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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 8, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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>> bret: a new massive wikileaks dump, document dump, as u.s. intelligence officials hunting for the leaker. documents detailing u.s. efforts to turn smartphones, smart tvs, and computers into spy tools. this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to washington. i am bret baier. it's been called another catastrophic breach for the u.s. intelligence community at the hands of wikileaks. thousands of documents and files on how the cia uses cyberspace to spy on the bad guys and maybe even some of the good guys too. using the internet of things and devices in homes around the
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world. it has the intelligence community on a hunt for the leaker of sensitive tradecraft and detailed computer code. correspondent benjamin hall in london with a story that continues to develop at this hour. >> they cia can hack our televisions. this, one of the many revelations breaking from a new wikileaks dump of thousands of apparent cia secrets. julian assange and his secret spilling organization has posted over a thousand documents online which they claim show how government spies can penetrate, infest, and control phones, computers, even self-driving cars. experts say exposing tradecraft like this is a major blow. >> when you lose the capability, which you will when your adversaries discover what you are doing, it's a real compromise, and it's really damaging. >> the cia center for cyber intelligence is based in
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langley. wikileaks say the documents were obtained from a "isolated high-security network at the facility." the trove had been circulated among former u.s. government hackers and contractors. one of whom recently gave the aircraft and wikileaks. among the disclosures that some ca hacking methods could be made to appear as if the hacks were perpetrated by other countries. including, as named in the documents, russia. apple was also supposedly targeted amid claims they cia has an entire division devoted to hacking apple products. as well as the ability to bypass encrypted messages, a reminder that it took for government months to finally get into the san bernardino shooters iphone. if this intel is legit, it would be another hit to the u.s. intelligence community courtesy of wikileaks.
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a source that has worked in this cyber unit tells fox news that the agency is desperately searching for the manor person who gave the secrets away, because they are so very sensitive. >> bret: benjamin hall in london. thank you. president trump is being challenged and another twitter announcement that brought almost instant derision or questions. the president is criticizing the man he replaced for supposedly releasing dozens of terror test -- terror suspects from guantanamo bay. for many company and every student at all. the white house had to clarify. the same is true for the g.o.p. effort of repealing and replacing obamacare. and a lot of questions about that. john roberts joins us with another day from the white house north lawn. >> it's always a full day here. good evening. the white house portrayed the new health care bill as phase one in a conference of process trying to keep the messaging today as positive as possible.
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standing beneath the portrait of the woman he vanquished and the election, president trump welcomed their first tour group since his inauguration to the white house. >> work hard, everybody. speak at the president is anxious to get back on track after the latest blow up in the rush of controversy and his activations of wiretapping that left even the president's staff scratching their heads as to what he was talking about. the remove to review and relates obamacare is president trump's first big legislation initiative. he met with the congressional team that will whip at the republican votes to get it through the house. >> i am proud to support the replacement plan released by the house of representatives and encouraged by members of both parties. i think really that we are going to have something that's going to be much more understood and much more popular than people can't even imagine. >> the white house is scrambling to squash opposition from conservative republicans who say it is still obamacare, in a different form.
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hhs secretary left to defend the tax credit the replaces the obamacare subsidy. >> the central part, which is tax credits, it basically is another entitlement similar to the entitlement of obamacare. how do you convince them since it's going to take tax credits to make it work, that they need to swallow it and will forward? >> conservatives and others have said we believe it's important to equalize the tax treatment for those purchasing coverage, gaining coverage through their employer and those not. the tax credit is the opportunity to be able to equalize that tax treatment. >> the president himself handled the messaging after was pointed out two of his big campaign promises, selling insurance across state lines and negotiating lower drug prices, weren't in this bill. be president tweeting "don't worry. getting rid of state lines which will promote competition will be in phase two and three of
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health care rollout." and "i am working on a new system where there will be competition in the drug industry. pricing for the american people will come way down." but he fumbled an attack against his predecessor when he took aim at the obama administration's release of prisoners from guantanamo bay. he tweeted: the pentagon says the 121 prisoners, only eight were released by the obama administration. >> obviously the president meant the number that have been released on the battlefield, that have been released from gitmo since individuals had been released. >> the president stirred the pot on russia, tweeting "for eight years russia ran over
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president obama, got stronger and stronger. picked off crimea and added missiles. weak." >> no evidence to back up the assertion on saturday that president obama had ordered wiretapping of trump tower. >> bret: john roberts live on the north lawn. thank you. is more debate than usual tonight over the confirmation of the man who would be second in command at the justice department. that's because he could be the decision-maker on any investigation into president trump, his campaign, and alleged ties to russia. here is chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. >> the federal probe into russian modeling of the november elections dominated the confirmation hearing for deputy attorney general. >> is there any basis on what you would not be able to handle,
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such as these investigations. >> i'm not aware of any requirement for me to recuse. >> leaving the door open for a special prosecutor work was not enough for democrats. after the resignation of michael flynn. >> we are in an extra ordinary time careening toward a constitutional crisis. >> i cannot remember anything in my years here that has troubled me more. >> we need steel spines, not weak knees, when it comes to political independence in the department of justice. >> if it's america against russia or america against any other country, i think everyone in this room knows which side i'm on. >> rod rosenstein is politically neutral with 27 years the justice department working in the broader whitewater probe before being appointed a u.s. attorney by president george w. bush and being retained in the post by president obama but republicans said the resume was still not enough for democrats. >> my colleagues asked you whether you will abdicate the
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responsibility's without even knowing evidence, and appoint a special counsel. >> republicans called out democrats who did not press loretta lynch to recuse himself after meeting with bill clinton during the fbi's probe of hillary clinton's email server. stick of this kind of double standard makes it look like partisan politics. >> both parties questions parties questions rosenstein on the weekend claims that president obama wiretapped trump tower. >> if the president is exercising his first amendment rights, that's not my issue. >> no president can just unilaterally say go wiretapped that american citizen. >> i would agree with you that would not happen. >> do you pledge to pursue any ongoing investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election? >> absolutely. i >> look me in the eye and tell me you'll do it right. >> the testimony from attorney general sessions when he did not
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disclose meetings with the russian ambassador hung like a dark cloud over their meetings. >> for him to put this in his letter as a response is insulting and he should come back and explain himself. >> >> i consider what senator franken asked sessions at that late moment as i got you question. >> they emphasized there is still no evidence of collusion between trump campaign associates and russian intelligence. there was a bipartisan call for the findings to be made public. >> bret: the obamacare repeal and replace legislation is getting seriously back from both ends of the political spectrum. it is called the american health care act. conservatives say it doesn't go far enough. democrats aid goes too far. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. good evening. >> good evening. 24 hours after unveiling the
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plan, administration officials and leaders on capitol hill are selling it. house speaker paul ryan said he guarantees it will have the votes to pass. >> doing big things is never easy, but we have made a promise them and we are going to keep that promise. >> with the first major legislative priority under attack, vice president mike pence came to the defense of the g.o.p. health care plan. >> this is the bill and the president supports the american health care act and looks forward to working very directly with leadership of the house and senate to move this bill. >> a letter from hhs secretary tom price lawmakers explain this is the first step in selling insurance across state lines and negotiating drug costs could not be included in this kind of reconciliation measure. ways and means chairman kevin brady pushed colleagues to get on board. >> we have a choice. we can act now or keep fiddling around and squander this
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opportunity to repeal obamacare. >> conservative groups heritage action lasted the proposal in late today members of the house freedom caucus and kentucky senator rand paul called for voting on the street obamacare repeal. >> we are divided. we have to admit we are divided on replacement. we are united on repeal but divided on replacement. leadership plan brought forward which i believe is obamacare in a different form. >> earlier, energy and commerce chairman trying to defend >> we met that task of the president and secretary price who believe this is repeal and reform. >> nancy pelosi is demanding to know the price tag, writing to speaker paul ryan "the american people and members of a right to know the full impact of the legislation before any voting."
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>> trumpcare will make health insurance in america measurably worse in just about every way. and leave more americans uninsured. >> is setting up as a showdown where white house and congressional leaders dare rank and file conservatives to oppose the bill, making the case would violate their campaign pledges and end up saving obamacare. >> bret: mag manual 11 help. thank you. new congressional budget office study says the trump administration and allies in congress will not have to act until sometime this fall to increase the borrowing limits. current law permits the administration to freely borrow through march 15. treasury department is permitted to use a variety of bookkeeping maneuvers, what the cbo calls ask ordinary measures, to finance government operations. stocks were down.
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dow lost 30, s&p 500 drops 7. nasdaq fell 15. president trump met with the nation's top labor union official today at the white house. it's the latest move in the political relationship that has been hot and cold. chief washington correspondent james rosen shows us why. >> good evening. we were set for cameras to be set allowed -- white house said the meeting was still long but news coverage was blacked out. these two titans of their field felt they could accomplish more in private. >> i'm sorry we did not win this election. >> it was hardly surprising on her way to losing the presidency hillary clinton won the union labor vote. per 51% to donald trump's 42% marked a five-point drop off from their share commanded by president obama in 2012. >> we are going to fight for you. >> president trump has courted
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labor, as when he invited minors to the white house -- miners to the white house. the head of the afl-cio said the first billionaire businessman to become chief executive has thus far presented a mixed bag. >> what he did on tcp was good. the thing he is trying to do with infrastructure is good and then on the other side he put some people in there were antiunion. >> international brotherhood of teamsters broke with the obama administration on the keystone pipeline and declined to endorse hillary clinton during the primaries. the group is keeping an open mind about donald trump. >> we want the american worker to be successful and if that includes working with the president, we will do that. he is the president and we intend to work with him where we can. >> i, richard nixon, do solemnly swear...
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>> the only time winning the vote -- former aide to president george w. bush and a fox news contributor is working privately to strengthen the ties between big labor and the publican party. >> they are giving the president the benefit of the doubt to wait and see what the infrastructure program is going to look like, what trade is going to look like, what relations between mexico going to look like, especially mexican trucking. >> last year, according to federal statistics the number of wage and salary workers belonging to unions declined to about 14.5 million. the peak of membership was the mid-1950s. >> james, thanks. the u.s. is moving state-of-the-art missile-defense equipment to south korea in response to more missile testing from north korea.
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that's causing major blowback from china. rich edson explains from the state department. >> the terminal high altitude aerial defense, an american system designed to intercept and destroy incoming missiles. after another series of north korean missile launches, the united states has deployed the system to south korea and is reassuring and alarm chinese government these missiles are only defensive. >> we've been clear that it's clearly a defensive system and the reason we are pursuing it with south korea is because of north korea's continued, for lack of a better term, bad behavior. >> china strongly opposes.
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the chinese government also threatened the u.s. is beginning a regional arms race. >> translator: we will truly take necessary measures to safeguard our own security interest. the united states and they are okay will bear the consequence arising. us because the u.s. has long considered and china long opposed deploying the system to south korea. the u.s. announced it was doing so one day after north korea launched four missiles into the south china sea. despite international condemnation and sanctions, north korea continues to developing its ballistic missile and nuclear programs. since 2006, has successfully achieved five nuclear explosions and routinely fires ballistic missiles. next week secretary of state rex tillerson will travel to japan, south korea, and china. state department says he will discuss moving beyond sanctions to deter north korean behavior. >> it's going to get to the point where we need to look at other alternatives. >> trump administration has
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requested china deter its ally north korea from continuing its nuclear and missile programs. it wants china to fully implement sanctions against north korea. in claiming an unprecedented penalty the united states has announced a settlement with a chinese technology company that will cost them more than a billion dollars. the offense: selling banned technology to iran and violating u.s. sanctions. >> rich edson at the state department. up next, why it's possible you may not see many women at your job tomorrow. here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 10 in phoenix. a judge awards an army veteran to have million dollars in a malpractice suit against the phoenix va hospital. steven cooper has terminal prostate cancer. he contends his medical practitioner failed to follow up on under a normal prostate exam. cooper is said to have less than five years to live. fox 40 in jackson, mississippi, a train collides with a bus and
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officials say at least four people are dead and 35 hurt. witnesses said the bus appeared to be stuck on the tracks and the eastbound train hit the bus broadside. this is a live look at denver from our affiliate fox 31. one of the big stories there tonight, a grass fire burning in northeastern colorado has destroyed for homes and damaged multiple other homes. three of the homes lost were in logan county where the fire started on monday. the other was in phillips county. fire is burning on more than 45 square miles and is 50% contained tonight. that's the live look outside the beltway from "special report" per we'll be right
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>> bret: if you have a lot of women in your workplace, things might be a little less crowded for you tomorrow. that's because many women are saying they are taking the day off as a way to send a message. but some others say the protest is a misguided effort that may cause more problems. kristin fisher takes a look. >> and millions marched across the country for women's rights the day after president trump took office, it was likely the largest single day demonstration ever recorded in u.s. history. now, nearly halfway into the first 100 days, the same group that organized the women's march is preparing to strike. >> this is an important message regarding the closing of all schools wednesday. >> alexandria city public schools in virginia is one of two soldiers directs that will close tomorrow in response to the day without women. a voice mail went out yesterday to a fox news employee as well as all parents of kids in the district explains the that more than 300 staff members have requested the day off.
1:25 am
>> it's not based on a political stance or position. >> the organizers insist it's not necessarily a protest against president trump. >> we need american to feel what one day without a woman would feel like. >> the conservative media research center claims that george soros has donated millions to their partners. not to mention nearly 76% of alexandria's residents voted for hillary clinton. >> this is a district that overwhelmingly voted for hillary clinton so i think there's -- they are so steeped in anti-donald trump -ism, they are so quick to pull the plug on the day of school. >> 15,000 students will be single from school tomorrow. >> i think it is disproportionately hurting single moms who rely on the educational systems and public schools in particular in order to watch their kids while they are able to go to school.
1:26 am
>> organizers say the school closures were not expected. >> there are many ways you can be in solidarity with women per you can wear red tomorrow, shop and remained owned businesses. and there are many ways to show your solidarity without putting our job on the line. >> critics argue it's not about those who can't afford to strik strike. it's about those who can't afford for others to strike. >> bret: thank you. federal judge has declined to temporarily stop construction of the final section of the dakota access pipeline. developers finishing up work and they say it could be moving oil through the pipeline as early as next week. native american groups continue to go to court to try to stop i it. bidding starts tomorrow for contractors who want a piece of president trump's southern border wall in the billions of dollars that will be spent to build it. national correspondent william la jeunesse tells us what's involved in the process.
1:27 am
>> we will soon begin the construction of a great, great wall along our southern border. >> the process begins wednesday when the administration entertains bids to design and build a wall on the mexican border. 30 feet tall and resistant to climbing, tampering, or damage, preferably concrete but it could be steel or both. prototype is due in two weeks with a firm proposal due in may. >> the border wall is unwise, immoral, ineffective. >> most democrats propose trumps wall but that wasn't the case a decade ago when they overwhelmingly supported president bush's $2 billion border barrier, including then-senator barack obama. >> it will authorize some badly needed funding for better fences and better security along the border. >> the 2006 secure fence act ran out of money. and seventh 700 miles of double fencing is called for, agent
1:28 am
scott green or 50 of fence. some argue trump is simply finishing what bush started. security and israel company has built barriers around the world. the company is expected to bid on the u.s. while. >> there is no solution that fits all. you have to take various technologies in order to tailor the right solution. >> sources say a likely configuration would use existing fence to slow down would be immigrants, and access road, and a new barrier as a secondary fence. as to where the wall goes first, i'm told several sections will be built simultaneously. one likely in california between yuma and san diego. >> bret: overseas, u.s. backed iraqi forces are fighting their way through a government complex
1:29 am
in the heart of western mosul. this comes after the iraqis stormed the building in an overnight raid. they are facing counter attacks from isis terrorists. it's the least advance in a two-week campaign to clear mosul's western side of extremists and terrorists who want control -- who once controlled at least a third of the country. we are learning tonight about how young people are indoctrinated into a culture of hate such as isis. john huddy reports it starts early and goes by the book. >> the textbooks are titled "english for the islamic state." troops found them at an orphanage in february. these are unlike the schoolbooks you and i grew up with. letter b is for bomb, g is for gun. the w shows an indiscernible black figure, most likely a
1:30 am
burqa-clad woman. >> children who live in this violence, it makes their brain susceptible to propaganda, to influence his. >> the orphanage where the textbooks were found was used to groom children to become isis soldiers. ruth feldman is a child psychologist in tel aviv who has counseled children traumatized by war and terrorism. she says the toxic education of the so-called group stokes the anxiety of living in a harsh environment, making the children easy prey. >> the messages in the textbook help them deny the world into two. we are the just one, the right one. they are the enemy. they are wrong, hateful. they need to be killed, and this is how children grow in violence
1:31 am
and hatred. >> ngos say that over 1 million children living under isis rule in iraq have been forced out of school or forced to follow the terror groups perverse curriculum, curriculum that trains students on how to make suicide bombs and beheading techniques. >> bret: john huddy in the middle east newsroom. the pentagon is investigating reports that some u.s. marines chaired naked photographs of their female colleagues, veterans, and other women on a secret facebook page. it's believed the group had 30,000 members. one report says more than 2,000 active-duty women were identified by their rank, full name, and location in the photographs. the florida mother acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter six years ago is breaking her silence. casey anthony insists she still does not know how her child was killed. anthony spoke with a reporter from the associated press.
1:32 am
her daughter would be 12 years old if she were alive today. as for her own legacy, casey anthony says "i don't give an expletive about what anyone thinks about me. i never will. i'm okay with myself. i sleep pretty good at night." is the messaging coming out of the white house mixed or on the same page on a host of issues? speaking of messages, what is the cia capable of seeing and hearing? wikileaks has a new document dump tonight. we
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people would ask me in different countries that we traveled, what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm everything. i'm from all nations. i would look at forms now and wonder what do i mark? because i'm everything. and i marked other. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at >> it looked like an extensive file of tactics, techniques, procedures, targets and political rules under which the central intelligence agency conducts its computer network exploitation and other activities. if it is that, it would be very,
1:36 am
very damaging. this is about foreign intelligence collection. this doesn't invoke the privacy rights of americans. i speak of these appear to be very, very serious, but at this time, that's all the information i have. just to say we are extremely concerned and we are following it closely. the one wikileaks out with document dump, a thousand documa efforts to spy. we've seen some of these documents, another program describing -- called on bridge. voluminous library of techniques the cia has collected. according to the release, a large number of techniques allows the cia to mask the origin of some of its cyber attacks and confuse for rustic investigators. edward snowden tweeted "what
1:37 am
makes this look real, program and office names such as jay oj, ioc, they are real. only a cleared insider could know them." bottom line, u.s. intelligence community is in an uproar and looking for a leaker. let's bring in the panel. michael needham, a.b. stoddard, and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. michael, we've seen this before about wikileaks documents dumps but this looks detailed. everything we are hearing is that it's authentic. >> it's scary. it may mean we have another edward snowden inside our intelligence agencies. not surprising there's lots of intelligence programs out there that we don't know about. that's a good thing about what's most concerning is that if wikileaks can get access to some of this information, what do the russians know? what do the chinese know?
1:38 am
what does it mean for the effectiveness of these programs. >> bret: devin nunes didn't talk a lot about it but also in here are ways these cia can make smart tvs and smartphones spy tools. cars, computerized cars. >> it's frightening, chilling stuff. obviously the kind of technology we want to spy on other countries. revelations like this, even those that are far less dramatic, it's staggering how much the snowden revelations in these types of revelation set us back in terms of revealing sources and methods. setting us back with our adversaries and our work in intelligence around the world. we lose ten, 15 years of work at a time, incredible amount of resources. >> bret: charles, trump
1:39 am
supporters, their eyes perked up when they saw the cloaking of hacks that could be blamed on russia that were really internal. obviously people saying what is it all mean? bottom line, it's a serious breach. >> i can see how it can open up a hall of mirrors about cloaking and disguising the so-called attacks on our democratic syste system. the real story is i think this is worse than snowden. it's one thing to disclose names and places and even operations, but once you are describing the sources and methods, that's the key to what we do. you've got to wonder, all the energy we spend on the vetting of, i don't know, yemeni nationals trying to get into the country, ought we not be spending more of our time and effort on the vetting of contractors? snowden was a contractor for nsa. presumably this person or persons or contractors for cia.
1:40 am
this i think it is greatest weakness. a.b. is right. we could have lost a decade. i will command the cia for one thing: their creativity in codenames. on bridge is a beauty. >> bret: we should point out that u.s. intelligence officials tell james james rosen they hah tech security measures they are trying to figure out how that was breached. let's take a listen to sean spicer answering a question about the presidents talk about wiretapping. >> he's sitting on information he found out, now directing or asking or recommending the intelligence community look into it. why expend the resources and staff? >> there's a difference between directing the department of justice which may be involved in an ongoing investigation and asking congress as a separate body to look into something and
1:41 am
add credibility to the look. adds an element that wouldn't necessarily be there if we were directing the department of justice. >> bret: michael, your thoughts on this as we continue to get the reverberations from the weekend tweets. >> the wiretapping story depends on what the truth is. prudent to have the investigation and get the facts out there. if the relationship between the president and russia is anything near what the left alleges, it would be horribly concerning. i think part of the reason the president and so many others are getting is angry about the situation as they are as it's also extremely concerning if there is a constant drip, drip out of the intelligence community of information used to undermine a president they don't like, undermine other political leaders that they don't like. that is not what america should be about. important for us to get the facts. if they will tell us what's going on.
1:42 am
i think that's why some sort of investigation is important. >> bret: let's stipulate that perhaps the president, even though he tweeted it directly about president obama, was saying the obama administration. let's stipulate that. here is devin nunes talking about those tweets. >> the president is a neophyte to politics. he's been doing this a little over a year, and i think a lot of things he says you guys sometimes take literally. sometimes he doesn't have 27 lawyers and staff looking at what he does, which is i think at times refreshing and at times can also lead us to have of press conference like this. >> bret: but they are words, and words matter when it comes to the oval office. >> if they don't matter for the commander-in-chief, then i don't know what will. devin nunes is a respected
1:43 am
member. must've been a tough day for him to tell the media that we shouldn't take the words of the leader of the free world really. it's ridiculous. it's a reckless claim. the republicans know it. even if it was true, you don't make it on twitter. you don't make accusations like that. he could have talked to the fbi. he didn't. >> bret: where you think it goes, charles? >> i think it goes nowhere. this is chasing our tails and mifi were looking for something beyond anger to explain why the president tweeted it, it would be that this is a guy who is said i don't attack. i counterattacked. when he was a businessman and he was sued, he would counter sue. monday it up and end up in endless litigation. i think he thinks and is probably true this is going to end up as part of the russian
1:44 am
investigation. there is no evidence any of this happened, the wiretap. on the other hand, there's no evidence yet that there was any attempt or collusion of the trump campaign with the russians. we have a double investigation with no evidence. i think we're going to look back on this and think what the hell were we doing? >> bret: final thing. lindsey graham's biggest opponents, with the president, had lunch with the president. he said "he is strongly committed to rebuilding our military. president trump is an dealmaking mode and i hope congress -- how good was the meeting? i gave him my new cell phone number." you'll remember candidate trump gave out lindsey graham's cell phone number in the campaign. they followed to the american health care act next.
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♪ >> proud to support the replacement plan released by the house of representatives. i think it's going to go very quickly. i hope it's going to go quickly. >> this is obamacare lite. it will not pass. >> i think this is horse excrement. we can find a pony around here somewhere. >> as republicans, we have a choice. we can act now or we can squander this opportunity. >> need to lower the bar and what we believe as conservatives simply because they republican is now in the white house. >> bret: some g.o.p. congressmen are looking through
1:49 am
the horse punky for a party, but others are saying it's not going to stand. michael needham, a statement from heritage, you think this is bad policy? >> the core of obamacare and the fight we had in 2009 of the fight that we want to take health care, go free markets are set up a system with lots of federal regulations that tie people into a system where the federal government, your insurance company, and your boss, are the most important people making decisions, and that because the structure is going to cause the prices to go up, both in terms of deductibles and premiums, you have to provide some sort of support from washington, d.c., to people. that's what obamacare is. that's what needs to be repealed. the core of this plan is exactly that really keeps most of the obamacare regulations in place. it does nothing to alleviate the bias in our tax code towards employer-sponsored health care, then it takes tax subsidies provided under obamacare and
1:50 am
replaces them with others. >> bret: speaker brian addressed some of this sangha taps has to happen in phases they only need 51 votes instead of 60, take a listen to the speaker. speak. speak up phase one is this repeal and replace bill. phase two, tom presti regular it's the market and brings certainty so that we can have more choices and more plans of being able to regulate health care. phase three, pass those reforms that we think will make it even better, but we know we can't put in reconciliation. when this thing comes to the floor, i guarantee you that. >> bret: do hundred and 18 as the number they need, ab. >> outlook, i understand what the leadership is trying to do. they really believe they have to act as if they are fulfilling this promise, sooner rather than later.
1:51 am
not only because the program is in a death spiral and it is a program imposed upon them by a death spiral, the costs skyrocketing, the coverage worsening. they feel the tick-tock of the clock, which is real and material, and they also made this political promise for six years. they were going to do it on day one. there is an urgency in the leadership about getting this done. the one thing they probably did wrong was to push it out tomorrow without the official projections and estimates on costs. >> bret: this is the markup. explain that to people. >> >> a markup is literally the writing of law. you have a policy debate between experts, at the markup you start to amend the bill and you say, this is wrong, you say, i'm going to replace this portion, and people say, aye or nay and they change the bill, whatever goes in there tomorrow will change.
1:52 am
>> bret: you are pointing out the cbo score that would score this bill. in 2009, speaker ryan wasn't the speaker, but he said before congress changes, health care, as the american people know it, we must know the likely consequences of the house democratic legislation. then, 2009, calling on the cbo score before the markup. the democrats came, july 14th, 2009, 2 days ahead of the markup and provided the cbo score. basically how much it was going to cost and how many people were going to be covered. >> excellent work, bret. this is a problem politically. they already put something down they knew both sides would explode about. the far right, fiscal purists, then like governor k-6 saying that we need to get these people coverage. before you do that, you need that cbo score to talk about, how many people will lose coverage, but will it cost.
1:53 am
they don't even want to talk to you about a way forward because they haven't seen the score of your blueprint. >> there is a problem in the way paul ryan is thinking about this, because phase one is a phase like it's done with 51 votes. the only chance you have to rip out the infrastructure of obamacare, repeal, in this phase i, this reconciliation phase. that's why the steps we're taking continuing on the progressive path are so problematic. >> bret: their argument is, this is how we have to do it politically in order to do it now, to clear the deck for tax reform and everything else, and to not suffer at the polls by people who are going to be leaving health care, this entitlement they feel like they have. >> done by completely repealing one federal welfare program than replacing it with a different plan, and that is the difference. people are giving all sorts of
1:54 am
power to the parliamentarian senate, a staffer who has never had the right before to look behind the reconciliation bill and try to pull us apart. if they want to repeal obamacare, they need to push the senate, they need to get that done, and that is what is necessary to take of the architecture of obamacare. >> bret: the message from the white house is, this is the beginning of a deal come at the beginning of a negotiation, and this president is going to use political capital to get this across the finish line. >> i think it is a helpful message, and i think the message here is not the mechanics of reconciliation. the central issue is, i think rand paul is right. this is, in a sense, obamacare lite. i'm willing to admit it. in fact, his history has moved since 2010, the republicans denounced the new deal, eisenhower comes into office in 1953, and they don't touch an
1:55 am
element of it. social security remains intact. they were not suicidal, they lived to govern another day. you cannot retract an entitlement once it has been granted. that is the genius of the left. there is no country in the west that has developed national health insurance and then revoked it despite all the problems. >> bret: but you have to do something because insurance companies are going to leave and the thing is collapse. >> i agree, except the fact that you are not going to get everything you want. reagan said i would rather get 80% of what i want to go over a cliff with my flag flying. you don't want to go over a cliff. yes, you want the tax credit. i'm willing to admit it is an entitlement. it is superior to the subsidies and obamacare, a lot of other advantages. get it while you can create worry about the rest later. >> bret: tom price on with
1:56 am
candidate tonight, a debate that will continue. thank you, panel, up next, a song that might just
1:57 am
>> bret: apparently tonight, a british-based dentist is >> a british-based dentist has gone viral for promoting oral health through parity, sketches and songs online, maybe this makes you false. ♪ i know you don't want to go
1:58 am
♪ we are wondering why you hate us so we are preventing gum disease ♪ you don't listen to me ♪ you know you need to brush ♪ come and follow my lead ♪ >> i might be freaked out by that, i am not sure. fair and balanced and unafraid, tomorrow special report online and your comments and questions. log on to heather: the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare faces its first hurdle as president trump says no more
1:59 am
excuses. >> we are going to take action, no slowing down, no waiting and no more excuses by anybody. heather: could republicans throw a wrench into the plan. we see other obamacare replacement plans. >> this is worse than it snowden. heather: the cia bombshell, wikileaks data has people scrambling to shut off their phones and unplugged their tvs. who turned out the lights? a shining beacon of hope, lady liberty wasn't shining so bright last night. "fox and friends" first starts now. ♪ ♪
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heather: a live look at downtown new york city where the lights are always on in the buildings, the city that never sleeps with you are watching for -- "fox and friends" first. thank you for starting your day with us. slamming the plan to repeal and replace obamacare and promising their own health care overhaul. abby: the white house during its support saying american lives are on the line and the time to act is now. chris jenkins his life in washington. what is the next step for party leadership? >> reporter: to turn the lights on and they will start voting. two key committees in the house,