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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 9, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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that's two nights a "twitterstorm," that's about it, tech will be back in the seat tomorrow. tune in every night to the show that his sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, groupthink, don't forget dvr the show, "hannity" is up next. ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity," laura ingraham will join us. for weeks, we've been warning you about the deep state obama hold over government bureaucrats who are hell-bent on destroying this president, president trump. tonight it's time for the trump administration to begin to purge the saboteurs before it's too late. that's tonight's opening monologue. if ♪ let's go back to 1861, president abraham lincoln had created a team of rivals, a so-called team of rivals, a cabinet of rivals. including adversaries that he ran against the republican primary. while president lincoln sought
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to unify his party through cabinet selections, he also executed an extensive government purge. he fired over 75%, nearly 1200 people. at a 1500 bureaucrats who work in the executive branch presents a lick and be disloyal. it's time now for president trump to follow abraham lincoln's example and a fire anyone and everyone who was actively working against him in government. after all, even former president bill clinton, he utilized this tactic back in 1993. he fired all 93 u.s. attorneys, all of them. according to conservative review, daniel horowitz second and deposing government employees is best utilized at the start of an administration. he writes clinton easily fired all 93 u.s. attorneys on day one, nobody blinked an eye. when bush's attorney general fired eight u.s. attorneys well into a second term, that became a national scandal. it's very important for president trump to act right now
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and not just avoid outrage for the left, that's not what this is a lot about. if he's got to leaks that are plaguing the administration, like the ones you see with their on your screen, starts just five days after president trump was sworn into office. the explosion of these leaks coincides with "the new york times" reported that he says in his final week in office, president obama revised an executive order 12333 which allows the widespread sharing of this data collected by american intelligence agencies across 17 government agencies. that is an additional 16 agencies and their employees who in the final two weeks when obama was in office who gained access to top-secret intelligence that they never had access to before. we've been asking for weeks of this program, why did president obama wait until the last minute to do this? why did he apply this to himself or eight years? congressman duncan hunter
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expressing serious concern over what we see play out in what we said earlier today. >> overall, i think we are dealing with seditious people within the department of justice, within the fbi, for the department of the interior, within the cia. people who don't approve of the trump presidency, i think they're trying to take them down from the inside. if it sounds kind of conspiratorial but i think that's what's trump is looking at right now. i think you have people within the government, what you call the deep state, bureaucrats, obama appointees that hate donald trump. >> sean: congressman steve king at tweeted the following, donald trump needs to purge leftists from the executive branch before disloyal and treasonous acts sink us. supporn to hear this and act now. for months, deep state antagonists they've been working overtime to try to delegitimize donald trump's presidency, we have seen how low they'll go without insinuating any evidence
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that some sort of campaign with russia. there's no evidence come it's not true. just days ago, wikileaks published some very disturbing information about the cia. smartphones, other devices, and actually recorded sound images and even encrypt messages on your iphone and android. wikileaks has also alleged that the cia has the ability to utilize very sophisticated malware that can make it appear that cyber activity is being conducted by other nations when in fact they meeting those within our government may be responsible. in their press release they specifically point out that they could be doing this in the case of the russian narrative with no evidence. did president obama know about any of these sophisticated spy programs developed and used by the cia? we can't confirm that any of this is being practiced but we
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need to start asking serious questions if we want privacy in this country. back in january you may remember i traveled to london, and interviewed julian julie massou remembered number the spirit of spirit i've asked before i'll ask you again today. did it rush i give you this information for anybody associated with russia? >> our source is not a state party. the answer for our interactions is no. >> that's not all, former british investor craig murray told the daily mail that the 2016 clinton campaign email hack had actually come from within the democratic party and that they hacked information was given to him in a public park at a university right here on american property. can you believe that? all on behalf of the democratic property party, their own whistleblower. my message.this simple, every holdover from the obama administration, they need to go. a thorough investigation of
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leakers needs to be conducted and people have committed felonies, violated the espionage act, like in the case of lieutenant general michael flynn, they need to be prosecuted and all of those who aren't actively working to fix the country need to be shown the door. it's hurting a lot of people. join us now, editor-in-chief nationally syndicated radio host laura ingraham is with us, the author of the big agenda, we've got all of these leaks happenin happening, all of a sudden they happening with some of the intelligence are politicized, not all, there are a lot of good people there, but some. look at what lincoln did, look at what clinton did, time for the same actions by president trump? >> i was scratching my head when i learned and i know you were concerned about as well, there were a number of obama holdovers
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that remained behind after inauguration. part of it was the slow pace of the transition after they showed chris christie the door and brought the new team in, they were behind of the appointments, some of the democrats slow walking the appointments but they were behind a lot of the appointments. remember what happened in the nsa were to become a they stayed behind in key positions of the national security agency, one was document romanov, used to be head of the muslim students association back in college days, the other was ned the price. both of them were donors to the clinton campaign it was revealed later on. it made no sense they were allowed to stay, that was a mistake by the trump team. i fear that there are other people that were just now learning about who were political appointees but who converted to career
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appointments, supposed to be reviewed by the personnel office. not sure it has been or properly vented. if republicans should be asking for answers on capitol hill, how many people converted from political appointments to career appointments to be able to stay behind in the administration? we know at least a few of them. at the va i believe she stayed behind it is still in the administration's deputy chief of staff at the va. >> sean: is shocking at the wikileaks reveals work, david horowitz one of the things that stood out in my mind is not on the fact that they could spy on tv that we think is off, there is not the privacy we think we're getting iphones or androids that we think we're getting, but the fact that the cia could use stolen malware and attribute cyber attacks to other nations. i want to know what obama knew about what the cia was doing and whether or not may be as told by john solomon and his partner
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sara carter yesterday, there is no evidence, even though there was a fisa warrant of any russian pollution. collusion, could that be an internal intelligence lake or intelligence work that we need to be suspicious of? >> first i want to thank you, as you know i've written several bestsellers, when big agenda made it to number five on "the new york times" list, i said now i'm going to be reviewed in "the new york times" and "the washington post" and i'll be invited onto panels on cnn. didn't happen. that's because we're in a a civil war situation. the democrats have adopted the slogan resist, resistance. that's what partisans did against the, that's not what an opposition party does. was trump tower tapped? of course it was. the nsa collects every communication. the question is can the
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intelligence be opened and used. if to answer that, you have to say doesn't barack obama or the democratic party, did they respect our national security laws? the answer is obvious, no. hillary clinton violated the espionage act, she put on the private server for all our enemies to see top classified information, there wasn't one democrat who said this is a bridge too far, i can't support this woman, not one. >> sean: let me go to john solomon, sara carter piece. they said in fact the fisa warrant in october, ask a sitting president, there is surveillance going on, what he knew, but he didn't know, i don't know. that would've have to have been approved by the attorney general at the time, loretta lynch. nothing about the russian
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pollution is true, nothing. there was nothing found. the server and the trump organization was tapped by the government and another wiretap took place, that's kind of scar scary. who knew what, when the command where needs to be asked, he didn't know appear to speak of the a police state included targeting individuals for political purposes. don't base your investigation on real probable cause for criminal violation. it's based only on political disagreement. if we had partisans running down these investigations, if loretta lynch okayed this in the middle of the presidential campaign, that would indicate that the russians were colluding with paul mena fort ricard a page other people, your passive question why would this done.
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why would it keep surveilling like the trump team can anyone really think for a moment that loretta lynch would okay this, and not run it by present obama? that doesn't really pass the straight face test. >> one of the most corrupt the justice department's of the last eight years, collusion of all kinds of political attacks on republicans who can trust loretta lynch? she's advocating street demonstrations by radicals who openly want to overthrow this regime. we are in a very dangerous situation, i can't say i totally into us what you've saying editorially at the pain need to fire all the democrat appointees in these departments. 99% of the justice department's,
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give money to the democrats. we know the democrats are untrustworthy on national security. we know everything happened in the last year. it spilled people also need to be prosecuted, felonies were committed, numerous abilities. always good to see you both. coming up tonight you don't want to miss this next report. an explosive report, weeks before the election, to reporter investigators have confirmed the fbi was granted a warrant to investigate the server inside of trump tower where his campaign was being run. those journalists who broke that story join us next and then later tonight. >> this is the closest we will ever get to repealing and replacing obamacare. >> sean: speaker of the house paul ryan says it's now or never for republicans to replace obamacare. house majority leader kevin mccarthy, he'll join us to tell us how do we possibly bring
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>> sean: according to a
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explosive report just weeks before the election, the fbi received a warrant to investigate a server connected to then candidate donald trump's businesses but they found no wrongdoing, no connection to russia. on the same time, a fisa warrant was also granted to investigate potential russian influence in the election, very serious questions that present obama and his former administration need to start answering to ensure that the american people that there was nothing going on by an opposition party in the middle of a presidential campaign. here now are journalists who broke this story sara carter and john solomon, i'm going to start with you because john would show up yesterday. this is really important. two warrants granted, one was the fisa warrant explaining the other warrant that they found no rut evidence of any russian pollution at all and that's what your report says. >> what we discovered through
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our sources is that the investigation into trump server is not inside trump tower but outside up at register two trump no evidence of any criminal activity that would warrant any kind of prosecution of anybody in the trump team. that was a very short-lived investigation. there were also a separate fisa, an overall size of the don't have as much information on tha that. that was a general fisa that covered a whole hacking investigation. whether or not there were people connected to that, we don't really know. we know that the warrant to look into trump server found nothing criminal in that investigation. >> sean: wasn't one fisa and want to not? >> exactly, the server was not a fisa, it was a regular warrant, the fbi had a traditional investigation when they went into that server. it was very short-lived. they didn't spend a lot of time in the server, they went in
7:20 pm
there, didn't find anything. in fact, they said they'd didn't investigate any emails and they didn't listen to any phone call calls. >> sean: the president put on the statement, the question is did he know about it. three base, couple of weeks before presidential election, you have a sitting president looking at the opposition parties server, now i know for my own at dealings with people in the campaign at the time, they had a trump email addresses, trump organization email addresses. >> many times that's how i communicate with him. >> sean: exactly. what can you add to this in terms of is there any political opposition involvement in the first name that would come to mind is sid vicious blumenthal. could he be involved in this? >> let's look at what's going on in october, hillary clinton got surprised by the announcement that the email investigation was restarting and then all of a
7:21 pm
sudden you start seeing a lot of democrats, harry reid, slate magazine started to raise questions. tweeting back on the 30th and 31st, it appears somewhere in october or whatever is going on in the intelligence community became a political talking points for the democrats. is it coincidental or did something actually happen where people passed on information that the intelligence committee had found, we don't know the answer. this bill and let me ask about the. if two weeks before he goes, now 16 other agencies can see all this, doesn't look like a trap that was being set by the former present to the new president to you. >> good question, expanded so many people to access fisa warrants that had long been kept in a very small group of people, whether it's a trap or an opportunity to get the rest of the wash of the story out before president obama left. a >> sean: in your investigation all of your sources said the fbi, found no collusion at all. the media has been wrong for all these months about this russian connection narrative. >> if you watched on the tv
7:22 pm
swear, that the whole fbi investigation has been about trump and russia. he's a very small part of it, ancillary things came in. >> sean: because there was nothing, they found nothing that would be criminal. let me just ask that question, i should ask you most of the questions because john didn't show up last night. all these wikileaks revelations about all of the different techniques that the cia was using to spy. i guess the nsa always thought they were stomach that was their charter, is the cia now our spy agency and you can attribute cyber attacks to a country like russia? it could be happening within our own government? >> we just don't have the answers to that. i spoke at the people about this some would suggest yes it's a possibility, know what they would have ever done it. if you think about that, that means they would have been hacking into the dnc.
7:23 pm
i just want to go back because you talked about executive order 12 triple three which is what everybody calls it. 12333, this a lot of u.s. intelligence sources that are telling me it's time for president trump to resend that expansion that obama gave. i've contacted the white house, i'm waiting to hear back. i know there are people talking about it there but i know there's a lot of concern that as long as this expansion stays, there's going to be more and more people able to see this raw data which means they'll be seeing names of americans, right? >> sean: you've been doing great work, i would urge you to continue to stay on this because you have a lot of lazy counterparts out there that are way overpaid and you are running circles around them, great job, thank you both. coming up next tonight right here in "hannity" ." >> this is the closest we will ever get to repealing and replacing obamacare.
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>> sean: speaker of the house paul ryan saying republicans need to come together to pass the g.o.p. obamacare replacements. will they be able to do it? will they get the freedom caucus and some of the senators on board? house majority leader will join us next to explain and later tonight. >> president trump: my administration has answered the pleas of the american people for immigration enforcement and border security. >> sean: president trump continues to move fast to keep his promises according to the dhs. illegal border crossing down 40% during his first full month in office, lou dobbs weighs in on that and more straightahead. way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden,
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7:29 pm
committees allege russian interference of the president elections. as well as twitter claims that president obama wiretapped president trump's campaign. an attack in that decibel from germany, at least seven people were injured, three of them seriously. german authorities identify the suspect as a 36-year-old man from the former yugoslavia. a wildfire burning dangerously close to the coors brewery in golden colorado, it's moving very fast and has already torched nearly 50 acres near the plant. i met jackie ibanez, now back to "hannity," for all of your headlines log onto fox, you're watching the most powerful name and news. ♪ >> we as republicans fought the creation of this law and accurately predicted this would not work ran for office in 2010 and 2012 and 2014 and 2016 on a
7:30 pm
promise that if given the ability, we would repeal and replace this law. this is the closest we will ever get to repealing and replacing obamacare. >> sean: that was speaker of the house, paul ryan earlier today stressing how important is for republicans to come together repeal and replace obamacare. trump wrote earlier on twitter despite what you hear in the press, health care is coming along great. talking too many groups and it will end in a beautiful picture. joining us now, majority leader congressman kevin mccarthy, how are you? >> i'm good, how are you a? >> sean: i'm well. a process question, even before the bill actually came out, you had to members of the freedom caucus, a lot of them. the study group, senators paul,
7:31 pm
cruz, lee, and marco rubio. afterwards club for growth, americans for prosperity, heritage action. i guess what surprised me about it is why did you get consensus built to work on the bill that everyone agreed on before you released it, no you're doing it all in the public eye and it seems confusing, people are asking why didn't you guys work this out before? >> we did work it out before if you listen to the freedom caucus in the very beginning of january, they asked us to make sure we will not repeal without the placing of the time, if you look at the conservative bill we have before you, much of that element is tom price's bill when it was inside the house. a number of the freedom caucus cosponsored that. the challenge is the process we have to do this. because we don't have 60 votes, that's what puts the fear in me. the challenge of the structure to go about doing, we have to do three different faces. one in reconciliation, repeal and replace.
7:32 pm
because of the senate rules, we can't do everything we want. those things, the power gives to tom price. those bills to take 60 votes at the same time and right after. at the end, we end up the exact same place. this is the most conservative bill, repeals all the taxes. >> sean: my tires cricket, the critics they're all saying the same thing, it doesn't fully repeal it. with their kick and haven't been asking to do is go back to the 2015 bill at the same time you follow-up immediately with a replacement bill, why can't that be done? >> this is the same till we put on president obama's desk when we repealed it. take for instance that process. if we repealed everything, we would still need 60 votes to pass something new. then you're going to have to negotiate with all those democrats, it would not be as conservative as this current bill to get 60 votes. if you repealed it without
7:33 pm
replacing it, your premiums would double, the market would collapse. you wouldn't have the market built on the outside to take people up into it on that problem? it would be donald trump and all the republicans currently in office. >> sean: this has to work, there's no option here. this is the first legislative agenda item that the president at some point in the freedom caucus, those groups, your aridity them. or other criticisms are valid that is not a complete repeal and still some taxes from obamacare that exist and not every thing is free-market, there's even a new entitlement, the main argument they're making every hour of every night down on television print >> we repeal every sigel tax in
7:34 pm
obamacare. >> sean: is not under another name. >> why is senator rand paul saying that? >> what rand paul would like to do is repeal it and then go in and try to find a 60 votes for it. you and i both know how difficult it is 2560 votes. >> sean: you're right on reconciliation, good point, better to have 51 votes needed than 60. explain the three step and without the freedom costs it don't make caucus and those senators, this bill doesn't get past. what you're going to do in terms of getting everybody together and making this work which mark i'd be open to coming down and doing a full on town hall with all sides, which you participate >> i'll participate this is the most conservative bill you're going to find. this is obamacare gone. it repeals all the taxes. >> if you'll come, i'll come down next week. we can tape an hour for tv.
7:35 pm
i'll bring you, i'll invite the senators i mentioned, i'll invite another couple freedom caucus guys maybe we hash it out there, maybe we bring in ryan's previous and see whatever differences exist, if it can't get worked out would you be willing to do that? >> i'd be glad. were talking every day in the process. listen, obamacare to three essential items. they put control of health care into federal government, they were the exchanges, and the expansion of medicaid. what does this bill do quick market frees up and gives all those rights to the states which we believe is very conservative. secondly, we repeal all the taxes, very conservative. thirdly what we did the exchanges now collapse, we have to take a tax credit. when you let people keep more of their own money and make their own decisions that's the most conservative approach. how is letting people keep more of their own money and making their own decisions and
7:36 pm
entitlement? that's a conservative view. in 2007, that's what heritage said. it is the best form of going forward and a tax credit. >> sean: i'm taking a lot of incoming from people a lot of people are angry and frustrated and the votes aren't there. this has to succeed. more importantly than succeed, it has to be done right. as soon as it's replace, you own it. it's got to be something that lowers costs, offers more care, more free-market competition, health care savings, cooperatives, which all need to be a part of it. i think those of the points we all agree on. >> that's exactly what you're talking about in this bill. if all you did was repeal, everything else would collapse and then we would own that. >> sean: i look forward to seeing you next week, we'll work it out as soon as possible. up next, tonight on the "hannity" ." >> president trump: my administration has answered the pleas of the american people for immigration enforcement and border security. [applause]
7:37 pm
>> sean: president trump keeping his promise according to the department of homeland security. illegal border crossings have dropped by 40% during the president's first full month in office, lou dobbs join us with reaction, also later tonight. >> for millions of people and people i love and i work with and i know and i care about. trump is the scariest villain of all time. >> cnn's mr. whitewash himself, the alt left to destroy trump media completely losing it. we'll get reaction from mercedes schlapp and joe concha that's straightahead when you have allergies, it can seem like triggers pop up everywhere.
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now you can own america's tractor for just $99 a month. learn more at your john deere dealer. >> president trump: at the same time, my administration has answered the pleas of the american people for immigration enforcement and border security. we must restore integrity and the rule of law at our borders. for that reason, we will soon begin the construction of a great wall along our southern border. >> sean: that was the president during his address, he was vowing again to secure america's borders. the president is keeping that promise. homeland security secretary john kelly released a new report which revealed border crossings have dropped by 40% during trump's first full month in
7:42 pm
office. this decline this is significant because border patrol historically sees a ten to 20 increasing apprehensions of illegal immigrants from january to february. instead this year we saw a drop of 31,018,762 persons, that is a 40% decline. here with reaction, he's been on this border issue even longer than me, fox business anchor emma you're like the number one show on our sister network. >> sean: you and i agree with and this and you got in trouble once, keep it up, keep getting in trouble. >> just at one time, >> sean: i don't remember what it was about. i don't understand of those that don't understand the need for america to events people coming in here and to have a border wall with the door, what's a bet about that? >> there's nothing bad about that.
7:43 pm
we have become a fifth column it intellectually in this country. hess of the united states doesn't have the right to have borders and ports that it secures. we don't have the right to decide who becomes an american any longer. >> sean: your races come as, sealable phobic, as longer format, homophobic, whatever homophobic. >> were the most heterogeneous diverse society on the planet. were then called the nativist, and where the most diverse society on earth, that makes us pretty good people. >> sean: i haven't been down to the border as often as i did come i reported a lot from down there. i remember being in san diego. on the other side, what we would describe both of those is a dump, kids playing in it. you can see across this part of the fence. if i was on that side, i want i would say i want to go over there. i don't blame people for wanting
7:44 pm
opportunity. i think america needs to say you want to come in here? you can take american jobs. you have to be able to sustain yourself. number three, when we have room, will take as many as possible as long as you want to abide by our laws and sovereignty. >> what could be more straightforward? i put forward a syllogism 15 years ago on this issue. the idea that you can somehow have immigration reform without border security is madness? the syllogism i put together is this. if you wish to reform our immigration laws, then i think it's necessary that we control immigration. the only way to control immigration is to control our borders and our ports. if anyone can defeat that syllogism, i will listen to whatever plan they've got and support them forward. >> sean: up next, tonight on "hannity" ."
7:45 pm
>> millions of people and people i love and i work with and i know and i care about, trump is the scariest villain of all time. >> sean: really? mr. white lashed over at cnn? the alt left propaganda to destroy tell trump media, they continue to smear, slander, despite besmirched the commander-in-chief, will show you the latest examples, we'll get reaction from her shady slas schlapp and joe concha next.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity," was the alt left propaganda destroy trump media continues to stoop to new lows. msnbc's chris matthews. >> this is unlike covering politics anymore it's more like a doing guard duty in a jungle. there are strange noises in the night these days but dawn brings the real danger when they large animals come out to feed. donald trump likes to get up early and it roar. since getting up saturday morning, hayes roared about to obama wire tapping the campaign. trump as president of the united states, i have a hard time calling it president trump right now when he gets up at dawn and start tweeting, that doesn't seem like an official statement from a president. >> sean: then we have mr. white lasch himself at van jones following the president joint address to congress last
7:50 pm
week he got away from his usual talking points and praise trump by calling a presidential. last night he started his program by acknowledging that some people are not happy with his positive remarks about the president. >> i do understand why so many people were shocked and disappointed. for millions of people, people i love and i work with and i know and i care about, trump is the scariest villain of all time. you've got people living in fear. they don't want to hear luke skywalker talking about darth vader does have nice things to say, it was a reaction. >> sean: fox news contributor mercedes schlapp and from the hill joe concha is with us, media reporter. how does somebody say white lasch and presidential, than the villain of all time. what is going on at these networks in your opinion? >> how does van jones even have a national platform? he used to be a pundit and that's fine.
7:51 pm
now he's actually a host of the specials in primetime on at cnn. let's remember who van jones was. in the obama administration, only there for a couple of months and had to resign because he called republicans a holes and it was discovered that he signed a 9/11 truth or petition. now in the media we give guys like van jones these huge platforms to express their views print >> sean: do you have any doubts that cnn and nbc and most of these networks "new york times" have made a decision they're going all in and if it means telling lies about russia, you heard of john solomon earlier tonight on this program. sara carter earlier on this program. there was a fisa warrant and another ward, no evidence to back up all the lies we've been hearing on tv for months. >> follow the money, "the new york times" and "washington post" and msnbc and cnn, their numbers are better because they positioned
7:52 pm
themselves as opposition, just like steve bannon said. there are networks that are engaging in what they think their audience wants to hear, the supplying red meat. here's the thing, positive news about donald trump has been completely and totally suppressed by the bias of omission. their international, not biased in any way, they add the analyze "cbs evening news" ," january 2h until february 20th. out of 100 stories on those two networks on the evening broadcasts, eight to 10 million people watching each of them. 97 of them out of 100 were negative. even last night, the adp numbers showed that hiring is at a six-year hike about 300,000 jobs. it was not reported. that is a prime example. a >> sean: that's a great example. >> the mainstream media, the liberal media, they've transformed into the democratic party two-point oh.
7:53 pm
here you have their focus so primarily on the negative coverage of trump. the american people are getting tired of it, 59% in a poll said that they are wary of the persistence negative coverage of donald trump. one of the liberal media doing? they are focused on placating their base. they are focused on making sure that they built this narrative that president trump is a villain and they're missing the point. in these past 40 something days has spent more time reaching across the aisle, working with traditional democratic coalition groups like african-americans, the unions. he is meeting with moderate democrats. those stories are being missed. that's where i think the liberal media, they're focusing so much on trying to be that opposition party and not necessarily just reporting the news. >> sean: yes or no and we got a break. is journalism dead? >> journalism as we once knew
7:54 pm
it, daddy. >> i think the traditional hierarchy of journalism is dead. i do think that it's incredibly troubling when we have these networks basically saying that they are trying to provide a fair approach but they're not it's so much about the negative coverage on donald trump. a >> sean: thank you both, coming up we need your help a very important question of the day and a very mean message on the hotline for me, i've been told, that's next.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." time for our "question of the day." should president trump follow my suggestion, clean house and fire every obama holdover? yes. go to, @seanhannity on twitter. let us know what you think. hit me with your best shot. some people are mean, they make fun of my tag, my hair, i don't care, you can say anything.
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>> sean: new rule. no heavy drinking before calling the "hannity hotline." i just lost 13 pounds. i'm in the best shape of my life. i do martial arts four days a week. have something to say, nice or
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mean, we don't care. call the number, 877-225-8587. that's all the time that we have left this evening. see you back here, the battle continues tomorrow night. ♪ >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight... >> i can tell you three members of my family that would be dead if it was not for aca. >> bill: americans are concerned about their future, health care, pensions, and security. tonight, we'll tell you exactly what you are entitled to as a citizen. >> we are trying to buildd alliances. we are trying to build coalitions around the world to fight extremists, device challenges like global warming. we can't do that if people feel embarrassed to be associated with the united states. t


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