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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 8, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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877-225-8587, and don't forget to set your dvr. thank you, see you back here tomorrow night. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight... >> wikileaks published thousands of documents... >> what could be a major security breach, a bombshell involving the cia. >> and maybe the worst hack yet in american history. >> bill: grave damage being done to america by leakers and hackers. can president trump stop the madness? we'll have a report. [chanting "this is what democracy looks like"] a protest called a day without a woman underway. what is it and is it necessary? also ahead, miller with the best places on earth to live, and a report that sales of ivanka trump's clothing line are
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soaring. caution, you are about to enter "the no spin zone."e "the factor" begins right now. ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. treason in the air. that is the subject of this evening's "talking points memo." we now know that somebody either leaked or hacked into cia files that explained how u.s. intelligence is tracking enemies of the nation. wikileaks again says it has released almost 9,000 documents from the cia center for cyber intelligence. "wall street journal" editorial put it this way. "the losses from this exposure are incalculable. these tools represents millions of dollars of investment and man-hours. many will now be rendered moot as terrorists and foreign
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agents abandon traceable habits." so isis and al qaeda killers now know how the usa is tracking them, therefore, the leaks are a treasonous act. according to the reuters news agency, the cia breach happened during the obama administration. "the factor" has learned that some of the computer systems used by the cia are more than 40 years old, easily hacked into, easy targets of theft. we've also been told that bids are out to high-tech companies to upgrade the computer facilities of our intelligence agencies.ur that will cost tens of thousands of dollars but is absolutely necessary in the interests. no matter how sophisticated the matter gets, we still have people committing treason inside the government. we reported on that last night. since taking office, president trump has been bedeviled by leaks. classified information being fed to the anti-trump press among them. so now we have a growing catastrophe. obviously the cia and other intelligence agencies cannot protect their secrets. and so far, only a fewhe individuals have been charged
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with violating national security. in 2013, then-privatedu bradley manning was can make convicted of six forgiving stuff just before he left office, president obama commuted manning's 35-year sentence allowing him to leave prison on may 17th of this year after seven years. many objected to the leniency showed to manning. "talking points" believes thatni leakers of classified documents are actively committing treason. it's apparent that the federal government does not have a handle on how to apprehend theso traitors, much less stop the espionage. america is the most sophisticated country in the world, but we cannot protect the private conversations of our leader, our intel secrets, and our counterterrorism measures. we cannot protect them. obviously a dangerous situation. president trump should order thn fbi to aggressively investigate
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all leaks and hacks, assigning that a top priority. requesting a meeting with fbi director comey on hacking and leaks. s comey should do that as soon as possible and it should be televised.nd americans need to know if this situation is completely out of control or what. and that is "the memo." for the "top story" reaction, bob woodward, associate editor of "the washington post." do you disagree with me, bob? >> first of all, it is not treason what the press is doing because the press gets these things and, as you well know,et carefully vets them with the government to see if they are doing something harmful. and normally, the press won't print things that is going to get people killed or that blow operations. >> bill: let me stop you there. let me stop you there. that is the way it used to be. it's not that way anymore because of the internet. all right?
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you know one of the big stories of the fall was an internet site putting out this raw, unsubstantiated stuff on trump that said horrible things about him and some alleged russian transgressions. so it's not that way anymore. maybe your newspaper does it, and maybe the fox news channel does it, but the internet doesn't do it. and that is where these leaks are going. >> okay, and that is wikileaks, and that is in a different category. i agree with you, that is a real serious problem, and that should be the focus of attention int investigating. let me ask you. have you ever received, bill, information that is classified e that you then broadcast or talked about in a public forum?d >> bill: in my career, i don't believe i have.. i mean, i've received the information, but i usually find a way to verify it from another source, and sometimes i don't report it if i believe thatt w lives will be endangered.
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that's why bradley manning got 35 years, okay?t because the stuff he gave wikileaks was put out, and then all of a sudden, military agents had to leave where they were because they might get killed. >> but this isn't about bradley manning. i'm asking about you. >> bill: yeah. i wouldn't put it out there unless i could verify it in another way. i would not violate the national security law. i would not do that. >> okay, but it is impossible to report on foreign affairs or intelligence or what the pentagon is doing and not deal with classified information. >> bill: i don't believe that. look, here's what i have though. i've got people in high levels and put them in shadow. i did an investigation on the bradley fighting vehicle for "abc news," that the cost overruns were unbelievable, that
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there was theft all over the place, and that some active military people were profiting, and i put my guys in shadow who gave it to me, couldn't identify them, voice distorted.d. i'll do that, but i'm not going to put out somebody, an anonymous source, who tells me something i can't verify. >> but all the stuff that we have used in my newspaper about sessions, about mike flynn, has been verified, and it has been presented in a careful way that it does not harm national security. >> bill: you don't think your newspaper was used in the tapinb of the conversation between thet russian ambassador and flynn? you don't think it was used? flynn's career went down the drain, we still don't know why this was put out, and we don't know what agency put it out. i think you guys were used. >> oh, wait a minute. that is b.s. >> bill: who put it out?
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who put it out? >> first of all, who fired flynn? not "the washington post," president trump. because he saw something in this -- >> bill: i'm not saying that flynn didn't deserve his fate. >> oh, okay. >> bill: i'm saying that you don't know who -- do you know who taped that call?l? >> specifically, i don't know. but i know the reporters who did this. hey, wait a minute. this was done in a very careful way. >> bill: bob, you're dodging me now. come on. do you, bob woodward, know who taped that call? do you know? >> i do not know. >> bill: you are an honest man, and i believe you. so that opens the possibility that you and your paper were used, okay, by somebody who illegally tapped flynn because he is an american citizen, it is illegal to do it, it opens that surely you know that. >> wait a minute. this isn't about being used. this is about what's true.
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still one but we don't know what's true yet. >> certainly we do. trump has relieved him of duty. >> bill: we know he wasn't honest with the vice president about describing the call, but we don't know what the call was or if it had anything to do with the trump campaign and the russians. we don't know that. >> no, but we know that it was different than what flynn had said. >> bill: therefore, he got what he deserved when he wasn't upfront with pence. >> but these are journalistic judgments. is this news? can it be presented in a way that does not harm national security? and that's exactly what happened. >> bill: here is a simple question, okay?? got to go over with woodward here. the president's conversations with the mexican president and the australian prime minister, okay, were leaked, were leaked. all right? do you consider that a legitimate form of reportage?
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>> first of all, you are in error when you think that somehow we passively sit around and wait for leaks. >> bill: i didn't say that. y i didn't assume that. i asked you a direct question. those two conversations from a president to two foreign leaders were leaked, all right, by somebody who had access to them. do you consider that a legitimate reportage? >> because it informed people about what happened. those were legitimate stories. >> bill: it might have put the country in jeopardy. it surely whipped up anti-american sentiment inside mexico, it certainly did that. >> look, we try to report the news, not something that can be controlled. >> bill: i want you to be clear, i'm not disparaging you or your paper. i want to know who the leakers are, all right, who they are, and what agencies can control these people.
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and i think you do too. >> okay, you would be surprised. i have had presidents in republican and democratic administrations provide information that is technically classified. i have had very senior people -- >> bill: off the record. don't print it. >> no, no, it's not. it's, "this is what happened, check it out, this is the way it can be reported and dealt with.h bill, you know that happens all the time. the question is here, can it be done in a careful and fair way? and i believe it has. >> bill: here's the question from me. does it damage the country? that's the question from me. great debate. we'll continue it. we love having you on. >> thank you. >> bill: next on "the rundown," new poll on president trump, some very interesting results.
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thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? >> bill: "impact" segment today, new poll from the "usa today." question, what is your opinion? strongly approve, 23%, approve, 24%, disapprove, 24%, strongly disapprove, 30%. so the president is up by 3%. do you generally approve or disapprove of president trump's temperament? approve, 30%, disapprove, 60%, undecided, 10%. you are undecided about his temperament? yeah. do you believe president trump has shown leadership in his t first 40 days? yes, 55%, no, 41%. finally, president trump has said journalists and the media
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are the enemy of the american people, do you agree or disagree? 34% 34 foul here now to analyze, geraldo rivera and eric bolling. what jumps out at you, bolling? >> clearly, the trump win is controversial and you're seeing that reflected. almost all evenly divided withtu the exception about whether or not the media is the enemy, if they rephrase that question, "an enemy" of the american people, i think you would have it flip and 59% or more would say that. >> bill: just flipping an to the. >> clearly our biggest foe could be iran. >> bill: i'm not sure about that. >> you don't think that if itn. said, is the media --di >> bill: here is how i would phrase the question. i i do agree that it is poorly phrased. i would have said, "do you believe the media can be an enemy to the american people?" that's all.
8:17 pm
not a blanket. we are on the media, you guys love me, i know you do. >> what is the relevance of that question at all? first of all, i think this poll is totally legit. suffolk university did good job in terms of getting a big sampling from what i call trumplandia. all of the south, the rust belt, lots of fox news viewers. they really did a good job. they came to the same conclusion that i think people are watching this would come to, the present potential, stock market is up, country in many ways better better off than it was on january 19th. but his temperament with these tweets and this recklessness that he puts out things the wiretapping allegation, that really is dragging him down, and he is really self-inflicting -- >> bill: could cut back a little on the flamboyant tweets then his numbers would go up higher? >> i really do believe that. i think, first of all, his approval numbers might surprise some people.el he's very competitive with whero barack obama was
8:18 pm
throughout the second part of his presidency. >> bill: that's because the economy is getting better. >> that is because the economy is getting better. i think the discussion on obamacare and what replaces it might have some drag. >> bill: not yet. >> i was tremendously enthused and positive about the fact that the same two-thirds of the american people want the dreamers to stay. >> bill: because americans are essentially fair people. i think it was a fair poll, there is a phrasing of the media question, i'll grant you, it was, they are the bad -- they are not on the level of isis, the media. they are trying. we'll have black flags outside some of the liberal entitiess, soon. now, the economy getting better is going to drive all of the president's poll numbers up, right? >> putting out a couple of numbers, you have to read this. >> bill: is that a web site? >> a newsletter on a web site, take 10 minutes out of your day,
8:19 pm
know everything that's going on in d.c. so they put out -- i don't. three major chinese firms that are promising investment. also, today, came out with aaj private employer number, 298,000 people were hired last it blew the doors e of the estimations. for an example, president obama, even in his best years, rarely exceeded 200,000. >> bill: so the economy is looking up. >> you know who cares about those tweets at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning?e the media cares. the american people care about the jobs. >> bill: bolling, when you're president, you accuse your predecessor of tapping you, everybody takes a look at that. >> it is reckless and immature. and i love the guy. >> you know who america cares about? >> bill: unless he has evidence that members of the obama administration did it. >> even if you have evidence, is that the appropriate way -- >> bill: appropriate way to get attention.
8:20 pm
appropriate way to get attention. >> he is the president. he controls the attention button. he can get attention anytime he wants. >> bill: so when i think there is a reason he did that but i don't know what the reason is. >> it doesn't matter. it gets people talking about other things other than this't whole russian issue. i'll tell you what american people care about. they care about jobs, putting food on the table, and they care about wages. >> i disagree. >> all three things are better under president trump than they have been in years. >> i disagree that the american people do not care about russia. in the survey, russia also polled, and two-thirds of american people want to get to the bottom of that story. if you're asking me, i don't think there was any wiretapping, and i don't think there was any russian collusion. i think that both of those cases -- >> bill: geraldo, there wasio wiretapping. the question is, did president obama direct it? >> on the russian ambassador, but not -- >> bill: that is starting toid e
8:21 pm
no big time, because there is no evidence to back it up. gentlemen, thanks, as always. up next, a day without women, we'll take a look at it. later, it seems ivanka trump's clothing line is doing well despite nordstrom and other retailers saying the opposite. we'll have the facts -- ooh, those facts -- up ahead. hey, how's it going? um... who are you? i'm val. the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. see?
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>> bill: "person >> bill: "personal story"t, segment, today is international women's day, some have gone a bit further, branding it a day without a woman, calling for ladies to take a day off of work or home duties. here now to explain why, leslie marshall in los angeles,
8:25 pm
penny nance in our new york studio. ms. nance is head of concerned women, you are concerned. are you concerned about the day off that some ladies are taken today? >> not many are taking them. >> they are everywhere, the women who are working and cleaning in the hotel i'm staying at, i asked them about it, they said, we are here, we are happy to have a job, we think this guy needs a chance. t bottom line, these are people that are angry about donald trump being elected. >> bill: you are referencing the fact that the people who organized the day off thing are the same people who organized the women's march in january. and so they are angry that trump's president, but there has to be a theme, leslie, you are in tune with this crew. c what is the theme? we are happy to get you. i didn't know whether you are ?going to be working today or not, but here you are. a but why do they not want ladies to take off work? >> first of all, wearing red is one way to support and show your solidarity, which i'm doing, secondly, a lot of women can't take the day off of work and
8:26 pm
that is actually one of the gripes. a lot of women and even some women who voted for the president are viewing him and his administration as being antiwoman and rolling back the clock in a sense with regards to women's issues. >> bill: i still don't know why you want to take off from work. are you trying to get across to the guys how much we need you? i mean, is that the point of taking off from work? >> you know, historically, if you look back to the montgomery bus boycott, 381 days, though, they showed what they could do with their economic power. >> bill: but i don't know what the beef is.bu i know what the beef was with the montgomery boycott, but i don't know what the beef is? what is the beef? >> the beef is that the politicians of this country, the president and his administration, are not listening to the issues that we, as women, care about.
8:27 pm
this sends a clear message. you have to look at both politics and the pocketbook. >> bill: i think you just made penny's point that it is people who don't like trump who are doing this. >> no, no. >> bill: wait. is there a legitimate beef in your world, the people you deal with, about gender equality in america?he >> i agree with hillary clinton that there has never been another time in history that it is better to be born female, and certainly no better place to be born female been the united states. >> bill: that's positive, but is there room for improvement? >> always! >> bill: in what areas? that's what i'm trying to get at. >> women, by the way,
8:28 pm
outpace men in college degrees, law degrees, medical degrees, but we're not at the very tip-top, the ceos. >> bill: running those companies. >> i would say this message is so wrong. it should be the opposite. you don't make the boardroom by staying home and pouting. we should have told women, and we are using the hashtag #womenmakeamericawork. that is how you become ceos. >> bill: are you disenchanted because more women aren't leading in certain industries? >> we have more opportunities than anywhere in the world. >> bill: you are optimistic. are you pessimistic or optimistic, leslie? wearing the red dress, what are you? >> i am a pessimist normally. but i'm optimistic about the women of the future looking at my daughter and the next generation of women, and it starts now. two-thirds of the women -- two-thirds of the minimum wage earners in this country are women. they are asking for more money for a higher minimum wage, to be specific. a lot of women are saying theyre don't like some of the decisions that are being made with regard to education, and there people that voted for trump -- >> bill: leslie, you have to zero in on your beef.n
8:29 pm
if it is minimum wage, we understand that. >> i am. >> bill: it's everything, that doesn't do us any good. ladies, thank you. plenty more ahead. as "the factor" moves ahead today, violent gang ms-13, full of illegal criminals, we'll tell you what's going on. and miller on the best places to live on the planet. also, ivanka trump's clothing line apparently doing very wella despite reports. hope you stay tuned for those. there's nothing more than my
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>> bill: "the factor" follow-up >> bill: "the factor" follow-up segment, a gang called ms-13 is causing trouble, and not just in the big cities, in the suburbs,, 13 gang members have been indicted for murder and other crimes. >> four members of the ms-13 gang were charged in connection to the september slayings, two teens found beaten to death make in a brentford neighborhood. u.s. attorney robert capers announcing a 41-count indictmeni including racketeering and obstruction of justice against a total of 13 ms-13 gang members. according to officials, ten of the 13 members indicted are here illegally. >> bill: with us here in new york, timothy sini, police commissioner of the county. so this is a federal beef. you work with officials on this case? >> absolutely, this is with the way you bring them down. the work happens on the street,
8:34 pm
of course. our officers are out there working hard, keeping pressure -- >> bill: so you get the call that these two young girls are murdered, so your guys go out and investigate, what did you find out? >> we found out that ms-13 was responsible.ou they went out hunting for a victim. >> bill: today know these girls? >> they knew kayla. >> bill: this for young girls, did they want to kill them for any reason? >> a schoolyard beef that was b going on between kayla and these savages. and they decided that she had to die. >> bill: and this other girl was with her so she died as well. >> wrong place, wrong time. >> bill: you are not a sanctuary county. if you see somebody in the country illegally, you don't automatically get them a pass. >> when we arrest someone and they are here illegally, we notified the department of homeland security and they will take whatever action they deem appropriate. >> bill: right away, itt doesn't matter if it is a dui or
8:35 pm
a homicide. >> we work very closely with their immigrant communities, our immigrant communities are strong supporters of law enforcement. >> bill: you don't get any backlash? >> certainly there is some. we do a lot of community engagement, we explain our policies so folks knand why we g >> bill: if you were in new york city, totally opposite. w as soon as you cross into the city, cops are told not to, upon arrest, alert homeland security. let's take a look at the el salvadorian gang. when we first aware that they showed up in suffolk county, the suburbs, and what do they do? >> we have had a presence of ms-13 in suffolk county for many, many years, but we did see a uptick in recent years.3 2014, 2015, and 2016. why this gang is so dangerous, unlike some of the other gangs who sell drugs for money and they engage in extortion and then use violence to protect that economic activity, this gang engages in violence for sport.
8:36 pm
they are particularly dangerous. they engage in just brutal levels of violence, and we need to do everything we can to get them off our streets. >> bill: 14 indicted, ten are illegal aliens. i don't know how many had a record. do you know how many had a prior record out of the ten who are illegal? >> the individuals who were charged did not have a record. >> bill: they did not have a record, but they were in a gang, and that is a deportation offense. if you are in a gang. how many ms-13s are there in suffolk county? >> approximately 300. >> bill: 300? and how many are illegal aliens? do you know? >> we don't have the exact numbers on that. we obviously collect as much intelligence as possible. we are finding that a lot of folks are illegally entering the southern border and then -- they are underage, actually, detained by the department of homeland security and transfered to department of health. there is a program called unaccompanied children program.
8:37 pm
>> bill: but a base of 300 el salvadorian gangsters, going to join their pals. >> ms-13 recruits folks who are recently immigrated to this country, whether illegally or legally, we have to put them away.ol >> bill: keep us posted about what happens. we appreciate you coming in. when we come back, it will be "miller time." the best places on earth in which to live. miller is next.
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>> announcer: "the o'reilly factor." the number one cable news show for 16 years and counting. >> bill: thanks for staying with us.." i'm bill o'reilly. in the "miller time" segment, the u.s. has slipped to seventh in the best country world rankings. according to the u.s. news report. switzerland, number one. canada, united kingdom, germany, japan, sweden, then us. than australia, france, and norway. here now from santa barbara, california, dennis miller. what do you think of the list, miller? >> billy, my feminine sidef almost didn't come in today. a lot of gals taking off. sleeping in.n' i am woman, hear me snore. we might be seventh, i still say we are number one in sense of humor, and to prove that, i have
8:42 pm
a riddle. can i lay a quick riddle on you? here's my riddle. do you know when 11:59 p.m. occurs? >> bill: a minute before midnight. >> at the end of the day. at the end of the day. >> bill: you are punishing me, miller. you are punishing me. we have letters on that. yes. switzerland. >> let's break down the other countries. all right. usually i am neutral on switzerland, but it's got its problems too. if you live next door to heidi, her old man grandpa is up at 6:00 in the morning blowing on the ricola horn. got problems there. number two, canada, i likero canada. it has given me my wife.e. i love canada. but too many petulant american actors migrating up there. what's that? none of them went. sorry,
8:43 pm
love the u.k. at number three, just not as much as the u.s. germany, i hear it is great, but the hun gets a little flippy every once in a while, and you don't want to be in that berlin hotel when they throw that wall up again number five, japan, i like japan, but i'm bad with chopsticks, and the green tea has a binding effect on my small intestine to the point where i want to commit seppuku. number six, sweden, and i want to live in the mideast, i'll just move to the mideast. that puts us at seven, i forget to the rest of them were. >> bill: australia, france, and norway. but they are behind us. >> norway? f norway? norway is the little plastic village you set up under your christmas tree once a year. the united states is a big honking train that comes through and makes the whole thing even vaguely interesting. get out of here with norway. >> bill: the united states has
8:44 pm
more opportunity. but switzerland is a nice country. you learn how to yodel. you got a big comforter on you every night. and it's very clean. canada, we like canada. it's a little brisk, but we like it. >> you mean that big comforter named helga? >> bill: whatever the comforter is named, it is okay with me. now, we mentioned australia. this is great. in melbourne, which is a nice town, okay, they have little icons. >> everything is nice. >> bill: not everything. glasgow, scotland, not a niceil town. now, they have little icons, you see, but now they are both genders. it used to be they were just men crossing the street, and now they had to spend all the money to get some ladies on the traffic light icons to be politically correct, miller. >> you know what is going to happen here, billy? there are going to be a lot of intersection crashes now, guys not paying attention, checking out how stacked -- look at that silhouette on the sign.
8:45 pm
is she stacked! boom, crash, wreck. why is this in melbourne? i don't know who the woman is in charge of that organization who is putting this through, but i guarantee you she doesn't drive a stick. >> bill: miller, it is a different world than the one you and i grew up in. back then, the usa was number one, maybe austria was number two. but now austria is not even on the list. >> billy, let me say this, different in many ways, but in another world, some of these feminists are stuck in a virginia slims ad from a 1967 "look" magazine. who knew that they wanted to work this hard to be strong enough to be whiny on their own. >> bill: quick reminder, 25,000 tickets to see miller, watters, and me, 150 remain. if you're near tacoma, washington, and the last weekend of march, check it out on contrary to some reporting, ivanka trump's clothing line
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doing quite well. right back with it.
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>> bill: "back of the book" segment tonight, "did you see that?" you may remember that nordstrom and other retail stores embarrassed ivanka trump by downgrading her line of clothing saying sales were slow. according to reports, that's not true. trish regan, you see her every day on the fox business network. so sales are good for the ivanka line? >> we contacted the company,es the ceo says it has never been h better. the last four weeks or so, it has been through the roof. this is important. you think about the timing, you'll recall, there was a big
8:50 pm
fiasco, nordstrom dropping the line, said it is because of poor sales. what do you know, women saw that, bill, and they went out and they started spending on ivanka trump's clothing line.ut >> bill: you think that's what it was? here's the key question. did nordstrom have a legitimate right because the ivanka stuff was not moving or did they make it up because there was this far-left protest that wasit getting into the store l hierarchy, some believe they just caved, nothing wrong with it. >> i think grab your wallet completely backfired, women went out, grabbed their wallet. bought the product. the company previously said the sales were down. we contacted them today to say, don't you feel bad now that you let that go? a big opportunity? and they said, we don't comment on individual sales. trying to have their cake and eat it too. >> bill: i guess we could find out whether this whole
8:51 pm
ivanka trump controversy was generated by these far left people who wanted to punish the trump family or if sales did rocket up after this became a known and women, as you pointed out, saying, we don't like this. >> i think nordstrom was concerned from a political perspective because of the grab your wallet campaign. time. that said, january is a tough time. women went christmas shopping. >> bill: nordstrom is a loser because they don't have the trump stuff, and the ladies bought it. >> i should point out, sales are up better than 300%. >> bill: wow, 300%. i don't know if ivanka needs the money. but it's good news for her. do you follow football? sports? >> a little bit. >> bill: you know colin kaepernick, kneeled down, a soccer lady that did the same thing.
8:52 pm
>> ♪ what so proudly we hailed the twilight's last gleaming ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ >> bill: all right, so the woman, what is her name here? >> megan rapinoe. >> bill: she was kneeling down for protest reasons, now they soccer people say, you can't kneel down anymore. >> the u.s. federation came out and said, you can't kneel, we're not going to allow it, whether you are on the men's team, the women's team, or the youth team. she was doing this, as you said, to show her support forwo colin kaepernick. and they are saying it's not going to happen anymore. >> bill: people who play international games, this isn't the pro league, not like the
8:53 pm
red bulls. but these are the people who play in the international leagues that is regulated by this agency. l >> you think about it, an international league. if you're playing against brazil, you don't really want americans >> bill: said, we're going to throw you off the team if you kneel down. right? >> done. end of story. we'll see. she is out for an injury right now.. >> bill: we will see. there you go. trish regan, thank you. momentshquake warning for away. like a human fingerprint, no two whale flukes are the same. because your needs are unique, pacific life has been delivering flexible retirement and life insurance solutions for more than 145 years. ask a financial advisor how you can tailor solutions from pacific life to help
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what nighttime pain? make all your pains a distant memory with advil the world's #1 choice what pain? advil. >> bill: back to "tip of the day," is a big earthquake going to hit california? first, the mail. didn't miss it, doesn't help.
8:56 pm
we need to know what agencies and what individuals are purposely comprising national security. that's true by every measure. president obama is a smart guy, i didn't give him the benefit of the doubt. i gave in the resumption of incense lacking evidence for it that's a fair thing to do, is it not? fair question, we believe thesi conversation took place inside trump tower based on what we were told, but we don't have 10e confirmation.
8:57 pm
give me a break. you're not an immigrant if you're kidnapped and taken to a foreign country. too harsh in my opinion. me too. save it for when it genuinely is. i believe the snowflake generation should read this book if they think their lives are so tough. and they should read old school too.
8:58 pm
snowflakes are going to love that. finally tonight the "tip of the day," as i mentioned, all americans should be skeptical about what they read these days as the truth is elusive.ed when i saw a new study by the scripps institution of oceanography, out of the university of california san diego, i was concerned. the study says a big earthquake could hit out of there at any time, because of the 19-milear rose canyon fault which begins in san diego's mission valley and heads off shore. apparently, the new the potential for a big disaster around los angeles exists. but how much potential? is this a warning? or an observation? didn't say in the article.
8:59 pm
so we called scripps to get some perspective. by airtime, they had not answered us. that's not good. we'll try again tomorrow, but for now, continue to be skeptical about what you read. factor tip of the day. if there's a big earthquake that's inevitable, we need to know about it. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor web site, different from, we'd like you to spout off about the factor at o', name a town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be invidious when writing to the factor. the river clyde, you can walk across that river on the stuff on top of it. i know i'm going to get the scott's, not liking this irish guy for this comment. g
9:00 pm
thanks for watching us tonight, i'm bill o'reilly, the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," who does america belong to you what to mark or does it belong to the world? do those people have an obligation to assimilate into the culture already present. univision anchor jorge ramos will debate those questions in a minute. very strange days in washington, some of the strangest we have ever seen. republicans had at seven years to agree on able obamacare replacement and if they're already squabbling over a bill they just revealed they've done very little to implement the trumps agenda, isv that? paul ryan will explain what is going on why congress seems not to be focused, or maybe they are.e.