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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 11, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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miss an episode of "the five.." >> bret: halfway through president trump's first 100 days. this is "special report." [ music playing ] >> bret: good evening welcome to washington i'm bret baier. 50 days into the trump presidency there are growing concerns about how the u.s. will deal with its friends and foes on the korean pin sue la following the removal of the southeast already impeached president from office. that move comes as tensions sore in the region over the northeast nuclear and missile programs and
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defines of the u.s. and un and traditional ali, china. testing missiles that might be able to reach the u.s. rich edison is watching tonight. >> secretary of state rex tillerson travels next week, he will meet with the south korean government that is on its way out, after the south korean court removed from office the president after a corruption scandal. supporters rallied protesting the decision. they said they must elect a new president within 60 days. in the meantime, we will continue to work with prime minister for the reminder of his tenure as acting president and look forward to whoever the people of south korea elect. this is a domestic issue on which the united states takes no issue. that will consumes much of the
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south core freen government. they're focused on the missile tests. and ballistic prove vocations. >> the current security situation is very urgent and serious. even a moment of carelessness or a single mistake is not acceptable. >> the state department says the u.s. will continue to meet its alliance commitments with to defending the north korean threat. secretary tillerson travels and will do so without reporters on his plane. giving the chal lingsz of keeping up with the secretary of state on a trip with multiple stops, tillerson's predecessors have invited reporters to travel on the plane. the white house says there's an element of cost savings ###. during his time as secretary tillerson has also refused to answer any journalist's questions or agree to an interview. in response to all of this,
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bret, the state department says the secretary will allow journal lifts to travel in his motor indicated when they come to asia to cover him and he will answer questions from journal lifts, fox news will be in asia for that, back to you. >> we'll cover every aspect of that. president trump halfway through his first 100 days in office is to youing new jobs numbers as he tries to persuade conservatives to agree for a new healthcare bill. there are new questions about how far the president is willing to go in syria and what he wants to accomplish there. syria is and has been complex and deadly. a foreign hot spot unlike many others we are facing in the world. now with more u.s. troops in the middle of fighting. chief intelligence correspondent john roberts is looking for answers on the white house lawn. >> good evening. it's a dramatic recalibration of
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our posture in that country and one that raises a number of difficult questions about the path ahead. >> the mission for army rangers is to act as a buffer between competing forces who recently re-took the city from isis. the marines will support kurdish forces fighting to drive isis from the strong hold of raqqa. >> a team of rangers have recently been positioned in . the commander to expedite the destruction of isis in raqqa in particular. >> it's not part of the official white house strategy to destroy isis. that will plan is still going through the review process. president trump signed off but pentagon chief james mattis has been given a level of ah ton my to battle isis that president obama did not allow. >> one of the things that the president has ensured is that the commanders have the flexibility to do what they need
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to fulfill the mission. >> dec i can congresswoman of california wants it stopped. she introduced a bill today that would block funding for any increase for u.s. troops in syria, writing, quote: president trump's deployment of combat troops in sir ra is the latest front in this endless war. the ground forces raises complications for the u.s. america is backing the kurds but turkey, a native ali. the u.s. is caught in the middle. it's illuminated with the chief of send come. >> there's a possibility of combat between turkey and the kurds. do you see that as a scenario that we should be concerned about? >> i do mr. chairman. for that end, we are trying to take actions to prevent that from occurring. >> then there is the that you in relations between turkey and
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russia h vladimir putin and urdewan appear to have patched up differences, meeting together in moscow. >> the parties have spoken in support of the world society, uniting efforts and fighting terrorism. >> russia is closely assigned rd would lined with bash sure al-assad who says he wants back every inch of syria, not just raqqa. >> we never planned for the day after. so what are the plans for the day after here when raqqa false? who occupies tz >> part of what the president has done is issue an executive order on january 28th for the secretary of the defense to submit a comprehensive plan in combination with the joint achieves to defeat isis. that is part of that plan. >> the pentagon has a plan to hold the city of raqqa after it
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falls and to develop a viable plan for governance before isis is defeated. what comes next is a lesson that the pentagon has learned and relearned several times. bret. >> john roberts live on the north lawn. john, thank you. what do you think the u.s. should do about sir ra i can't? let me know on twitter or facebook. there are some serious questions here in washington tonight about just how much the president's initial pick for national security advice or made it known his past through the vetting process. this comes after word that retired general michael flynn was actually working for a foreign government during the trump campaign. here is chief intelligence correspondent jamesrosen. >> two days after former national security advisor michael flynn filed new paperwork, retroactively registering himself as a foreign
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aid to trushing ki, the associated press reported that flynn had alerted lawyers for then president elect trump that he may need to -- >> we trust people to fill out the forms that they're required to do so in an honest and legal manner. in this case he retroactively filed the forms. we advised him what to do and that's the right thing for this administration. >> he was forced out of the top spot on the national security counsel after it was revealed he misled vice-president about meetings he had with russians ambassador to the u.s. >> apprise vice-president appeared unphased. >> you're disappointed by the story? >> the first i heard of it. i think it is an affirmation of the president's decision to ask general flynn to design.
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>> yet the vetting process that saw it flynn initially registering under one of two applicable sets of requirements and led to his second filing this week points out the deficiencies in filling the 4000 jobs some of 1100 of which require -- >> he is at 18 confirmed. the prior presidents haven't done that much better. it is a crazy system >> senate democrats have boasted of their success in throwing down the president's nominees. with that nearing completion top white house officials seem to understand the onus is on them to find their remaining staffers. >> they're going to make it happen and we're going to make sure it happens. >> a letter he sent to vice-president ee electric pence raising questions about flynn working on behalf of turkey. it never made it above the staff
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level to vice-president pence's office. >> james, thank you. attorney general jeff sessions is seeking the resignations of 46u.s. attorneys who were appointed during the obama administration. the justice department says this is a common practice during presidential transitions. it says many obama appointed prosecutor's have already left their jobs. diane feinstein released a statement calling it troubling, saying i'm concerned about the sudden decision on federal law enforce: sessions himself was forced to resign from his position as alabama attorney general after president bill clinton took office. now to healthcare and more friendly persuasion today from the president to sometimes reluctant conservatives over a plan that many of them want no part of. law makers on both sides anxiously await an announcement
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on just how much the legislation might cause. mike eel manual is on capitol hill tonight. >> president trump praised the republican healthcare package advancing anything two committees. the president noted it would accomplish some key conservative priorities. >> president trump: it provides states with flexibility over how medicaid dollars are spent giving power back to local government. we want to see that. much better job. the plan enables americans to buy the health care insurance that is right for them, not the plan forced on them by government. >> the ways and means chairman said by repealing taxes and -- those are gop victories. >> this is the most important thing. there is so much more that unites reapses than divides reaps on this issue. >> democrats are dee machine thighsing the plan. >> it's a job killer.
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hospitals will close. jobs will be lost. in addition to the access to care that is there. the method differents have said people will die because of this bill. people will die. >> earlier the house majority leader was asked about some of the criticism from the right ask left, he tried to sell it as a positive. >> sometimes when you have push back on one side and the other side, from a political spectrum you might have found the sweet spot. >> house conservatives like dave brad of virginia and ohio says to completely remove obamacare with one bill. >> i'm for doing what needs to be done to make sure that the affordable care act, obamacare is completely repealed and replaced with something that is actually going to bring down costs for the families that i represent and that we all campaigned on that simple message, that basic message and that's what they sent us here to
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do. >> making it more conservative such as cutting the medicaid expansion sooner would lose moderate support. >> half the republicans are in states that expanded half are in states that didn't. this is tough work to get to. i think in our committee we got there. >> leadership types are working around votes. monday the congressional budget office weighs in on the cost and impact of this plan. bret. >> mike emanuel live on the hill. now to a story that we've been tracking for several weeks now. the u.s. capitol police say they're investigating a number of technology contractors who are suspected of inappropriately accessing congressional computers, stealing hardware and making questionable purchases. one of them is said to be imran, iran, a contractor who still works for congresswoman debi what'ser man schultz, even though his privileges to access the house of representatives it
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system have been revoked. it's unclear whether the access issues expose the house networks to potential hackers or spying. we will follow this story r the economy added 235,000 new jobs in the first full month of the trump presidency. the unemployment rate went down to 4.7% even though more people began looking for jobs in february. stocks were up again today. the do you gained 45shgs the s&p500 took in eight. nasdaq took in 43, the do you lost 100%. the nasdaq was down more than one tenth. the positive jobs news today was met by some frivolity at the white house. >> in the past the president was reviewing to reports as phony or fiction, does the president believe this report was accurate? >> yeah i talked to the president prior to this. he said to quote him they may
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have been phony in the past but it's very real now. >> let's get analysis now from liz clay man in new york. very real. >> this was a blow out jobs report. big upside beat. really good news any way you look at it. 235,000 jobs versus the expectation of 190,000 which would have been a good number. january's number was upwardly revised. sometimes that happens when they get more information and they change the number. it had a gain of about 230 thousand. we had wages climbing, average hourly earnings popped 2.8%. employers have to pay more to fill positions. we saw big gains in construction jobs. 58,000 added there. this was a good news piece bret. 28,000 manufacturing jobs sprouted up. retail is a mess. it's the amazon effect that
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brick and mortar stores are getting killed by the online giant. overall, look, this jub is absolutely enough to push the federal reserve to hike interest rates at its meeting next week. so to be forewarned >> bret: that will be interesting to see. this is the first month that encompasses president trump in office. does he get credit for the strong report? >> let me put it to you like this, bret. in part perception is absolutely reality. he has invited ceo's, small businesses, unions, cole miners into the white hawes. president trump has sent a loud signal that he respects and likes business and wants to make life easier for them by cutting regulations. the perception is out there that we're on our way to better growth. press secretary sean spicer after he joked earlier he mentioned that the president has inspired a surge of optimism and
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confidence since his election. absolutely you have that push. the experts also say president obama gets some credit for this as well because under president obama we saw 8 four months in a row of private sector job growth and three month job creation. i think a year ago february just a year ago 237,000 jobs were created. they can fight over who should get the credit but nobody wants to add the paltry economic growth gdp of under 2%. we need to move that needle. we'll see >> bret: liz, tuchlt scandal over pictures of naked marines is growing tonight. there are indications it may not be limited to just the marine corps. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the latest from the pentagon. >> i can assure you if there's accountability to be made, those that are involved will be held accountable.
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>> general robert aniller force to confront a scandal called marines united. the site was used to share nude videos and pornographic photos of female marines. a criminal investigation has been opened. >> for those marines that are watching this or listening, or may have been involved in this, if you're participating in this type of behavior in any way, shape or form, you're not helping me. or your marine corps. >> the perpetrators allegedly egged each other on to hack accounts, some taken in the locker room in showers, former disgruntled boyfriends. one marine says her photos were stoke l stolen. >> i had private photos of me from my my space page fully
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clothed, during a deployment in iraq and used to encourage during tent parties for males that would talk about assaulting me, what they would do to me. cuomo set up a facebook account called not in my marine corps. former marine radio operator, erica buttner. >> we will not be silenced. i'm a rape survive sore, this leads to the normalization of sexual violence. >> jim mattis, himself a former marine described it as egregious, unacceptable, quote, we will not excuse or tolerate such behavior if we are to uphold our vol use and maintain our ability to defeat the enemy on the battle field. >> hollywood stars like jennifer lawrence has a military chat
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room. defense secretary has ordered all achieves to root out this alleged behavior. bret. >> jennifer griffin, thank you. up next alleged ties between the trump campaign and russian officials. let's hear what fox affiliates are covering. fox 13 in pham at a florida judge denies a stand your ground defense for a retired florida police officer who fatally shot a man in a move zi theater. the judge ruled he must stand trial. fox nine says minnesota governor mark dayton says he's okay but recovering after prostate surgery. he revealed the cancer diagnosis in january a day after delivering his state of the state address. this is a live look from cleveland, fox 8.
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a little girl gets blown away by heavy winds. it happened yesterday. four year old madison gardener had to hold on for dear life when her door was caught in the gust, her mom says she's doing okay. that's a live look from outside
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[ music playing ] >> bret: president trump has invited pal less citizenian president to the white house to discuss the resumption of peace talks with israel. press secretary sean spicer says the visit will happen soon. the last round of peace talks mediated by the united states collapsed in 2014. a hearing has been scheduled it try to separate fact from
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fiction in the ongoing speculation about links between the trump campaign and russian officials. catherine herridge has new details tonight. >> the republican and democrat leadership sent a private letter to the justice department requesting all applications, warrants or orders that are related to trump's -- the deadline is march 13th. coming one week before the committee's first public hearing on the russia investigation. james comey, former cia director, john brennan, james clap clper as well as sally yat have been called to testify. asked about reports of an odd computer link between a russian bank and the trump organization i allow enforcement source emphasized today when clapper said they the found no evidence of collusion the findings reflected in that computer information.
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elements of thisiscovery were first reported last fall and then recently which may explain the wire tap allegations but we don't know. a republican on the house intel committee said the march 12th hearing will certainly be eye opening. >> we need to see the evidence behind our government's response to those efforts. so i come from a background that is evidence send trick. i'm not interested in summaries. i can't deal with at than mouse sources. i need witnesses, facts and evidence. >> the witnesses who have been called have firsthand knowledge of the investigation and probably the best insight into where the leaks originated. the committee mary chairman has not ruled out issuing subpoenas. >> some of america's largest companies are not waiting around for the trump administration to come up with a new plan. they've come together to make changes on their own. correspondent shows us tonight. >> the health transformation
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alliance, 38 meaning verizon, american express, ibm, coca-cola l. banding together to try to drive down the prices of health care. like almost anything in business, though, this is about their bottom line. >> we certainly would like to see lower prices. but we don't only want to see lower prices. we want to see better care. because overtime, better care keeps people healthier. >> fewer problems means fewer costs for the companies who provide health insurance to their employees. 155 million americans under age 65 get their health care through an employer. the cost has gone up more than 50% according to the kaiser family foundation and shown no signs of slowing down. >> but this new alliance is hoping to change that by leveraging its market power and combined six and-a-half million
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threes to negotiate lower prices than any single business could on its own. already the alliance says it was able it reanythinegotiate contr for prescription drugs. >> we expect an impact of $600 million over the next three years in savings on prescriptions. that represents say 15% savings on average for companies who are in the htf. >> even if those cost savings continue the indicate toe institute isn't convinced alliances like these will do enough. >> this sort of experimentation is worth doing but it's not a solution to rising healthcare prices and all the wasteful expenditures driving healthcare spending through the roof. for that you need fundamental health care reform. that has to come from congress and the states. >> the business world is keeping a very close eye on the alliance which could become the first of many if successful. since the at shines has created
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its membership has groen from 20 to 35 of the largest companies in the country. >> bret: we've been telling you for months about the growing crisis of opioid abuse in this country, particularly in the northeast. tonight's senior correspondent rick leventhal. >> she wanted to live. but she's in my heart. sgll for the parents of opioid overdose victims support means everything. >> if you haven't lost a child you don't get it. and there is no judging, no shame, no -- we're trying to erase the sigma. >> once a month this group meets at a hospital conference room in northeast pennsylvania to talk about the people they loved so much and how helpless they were
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to protect them from the opioids. >> i have a letter that he wrote me in 2013 in one of my purses. he said i'm so sorry. i do so well and i keep hurting you and the family. and i don't want to be a scum bag drug addict. i don't want to be that. i love everyone. and he always said to me if i overdose again i would rather die. i can't put everyone through this another minute. >> we can talk here and not feel judged >> carroll started the group after losing her son eric to a heroin overdose jennifer also struggled with addiction. >> i knew what i was doing but i couldn't figure out how to stop. >> jennifer says the focus needs to shift from victim to survivors. it requires great stejt and hard work. each day gets easier but it's one day at a time. >> i have more feelings of happiness now, and pure joy, i've never felt that kind of
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pure joy before. i'm not losing that. >> president trump speaks often about tackling the pope i didn'ted crisis with prevention tactics. recovering addicts say they hope the focus is on long-term care which is critically important. unless a person is absolutely the full i committed to getting better the pull of opioids and availability of the drugs make it extremely difficult to escape. bret >> bret: rick left ven that will? new york thank you. earlier we said jeff sessions was alabama attorney general when he was asked to resign during the transition of the bill clinton presidency. he was of course like the attorneys asked to resign today a u.s. attorney in alabama at that time. the political corruption scandal in south korea reaches the boiling point. how will this all affect u.s. efforts to deal with an increasi increasingly aggressive
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[ music playing ] >> the owner of the nation is our people and everyone including the president is equal before the law. >> i hope she regrets her fault. personally i want her to go to jail. >> it is possible that north korea will abuse the situation to go to public opinion or carry out military provocation. >> there is an acting president we have strong relationships with. it's a domestic issue. the united states takes no position in the outcome of that. it's up to the core reason people to determine the future of their country >> bret: the south korean president was impeached over a corruption scandal. as secretary of state rex tillerson is on his way over there to view an aggressive north korea, missile testing,
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nuk clee ar program, that are a lot of questions about how this will play out. >> charles hurt, opinion editor for the washington times, an guerra, and charles krauthammer. okay. jason, thoughts. >> well many south koreans feel that will they have ousted a deeply corrupt president. they may be right. the court decision was unanimous to impeach. but it probability couldn't come at a worse time in terms of south korea u.s. relations. we've been trying it isolate north korea. south korea had been an ally. opposition wants closer ties to north korea and closer ties to china, which of course is north core reas protector t here the u.s. had a strong partner in the
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south korea and we don't know where it's going to be going forward. >> we're deploying an anti missile battery. one of the congress man is republican who says to the washington examiner i think there's going to be an an urgency by our military to put the thad in place. jim sensenbrenner. >> i think this is going to upset the apple cart here. >> absolutely. this is no doubt the largest challenge that president trump and his team, rex tillerson, general mattis have had to fails. of course as jason pointed out the reason that will they want to get the thad missile defense system in there now is because, you know, the next administration will likely be a lot less hospitable to the u.s.
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north correa is the most unstable nuclear power. the only country they care about is china. the trump administration has to deal with the fact that over the past eight years the former president, obama didn't do anything to strengthen america's hand against china. and we'll see how well he is able to deal with that. >> bret: as you look at a map of that region you see all of the countries that are directly involved in one way or another, right there. you have south korea, japan, china is concerned about north korea possibly falling apart and all of these people flowing across the border into china. >> right, i the mean china's interest in protecting north korea is not necessarily all friendly. they are worried about a desperately poor and deeply unstable country on their border. they want to make sure that they don't have a giant refugee
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humanitarian crisis on their hands. they don't want thousands of starving people coming over the border. they also want to prop up a fellow communist nuclear arms regime. because the conditions consequences of not doing so are far worse. >> have you seen what is being portrayed as a weakness at state or somehow the white house is looking at state as somehow not empowered? despite the fact you have the secretary of state who used to be the head of a company that was the size of a country? >> yeah, we don't know yet. the signs certainly are not good for an empowered state department acting as a forward deployed american diplomacy on a secretary of state to match. people thought that rex tillerson certainly would fill that bill. as trump is certainly known to
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like having camera ready cabinet officials. and people with business experience. and he clearly had all that. knows the world. didn't do as great in his confirmation hearings as people thought he would. but still did well. once in office has not really asserted himself until any way. so, you know we don't know. and the budget certainly, numbers, leaked budget numbers are a very bad sign from the state department's perspective. >> bret: charles. >> the outside partner. this is not just a three sided game, north korea, south korea, the chinese and the u.s. chinese are watching after 8 years of no response to xhien niece expansion are seeing the united states now asserting itself. the u.s.s. carl vincent an aircraft air yearless now in the
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south china sea. trump has just sent b52's as a way to threaten the north koreans, everyone knows what they carry, they carry nuclear weapons, the worst is the thad, the antimissile system. the chinese react to that the way the, when we wanted to put them in eastern europe. they get very upset because it can be applied against them. yes our reason for doing it is to defend the south koreans against the north. but the overall effect is to put up a missile shield that can degrade and weaken the chinese arsenal. they know that and we are worried about that. they're getting semi hysterical. global times just this week said that the government of china will no longer rule out a first
1:42 am
nuclear strike. that's a big deal. that's not an official statement. but it tells you how much the chinese are upset, which is why we are now rushing to install the thad by the end of april before the election. so it's a tinder box. >> bret: they put out all kinds of things and we are supposed to be interacting with clean that to prevent north korea from being the crazy one. trump's aids say everything is on the table. the united states is looking at ways to freeze the kim family's assets, some of which are believed to believe held in chinese banks. looking at: though the challenge is huge given the countries:
1:43 am
i've been told, jason that china, when they say they cut off the cole imports that they had already gotten their quota of coal, that didn't mean anything big. there are no good options here. >> no. up until yesterday, the one thing we did have was a strong ali in the region. that's scary. we're flying blind. we don't know how the political situation will play out there. we had the assassination of kim's brother in malaysia recently. north korea firing missiles into the sea of japan. this is incredibly unstable. we've lost our strongest ali there. the administration is flying blind and will have to make it up as they go along >> bret: they have not all the positions filled, charlie. under the top ones there is a
1:44 am
lot of hollowness. >> all across the entire administration but it does underscore the importance when you have a place as unstable as this, the importance of sort of doing little things every step of the way. so that they dig things. and the now we have a big thing on our hands and it's, as you say, no good options >> bret: as syria. the friday lightning round, jobs, health care, and michael jobs, health care, and michael flynn.
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so how old do you want to be when you retire? jobs, health care, and michael flynn. uhh, i was thinking around 70. alright, and before that? you mean after that? no, i'm talking before that. do you have things you want to do before you retire? oh yeah sure... ok, like what? but i thought we were supposed to be talking about investing for retirement? we're absolutely doing that. but there's no law you can't make the most of today. what do you want to do? i'd really like to run with the bulls.
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wow. yea. hope you're fast. i am. get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change. investment management services from td ameritrade. [ music playing ] >> bret: former national security advisor michael flynn has filed with the department of justice as a foreign agent for making more than $500,000 as a
1:48 am
lobbyist for turning at this. doesn't that mean mr. vice-president that even if he didn't lie to you about what the russian ambassador said or didn't say that you would have had to fire him any way? >> let me say hearing that story today was the first i heard of it. i think it is an affirmation of the president's decision to ask general flynn's design. >> you have an attorney calling the transition saying, a person who is in line to be the national security advisor may need to register as a person for agent. >> it's a question of whether or not they gave them the advice they're supposed to. i believe that everybody has done what has legally been required of them. >> we'll start the lightning round with that, the realization that the former national security advisor, michael flynn retroactively registered himself as a foreign agent working for turkey as a consultant even as he was with the trump campaign and ahead of his vetting process
1:49 am
to get into that position. jason? >> let's hope, it sounds like flynn was going to be shown the door, it was just a matter of when it was going to happen. i hope the administration did a better job of vetting other top officials. bret what is striking here is even after this controversy all the officials in the ad add don't seem like they're on the same page. spicer the white house press secretary still calling flynn's credentials impeccable. you have the vice-president telling you, there's a reason we fired him, bret. why aren't they speaking with one voice on this in terms of communication about what happened? >> bret: charlie. >> at the time that he got cashiered there was a lot of questions, that was pretty quick, this administration likes to have their fights and fight them. i think we're seeing now part of the reason why they probably were so quick to get rid of him. it's a real problem and obviously they're going to have to deal with questions going forward about this. but i would imagine that even for $500,000 from the president
1:50 am
of turkey to lobby on his behalf he probably didn't accomplish as much as president obama did over the past eight years promoting him and working with him. >> bret: the ap reported that flynn had alerted lawyers for then president elect trump's team about the possibility he may need to register as a foreign agent. that's where the whole back and forth at the white house happened today. >> yeah i mean at this point i don't really know. did they know ahead of time that he had this, you know, got half a million dollars essentially from turkey as a company but very >> bret: closely run. >> close to the president. ap story says at least some people at the white house knew. but other people at the white house said they didn't know. at the very least, flynn should have told them. right in the very clearly told
1:51 am
them. look, you know, if i'm being considered for this job, you need to know that i did half a million dollars worth of work for turkey last year, you might want to know that >> bret: charles. >> it wasn't just last year. look at the timing of this. the contract ran from september to right after the election day. that's the height of the campaign. and the remember that after the convention, trump begins to get the national security briefings. flynn is getting them. he's on the inside. he's not a private citizen essentially. he really is somebody who is attached to a man who could be the president and he goes on with this kind of contract, public publishes on inauguration day i think a piece on behalf of t the, thank you. what in god's name was he thinking? there was no way he could have survived. it's really hard to understand how they chose him in the first place >> bret: quickly, jobs numbers.
1:52 am
february jobs report. unemployment was down 4.7% down from 4.8%. >> i think that i'm tired of winning already. [ laughter ] >> bret: i'm leaving it there, that's too good. >> well i can't top that. [ laughter ] >> no, i mean it is funny to, you know, after months and months and months of trump rubbishing the numbers, as a candidate, the way they're collected, they don't count enough people, you know. the whole thing is fake and terrible. but now they're great >> bret: quickly, health care. do we see any developments here that this health care bill is somehow, that they're somehow twisting arms, charlie? >> it's going to be tough. i think that president trump, the smartest thing he can do is to make a pitch for democrats and go to the hill and actually work to try to win over , peel off some democrats to get at least so that if it fails, if
1:53 am
and when it fails, democrats will -- they can blame democrats for the failure. and you know, but i think that hoping that just republicans do it, it's going to be a tough one >> bret: jason. >> that's going to be tough. i mean i think republicans, and they know this particularly in the senate, they own healthcare now. and if this blows up it will be on them. > >> bret: let me of the interrupt you. they now control the house, senate and white house. if it doesn't blowup, if they don't pass something, don't they still own it? >> yes, yes >> bret: so they own it either way. >> that's the point, they own t they have to decide, particularly the conservatives have to decide whether they want to fix this thing or blow it up and whether the status quo that's preferable to this compromise. that's the decision they have to make. no one has ever accused donald trump of being a conservative purist. he wants a deal.
1:54 am
the question is whether other republicans will get behind him >> bret: will they? >> yes, i think in the end they will have to otherwise it's mass suicide. trump signaled which way he was going when he backed paul ryan on medicaid, are you going to stop the expansion now or in two years? the conservatives wanted it right away, which would be political suicide. trump has made the right call. he backs ryan on this. i think in the end they're going to have to walk over and strong arm the conservatives otherwise the press did he know sir is going to be terribly injured if they are defeated >> bret: when we come back, winners and losers for the week. it's an important question you ask, but one i think with a simple answer. we have this need to peek over our neighbor's fence. and once we do, we see wonder waiting. every step you take, narrows the influence of narrow minds. bridges continents
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and brings this world one step closer. so, the question you asked me. what is the key? it's you. everything in one place, so you can travel the world better.
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♪ >> bret: friday, time for winners and losers. jason? speak up vladimir putin of
1:58 am
russia, my loser, has a number of the political right here in america defending russia to give cover to donald trump. i think putin is sitting at home smiling right now. my loser of the week are the nis over ben carson comparing immigrants to slavery, something that was done a number of times about raising the same thoughts. >> my winners are the people who supported donald trump. he ran on a very simple campaign, and we have jobs up, illegals crossing the border down, that is a pretty significant victory this week. my loser of the week, all those moms who had to scramble to find day care for their kids who couldn't go to school because the teachers didn't go to schoo school. >> my winner of the week is the south korean constitutional democracy. we lost a big ally there, certainly there is a big
1:59 am
question of what kind of government will replace pakr , but this is a question on the a generation removed from dictatorship, and was popular pressure. my loser is repealing and replacing obamacare. it is going to be a whole lot harder to repeal and replace it with anything then trump suggested as a candidate and certainly what we saw in congress this week. >> bret: charles? >> losers, cia. it's all in wikileaks. winner of the week, teen israel, the israeli baseball team, believe it or not, one of the finalists in the word baseball classic, first-time qualifiers. won all of their games, undefeated, amazing everyone. not since sandy koufax -- and you thought all our people could do was finance. [laughter] >> i've got a winner real quick. >> what will it mean for the
2:00 am
wider region? >> this is so good, the bbc interview with the south korean political scientist and all of his kids come in. i love that. ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity," for speaker of the house newt gingrich will join us in a few minutes, first, i've said since 2008, journalism in america is dead, and now we see just how low the all cleft propaganda destroyed trump propaganda will go to destroy trump at every turn is tonight's opening monologue. here we are, today is day 50 of the trump administration, the commander in chief has been rapidly moving to keep his promises to you, the american people, he detailed a very specific agenda and has been gor mcdonald is checking items off one by one, and


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