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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 5, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> eric: the director of the fbi and conflicts with the president of the united states. here same president trump arriving back at joint base andrews a few moments ago for mar-a-lago florida. this is while he was in the air. new air. new reports have surfaced that says james call me is demanding the justice department publicly reject the president's allegations that his predecessor, president obama ordered the telephones at trump towers to be wired during the presidential campaign. welcome to the third hour of america's news headquarters. >> according to the new york
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times, the fbi director arguing that mr. trump highly charged claim is false and must be corrected. president trump providing no evidence for his claim which, mid- the escalations claims of his own ties with russia. >> this issue is not going away. there's too much here. we have found the russians to have interfered in our election process. we have a situation our the administration has denied contacts with the russians were finding out that is not true. there have been have been contacts with the russian. lastly the president has raids this issue and his security team has condemned the russians and putin and he still winds up defending. >> arthel: were following the latest development, leland what you have. >> we been unable to confirm the report that the fbi director is essentially asking that justice
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department to issue a denial of mr. trump's target which would put him in with odds with his boss. we did just get this in the past couple of minutes from law-enforcement officials close to the matter who are telling met dean over at the justice department that president trump's allegations over twitter that he ordered wiretaps of his phones during the election and cut the most senior federal law-enforcement officials completely off guard. those officials had no idea what mr. trump was talking about when everybody found about this on saturday morning. the white house is not saying much either in terms of what president trump men's what he wants done. they're passing the baton to congress for an investigation. the house intelligence committee says they will pick up that baton. where hearing hearing marine one come into the white
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house behind me. they will roll this into their investigation of the russian hacking. there are still a lot of unanswered questions, including whether mr. trump's own staff was also caught off guard and surprised by these tweets believed the accusations themselves. here is is the deputy press secretary this morning. >> let's get the truth and find out, i think the bigger story is and who reported it but is it true. i think the american people have a right to know if this happen. if it did, this is the largest abuse of power that we have ever seen. >> the president's information for his tweets appear to, from the right-leaning website, breitbart published an article on thursday night and friday morning. that article was based on a number of other reports that all cited anonymous sources saying
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back in the summer of 2016 the justice department asked the foreign intelligence surveillance court for a warrant to allow surveillance on a number of trump associates who may have had ties on russian agents. according to these fox news has not been able to confirm and that request was turned down by the court and then there is another request put forward which was more narrow and allowed some surveillance of some type. were not able to corroborate any of these reports. president obama has issued a denial say there is no attempt to monitor. and today after these tweets some seem quite skeptical at best. >> i see no evidence of the allegations we have seen,
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whether that's a potential fisa court application or resubmission of an application. that doesn't mean these didn't happen just means we haven't seen it yet. >> i have never heard that are seen from anyone before. again the president put that out there in the white house will have to answer to what he was referring to. >> if this new york times report is true, that mr. comay is asking where demanding public rejection of mr. trump section it does potentially create a showdown between the fbi director the president or the attorney general of the president who has recused himself from the campaign. how that works is unclear. this is not the first time that the administration has demanded an investigation into one of mr. you might remember in january about 3 million illegal votes
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cast during the election and when the white house was pressed for any evidence they said they would launch a major investigation. in the past month or six weeks we have not heard much of that issue going forward. >> all of this happen while attorney general attorney jeff sessions planning to submit a written response tomorrow with his commute occasion with a russian ambassador. president president trent meeting with mrr dinner, but were told that moscow was probably not the topic of discussion. >> also told that homeland security secretary john kelly was at that meeting and dinner in this discussion was likely about his immigration order that's expected to be out this week.
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for now the trump ties to russia is one of the leading topics of discussion. today several leading democrats have said it's not enough for jeff sessions to recuse himself from those investigations. they argued a special a special outside counsel needs to be appointed. lawmakers from both parties have said at this point there is no hard evidence of collusion between the trump team and the russians. on fox news sunday democratic senator chris coons believes trump to be hiding a smoking gun in his tax returns. >> i have no hard evidence of collusion. i think what hard evidence there may be will be discovered either through a full release of president trumps financial interests and concerns in texas where the intercepts i believe the intelligence committee and fbi have a conversation between and among russian officials. thus i think it's it's important for us to get to the bottom of this so are not talking about this as an unresolved issue. >> as appointing a special
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counsel it would only delay the investigations underway in the house and senate. >> the work is underway and we have the staff with the clearances, we have the if you started over with a new commission for new committee that could take months. i think it's in the best intere to conduct the review as quickly as possible and make them as quickly as possible. they're not even considering the special counsel, instead, instead rod rosenstein will take over any investigation that is if you can make it through his confirmation hearings later this week. you can can expect he will be inundated with questions about russia. >> meanwhile on the streets
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there has been some violence occurring at a pro- trump rally in california. it was called the march for trump. they clashed with counter protesters and nearly a dozen people were arrested, i'm not sure why were showing this video, but there we go, cars -- there are a lot of protests, this one in berkeley this came into more violent sadly. >> yes and we are about to show you the video from yesterday. it started at the political rally. one resident there said it quickly turned into more of a professional wrestling match. there are sticks, bats and sticks, bats and two by fours. some people were beaten and bloodied. most is that by and watch the chaos. >> these guys seem like the thugs from nazi, germany. they
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dress like fascists, fascists, they look like fascists, they are the fascist. >> last night authorities were criticized for not making any arrest when protesters destroyed $1000 in property. for the most part rallies were peaceful and dozens of states. yesterday supporters and some protesters during those rallies express their feelings about president trump. >> quite a lot about what trump was talking about on the campaign trail was actually for this generation and hispanics and for the black community the people who are working class. >> i'm worried that we do not have honesty. we don't have transparency. i don't know if that has ever been a strong suit of the government, but it seems
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to be getting worse. >> it you may remember a few weeks feel president trump called on his supporters to have their own rally after we have seen a number of rallies across the country ever since the election. >> arthel: cruise in florida are battling the raging brush fire on the miami-dade turnpike. you can see flames consuming trees and grass feet away from the cars on the road. fire causing major backup as people try to turn around and get out of the way. cruise shutting down the turnpike in both directions as they try to put out the blaze. so far the fire has burned more than 15 acres. >> lawmakers seeking answers after russia interfered with our election. coming up, why are you guest is a former cia official and he's not surprised that vladimir putin was meddling in our politics. they have done that he says
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>> a new pushback on president trumps claimed that the obama
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administration bug to trump tower. the former director james clapper who served under president obama said and never happened. >> i cannot speak officially anymore but i can say for the part of the national security apparatus that i oversaw as dni, there is no such wiretap activity mounted against the president, the president-elect at the time as a candidate or against his campaign. >> joining me now is mike baker president of global intelligence and security form. on top of hearing from doctor clapper, we are hearing moments ago from matt dean, our doj and federal law enforcement producer here at fox news, the senior most federal law officials had no idea what resident trump is talking about in his wiretap treats and they were caught completely off guard. the same officials could not yet confirmed the new york times
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report that director, he has asked to publicly reject claims made by president trump. director coming as you me as you know we reported today according to the new york times, he is rebuking the president's claim of wiretapping by president obama is false. mike, as former cia covert operations officer, to such an unprecedented claims against a sitting president have impact on national security? >> no. it won't. it's unfortunate, and just when we thought that perhaps the president, president trump that is was pivoting to a more presidential posture after that very good speech in front of congress, this sort of things comes out. it's in his nature, that's fine. i think everyone is starting i think to adjust to how he
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relates. >> arthel: are you saying that it's in his nature to accuse his predecessor of wiretapping? >> i'm not saying it's okay at all, saying saying it won't affect our national security. it is more unnecessary noise, gives more more fodder to the opposition to president trump. it's completely unnecessary and undisciplined. it's the same thing that we've been talking about in the past. so many of these issues are self-inflicted wounds. whether. whether it's the jeff sessions issue. who goes before a confirmation hearing without having extremely buttoned up prep for that. that's way washington should work. you look at every single question that might be thrown at you, you look at all your major review.
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what i would argue such as sessions, mike flynn, the tweet about wiretapping, they are all self-inflicted wounds from an administration that is apparently, hopefully trying to find its feet and lacking completely in discipline and messaging. they have to get this thing together. as i can impact impact national security right now but if it keeps going on is going to exhaust us all and then at some point it will distract enough to start causing concern. >> arthel: we brought you here and thank you for answering that question. we brought you here to talk about the russian investigation. let's try to try to cut through the clutter of that. what would you say the most accurate points regarding suspicions of dubious contact between russian ambassador and to president trumps political confidants, as well as russians hacking of the u.s. presidential election in 2016? >> there are a few here. a few realities, the way that washington and the world works. one is that you cannot swing at a dead cat in washington without hitting an ambassador out town trying to meet as many people of
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influence as possible. it has been a large get about washington d.c. for a long time. there's a wide variety of democrats and republicans who have been in his presence, who have met with him either in a small group or large group setting, and that is what ambassadors do. so is there any surprise that he's meandering about town trying to gather information and talk to people who are influential in government politics? absolutely not. is it surprising that the russians have been meddling in our politics? absolutely not. that's what they've done for a long time. if you go back to 1941, the russians, the russians had an alliance with nancy, germany. they were trying very hard to use intelligence resources to keep us out of the war. so there here in that u.s. pain often journalist in support of
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isolation, they were developing independent organization and they tried to push the it keep americans out of the war. whether it was centered during during the cold war and fighting for through proxy, trying to influence opinion, the very same topline objective. chip away at the confidence of democracy. whittle away at people's beliefs and democratic organizations and society. that's their goal and mission. they never change, they never never thought the cold war ended. putin is very clear about that. >> arthel: does that mean there should be no investigation? >> no. that's not what i'm saying. of course we should have investigations. that is how
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washington keeps its self alive and in business. i think anything will come of it? i don't know. i doubt it. but i doubt it. but i know they need to do this. i have less confidence in the house and tells committee that i do from the senate. it will be as hyper- partisan as the house intel committee will be. the fbi fbi needs to conduct its investigation. these are all important. improve transparency, that's a great idea. at the end the end of it all i think were just conceal a smoke and will realize that of course there's contact between an incoming administration and people who will be setting sitting in places of importance and countries who are focused on what were going to be doing next. whether it's the russians, chinese or anybody else that's why the world works. do we need to read anything the various into that? because the current trump administration is not disciplined enough or consistent in their messaging lots of people are reading the various things into it. i think there'll be a lot of smoke at the end of the day. >> might, thank you so much.
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>> eric: more than the russian investigation on capitol hill. republicans will be taking more steps to reshape healthcare in our country. with two house committees meeting this week to vote on parts of a possible obama care replacement. was some republican lawmakers are saying there be left out of the loop and the new plan is shrouded in secrecy. lauren has more from our nations capital. >> gop leaders are aiming to get president trump trump a health care bill by easter. first, congressional republicans need to settle their disagreements on how the repeal and replace should work, and what's in the bill. house speaker paul reading brian needs 216 votes in the house to push legislation to the senate. rand paul believes lawmakers should be able to review the bill as it's drafted. something he says they haven't been able to do. ryan says the bill is a being kept secret.
3:24 pm
>> were unified for repeal were not so unified on replacement. but separate that and let's try to vote on that. if they force us to have big government replacement bills, on, on the repeal builder not to win. >> other republican leaders believe that if there too many cooks in the kitchen on a new healthcare law could fail. once the legislation's finisher will head to markup session in the energy and commerce and ways and means committee. >> i think this is a meeting in the middle. this is what typically happens. if we don't get it aftermarket then we have a problem. i think were getting ahead of ourselves and terms of pushing for full drop of a bill that haven't been at the committee level yet. >> many congressional levels ran last fall on the promise to repeal or replace obama care. leadership may force republicans to vote for whatever legislation
3:25 pm
they come up with. >> thank you so much. much more on obama care tonight. coming up later on the fox report, rand paul, rand paul will be here and talk about republican efforts to try and repeal and replace a lot. >> you can't meet behind closed doors. this obama care replacement is being treated like a national security secret like were getting ready to invade a country. all of us know there are secrets that governments have to have. healthcare is not one of them. >> eric: more was senator rand paul in 30 minutes from now. >> arthel: a massive manhunt underway after gunmen shot a man in washington state but not before he shouted quote go back to your own country. an entire entire community is now shaken. to a different company with car insurance, and i was not happy with the customer service.
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>> police in washington state are searching for gunmen who's shot shot a man in a seattle suburb. he was telling the victim to go back to his own country before opening fire. the the fbi is saying it will help with the investigation. brian's life from the new york city newsroom with more. >> police aids early in the investigation but they're treating this as a serious incident. a manhunt is underway for this is sex suspected gunmen. the fbi is assisting the investigation of this potential he crying. this happened around 8:00 p.m. friday night in a suburb outside of seattle, washington. as 39-year-old man, u.s.
3:31 pm
national from india was on his own driveway when he was approached by a man he did not know. they got into an argument, an altercation ensued and the suspect shot the man in the arm and fled the scene, but not before allegedly uttering a hateful statement. >> he was a hateful statement. >> he was approach, confronted by a subject in some comments were made to the effect of get out of our country, get back to where you're from. and our victim was then shot. is our belief and opinion based upon the experience of our investigators that are victim is absolutely credible and that this incident did occur as he has described. >> he is recovering in the hospital. the national coalition is asking this incident be investigated as an anti- sikh hate crime. there 50000 seeks in washington originated from india. they are shocked speemac's a very disheartening to see the news that somebody was a victim of a crime in the city that we
3:32 pm
have never felt that before. we need to teach them or answer any questions they have about our community, but her faith, but why we have the turban, but why do we look the way we do or anything. >> this comes in the wake of a shooting wake of a shooting on february 22 at a kansas bar that left one indian man dead. another wounded and a hero bystander wounded as well. they're investigating that shooting is a hate crime after witnesses say the suspect yelled quote get out of my country. >> arthel: thank you. >> eric: more now the developing story but the straight
3:33 pm
washington. president trump's wiretap accusations against his predecessor has left a lot of the politicians reeling. lawmakers including members from the presidential party send their blindsided. >> i've never seen anything about that before. again, the president put that out there now the white house will have to answer as to what he was referring to. >> president obama has flatly denied that he has done this. and either way, chalk, the president is in trouble. if he falsely spread this kind of misinformation, that is so wrong it's beneath the dignity of the presidency. >> this comes as a showdown that is brewing between the president and the fbi director. james cody was demanded this week that the department of justice refute the departments claim is false and must be corrected. so what happens next? a political reporter at the daily beast. betsy, what is it mean if monday
3:34 pm
morning the fbi director's going up against the president on his word on his truthfulness? is it the borough versus the office of the president of the united states. >> that's kind of the way this is been frame. allegations the president made yesterday our direct criticism of the fbi. it's curious because the president spent his entire campaign positioning himself as a advocate of law-enforcement. but these but these allegations and statements and tweets that he made yesterday counter that. they indicate that he believes the fbi was engaged in lawbreaking which is astounding. it make sense the fbi director would want the president to correct the record. these statements can be deeply to moralizing to law-enforcement officers. the fact that the president presented himself as a top alley is lobbying a criticism criticism like this is extraordinary. >> it may not be accusations of lawbreaking. there could have been a fisa order with the intelligent security act.
3:35 pm
it has to be signed by a judge potentially on that server that is been reported on a trump tower and with two russian banks. >> the place major issues were, but is if someone in the pi illegally gave information or took directions from the white house that circumvented the traditional legal process. was the white house involved in the potential request for a potential fisa work? at this point that's key to the allegation the president made on twitter and that's a major reason why call me wants to see him correct the record. the way the fbi gets these fisa warrants is legal. there's a legal process you go through if you want to surreal u.s. person. the white house is not part of that process. so the president alleging that the former president entered himself into that process and work with the fbi and they caved to pressure from the white house when it was going through those legal steps is an astounding allegation.
3:36 pm
>> what if there's a legitimate investigation. as of what we know now at this moment, there was no wiretapping at all. call me has asked the doj to come out and counter what the president has said in those tweets. the department of justice right now silent. do expect them to say anything? why won't the fbi director himself go public #he's done that before. >> it's possible he still could. i would be a bit surprised if the doj went public on this because it would be the criticizing their boss, the president. there would be a showdown within the executive branch. the context is that any of the top roles have not been filled out yet. the president's nominee president's nominee to be the
3:37 pm
deputy attorney general has his hearing on capitol hill. he would make decisions on campaign related investigations at the department of justice since the attorney general sessions has recused himself. he's headed into a a very dramatic and high-stakes confirmation process. before the presence of those tweets i would've been potentially boring. >> meanwhile the cia director says this is not going away this is what he said earlier today. >> the best advice i can give the president and this administration is to get ahead of this. don't get behind it. present the facts as you know it. commit themselves to cooperating with the investigations that are going on. >> do you think this white house will do that? >> that's a good question. seems like right now the press office have taken a step back and crew jean hill republicans and oversight workers to do the investigation and find evidence that could be made public.
3:38 pm
these are classified issues. not something easy for the white house to talk about that's why the presidents tweets were so unusual. he was making allegations about things that are classified. rather people people in the public know that. that's been a source of major criticism for the courts in the past. >> will see what happens when the doors open for business in the morning. if the department of justice will be commenting and if there acquiesce what the fbi director wants. >> arthel: new reports including from writers saying north korea has fired a projectile into the sea off the country's east coast. south korea's military says the object came from a region near the area of china where a missile bases located. the same place were north korea fired a long-range rocket last
3:39 pm
year putting an object into orbit. the united nations later condemning the north. >> remember the travel ban that created so much controversy, problems and emotional issues? in protest? we are told the president will try to do it again. sometime this week travel ban number two that could change the number of countries and affect those coming into our nation. the latest latest development on this, coming up on the fox news channel
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>> president trump is expected to sign the revised version of the immigration order this week. possibly as soon as tomorrow. here's. here's some of the expected changes. iraq will be removed from the list of banned countries. the new order also expected not to apply to existing visa holders for permanent residence
3:44 pm
and to no longer have preference for refugees for religious minorities. let's talk more about this, rachel is here a member of the republican national lawyers association. when to start with you, do you think this revised version is hitting the right notes. do you think the cracking of it is still very crucial? >> absolutely it is crucial. we've seen several federal courts rule that the crafting is everything. so it's a little less broad in terms of its implementation. the new executive order is also expected to not ban people who have some type of little legal
3:45 pm
status in the country. that means they're able to able to travel in and out of the u.s. because they have a visa or because their green card holders on a pathway to citizenship. the other difference is now the president actually has a team team a place where he did not before to run this by. he has a secretary of state, secretary of homeland security u.s. attorney to check and ensure that this ban is going to pass legal muster. >> how to use see it? is it likely to pass constitutional muster? >> i do believe it will pass. he is still allowing visa holders and green called holders entry, he's not dealing with the same equal protection and due process concerns as they did the first time around. he is not preferring one religion over another, he's not going to do
3:46 pm
with not going to deal with the same first amendment issues this time around. it seems as though he's been speaking with some people and realizing the separation of powers is a real thing. if he does something that doesn't pass constitutional muster the courts will step in a takeover. he really should be running these things by white house counsel and other experts to help them craft and drafting that will fall within the purview of his powers. >> what about the court of public opinion. can the president still sell this travel ban as a necessary tool to ensure national security? >> america was watching when we heard intelligent officials testify that there are holes in our vetting process when it comes to immigration and people coming into the country. let us not forget that. the president can sell it as one of the first steps of what he calls extreme vetting. so this travel ban is part part of that package of extreme vetting.
3:47 pm
other immigration such as the wall and other issues will come into play as we move on into this administration. >> how to use it rachel? >> i disagree with richard. the key word that he used here was sell. the thing is, we shouldn't need to sell this to anybody. it should actually make sense. it people pay close sense. if people pay close attention to it, if safety is the primary concern, saudi arabia, egypt, legend true pakistan, russia, the countries where the terrorists of nine oh/11 and subsequent terrorist came from our those countries, none of the countries on this travel ban list of the country that those terrorist and subsequent terrorists came from. president trump is an absolutely amazing salesman and he will be able to sell these to people who are genuinely afraid and have concern. the people look at it closely fill realizes does not address those concerns. >> on that same topic, they are
3:48 pm
ready here and citizens of on some level. >> in fact there was a recently leaked report that came out that indicated that the people radicalized in upwards of seven or eight years. when you look at overregulation is a concern, when you think about it taking for instance regulation of guns, and the people who own gun say no you don't understand. >> i'm sorry, i have to get richard. >> i'm sorry what i'm saying is that overregulation the bad apples are still going to sneak in the people really want to mess with us they're going to be
3:49 pm
able to do so. >> i said this is a step in the right direction. the, the, the reason to her point the people in the country is that we didn't have extreme vetting in place people were sneaking into this country this is a one-stop then people are not to be able to get into the country were going to be able to hurt us thin people would stand by president trump and what he's going to do which is extreme that people into this country. >> we will leave it there. i think think you both. we'll be right back boost
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>> arthel: iraqi troops fighting a fierce resistance by -- unleashing at least six car bombs as they try to liberate the city. more now from our middle east newsroom.
3:54 pm
>> even though the territory that isis controls and westernmost will continues to shrink it, militants are putting up fierce resistance. desperate to hold onto their stronghold in iraq. this weekend, isis and apply multiple vehicles packed with multiple explosives targeting the iraqi army. but they sell the car bombs were destroyed before they reached any government troops. this wave of resistance comes as iraqi forces backed by u.s. airstrikes and troops on the ground were closing in on a key government building. iraqi troops have are ready captured and several other strategic sites of mosul. the heavy fighting sending civilians fleeing. aid organization say some 40,000 people fled mosul in the last two weeks. hundreds of thousands hundreds of thousands of more are trapped in the crossfire. the fighting mo soul is expected continue for several more weeks. the pentagon is drying up plans
3:55 pm
for the battle of raqqa in neighboring's urea and collude could include troops on the ground. >> arthel: thank you very much. >> back at home you can forget the swing set. a washington state dead built a backyard roller coaster for his son. why he took on the project and what it took to put it together. >> arthel: that is super cool. it's the phillips' lady! anyone ever have occasional constipation,diarrhea, gas or bloating? she does. she does. help defend against those digestive issues. take phillips' colon health probiotic caps daily with three types of good bacteria. 400 likes? wow! try phillips' colon health.
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that's another safelite advantage. mom: thank you so much! (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. >> eric: a washington dad ditch the idea of a backyard treehouse to build a real roller coaster first three old son. >> arthel: he got the idea after a trip to disneyland where his son enjoyed a similar ride. the coaster took three months to design and build. the material cost $1300.
4:00 pm
the dad said it was all worth it because he built the coaster to spend quality time with his son. this, after, after an overseas deployment as a navy pilot. >> eric: look at how much fun he is having. >> arthel: it's a little airplane he's flying, like his dad. that doesn't that doesn't for us. thank you for joining us. up next, the fox report. >> the head of the fbi wants the justice department to publicly deny claims that they were wiretapping trump tower. >> the new york times is now reporting fbi director james comay known for the back-and-forth of hillary clinton's e-mails is now asking the top law-enforcement in america to say that president trump is wrong. this following the president talking about the man who used to have his job. at this hour presen


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