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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  March 9, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PST

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>> bill: we want to hear what you think about the show, so tweet us and use the hashtag #first100. we look forward to your feedback. thanks for watching, i'm ♪ >> tom: welcome to "red eye," hello everyone, i am tom shillue. let's check in with tvs andy levy at the "red eye" tease deck. >> andy: coming up on the big show, international women's day, ladies. now get your umbrellas, because tom shillue is going to rain all over your parade. plus, a secret version of tender that only admits hotties and celebrities.
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>> tom: let's welcome our guests. looks like her imdb page is about to get a second entry. katie frates. he's always ready to drop the hammer-michael riedel. john mcwhorter. he claims to be tim riggins. guess his eyes aren't as clear as they should be. is sitting right next to me, comedian mike cannon. okay, let's start the show. today was international women's day, and the president started things off with a couple of tweets. "on international women's day, join me in honoring the critical role of women here and around the world." and "i have tremendous respect
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for women and the many roles they serve that are vital to the fabric of our society and our economy." not controversial. but the headline from "the huffington post" screamed "donald trump tweeted about international women's day -- it backfired." they proved how badly it backfired by showing some tweets from people who don't like trum trump -- many media outlets fell into line. "the daily."did say the tweet did backfire spectacularly. aol said they face backlash. of course, there was really not any backlash. nothing really backfired. it's an old mainstream media trick that i use to work but i think no longer does.
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i remember in 2008 when john mccain suspended his presidential campaign, there was a financial crisis. the press immediately announced it was probably going to backfire. they pulled americans who concluded that it had indeed backfired, it works just fine then, but i don't think anyone takes these kind of manufactured stories seriously anymore. i think that's a silver lining, whenever there is backlash, nothing is. ♪ katie, did you see the backlash anywhere except twitter and all of these new sites? >> you get a lot of those backlash tweets from people who have like two followers, their mom and their grandma, who was that person, whatever. >> tom: some of them were verified. >> blue checkmark? >> easy, katie, some of us don't have that. >> someday you might get there,
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today is not that day. if he hadn't tweeted anything at all, they would have said "donald trump hates women so much they couldn't be bothered on international women's day to tweet about them." you could've put obama or bush's name on those tweets, they were so vanilla. >> tom: i had to look around and see, there were dozens of articles about the so-called backlash, but i couldn't find any real backlash, just a series of tweets. >> i think international women's day has become an excuse yet again to bash trump, what are women doing, they're playing hooky from work today. if hillary clinton had been elected president, with the response to be to not go to work that day? no, this is another way for the left to protest trump selection. speak out to be fair, she never has to go to work because she's not president. >> she's going hiking a lot these days. >> tom: do we have this every year?
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[laughter] do they do these international women's day on every year? it's the first time i've heard of this. >> i want to talk about donald trump and women. >> tom: i know you do, i want to talk about the backlash. >> yeah. >> tom: i think it was made up. >> about the media, don't you think that this story about him getting all of this backlash was really just kind of a manufactured story? >> tom: of course that is the narrative that he has 2b basically slapped in the face for saying anything in support of women. but let's face it, if he says women need to be praised because of the role that they play in the economy, i know i'm not being the proper person here, it makes women sound kind of like -- like this is the role that they
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play. when let's face it, many of the things that he said, many of the things that he has been suggest that he's not somebody who openly respects those who are not men. and so let's face it, if people criticize him for saying all of a sudden "i respect women," yes, it's a little ironic, it's donald trump's version of irony. because i don't think that he really thinks of women as something to treasure. he thinks of them as something to, i'll fill in the blank. >> tom: he used the word cherish. he says i cherish women all during the campaign. >> match that, the whole thing about -- on this show i can say it -- >> tom: you can't say it on the. >> dress up these ancient --
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>> he said "i value them for the role that they play." that sounds like talking about mexicans mowing the lawn. i'm sorry, but that doesn't work. >> there was also a verified women's march tweet today that talks about how women are important because we birth half the population, 50%. where's the other 50% come from? >> those aren't religious people who don't really understand how it works. >> tom: they tweet out, it is 100%, the idea that they're talking about being important because they birth the population. yes, that's true, but if it came from republican, people would say "stop talking about us like where baby factories." >> totally, you are just saying. i still want to know where the other 50% come from. >> why can't he say "i'm sorry
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that i talked about grabbing women by the [bleep]." >> he already apologize for that. >> a oblique apology. he said exactly what i just said, except is dead of [bleep] he would say something about nether-parts. >> what he should say -- if a woman doesn't show up for work, she should be fired. >> tom: let's go to mike here. mike, to me, is it a backlash of all the people who are lashing already hate trump? >> i think this is hired a backlash, i don't believe it. there are some false stuff coming from the right to paint the left is a bunch of crybabies. i don't think there's real backlash, maybe one or two twitter accounts in existence i care about this. but if there are real human beings i care about this
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and it's not just one person signing into different accounts, round them up and let's euthanize the group. >> do you think you can tell the difference between this backlash and the inflatable flailing tube man at the car lot? see when you think that guy is angry? >> he's just flailing! >> he's not angry. >> a drunk balloon -- >> we do know now that trump's president that everyone is resorting to alcohol and pills. >> tom: next story, did hillary clinton's womanly ways lose her the votes, and did donald trump's y chromosome gave him support? they cast a male actor to play hillary and a female actress to play trump, with each actor reading their candidates debate lines word for word, even making
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sure to mimic their gestures, intonations, and pauses. let's take a look. >> we actually increased american exports globally 30%. we increased this in china 50%. i know how to really work to get new jobs and to get exports that help to create more new jobs. >> in 26 years -- excuse me, -- >> that's your opinion. that is your opinion. >> you go anywhere you want, you will see devastating where manufacturing is down 30, 40, sometimes of the present. that is the worst trade deals sever signed anywhere, certainly ever signed in this country. >> tom: let's see some more. >> now, you were totally in favor of the partnership.
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you know that if you did win, you would approve that. >> that is just not accurate. [laughter] >> i wrote about that -- >> gold standard train deal. the finest deal you've ever team. >> no. i know you live in your own reality, but that is not the facts. the facts are, i did say i hoped it would be a good deal, when it was not, which i was not responsible for, i concluded it wasn't. >> tom: here's the interesting part. aside from allowing the audience to hang their coats behind the camera, the researchers said "we both thought that inversion would confirm our liberal assumption that no one would have accepted trump's behavior from a woman and the male clinton would seem like the much stronger candidate."
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but in the end, both they and their liberal audience had the opposite response. as one researcher put it, "we heard a lot of now i understand how trump won the election." "there was a guy two rows in front of me who was literally holding his head and his hands and the person with him was wrote to meg rubbing his back." >> such a liberal thing to do when you're in pain. >> tom: is it interesting, they twist things around, but in the end i had a hard time following this because i kept thinking the woman was hillary. how about you? >> she's totally steamrolling him, but what became apparent when hillary was playing hillary was how tested, how poll tested, how cliche, how boring all of her praises and her positions were. she was an empty pantsuit and that debate made it clear.
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>> tom: john mcwhorter, what do you think? you had a pained expression on your face while you watch this. >> first of all, the reason that the audience liked what the female trump was doing was because there is an idea that if a woman behaves that way, well, it's just dessert after 4,000 years of oppression. i think that if we watched a woman behave that way for much longer than about 10 minutes, we'd get tired of it. but more to the point, the guy playing hillary, he's a guy, he had a larger larynx, he's louder, he has a certain -- hillary didn't. he's a man, he's anatomically a man. that's not the equivalent of hillary, because he sounds louder and because his voice is deeper, he sounds, i hate to say it, masculine and powerful. it's not the same equivalent.
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everything he says is not the way it was when hillary said it. >> masculine is not an adjective i would apply to that guy. >> i know what you mean, but still. >> he has no -- >> tom: i think it's true, what john mcwhorter said. it's still interesting to see this presented, it defies our expectations. >> i think an important thing about this is that i love that it's forced these people who are so wedded to identity politics, it shattered there reality because it was a total accident. if they had gone into this knowing they were going to be tested in some way they would have braced themselves and come out with a totally different opinion, because all of these people assumed they were going to be affirmed in their little bubble of thought, they couldn't believe it. i'm kind of happy that they maybe have some perspective on the blue-collar democrats from wisconsin and michigan, and why
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they voted for trump. >> anything that makes a liberal squirm is a-ok in my mind. [laughter] >> i agree with you. >> mike, you know what i found the most interesting? when she got up and wandered about, the female trump, they didn't find it offensive at all. >> she's also not a 6'5" -- >> she wasn't lurking in the background? >> and breathing through her nostrils. >> tom: why do we find it menacing when trump did it? i didn't find it menacing, i don't mind guys like that. >> physically he's much bigger, i thought it was actually a pretty decent representation because the guy mimicking hillary clinton short-circuited like a robot. anybody who had excitations that hillary clinton came off as this ultra feminine person, what were you watching? she's a robot that developed human traits. >> she lost her humanity years ago. >> this didn't chatter any
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expectation, it just cemented who i thought was more reasonable. >> tom: john, you don't think we could learn anything from switching genders like this? there was so much talk of gender in the campaign. >> if you are a female human being, your larynx doesn't make the sound of that i'm. and so that actor, whatever he seems like from what you're saying, michael, he had a resonance -- >> dorky. >> dorky is not what you mean. she could never have that resonance, everything he said had more of a power, and thus you read what he was saying, he seemed a little obnoxious. >> hillary clinton -- hillary clinton lowered her voice to make it more acceptable to the voters. the real hillary clinton is the one who is shrill.
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lurking in that pantsuit. >> there is something in the pantsuit? >> yes but it is evil. >> it sounds like a woman at trying to talk like this, which is clearly what hillary has been trained to do. >> tom: we are so loaded with this stuff, how, it's impossible for people especially in the media to treat women equally when they're running for office? >> her problem is that she's so fake, it was so obviously rehearsed mechanical, she played the woman card so hard that it did take a lot of people to look at her and say "come on, dude." i'm not inspired by the fact that you're a woman running for president. take gender away from that come people want to see someone who is authentic. >> you know it also came through, when you see that guy playing hillary clinton, it made hillary look as one of those annoying people who are always running for student council. >> how do you feel about elizabeth warren?
12:18 am
is she authentic? >> i think if she could, she'd have a good log for people like me. >> i wonder if she does a better than you think hillary did it. >> she's a hater and she admits she's a hater. >> she's real. >> she is a hater, she would round up every banker -- >> tom: okay, we're done with that discussion. i think it was a great discussion. coming up, the internet is full of trolls and you might be one of them, find out next. and my first book, "mean dads for a better america," available for preorder. go to to find out how to get it. ways wins.
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♪ >> live from "america's news headquarters," i'm jackie ibanez in new york. the republican-controlled house committee blocking an attempt to delay the g.o.p. sponsored health bill. the measure would unravel much of obamacare. democrats have tried to delay work on the bill for weeks, saying they didn't have enough time to understand what's in it. the plan was unveiled monday. hawaii is becoming the first state to file suit in an attempt to stop president trump's new travel ban. papers were filed just hours after a judge ruled that the state can amend its initial lawsuit. filed against president trump's original immigration order. attorney general of hawaii says a trump ministrations advised order still determinate against muslims. a new order on permanent residents and legal visa holders, and iraq is no longer on the list. jon huntsman to be the new u.s. investor to russia.
12:23 am
sources say trump called huntsman on monday to offer him the job. he previously served as ambassador to china and singapore. thousands of women around the u.s. and the world marked national women's day by going on strike, they skipped work and refused to spend money to show how vital they are to the economy. others took to the streets to protest. wednesday's marches however, drew much smaller crowds in the women's march following president trump's inauguration. a major scare for the university of michigan's men's basketball team. a plane carrying the team slid off the runway into a field in michigan after the pilot was forced to abort takeoff due to high winds. the plane was damaged but luckily no one was injured. i'm jackie ibanez, now back at two "red eye." for all of your headlines come along onto fox your watching the most powerful
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name and news. ♪ >> tom: americans keep losing jobs to foreigners, and samuel l. jackson is sick of it. the new movie "get out" looks at race relations and america through a lens of horror and satire. but it's lead role went to a british actor. >> i tend to wonder what that will be would have been with an american brother who really understands -- daniel grew up in a country where it hasn't been an issue for 100 years. what would a brother in america would have made of that role? >> he believes that's why studios are picking britt's first. >> there cheaper than us.
12:25 am
they don't cost as much. and they think they are better trained for some reason then we are. >> they are, you idiot. >> the films director admitted he had reservations about casting, but tells the "observer," once i wrapped my head about how universal these themes were, i picked daniel because at the end of the day he was the best person for the rol role. john mcwhorter, what do you think, i'm going to come to you because of your expertise in casting films. >> so irritating, samuel l. jackson. would he say that about idris elba on the wire, where idris elba plays stringer bell, a
12:26 am
ghetto man. he doesn't mind if british person plays stringer bell, he has a problem with it when it's a movie about this basically middle-class issue and the person is dating the girl, allison williams, he doesn't like it when somebody plays that person because he feels like the real black person essence is being destroyed. that makes me physically sick, i really don't like it. real blackness is being played by somebody else, as if real blackness, it has to be stringer bell, it has to be authentic. if 70 is going to play a black person and not be ghetto, it better be a black american person who can bring the essence. what would he say the person who
12:27 am
played the role in "get out" did wrong? frame by frame -- >> tom: he doesn't know. he didn't do anything wrong and i haven't seen the movie but i'm pretending. he didn't do anything wrong, but how dare somebody play a black person who isn't ghetto, because that's not the ethic experience. damn it, it is authentic. i've been black for 51 years, i've never been in the ghetto, i didn't sell any drugs or talk like that, i have experiences, i experience racism. i don't think i'm inauthentic. that's what samuel l. jackson is saying, it makes me physically infirm. >> tom: look, mike, this is what actors do. you didn't know the experience, you couldn't do shakespeare. >> that was chloe from somebody who never saw the movie. middle america issue. >> it is not a middle america issue, hopefully it's not.
12:28 am
>> i middle-class. >> let's hope the entire movie is not strictly middle-class. there was a moment where the british actor did show he was british. he coughed. at that point -- he's good in the role, you've seen it? >> he's excellent. >> tom: i can't tell any of these british actors, they all fooled me. i don't know there british. >> the plot of the movie is not very middle of the -- >> he's an actor, you don't have too have with your mother to play oedipus rex. samuel l. jackson, if you ever been to england, there are poor neighborhoods there where minorities are struggling and have no chance. some sort of divine place where everybody is treated equally -- and then he goes on to complain
12:29 am
about them coming cheaper. that's because they overpay at hollywood hacks, he hasn't made a good movie since "jungle fever" the man was in "snakes on a plane." >> can you imagine if a white person headset "because -- and said "you are a lesser black person then i am, also, you get paid less." can you imagine? my head is exploding, it's amazing. >> if it was an authentic "snakes on a plane" movie, it would've been an irish person. >> tom: coming up, "halftime" with tv's andy levy, and a brand-new episode of the "red eye" podcast is available now, subscribe in itunes and on
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until finally, the softest, most comfortable sheets you'll ever sleep on. try them for 30 nights and get $50 off your first set at, promo code: tv. ♪ >> tom: welcome back, time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tvs andy levy over at the "red eye" news deck. >> andy: fun show, i think. international women's day tweets cause backlash. that tweet that says over but how do you start a sentence with i," international starts with i. >> a lot of the tweets started with i. >> andy: it makes perfect sense. katie, you said that if he hadn't tweeted anything at all, he would've gotten -- he did what he had to do here, this could have come from obama, could have come from bush, and
12:34 am
of story. >> it's a lose-lose, they were going to attack him either way. >> andy: agreed. michael riedel, you said that if hillary had been elected, woman wouldn't have taken the day off. that's true, but the whole day without a woman campaign is over direct result of trump's election, don't think anyone is defending otherwise. >> international women's day has been around a long time, they just turned it into a anti-trump campaign. >> andy: they're not pretending otherwise. >> they should all be fired for not showing up for work. >> andy: john, you pointed out that trump praised women for the role they play in the economy and makes it sound like they are cattle. to be fair, the full quote was "i have tremendous respect for women and the many roles that they serve that are vital to the society and economy." >> "the roles and the fabric" it
12:35 am
sounds like he's talking about -- [laughter] >> it sounds like he's talking about -- >> the one with the red light o on. >> it sounds -- >> samuel l. jackson would not appreciate this performance. >> tom: a british black guy would look better -- [laughter] >> because they've been trained. >> it sounds like he's talking about black maids in 1958. the role that they play, like you're contributed to the economy and you look at some big brown book and you learn about the role in the economy. i'm not "with it."
12:36 am
>> were you in "get out"? >> andy: tom, you said when every thing is a backlash, nothing is. i agree, though i would substitute the word outrage for backlash. whenever thing is an outrage, nothing is. let's see, john, you asked why trump isn't saying he's sorry for saying grab women by the [bleep]. i don't know if we can say that. he did say right afterward, of what i said it, i was wrong, and i apologize coastal. >> i don't believe it. >> andy: i don't think i believe it either, but he did say the words. >> when we are called on and say "i apologize," that's not real, we don't apologize, we just wish
12:37 am
we hadn't said it. >> andy: more to the point, we wish a microphone hadn't picked it up. the gender swap presidential debate, you said what became apparent was how whole tested and fake robotic hillary was. i think that became apparent in the actual campaign. john, you put this whole thing down to anatomical differences. saying the person who played hillary sounded masculine and powerful. [laughter] >> andy: that is what you said. the audience did not agree with you, they did not agree with you at all. here's what one of the researchers said "people felt that the male version of clinton was feminine and that was bad," and as quote "as a man who word really hard when i was younger
12:38 am
to eliminate femininity from my body." >> the overlap between gay male speech and female speech, there is overlap. however that guy sounded, he did not sound like a woman, he had a large larynx presence that tillery clinton as a woman could not summon. he rang in the room in a way that completely offset the chemistry. but yes, you are right. >> andy: a whole paragraph about how i was wrong -- katie, you said maybe this will make the audience understand why people voted for trump. what the same researchers at "the majority of my extended family voted for trump, in some ways i developed empathy for people who voted for him by doing this project which is not what what i expected."
12:39 am
>> how horrible to get some empathy for people, right? the fact that they were tricked into breaking their world deals, thank goodness. we need to set them against each other a little more and will be golden. >> andy: i don't like the idea that you do research where you are expecting -- when you do research, you should not be expecting an outcome. >> well, you know, what are they going to do? >> andy: samuel l. jackson in "get out." john, you asked if jackson would say what he says about daniel kaluuya, if you would say that about idris elba on the wire. >> i know he wouldn't say it. >> andy: i don't know what the answer is, you might be right. you asked what jackson says daniel kaluuya did wrong in the role, and you're betting he did nothing wrong in the role. you would probably win the bet. i do think is wrong in this
12:40 am
instance, i think daniel kaluuya's performance backs it up. i think if jackson didn't know that the dude was british going in, i don't think he would have known he was british when he left the theater. >> you know what, even though i haven't seen the movie, i know how these things go and because the brits are trained to american accents so well, i can just imagine. i can't wait to read my twitter feed tomorrow morning. nobody would know. he says "i would like to see what he would do with it." nothing, he was just fine, let us move on and make some more movies. >> andy: michael, how great was the movie? >> it was quite lovely. it's a horror movie, it was fantastic, but it was also a dark comedy. i would also like to affirm that i too have a large larynx. [laughter] >> i'm uncomfortable. >> andy: i am done. >> tom: thank, andy. coming up, the new tender might be right for you.
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♪ >> live from "america's news headquarters," i'm jackie ibanez here in new york. president trump's revised travel ban now facing a legal challenge in federal court. hawaii became the first state to file a lawsuit to stop the ban, which is slated to go into effect next week. it bars new visas for people from six predominantly muslim
12:45 am
countries, and temporarily shut down the u.s. refugee program. hawaii's lawsuit claims the order will harm the states muslim publishing. the department of housing and urban development for luminary budget documents reveal that the trump administration is thinking of slashing more than $6 billion from the agency. the possible cuts affect antipoverty programs and programs to help the elderly. lawmakers in the house have given the green light to a $578 billion spending bill. it would keep our military operating through september. that may set the stage for a massive hike in the pentagons budget. firefighters in florida appear to be getting the upper hand on the 7500-acre wildfire. for a while, the intense flames
12:46 am
forced the closure of a portion of interstate 75 known as alligator alley. the highway has now been reopened this morning, but thick smoke may force officials to shut it down again if necessary. no injuries were reported so fa far. and electronic retailer radioshack has filed for bankruptcy for the second time in just over two years. they are closing another 200 stores in evaluating what to do with the remaining 1300. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines, log onto fox you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. ♪ >> tom: it's the online equivalent of a vip room at the club. according to reports, tinder has a special secret version called tinder-select. tinder-select caters to the
12:47 am
rich, famous, and/or -- >> select. >> tom: original members are described as ceos, supermodels supermodels, and other attractive, affluent types who were invited by tinder. it remains elite, only those original members can nominate new members. i believe we have a tape of a nominating session. [laughter] ♪ [laughter] >> tom: michael, do you think that tinder released this tinder-select -- >> select. >> tom: so that the media would generate publicity? >> i think they're a little late to the game, my much more successful friends have been telling me about other swipes --
12:48 am
>> tom: i've never heard of it. >> this is like a craigslist ad, tinder is where it is, allowing tourists to kind of mingle among themselves, and then allow them illuminati -- >> find me a hot ceo. most ceos are not attractive. >> tom: there attractive to -- >> hot women. does this work with me? select. >> select. >> tom: tinder-select. >> select. >> tom: would you use it? >> i have never used any of those because i'm a big fan of sitting in a bar and making eye contact across the room. and every time you turn around, i'm just like --
12:49 am
>> you never blink? >> i'm old school like that, i want a guy to send me a drink, come over and talk to me. i don't want to be in my pajamas eating chinos and being like "right, baby." >> this is what's always going to happen, whenever you create something, somebody wants to create an elite version of that thing. >> i am not one to bash the 1%, but every now and then, something comes along that turns me into a french revolutionary who wants to round up the aristocrats and take them to the guillotine, and this kind of thing is what does it. knitting their names from those elites select tinder people as their heads roll. >> tom: tinder-select -- >> select. >> tom: if people wanted, they're going to deliver the
12:50 am
product. >> if i were -- i would want that. i get it. i would quite happily, if i were in there, wish that there were such a thing that would filter out all of these -- i got married before any of that happened. i would like to have that selec if i were among that class. >> tom: it's like being verified on twitter. >> there's no way there's not going to be that. >> tom: we've got to go. thank you for talking about tinder-select. >> select. >> tom: tom brady is selling the dinner of champions -- i put the gele on my head and i looked into the mirror and i was trying not to cry. because it's a hat, but it's like the most important hat i've ever owned.
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♪ >> tom: everyone wants to be like tom brady, but do you want to eat like tom brady? the super bowl champ just launched a joint venture to deliver ready-made meals to your door. what's in the dinner of champions? nothing good. the meals lack dairy, eggs, seafood, meat, soy, sugar, processed foods, and gluten. worst of all, they don't come with his supermodel wife. instead, you'll be eating decadent fair like crispy turnip cakes, white lentil rizzo, and
12:55 am
rahman with ginger greens and broccoli knee. and for $78 a week, you get three dinners for two people. this sounds delicious. >> if you have his salary, you can afford it. >> $78 for a box of air. >> tom: $78, dinner for two -- >> they are sticks and twigs and leaves. >> chew on it for a while a while. >> tom: katie, what do you think? >> i don't like this and i also hate tom brady. i'm not doing it. >> tom: he's eating right, he's getting up in the years and he still a tough champion, and he credits this to his hard work and his diet. >> his deflated balls and i will hold that against him forever. we know what really happened. >> tom: i will not talk about deflate-gate anymore. michael, you eat like a liberal.
12:56 am
>> i.e. grass fed beef regularly and i.e. reveal. >> my accusation from earlier -- >> tom: he's not a complete vegetarian, he likes it lean meats. >> i'm certain he does. this is not going to turn the normal person into tom brady. this diet only works with his supreme genetics, this isn't going to turn some fatso that works ten hours at an office job every day into a ripped human. >> the way he's eating is god, that's a religion. the idea that you're going to pretend to like not to ever eat meat or to only give a flavor to things -- >> tom: you don't think he likes it? >> deep down, no. that is because he's not
12:57 am
genuinely a christian and you feel like you have to worship something larger -- >> do you think his wife is making him do it? >> tom: she's into it. special thanks to my entire panel, thank you guys, good night, i am tom shillue. if you have medicare
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remember - these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. "special report" ." >> kimberly: >> bret: i'm bret n washington. we have confirmation that u.s. marines are on the ground in syria. conventional troops with a specific mission as directed by the president. these are different than the special operations forces that have already been active inside syria. let's get the latest on the breaking story from lucas tomlinson. good evening. >> u.s. special operations forces bent on the ground in syria for roughly a year but today in a report confirmed by the pentagon, first reported by "the washington post," a detachment of u.s. marines along with


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