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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 6, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> jenna: "america's news hq" starts right now. >> sandra: president trump rolling out the executive order on travel. the new measure including some key changes meant to withstand the court challenges that stalled it the first time around. i'm sandra smith. we do have team coverage for you on this and president trump's allegations of wire tapping by former president obama. chief intelligence cord spopbt respondent katherine herige has more. we begin with first chief national correspondent ed henry. ed, good to see you on this monday afternoon. what are the biggest differences between the two executive orders? >> well, it's interesting sandra. democrats are out of the box trying to frame this once again as a muslim ban, while the white house is insisting, no, no, stop that, it is not a muslim ban or
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evenen a travel ban. instead, they say this is a travel suspension for pause, briefly in order to implement those extreme vetting procedures that president trump has talked so much about. and they say there are major differences that will make this more palletable both legally and politically. let's go through them. first order 2.0 better explains inclusions from selected countries that have been signaled out for terror concerns. the effective date for this new order takes place in ten days rather than immediately which was last time. that suggested it was all rushed out. it also blocks people who did not have a valid visa as of january 21st just after the president took over. iraq is now no longer part of one of the muslim majority countries that is part of this after they agreed that they have stepped up their own vetting. an indefinite ban on syria is now lifted. it's subjected to the 90 bay day
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ban on travellers. level playing field with the other muslim majority countries in here. green card holders are not affected. there was a lot of confusion ab that. also no religious references. that had been the focus and also caused concern. they say there are major differences that will make this much stronger and get to the focus which is what the president wants. >> sandra: those are major fundamental differences. what about the style differences this time around? >> it is almost night and day. remember last time it was the president who was front and center dramatically signing this at the end of his first full week in office that he owned it. he did it on camera. this time he just signed it privately and let cabinet secretaries do it. look at this tweet from a few weeks ago when he rolled out the first version. the president tweeted if the ban were announced with a one week
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notice, the bad would rush into our country, lot of bad dudes out there. this time there's a pause. there's ab ten days to implement it, to show they're calm and cool. that's why they put out cabinet secretaries like rex tiller son to make it clear that it's being done much smoother. watch. >> we spent the morn briefing the congress, the press. we will con to talk with key stake holders this afternoon. experts from the department of homeland security, the department of justice and the state department hosted an hour long call with the media on this topic this morning. >> reporter: so you can see it's all about consultation and confidence that they're reaching out to congress, giving the media a heads up. one of the big criticisms last time was even the president's supporters did not get a heads up so opponents could defense it. >> sandra: so much going on. the white house calling for an
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investigation after president trump sparks a political fire storm over the weekend. with his claims that president obama had his owns tapped during the campaign. katherine herage is live in washington. katherine, what is the very layest on calls for a wire tap investigation? where are we now? >> reporter: the republican controlled house and senate intelligence committees are investigating russia's election meddling and whether the obama administration abused its survey len power. senior republicans said a surveillance order will be documented. >> right now the executive branch is controlled not by the obama administration, but by the trump administration. so whatever information is out there, and there would be a paper trail, is now controlleded by the executive branch controlled by mr. trump. >> reporter: chris wallace was told that he's seen no evidence that a survey len order was authorized for mr. trufr for his
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businesses at trump tower. >> i have seen no evidence of the allegations we've seen in the media, chris. whether that's a potential by the court application or denial of that application or resubmission of an application or surveillance. doesn't mean none of these things happened. i haven seen that yet. >> reporter: short time ago chuck shumer sending this letter to the justice department inspector general, their eupbd pen den watch dog, calling on him to investigate whether the trump administration interfered or even jeopardized the fbi investigation. >> sandra: how is the fbi responding to this? >> reporter: james comey issued a taxing to his subordinates to see who had access to this. the director is deeply frustrated over the leaks that was only known at the highest levels of the u.s. government. mean time congressman king told fox this morning that he has
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suspicions about what happened. >> you are talking ab fbi investigations and somebody in the obama administration, somebody who had access to that leaking out details to make it look more incriminating than it is. that is almost like an alternative government working against the president. >> reporter: my sources confirmed that president trump's tweets did catch the department of justice off guard and there was no prior consultation. at this.they are still not confirming a new york times report that the fbi director asked the justice department to debunk those allegations in a very public way. >> sandra: thank you for reporting on that. for more on this, our fox news politics editor is here. what's going on here? how do you see things, chris? >> well, this is the technical term for this. this is a goat roping. this is a wild scene. it's kind of a mess. on the good for the
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administration it is changing the frame for his core supporters. it's not about trump and russia. it's about obama and wire tapping. for the crowd, this says look, whatever you hear in this investigation, remember obama is a bad guy and he's really behind it. this helped him keep his key supporters together. the thing about distraction, don't be too good. don't distract too well. he has distracted not just from the accusations by jeff sessions which most got down by friday. he and the republicans have done a good job saying there's no fire here. now he's distracting from the revised refugee ban and also the big -- >> sandra: obama care. >> that's the $64,000 question. his whole administration success hinges on obama care and he's distracting from that. >> sandra: distracted from the jeff sessions story. but it put the focus back on the
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trump russia allegations and the american people, chris, if you look at some of these snap shots, are concerned ab this. a recent usa today poll found 58% of those surveyed support an outside eupindependent inquiry o the allegations. 2:1, 63% see it as a serious issue. chris? >> you can keep taking care of that 30% all the time. that 30% at a certain point you have to assume they're with him, they're going to support him. if you keep coming back and revisiting this eub show issue, you're going to keep distracting yourself from the larger agenda. the most important part is stop with the drama. you have to stop confusing people. what these polls that show trump with relatively low approval rating also show americans are optimistic about his chances to
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improve the economy and bring needed change to government. they're optimistic ab those core parts of his message. if he can stay on those topics, get those numbers up, he can get his agenda through congress. but if he's having a twitter fight with the former president, those things slide. >> sandra: messaging is a big part of the conversation. kelly anne conway who we see by the president quite often, here she is talking ant the administration throwing her support behind this tphfltation. >> you hear democrats say investigate, investigate, prosecutors, investigate. what are they afraid here? let's investigate this an see where i leads. >> sandra: democrats ask tpor all these investigations. we are asking for one. why is it any different? sounds to me like what her argument is. >> i'm out of order. you're out of order. this whole court is out of
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order. the idea is to throw aspergss to diminish the entire process and say whatever comes out of this stuff is all political, it doesn't matter, who cares. you're just as guilty as we are, so go away. what you're trying to do is muddy the waters. the only problem for the president is when he muddles them, he does witness a bazooka. >> sandra: the big story still in washington though is obama care. is that safe to say, chris? >> the real story as it relates to what will affect some 325 million americans and their lives and their families an livelihoods, yeah. that's the one. that's the one on which the success or failure of this administration entirely depends on. if they get it wrong they won't be able to do the tax reforms that will bring the economic revitalization. all of these great things that they say they are going to do.
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if they don't pull off the launch of the obama care replacement well, that is the most important question not just for the political success of this administration but the health and well being of the country. >> sandra: just not a quiet dhe. i was just talking to congressman jason chavis. he said it doesn't bother him a bit. they're excited with what's going on. chris, interesting to hear from you. thank you, sir. >> you bet. >> sandra: iran and north korea launching missile tests hours apart. so how will the trump administration respond? plus the state department coming out with a warning for all americans heading abroad. the new threat cited that every traveller should look out for 37
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season iraqi forces gaining ground in the battle for mosul. they have captured mosul's freedom bridge which leads to an islamic held city center. it is the second of five bridges to be recaptured since the operation began in october. all of mosul's bridges have been damaged in the fighting but their recapture an repair would aid in the government fight against the terror group. iraqi police will need a bird's eye view of video of drones targeting suspected isis fighters. you can see the figures below just before the explosive hit, explosive hit that was a target. fox news alert. north korea firing four ballistic missiles off an eastern coast. three landing in waters 200 miles off the coast of japan. the move raising concerns as iran also launched two short range ballistic missiles over the weekend. successfully destroying a floating barge just under 200 miles away.
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hey, rich, what else do we know about these missile launches and what's happening there? >> good afternoon, sandra. essentially what u.s. officials are saying is that iran has launched medium range ballistic missiles, models from decades ago. they'll update it with equipment that allows them newer technology to locate ships. on the north korea missile launches, the pentagon said there were four launches. as for how many north korea in total launched, the pentagon refuses to say whether they were disabled or malfunctioned as they were launched. in response to this, a state department spokesman said we call on all states to use every means of influence to make clear that north korea an its enablers that further provocations are unacceptable and take steps to show there are consequences with the unlawful conduct. usually that message is directed at china which is an ally of north korea. china has recentsly agreed to
11:17 am
stop buying coal from north korea as a result of its missile and nuclear programs. beyond this, the state department is reaffirming the u.s. commitment to ensure the defense of u.s. allies in the region namely japan and south korea, adding the u.s. will continue to take steps to increase its readiness and ahrerness in that region, sandra. >> sandra: the state department warning americans traveling abroad. >> it has are newed its travel ban. the bureau of affairs writing in a statement quote, as terrorist attacks political upheaval and violence aufp take place without any warning u.s. citizens are strongly encouraged to maintain a high level of vigilance and take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness when traveling. it notes terrorists are using less sophisticated methods like the truck attack we saw over the christmas holiday, in what are known as soft targets or public places, markets which we saw. this is an update of a travel warning the state department is now issuing at this.every six
11:18 am
months, sandra. >> sandra: okay, rich. thank you, sir. the president finding an executive order revising his original travel ban, but deciding not to do it in front of the press pool and the white house is getting questions about that. plus, more on the decision to take iraq off the original list of countries. >> in terms of being on the list of countries, iraq is a very important ally in our fight against isis but also iraq has improved its screening and reporting procedures.
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>> sandra: the white house unveiling president trump's newest travel order today and high lighting a few key changes from the first version.
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one of those changes taking iraq off the list of countries named in the order. sean spicer tweeting out a picture of the signing which was closed to the press. let's bring in the former managing director of the dccc and the founder and ceo of new blue strategies and a gop strategist and former spokes person for president bush. mercedes, first of all, why not signing in front of the press? why behind closed doors with this signing, do you believe? >> i think what was interesting is that it was tillerson, session, kelly, very much front and center in this process, explaining the executive order. you can tell off the bat that having these key leaders in the key positions this time around makes a significant difference. the fact that they got input from the congressional leaders, from the different agencies is more of an ordinarily rollout
11:23 am
and the move toward making these changes so that it could be on stronger legal ground this executive order, i think these are all positive steps that the administration has. >> sandra: secretary kelly did go on the record saying he has been talking to members of congress all day about this executive order. let's listen. >> i have spent much of the day today on the phone with members of congress, the leadership, explaining the ins and outs. i did the same thing last week. there should be no surprises, whether it's in the media or capitol hill. thank you very much. thanks for your time. >> noticeably different this time around, karen, is that this was rolled out with secretary of state rex tillerson, jeff sessions, secretary kelly. and there you heard it from him first. there will be no surprises. your thoughts? >> yeah. first of all, thank you for having me on. fundamentally there aren't going to be any surprises. it does appear this new ban is pretty much the same muslim ban
11:24 am
that we saw when it first rolled out. just this time they're trying to do it in a different manner. >> just called it a muslim ban and you're trying to make a point with that. let me ask you about taking iraq off the list which is a clear difference this time around. >> i think the answer to that, that's fundamentally the problem. whether you agree on the ban on one religion or not, fundamentally those countries that are still included still include zero countries where foreign born radicalized terrorist has killed any american since 9/11. i feel like that's significant. whether or not you believe in the ban or not is fundamentally o-- >> sandra: you must not have read the executive order. [ talking at the same time ] >> reporter: the obama administration designated these countries as areas of state sponsored terrorism, areas of active hostility and where there are terrorisms.
11:25 am
this is something the obama administration moved forward. [ talking at the same time ] >> sandra: i'm gonna take it back here for just a second. maybe we can find some common ground here. do you think based on what you have heard and speaking to high ranking republicans today, they believe that this is going to pass level muster? this will be much different this time around. there's ten days notice. the rollout is different. do you think this is gonna happen? >> i'm interested to see how this holds up, right? because fundamentally things that they said about a month ago when this rolled out the first time, they're now contradicting themselves. i believe he said there's a lot of bad dudes out there if we rolled it out too quickly. now there's a waiting period. one of the interesting things that taking iraq off the table as wall street journal pointed out is oh the obama administration.
11:26 am
[ talking at the same time ] >> if you would have understood the fact that president trump spoke to the iraqi prime minister. they have committed to enhancing the screening. they have committed to ensuring that those iraqi nationals who are coming in are even more vetted. i think there's a clear understanding of the fact that because iraq has played a role with the united states in fighting isis and they're willing to cooperate with the united states in ensuring that there's better vetting of their nationals coming to america, then i think there is an opportunity mutual respect and cooperation to take iraq off that list. >> sandra: we have to leave it there. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> sandra: what exactly is the foreign intelligence surveillance act? and how does law enforcement obtain a wire tap? we'll take a closer look at that. white house opting to hold an off camera gaggle instead of a press conference. john roberts was in the room and he's got the very latest. >> how does he know the phone
11:27 am
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>> sandra: in light of president trump's wire tapping allegations we asked our research team to take a closer look at the foreign intelligence surveillance act. here's what they found. better known as fisa this act governs the use of wire taps used for intel collection of
11:31 am
foreign powers. the nsa, doj and fbi obtain warrants from an fisa court that allows them to conduct surveillance and collect information on suspected spies and terrorists. anyone seeking a wire tap under fisa needs a warrant from the court to tap the foreigner living here you need to demonstrate why the target may be the agent of a foreign power. to get a warrant for a u.s. citizen you need probable cause or something close to espionage or a national security crime. fisa orders are generally classified but the president can declassify if needed. and lastly from 2009 to 2015, 99.8% of applications for electronic surveillance were approved. all right. so we got that information for you. with all that in mind, what do we really know about president trump's claims that president obama wire tapped his phones before the election?
11:32 am
former nsa director general michael hayden questioning the allegations. >> it looks as if the president, just for a moment, forgot that he was president. why didn't he simply use the powers of the presidency to ask the acting director of national intelligence, the head of the fbi, to confirm or deny the story he apparently read from bright bart the evening before? >> sandra: the senior fellow at the kato institute and contributing editor for reason. this is something you know a lot about. so what do we know about president trump's wire tapping allegations at this point? what can you conclude from it? >> well, it does sound as if this is somebodying the white house told reporters that he was reacting to a bright bart piece that was drawing on claims made on talk radio that were themselves drawing on reports in the british press about an order
11:33 am
soug by the fbi in connection to russian influence on the investigation. even looking back to the sources it doesn't really support the claims trump made. trump said he thought obama had ordered wire taps of phones at trump tower. the reports that are drawn on for that bright bart article are really about an order targeting russian banks to look for evidence of a transfer of funds. they were apparently following up a lead if you believe those reports about the potential transfer of funds, the funneling of money from russia to opera teufrbs connected to the trump campaign which is, even if it's true, very different from what trump says. >> sandra: talking about being legally done. tray gowdy appeared on this network earlier. he talked about just that. we just explained exactly how that works. having it lawfully done. listen to this. >> there are only two ways u.s.
11:34 am
citizens electronic communications can be intercepted. one is title 3 which is a criminal inquiry. the other is fisa which is an intelligence inquiry. there's no or way for it to be lawfully done. the good news about that is there's a paper trail. there's an application. there are warrants. all of which can be reviewed. right now the executive branch controlled not by the benjamin netanyahu ed-- obama administration. >> sandra: there's a lot being made ab the paper trail if this went through an fisa court. >> the president is the ultimate declassification authority. that's why the way this is played out is so bizarre. if, as kelly anne conway insin waited the president really has some classified information suggesting there was an fisa war ranteded that targeted him or his campaign he is empowered to release that. we could put a stop to the speculation immediately. you think if he had hard evidence that his predecessor
11:35 am
had improperly, probably illegally, would be illegal to do this through political motives that he would be eager to get that evidence out. it's very strange to make this quite serious accusation and then sort of say, but we're not gonna comment further and congress can look into it. >> sandra: i'll ask you the question the american people are wondering. is there anything there? where does this go next? >> in terms of trump's specific claim, i don't think so. this just seems like a game of telephone where, you know, he's doing a fourth hand interpretation of some vaguely sourced reports and maybe misunderstanding what they were claiming. that said, right, the place where international surveillance, foreign surveillance interacts with domestic politics is always high risk territory. if we look at history thrrbg are plenty of cases where you might have a perfectly legitimate intelligence investigation at
11:36 am
the outset but surveillance as part of that produces information that ends up being misused for other purposes. >> sandra: let me ask you ab this investigation that the white house is calling for. you probably heard kelly anne conway earlier, we just rolled out her sound saying, hey, democrats are asking for investigations and special prosecutors on this, that and the other thing. she's saying this white house is asking for an investigation into this. why not? do you see enough there to request this investigation? >> not on that basis. i don't think we should give credence to accusations and treat them as if they have a real basis. that said, as long as congress is reviewing russian influence on the election anyway, would it hurt for them to kick the tires and say well what tools were used? not because trump is saying something credible, but because it's always dangerous when
11:37 am
foreign intelligence cross over and overlaps with domestic politics? that's probably not a bad idea. >> sandra: julian sanchez, thank you for coming on an sharing what you know on that matter. sure there's a lot more questions to be asked and a lotted more answers to be given. >> thank you. >> sandra: the texas bathroom battle heating up. a day before the introduction of the texas privacy act known as the bathroom bill. >> it says that those facilities rest rooms, locker rooms, showers, those will be governed by your current birth certificate. >> sandra: critics seeking protection for transgender texans also holding a news conference today. meanwhile governor patrick is urging christian pastors to talk to parishioners about the bill. in the fight again tear roarkes a major development in syria.
11:38 am
u.s. backed syrian fighters crossed the last road to raka and its nearby strong holds in eastern syria. the pentagon confirming more u.s. forces were moving into the northern part of the country as a visible sign of deterrent and reassurance. the fbi at odds with the trump administration director comey asking the doj to publicly rebuke president trump's explosive wire tapping allegations. and the white house is pushing back. your insurance company
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11:42 am
he's asking the american people to be patient when it comes to the russian investigation. that's top of the hour on shepard smith reporting. see you then. >> sandra: the fbi pushing back against the trump administration with director comey calling on the doj to refute president trump's wire tapping accusation. deputy white house press secretary sara sanders is reinforcing president trump's call for an investigation. >> they are trying to look and find out if it's true. director comey all reportedly saying that it issen true. are they lying? >> look, all we're asking is that the white house intelligence committee is allowed to do their job. that's what we want them to do. when the fbi said the reports about the president were bs, it was ignored. >> sandra: so joining me now to discuss, let's bring in tom due preformer deputy attorney general under president george w. bush. good to see you and thank for being here. let's start off with comey
11:43 am
pushing back on these accusations. >> it is unusual. i'll tell you something. it seems as though in washington, every six months the parties have to basically reverse their position on whether jim comey is a good guy or a bad guy. right now he's made a somewhat extraordinary request that doj refute the president. i don't think it's in anyone's interest for doj and the white house to be getting into a tif for tat. what we need to have happen here, let the process play out. let the investigators dig into all aspects of this. see what they find. see if the president's allegations are substantiated or not. >> sandra: you say that, and it is kind of funny when you think about this discussion we keep having about james comey running the fbi. what if the doj refuses to refute these accusations as they are being asked to do? >> i think it would depend on what the doj tells comey.
11:44 am
if they tell comey we are not going to publicly comment or disclose any evidence, then i think comey is in a tough spot. he's either got to follow that order or as conscious dictates, he should resign. on the other hand, if the doj says to comey, use your judgement here, it's up to the director whether or not he wants to come forward. it will depend on what the doj or the attorney general tells director comey to do >> sandra: tom, when you look at the nonpartisan nature of the fbi and the doj, that they are supposed to be, there are people talking ab whether they are picking teams. here's the congressman gowdy talking about just that. >> i don't think the fbi is the obama team, and i don't think the men and women who are career prosecutors at doj belong to any team. the obama team is no longer in charge. so any information that the current department of justice
11:45 am
has that suggests the previous department of justice acted inappropriately, they are welcome to release it. >> sandra: sounds like fact to me. >> i'll say this. i agree with the congressman. i served at the justice department. i never got any inkling that anyone, thousands of career prosecutors and other attorneys and staff, that they were playing for any political team. that's not the business of the justice department. not the business of the fbi. to the extend director comey is bristling at the idea that someone would suggest that the political players are playing political favor. i hear his concern. that's not the way the doj and fbi do business. >> sandra: based on what you just said, put your crystal ball out there and tell me where does this go? >> i suspect that everyone who is going to step back and take a deep breath. we have investigations that will be moving forward. the investigations are going to be broad. i think the american people have a very legitimate interest in knowing what actually went on.
11:46 am
are these explosive allegations. hopefully all the political heat will die down. we'll let the career professional investigators do their job and see what happens. >> sandra: i mean, part of the problem even with republicans who back up the president in doing this, they wish they had more of a heads up. this was announced on twitter by the president and caught people off guard. >> that is for sure. it's difficult to have meaningful conversation on twitter. >> sandra: very good to see you, tom. thanks for joining us. we have reactions from the white house after sean spicer was prepped on just how president trump got his wire tapping information. the tsa on the verge of implementing new tsa procedures which would give hands on a whole new meaning for travellers. plus the president issues his revised travel ban.
11:47 am
jeff is live at one of our busiest airports. >> reporter: at the international terminal here at o'hare. nothing like the chaos we saw on executive order number one. but if you think the opposition is standing down, you would be wrong. a full report from o'hare when we come back.
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>> sandra: president trump signing the newest version of his travel ban this morning. the new order takes effect in ten days on march 16th. iraq is no longer on the list of banned countries. the latest version lifts the ban on syrian refugees. and the order does not mention religious preferences for r refug
11:51 am
refugees. jeff, how is the new order being received from your stand out there? >> reporter: i would say there is nowhere near the kind of chaos that we had on day one of the first executive order. you may remember back to january 27th. widespread protests around the country. we had an outpouring of attorneys coming out to stand by, trying to help people as much as they can. you go from the protest scenes to the protest area here at o'hare. it's roped off for an area for protesters. there is not one person here. so chaos not reigning. probably largely because this is not going to be implemented for another ten days. >> sandra: you wonder what that's telling us. does that mean this order will avoid a legal challenge? >> reporter: i don't think there's any way that it's gonna avoid that. two attorney generals of the states say they plan to file action against this. perhaps you see here live, this is the lawyers area at o'hare.
11:52 am
attorneys volunteering their time offering help to anyone who feels they have been unfairly caught up in this. we talked to one of the attorneys earlier today who said they're not standing down. >> i have an idea of what america ought to stand for what the rule of law means. i want them to know that they have certain rights. that the united states is a welcoming country. we're going to help them make the travel arrangements as best we can. >> reporter: it's a little bit, sandra, of a trust. they're going to trust that all of the changes in the order will actually be imphremented but they are here to verify. they also point out the president they say takes this broad, has this broad authority based on an emergency situation which they claim this is. but the order doesn't take effect for another ten days. so where's the emergency? >> sandra: true. i wonder even -- it was kind of slow for any monday at o'hare
11:53 am
airport. it's one of the busiest in this country. do you expect more people there later in the day? >> reporter: you know, i think it's possible. i think really what brought it last time was the mediatesy of that order. people come through these doors, as you know, all the time. there's not that same immediacy. we may see this build over time. >> sandra: all right, jeff at o'hare airport. thank you for your reporting. speaking of the airports, security patdowns at the airport are about to get more invasive. the tsa stepping up efforts to keep weapons off airplanes using a more comprehensive kreuz call screening with officers making more intimate con tack than ever before. all patdowns will be conducted by an officer of the same sex as the traveller. change is a result of a study finding many airport officers failed to detect handguns and other weapons.
11:54 am
be prepared for that. we'll be right back. everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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>> let's talk stock market for a minute here. here we are just an hour shy of the closing bell. you're looking at u.s. stocks down on this monday to start off the week. the dow jones industrial average off 42 right now. it had been down more earlier in the session. the one reason analysts are appointing to is the new travel ban. there's a lot of uncertainty there. markets don't like uncertainty. there's uncertainty over the new travel order. it's been hitting travel-related stocks. we just talked to jeff locke. some of the stocks getting hit, airplane stocks. jet blue is down 4%. delta, air alaska. hotel stocks, cruise lines.
11:58 am
this is after the administration's travel restrictions were announced in january we saw the stocks taking a hit. reuter is saying after the trump travel restrictions were announced in january, travel fix 6.5% the following eight days. that is citing information from forward keys. so if market watchers that look back at history as an indication where markets are going, we could see the stocks full farther. let's bring in adam shapiro that watches the market closely. what is everybody talking about? here we are still hovering around record highs. let's not talk away the fact that the stock market has seen a huge run-up. what is the talk? >> it's about go prop and snap. here's two tech-related stocks. snap with an incredible ipa. it's off 8%. go pro went up to $94 and change.
11:59 am
it traded today below $8. a new all-time low for them. one of the reasons you're seeing the sell off -- 43 points is not a big deal, but one of the reasons the slight sell off, it's time for tax reform. that's the other thing you hear investors and traders talk about. if they don't get a plan out of congress as steve mnuchin has said this august, it will continue going down. there's a slow descent towards august. that's what we might be in. >> interesting. 43 points, adam. everybody is watching the market. a lot of people looked at their 401(k)s recently and have been pleasantly surprised at the recent run-up. >> absolutely, this run-up has been amazing. the s&p 500 is up almost 20%. if you're in a 401(k), you're doing well. if not, get into one. >> there's still a lot of
12:00 pm
optimism on wall street. goods to see you, adam. still shy of 21,000 points. unbelievable to watch the stock market. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in washington. political leaders say they can't back up president trump's claim that president obama wife tapped the trump tower in the campaign. the white house calling for congress to get to the bottom of. >> i've seen no allegations of what we've seen in the media. >> if we don't know, let's find out together. >> shepard: we'll talk to a remember of the senate intelligence committee. president trump signing a new version of his travel ban. no media allowed for that signing. so what is the difference between this one and the previous? does this have a better chance in the courts? there's word amazon's chief is about to raise its stakes in a modern day space


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