of espionage or issue. otherwise the court will deny it. that is what we see in the court. the original warrant and this is not confirmed yet, the original warrant was too broad. they had to go back to the court to narrow the scope of the warrants. trump tower, 58 story building. we are not talking about wiretapping every office in every person. there is specificity. that is what is presented to the judge and the judge makes a determination about whether or not wiretapping is appropriate. >> under the law and from what you know in terms of covering the department of justice, what
2:47 pm
you think happened here? there's been reports about the and interim tower that has correspondence with two russian banks and maybe that's what they're looking into. >> i think that is a good point. there's reports that that server was located in philadelphia, not in trump tower. there are still loose facts out there that nobody has been able to pin down. i talk to former doj attorney today and he mentioned a fisa warrant in the 25 year time they issued almost 20,000, only forward, only forward tonight in 200 had to be modified. the fact that this fisa order that we think happened, i think the fact that it was deny twice previously and had to be modified his significance significant. >> eric: and then there is this. let me tell you what james clapper said. he denied that there was any fisa warrant to dealing with the president and his campaign. let's listen.
2:48 pm
>> i cannot speak officially anymore, but i will say that for the part of the national security apparatus that i oversaw as the dni, there is no such wiretap activity mounted against the president-elect at the time or as the candidates, or against his campaign. >> eric: that is specific, the president and his campaign. he's later he's later on said there's nothing at trump tower. >> it's easy to figure it out. just go to the court and get the record. that is where you'll find out what happened if the warrant exists. what exactly went down. the court is going to have that file. >> eric: who releases that? >> it's not not public in the proceedings are secret. if there's an investigation they'll be looking into the file. >> eric: in terms of not being public, this will go on and on
2:49 pm
without some statement of fact from whatever comes out of the department of justice and the fbi director once or somewhere else? >> i think we are going to be hearing from the doj on this issue. >> eric: do you think that will happen tomorrow morning? >> i do think will happen from hear from the doj. i think congress will see that information on the prize warrant. >> eric: finally, goes up to congress and being investigated, how do you see this play now? >> we are at least going to be confirming whether not the warrant exists. if it does will be looking into whether not it was properly executed and if they went beyond the scope of the warrant. if the warrant was issued that it was properly executed then they were in line with courts director. >> eric: would've come is right and there was no warrant? >> if there is wiretapping without a warrant there is a serious issue.
2:50 pm
>> eric: what about no wiretapping. >> then i think we see trump st. >> it's interesting and will all play out, there are some aspects of fisa that will expire at the end of the year. we will hear about this for several months to come. spee-02 thank you so much. we are now much. we areto respond. thank you. >> and multiple iraqi forces meeting their toughest time yet. that a much more is ahead.
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>> eric: a part of atlanta history no longer. after cruise that imploded the old archives building. smoke and debris billowing from the site. it was known as the white ice cube in 1965 and harold is one of the most are modern archival facilities in the nation. >> the battle to liberate most all from isis intensify. government forces are seeing their toughest combat yet as they push into the western part of the city. here's more from the middle east bureau. >> even though the territory that isis has continues to shrink they're putting a fierce resistant. >> desperate to hold onto their
2:55 pm
last stronghold in iraq. this weekend but had multiple vehicles packed with explosives targeting the iraqi armies. but all of the car bombs were destroyed before they reached any government troops. this comes as iraqi forces backed by u.s. airstrikes and troops on the ground were closing in on a key government building. they have already captured the airport and several other strategic sites emotional. the heavy fighting and aid organizations say some 40,000 people fled mosul in the last few weeks and hundreds of thousands more were made and trapped in the crossfire. the fighting mo soul is expected to continue for several more weeks. the pentagon is drying up plans for raqqa in neighboring syria and it could include u.s. troops on the ground. >> with the department of justice respond and demanding it
2:56 pm
set the record straight. i to refute the president's claim that he was wiretap by the predecessor. air force one just landed from florida with the president on board. perhaps we'll hear from the president or the department of justice and another hour
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>> eric: the director of the fbi and conflicts with the president of the united states. here same president trump arriving back at joint base andrews a few moments ago for mar-a-lago florida. this is while he was in the air. new air. new reports have surfaced that says james call me is demanding the justice department publicly reject the president's allegations that his predecessor, president obama ordered the telephones at trump towers to be wired during the presidential campaign. welcome to the third hour of america's news headquarters. >> according to the new york


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