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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 10, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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dvr it if you can, and of course tune in to sean hannity. he is next. have a great weekend. [ music playing ] . >> sean: [ music playing ] . >> sean: welcome to "hannity." former speaker of the house newt gingrich will join us but first i've said since 2008 journalism in america is 0dead. now we see just how low the alt-left destroy trump media will go to destroy president trump at every turn. that's tonight's opening monolog. here we are today is day 50 of the trump administration. the commander in chief has been moving to keep his promises to you the american people, the things he campaigned on.ed he detailed a specific agenda and has been going down the list checking off items one-by-one and today we learned 235,000 new
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jobs were created in february alone. don't expect the alt-left prop grant da media to report all of the good things that the president has accomplished in 50 short days. the biased press would rather focusou on anti-trump conspiracs such as this. >> cnn has learned the top intelligence to president trump and president obama last week about claims of western efforts toto compromise president elect trump. >> cnn learned the fbi is continuing to investigate an odd computer link between a russian backed and the trump organization. vladimir putin over there in the cremlin did everything he could to put guess who in the white house. >> no matter how much improvement america sees over the next four years, no matter how much wealth will be generated that conspiracy propaganda it appears that's all you're going to hear from the
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left wing media. none of the so-called journal lifts are willing to conduct an investigation behind this unprecedented and in some cases absolutely criminal leaks that are happening in washington like the ones you see right there on your screen. those are leaks since trump has become president. two well respected journalists have done a thorough investigation and what do they discover? just weeks before the election thect fbi received a warrant to investigate a server connected to donald trump's businesses but they found no wrongdoing. no collusion with the t russian. around the same time, in fact in october a fisa warrant was granted to investigate potential russia influence in the election.he in the mainstream media cared about the whole truth they should run headlines like this, federal investigation finds no evidence to date that trump campaign included with rush shachlt i'm not going to hold my
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correct that someone will publish this even though they should tell the american people the truth. that's the problem. time and time again the media is so focused on passing their agenda they fail to see the truth right in front of them. they never vetted president oba obama, never admitted to including with the clintons and failed to admit the rise of president trump. who can disagree with steve banon when he calls them the opposition party in this country? many in the media are so deeply invested in seeing that president trump fails many deep state obama era hold over are still entrenched in government. i'm not the only one who feels this way. former democratic congress man did he knowish could you sinnish says he has a point about the trump wire tapping. >> people saying president trump's claim, oh, it could never happen. well frankly it happened to me.
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and i had proof because the washington times actually let me listen in to a tape that was made of a conversation in my congress until that office. it was a conversation between myself and a foreign the conversation was approved and cleared by house attorneys who said yes, you can do that that's your constitutional right but someone had intercepted it. my phone wasn't safe in a congressional office. they can certainly do it to a presidential candidate and the private citizens as well. >> he is right and former campaign manager robbie mook said some conversations were in fact wire tapped. watch this. >> you say there was a wiretap.w that there was a wiretap of russian agents and that those russian agents were communicating with trump staff that's why they were picked up. >> how do you know that? >> that's what the intelligence community has told us, that's what's been reported very widely, those are the facts. >> sean: you the american people
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deserve truthful answers. for example what did the clinton campaign know? when did they know t last time i said it was time for president trump to clean house. it hasas to happen. sean spicer this to say when asked about the obama deep state shadow government hold over. take a look. >> i think there's no question when you have eight years of one party in office that there are people who stay in government affiliated with, joined and continue to espouse the agenda of the previous administration. so i don't think it should come as any surprise that people that burrowed into government during eight years of the last administration, and you know, may have believed in that agenda and want to continue to seek t i don't think that should come as a surprise to anyone. >> sean: now today the trump administration took the first step into purging deep state actors. according to a doj spokesperson, quote: to tender their
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resignations in order to ensure a uniform transition. joining us from circa sara carter is with us. what you broke to me is huge. nobody was able to confirm what you guys have, that number onea fisa order was issued, correct? you'rent 100% sure. >> yes a fisa warrant was issued into russian hacking and a separate warrant was issued to investigate the server registered to trump tower and there was absolutely no evidence found during the brief search of the computer server, it yielded no evidence that alarmed the fbi that there was any criminal communication between trump or surrogates or anybody on the trump team with russia. so they shut it down quickly p you asked the question when did hillary know about it? she tweeted about it and slate news magazine also wrote a story
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about it at the same she talked about these nefarioum connections between trump and russia and his server and harry reid last october made those same claims. remember it was in october when the fbi opened their investigation into the server and closed it. within the month of october because they found nothing. >> sean: sarah, this is amazing. we've been hearing for months and months and months and months potential fisa surveillance warrants being issued, other warrants, the president tweets out there was surveillance or wiretap, really just parsing words. he's write. the media blasted him for that tweet that at the sent out. bute there was surveillance, there were two sewarrants. it happened. they found no evidence at all ts say that there was any collusion. don't you think in light of all the media coverage of this, that there's a dereliction of duty in informing the o american people what you and john solomon, both
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great objective journalists, investigative reporters have found? don't you think this is major headlines they're ignoring? >> absolutely. i think what you need to do is go to the truth. i tell you where there is evidence sean. there will be evidence as to who leaked this information. if there are good investigators willing to find out who did. that's where the trail of bread crumbs will be. even though there's a wide expanse of intelligence agencies that can access this type of information, the leak on flynn's telephone call, that was signals intelligence, that's a felony. revealing that like they did to the washington post is actually a felony. and every time you go into a compartmentalized room that is highly guarded so you can look at this information, every time you go in there you leave a marker. that marker remains there so people can go back and see who viewed that information. so if somebody wants to find out who the leaker is, if somebody wants too find out who violated
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federal law and leaked classified information on the wire taps that were on the russian ambassador not on trump, but they were on the russian ambassador at that time and not on flynn, they can find out. that evidence is there. so i believe that whoever is appointed to investigate on the leaks will eventually sniff out that person and that person will be exposed. >> sean: i think so. sarah, i have to say again both to you and john solomon, really great investigative work. you deserve far more credit and coverage than you've been getting. has any other major television o network reached out to you both? >> no, i've seen it out there, i've seen people talking about it, but no they have not. >> sean: that's sad. weight continue to follow this story into next week. with more information former house speaker, newt gingrich. two warrants issued.
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no warrants found. and the narrative has gone on since before the election. what do you -- what does this tell you? >> well you know the first thing that hit meet tonight listening carefully to that interview, and she really made some good points, the second warrant, which apparently went right at the campaign, computer, is sort of the electronic equivalent of watergate. in 1972, when the nixon operatives who were government employees broke into the dec i can headquarters to find out what the democrats were into that was considered such a huge scandal it ultimately the cost president nixon his job. now you have electronically the federal government has gone into a campaign computer, and what was clearly a fishing expedition. they found nothing. but they in effect ran the risk of violating the campaign. and it makes the question, why
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would you -- why would the court have issued a warrant to go into ai political campaign computer when there is in fact no evidence that the campaign was in any way involved with the russians? >> sean: it is unbelievable to me. we've learned a lot about the news media. i said in 07 and 08, you called me once in the 08 election and you said i really was going out on a ledge, investigating obama's radical associations ane airs and dorn and wright and alinsky and a corn and flank marshal davis and you cautioned me as a friend because we've been friends for a long time and i kept going. but they never vetted him. they neverhe told the story of w his rigid ideology failed this country. theys included with hillary clinton. now they are held bent on bringing destruction to this president. what does that say about the state of the media in this country today, sir?
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>> s first of all, just for the record, i have since said many times that sean hannity was the only reporter in 2008 who understood the core radical nature of obama and who attempted to explain it to the country. in that sense you were way way ahead of anybody else, and actually understanding what the underlying motivation of radical his many was, that obama was involved in. look i think it's pretty straightforward. i actually like the phrase that trump has used before. you have fake news. the fake news is created by the washington post and new york times because they're waging war on the trump administration. this is not just bias, this is just not slanted coverage. they're at war with the very survival of the trump administration. >> sean: they are the opposition. >> sean spicer was exactly right today. they are the opposition party. and they are helped by government parties who overwhelmingly voted for hillary clinton.
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we know for example that 99% of the campaign money donated by the state department went to hillary clinton. 99%. >> sean: hang on a second. that tells a bigin story. we'll>> have more with newt gingrich right after this break. also, the king of fake news himself, brian williams who got busted for fake news and lying is now trying to lecture the commander in chief. really? austan goolsbee, and later tomi lahren and jessica tarlov are here on this busy news night. you have access to the right information at the right moment. ♪ ♪ and when you filter out the noise, it's easy to turn your vision into action. ♪ ♪ it's your trade. e*trade. start trading today at
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[ music playing ] . >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we continue with the former speaker of the house, fn contribute or, newt gingrich. i loved an i didn't that you use, you know better than anybody, you were the speaker of the house, you said you get a box and everybody, what you need, the parameters in which you can pass a bill. i'm not particularly happy, and i think the president has not been served well by the way they rolled out the healthcare repeal and replace. i know there are complications, i understand 51 votes, cloet tour, i get the whole thing. i would have liked to have seen the arguments that were telegraphed were coming resolved before we released the initial bill. maybe it all ends up fine. but when freedom works and americans for prosperity, club for growth, heritage action,
10:18 pm
indicat kado, freedom caucus, study group and senators paul, cruz, rubio and lee are against it, it looks bad it me. especially after having eight years to put it together. >> well i mean it certainly looks messy. but, and i think this is part of what you and i just disagree. vladimir putin who was the chairman republican study committee, before that -- republican conference, rather, before that he was a state legislate or and after that he was a governor, he made the point, look, this is the process. there had to be a bill to markup. they brought out a bill, that people on both sides, you're going to have moderate republicans with heartburn and conservative republicans with heartburn. now they've got to go through a process. it's a messy process. phase 1 they got every single republican on two committees. these are big committees, ways
10:19 pm
and means, energy and now they have to test the water. >> sean: the amendment process, no one has any idea how it's going to come out. am i so unrealistic -- >> i suspect. >> sean: go ahead. i'm sorry. >> i was going to say, the vice-president has pointed out you know now the process goes forward. we suspect -- i don't know but i suspect there might be one or two amendments in order by the time we get to the floor. now the conservatives have a real shot at amending it. then paul ryan with the help of the president and vladimir putin has vice president has to get a majority of voting to to the senate. you're going to dismeaning this sean because the senate margin is so narrow, they have to get 50-pl 50-plus vice-president pence. you point out correctly there
10:20 pm
are 3 or 4 conservatives on the other side and people with concerns like port man is concerned about the opioid crisis. all those have to be blended to get to 50 and pence as a minimum. when the they do that they're gonna have a bill that's not quite capable of passing the house. then the real fun will start and they'll have to get a conference committee and fight this out. >> sean: in conference, i understand. >> the question will be, okay, i think by the way at some point you will see president trump on the road in some key states campaigning to make the case, this is better -- there's no question this is better than obamacare. >> sean: i understand. i get the process s. i get the sausage making. i understand the whole thing. am i naive in thinking that a lot of this public fighting could have been avoided had everybody gotten in a room and worked it out at least a lot of it? not all of it.
10:21 pm
ahead of time with all the considerations you laid out? especially because they had eight years to do this? i'm naive, right? i'm stupid. >> i think that -- no, no, i mean last year the republican house had a bill that went through a long process. i think they had seven different member meetings and put together a bill that had pretty wide support. i think they probably underestimated the importance of going through something that's more transactional. i agree with you on. that since you're off on sausage making, you ain't going to get a sir line state. there is no way to get an sirloin steak. you might get a slightly better tasting sausage. how is that for an analogy? >> it was a stun ter of a weekend here and abroad. the office of the president, if not the occupant must speak with moral authority. >> the king of fake news brian
10:22 pm
williams himself is going to try to lecture the president about moral authority. austan goolsbee, samantha about we has been forced to apologize after mocking someone's hair at cpac that had terminal brain cancer. tomi lahren and jessica tarlov are here with reaction. ♪ bass pro shops is the place for huge savings on the gear you need. like redhead mens 8-pocket hiker shorts for under $20. our most popular fish fryer for under $40. and check out our spring fishing classic sale at new biwhat are we gonna do?ys... how about we pump more into promotions? ♪ nah. what else? what if we hire more sales reps? ♪ nah. what else?
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th...oh, baked-on alfredo?e. ...gotta rinse that. nope. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. cascade platinum powers through... your toughest stuck-on food. nice. cascade. [ music playing ] >> life from america's news headquarters, un warns the world is facing its largest humanitarian crisis since the end of world war ii. earlier this week the world food program air dropped more than 285 tons of food into south sudan. that will only last for 30 days. the organization is warning more aid is needed or else people will starve to death. now into its fourth month with iraq ka troops forcing isis
10:27 pm
fighters back. more than 200,000 people have been displaced by the fighting. the number is growing by as many as 8,000 people a day. mosul, iraq's second largest city has been under eye sis control for more than two years. i'm jackie i ban yes, sir, now back to "hannity." >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." some of the alt-left propaganda to destroy trump media are admitting how biased they were. nate silver is out there, there really was a media bubble. guess what? it hasn't gone away. take a look at the latest examples of bias from the king of fake news mr. brian williams himself. >> no serious person would say what he did. president trump offered no evidence. there is no evidence. so we are left with a reckless smear of a former president. in that way, it was a stunner of
10:28 pm
a weekend here it and abroad. the office of the president if not the occupant must speak with moral authority especially at a time when north korea is lobby four missiles into the sea off japan. >> sean: then msnbc suggesting that trump is potentially threatening global hysteria. >> i would say what will i think we're seeing board here is potentially threatening to our global security. >> i agree with you. >> on every level. and i urge people to read and really make decisions about exactly what they're seeing. i understand why so many people voted for him. i understand where you were coming from. i understand why you liked him. but this man is lying to you. >> sean: here with reaction, former obama economic advisor, hysterical at times himself austan goolsbee and u.s. political editor at daily ma
10:29 pm david march martosko is with us. are you afraid of trump like your liberal hyperventilating hysterical breath then on the left. >> hysterically funny to me. look sean the thing is the biggest network on cable is your network. you've been extremely positive on it donald trump, on the very shows that you're talking about with myka there's a former republican sitting next to her. >> we call him liberal joe. he lost his credentials several years ago. >> compared to you sean they're all liberals. there are many different media sources and some of them are liberal and some are conservative that's healthy. there's nothing wrong with that. >> sean: fair enough. but david i do think that you know, for nate silver to admit
10:30 pm
that i thought showed a lot of character on his part. i've never been a big fan, he was never right during the election, give him some credit, his models were interesting but he talked about the liberal bubble. the daily mail is not part of that bubble. >> well we're not part of any bubble. we're really unique on the spectrum of media that's covering the president. i spent almost two years out on the trail covering donald trump when he was running. and i will tell you if you think there is a liberal bias in political media you really have no idea how right you are. nate silver hit the nail on the head in one respect. he said it's not just because they are that way, because they all share this political view it's because they don't listen to people or have a lot of people around them who think differently. there's a lack of the intellectual diversity in the media. at least nine out of the ten of the reporters covering trump on the trail would never imagine voting for him. martha was not the only
10:31 pm
journalist crying for him. i saw several at trump's election victory. that's just the way it is. >> sean: you have to admit there's truth there. after you austin we're never going to agree on much except that you married up. we agree on that. >> we do. >> sean: you have to admit the left's reaction is way over the top. the russia story we have debunked, we have sara carter, tom solomon, respected journal lifts, 20 years with ap. he says yeah there was a fisa warrant, there was another warrant, yeah there was surveillance at trump tower and they found nothing, not one shred of evidence of collusion with the russians. how many months has the media been telling us that crap? sg >> that's what i want to be true. i don't want to find out that the president is engaged in nefarious activity. i agree that nate silver's point
10:32 pm
that the media live in a bubble, how can you not say that's true? they all predicted trump was going to lose and he didn't lose. >> sean: by the way i'm in the media. i can't predict that. >> i know. >> sean: i did predict obama would be a failure, your friend. i was right about that. >> my question to you, my question to you is this, okay, do you really want us to trust the government as much as what you're talking about? if donald trump hired a national security advisor and the media comes to find out that he was being paid as a lobbyist for a foreign country. do you really want them not to report that? should they not say that. >> sean: no, no, no, listen to me. that's legitimate and even trump said there's going to be stories i don't like. legitimate journalism, nobody is talking about shutting down the press. it's hyper ventilating hysteria that has emerged which is different than you're discussing. but i would like to add and you
quote quote
10:33 pm
as a liberal that believes in privacy, i would assume, they shouldn't have leaked a conversation when they were surveilling not general flynn but the russian ambassador that's illegal. it's a violation of the espionage act and that ended up in his career up in smoke. that's more important. >> i don't condone illegal leaks or the illegal leaks of wikileaks either. i have been very consistent on both sides that i don't like them releasing that kind of illegal information. >> sean: maybe hillary if she would keep her email server where it's supposed to be and not in a bath room closet and the if oh did hes sta didn't fall for fishing scams that's not donald trump's problem. >> there are skilled and honest reporters covering the white house the right now. there are other people waking up every morning looking for the silver but let that's going to kill the trump monster. there are journalists like that. the daily mail has been good at
10:34 pm
having a bias toward interesting stories. a lot of this stuff about russia isn't all that interesting to people. it doesn't pen straight. >> sean: it's not true. not a shred of evidence has been presented. they keep lying to the american people. >> that may be true. but it's not that interesting a story. i can speak for myself and my colleagues, we try to write things about character and conflicts but they have to be interesting stories. >> sean: i have to run. by the way i still like austan goolsbee. it's a weakness i have. >> friends for live sean if. >> sean: coming up liberal academy come median samantha bee hits a new low saying that a man at cpac had a nazi haircut. later tonight. >> speaker8: my administration has been working on improved vetting procedures and we'll shortly take new steps to keep our nation safe and to keep
10:35 pm
those out who will do us harm. . >> sean: the left they may want to stop their criticism of the extreme vetting proposal he has. according to a new fox news report an palled fighter lied about his eye the dent at this, geraldo and bo join us with reaction. success has always been measured in zeros. but shouldn't it be about firsts? and seconds... how about adding a third? we think there's a bajillion ways to measure success. and whether you have hundreds or millions... we think you deserve the financial freedom to sleep like this at night. this is the new success story. and at t-i-a-a, we're with you. start today at t-i-a-a dot org. this is one gorgeous truck. special edition. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!!
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why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis. . >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." you know samantha bee the host
10:39 pm
of full frontal on pbs was forced to apologize after mocking the hair of a cpac attendee. this year the bowties were gone replaced with nazi hair. >> sean: it turns out one of the people the we is making fun of kyle coddington has hair like that because he has stage four terminal brain cancer. bee did finally apologize to kyle but here is what he said on "fox & friends" earlier this morning. >> the effects of this go much further than justin subtling me. it's just in considerate and very unprofessional, to lump together anyone that has a certain hairstyle or describe us by the way we look. >> sean: here with reaction the host of tomi on the blaze, tomi lahren and jessica tar tar. you're the too nice, i know you won't support this. >> she did the right thing, obviously in apologizing and she
10:40 pm
donated to his go fund meet page. >> sean: great. there's a bigger issue here. the names, vitto try on, hate, outbursts from ma donna to wanting to blow up the white house, insanity of ashley judd and the snowflakes. it's out of hand. i don't hear people on your side say guys you're making us look did you mean and stupid. >> i've said that maybe even on your program. >> you're saying your side are did you mean and stupid. >> i don't say that. i don't consider myself a snowflake. but what i would say is yes liberals shouldn't do this. this is a trademark of academied against, she did the right thing, i would like an apology from alex jones for talking about michelle jones talking about michelle obama calling her a tranny, mark dies, donald trump, mocking the disabled reporter. at lisa machado, miss piggy.
10:41 pm
you don't know donald trump? >> my question for jessica would be, i want to know, do you think this was a conservative host, even a conservative comedian host do you think the left would have called for them to step down, call for them to resign? do you think that the left would have asked a conservative host to stand down or to be fired? if a conservative host had said that. >> i would ask alex jones to stand down every day. >> that's not my question. do you think that the left would have asked a conservative host to be fired if they had made these comments? >> i think that i'm not really understanding. >> would the left have asked alex jones when he called michelle obama a quote tranny, to stand down? yes. >> i'm asking you. >> sean: tomi, let me see if i can point out. you're pointing out a real clear the present danger for all conservatives. there were groups who monitor
10:42 pm
and i know who they are, in their underwear total losers that monitor three hours of my radio show an hour of t.v. in hopes i say one phrase, one sentence wrong, in the hopes they can target my advertisers and silence us. isn't that what you're saying tomi. >> that's exactly what i'm saying. i think that samantha bee made a mistake she apologized for it and that's wonderful. if this would have been a conservative host oh my goodness, all held would have broke loose. >> i named a bunch of people who said horrible things including the psz. crooked hillary, a candidate. >> sean: hillary is crooked. but go ahead. >> there was outrage about it. there were as well, there were a lot of people who don't like dan savage's comments as well. i am one of of them.
10:43 pm
do not butty. the language is unacceptable. >> sean: can i stop this thing? we're all full of crap. everyone who acts like they're so outraged and hurt by words, baloney. no word ever hurt me in my life, by the way jessica, you can google, i've been called, tomi has been called every name in the book. >> me too. >>. >> sean: every name in the book, i'm not on the fended by what they call me or what anybody says on a radio or tv show, turn -- not this show -- turn the dial, any other show. >> i agree. words don't hurt me either. i'm more concerned about that individual who is a private sit ten who had his hair made fun of. this is about words and how words hurt and about throwing around the terms nazi and fascist. those are heavy labels to throw around. to even comedians on the left like though throw those terms around a lot.
10:44 pm
whoopi golden, the list goes on. they like to call trump supporters that's else a lot. that's reckless. >> i agree. her comment came from the fact that ritual charred spencer, that's where the haircut comes from. >> sean: i don't even noel half the people you're talking about. >> you know who alex jones is, you know who donald trump is. >> sean: i'm not the pc police giving a rip what anybody says. who cares? who cares? >> i care and millions of americans care. >> sean: you know what? we're gonna have to get a little tougher because it sounds pathetic that, you know, except in the case if you have cancer, leave the cancer people alone. leave the kids alone. >> what about the disabled reporter? >> sean: you can say anything you want about you, me, tomi. >> we're fair game we have to take it. >> sean: i can take a punch. we've got to the roll. thank you. >> thanks. >> sean: oh my gosh. coming up next. >> president trump: my
10:45 pm
administration has been working on improved vetting procedures. and we will shortly take new steps to keep our nation safe and to keep those out who will do us harm. [ applause ] . >> sean: president trump is talking about the need for extreme vetting. this comes as an explosive new report finds an alleged iraq in sure gent fighter the entered this country through the refugee program like we've been warning, by lying about his identity.
10:46 pm
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♪ . >> president trump: it is not compassion but reckless to allow uncontrolled entry from places where proper vetting cannot occur. [ applause ] . >> president trump: we cannot allow a beach head of terrorists to form inside america. we cannot allow our make its to become a sanctuary for extremists. that is why my administration has been working on improved vetting procedures and we will shortly take new steps to keep our nation safe and to keep those out who will do us harm. [ applause ] . >> sean: all right that was president trump during his address last month to a joint session of congress explaining by extreme vetting is needed. earlier this week president trump signed a revised executive
10:50 pm
order on extreme vetting. the left continue to lie about the new order. earlier today congress man keith ellison said this. >> it starts out with bad intentions, he campaigned on a muslim ban. >> it has changed. >> but it has not changed to the point where it's no longer the intended to harm and block people based on their religion. >> sean: just this week senator ron johnson sent a letter to attorney general jeff sessions asking him to look into how an alleged iraq ki in urgent who reportedly came into the country through the refugee program was not prosecuted just before the 2016 election. fox news senior correspondent geraldo rivera and new york mayor al candidate.
10:51 pm
betsy devos. >> sean: geraldo i love you. this is why we vet them. let's keep america safe, do due diligence. you come into the country the we know everybody is happy and safe. >> fine the new executive order is both constitutional and statutorily sound. the problem is everything candidate trump said about muslim immigrants during the campaign. the the court will say, i know you're saying now that there's not a religious test t i know that this is constitutional but i know your real intention is to ban muslim immigrants. >> sean: if that was his intent that's what the order would say. they're quoting rudy juguiliani comments. >> let's talk about evolving. what the president said, you could always make a compromising come back. right now the president should come out and say i thought about
10:52 pm
it, i made some statements when i was running for president and i re-thought about it. i want to make it tight for everyone coming into this country, whether they're coming in from france or germany, you have a lot of syrians in europe. i want to tighten up our vetting right now for everyone coming into this country. >> sean: i'm going to take what you just said. this is the answer. >> i agree. >> sean: everyone coming into america. >> you have the president's ear better than anybody. probably fast dial. i think the president should step up and show all america look i made a mistake we're going to start to extremely vet everyone coming in. we want to make sure it's secure. >> sean: here is a way to pay for it. if you want to visit, you have to pay for it. >> good idea. >> let's be real about it. during the campaign you say a lot of things. now he has to show the humanity. >> sean: he shows it through the
10:53 pm
order. >> but it's still the whole idea -- >> here is how it happened. that's what he has to say. that his testimony. >> right. >> right now he's facing an injunction. there will be an injunction on the new ex executive order, they'll go judge shopping. >> then there will be an evidentiary hearing and the court decides whether the facts justify the injunction. >> that's exactly right. you know everything this president does is being attacked. you take the attack mode out of there when you say, forget about muslims, everyone will be extremely vetted coming into the united states of america because we don't want anyone. >> would he say it? >> is that like apologizing. >> sean: i can't get anybody to say anything. >> sean you're on speed dial. >> sean: stop it. this is important. my thing is simple. geraldo i'm not willing to gamble with one american life. there are people from terrorist
10:54 pm
countries, first country i would include is saudi arabia. if you want the country that's been sending terrorists that way, it's saudi arabia. >> say we're going to start extreme vetting. >> sean: i want everybody to know as soon as we're done with the show we're going to watch the fd ny, geraldo has been in the ring. >> he was supposed to go out with his lovely wife erica. you got him out of it. >> sean: i gave him a get out of jail free card. >> thanks a lot. >> you're losing. >> the last time we went out he was swimming. >> sean: you said you would never tell people. coming up the question of the day and apparently more mean messages on the "hannity" hotline. we'll have that straight ahead. [ music playing ] hey team, i know we're tight on time, but i really need a... ...sick day tomorrow.
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. >> sean: time for our question of the day. so president trump has now been in office for 50 days. how do you think he's doing? go to hannity at sean hannity at twitter. you've hit me hard this week on the "hannity" hotline. let's see what weigh got tonight. it's always a surprise. >> sean, please let your guests talk. they get right to a point that we want to hear. and it's important stuff that we want to hear from them, and you always butt in. quit it! i would like "hannity" to give a couple lessons to some of the people that are catching the football to throw it back to him. >> sean: that's a big problem, some people can't catch and can't throw. as a matter of fact that might happen in a minute. i try to let people talk. you got limited time in these segments to try to get to the heart of the issue. i will be more patient and i will take your admonition to
11:00 pm
heart. >> check the number on your screen. you can be mean or nice, it doesn't matter. that's all the time we have left this evening. hope you have a great evening, ir'll see you back on monday. let's see how he does tonight. . make it a great weekend. ♪ >> breaking tonight, the presidency of donald j. trump reaches a benchmark. 50 days after assuming the office, we take a closer look at the actions, the accomplishments, and the controversies. we are halfway through the first 100 days. i am sandra smith in for martha maccallum tonight. it has been a busy seven weeks, a repeal of obamacare is underway, revisions to the controversial travel ban is unveiled, a new national security advisor is in place, allegations of an obama-ordered wiretap persists, and just today, where that attorney general jeff sessions has asked for the resignation of 46 obama


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