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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 9, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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>> neil: if you put money in the market eight years ago today, that's how much you would be up across the board. over 200% easily. of course you did that. if you didn't... >> greg: i am greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, eric bolling, and lisa boothe, and juan williams. "the five" ." in the first month of the trump presidency, illegal border crossings have dropped 40%. in a period when you usually see an uptick of 20%. to paraphrase joe biden, this is a vfd, big fabulous deal. we just slashed bad behavior
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nearly in half. that is like keith olbermann losing 40% of his brain cells and trump got elected. it's what you call an achievement. when that would be big news if there weren't other big news shooting into space like a t-shirt canon. the fact is if you want stricter border enforcement, just announcing that idea can do half the job. the blind eye, once turned, is now wide open and staring right back at you. now that illegals know the welcome mat is gone, why take the track? is now is hard to get into america as it is to get into mexico. think about who this really helps and hurts? hurts the ruthless coyotes who victimize the people they transport and helps the folks who are no longer abused. trump just made mexico great again. it's a shame that such success
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is overshadowed by early-morning tweets but maybe it's a good thing. while the media gets bogged down in words, deeds quietly get done. maybe that's been the strategy all along. kimberly, happy birthday, by the way. >> kimberly: widely rumored to be my birthday. >> greg: you never age. somewhere in an attic there is a painting of you getting old but you stay young. >> kimberly: in your attic. >> greg: there's a lot of things in my attic. do you think this is an accomplishment? >> kimberly: the whole thing? absolutely. but everybody else is burying the lead because they want to take cheap shots at president trump. they want to do anything they can to dismantle and delay his forward progress. this is a key area he was strong on in terms of his campaign and throw the election and now he's
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actually returning dividends to the american people and delivering on its promises. this is great for the supporters. it is bad for the detractors. these kind of facts and progress makes them uncomfortable. >> greg: eric, almost because of the change in policy, right? >> eric: he empowers his border agents to go after illegals and catches them instead of the old catch and release -- by the way, when the obama administration or a border agent under the obama administration would catch and release an illegal come across, they counted as a deportation. now border agents actually catch them and they don't release them. guess what happens when there's a penalty to doing something? the activity goes down. they realize were not going to do this anymore. i am thrilled we are leading the show with this. i'm so happy -- every other show on every other network, even
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this one, where we are ad nauseam going after obamacare. we are going to get to it but this is big news. as you point out, the crime they are committing but also the real economic damage they are doing to americans trying to work. in the economic damage they are doing to the american taxpayer when we are providing benefits to the illegals. >> greg: do you think this is temporary? they are waiting until everything cools down or is this going to be a permanent change? >> lisa: i think it's going to be permanent. what do you think happens when the president of the united states as we are going to follow the laws on the books. the illegality at the border is going to stop. of course it's going to be a deterrent. if you look at the numbers, the october before the election, they saw nearly 67,000 illegal immigrants that tried crossing the border, which is basically back to the 2014 number one we
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saw the summer of the surge from individuals coming from central america. i wonder why right before the election we saw the record high number of illegal immigrants trying to cross in the country. >> eric: y, -- why, juan? >> greg: cause and effect? what trump is doing has caused this to happen and how do you feel about it? >> juan: i think it probably is cause and effect. the rhetoric is amped up. anti-immigrant rhetoric. >> greg: anti-illegal immigrants. >> juan: i think the trump rhetoric is anti-immigrant. >> greg: he is married to an immigrant. >> juan: that's not fine. you are seeing anti-immigrant
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rhetoric. legal and illegal, most of the immigrants are mexicans. here is my point. yes, i do believe president trump's rhetoric has had an effect because i think people think this is not welcoming. the bigger effects reflected in the facts that there is net zero migration at the border now for some time. the key reasons are the great recession that took place and i think -- it drove it down. we have seen going back 50 years, this is just about the lowest point for people crossing the border legally or illegally. but i think you have stricter enforcement and more deportations. >> eric: president obama had record deportations. >> juan: all of that contributed to the big picture here. what greg is talking about. >> kimberly: so president trump is the bad guy. >> juan: i didn't say he was
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the bad guy. >> kimberly: you said his rhetoric was anti-immigrant. except his rhetoric isn't anti-immigrant. in fact, he has a wholehearted approach to welcome immigrants but we should not be allowing people who are criminal recidivists to reenter the country in a revolving door. >> juan: i think the big news was was in mitch said who is going to -- they asked who is going to pay for the wall. you don't think the senate has anything to do? >> eric: the house will. if the house approves and sends a bill to the senate and says we have this money for the wall, do you think mitch mcconnell is not going to get 50 votes saying let's pay for the wall. >> kimberly: good luck with
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reelection. >> lisa: president trump said a nation without a border is not a nation. do you disagree with that? do you not think sovereign nations have a right to control the borders? >> juan: of course. that's not really the issue. the issue is 11 million or 12 million people. >> lisa: illegal immigrants coming into the united states. >> juan: we have a record number of deportations under president obama. >> eric: the reason why i said that is that you claimed there was net zero migration because of the bad economy and i said last year and theater before work record deportations under any president. what happened? in the last month they stopped? >> juan: we are saying people who are leaving because of economic -- over the period. 2014 when you saw the surge.
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lisa mentioned, a people were coming from central america. >> lisa: this is the lead up of president obama's executive action on immigration. the november announcement when when he saw the record high. also after daca, and you send a message to illegal immigrants that if you come here we're going to turn our back on it. >> greg: i want to get to something else. i am always interested in what jorge ramos says. he and tucker carlson got together. tucker carlson's show on fox news doing pretty good. here is jorge and tucker talking about this. >> this is our country. it's yours and mine and ours. the interesting thing is with the trump administration and many people who support donald trump, they think it's a white country and they are absolutely wrong. this is not a white country.
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in 2044, the white population will become a minority. latinos, asians, african-americans. it is our country. >> greg: you know what he is doing which is why i want to talk about. he is conflating illegal immigration and bigotry. he is conflating the two. >> kimberly: he needs fuel for his fire. he's going to go that way. he is going to conflate it. it's the other way he can move the ball forward for his side by saying everyone else is racist. this isn't a white country. this is our country. we are going to take it over. latinos, spanish, asians, et cetera. how is that respecting immigrants, people will come from all over the world to be here in the united states,
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that's what make this country great. not being divisive and say no, this is just a country of minorities or this is just a country for white americans. he's really doing his argument and his people a disservice. as a latina, i tell you that. >> juan: let me defend jorge ramos which is to say i think it's like 90-plus percent of the illegal immigrants in the country have committed no crimes. and yet, how is this discussion often framed by the president of the united states who brings victims of crimes perpetrated by illegal immigrants into the congress. >> lisa: it's a crime to come here illegally. >> juan: these people are here. most of them have been here for more than ten years. they are not criminals, and that's the real discussion about immigration, legal and illegal. >> eric: something jorge ramos has done time and time again.
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bob beckel has done it on the show appeared when you say whites will become a minority in 2044, that's a very, very loaded thing to say. whites will become a minority in 2044 if you include hispanics and asians and when you look at ethnicity, not race. if you go by race, that number is not even close. african-american population is 13%. latin american population is 7%. -- 16, 17%. in order for whites to become the minority and race, it will happen but a lot further away. >> greg: he is saying you guys. i don't care. i honestly don't care what the country looks like. >> juan: i think you think he thinks trump is stirring up white resentment. >> kimberly: what a hypocrite. what is he doing? he's a provocateur.
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>> as promised, i directed the department of defense to develop a plan to demolish and destroy isis, a network of lawless savages. we will work with our allies, including our friends and allies in the muslim world to extinguish this vile enemy from our planet. >> kimberly: music to my ears. he is taking action, deploying a couple hundred marines to syria to begin purging islamic terrorists from the capital of raqqa. later, the trump administration is expected to hold a summit of more than 60 countries to strategize on how to wipe isis off the map. this is music to my ears. strong strategy. this is another campaign promise he made that he was going to wipe them off the map. not to grade, tickle. this is how it was. they wouldn't say radical
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islamic terrorism. here it is paired wipe them off the map. >> eric: he used radical islamic terror and he said he was going to do it in the joint session of congress print the interesting thing is he's got 50 countries jumping on board. it is like nato. you want protection. you want bilateral or trilateral agreements. that's great but you have to pay your fair share. 16 nations, you want isis off the map, as we all do, we have to get involved too. that is donald trump's skill and part of the reason why he was elected. he's going to make a deal that collectively, the globe will be safer. everyone is going to have to pitch in. >> kimberly: lisa, what do you think? another campaign promise? >> lisa: i think what's important that president trump has done is asking for a conference of plan from his military leaders and secretary
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mattis. the criticism of president obama was that he never asked for a comprehensive plan. asking for someone like secretary mattis who served as the head of centcom. he is familiar with the middle east. one of the criticisms of president trump was the fact -- he is listening to his military leaders. >> kimberly: coalition building. >> greg: you know what we've seen for the past eight years in this manner, it's always about climate change. it's always about the incremental increases in celsius and getting the countries to spend trillions and trillions of dollars to offset a tiny fraction of a change in temperature that may or may not happen based on the climate models. he is dealing with terror chang
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change. exponential risk. instead of having a climate summit we are having a terror summit which is incredibly important. before anybody starts talking about you are a hawk for wanting boots on the ground. talk to soldiers, green berets or seals, they are salivating at the opportunity of killing these people because it's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to fight and destroy evil. they want to be on the ground. they want to do this. we are not imposing anything on the military to have them go and eviscerate evil. but there will be a risk that maybe somebody will get captured and we have to see it on our tvs and we have to be strong enough to endure it and hope and pray that doesn't happen. >> kimberly: and respect their decision and their choice to serve in a voluntary armed forces. they want to. they are good at it. they want to do their job. the rules of engagement have been put back to what they were before because under the obama administration they were making them less safe on the ground.
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juan, what do you think? >> juan: fine with me. i am still waiting for the grand plan that mr. trump that he had to defeat isis. where is the plan? i don't see it. general mattis says okay, we would like some more troops and he's going to give him more troops but i don't think the american people want more troops in the middle east settling somebody else's -- >> greg: i think they want to fight isis. >> juan: they are glad to if you tell them here is the endpoint. here is how we are going to do it. >> eric: sent from the beginning i don't have to broadcast. >> juan: why not have a plan? the reason -- what he says is we're going to put 1,000 more boots on the ground. 1,000 more. is that going to be it, greg? >> greg: i agree. i don't think it's enough. he doesn't have to satisfy juan williams. >> juan: not me paired he better satisfy the american
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people. when you start bringing back body bags, has what happen with the young man who was killed, and his father says why did you do this. was his life worth the cost? >> eric: do you not think it's a fantastic idea to get a 60-country coalition to fight isis? president obama said, rich people, you need to pay your fair share. president trump says being safer all around, you pay your fair share. >> juan: everybody says you need to defeat isis. everybody says it should be a coalition per go ahead and come on in. the problem is that a lot of these countries have not been contributing in the past. >> kimberly: so now he is complaining because they are going to. >> juan: the united states was pulling back in terms of saying it's our exclusive responsibility. president trump is putting more americans in danger and he
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doesn't have a plan. >> lisa: it was president obama who said himself he doesn't have a plan. >> kimberly: president trump is going to give them what they need to take it to isis. wait for that. it's coming. i had come a lot of republicans are pushing for complete repeal of obamacare but will it be possible to eliminate the entitlement state? charles kraut -- charles krautr says no she knew exactly when i'd be there, so she didn't miss a single shot. i replaced her windshield giving her more time for what matters most. tech: how'd ya do? player: we won! tech: nice! that's another safelite advantage. mom: thank you so much! (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. the following ad for your viewing convenience. so i just switched to geico. what took you so long? i know, i saved a ton of money on car insurance.
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2:28 pm
picture. charles krauthammer is skeptical of the legislation. he encourages republicans to abandon it for a full repeal. >> you cannot retract an entitlement once it's been granted. that is the genius of the left. there is no country in the west that has developed national health insurance and then revoked it despite all the problems. accept the fact you are not going to get everything you want. reagan said i would rather get 80% of what i want then go over a cliff with my flag flying for you don't want to go over a cliff. get it while you can and worry about the rest later. >> eric: i remember you saying saying. >> greg: it's impossible. he probably set it ten years ag ago. hard to be the reverse santa claus. we are reverse santa claus. i am really, really tired of politicians saying rolling up your sleeves.
2:29 pm
you aren't rebuilding a carburetor. you are taking notes and drinking red bull. not that hard. by the way, his point is well taken. government programs, it's like when somebody gets shot but lives and they go, we can't remove the bullet. we're going to leave the bullet in there because if we take it out it's going to be worse. that's what obamacare is. >> eric: clears two committees but the conservative caucus doesn't like it. >> kimberly: it is going nowhere unless they get the freedom caucus on board and they say we are in. whatever you do, i would wine and dine, movie night at the white house, whatever it takes. bowling. whatever. doesn't matter. you want to play pokemon? whatever you want to do, come over and we will do it. that's what you have to say because literally he's going to go one by one to make sure he gets the support. paul ryan was saying today let's start with this great otherwise
2:30 pm
if we try to bust it through with everything loaded to begin with, it's going to be like a choking filibuster. it's going to get killed and we're not going to get anywhere and this is our only chance to be able to repeal obamacare. that's what he is saying. >> eric: what about a free-market solution? what about the market-based solutions. maybe you get the freedom caucus on board and get some movement. >> juan: i think that's whatthe. they want to market solution. they see that this isn't a market solution. in derogatory terms, they collect obamacare lite, and what they mean that is in terms of the subsidies, you're going to give the tax credit. built in and such a way that has the same practical effect and there's no limit potentially unless you start doing things like impacting medicaid and medicaid spending and that's not going to fly with a lot of republican governors, not to mention republican voters. >> eric: lisa, i've been a pretty much vocal opponent since
2:31 pm
this health care plan since it came out great i am getting caused by republican congressman at home, on my cell phone, saying don't you understand this? i keep saying this. this sounds so much like when nancy pelosi said "pass the bill. we will find out what's in it later." they want us to pass the structure and trust them that they are going to finish. >> lisa: sounds like you might want to change your phone numbe number. >> eric: i am willing to talk, call. >> lisa: one thing that's important to remember is the fact of the reconciliation process. there's limitations of what they can do. they can't go across straight lines, tort reform. this is a numbers-driven game. paul ryan can only afford 21 defections in the house, to kimberly's point, that's why the house freedom caucus is important. but then you go to the senate spray they only afford two defections because they need a
2:32 pm
simple majority. the problem you encounter is you don't just have to deal with conservatives in the senate. you also have moderates that have expressed concern as well. if you go full throttle to what conservatives want, you lose your moderates as well. it's a difficult balance. >> kimberly: hence the staging. that's the whole point. >> eric: there is a political way to get it done. you put all the stuff in there that you want in there and you worry about the senate and democrats, if you don't like this or you don't vote for it, you're basically saying all you're going to get is no obamacare and no health care. do you want to look at the american people and say if you don't go along with this, there could be 12 million or 15 million people with no health care? >> juan: i thought president trump promise there would be more people covered, your premiums would go down. none of that is achieved by the spill. >> eric: i agree with you 100%. this isn't transplant. this is house speaker ryan's
2:33 pm
plan. >> juan: trump has bought into this plan and says he's going to go out on the campaign trail. >> eric: "art of the deal." it is time to start making some deals, mr. trump. market solutions. >> kimberly: look what i did for juan. >> lisa: beautiful picture. >> juan: it is just as pretty as the birthday girl. look at that. >> eric: kimberly -- >> greg: kimberly said she was oddly attracted to me in the break. i heard it. i want you to know that. i want america to know it. >> kimberly: because i said you were being sweet, like don't go overboard. >> eric: the manhunt is on, giving their secrets to wikileaks. what should happen when they are caught?
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>> juan: a fbi manhunt underway to catch the leaker or leakers hacking the cia. when they find out who is responsible, should they be prosecuted? bill o'reilly thinks it's treason. >> talking points believes leakers of classified documents are actively committing treason. and it's apparent that the federal government does not have a handle on how to apprehend these traders -- traitors. >> juan: i agree on this one.
2:39 pm
what do you think? >> greg: i don't think there is anything heroic about putting lives in danger and aiding and abetting the enemy when terrorists change their tactics based on links, you should die. >> juan: i think this often gets obscured, when there was the nsa stuff, the nsa was found to have been looking at americans here at home. cia. >> eric: illegally. >> juan: i am saying the cia is looking at people overseas and they are trying to protect the u.s. >> greg: when snowden leaked 1.5 million documents, nearly all were foreign intel pretty didn't know the domestic stuff. he wasn't involved in that stuff but he pretended it was about domestic surveillance. he screwed us over paired he should be executed too. i said that for you, eric. >> juan: are the russians behind it, do you think? >> lisa: potentially. wouldn't be the first time russia has tried to hack the
2:40 pm
united states, right? >> juan: no. >> lisa: exactly. they hacked into the joint chief of staff email as well. this isn't the first time if russia was behind it. i do think it's highly concerning. former cia director michael hayden pointed out that this exposes personnel information, operational things, tactics, procedures, things that are used in foreign intelligence and trying to protect the united states. it should be highly concerning. >> juan: the question is, wikileaks is saying we will talk to apple and google and everybody else and we will give them the opportunity. i am thinking to myself, these people are ridiculous. no body should be doing business with these folks. >> eric: i don't think it would be wise for apple or google to deal with wikileaks. i agree with greg and o'reilly. however leaked this and where to find out who it is, it is treasonous. treason could be punishable by
2:41 pm
death or life imprisonment. i think the statutes they are looking at is ten years. i'm going to disagree on what snowden did because snowden did open up -- he did expose what the nsa was doing, data mining all-americans, trying to go after some. >> greg: he wasn't involved in that arena. >> eric: he was a whistleblower, in my opinion. >> juan: you know why the russians just extended his stay? i think the russians -- >> eric: what the nsa was doing is clearly, clearly illegal. >> juan: but snowden had no business -- >> eric: nothing illegal. so far what we've read with these leaks, none of it -- >> lisa: it would be a 10-year penalty if greg and bill o'reilly were in charge. >> kimberly: we have a series
2:42 pm
of national security breaches in the country, people like chelsea manning, edward snowden, hillary clinton with improperly caring for her server. i don't see distinction between these people in terms of the fact that they were reckless with our national security. they were reckless with highly sensitive intelligence and materials, and none of that should be excused across the board. >> eric: he was exposing something the nsa was doing illegally to americans. >> greg: i have to disagree with you. he wasn't trying to do that. he tricked the media into thinking back. >> eric: that was the whole point. data mining every single american. >> greg: almost all of the stuff he leaked was foreign intel. >> juan: he was a puppet, in my opinion, for the russians, just with what is going on with assange. >> greg: you we will never agree with this, eric. >> juan: look.
2:43 pm
somebody at some point would come forward but the fact that he is a puppet for the russians. >> eric: you have that person treating -- the same way we are treating snowden. >> juan: this guy won't come back and say i did this for a reason. >> eric: i think snowden is different from hillary clinton's email servers and different from these wikileaks -- cia. >> juan: is there no such thing as privacy anymore? the fbi rector answers that question very candidly. obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. oh yes.... even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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♪ >> lisa: many americans have concerns about privacy in today's high-tech world. fbi director jim comey didn't do much to settle the nerves. >> here's something that i don't mean to freak you out with but i think is true. even our memories are not absolutely private in america, our communications with our spouses, clergy members, our attorneys are not absolutely private in america. the general principle is one we've always accepted in this country. there is no such thing as absolute privacy in america. there is no place in america
2:48 pm
outside of judicial reach. that is the bargain. >> lisa: greg, i want to go to you first. >> greg: why? >> lisa: because you say interesting things. we are going to you first. all right, so based on what the fbi director said, do you agree? >> greg: it is scary. it is inevitable. everyone of us will be hacked and we will all be embarrassed by it. i get this argument from saying so watch? if you have nothing to hide, you shouldn't care. if you have nothing to hide, you are a boring person. if you don't wake up in the middle of the night and think oh, my god. i hope people don't find out about it, you are an extremely boring person. everybody here has something. they are going oh, please, lord. i don't want to have to come
2:49 pm
out. >> eric: it shouldn't come out. that's why i have a problem with what fbi director comey said. there's no place outside judicial reach? no, that's not the bargain. the constitution protects you from having privacy as long as you are not breaking the law. that is outside judicial reach. if you are not breaking the law and are not associated with someone breaking the law, you are outside the purview. >> greg: what if i do break the law? >> eric: then you're not. >> greg: i mind my own business. >> lisa: you basically just said you've got interesting stuff in your email. >> kimberly: how about when his phone calls me at 1:30 in the morning by itself. >> lisa: more importantly, let's get back to the substance. all right, you were an attorney. let's get the legal issue. what do you think? >> kimberly: it's interesting
2:50 pm
because of course they need the resources pray they want to be able to utilize it. we saw this in a case where they went to the plaisance at apple, give us the information. they want to be able to unlock and break encryption. apple finds out they were able to get away and so it's a constant struggle and balance between personal rights and privacy and the government's obligation for public safety and national security. where is the fair balance between the two? where is it okay to say this is a justification to do an intel grab in the interest of public safety and when should they be stopped? >> lisa: juan has been making faces. >> juan: everyone who thinks -- anyone who thinks they have privacy today is a fool. you have no privacy. i have been threatened with jail because as a reporter, i saw something. i didn't want to give the government my notebook but they said you will go to jail unless you give us that notebook and tell us what you saw.
2:51 pm
>> lisa: see something, say something. >> eric: did you give it to them? >> juan: we made a deal. "washington post" made a deal and i testify. even when you are in your car and driving along, i will be going to do fox new sunday. i get back in the car and the car says to me "it is 17 minutes to charge." they know where i'm going on sunday morning before i know where i'm going. >> greg: if you go on youtube based on what you've been looking at, the options that they give you are exactly what you want. >> eric: decline it. decline the cookies. >> lisa: we can continue this during the break. "one more thing" is coming up next. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
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and her new mobile wedding business. at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and-ta-dah-paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com. ♪ >> greg: mr. eric. >> eric: one week from last birthday week. can release birthday, you guys. check it out. >> kimberly: look at how cute. my crown from juan. and me eating mcdonald's. >> eric: k.g., happy birthday. >> kimberly: and i appreciate it. strawberry cream cake from paris
2:56 pm
baguette. >> eric: did you make a wish? >> kimberly: i did. >> eric: i'm going to facebook live the last few seconds of the show. i will cut it. >> kimberly: here is mine. melania trump, someone i adore. her popularity is climbing. her favorability is up 16 points since her husband was sworn in as president, according to a tow cnn poll. increase from 36% pre-inauguration. pretty exciting. she is an absolutely lovely person and she's a great mother, and i can tell you that from personal experience. thank you so much. >> lisa: and she has a phenomenal wardrobe selection. >> greg: we have to go to something more important. greg's robot news. all right, you know what the
2:57 pm
difference between a robot and human being is? a robot can't get fat. take a look at another job a robot is taking. there is a strategy. it flips burgers. the robot could get us so fat off fast food so that we could no longer defend ourselves when the robots take over the world. will happen in approximately 2027, my prediction. we will be overrun by robots. we'll be nothing but barnyard chickens compared to them. >> kimberly: but they can't eat cake. >> greg: they can't because they won't. juan. >> juan: more of greg's robot news. stephen hawking's recently said he thinks they are going to take us over, maybe kill us too. the award winning physicist said technology is so rapidly advancing that there is no
2:58 pm
threat that with higher and higher levels of artificial intelligence, the robots will be able to destroy us through nuclear or biological warfare. but gregory, pay attention, brother. here's another twist. hawking said he is so optimistic that humans can rise meet the challenge if we create a worldwide government. let's see how that goes. >> kimberly: what do you think of the cake? >> eric: the worst part of this robot think i'm a big west coast silicon valley are proposing taxing companies that use robots, replacing humans. >> greg: they are actually taxing robots. there is also going to be universal based income once those 40 million or 50 million people without job. like taxing car or toaster. >> kimberly: thank you for picking up the cake. >> lisa: i hope i don't have icing on my face. i've got a book recommendation for you, juan.
2:59 pm
the author is michael knowles. the book title is called "reasons to vote for democrats." he was on "fox and friends" this morning. we have some sound for you. let's listen. >> took a long time to research this book. i've been observing the democrat party party for at least ten years. when i observed their record and the reasons to vote for them on reasons of economics or foreign policy or homeland security or civil rights and so on, i realized it was probably best to leave the page is blank. [laughter] >> juan: lisa, you tricked me again. it's too early for april fools. >> lisa: pages of absolutely nothing. mind you, if the number four bestseller on amazon and his colleague ben shapiro wrote overview and he said it was "thorough." >> eric: facebook live right
3:00 pm
now. long gone. we are going to find out what kimberly is going to do after the show. >> greg: she is going to be panicking trying to catch a flight. >> juan: your birthday wish. >> bret: an all-nighter on the new health care legislation but can the leadership and the administration convince conservative republicans to sign on? and in-depth interview with vice president mike pence. this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to washington. i am bret baier. will have an extended interview with vice president pence in a few moments. first off, president trump and the leadership team working the hard and soft sell to try to get reluctant conservatives to go along with the obamacare repeal and replace bill called the american health care act. the soft sell


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