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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 8, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> jon: we've been telling you this republican plan to replace obamacare has taken a lot of heat from republicans, will be talking to one of them next hour. we will see you back here in one hour. >> heather: bye-bye. see you then. >> meghan: leaving enough of fox news alert. a march getting underway in new york city, dozens like it across the country for the controversial a day without woman strike. a move to show the vital role women play. on capitol hill, democratic lawmakers including nancy pelosi are set to walk out at any moment and show of support. we have much more on this coming up later in the hour. >> sandra: action is beginning on capitol hill to replace and repeal obamacare. this is outnumbered. i'm sandra smith. here today, meghan mccain,
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melissa francis, kim jong-un, today's #oneluckyguy, brian kilmeade he is outnumbered and always busy. >> brian: i'm excited to be here on a date when i didn't think think you would show up. this is quite a big couch for just one guy. >> sandra: we couldn't leave you by yourself. lawmakers are hard at work at our nation's capital to repeal and replace the affordable care act. two house committees are holding markup hearings today and president trump is throwing his full support behind the replacement plan. >> obamacare is collapsing. it's in bad shape. we're going to take action, there we been will be no slowi.
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they'll be no excuses by anybody. i'm proud to sam a politician. i'm a politician, but we're going to get it done. you're the leaders that will get it done for all of us and for the american people. we're going to do something that's great and i'm proud to support the replacement plan, released by the house of representatives. >> sandra: during a meeting with party leadership, a source who is reportedly saying mr. trump warned that if republicans can't pass the bill, after seven years of promises, it could be a bloodbath at the midterms. house speaker paul ryan is very confident there will be enough support to get it through the house. >> will have 218 votes. this the beginning of the legislative process, we have a few weeks. we'll have 218 with a thing comes to the floor, i can guarantee you that. >> sandra: it doesn't sound like everyone on board. our own brian kilmeade this morning asked congressman jim jordan from the conservative freedom caucus if he believes speaker ryan's guarantee. >> no, not right now.
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when we told the voters we would repeal obamacare, we didn't say would repeal obamacare, but keep some of the obamacare taxes. we didn't say would repeal obamacare, but expand the medicaid expansion, and we didn't certainly say we are going to repeal obamacare, but also start a new entitlement, which is what this alleged patient does. we're going to try to make it better if we can. right now, where it is, it is not what we told the voters we are going to do and i don't think it's going to bring down the cost of insurance, which is our goal. >> sandra: congressman jordan said he's going to introduce a clean repeal bill today. president trump says there is for negotiation. all right, brian kilmeade, that was your interview. he's got some concerns. will geo peak this done? >> brian: yes, kind of. i spoke to jim jordan after that on radio because he can't get enough of me. [laughter] he said this comes down to
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what's possible, not what ideally we want. he said i would like to repeal end in two years work on a better deal. brady says we can get -- we can't do anything else until we get this done. he came back and told us today, are we going to do malpractice caps? yeah, we're going to do that, not just yet. are we going to be able to go across state lines for insurance? they want to pass it, get their 51 votes legislatively and then they're going to work on reforms. meanwhile, they put it to the side and they bring in tax reform, possibly billing the wall, possibly the trillion dollar stimulus. >> sandra: you just saw the confidence from the president and speaker ryan, but they had ministrations to living room open for negotiation. the >> melissa: speaker at the end of the day laid it out for how this would go into effect and talked about all the problems but this freedom caucus has with us and how to be
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resolved. however, it takes a relief of faith to say were going to do the first one in the second and third phases will come and that's really hard. in the meantime, they've taken action, their left holding the bag. i think is a tough sell in that sense. i think it will also be a problem when the cbo scores it. this is going to look very expensive, which lies in the face of what republicans say therefore. >> sandra: speaker guaranteeing that will get the votes needed. >> meghan: this is a very precarious position politically, because it is one of the cornerstone moments that donald trump and the rest of the republicans ran on. repealing and replacing. many republicans and conservatives and some who are moderate say this is obamacare light. if you think people like rand paul, are going to roll over and say okay, we'll put this through, i just don't see purists like this and the fact that this bill can be amended later. the problem now for republicans
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and if we screw this up, if will have this one chance to make it right and repeal and replace it and show the american public that we will live up to our promises, if you mess this up, the political cap will blown. i cannot overstate how devastating it would be. it will be like read my lips, 100% pure and it be a bloodbath as suggested? >> eboni: republicans have been very successful in winning the argument. there are serious problem with obamacare, they are successful in that indictment in the selection. the other half of that equation, that it's equally as important for most americans is what is the fix, what's going to make health care for me every day more affordable, more accessibl accessible? that's the part. the level of trust that this bill is requiring of not just the republican party come up of the american people, i think it's too high, i think it's too
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steep, and ultimately, after seven or eight years of begging for this opportunity, i'm quite disappointed in what they brought to the table. >> brian: here's an alternative. you go ahead and repeal it and then you try to get democrats to accept it, to go along. you go ahead and repeal it, in its purest form. and then in two years, you try to convince them and put pressure on democrats to accept it, whether it's west virginia, ohio, montana, and that's what jim jordan and others are saying. go sell at the old fashion way, but for two years, how does he ever get his agenda out of the blocks? that's a huge leap to think democrats will all of a sudden say, republic and have a good idea. >> sandra: at the same time, this is president trump and he is all about the art of a deal. everybody got a complain about
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this, every buddy has to come to the table. maybe there's a deal in there somewhere, i understand that it seems like the sides cannot come together given what is in place in front of them at this point. i don't know, this is where he shows us what he can do. >> sandra: megan, you are a problem all along has been the messaging coming from the administration. are they selling this? >> meghan: not terribly well, but i will say president trump and rand paul tweeting at each other and talking to each other, i like that they are at least communing with one another. i think the freedom caucus people have to meet in the middle, at least a little bit. they are fiscal conservatives in the purest form. they are known, if for nothing else, why they shut down the government a few years ago. i think you have to understand that obamacare is a total disaster. i don't agree with obamacare light, i don't like the bill, i would have expected a lot more. but if it is a starting point that we can negotiate, then yes, of course, i think most rational people would be for that. >> brian: i think they should go at each of them in snapchat.
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>> sandra: want to get a democrats here, because nancy pelosi with a tweed storm on the process, just a couple of them. members talk with over 181 democrats and republicans and 100 hours of hearings puréed up in 2010, she said this. >> we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it. away from the fog of the controversy. >> sandra: would you please explain your reaction? >> brian: they did it on christmas eve without anybody knowing. they did it because scott brown -- they did it with just enough them credit close and you can't find a republican who said i was built in the process. there was a major weakness that i thought we could agree on.
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>> melissa: looking up a tape, it proves that she has dementia. >> meghan: we talked with us yesterday, but they achieved a cultural success in the sense that president obama made a culturally acceptable for the negatives of america that health care is a right, that the government will provide you, that this is an entitlement. the government will provide you. going forward, time to remove entitlements. that's the messaging that people need to start understanding mor more. it will cost them something from someplace. the bottom line, lentils millet will cost you something. >> eboni: when you ram it on people's throat with no bipartisan route sport, this the result. it can't all be done this way, not if you wanted to be better moving forward. >> brian: don't you think you have to move the leadership? if you go and work on some of
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those nine democrats -- >> eboni: absently, some fresh blood, people with new political futures. >> meghan: start with some red state democrats. >> sandra: the house intelligence committee announcing it will look into president trump's wiretapping claims, but the chairman warning reporters -- and i think the president's tweets so literally. is he right? plus, the latest incidents that are hurting the relationship between president trump and obama. if it can be repaired and if it even matters. and of course, you can join our live chat by clicking over the tap at fox organ to fnc. we were cooking yesterday. join us, you can tweet us. we're looking at them during the show. will see you there
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♪ a >> meghan: intelligence committee's essay it will look into president trump's claims of wiretapping. nunes says he hasn't seen any proof, but he will look into it. the german also insists
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president trump was now making a declared of statement and reminded reporters that he is new to politics. >> he's asking questions about whether or not he or any of his associates were targeted. i think it's a valid question, if indeed it was a question. i haven't talked to the president about it, but i do know they have asked us to look into this. the president is new to politics, he's been doing this for a little over a year, i think a lot of the things he says, you guys sometimes take literally. >> meghan: i don't know if you know this about me, but i'm a really straight shooter. i mean what i say and say what i mean. when you say you can take literally, what do you think of this?
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>> brian: they do list you as a straight shooter on wikipedia. [laughter] what you can save up president trump, never done before, out of the ordinary, an anomaly, he would say it another way. for donald trump to be the one to come out and say that is huge. in the history of the country, we've never had a past president like that, although we've had internal fights before. what he's trying to say, what donald trump is saying, is i'm hearing things about my organization that only people who have tapped the lines could possibly know. there is no rush in here, and that's one thing we picked up when we interviewed him. there's nothing going on with russia, that's what we found out we interviewed him. he's a saying i welcome an investigation. out of nowhere, he says we read
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transcripts, because evidently, some russians were being tapped and they were talking to some trump associates. he's putting this together. they say we have six sources that have come up and said that there were reports of wiretapping that's going on there. he put together the case that way. donald trump says to put it out there. he's trying to say give them a mulligan on this because he is new to politics. >> meghan: do you buy that, because he is new to politics? sean spicer said this is all about his paygrade when he was asked about this. again, i think just having an investigation, the merc and public are more than open to that. >> eboni: i think we are all falling for the donald trump trip trick again. he's moved on and he's on to doing something else. here we are on a wednesday still
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talking about something he'd said on a saturday. we're doing exactly what he wants us to do, meanwhile he's off talking to people, making deals, he starting to business leaders about other programs. he's moved away on from this and we're still talking about it. i think is a strategy and it's effective. he turned the page on what was happening right before that, who's is all talking about what was happening before that? that was jeff sessions. >> sandra: do you think that he should have let on a little bit more to what led him to the conclusion and let him to that tweet on saturday? >> brian: i would say you're right. go ahead and tweet at 6:00 in the morning to change subjects, but give us a question. what i would like to know is will the house intelligence committee look into who might have been tapping our phones the same way that we've been looking into -- that would have been perfect. this was done in a way in which
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if i was donald trump, i would say i'm unhappy with the last 40 days. i would say it would no longer tweet directly, i would give it to somebody in communications who knows me and will cite it out. so we know longer have just been four days. >> eboni: he will do that and at some point when he makes the proclamations that are not questions, their direct proclamations, even assertions, even accusations, at some point we have to legitimately question the credibility of president trump. i say have the investigation 100%. it's not a waste of taxpayer dollars in my book. i am happy to pay to find out how valid this is. i am willing to invest in that question, absolutely. >> brian: i would add this. part of the whole thing, isis is fearless against the presidency.
9:21 am
i sense and body language and talking to them offis nothing hd unsavory. they are saying there was a meeting here with an ambassador, but nothing happened. the bigger question is is that hillary clinton had her server exposed in june about the benghazi investigation. everything in there was an altered, it was just on earth. having said that, that was just as detrimental to her as the bush tape was to him. who deletes that? i don't know. who put his tax returns on the front page of "the new york times"? i don't know. these are hacks, they're unfortunate, but they're part of the playing field. >> meghan: wikileaks is out again, this time releasing a trove of alleged cia secrets. who may behind it was sleek and is there anything that have a administration can do to stop it from happening again? plus, women being urged to walk off the job today.
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thousands rallying in new york city right now and house dems planning to walk out themselves any minute right now in a nationwide protest. it is us a good way to raise awareness of women's right or is it just one big hassle? >> shutting down the school to have a day off on friday makes it tough for a lot of people you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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9:27 am
its economy and we are a big part of our nation. i'm glad that we can stand together today and speak on behalf of that. >> melissa: not everybody is on board after the walk out. parents scrambling to find care for their children. >> i'm appalled that they made this decision, because people don't have the luxury like me and my family to have someone at home with the kids. some people are working two and three jobs. some people don't have the resources to hire a babysitter. >> melissa: the organization coincides with president trump tweeting this morning. kim jong-un six, we are talking about this morning in them makeup room >> meghan: this is all over
9:28 am
social media and i have a lot to say about this. the first and foremost is in my life, i live by the adage that 80% of success in life isn't showing up. i show my value here at work by showing up every day. i'm very proud that i work in a show where the female voice is the dominant voice every single day on this network. we tackle very hard news every day. i'm very proud. that's how i showed that i am a strong woman. i don't know how i'm showing my value by not showing up. that being said, i have said over and over again, i have a very hard time relating to the modern day feminist movement, because for me, it's so tied up with anti-trump and a pro-choice, two things i am not. going forth with that, as i don't i just said earlier, i think it's out luxury of women who are wealthy and do well where you can take a day off from work, you apparently have child care at home. i can't take a day off from work, my kids will be home alone. i do have a problem with this and by the way, if you want to be like me, you can use the
9:29 am
hashtag #weshowup >> eboni: i made the point yesterday, what about the people who can afford it? this elitism that we are talking loudly about. this is a direct response to that and this is from the cochair of the women's march, her name is tamika malory. when you say strike overprivileged people, it has always been the people who are least comfortable will make the greatest impact when they have decided they are willing to take that extra step and willing to protect their lives and fight back against the system. i'll say this, we can disagree with that are on the couch, but i think it's a worthwhile perspective put out there. historically, we know of the civil rights movement, the gay rights movement, things haven't always been led by the elite. >> sandra: i want to jump in and chilis ladies in red.
9:30 am
you're looking at house democrats, as we mentioned, they were expected to walk out and show support for this movement or this protest and they are doing so right now. i noticed you are wearing red, are you trying to tell us something? >> melissa: i'm wearing red and i also showed up for work, how about that? i heard you laughing during the introduction here. be very careful, my friend. >> brian: i will never be a part of a show that does cookin cooking. number two, this is a tough segment for me personally, because i'm the guy. i never looked at women in 2017 as oppressed or needing rights. i thought we are at equal footing. i thought if you want to be president of anything, a ceo of anything, lead anchor everywher
9:31 am
everywhere, i thought it was may the best man or woman one. >> sandra: is her house democrats ladies wearing red. >> meghan: republicans are doing this as well. >> sandra: nancy pelosi is there, she is in attendance the steps. >> meghan: it just feels very liberal to me. it feels very anti-trump. again, a lot of people in this shot, but i don't see any conservative women doing this as well. i didn't mean to knock you with a cooking segment. talk about very serious subjects every day on this show. i take pride in the fact that the voice on the show is dominantly female when so many cable news shows are not. >> sandra: >> melissa: i wasn'tg about the dress, i am wearing red and i am here today.
9:32 am
the >> eboni: brian, you point out that you don't think 2017 is an issue, right? i think that's a fair assessment from your limited, forgive me, perspective. first of all, practicing law, totally educated, i was rewarded with a high level in my firm. i found out i was paid the same as a paralegal who is a man. i would my boss and he said he had a family to take care of. >> meghan: was that legal? >> eboni: of course it wasn't legal. he felt that was a justification that i is a licensed litigator should be paid the same as a paralegal. >> sandra: the best thing we can do is show up, work hard --
9:33 am
>> meghan: 's modern women's rights tied up with planned parenthood of being pro-choice? i'm very pro-life, at six important to me. a very big part of my life in general and i can get behind something else to fund and parenthood and abortion. the end. we have to move on, although we could obviously talk about this forever. >> melissa: wikileaks rattling officials. after releasing thousands of pages of hacked documents yesterday. this the first installment of a larger installment of cia leaked material. they include using smart tvs as listening devices. and searches on how to use skyp skype, networks, and antivirus programs to spy and details about how to steal passwords using the auto complete function on internet explorer. devon nunez was talking about this yesterday. >> we are actually concerned and
9:34 am
we are following it closely. this potentially could be an additional leak that will have two to the bottom of. >> sandra: this all comes just weeks after president trump last of the intelligence community for leaks plaguing his administration. tweeting "the real scandal here is classified information is legally given out by intelligence like candy. very un-american." brian kilmeade, are you concerned about we are learning here? >> brian: unbelievably concerned. he gives a sense that we can't be trusted, so what we know and who will be read into? i want to know who did it and how wikileaks got it. they said something relatively fascinating. they said the cia -- they
9:35 am
unclasp either program to lead to legal consequences. they left all this stuff exposed because legally they weren't allowed to transfer classified information to the internet. they left exposed, therefore everybody feasted on it, including how other nations which leaves fingerprints. let's say we hacked north korea, but used russian malware or chinese malware and we go in there and we going to north korea and they say wow, the russians hacked me. now he told everyone how we do this by this leak. it's astounding how devastating it is. >> melissa: do you remember a while back when james, he said he put a piece of tape across the camera? now we know why. >> meghan: when i saw this, i would like to say first and foremost, let's not forget that we keep wikileaks is not a formal
9:36 am
organization. i think the normalization of that organization is externally detrimental to our national security. this makes us less safe. the wikileaks dump is a direct correlation. who was a surprise of the cia uses covert operations to infiltrate espionage? watch one james bond movie. everybody knows this is what they do. the fact that you are showing exactly how they do it, you're making our national security less safe. >> brian: the worst could be you have to come. >> sandra: who knows what this holds for the future? >> eboni: there are a lot of people celebrating and clapping. not you, you've been very consistent. there have been people that have and we all know that to be true. they were really happy with the
9:37 am
-- marco rubio said be careful what you applaud and wish for. this is what we are seeing and scary and it's dangerous and i don't know where we go from her here. >> melissa: >> melissa: it's sce her secrets getting out there. our enemies have cell phones and watch tv, so of course we we try to spying that way. it was ever used against americans, there's no proof of that now come but that's one of the questions that comes out of it as well. it's made a lot of people really paranoid. >> brian: donald trump says if the russians and wikileaks say they didn't do it, could someone have abused russian malware to make it look like they did it? i never use malware in a sentence until today. >> sandra: donald trump says that mexico will pay for the border wall.
9:38 am
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>> eboni: it was one of the president's top campaign promises, building a wall along the border of mexico. never getting a bit more insight into how it will be funded. a proposal shows the white house is looking to divert billions of dollars from several national security agencies. including reducing the coast guard by 14%. and fema by 11%. the department of homeland security estimates at building a wall will cost nearly $22 billion and it takes more than three years to complete. present chart maintains that it will cost less and can be built more quickly. meghan mccain, i don't think it could be any more clear to any of us how important national security is to you.
9:43 am
what do you think about this trade-off, at least in the draft proposal that says we will cut 12%, 14%, 11% in these very big free agencies for this trade-off? >> meghan: if i could come up with anything that i would want spending cut less, i don't like i could. it makes us more safe to create a border to give us more safe. i think they have to find the money someplace else, i thought mexico is going to pay for it. those of a campaign. but if they start taking money away from fema, there will be riots everywhere. >> brian: a couple of things, number one, we've heard him say it would cost 15 billion to do it. it's done. you can temporarily pay for things, but number two, look at mexico. we give them aid to watch their
9:44 am
southern border, why don't we cut some of that? >> sandra: you've got redundancy and you've got waste. people running those departments know where it is. i think there's some redundancy that can be cut. at the same time, drives me crazy when people say, he's in mexico is going to pay the wall, now that they're not going to? there's a million ways to make mexico pay for the wall over time. there are so made everything so you can do. >> meghan: if you are advising the president on this, would you say fema, the coast guard, and tsa though? wouldn't you find some other agencies? >> melissa: when he raises it back up a year from now, they add stuff that's really good that they need.
9:45 am
>> sandra: the coast guard cuts including deactivating mary time -- to say redundancy, that's not it. you can't tell me, this is the government. >> meghan: take it from an agency that has do with national security. >> brian: you're not destroying anything, you're just cutting it back. >> meghan: you can go to agencies that don't affect our national security. >> brian: i'm saying to myself, they may be able to cut back a little bit.
9:46 am
just say, just hold, don't increase as much as usual. you can find it there. >> eboni: evans about my skull paying for it and they don't want to write a check, which i don't think any buff expected that to happen. i think they should start there. why are we starting with these agencies? >> brian: because it's out of the security part. so is the wall, security. >> eboni: you have an answer for everything. remember when president trump said how nice mr. obama was? well, i might be nothing more than a distant memory now. mr. obama reportedly livid about wiretapping claims. if that's the case, can the religion should be repaired and really, how much does it matter? ♪ hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer
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>> more outnumbered and just a moment, but first, jon scott has was coming up in the second hour of "happening now." >> jon: we are awaiting news conference from white house
9:51 am
secretary sean spicer. plus, the latest on accusations from president trump that he was wiretapped by the obama administration. we've gotten a reaction to the republican health care plan, including freedom caucus member who had a colorful quote about this bill. our friend morgan wright joins us with new tales of an alleged cia hack, the information of the cia uses to get into your smartphones, all released by wikileaks. that's coming up on "happening now" ." >> sandra: brian kilmeade is very happy to see you. >> jon: i don't see him enough on the 17th floor. >> sandra: thank you, jon. >> meghan: former president obama is reportedly furious about president trump's accusations that he wiretapped trump tower during the campaign. "he was livid over the accusation that he bugged the republican campaign offices. believe that mr. trump was
9:52 am
questioning about the integrity of the office and mr. obama himself." the report between barack obama and trump is unraveling. the rift is also distancing mr. trump from a former two-term president, who had offered to give private advice and counsel as a one-time businessman that is into his first job in public office. no love lost between the two of them, brian. >> brian: we interviewed him on "fox & friends" for days before, he said nice things about him. he did actually say he thinks barack obama's administration is behind some of the leaks when trump got arrested. knowing that, how can you actually friends with someone? for example, bill clinton didn't do that to 43, 43 didn't do that to 42. nixon was used as an ally all throughout the '80s in a 390s. adams and jefferson didn't talk for 20 years after. john quincy adams left before
9:53 am
jackson took over. it took kennedy's assassination to bring eisenhower together. >> meghan: i knew it wouldn't last long anyway. the >> melissa: lake front of me that come together at the end of a movie at summer camp. this was not going to be a bromance. >> sandra: i was so naive. trump was sworn in and they met the next day, shook hands, they had a wonderful discussion. trump said he was going to call on him for counsel. >> eboni: you go back to that white house correspondents dinner, from that moment on, it was game on. game on the and the biggest way possible. it was never going to happen. >> brian: he is unraveling
9:54 am
obamacare. >> sandra: does not surprise, that was a long time coming. >> meghan: does anything you know about president obama come he's very sensitive about his ego in general. donald trump as well. right now, he is completely unraveling everything from president obama's legacy. just the fact that he won and ushered in this completely new populist movement which is in every conceivable way, anti-president obama. they were never going to be friends and i was say look to the wives on inauguration day. to put it nicely, there are plenty of mediums. >> eboni: they are the cutest thing. they have their own little rapport.
9:55 am
>> brian: when president bush opened up his library, president obama said you might disagree with george bush, but it's impossible not to like him. >> sandra: i also don't think friends that set up nerve centers in their home. >> brian: in washington! >> sandra: right down the street. >> brian: how can she live with this? is there no room left in washington? >> eboni: it's grown people's business. >> sandra: taking a strange turn here on the couch. maybe we need a commercial. >> meghan: will be back with more "outnumbered" in just a minute. nsuwon't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company.
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>> many thanks to brian kilmeade, thank you, thank you, thank you. >> i will see you on "the five." >> i will see you there. talk about more women's issues. >> twice today, i love it. >> remind him to put on his red suit later. do you have a big red suit? >> i have to support the women's movement the only way i know how. >> red pocket square. it's because that is why i did
10:00 am
it, did it for women. >> great show, great to have all of you. we are staying right here for mattis over time, this will continue, and find us on facebook at facebook the cup "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: we start with this fox news alert, we are minutes away from the white house daily briefing. >> heather: lawmakers on both sides of the aisle request fbi documents connected to the alleged wiretapping of trump tower. we're covering all of the new "happening now" ." >> obamacare is collapsing. obamacare is not staying. if we did nothing, the law would collapse and leave everyone without affordable healthcare. >> jon: two house committees working on the g.o.p. plan to replace obamacare. while some conservatives are already threatening to sink the new bill. is it dead on arrival or can it move ahead? plus, wikileaks behind a massive document dump, claiming to


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