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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 6, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> there's still a lot of optimism on wall street. goods to see you, adam. still shy of 21,000 points. unbelievable to watch the stock market. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in washington. political leaders say they can't back up president trump's claim that president obama wife tapped the trump tower in the campaign. the white house calling for congress to get to the bottom of. >> i've seen no allegations of what we've seen in the media. >> if we don't know, let's find out together. >> shepard: we'll talk to a remember of the senate intelligence committee. president trump signing a new version of his travel ban. no media allowed for that signing. so what is the difference between this one and the previous? does this have a better chance in the courts? there's word amazon's chief is about to raise its stakes in a modern day space race.
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could we really see millions of people living and working in space some day? kennedy's here. let's get to it. good monday afternoon. president trump is calling on congress to look for evidence to support his claim that president obama ordered officials to tap phones at trump tower during the campaign. president trump has offered no evidence to back up that claim. a spokesman for former president obama has denied it, so has the direct for of the national intelligence at the time, james clapper. the senior law enforcements source said the fbi has been fighting back against the accusation. more on that in just a moment. president trump made the wiretapping claim over the weekend in a series of tweets. he accused president obama of mccarthyism and said this is nixon watergate. the white house without elaborating said the president based the accusations on
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reports. the white house says neither it nor the president would comment further on the accusation until the house and senate intelligence committees investigate. republican senate committee member marco rubio says he's seen no evidence to support the president's claim. >> i've never heard that allegation made before by anybody. i have never seen anything about that anywhere before. but again, the president put that out there and the white house will have to answer president. >> shepard: so far they're not doing that. the white house has not elaborated whatsoever. jim hines of connecticut says he's seen no evidence to back up president trump's claim. >> like marco rubio, i have seen nothing. unlike marco rubio and jim comey and collector clapper, on the face of it, the tweet is either wrong or points to a scandal unlike we've ever sheen. the president cannot order a wiretap. >> legal experts say the fbi and
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justice department need a federal judge to approve a wiretap on u.s. citizens and president cannot order that type of surveillance on their own. senior law enforcement sources confirmed to fox news director comey and other officials say the president's accusation is false. they have asked the justice department to publicly correct the president. that would be an enormous rebuke. so far the justice department has issued no such correction. a white house spokesman tells abc news she does not believe president trump accepted the denial from the fbi. the senate intelligence committees are already investigating that russia interfered in the american presidential election. jeff sessions last week recused himself from the investigation after he admitted he spoke twice with russia's ambassador. session said he met as a senator, not a campaign surrogate. he said that's why he testified that he did not have contact
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with the russians during the campaign. so in short, the president made criminal accusations against the former president with no known evidence. some members of congress say they have no evidence to support his claim and the fbi says it's bogus. the president wants an investigation. the chief white house correspondent john roberts is live on the white house. what is the latest today? >> didn't learn more about it from sean spicer. he had an hour-long off-camera interview. he referred to the president's tweets and saying he's going to let the statements stand for themselves. because there's been evidence out there in the past regarding michael flynn and intercepts of telephone conversations that he had with the u.s. ambassador or russian ambassador to the united states and reports about potential telephone intercepts of campaign officials like paul manafort and other people advising the campaign, there's a lot of smoke out there. where there's smoke, there may
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be a little fire when it comes to the president himself being the target of surveillance. at any rate, they say they don't want to take to it the department of justice. they don't want to be seen as interfering with any potential investigations that might be going on at that level. they want this to go to congress. kellyanne conway this morning said the two intelligence committees on the hill should be the one to look into this and look into it thoroughly. here's what she said. >> let's investigate this and see where it leads. let's have the house and senate intelligence committees do their work and think about whether to include this. the president has made clear that he would like there to be an investigation of any possible abuses and that hopefully oversight activity will clarify for everyone. >> today at the briefing, the suggestion while intelligence committees are looking into the situation when the president was a cand they should look into the leaks that have been dogging the president as well, shep. >> shepard: sean, president
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trump signed a revised travel ban that the white house says will comply with the courts. among the changes, the executive order excludes iraq from the country of lists. the revised ban cancelled the president's original executive order. you may remember a federal judge lifted that order and a panel of appeals court judges refused to reinstate it. back to john roberts. what other details are in the order? >> we've learned this morning and this afternoon why iraq was taken off the list and put into what is called a different category. that's because the president and the prime minister are saying hey, we've been cooperating the united states against a war on isis and now you're saying our people can't come to the united states? they have put in a screening and iraq is satisfied provided a measure of security acceptable to the united states. with the caveat that the iraqis
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will take an extra measure of screening of people coming to the united states to make sure they're not affiliated with terrorists. in addition, there's no indefinite ban on syrian refugees in the new executive order. that was a point of contention for the district court and the ninth circuit court of appeals when they looked at this legally. there will be a 120-day suspension of all refugees. it's just that syrian refugees won't be singled out. this goes into effect on march 16. they're giving people time to get used to it, roll it out, get the information out there. then i asked at the briefing -- it was a gaggle. it was off camera. i asked sean spicer why they decided to rescind the original order, particularly when they insisted they would continue to leave that in place and fight it in district court in seattle? he told me the president huddled together with his advisors at mar-a-largo over the weekend. they thought after discussing it at length it would be better to
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take that off the table. there were 48 legal cases that had been filed against that executive order. they have now petitioned the ninth circuit court of appeals to start the process to take some of those off the table. certainly judge napolitano has told me that rescinding that original order would render all of those cases mute. we'll see where they go with this. >> shepard: the president signed this new executive order, the travel ban, without media present. then they hold an off-camera gaggle instead of a regular news conference. do we know why that is? >> the only people that have been talking about any of this today have been the secretaries of state and the homeland security general. if you don't go on camera, you can snuff a story out quickly. the president didn't go on camera because he didn't want to be asked about with what was going on over the weekend. sean spicer did this off camera gaggle so there wouldn't be quotes of him talking about it. even though that was the issue that he got asked most about the
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last hour. >> shepard: i'm sure it was. thanks, john. president trump's first travel ban sparked protests at airports across the country. demonstrators chanted "let them in." it's a different story at j.f.k. in new york. laura ingle is there. laura? >> hey, shep. all quiet here. no protests and no visible signs of outrage yet. the changes you mentioned probably have to do with the fact this time there was warning. people new this was coming and we have some leeway until march 16. that in theory will prevent travelers from being detained. we want to show you what happened in january. throngs of protesters here in this parking lot chanting, drumming and challenging the order which came as a surprise to everyone, with including law enforcement. detentions and deportations lead
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lawyers to set up camp inside the airport to iron out the problems that scores of international travelers were thirst into. lawyers were here for nine days. the new york immigration coalition said they will help fight the executive order, sending reps here to make sure that anybody that needs help will get it. >> people are afraid of traveling. it's something that we heard consistently. people here are afraid of leaving and people abroad are afraid of coming. a lot of questions of what will happen when they arrive. >> of course, timing is ever writ thing. the last time around the executive order signed on a friday, that led a wide open set of time for people to come here and protest on saturday and sunday when a lot of people have time off. today's order signed on a monday afternoon. back to you. >> shepard: our next guest says president trump has to live and learn. despite the confusion after the
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one, which a federal judge blocked. members of the trump administration say the new order addresses any legal concerns to deal with what they call and urgent national security threat. dan henninger is here. he's deputy editor from the "wall street journal." dan shared in the paper's pulitzer prize for the attacks of 9-11. what do you think of this? >> good point. 9-11 is what this is about. this is the third presidency trying to deal with the after-effects of 9-11, the war on terror. the focus i think -- that will be litigated. by and large, the administration has addressed most of the objections by saying green card holders, visa holders won't be affected. there's no religious test. the focus shouldn't be on the travel ban itself but what its goal is, trying to suppress acts of terror. >> shepard: detractors say the majority of those that cause problems in our country, they
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get radicalized here in this country. since you mentioned 9-11, they would point out that on 9-11, it was the vast majority saudis that came here and knocked our buildings down. saudi arabia is not even on the list. so they come to the conclusion, this is about banning muslims and it's a travel ban and target muslims. >> i don't think it is. you have to read between the lines of this order to see what is going on. very interesting that they have not mentioned saudi arabia nor pakistan, which obviously is an exporter of terrorists. >> shepard: wonder why? >> because the administration -- >> shepard: because the oil money and -- >> no. it's because they're trying to organize their version of the war on terror. they see -- for instance, iraq was taken off the list. very interesting. because iraq is fighting islamic state right now. they're our main ally at the moment fighting islamic state. the administration thinks using
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saudi arabia, perhaps egypt not on the list and pakistan to create a coalition of the willing to fight this battle against them is something they would like to assemble for the future. >> shepard: what is the difference of people coming here from one of those countries and pakistan? why should they be targeted is what de tractors would ask. >> we're talking about extreme vetting. >> shepard: what is that? >> that's the question. what is extreme vetting. what is the trump administration going to do with people coming into the united states than the obama administration wasn't doing. is there a way to share data with foreign intelligence services or these countries? they said the countries they named do nothing to vet the citizens coming over here. what are they talking about? what are they going to do to ensure people that have come from the battlefields of syria
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and iraq are now getting into the united states? i think those are the details that we expect the department of homeland security to produce in the next 30 or so days and do not forget that the defense department is also supposed to come up with a plan to fight islamic state. the two of them have to be integrated into a coherent strategy that's what we have not seen yet. >> shepard: since we don't know what extreme vetting is, we do know the vetting is extreme. the question and answer process is lengthy. the suggestion has been made, there's easier ways to come in than a refugee. you can walk across the border at canada. there's so many ways. wonder why it is if it's not about, as president trump, candidate trump said, a muslim back and the discussion with rudy guliani, if it's not about
12:18 pm
that, wonder why we're not trying other methods for areas where it's easier to penetrate our borders? >> none of this addresses the problem like fort hood, orlando. these are people brainwashing themselves on the web, self-propaganda, looking at violent jihadist videos. none of that is in this order at all that would have to come from something like challenging the u.s.a. freedom act which would put limitations on the way we surveil, collect metadata. i would help the trump administration if they're going to create a coordinated attack on the terrorist threat would include doing something about the home grown terrorists that sit there at their computer and turn themselves into terrorists. what do we do to stop that? >> an important question these days. dan, thanks so much. >> thank you, shep. >> shepard: republicans in congress say we could see a
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12:23 pm
republicans plan to release a copy of the bill sometime this week. this aide also says paul ryan had a weekend conference call with the president's budget director to work out issues. mike emanuel has the news live on capitol hill. hello, mike. >> good afternoon. key republicans worked throughout the weekend putting the finishing touches on this repeal and replacement. those close with the process say they're at a good place and they insist they will get this done. >> americans need relief. they deserve a new direction. that's why we're talking action to repeal and replace obamacare with healthcare solutions that can work for the american people. >> top republicans like mcconnell say after an election, obamacare has been rejected and they say they're about to do right by their constituents. shep? >> shepard: what do we know about plans to reach out to
12:24 pm
skeptical republicans? >> two key players to watch for the administration are former house members, mick mulvaney and dr. tom price. mulvaney was a founding member of the conservative house freedom caucus. they're expected to address concerns like these coming from fellow republicans. >> we're unified as republicans for repeal. separate replacement, let's vote on a couple different versions. let's get people to come together for their ideas. if they force us to have big government replacement bills, they're not going to win. >> we've been hearing from our sources, they've been tweaking the measure until the end. we'll see when it's posted online for all to see, whether some of the issues have been adequately addressed. shep? >> shepard: thank you. tension around the world as two adversaries continue to test the
12:25 pm
white house. iranian boats have confronted americans at see. we're told that iran is again testing missiles. north korea, another new missile test today. the white house says the trump administration is considering action. i'll speak with the man that wrote the book on the north korean threat as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. this is fox news channel. my belly pain and constipation? i could build a small city with all the over-the-counter products i've used. enough! i've tried enough laxatives to cover the eastern seaboard. i've climbed a mount everest of fiber. probiotics? enough! (avo) if you've had enough, tell your doctor what you've tried and how long you've been at it. linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. it can help relieve your belly pain, and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements that are easier to pass. do not give linzess to children under six,
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>> i'm lea gabrielle with today's headlines. u.s. forces pounding al-quaida in yemen. the u.s. launched 40 strikes in the past ten days. one of them killed a former detainee in guantanamo bay. he left in 2009 after seven years. this comes after al-quaida in
12:28 pm
yemen launched attacks. officials killed 11 soldiers in attacks over the weekend. al-quaida in yemen is one of the most dangerous branches of the terror network. yemen is one of the six nations on the white house travel ban. the u.s. has been fighting in yemen for a decade. the news continues with shepard smith after this. where's frank? it's league night! 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. bowl without me. frank.' i'm going to get nachos. snack bar's closed. gah! ah, ah ah. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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12:31 pm
the final stage of creating a missile that could reach the united states. president obama said he warned president trump that north korea was the top priority. current and former u.s. officials tell "the new york times" the new missile program has not been effective. iran launched a pair of ballistic missiles over the weekend. they say iranian boats came close to a u.s. ship in the strait of hormuz forcing it's to change course, a lot going on at the pentagon where jennifer griffin is live this afternoon. what do we know about the north korea tests today? >> shep, the missiles were medium-range scuds. they got within 190 miles of
12:32 pm
japan's coast. i was told on inauguration day that president obama would say sooner or later the president would have to use military force to stop the advancement of an intercontinental ballistic missile to reach the u.s. today's test is the second since president trump took office. >> there's a shift in their testing. in the past maybe they were testing them to see if they're work. now they're testing the units to see how they would perform in an actual war. >> shepard: today's test coincided with the start of new annual military exercises carried out by the u.s. military and south korea. 3,600 troops just arrived on the korean peninsula to take part. >> shepard: tell us more and iran's test. >> they tested two short-range ballistic missiles this weekend.
12:33 pm
one hit a barge. we're told it's impossible to separate the north korean and iranian ballistic programs. >> they're so closely connected. we can see north korean missiles in iran and iranian components in north korea. it's a loose after at co-development. >> north korea recently carried out a test using solid fuel which makes for a quicker launch and shows that their program is being honed for military purposes. >> shepard: thanks, jennifer. gordon chang is the author of "nuclear show down, north crkok takes on the world." it's not the testing but the timing. >> my concern is that the united states has had effective policies. there's one policy that we have
12:34 pm
not tried. that is to ask china for help. the missile that they tested, there's two variants. that's similar to china's jl-1. we need to ask important questions about where the north koreans are getting this technology. >> so get tough on china on this matter. >> absolutely. we need to show the chinese we're serious about our safety. there's a number of things we can do. we can enforce our own money laundering laws and unplug chinese banks that are involved in north korea's commerce. we haven't been willing to do that. yes, it would rock global markets but tell beijing our security is our number 1 priority. >> shepard: you wrote the book on north korea. what are they doing here? >> a couple things. with these four tests today, this is during the time of the joint u.s. south korea military exercises. key resolve, foul eagle. they always do something provocative. the point here is that the north korean regime right now is unstable.
12:35 pm
we saw that were the demotion of the minister of state security. the execution of five of his subordinates last most. the assassination of kim ju junk-nam. >> shepard: and we were told that president obama told president trump that he has to make a decision. use military for or not. china would be against that. >> yes. that would embroil the neighborhood. but there's things that we can do short of force. if we do use force against north korea, one of their options is to start another general war on the korean peninsula. that means millions dead. the last time we did that, four million dead in the war. and that is not over. there's only an armistice.
12:36 pm
>> our understanding is, we've used cyber warfare. it could be responsible for the reason some of these have gone off course of late. what do we know? >> all we know is "the new york times" reporting. that is sort of sketchy. they didn't want to release a number of details, this is like what the united states and israel did against the iranian nuclear program. i mean, we destroyed and disabled their centrifuges. we did the same thing with their missiles. this gives us a little bit of time. four years from now, the north korean will have three missiles that will hit the lower 48. they already have them. the one thing that they can't do is to put a nuclear warhead on top of them, develop the heat shielding. that's a matter of time. they already put a nuke on one of their intermediate range missiles. they don't have it right now but they will soon. >> shepard: is the greatest concern their capabilities or lack of stability of their
12:37 pm
leader? >> both. just north korea is one danger after another. part of it is because they have a very low threshold of risk because of problems at the top of the regime. they view the world differently than we do. also, we have got misguided policies. so you have china helping them and us not really sort of coming to grips with that issue. so you know, we've had bad policies and republican and democratic administrations. that's why we're at a point where there's no no-cost solutions. everything going forward look horrible. >> shepard: interesting and scary. gordon chang, thanks very much. >> thank you. >> shepard: the u.s. marine corps confirms that they're investigating whether current and former service members send around photos of their women colleagues naked and send it out on a private facebook group that promotes sexual violence. the marine corps times newspaper reports hundreds of service members could be involved and
12:38 pm
some could phase criminal charges. james mattis finds the reports troubling, but trust in the marines to do that thorough investigation. updating fox's top story. president trump's call for congress to investigate his claim that president obama had trump tower wiretapped. ahead, i'll speak with the republican senator that speaks with the intelligence committee. his take on the president's allegations next. how's the new project going?
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>> shepard: 19 minutes before the hour. more on president trump calling into a congressional allegations that former president obama ordered officials to tap phones at trump tower during the election. president trump offered no evidence to back up the claim. some lawmakers say they haven't seen any either. let's take to oklahoma senator james langford. he's on the committee of intelligence. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> shepard: this is the source of information that intelligence
12:42 pm
committees would have word on. do you have word on it? >> no, i won't talk about what we have word on and what we don't. we're thoroughly researching this and walking through the entire investigation with russia, the campaign and all that goes with it. we'll walk through it and uncover what is out there and make sure that we get it clear. >> shepard: ont trump accused president obama of a crime. is there evidence of it? >> not that we have seen yet. but again, the white house will document to what they have seen and what they're aware of. >> shepard: the white house has not elaborated. should it? >> sure, they should. they should make clear what they're putting out there, why they would put it out in the public arena and put that out to us so we can work through the classified documents. anything like that, there would have to be a tremendous amount of overreach in our government. it's against the law to wiretap
12:43 pm
a private citizen. you can't get a war rand to do anything that was described there. if something happens, it's a serious legal issue. the white house should cooperate with us to get that. we can walk through the details as well. >> so you're calling for the white house to release the information. >> at least to us in a classified setting. that should be a given. we would have access to that information that they have so we can walk through the investigation and clear this up one way or the other. >> did the president handle this matner the appropriate way? >> the president handled it the way he likes to. he likes to speak to the american people. he handles it uniquely his own. the questions come to his own staff and the people around him, what does he mean, what is the backup behind it. everybody wants to know the facts. we'll see how he handles it. he handles things his own way.
12:44 pm
>> shepard: it appears that the information came from an alt right web site. the president has an option of calling the head of the fbi, the c.i.a. to ask questions like this. would that have been more appropriate? >> that would have been a step that we take from the intelligence committee and the senate. we want to walk through it. >> shepard: you believe there's a possibility this happened? and i ask, senator, because if this did happen, if what donald trump, president trump says is true, then barack obama committed a crime, or there was a fisa court order that showed probable cause that somebody in trump tower colluded with the russians on money for the campaign as has been the suggestion. it's one or the other, right? >> right. it would have to be. a fisa court has to go through this. the president post watergate cannot call for a wire top.
12:45 pm
this has to go through a court system just like any other warrant. if there's a criminal investigation a police department can't just put a wiretap on a phone. they have to go to court and show probable cause and prove their case and the court allows them to do that. the fisa court is not like that. these are judges from around the country that volunteer that season of time to serve on the fisa court and then step back into normal responsibilities, this is a very strong with oversight process. it's important to know that the america people know what happens in a fisa court because it's a secret court dealing with intelligence information. >> shepard: general hayden had thoughts on this. listen. >> the president of the united states put his reputation at risk to get at least a draw out of the next 24 hour news. >> shepard: to get even coverage on the news. what do you think? >> couldn't begin to guess to
12:46 pm
speculate the motives on it. could be that the president was getting information and he was going to push back on it. i don't know. we'll find out in the days ahead. the truth as you know always comes out. >> shepard: on the russia matter, writ large, senator, over time people of all administrations have had contact with russian and russian officials and the ambassador and all that. we have not seen this amount of lies about contacts and changes of stories after things became public. how concerned are you about the largest russian interference with the election part and the contacts of people within team trump with russian officials? >> we're doing a thorough bipartisan investigation on the intelligence committee in the senate and the house. we will release a bipartisan report to be able to say those are the facts that we found, this is really in several parts though. people are starting to combine them altogether. there's no questions the
12:47 pm
russians were interfering. the questions is were they cooperating with anybody here in the united states? most of those stories have been unnamed sources. i've never seen so many unnamed sources. we're trying to get to the actual information and the background on this to settle. no question again the russians were trying to interfere. there is a big question on what the role anyone within the trump campaign had in that and we want to get to the bottom of it and settle it once and for all. we need to settle it that is bipartisan so the american people can trust the information. as president obama said a lot is classified. we can't release it. so we have to have a good report that people can trust and know that there is a bipartisan agreement for those of us that have seen all the source documents. >> with your point, the people need to know this information in mind, we know there's transcripts of the russians and team obama should we --
12:48 pm
>> no. >> shepard: i meant team trump. >> i understand. we shouldn't have a release on that unless it's heavily redacted. in foreign intelligence, not spying on an american citizen. any time there's an outreach -- there's no grand secret that we're trying to listen to the russians just like they're trying to listen to us. the great reminder is the russian spy ship traveling down our coast a couple weeks ago. there's no surprise that they're listening in. the issue any time we can protect sources and how we can do it to prevent the russians figuring out how we do it, it's a reasonable good thing to do. so any information has to protect future operations. >> shepard: you mention it needs to be nonpolitical. would you advocate given that for a special prosecutor in this matter? >> i would not. the reason would be that is a bipartisan committee that works together. we have top secret clearance,
12:49 pm
our staff has top secret clearance. if you spin up a special prosecutor, you'll have six to eight months getting staff, clearance, getting the relationships. a two-year process to do what we started three months ago. so it would be much faster for us to get the to the facts with the people that know how to get to the documents and have clearance for those documents. again, it's a nonpartisan committee that we work with. let us get the report out there and let people see it. >> shepard: and north korea is in the news. we're led to believe more missile testing is coming. the north korean leadership is unstable which is a known known. the former president told the current president according to the "wall street journal" that he would have to at some point make a decision on whether to use military force with north korea. your level of concern there as a member of the intelligence committee and how high a priority this should be? >> should be an enormous priority when we deal with north
12:50 pm
cree. they're very unstable. obviously it's a tenuous time in south korea as many of your followers will know as well. south korea is dealing with the impeachment. they have a transition of the leadership that is happening one way or the other. it's tenuous in south korea. it's tenuous in our relationship. the north koreans are trying to find out how committed we are to south korea and they're very aggressive. they always try -- the north koreans try to blame their aggressive actions on our military operations in the region. we're only doing military operations because of how aggressive around unstable they are. we know we have to be prepared and to be a deterrent. it's good to stay there and stay engaged in that agreement long-term. >> shepard: james lankford from oklahoma. thanks for your time and a appreciate it. >> thank you. >> shepard: want to live in
12:51 pm
outer space? jeff bezos says he wants to give you the chance. there's word he has a huge announcement coming up this week. we'll talk space race with kennedy. that's next.
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
>> this week, we'll parentally get a look at upcoming plans in the new space race from jeff bezos, the amazon chairman and owner of the space company blue origin. that's according to the "wall street journal." last week elon musk, his competitor, announced his space company, space x, plans to send two paying customers around the moon in an automated space ship by the end of next year. kennedy will be hosting "kennedy" at 8:00 eastern.
12:55 pm
what do you think of this. >> it's fantastic. a private space race is something that you couldn't have anticipated in the 60s. it's governments competing against each other. now you have these billionaires, self-proclaimed space geeks want to be the first to have the most powerful rockets to shoot it as far as possible. they're getting money from nasa and government contracts, but they're accelerating the space race faster than government s could. they're creating technology that is less expensive than what the government gave us. that means at some point it will translate to planes and cars and hopefully flying cars. >> i wonder what amazon is about to show us. do we have any clue? >> we know they're high-powered rockets. they're 300 feet tall. blue origin has had a successful launch and return.
12:56 pm
you know, the rocket boosters were ready to go after the 2015 test. but you'll see rockets named after former astronauts like the new glenn and the new armstrong. so it's amazing. bring it on, boys. keep competing and have a rocket slinging contest. >> shepard: would you go? >> absolutely. i want to take my astronomy professor, too. gary fouts, i'd take you with me. >> shepard: what about the little girls? you wouldn't be scared? >> one of my daughters is named after the first woman in space. yes, if either wanted to go. of course, they can get on the rocket. hallelujah. >> shepard: private rockets. >> why not? >> shepard: love it. good to see you. see you tonight at 8:00 eastern on fox business. we'll be back with a final look at the markets and head off to the top of the hour, headlines with neil cavuto. remember when you said men are superior drivers? yeah... yeah, then how'd i get this... safe driving bonus check?
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>> shepard: all out of time. headlines next in just a moment.
1:00 pm
but first, the dow is down a little bit. about 50 points. neil cavuto usually has details of why things happen. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. it's the top of the hour. >> neil: thanks, shepard. distractions at the white house to blame for a lot of the sell-off. we're getting news that exxon juggernaut hear. a major job president trump congratulating them on what will be a $20 billion investment program creating 45,000 construction and manufacturing jobs in the u.s. gulf coast region. the stock, exxon mobil, was up today .5%. we'll have more on that. all of this occurs as the president is meeting with his council of economic advisors. stocks selling off on the