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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 9, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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if you know that word, you are good. do not be tautological when writing "the factor." i'm bill o'reilly, please remember the spin stops here, >> ed: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," i'm ed henry, tucker will be back tomorrow and let me see the mike teased that you get to see a bit of him, impacting my tucker look good as the they were scalloped critics said the wall could never work, but the wall as it even been built with it but the mere talk of one may be having a big impact already. a new report says illegal crossings as the mexican border dropped "big league" as the president might say during the first month in office. in 60 seconds, we'll debate someone who doesn't think the president deserves credit. we go live to our own at trace gallagher who was crunching the illegal border
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crossing numbers, good to see you. >> the department of homeland security says the 40% drop in the number of illegal immigrants range across the border in february is even more remarkable when you consider that historically, border crossings in february rise by up to 20%. look at the actual numbers here. in january, 31,578 people were apprehended trying to cross the southern border. in february, it dropped to 18,762. that is the lowest monthly total in at least five years. it also appears there was an all out rush to get into the u.s. before donald trumps executive orders on immigration. in the three months prior to the inauguration, border agents apprehended 157,000 illegal immigrants. it that's up 35% from the previous year. as soon as trump took office, apprehensions plummeted. customs and border protection says this is good news for those who did not try to cross the
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border because they didn't put themselves and their families at risk. for exploitation, assault and injury by human traffickers and the physical dangers of the treacherous journey north. human traffickers by the way have increased their fees more than 100% in just the past 14 months. ed did. >> ed: will see you later this hour. it's only one month but it appears that illegal immigration dropped. so why is our first guest so reluctant to give president trump credit? immigration policy analyst for the cato institute, libertarian think tank and repeat after me, some good news. >> it is some news, it's good and bad. illegal immigration went down pittsburgh what might be various reasons that are good or bad. the economy is not attracting them enough which is not good. >> ed: but less illegals coming to america, good news? >> absolutely, but it depends why it's going on.
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is it going on because we spent a lot more buddy at the border and wasting a lot of money on border bureaucrats? or is it going down because it's not attracting them anymore, that could be bad. >> ed: let's get to that as you her stress report, fair and balanced, have the facts. inauguration of donald trump, sort of people trying to get across the border. afraid of donald trump building the wall. above those in 2015. >> i promise i'll let you make all those points, let's talk about the actual question i asked you, before the inaugural, there was a surge in illegals trying to get across the border before donald trump, took office, to request market they were afraid that he was actually going to crack down on them. i'll let you go back to 2015 but let's talk about the reality >> before the election even occurred in the continued at the election occurred. i'm trying to say it's a trivial entirely to donald trump.
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>> ed: it's good news that illegal immigration has started to drop. fast forward come one of the trump administration, all of a sudden, trey says, incorporated terms of apprehensions at the border, it's the lowest total in five years. >> it's the lowest total in 17 years of you take a look at the month going back to the year 2000, it's of course one month and one month. >> it can change, you're right about that part. even better than trace said, it's the lowest total of apprehensions at the border, less people trying to cross, getting caught trying to cross in 17 years. that's good news. >> it is. recall of course -- >> ed: donald trump's policy started to work? >> he hasn't had much time it's a lot of rhetoric. increasing the number of illegals coming across before he came out we'll see how that average shakes out over the period of time. a lot of people realize his bark
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is worse than his bite and i think were going to see the numbers increase going forward. >> may be his bark is having an impact. >> a lot of the big decreases and decrease the number of asylum-seekers mainly children and women who are trying to seek asylum were counted as apprehended. if they are being turned away, then there are a lot of other problems. you can take a look at the numbers and dig into the numbers of people who are apprehended. it has unaccompanied alien children and the family units listed there. if there is a much bigger drop in at those individuals than there are in adult coming by themselves. >> ed: this is my problem of your approach i looked back at what you said during the presidential transition. it seems you're so anti-trump here's what you said in november. he said to the associated press television. he is down on all of his anti-immigrant positions, stop there. he's not against illegal immigration. >> did you not read his position paper? he said he wanted to cut the number of green cards down to zero in the united states.
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you take a look has other positions against the h1b visa. let me finish. if you follow through all of the positions that he wants to take it as position paper, cut legal immigration by 63%. >> ed: why not be accurate and say anti-illegal immigrant? >> because he wants to cut legal immigration by 62%. if president trump said he want to cut legal gun ownership by at 62% you would say he was anti-gun, which i would say too. if he wants to cut legal immigration by 62% i think it's fair to say he sent to immigration. >> ed: the next sentence you said to the associated press this was in november, he wants to massively increase immigration enforcement at the border. >> yes. >> ed: we have a quote up there. what's wrong with increasing enforcement at the border of our existing laws? >> it's a lot cheaper and easier ways to get enforcement of the laws that does not require hiring 5,000 more border agents. such as what president
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eisenhower did in the 1950s, increasing the number of temporary short-term a guest worker visas to channel these people into the legal market >> ed: you're telling me we have it improve the system since eisenhower to come up with a better way to better use border patrol agents if you actually send them to the border? >> in terms of the enforcement ability of the u.s. government on the border, it is a lot better than it used to be but there's also 20 times as many as there were during eisenhower's administration. >> ed: but you said in november, he wants to massively increase immigration enforcement at the border. it looks like it's actually working, he wanted to do that, you said it was a horrible thing in november, the numbers are coming down. >> as i said, he hasn't done it yet. he hasn't had the ability to do it. you can't say that he's done it that he hasn't done yet. >> ed: you said in november this is a horrible thing. how was it a bad thing? of illegal immigration is going down. >> we could get the same result
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much cheaper by not hiring more government employees and unionized government employees and taking thousand miles of private properly among the border through eminent domain to build a wall by increasing legal short-term temporary migration to allow people come through the legal market it's about deregulating the economy. that's what eisenhower to do and that's what worked >> ed: a lot has changed since eisenhower. if your issue is really costing you want to save government money. >> i work for a libertarian think tank, were very much concerned. >> ed: you want to decrease the size of the government. >> included the massive and bloated immigration bureaucracy at the border. >> ed: if the cost is the issue, i'm confused as to why are against the idea that donald trump hasn't even built the wall, he's talked about it. illegal immigration is coming down without spending a dime on the wall. >> that's one of the best things about it. >> ed: so that's a good thing. so while you're criticizing his entire approach? when you say part of your deal is to decrease the cost of government without even building
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a single plank in the wall. we'll see what happens going forward. >> as you said in the beginning of the segment, we'll see what happens of this month. were going to see what happens after this month. he wants to spend tens of billions more dollars. >> ed: it it went on 40% >> there were almost 12 million illegal immigrants in the united states currently, 70% are entering legally and overstaying it's a drop in the bucket. let's not forget during barack obama's administration, the number illegal immigrants entering each year dropped by over 67% and it was the first administration is to wear the number of illegal immigrants at the end of it was the same as the beginning. >> ed: will have to have you back when you get the second month statistics. >> i hope we're going to have a lot more than a few more months to check it out. >> ed: you said it is good news that illegal immigration is done. you eventually got there. >> it's good news but it also depends why it's happening. is it because the u.s. economy is about to enter a recession or is it because were about to
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spend money in the morning or is it because we have a windbag who says a lot of nonsense? >> ed: how can you take a cheap shot like that? >> he's using his rhetoric in the illegal immigration is coming down, that's all you want to address the president of the ad states. >> the present is taken every imposition possible throughout his career. i think it is fair to call him a windbag. >> ed: put his come down and you won't fully acknowledge that if you decided to throw a cheap shot at him. he's the president of the united states. >> i said he deserves a lot of credit for it. what you want? >> ed: a lot of the credit but you still call him that's great >> you take every position possible on an issue that's what you deserve to be called. >> ed: thanks for coming on. there was even more turmoil in the intelligence committee today, on president trump's claim he was wiretapped by president obama. meanwhile, wikileaks announced it will share it leaked cia hacking tools with tech companies, fox news chief intelligent correspondent catherine hellas with more,
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quite a day. >> the fbi director briefed on the russian investigation, allegations of trump tower was wiretapped will be dealt with, the house and senate leadership as well as the chairman and ranking members of the congressional intelligence committees left the briefing without speaking to reporters. in another indicator that theic, democrats had accused director comey of withholding evidence. i high-level oval office meeting was scheduled with the president, cia director mike pompeo, homeland security secretary john kelly. the expectation is that wikileaks and the apparent breach of the cyber unit were on the table as well as the preliminary damage assessments. wikileaks julian assange held a news conference today where he offered to help test firms to help the cia attacking tools, to that, none of the big test firms seem to be taking up the offer. >> ed: do you think it's a genuine offer to help these tech companies?
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wikileaks has a mixed track record. >> it's like getting stabbed in the back and the person offers to drive you to the hospital. it's a little twisted, but julian assange has a point with the documents, if they're authentic, the u.s. government really has some awesome surveillance capability. >> what's your sense of this investigation? james comey going up to the hill talking about this back-and-forth was forth was president obama and president trump? >> this puts the fbi director under the microscope. one of things that caught my attention today having followed this for over a year is that when we look at the documents, we see incredible capabilities to record audio and video. and to use this with phones and computers, my colleague scenic executive producer pamela brown is that the clinton campaign on a number of occasions took these kinds of devices into secure facilities. that's another vulnerability. if you believe their position, somehow that clinton server had
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like a special anti-hacking force field. everyone else is under assault, everyone got breached, even the cia, and insider threat, but somehow, the clinton server with its halo had no problems. that's what kind of jumps out at me today. >> it jumps out at us too. coming up, senator rand paul says the house g.o.p. obamacare replacement is dead on arrival and he's known it to pleased with speaker paul ryan, some sharp words for my feisty rand paul next. plus tucker will be back to interview a middle eastern diplomat on how to keep young muslims from falling prey to radical islam, you will not want to miss it. are your allergies holding you back or is it your allergy pills? break through your allergies. introducing flonase sensimist. more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist you may not even notice. using unique mistpro technology,
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built for business. >> ed: speaker of the house paul ryan says the american health care act is the right way to repeal and replace obamacare. here he is today making the pitch. >> lower-cost, more choices, not less. patients and control, universal access to care. these are the four driving principles that we are focused on. lowering the cost, giving people more choices, having patients and control, and universal access to health care. let me walk you through it or how exactly we propose to do this. >> the speaker insists he can get the bill through congress b but apparently a lot ofbu republicans didn't get that memo, the biggest critic of senator rand paul of kentucky, the bill is dead on arrival and will destroy the party in 2020 au past. senator paul joins us now, it's good to see you.0 >> he left out a few things in the press conference, he leftnc
9:18 pm
out that he keeps the obamacare taxes for a year than he keepshe the title cadillac tax forever. he keeps the obamacare subsidies, but renames them tax credits. you have to pay the insurance company. the penalty and then you have to pay the transition. >> ed: they would say there's a transition. that's a very definition of obamacare. >> ed: is not a full repeal? >> we voted unanimously a year ago, where were not voting on what we voted on a year ago? >> ed: house republicans told me to ask you a simple question, you want to repeal it? what happens after that, they say the market collapses and you really do have a death spiral you own the death spiral. >> i'm for replacing the same time. the bill is interestingly tom price's idea, paul ryan on one side saying i have on tom price's idea, rand paul saying i have tom price's idea it's kind of true but we don't like the refundable tax credit that came
9:19 pm
from tom price. what we do like his health care associations where he can join a buying pool or group to bring down prices. this is part of the answer. the 11 million people in the individual market, their premiums are going through the roof, so you've got to let them join a buying pool. >> ed: house republicans say the premiums are quick to spike even more. >> that's why you replace it with market reforms. get rid of the mandates which i think paul ryan would agree expanded savings accounts and then you expand health care associations. these associations are like co-ops and buying pools. >> ed: house republicans tell me, you can't get to 60 votes with that it's not going to go anywhere. >> i can't be blamed if somebode won't vote for something, it's just not a bad idea -- >> ed: how do you bring democrats in? >> we have to convince people it's a good idea and we bring it forward.
9:20 pm
they brought forward things that are very controversial and conservatives don't like. obamacare lite dead on arrival, you might as well just start over. i'm not the only voice saying this. what they should do is clean it up, get rid of the obamacare lite stuff, get rid of the taxes, subsidies, the minutes, the bailouts. just to repeal. >> what they say is wrong with your idea and your support, s republican senator tom cotton basically agreed with you and said that house republicans may wind up with something that's worse than obamacare. the speaker said however, you're making a binary choice, senator. if you'd don't do this, you're not really following through on the promise to repeal and replace obamacare. >> let me translate what it means when somebody tells you a binary choice, they're telling to take it or leave it. the speaker needs to bring people in the room, conservatives and he needs to hear what we want. we are withholding our votes.. this is a message for the speaker, we are withholding our vote, we want a seat at the table, and it's not a binary choice. if we do not understand why were in a death spiral with obamacare
9:21 pm
we can't fix it. the reason were of death spiral's were telling people you it's can buy insurance after you get sick. so guess what. people are waiting to buy into they get sick. that still happens after paul ryan's plan. he doesn't fix that problem at all. >> ed: the vice president's going to your home state on saturday, they're trying to brush you back a little bit better to react to that but also when you say look it's not a binary choice, you don't have might vote mr. speaker, you might imperil the trump presidency. >> not atht all. i'm a big friend of the president. you won't meet anybody who dislikes obamacare more than me, on a position, i have lived obamacare. it is a disaster, i have voted to repeal it and i will vote again. i will not vote for obamacareil lite stuck on the repeal bill. we will have to separate, repeal, and replace. we have disagreements, serious fundamental policy disagreements with the speaker.
9:22 pm
we will have to separate repeal from replacement, or the deal doesn't get done. >> ed: senator paul making no bones about where he stands. >> thanks. >> ed: clearly this a long way to go, where almost 50 days into the trump presidency, who's a big winner in the first month of a half, first lady melania trump. a new cnn poll finds 52% of americans have a favorable view of the first lady. that's 16 points higher than o r approval one her husband was inaugurated. she's also a lot more popular than her husband, 32% of the country disapproves of melania somehow, 12% have no opinion, 3% of people live under a rock andp have never heard of the first lady.2% up next, will talk to a charles krauthammer what the mainstream media pushing a russian scandal without any real evidence just to downplayhe president trump's winning, that's next on "tucker carlson tonight."tr
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>> president trump: were going to win so much, you may even get tired of winning. >> ed: president trump >> we're going to win so much, you may even get tired of winning. >> ed: president trump promised a lot of winning, the stock market doing great, the economy adding 300,000 jobs in a month and illegal immigration is dropped sharply according to some statistics. if you watch the news it's about his messages, the never ending feud over russia and much more. is the trump administration sneakily off to a good start in achieving its promises? charles krauthammer joins us now. we talked about jobs up, stock market up, alec baldwin is even
9:27 pm
saying he may give up thee impression on "snl," he thinks people may get tired of it. you think alec baldwin is tired of this " winning? >> i would say it is premature to say that we have excessive winning. i will say the stock market and the job market are things that do respond to confidence. there is great confidence that the republicans being in charge in the house and the congress will pass the tax reform, lower rates, lower corporate rates. we'll cut back on regulationth which if you're in the market, it's is a formula for e growth. likely that the economy will grow.. >> ed: if they get stalled on obamacare, that's good to push the timetable back on tax reform and tax cuts it could be a real problem. >> which is why these early signs are nice. but they are tenuous. the market is not going to keep climbing indefinitely, i think i can predict with confidence at some point it will turn around and go backwards. at that point, what is trump going to say? we're going to get tired of
9:28 pm
losing?? some things are attributable, some things are not, trump himself tweeted out, i think you heard this from ben carson, thed statistic that after a month, the deficit had gone down by $10 billion under him and under obama at the first month, it had gone up by 20 million which ofof course is a complete and total irrelevancy. it fluctuates every hour, let alone every month. >> ed: what's your sense now, you mentioned russia a moment ago. sean hannity had a journalist on last night, sara carter, she's going to come back tonight so people will want to stick around saying that the fbi has been investigated and found evidence of collusion between the russian officials on the trump campaign. as you know, james clapper o said much the same in a series of television interviews a few days ago. what's all the hullabaloo about if the fbi hasn't found anythinh that's reallyba collusion? >> i asked that question in my column.
9:29 pm
here we are about to embark and we are be completely flooded with news about two accusations. the first is that the trump campaign colluded with the russians, as you say there's no evidence for that. you can ask anybody there is this, there's that. >> this meeting and contact. >> that doesn't mean a thing. flynn had a meeting with the russian ambassador, maybe he talked about sanctions. so, what? that's his job. the meetings prove nothing, there is no evidence that they may discover evidence i'm not saying it's impossible. as of now, we have this complete frenzy where there's no evidence of collusion, as you say, james clapper is not a guy who's having a bromance with donald trump. they were each other's throats. >> ed: he headed for the exits quickly after he got elected. >> clapper handed into obama said there's nothing in there to support. >> ed: it's still going to
9:30 pm
play out. >> we may find out, but it is a little disproportionate. the other charge of course is the trump charge that obama had wiretapped them, there's evene less evidence on that. here we are on that about to go in a rabbit hole, chasing our tails on these issues, perhaps we'll find something. i think the odds are that will not and there's a lots, happenig that we are to be f paying attention to. >> ed: that investigation by the fbi is happening not in a vacuum but as wikileaks keep dumping out more documents that could be very damaging to this country. >> i think the current wikileaks dump is the worst of all. it's one thing when you leak names, when you leak incidents, that's pretty bad. the snowden thing. when you're leaking documents that you're leaking here methods and sources. these are the keys to get againg these are telling the world how we get into their systems, howes we can fake intrusions, all the tricks that we need and once you release that, then i think our
9:31 pm
huge technological advantage n o which we have, look at what we did. >> ed: this is worse than john podesta making catty comments about hillary clinton and reporters. i'm not saying a lot of democratic outrage. >> the hypocrisy here is really unbelievable here. if your side is being bitten, then you get all upset. the other guys are being bitten in the campaign, trump says i love wikileaks, i don't think he loves them today. >> he's the commander and t chief u.s. to deal with it. it's undermining our entire system, the other thing it does apart from everything else, it exposes americans to suspicions about the intentions of her own government, are they listening in on my microwave? >> ed: is there credence to submission that our viewers have, talking about a report today were samsung is a saying we care so much about privacy than it turns out maybe they allowed british intelligence services to dip into american
9:32 pm
television sets here with those samsung smart tvs. the cia says we don't spy on americans. but did the british intelligence services tap into those tvs? that undermines confidence. >> as i said to him it just a while ago in a special report, in that case, don't talk to your microwave. it's not safe anymore. >> ed: always good advice. >> this is where you, come on what else can you get that kind of key insight? i'm a psychiatrist, remember. >> ed: thank you, charles. after the break, tucker will be here for his own show, i kid, because we love tucker. he talks to a middle eastern diplomat, he's penned a lengthy letter to his sons about how to be a muslim and the modern world and not fall prey to radical islam. plus, today is the tenth e anniversary of a retired fbi agents disappearing in iran far too many people have moved on from the story, we have not. we'll talk to his son, emotional
9:33 pm
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>> ed: growing list of states during hawaii challenging president trump's updated travel order affecting six muslim majority countries. for more, we go back to trace gallagher live in los angeles, good to seeee you. >> hawaii is playing filing a separate lawsuit against the new travel ban, the other states have decided to jump on boardse with washington state. remember, it was a washington lawsuit against the first travel ban that led the first district judge james robart to issue a temporary restraining orderss halting the ban. now washington state attorney bob ferguson joined by minnesota oregon, massachusetts, and new york is asking judge a robart to apply original restraining order against the new executive order. here's the ag.
9:38 pm
>> in our view, this new executive order contains many of the same legal weaknesses as the first and reinstates some of the identical policies as the original. >> trumps revised executive order shut down the u.s. refugee program and bars to pieces from people from a six mostly muslim countries including somalia, iran, syria, libya, sudan, and yemen. hawaii's lawsuit is basically arguing that the new travel ban is nearly identical to the old travel ban. the state even cited, senior white house policy advisor stephen miller who told fox news, in terms of protecting the country, those basic policies are still going to be in effect. today, the white house said the new order will stand up inec court, listen. >> i think we feel very comfortable that the executive order was crafted is consistent and were going to go forward on this. >> the old travel ban will be revoked once the new order goes
9:39 pm
into effect on march 16th unless of course a judge blocks the new order.r. >> ed: which would surprise nobody, appreciate your report. second executive order post on travel between those six nations known to have trouble with terror shows radical islam is a major concern for the administration and the entire world. recently tucker spoke to the ambassador of the united arab emirateses to russia. what it means to be a muslim in the 21st century and how to of avoid the allure of radicalism. here it is. >> tucker: thanks for joining us, i think the most interesting part of your book is the fact that your own children have been exposed to islamic extremism, you seem like not the candidate for that, not the family for that, very international. t you live outside the east. even your children have been exposed, what do you tell them. >> the first thing we have to be
9:40 pm
aware of is it's simply part of the internet and its exposed and presents itself in so many different ways through globalization and the technologies that we use. i worried that if my children weren't immune to these ideas, it really all of us are exposed to them. i had to take a stand of my own. i put those ideas into the book that i've written. >> tucker: it seems like most of the spokesman for modern islam at that we see at least on american television are apostates. they are no longer affiliated with the religion. but you are a muslim, a practicing muslim. do you think the criticism is fair that moderate muslims such as yourself haven't done enough to speak up against extremism. >> i used to be one of the moderate muslims that would say about ourselves we haven't done enough to speak up about it. the problem here for me
9:41 pm
personally is it's very difficult to latch onto particular ideas. i write from the position of a layperson. i do not present myself as a theologian. what i'm doing is claiming space for laypeople and people of good faith to be able to come to the table and it speak to the scholars of islam and speak to the religious authorities and stake out a new area where we can engage in a dialogue between those who claim deep religious knowledge and those who simply wants to be a good moral, ethical agents as muslims in the world. >> tucker: is there something intrinsic to islam that produces violent behavior? >> no, i don't think so. i think there's a certain reading that allows for the violence, but i think it's a politically narrow and it's a reading that reflects a certain kind of upbringing. i think the readings of islam, whatever reading your coming out
9:42 pm
with is going to be related to in the background you are either coming out to of you are exposed to. if you look at somebody like usama bin laden, he had all the advantages possible. he had life and education, hee had a money. and yet he was looking at the arab world and said there's a tremendous injustice taking place, i must now fight in whatever way he thought he could. that sets a particularly worrying example of how things develop. we've all witnessed the scum of the within our society are witness to the socioeconomic catastrophe of the arab world in particular and parts of the muslim world. there are much more positive ways in which we can begin to react to that socioeconomic reality. it's people like me and my generation who are very privileged who should be taking steps to alleviate the suffering of muslims, and to reestablish a
9:43 pm
semblance of economic well-being and a functioning state in different parts of the arab world and north africa. >> tucker: can a muslim who takes his religion seriously and orthodox muslim be tolerant of people who aren't orthodox muslims? >> i know many orthodox muslims who are quite happy to accept that the world is full of many different nationalities and cultures and religious faiths. not only do they tolerate those of weak faith within islam, they're quite happy to accept that there are non-muslims in the world. these are particular readings, what we need to do is i believe a silent majority of muslims who really believe in a much more productive engagement with the modern world. do they have the theological arguments? do they have the philosophical arguments to stand up to the incredible pressure put on them by the radicals? this is a different question. that's a kind of contribution i was trying to make.
9:44 pm
there must be a set of arguments rules of thumb for how to push back against the very strong radical, small, but very strong radical kind of interpretations. >> tucker: thank you for providing that's necessary. thanks for joining us. >> ed: elsewhere in the mideast, ten years ago today, bob levinson, an american disappeared in iran. he is the longest held hostagein in american history, but his family accuses the obama administration of not treating his return like a top priority. up next, we'll talk to his son, about whether he is optimistic about the new effort from the trump administration. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> ed: ten years ago today u.s. citizen and former fbi t agent bob levinson disappeared while inside iran. the iranian government lanes it is not holding them. according to the associated press, he was involved in a cia operation which is family disputes. they've accused president bush and obama of abandoning him, but perhaps this new administration will be different. today white house press secretary sean spicer signaled that determining his fate as a top priority. >> i want to take a moment to acknowledge that today is the 10-year anniversary of the disappearance of formerth fbi agent robert levinson from kish island iran. the trump administration remains unwavering in our commitment to locate him and bring him home. the levinson family has suffered for far too long and we will not will not rest until his case is resolved. >> ed: don levinson's bob'ss son, you have six siblings, a big family. walk me through, this is to be a tough day.
9:50 pm
>> we are optimistic now. i thought today when i woke up, i just want to get the state over with. we have a job to do, we're trying to get him home.ef we're optimistic with this new administration, were hopeful after hearing statements like this. >> ed: you told me that senator marco rubio you're hoping to get a meeting with president trump, talk about that. >> if there's an issue that he's suited for, to get my dad home. he's talked about helping take care of people who have been serving their country. he's talked about being tough adversaries, he's with america's adversaries, he's talked about he's previously talked about this, he said that iran knows exactly where he is, he has no qualms about being aggressive with them. he's a dealmaker, this is going to require a deal. >> and it involves american he wants to stand up for. this enormous opportunity to do
9:51 pm
it to previous presidents didn't do. you think president obama didn't do it because of the nuclear deal? >> i think it was one of those issues. he had said many times over the years that it was a top early, but he had eight years to get him out and he didn't. i think the biggest issue with that is he was never aggressive with the iranians, he's never issued threats of repercussions for their inaction. we know that president trump has no qualms about threatening sanctions, labeling the revolutionary guard a terrorist organization, we're hopking that he's going to be -- >> ed: your family put on the statement and sometimes statements can be simple or straightforward. there's tough words in here, i b understand your pain, you stay for ten years, the government of iran has been allowed to dodge and weave every time it was asked to come clean about whatat happened to bob and send him in home, where is that treatment of the american citizen, start with that.s >> the iranian government arrested by dad, they held him for ten years without any basic
9:52 pm
human rights. this is an american citizen. there should be outrage around the world, they've been getting away with it. this is unbelievable it has been this long and i'm still coming out here and having to plead to get action. >> ed: we just had thein iranians at the table and the nuclear deal. h >> i think that was an enormous opportunity that was squandered as well. >> ed: another part of the statement caught my eye. even bob's government coworkers and their bosses, they know who they are, ran away when he disappeared to their lasting shame. >> in the ensuing weeks, there were mistakes made. we're trying to move past that, it's an issue to be addressed in the future.. we're focused on getting him home. >> ed: i don't want to dwell on that but for context for our viewers who want to see your dad come home, you deny that he was involved in a cia mission.e what are you referring to a generally when you say there are people who abandoned them? what was he doing there? >> he was working for the cia as a contractor and that the people
9:53 pm
who are tasked with working with him, they denied it at first and lied to the federal investigators and the fbi about his ties. that was a big issue for us. there's so many complex aspects to this, the focus for us is that the iranians really have denied everything. >> ed: i can't imagine your anger when i think about what the iranian government has done with these stallings, what previous administrations have done. then mixed with the emotion of just sadness, and so much sorrow. how does your family deal with that?? >> my mom told us at the onset take it one day at a time. we got to focus on our lives while also working to get him home. he's missed so much, he's missed several weddings, two grandchildren on the way. several that he hasn't ever met with. that's tough when our family is altogether, it's a happy time. >> ed: what gives you hope after all this time that some people might have given up hope too much time has passed.
9:54 pm
what still gives you hope? >> i get it, ten years of someone's missing in, and you haven't heard. we fully believe he's alive, the fbi investigators who are involved on a daily basis believe he's alive. people survive 10-year president sentences all the time, he's going to be 69 tomorrow. he has a lot to come home to, the two of most pressing health issues he has diabetes and hypertension, those can be resolved with a limited stable diet that he's eating over there. >> ed: we hope he comes home a very soon and were certainly not going to turn away from the story with committed to it. best to your family. coming up next, switching gears, give you a twitter storm about something that is so much less important. that just reminds us, yes, lindsay lohan. , yes, lindsay lohan. speak to the who fund their campaign. they're all from the same little world. left out of that as the rest of the country. i'm asking questions i think you would ask. i
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>> ed: and now it's time for "twitterstorm," our nightly forecast of social media's most powerful weather patterns. a month ago, lindsay lohan was in the news due to rumors she'sa converted to islam, now she's back for much more mundane reason that you want to sneak her a job. let's do freaky friday and herby sequels, retweet if you want this. some people were f enthusiastic other people less so. jason adams tweeted she is desperate for work and craving attention, she got a little by saying she was racially profilef for wearing hijab. your career ended after mean girls, stop trying.s, though i will note mean girls is the greatest chick flick of all time. just saying. screw that, i want to parent trap too. >> ed: no, just no. l'amour said is to simply, this is really sad. that's two nights a "twitterstorm," that's about it,
10:00 pm
tucker will be back in the seat tomorrow. tune in every night to the show that his sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, groupthink, don't forget dvr the show, "hannity" is up next. ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity," laura ingraham will join us. for weeks, we've been warning you about the deep state obama hold over government bureaucrats who are hell-bent on destroying this president, president trump. tonight it's time for the trump administration to begin to purge the saboteurs before it's too late. that's tonight's opening monologue. let's go back to 1861, president abraham lincoln had created a team of rivals, a so-called team of rivals, a cabinet of rivals. including adversaries that he ran against the republicanll primary. while president lincoln sought to unify his party through cabinet selections, he also


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