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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  March 12, 2017 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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the parents of little kids right now, this may be a little bit exciting because they may be excited to potentially -- trained to earlier is now later. but that is even mean? trim for the ncaa tournament. it could be a massive nor'easter. two feet of snow appeared 12 to 18 inches. if that happens in the city, we would shut down completely. i think people love these storms because you hunker down, don't get the groceries before. snuggle up and watch tv. dream to let's talk some politics. 46 u.s. attorneys asked to
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resign by the trump administration, but one has refused to do so and instead of being forced to resign, hand in your papers, you are fired. his name is brief rl, southern new york -- the prosecutor from southern new york treated this yesterday. he said i did not resign. moments ago i was fired in the u.s. attorney will be the greatest honor of my professional life. he claims that he was fired. people are wondering today, what is special about him? what is he declared he gets fired when he liked the other 46 was asked to tender his resignation. abby: wanted the headline to be that he was fired. that's what everybody is doing. i will say with someone, you someone will respect it both on republicans and democrats including meredith -- mayor
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deblasio. this is just like any other point in the administration, this has happened from the beginning. clayton: the question as he might politically position himself to run for governor of new york. jonathan turley from george washington law school injustice last may. the sin. >> i considered it deeply unprofessional. i mean, he is a high ranking political appointee serving at the pleasure of the president. many u.s. attorneys will go for the resignation as a matter of course. when you are asked by the attorney general to put in your letter, you do so because you're a professional. i'm not sure what he was trying to achieve. i still don't know what the point is. i don't know why you would want the president to fire you. pete: it's kind of obvious. clayton: absolute and complete her in damning.
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he certainly is a high-profile position. he's respected by some. and obama appointees who did seven years and now you got a new sheriff in town. i want a new set of priorities. abby: when you are asked to resign company do it gracefully. that's what the process is all about. used to be the legal counsel for chuck schumer. they've got a close relationship. as for waldo reminded us, democrats are over this one. senator leahy says the approach friday night fire in a friday night firing of all remaining u.s. attorneys including preet bharara, it will respect a top prosecutor is another reminder the independence of the justice department is at risk. under this administration and the senate will have to select full replacements. they have the necessary courage and fidelity to the law by sally yates to say no to a president who will need to get rid of.
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pete: friends@fox will they stop the agenda by being intractable here. i'm not going to leave. pete: it's abrupt, firing, purge from others. you could conceive of where this goes. is this a political motivation be done? we will play clips from other networks when the exact same thing was done. very different wording was used temperature firing. it was replaced. abby: other networks to support anything you will see a different language as well. pete: a move against a respected prosecutor. the president and the vice president taking a road to her to go out and sell their health care pitch and going across different states yesterday. but they are getting some pushback. they are getting so big pushback not just from democrats, but
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republicans. abby: they were from kentucky where rent follows from. senator palin is now another voice. she is back in and out of favor of this. she had an interview with bright partners and here's what she said. remember this is government controlled health care. the system with enrollment in an unaffordable, unsustainable, unconstitutional continuation even if this new quest i reform proposal there is an aspect of socialism. pete: when she moves the needle on this, she's standing up saying we want to repeal and replace the law. this is still government controlled health care. clayton: you've got mike pence, and a proud conservative going to contact you. clearly a signal to someone like grandpa who doesn't necessarily like this plan. now you have sarah palin calling this an aspect of socialism.
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mike pence and mick mulvaney like something that replaces the bionic ear. it will be adjusting to see how the next couple days and weeks, whether conservatives can be brought into the tent. the meeting that is going to happen tuesday with the freedom caucus. are they able to incorporate these ideas and how powerful is the primary aspect of it? you don't want to get to a point. >> these guys get calls from their own districts they neither want to loose the health care you'll be out of a job if i lose my health care. >> you said you were going to rip obama cairo route and branch and now you're giving me something that doesn't feel like that. that's not what i voted for. abby: health care is such a complicated the personal thing. let's have been ruined because of obamacare. they lost their jobs over this. their health has been her. i understand why people are up in arms but concerned if you
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can't get obamacare replaced and repealed under this administration with the house controlled and senate controlled by republicans, it's never going to happen. clayton: but the nuance of people of health care for the very first time and are worried about losing it again. they waited their whole life to get it and now -- abby: how do you come together on this. clayton: maybe. clayton: maybe bring in mitt romney. obamacare came out of mitt romney's plan. pete: to your point, exactly what paul ryan said today. if we're ever going to have a moment comments right now. when i hear sarah palin using a word like socialism. we've seen what happens at the va. that's what. that's the left wants a single-payer government run health care. if they can coalesce around some in the fix is coming keeps the aspects that really can search a
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free-market principles. a >> is a lot of good stuff. bring in the quality up and prices down state lines. we went out from you guys as well. what do you think? you think changes need to be made? let us know what you think. headlines will bring you this morning. overnight, a cincinnati police officer is shot. investigators say two were running to a domestic violence call just after midnight when the suspect opened fire headed one of the officers. the cops heading back the suspect multiple times. both been undergoing surgery and likely expected to be okay. and a security breach, the white house more serious than first reported. jonathan tran skilling defense-related multiple layers of security, almost making it to the entrance with base and a letter from president trump
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saying is a friend of the president have an appointment. president trump raising security officers. >> a fantastic job. he troubled person. abby: at tran is facing up to 10 years in prison. in congress, putting pressure over his wiretapping claims, intelligence committee to provide proof backing of president trump before the election. any investigation of the claims be part of the larger probe into the alleged interference with the election. promoting the last of the nikon this morning. -- mourning the loss of the nikon this morning. ♪ joni sledge, one of the founding members of the local group sister sledge found dead in her
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arizona home. investigators now believe in the cause of her death but the spokesperson said she was not ill. she was just 60 years old. she will be missed. pete: on the show, u.s. attorney preet bharara fired after refusing to take the pink slip. we will ask him to pray about that. clayton: white house security breach says president trump is no longer safe in the white house. abby: are you tired of searching a clock for daylight saving time? pete: i just use my iphone and it does it automatically. abby: a lawmaker on a mission to end out once and for all. he joins us next. ♪ my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got...
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test. abby: welcome back. preet bharara stated up to the trump administration refusing to resign. he's been into this pink slip. pete: is this part of the normal transmission? deputy assistant attorney general tom dupree. good morning. break this down. anything out of the ordinary here except for the fact that he is refusing to step down? >> there's nothing out of the ordinary aside from outside. this is what happens, this is our system is designed to work. the president is head of the executive branch ideas and title ii put into place in his administration people who are committed to carrying out faithfully as law enforcement agenda. this is exactly what past presidents have done. nothing remarkable about it.
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the only thing that surprises me is the administration waited this long to do this. clayton: he's not here to defend himself. one hallmark of justice is absolute independence and that was every day that i served. the idea he believes in the job he's doing enough to drag me out of here. >> independence is what she wanted a prosecutor. at the same time, that doesn't mean you defy the request of the president to submit your resignation. our system works in the following way. prosecutors serve at the pleasure of the president and if the president says any to ask your resignation, the honorable thing to do at that point is to turn in your resignation. i was a political appointee under president bush. i resign effective inauguration day. i didn't force them to fire me. abby: jeff sessions under president it's about time. he was asked to resign as well.
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40 6s to resign this go around. seems like preet bharara is the only one coming out saying he was fired. does make you wonder about his own political ambitions and if there's something else going on. what do you think? >> as you said, someone has had honorable service as a top federal prosecutor. a great reputation and law-enforcement community and you hate to see another snow. i will say there is no question people are already taking this and tried to spin it in a way to say this is part of a political purge when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. this is the way it is designed to operate. pete: half of the u.s. attorneys resigned to the other other half were asked for the resignation. a small detail as the president tried to call sample in the day over the day before and he refused to take a phone call.
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>> there is a tradition that there is not direct contact between the white house and prosecutors in that sort of thing. under the circumstances, i don't think there's any problem speaking to the president directly and tendering resignation to the attorney general. pete: are you concerned at all about the vetting process of replacing individuals going forward? we've had some problems inventing especially with mike flynn. >> i'm strongly confident the white house is one step ahead. thinking of possible candidates to replace u.s. attorneys. these people will be fully vetted to go through the senate confirmation process for senators can ask about the record. at the end of the day just a very serious, very credited experience, talented people in these roles. abby: tom dupree, thank you for being with us here victory our
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contractors question who developed the top-secret program designed to hack into smartphones and household technology. no one has been detained so far. u.s. diplomats warning against the growing hysteria over russia. former u.s. ambassadors calling democrats graves ambassadors: democrats claims over russia's alleged collusion with the tribe administration in which a good it could hurt the u.s. relationship going forward. trade for a big carrying a backpack jumped over the fence within steps of the white house before being arrested friday night. pete: that's right. jonathan tran carrying two cans of mace and now faces weapons charges. abby: this security breach proves the president is no longer safe. former secret service agent dan bongino, good to have you this morning. in a report last night, since 1991, 70 cases of someone jumping over the white house fence. why do you say he's not safe? >> because he's not.
3:25 am
i have evidence to prove that. the secret service does not evidence to make that appeared with omar gonzalez, make it into the state floor of the white house. we then had this recent case where a guy jumps over the fence of the treasury, had to scale another friend and nearly made it into the white house again. the problem here at the secret service are really sclerotic management. a serious brain drain in the secret service and inadequate security point. he's not safe in fairness to them by those common. train to leave us with airplanes crashed into the white house. we have drones. how do they prepare for all of the variables? >> there's a lot we need to do. i'm absolutely sure a lot of the swamp rats of the security arena are the secret service until the dhs said white house operation everything is fine.
3:26 am
never forget this. and none of them fulfill your snotty success. what happened yesterday was an uneventful failure. a clear failure that faithfully was uneventful. no serious weapons and explosives or firearms. this is a huge disastrous failure. the secret service management knows exactly what needs to be done at the white house. they don't have the guts or courage or political will to go and do it. maybe double fencing, more personnel, and they just don't want to do it. it's mind-boggling. featuring to how much of it is they don't want to turn the white house into a fortress. you don't want to look at it like a war zone. the >> i'm glad you brought this up. the optics with the dreaded error quote. does worry people. this has been undermined for a long time.
3:27 am
will it make the president look at accessible. the white house is open and could go through their congressmen and request one. miners in there for the whole bill the other day. the fact you have a couple extra people in battle dress uniforms and the north and south grand is not going to make it look like a donkey appeared everybody understands security at the white house. abby: they are raising offense from six feet to 11 feet. it will be adjusting to see if that makes a difference. train to the term team house obama u.s. appointed attorneys. president obama will they replace them. isn't this media bias that is worse? mohammed ali claims he was
3:28 am
detained at the airport over his face. is this real or are just about a political jab at the president? abby: two snowboarders get some lab company on the slopes. watch.
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♪ abby: good morning. an hour earlier today. trade to love that song. we used to think it. speak i.t. in all know all the lyrics to it? ♪ très intuitive there somewhere. abby: i hope you're awake now. pete: we went through some of the archives of media bias from time to time to see how certain stories are played with it perhaps a liberal president versus republican. never different.
3:33 am
we covered the fact president trump took his prerogative to replace u.s. attorneys has every president has the opportunity to do. 45 day. one didn't want to. he had to anyway. the >> if i don't resign from my fire? you wanted the headline to be he was fired. preet bharara in the southern district here in new york. if you look at headlines, this happened every new administration that comes in. this is how it has been covered in the past. back in 2009 obama to replace u.s. attorneys. an example of how it happened. this was today, yesterday. >> obama appointed u.s. attorney. the interesting part, same exact reporter wrote the exact same headlines. under obama they are replaced. often reporters have nothing to do with their own headlines.
3:34 am
>> they handed to their editors and come up with the headline. to your point, same reporter, two different stories. >> eight years apart. 29-27. treat to see a man described a massive firings. juniper in a fiery the u.s. attorneys. >> janet reno fired every hold of a republican u.s. all across the country. >> i have asked for the resignation. >> on 93 u.s. attorneys. a one day clean sweep. clayton: they got it wrong because they said she fired them when she asked for the resignation. abby: that was the senior jeff sessions was asked to resign. u.s. attorney of a state he has peered >> a letter written to him.
3:35 am
the president ask you to request the attorneys submit letters of resignation and has been asked about presidential attendees, please send it in the care of john podesta with a copy to me. >> i was a letter should tell him to pack his bags. it's important because mini grandstand come you make of look like something nefarious is going to. abby: that's not to say someone is not someone who's well-respected about the good things that he's been tough on bill deblasio appeared pete: now he gets to be respected in another job. tell us what you think. friends have tried fox abby: a fire sparked by a charging hover board claiming the life of another girl. chante died of her injuries. four others injured in putting two girls.
3:36 am
the families as you can imagine our shock. >> my granddaughter. we can replace her. the pain is so deep. abby: half a million hoverboards recalled and banned from public the nationwide due to the threat of the batteries exploding. two men rushing to save and 89-year-old woman from an oncoming train. police say she was trying to cross when she got trapped by the closing days. two drivers pulling her off the track seconds before the train or a pass. the woman was shaken but likely okay. inventor of the world wide web coming to his rescue. tim berger wrote the blueprint that became the internet pending an open letter to mark his 20 anniversary. the internet is a danger with the misuse of personal data and fake news which he says has
3:37 am
spread like wildfire. he looses on the loose on the slopes. could you imagine that coming towards you? when it allowed to gross snowboarding in colorado. both shot in making sure to stay out of its way. a huge beast. what do you do? t. run away? you fight back. clayton: you saw how tough i was. clearly it would fight bad news. millions bracing for a major blizzard. pete: heavy snow cover strong gusty winds to bring what could be the biggest snowfall of the season. meteorologists live tracking the storm. the >> remember all those daffodils that were just up? all dead.
3:38 am
the good think would be good a snowstorm in arch, the snow doesn't stick around long. take a look that bad to to show you what's going on. the cold air has settled in even towards men faced. a little bit of breeze across parts of new england. minus 12 in many things. holder has settled in and allowed the ground toeeze. parts of the southeast downtown around the new orleans area through southern alabama. your locations in the southern appalachian will be gone pretty quickly. this is a story that will move in and mixed up with another system across parts of the northern plays. here you go by to go by tuesday night by tuesday nights and spots over two feet of snow in a little bit more to come around the i-95 corridor.
3:39 am
one feet to two feet of snow. take snowstorm, guys. abby: thank you, rick. trade to mohammed always said claiming he was detained at the airport again. the media followed suit happily. is this story real or a giant political stunt to slander trams travel ban? abby: plus, dog bounty hunter stole from his hotel room. those details just ahead. pete: tired of switching your clocks for daylight savings time? a lawmaker on a mission to an once and for all. he joins us live. ♪ ♪
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trained to welcome appeared dog the bounty hunter may be hunting is a thief. >> we got the guitar. we are ready. traduced him ready. pete: someone stole $5000 from a hotel room where he and his wife were saved in los angeles. nothing else was stolen. police tried to determine if it was an eye job. criss angel loses consciousness while performing his strict company upside down straitjacket escape. after two minutes of struggling to break free was lowered at rest to the hospital. he was soon released plans to perform again tonight. abby: mohammed ali junior on capitol hill testifying about be detained last month at the fort lauderdale airport.
3:44 am
>> immigration hold me aside. they asked me what was my native who gave me my name. they asked me why religion. i was like a muslim. pete: tsa doesn't ask about your religion. after the testimony on his way home, he claims he was detained again before his flight from washington d.c. to florida. abby: is the story real or just another political ploy to discredit the president's policies? >> for more comic tv, thanks for getting up early. this story just sort of feels fishy, talks about be detained. the second incident going through, is this real or are these fake news headlines? >> i think it's very unfair to the accusing of the immigration
3:45 am
enforcement agent doing their job to keep bad people out of the country by asking questions at the airport in terms of where he was coming from. jamaica is on the list of countries that is a foreign country. has asked for his passport because he was coming into the united states from a foreign country. he was asked a couple questions. i don't believe he was asked about his religion. i don't believe he was asked to give him his name. those were standard protocol questions. if john kerry is accusing agent of asking those questions without a lot of per by not allowing to defend themselves. does make you appear it is very unfair. abby: he went from d.c. to florida. you don't go to immigration when you go that route. there's a lot of parts you are scratching your head and almost want to be on the fly on the
3:46 am
wall bunker but it's really what is false. they determine what the rest of the country hears. >> nobody likes tsa, but we all go through it. i've been told i've been pulled over and asked a number of questions because i was traveling to wherever. the idea that he was asked about his religion and therefore it is true is ridiculous. yesterday, there are situations where there is religious discrimination the number of people. when he goes inside the state it actually waters down everything to the point where no one is believed. it is unfair to make these claims and run with it as fact or just another undermining of the administration and are you somehow affecting domestic flights which is absolutely not. the >> you refuse to take office jewelry to go through.
3:47 am
the >> after his testimony, the second time it looks little eyes so they doublecheck that. he refuses to take up every jewelry before going to the metal detect two. an 11 minute delay that he calls himself be detained. those are the headlines that come. the >> you for not going to cooperate at the airport, you will get detained whether it's for 11 minutes or 20 or an hour. take industrial jewelry at the airport had been asked about it is not religious discrimination despite what he has claimed. just cooperate, do what you're told. get security employee. >> been a cherry on top, debbie wasserman schultz happened to be on display. here's what i put on social media. mohammed ali junior detained again by the government religiously profiling the greatest will not make us safe. your thoughts. >> putting a something that is
3:48 am
not verified. were you surprised about this? this sounds like clock boy were he brought a clock that looks to get bogged to school to get attention away found out his father was politically motivated and all kinds of organizations that have pretty suspicious ties. i think the media should do a better job of telling the other side of the story, not just taking what he says as fact that religious discrimination when he sounds like he wasn't finally the rules like the rest of us that tsa. trade for the article recalls his quotes about what he thought it was. the birds are banded discrimination. 11 minutes pretty tsa. abby: always good to see you. "saturday night live" has a new target. his daughter, ivanka.
3:49 am
>> she doesn't crave the spotlight, but we see her. a feminist or advocate, champion for women. >> are you awake yet? does the daylight savings time have you all messed up? our next guest come a lawmaker on a mission to rid the time once and for all. hey, ready for the big meeting? yeah. >>uh, hello!? a meeting? it's a big one. too bad. we are double booked: diarrhea and abdominal pain. why don't you start without me? oh. yeah. if you're living with frequent, unpredictable diarrhea and abdominal pain, you may have irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, or ibs-d. a condition that can be really frustrating.
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21 states hoping to pass legislation that would lock the clock. abby: 21 states. our next guest wants to keep daylight savings time but never searched the clocks back. pete: michigan state representative peter lucido. you might become my hero because i was trying to be this crusade right here in fox and friends to in daylight savings time. we just lock them in and never fall back in the fall. >> that's correct. we want to send it in for getting. we have over one phosphate with clocks, making their wristwatch, anything jumping on ladders.
3:54 am
if we set it and forget it, we will be a daylight savings time in michigan, which we are for nine months out of the year. we spring forward in march and fall backwards and over were in the difference is that three month we'll have a lot more daylight. everyone taking care of. this was an initiative. only to do it temporarily. we never went back and changed what we take away from ourselves which is keeping the same time. if everybody says that we have to do this universally, we don't. throughout the united states. abby: i have to push back into not on your side. and this morning because i'm tired and didn't get much sleep last night. it seems like reports of health concerns.
3:55 am
car crashes, heart attacks. you've got to convince the other that appeared and the utah girl so i love these things. i love the change. i also like the changing light in winter. >> go ahead. we have four seasons i would love to have you as a result. when we go ahead and spring forward, they are taken care of because they will have more daylight throughout the entire time they plant their crops. in november they can't plant crops anymore and they are done with it. january, february, they are taken to arizona and california. they are not here to be affected by the time change. those here in michigan and forest health conditions, let's have one more to this. what about the students that go to school?
3:56 am
enough is enough. it takes two to three weeks before they could reevaluate. >> what if every state did their own thing? >> hold on a minute. i want to lock in michigan so we set it, forget it so as it relates to what we are doing, we have four counties could visit with wisconsin. >> i appreciate you joining us this morning. i'm trying to convince -- >> will not only send it to you, but we'd love to have you as one of her residence. abby: i would love it. thank you. clayton: he aspired. u.s. attorney preet bharara gets a pink slip refusing to resign. the rumors are swirling. plus, bo dietl, newt gingrich will newt gingrich will alter your life.
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get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> manhattan federal prosecutor preet bharara says he's been fired by president trump. >> flight to kentucky to support. >> the obamacare nightmare is about to end. >> donald trump negotiated -- negotiators coming through this process. >> another run at town republican lawmakers. >> i'm sick and tired of people regenerating the appearance. >> that's not a repeal of obamacare. >> he did this to himself.
4:01 am
a sore loser. >> listen to james brown. sometimes you have to. didn't get that extra hour of sleep last night. an unsafe work environment. >> we are all just waking up this morning. i like his plan which is to not get rid of daylight saving time so we spring forward and said it lock it in. extra daylight for the rest of eternity. abby: i think we are aware. trade for your responses. katie said his country had us this picture. we are watching fox and friends. >> remember when we had that debate on this couch? if you want your decorations up all summer long, go for it.
4:02 am
abby: this is phoebe in dubai. the above watching as a kind of projects for third-grade local school here at 3:00 p.m. i am up an item with my black click puppy. do a savings affect him. glad to see pete is a red sox fan. i did live in boston briefly. >> you are wearing red socks. there is a story this morning about dogs and how they team up to manipulate you to get what they want. we will get to that in a little bit. abby: they really do. if you think they manipulate you because i'm convinced they know what they're doing. trade to sound like our producers who team up on us. meanwhile, the trump administration if you pay
4:03 am
attention to mainstream media teamed up on the u.s. attorneys appointed by the obama administration and asked to resign 46. we mentioned on friday asked to tender resignations. 45 dead in that i'm going to go on my merry way. one did not. >> and i don't resign if that e-mail the firepower that was the case? he said he was fired. i did not resign moments ago. i was fired in the south district of new york will be the greatest honor of my professional life. we've been talking about this all morning. you are appointed by the president to be the u.s. attorney. with the new administration comes in, they clean house in putting people at their priorities commit their agenda. this has been done since the beginning of time. >> the attorney general gets to choose u.s. attorneys. they serve at the pleasure of the president. for whatever reason, preet bharara as credible as he may be
4:04 am
being see a special. half of them reside in the trump one, which is what a lot of u.s. attorneys do. abby: there are 93 altogether. pete: have presented by the way, the other half held out. trade for what is going on there? some conjecture he may be positioning himself to run for political office. tom dupree, attorney general under the bush administration was not earlier to talk about this. >> preet bharara has other honorable service. he's got a great reputation and law enforcement community and you hate to see his tenure and all the snow. i don't want to speculate what his personal motives speculate what is personal but in spite of bad but there's no question people are taking this and trying to spin it in a way to say this is a political purge by the the administration was nothing could be further from the truth. this is the way the constitution
4:05 am
is designed to operate. abby: everything is political in terms to politics. the abrupt friday that fire as they call it. abby: various hysteria seems someone is such a great guy. they get to choose. it isn't a purge. the ability to zero in people. that's not what she would believe from senator patrick leahy. this is what he had to say in light of the resignation of preet bharara. the abrupt friday night firing of all u.s. attorneys in clued in preet bharara, a walrus acting prosecutor. that's another point of contention. the independence of the justice department is at risk. the senate will have to carefully evaluate replacements and other high burden of proof to the law like sally yates to say no to a president who will need who will need to serve regularly. remember when the brother lynch,
4:06 am
on the tarmac. it was not called into question. abby: read the headlines and it's the justice department and the administration is in chaos. firing abrupt, absurd. this is common to us. this is the way it works. everyone watching, be called. this is not a big deal at all. he's wanted everyone to talk about this because he's saying he was fired, which is not the case. transferred code to our facebook page. if you're on the internet and you cannot have a you cannot amazon can you might've thought that the outcome of the reasons to vote for democrats. the author of the show had it's all like pages of the book. they are all plagued has a bibliography. reviews at amazon are favorable. abby: this book will leave you
4:07 am
speechless. i read it every day before bad and it gets better every time. 10 out of 10 will read again. pete: absolutely riveting. clearly putting some serious legwork and every page will leave you begging for more. the word excellent doesn't even do this book justice. the democrats in an effort to jump on board with this bandwagon here decided to release their own book called reasons to vote for the gop. abby: you can't copy it. come on. a captivating interpretation. the other book was number one. their book is 45,023. its exact copy, so they can copy it pretty quickly. clayton: here's one of the reviews. too bad he couldn't think of his own. abby: people spend years writing books and hear michael volz at
4:08 am
number one amazon. >> not as good as reasons to vote democrat. less common type, less meat on the bones. >> simply put, no good points of this book. my favorite review of all was just a word. arrow. pete: i said i would do the audio book version. nec job. clayton: stuff like this shows you this stuff like this shows you this is a center right country. it's like talk radio. people went to your thoughtful and good ideas. what you hear from the last 20 or three hours of radio? this guy was making a critique of the fact democrats don't have new ideas and try to copy it. europe with your own joke. that's a ripoff.
4:09 am
abby: well, it's doing well. still number one on amazon question art we will keep a close eye. other headlines started with a fox news alert breaking overnight. cincinnati police officer shot. two officers responded to a domestic violence call just after midnight with the suspect opened fire, hitting one of the officers. the cops hitting the suspect multiple times. both men undergo surgery and are expected to be okay. security breach in the white house even were serious than first reported. jonathan tran allegedly scaling the fence alluded multiple layers of security almost making it to the entrance carried a sent a letter from president tribe. he was a friend of the president and had an appointment. secret service agent dan bongino joined us earlier saying he is concerned for the safety. >> the problems with the secret service are sclerotic
4:10 am
management, it in an inadequate security plan. he is not safer there. abby: stacey up to 10 in prison. congress putting pressure on the president over his wiretapping claims. given the white house until tomorrow to back up claims president obama wiretapped before the election. the administration has asked city investigation into russia's alleged interference with the election. i love this story. is your.manipulated you? sometimes i try stuff to get her to stay. what could she possibly be doing? abby: turns out the furry friend you love so much knows exactly how to get what it wants. dogs no human language it can quickly find ways to deceive us. i experienced this on a daily
4:11 am
basis of the golden tree of her. he knows when it's close to feed time. he will crawl up on my lap which he doesn't do all the time. and it will sit there and stare at me. clayton: if you have two dogs. pete: i last went, thank you and we are not going to talk about that now. i do have a dog and of course the manipulation happens. abby: we always respond. >> a big storm coming across parts of the south. we bring outcome of snow across the carolinas. two to three inches of snow. the mountains, maybe more than that. this herbal giveaway another storm towards the northeast and will be her first and only big blockbuster nor'easter for the northeast of the season.
4:12 am
winter storm advisories. you see that greed through the coastal areas of connecticut in parts of massachusetts is ready in rhode island. this is how it will play out. next energy across the northern plains. by the time we get towards tomorrow evening towards d.c. and the rain snow line anywhere to the last a lot of snow. a lot of spots one to two feet of snow. this is a big story mid-march doubled off very quickly. abby: get prepared. clayton: i feel awful. i must admit. i'm not up on everyone's personal life. >> it's okay. let it go. abby: we all love our dogs.
4:13 am
tricky things, right. the vice president on the offensive in kentucky to repeal and replace obamacare. >> the obamacare nightmare is about to end. the president and i are proud to partner with you to make kentucky great again. trade to the governor of kentucky doesn't agree with the plan. how is meeting with the vice president when he joins us next. abby: is somewhat tried to raise his political profile by saying he was fired inside of resigning. clayton: a few video game just for you.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
>> this'll be a risk battle in washington d.c. for us to repeal and replace obamacare once and for all, we need every republican in congress and we are counting on kentucky. abby: heads making a plan amid criticism from rand paul that it doesn't go far enough to lose entitlements. one person who seems to agree with senator paul, matt raven the governor introduced the vice president had a chance to speak with him personally. did he change his mind? good to have you here, governor. >> great to be on with you. pete: you are not on board this plane to repeal and replace obamacare. you are willing to work with them on this. how did that conversation go with the president. >> the conversation with gray. vice president had was an
4:18 am
extraordinary guy. he's a good adversary. the disagreement between us is remarkably small as it has been. the conversation i had taken out of context but applied in white house on. the import thing to understand if there is 100% agreement among republicans that there needs to be repeal of obamacare. that's what people don't focus on. they focus on difference of opinion as to how we should replace it. that is where my comments and others been weighted. senator paul and others as and others as well say everyone has opinions as to what should replace it. we had an extra fairly good conversation and complete agreements. companion legislation and administrative regulations and procedures. i am confident we are in
4:19 am
complete agreement as to what they should look like at the very end of it. how we got there is going to be the conversation. abby: that's a big concern. republicans have had seven, eight years and now we are here. there doesn't seem to be an agreement on how to move forward here in the alternative is the american people are left with obamacare. do you think republicans can come together and how did they do that? at this point it seems really top. >> if you had two people married, they don't agree on everything. let alone 435 adults and 100 on the senate. there will be differences of opinion. that's the beauty of this process. to that in, it is healthy,
4:20 am
target, appropriate people be disagreed. do i think we can get to resolution question like you bet i do. but hundred% agreement this needs to be settled. abby: how have they been personally impacted by obamacare ? >> is a good question you asked that pier one of the reasons we repeal and replace simultaneously as stacy do have the medicaid portion of this particular process. in kentucky one third of kentucky and sarah medicaid. that is cost prohibitive in some respects. control over the federal poverty level, work requirements or participation requirements of recipients. will we see and hear far and wide kentucky is unsustainable. something has to change in mississippi will work on. it's why work also with secretary price in the coming
4:21 am
cms had when she was appointed to be able to actually have control of the medicaid population. contact in every other state. abby: hate to let you go. the debate will continue. good to have you here. we'll be right back.
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
trade to catcher p. at 200,000 people, the number of people the aclu said signed up across the united states. we can organizers live streaming to inform people of their rights as protesters. one in 10 is how many firms bidding on president trumps mexican order while projects are owned by hispanics.
4:25 am
more than 600 businesses showing interest in the first phase of the $21 million wall. $350,000, how much president trumps former ferrari could sell for at an auction. it can reach a speed of 196 miles per hour and was bought by a commander-in-chief in 2007. only 6000 miles on it. i will not be putting it in. can't afford it. shirley mcclain back of the big screen for the movie the last word. try to fox news contributor kevin mccarthy had a chance to sit down one-on-one and joins us now. good morning. >> are new to you. the 100% with you on any daylight savings time. i almost missed my segment this morning and my tie is skinnier than usual. i did put it that anti-on it for you. >> i've got batman for you. superman a period we've got to
4:26 am
talk about shirley mcclain. you had a chance to sit down. she had that big moment at the oscars the other night. >> shows in a new movie called the last word. her character was to control everything. she was to have her obituary read before she dies which is a strange thing. i spoke to her about her last name because her brother is worn 80. she is shirley mcclain. why did she choose to go at the last the instead of vb like her brother. here's what she had to say. >> obviously your brother, warren reidy. how did you decide to go with shirley mcclain? >> my birthday is shirley mcclain and i wanted to honor my mother into her name. change the spelling because she was always called the clean.
4:27 am
ed moran added one t. two bb because he didn't like people staying. >> is interesting because dexter is amid deciphering it she started asking questions because she was curious about her last name. i'll put the whole interview on my twitter. it was interesting to talk to a considerate she worked with alfred hitchcock. an amazing day. i would love to pick her brain about what directors were back then. it's amazing. abby: really excited about this one. >> i was excited about this one, too. a reboot of the franchise. today 233 south came out. it was a remake and 76 with jeff bridges said in 2005 by peter jackson in "lord of the rings." you're seeing original footage
4:28 am
in 1933. i still think it looks pretty good so far. this takes place in the same universe as the 2014 godzilla film. the created this whole verse. this is a straight up were filled. it opens up during world war ii and fast forward towards the end of the vietnam war. the action amazing. they have a person played key called which is very cool to watch. i did speak to sam l. jackson in the film and wanted to know if exit change some touch, wet suit seeks out on set? watch this. >> is always shocked by the guy they set on fire that was running around. every time they say can't come in a dataset in. choose him back up. they laid him first.
4:29 am
dude was like -- i think he gets paid every time he gets lit. like taking falls or whatever they get paid for falls for life. trade to carry this film is pretty fantastic. >> is awesome. i give it four out of five. sitting across from samuel jackson, ali jackson, all-caps taken about as pulp fiction. in thinking about delivering that speech. did a cool thing where he went through his entire filmography. trade through before you go come the beauty of the beast, so excited for this. >> i saw this and i will review it next friday. the actor who played the beast actually lowered his voice to sound like that. he's from downtown at the period abby: i cannot wait for that.
4:30 am
>> with you guys. thank you so much. abby: forget the president. "saturday night live" targeted a new term. did nigel farage beepers julia decides? we will ask what he joins us live. transport into someone changed his profile so he could run for governor of new york. bo dietl running for mayor of new york city. they are next. abby: come on in. use but my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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marie callender's. it's time to savor. be that she's beautiful. she's powerful. she doesn't crave the spotlight, but we see her. feminist and advocated for women. the woman who could stop all of this but wow. also available at michelob for jared. abby: switch it for the president to the first daughter. was supposed to be a glamorous commercial pregnant called
4:35 am
complicit. she's not an advocate for women and she should stop her father awoke. >> with her line at all that other stuff, the sales of her stuff over the next few weeks searched. abby: they find her to be a classy woman, someone who's outspoken. they took hillary clinton to tab. this is what they do. >> a double down on president trump of course. truth rates actually doing really well. the fbi ramping up investigation it to the document contractors be questioned at virginia who developed the program design to hack into smartphones and household technologies. paper over job cuts may have been the driving force. no one so far detained. a fire sparked by a charging hover board claiming the life of a toddler.
4:36 am
dying from her injuries. for others now in critical condition. the family in shock. >> might rain battered. we can't replace her. the pain is so deep. abby: half a million hoverboards recalled nationwide due to the threat of batteries exploding. taking over the border is valid videogame. you can't control it and the great try to cross into the u.s. will dodge an attack by gunwielding border agents. he wants to expose people to what it's really like crossing the border. spoiler alert, players who make it to the end of the game you get to see a city livery for them. millions across the country are preparing to fill out their march madness bracket. it could cost in place a whole lot of cash.
4:37 am
a study by the firm says the ncaa tradition may cost $2.1 million of loss product to the overall. ironically the city shows employees participated could damage her out. tree to get the? i've already losing product. now we've got to turn out. how much product to meet the loose? you lose a ton of it just like i do and you can push the screen that makes it look like you're working. i could write a book for you about it. a fake spreadsheet on your screen. abby: the calm before the storm. reporter: that's exactly it. we skated through much of the winter from the eastern seaboard but now it is coming. get ready. holder really settled in.
4:38 am
19 degrees of the thermometer behind you there. not at all the right graphic. don't even pay attention to that. there you go. this is the right one. winter storm watch anywhere you see the blue updated two working later on today. those are blizzard warnings. from new york city up along the corridor headed throughout rhode island towards massachusetts. this is where part of the storm moves across parts of the carolina buried in snow already. the next energy moves in across the northern states today and it all picks it all picks up it by tomorrow night stars throughout the day tuesday. get ready for a lot of snow and wind with the sword. tuesday is the big day for this and most everybody, one to two feet of snow. back to you. pete: u.s. attorney preet
4:39 am
bharara refuse to submit his resignation when asked by attorney general jeff session. and now it is out of a job. he notified earlier on he said he was fired. but if someone tried to raise his democratic profile by not going out quietly? former n.y.p.d. detective and candidate for new york city mayor bo dietl and eric gossard. good morning to both of you. the inside scoop on things like this. when you make of this? >> was not the scoop on a lot of things. >> reprieve is held over a called his office to congratulate him. he's one of our finest united states attorneys. with that said, this is not an unusual event. something that occurred was granted coverage every granted coverage every know where they switch your brain over. could it be that he wasn't fast enough and i think of deblasio. i welcome the attorney general and maybe they will follow through with the evident in the payment supposed to be there for
4:40 am
legal pay contributions. all the evidence is there. it is all pay for play. 350,000 teachers you did. goes on and on. it will be time for a good united states attorney to put handcuffs on them. trade to what you think on this? other administrations want a clean slate of current u.s. attorneys. >> as bad as i want to save as i went to central, this, this happens in every administration. but he was told he was going to keep his job. pete: that's what he said. president trump never said that. >> he was under the impression he would keep his job. when they asked for resignation but sometimes they only ask for certain resignations. he said i'm not going to give you an idea to fire me. >> is he positioning himself to run for something else of the way did this?
4:41 am
>> perhaps. giuliani was in this position. it's a very powerful position that springboards into other things. trump grandstands. pete: dotted this instance. >> went into administration administration comes in, all the agencies -- it's a normal thing for your resignation. if the president wants to keep you in there, you have to butcher resignation with the rest of the butcher resignation would drastically tell them i'm not going to resign. you can't mess with the president of the united states about the whole deal. united states -- he could change his mind. >> i can understand his position. if you tell me i will say this position i served it for seven or eight years and then you tell me about my letter of resignation, i'll give it to you. >> you are still serving at the pleasure of the president. the minute you decide i will no longer dodge thought, gosh
4:42 am
>> of course you are. >> it is an appointed position. >> your problem is president trump is the president, not hillary. that's it. pete: were going to have to wrap this up. >> meet me outside. true to bo dietl, thank you this morning. coming up, dude nigel farage meet with julius hodge and what do they mean about? plus, sarah palin not a plan of the republican plan. obamacare, what she wants to see instead. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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4:46 am
>> we are also taking strong measures to protect our nation. we want all americans to succeed, but that can't happen in an environment of lawless chaos. we must restore it a pretty up the rule of law at our borders. abby: president trump has made it clear keeping the u.s.a. for the main priority for him while he's particularly focused on supporting those who work here legally and create tougher borders. abby: country in trade for they say they need to do more to address the needs of u.s. immigrants. abby: let's forget religion contributor, father jonathan morris. always good to have you here. >> first of all, what my president to say my main priority is to keep you safe. i walk by president to do that. i also want other people, the
4:47 am
other people is safe to say let's not forget there's another responsibility and that is to help people who are most in need. abby: heidi find that balance? you hear the stories of families being separated or bob who has to hide in the church to fight safety. the other side of that is president trump is following the law. forgive on order but to this country. >> there's natural law, but then there's the question of laws that country makes. those laws have to be in conformity with the natural law. it's what god made us to be a moral responsibilities we have to each other. one great principle to keep in mind that there is a natural right to emigrate, to leave fun filled country in search of a better life. but there's not a natural right to immigrate into whatever country it wanted to. there's a moral responsibility
4:48 am
and legal responsibility of the country to allow immigration at a sustainable level. >> the pope has made his feelings known and we will read jesus entrusted to open the entrance to the kingdom of heaven about to close it. >> i don't know if it's a perfect analogy to immigration laws. the pope or if this is a constantly is remember if you be a miracle play. it can't beat germany only. we are part of that international community and the family of human needs and we have to take care of those most in need. >> is that pretty clear lot for us but we'll ask about your legal status one way or the other. we are not asking local churches and others to ask immigration status. we understand why so was the sole. in sacramento the bishop diocese they offer sanctuary to illegal
4:49 am
immigrant churches. >> it depends what sanctuary beads. >> incurably colored seeking -- the police are trying to get a good shutting the door and keep people away from police who may have a bright to protect the country from this. can you be taking care of people are not being worried. i got the wind -- if someone is thinking comes to my door i take them in. think about what happened with immigration in the united states of america, ellis island for example. but they showed up, they weren't all legal. yes we help them become illegal immigrants. the country has to fix the system in which we have been president trump has talked about having a wall with big open doors. is to ellis island was. but in search of a better life. they were legal at the united
4:50 am
states. we have to help those fleet for very tough situations. abby: father john, good to have you. >> of all fired up. the mainstream media are feeling space-bar 46 attorneys but they obviously don't remember this. >> i asked for their resignation at the request of the president is >> 93 u.s. attorneys, a one-day clean sweep. trade through the media bias, when will it end? clayton: plus, did the brexit leader nigel farage meet with julian assange? we will ask nigel farage whitty joins us live. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac.
4:51 am
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4:53 am
4:54 am
abby: some support among lawmakers. peter lucido of michigan state rep on the show earlier. >> remember, during world war one and two, this is initiative only to do it temporarily. he never went back and change which was keeping the same time. if everybody says that we have to do this throughout universally, we don't because we are different time zones anyways throughout the united states. said it and forget it. we have everybody fussing with clocks all day today, they keep their cars, wristwatch can anything get their house, do you
4:55 am
think they should redo it. in fact, a lot of wasted time. trade do they show an increased number of heart attack. an increased number back to the period he met ahmad. it's a holdover for world war i. we don't need it anymore. the president watch it right now could get rid of this. he might do are bad -- >> by the way, those countries of the world change their times. it happens all the time. >> if we did away with this, we would not have as much later that evening. >> a couple things really important. this is super old school, but a lot of kids take a school bus in the morning. if you change this to your kids
4:56 am
would go to the school bus in the dark in the morning and create a situation not nearly as safer then. abby: bred the right type of greatness lead the crusade. for years i grumbled about this and felt like the voice of the wilderness. now i know i'm not alone. thank you. >> about the wilderness. >> sunday day, some of it. the art of the deal. the clocks forward half an hour and leave it alone. abby: i went to set went to suddenly forget it. i started to pretend that it's too excited award, said that. >> i think this is the first year i did it to save the iphones change automatically. let us know. i really appreciate it. sunday morning, nigel farage, chris wallace all here live to talk about daylight saving time. the new couple ever when talking about. that is right.
4:57 am
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♪ all the boys think she's a spy, ♪ ♪ she's got bette davis eyes >> federal prosecutor says he has been fired. >> but president trump did it to himself. a sore loser. didn't want to go. thought he was more important than the office itself. he's not. >> if someone comes to you as the president of the united states and says i need all of your resignations. >> vice president pence traveling to louisville, kentucky today to help rally support. >> the obamacare nightmare is about to end. >> i think donald trump, the negotiator, the listener, the deal maker is coming to this legislative process. >> another weekend another round of town halls for angry republican lawmakers.
5:01 am
>> i'm sick and tired of hearing people just blatantly denigrate the affordable care act. >> that is not a repeal of obamacare. >> the secret service investigating how someone managed to breach the white house grounds while the president was inside. >> the intruder's name is jonathan. >> it was a troubled person. >> our next guest could be my new hero. >> do we end for once and for all daylight savings time? >> we're going to have a lot more daylight, we're going to have everybody taken care of. ♪ ♪
5:02 am
>> good morning, everyone, on this daylight saving monday. you have one less hour today. abby: did you feel it this morning when you woke up? >> i felt better. less sleep. abby: that's a military response. how about you, clayton? clayton: you lose an hour of sleep, and you feel weird. abby: well, someone else feeling discombobulated this morning -- clayton: right where he wants to be. abby: maybe he's happy everyone is talking about him this morning because he's insisting he was fired, he was an attorney in the south district of new york. so when 46 asked to resign by president trump and jeff sessions says this is common occurrences when the new administration comes in, they remove many times their u.s. attorneys to get people in that have their priorities and agenda in line. but he did not want to send in his resignation. now saying i did not resign. moments ago i was being fired and u.s. attorney will did he go gate the greatest honor of
5:03 am
my life. >> he was a obama appointee, been there seven years, preet decided to grandstand and said, no, you're going to have to fire me. he wasn't sure based on characterizations he made, some are saying maybe there are some motives here. >> we had tom on the show earlier who was a former deputy assistant general under president bush. he said, look, this happened to me as soon as president obama came to office, i gave my resignation on inauguration day. i'm not going to preach mine here but listen to what he has to say. >> preet has been the top federal prosecutor in new york, and you hate to see his tenure end on this note. i don't want to speculate what his personal motivate might have been. but there's no question that people are trying to take this
5:04 am
and spin it to say, oh, this is part of a political purge by the administration when, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. this is the way our constitution is designed to operate. abby: he says if anything he didn't ask for the resignations sooner. this is like an ambassadorship when a new president comes in, usually many times they're asked to resign, and you gracefully resign. but you wouldn't know that if you're following how the media's covered this time around. >> yeah. about the purge and the push and how they're getting rid of everybody. well, this has happened before, including in -- multiple administrations when you change parties. in 1993 of course janet did the same thing getting rid of u.s. attorney. this is how cnn characterized it then in 1993. >> janet reno fired. every hold over republican u.s. attorney all across the country. >> i have asked for their resignations as a request of the president. >> all 93 u.s. attorneys, a one-day clean sweep.
5:05 am
>> so democrats outraged today. where were they then? abby: yeah, with jeff sessions, who is the attorney general. he was asked to resign in 1993 from his home state of alabama. >> yeah. and he wrote this at the time back in 1993. this is what janet reno wrote to him. the president has asked me to request that the united states attorney immediately submit letters of resignation, as has been asked of all appointees. please submit your letters of resignation to president clinton as well as to me. president clinton said i want a different attorney. abby: normally this wouldn't be a story. but it has turned into one. >> but if you don't talk about it honestly, you can create this narrative that they're purging political opponents. nope. standard practice here. abby: to some other headlines this morning. we start with a fox news alert and this breaking overnight. a cincinnati police officer shot in the line of duty.
5:06 am
investigators say that two officers are responding to a domestic violence call just after midnight last night when a suspect opened fire, hitting one of the officers. the cops shooting back hitting the suspect multiple times. both men now undergoing surgery and are expected to be okay. we'll keep a close eye on that one. and the security breach at the white house even more serious than first reported. 26-year-old jonathan tran understandable allegedly scaling the fence alluding multiple layers of security, almost making it to the entrance and a floater president trump. telling secret service he was a friend of the president and that he had an appointment. former secret service agent joined us earlier saying he's concerned for the president's safety. >> the problems here with the secret service are serious brain train in the secret service and inadequate security plan. he's not safe in there. abby: tran is said to be in
5:07 am
court tomorrow and is facing up to ten years in prison. and what's the deal with pamela anderson and julian assange? anderson is strapped for cash and needs to raise money for charity. this former playmate admitting she hangs out with fellow vegan assange in london. >> yeah. the report is she's bringing e-mails. let's bring in fox new contributor that also met with julian assange. abby: you did have meeting with julianna song, how did that go?
5:08 am
>> i did meet with him, and it was nothing like that. he's been hold up inside that building now for four and a half years. clayton: why did you decide to meet with him? what was the impetuous for that meeting? >> i met him because there's one area in which we have a shared common interest, and it's something called the european arrest warranty. it's which british citizens can be extradited anywhere in europe without the production of any evidence, which strakes as being rather wrong. and beyond that, all i can say is that what -- anything else that was discussed is of course private. >> what would you say to critics here who's trying to tie that meeting to the trump administration and wikileaks saying, hey, it's one big, giant conspiracy. >> no. let me a.j. sure everybody there is no giant conspiracy.
5:09 am
i wasn't acting as a messenger for anybody. this is purely a personal meeting. >> sure. abby: all right. well, bill clinton is out of the woods and speaking and taking a dig at president trump saying there's real threat of nationalism. take a listen to this. >> people who claim want to the nation state are actually trying to have a pan national movement to institutionalize separatism within national boarders all over the world. in every age of time, eventually the face can be resolved in a way to keep us going forward. instead of taking it to our own destruction. abby: our own destruction, so you're a big player behind the brexit movement. a lot of people say a similar thing happened to this country during the election cycle. really wanting us to focus on america first. what is your response to his
5:10 am
comments and how much of it was a dig? he didn't actually say president trump's name, but it seemed like it was very much a focus on that. >> look, bill clinton and all those politicians, what they try to do was to give away the ability of nation states to make their own laws and have their own democracies. they wanted to sign us up to forms of global government. and what happened in 2016 with brexit, with trump's victory is that that world, the world that bill clinton tried to build has just come crashing down, i am pleased to say, and he doesn't like it. and i would say this to bill clinton. actually, we're the ones on our side of the argument, we believe in democracy. we believe in the value of the nation state. we believe in being good neighbors with as many countries in the world as we possibly can do. and it might be better if people like clinton and blare stop moaning and recognize
5:11 am
that the world has changed. >> globalism is their goal. a borderless world. that's a prepared speech, that's what they want. >> yeah. absolutely. i thought the way that bill clinton talked about the nation state, it was as if nation state is a dirty word. but nationalism or nationism if you want to call it that, a problem with that all over the world since the beginning of time. people have made choices about who they want to be run by, who they want the leader of the pack and what what their territorial boundaries are. we've been doing it for million years and now what we're doing is returning to normality. no matter who in this world puts the interest of their own family in front of theirs. >> that's a great point. thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up senator of
5:12 am
vermont declaring war on this nation over the firing of u.s. attorneys. is this another try to block the president's agenda? abby: and former david letterman's staff is not laughing and saying why he's a man who inflicted his pain on his staff. more on that pain coming up
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? . >> welcome back. replacing u.s. attorneys is different for any new administration but that's not stopping outrage from
5:16 am
democrats lashing out at the president. abby: democratic senator patrick says the abrupt friday night firing of all u.s. attorneys a well-respected tough prosecutor who the president promised could stay is another reminder that the independence of the justice department is at risk under this administration. the senate will now have to fully valuate the president's selected replacements. they will have a high bar to prove they have the necessary courage and fidelity that will say no to the president who will need to hear it regularly. >> is this another democratic attend to block the agenda? here to weigh in fox news anchor chris wallis. good morning to you, chris. >> good morning to you guys. >> senator saying this is putting the justice department at risk? is that what we're talking about or is this just the president having the prerogative of his own people? >> well, it's a little bit complicated. it's not clear either way. it is certainly the case when ever president comes in, u.s.
5:17 am
attorneys, top prosecutors in various districts around the country are political appointees and are made by each are president to replace them. so it's not unusual that president trump would come in and say i want to replace all of these prosecutors. that's standard. what's futball usual this time is the fact that they were ail asked to resign immediately. usually what happens is they submit their letters of resignation over the course of two or three or four months. the new president's team comes in, and they name a new u.s. attorney for a district. when that person is confirmed by the senate, then the old one steps down and the new one comes in. so this is a little different. but this actually -- this has happened before under bill clinton and janet reno, who is his attorney general. they were all asked to resign immediately. but with bush 43 and obama, it was a more gradual process. >> well, chris, you will certainly be talking about obamacare as well this morning and a plan that's still making its way through the house but as you know not all
5:18 am
republicans are onboard. sarah palin calling this plan socialism in many ways. i had the governor on from kentucky saying he had a lot of concerns here. if republicans can't come together on this, when people have said they have seven or eight years to come up with a alternative plan, then the reality is we're stuck with obamacare. so how does this play out? do you see the chance for them to really come together on this and make it happen? >> well, it's a tough hall, and you've raised exactly the issues, abby. we're going to ask the right people about it at the top of the hour. first, we're going to talk to the most powerful person in the white house that i suspect most of your viewers have never heard of before. his name is gerhard cone, the equivalent of the national security adviser. he's one of's top advisers when it comes to the economy and health care and all of those issues. this will be his first sunday show interview, so we're excited about talking about to him. and then we're going to talk to one of the leaders of the
5:19 am
conservative, and you're exactly right because on the one hand a lot of these folks like jordan are upset with the house plan, the so-called paul ryan plan repeal and replace that is it doesn't do enough. on the other hand, you know, the president and all of these republicans ran for reelection have been talking for seven years ever since obamacare was put into place about just put us in charge. give us a republican president, and we'll repeal and replace it. now they've had those seven years to put it together. if argue that on this plan then as you say, we're going to be stuck with obamacare, and i think there are going to be a lot of very unhappy republican voters. >> well, you remember speaker boehner a few weeks ago saying for as long as he's been there, we've never agreed on health care at all. maybe he felt untethered by being out of there but he said, look, this is not going to be repeal and replace.
5:20 am
>> well, that's the thing we're finding out. it's easy to talk about repeal obamacare. but the fact is whatever you didn't like about it, it did gain insurance for 20 million republicans and they don't want to be in the position, republicans having millions of people lose their coverage and the stories that will all do about so-and-so have coverage and now it's not being treated. so they've got to find something to replace it and as boehner said and as you're suggesting, that's a lot harder to do. abby: and it's so important to get this one right. look forward to your show. see you soon. >> you bet. >> all right. the u.s. attorney fired after reducing to take the pink slip claims his job was promised to him by the president. but did that really happen? we'll ask david who worked on the transition team straight ahead. abby: and there's one thing that will unite democrats and republicans. the president will make us wealthier. gerri willis will join us. my name is pam.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
. >> and welcome back. quick look at your headlines now. congress putting pressure on the president over his wiretapping claims. giving the white house until tomorrow to give some proof backing up president trump's campaigns that president obama himself wiretapped trump tower before the election. and the diplomats growing hysteria over russia. the former u.s. ambassadors to russia calling the democrat's claims over russia collusion to the trump administration quote a witch hunt. they say if it doesn't stop, it could hurt the relationship going forward. the majority of america say president trump will make america prosperous again.
5:25 am
abby: but will's impact be enough to bridge republicans and democrats? here from the fox business network gerri willis. good morning, gerri. >> good morning. good to see you guys. abby: that is the big question; right? can they come together? >> can they come together is the big question. but what i have to tell you is that people are ignoring about this economy is the option and ceo suite. we've seen so many talk with the president, meet with the president, and now we're starting to see that in the president's first monthly unemployment report. he's reporting a gain of 235 jobs and that's across a lot of sectors that we haven't seen improvements in in the past like construction, like health care, retailers, we're the only ones that were down and that's because of the bricks and motor problem, but you're seeing a big increase there. they were expecting 197,000 jobs, great news. >> they're pointing out the sectors, 58,000 in
5:26 am
construction, manufacturing, health care, mining, these are places where you have to have confidence that the future is going to be favorable to that industry; right? >> right. and that's the problem for lower taxes for corporations. that's the promise that regulations are going to go down. that's why these guys are getting in there and improving jobs right now. >> you say the promise. that's the key word. the promise of the tax cut. and so for years, they've been sitting on money, not buying equipment, not hiring because they didn't know what to do with the uncertainty. if that promise doesn't come true? >> well, you make the best point i think is that ceos have been sitting on their hands. they've been giving money back to shareholders; right? in dividends. so now the question is will they really put that money to work? will the money come from offshore back into this country? that's entirely dependent on the policy; right? what's coming out of washington. abby: right. >> i think there's been a lot of optimism on wall street. you've seen what professional investors have done.
5:27 am
they have bid stocks up. we may have put ourselves a little bit ahead, we're up 13% since the election, that's a huge gain. and think of the optimism since individuals. my husband every morning is, like, gerri, i'm up another 5,000, 10,000. so people are really watching this. it really makes them happy. but if this doesn't start coming through in a few months or if people don't see especially executives don't see some kind of movement towards fixing obamacare, getting tax cuts in place, they are going to slow down their plan to go back to what are has eight years of the new normal. >> and as you said, that's a lot of what is going to come out of washington. and as it goes back to republicans and democrats, also republicans working together because we've seen a divide among their own party when it comes to something like health care. this is a unique time when nd theave power in both the white house. a real chance here to get some big things done and the stock market, the americans are waiting for that to happen. >> if they can't do it now, when can they do it?
5:28 am
they have to find common ground. i think donald trump's in the driver seat here, at some point he's going to get back in the mix, pedal to the metal. >> that's right. 57% of americans want to make america prosperous again. democrats and the left, really their only play is to resist. at some point you're resisting the ability for america economic engine to take off. >> see, there you're taking louisa hodge and that doesn't always apply in washington; right? >> gerri, good to see you this morning. >> good to have you here. >> catch gerri on the fox business network. abby: all right. coming up forget president trump. saturday night live has a new target. his daugherty have t daughter ivanka. >> he doesn't see her. oh, how we see her. abby: the ad that might make you upset this morning. >> and attorney general fired saying his job was taken from him by the president.
5:29 am
we're going to talk to david about it next. good morning, david. you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™,
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♪ >> you said what? 17 feet of snow? 18 feet. >> give or take 17 official. >> let's bring in the president's former deputy campaign manager and fox news contributor david preparing for the weather as well. david, nice to see you as well. we've been talking all morning long about preet who refused to resign his position and said i was not -- i'm not resigning. you have to fire me in which case he was then fired. what do you make of this? why did he hold out? >> well, look, it's a publicity stunt for him. i'm disappointed in him, to be quite honest. this is something that goes with the territory. you serve at the pleasure of the president, whichever president you work for.
5:34 am
and, you know, just like other guests have said, janet reno came in and fired -- 93 out of 94 u.s. attorneys in 1993. the only one that survived was mike, and he survived because of a democrat senator asked for him to be able to continue on that work. you serve at the pleasure. and he may have been told you're going to stay on for a little while. but this is obviously a little while in the administration's eyes. >> that's what we want to ask you about because you're the deputy executive director for the administration team and preet was at the trump tower last year meeting with the president-elect. this is what preet had to say after that meeting. >> we had a good meeting. i said i would absolutely consider staying on. i agreed to stay on. i have already spoken to senator sessions as you know who is going to be the attorney general. also asked if i would stay on, and i said i'll continue the work. >> so that was his characterization of the meeting. what's your sense of what was
5:35 am
said? was he asked to stay on for all four years? >> no. i think it was much more of the polite conversation where it was indicated he would stay on. look, that was in november. he was not told then to have your letter of resignation on january 20th, which has happened in the past with presidents, incoming presidents and incoming administrations. it's now mid-march. i think that these guys specifically him, and i'm sorry -- look, he has done a very good job in that position, so i hate to see him go out this way. abby: well, no one is saying that he hasn't done a good job that he's not well respected in this area, in this city. ben rosen has been up tweeting about this this morning. saying and democracy rule of law is not supposed to be partisan. in what way was preet not good at his job? exactly what we're saying. no one is accusing him of not being good. this is really about putting people in place that have your priorities, your agenda that they're lined up to follow through with the job; right?
5:36 am
>> that's right. you have to work with the president's agenda, his priorities and the attorney general's. look, he said he met with senator sessions but senator sessions is now attorney general sessions. and he's had an opportunity to look far and wide and maybe he has somebody in mind that he would like to see hold up his priorities as u.s. attorney in the southern district. abby: who do you think made this call? from jeff sessions or the president himself saying this is the time, we're going to do it all at once to ask all 46 to resign. >> well, look, first of all, there's 90 some odd u.s. attorneys. abby: 93. >> yeah. 93. and this is about half of what janet reno fired in one day. so this is par for the course. and let me just say this. i think it would be obviously coming from the department of justice looking to fill those jobs with senator sessions' folks who he believes will live up to what his standards are. and i think that it would be his recommendation to the president and the president pulled the trigger glitz not
5:37 am
surprising someone like ben rhodes would tweet that. he's a speechwriter for president obama. preet was a obama appointee. so this is standard stuff, and they're trying to make it look like there's a purge like this authoritarian president trump is coming in. it really is a intentional mischaracterization to make the president look back. >> of course. it's the permanent campaign against president trump. he is winning. he is leading this economy out of the mess. he is going to get a repeal and replace bill passed. he is on the right track and all they have to do is the permanent campaign against him. >> it's not just liberals this morning. as you know there are staunch conservatives out there that are not having it when it comes to the president's plan for health care. sarah palin in an interview from bit news saying this is government-controlled health care, the system that requires
5:38 am
enrollment on a affordablal, unconstitutional medicine. and there is still an aspect of socialism and that's the whole premise here. she's calling the president's health care repeal replacement plan socialism. is this the battle they're about to face? >> well, it is and the white house, you know, needs to be paying very close attention. look, president trump is a deal maker. he wants to make a deal. and i think that speaker ryan owns this bill. and i think that he owes it to the president to make sure he's listening to all sides. that the folks who are bringing forward these common sense, you know, repeal, you know, amendments that they would like to see are being told "no." and i think we need to get together at the same table instead of saying this is a binary choice. you're either for obamacare, or you're for ryan care, and i think we need to have a little
5:39 am
bit more unity. >> so what i hear you saying is that this process needs to be a little bit on going. the freedom caucus should be listened to by speaker rain and maybe president trump it was a consensus bill out of the gates? >> it is clearly not and the message was clearly delivered to the president this week that there are 33 votes against this in a republican caucus. and i think that that's going to not allow any repeal and replace measure to move forward. >> david, i have to ask you. cory lewandowski said that he thinks the president's staff may have let him down, and he points specifically to the, you know, this health care roll out with the consensus there and also with the executive order and the early days of his presidency. do you think that his staff has let him down and sort of told him, yeah, everyone's onboard with this bill. run with it. >> well, i think his staff who are doing an incredible job are listening to speaker ryan and his staff. and i think they're reporting to happen what they're being told. so i think the -- really, the
5:40 am
house leadership has to come together in an honest moment of reflection and say we must work with our entire conference to get this bill passed because we cannot have president trump's momentum derailed by poor communication skills in the house caucus. abby: yeah, one of the biggest lessons we learned eight years ago was not only getting republicans united around this but other voices that are willing to lend themselves to the table to get health care right. because at the end of the day this might be the most important thing we're going to tackle going forward. >> well, president trump wants to get repeal and replace done, and then he wants to move on to tax reform. the optimism that you guys were talking about a few minutes ago, what is going on in the economy with jobs and this president bringing together, you know, corporate ceos to the table in the oval office, in the white house to say bring american jobs back. we must be hiring. we must be buying american. this is a -- the new norm for american.
5:41 am
i think it's taken a strong hold and president trump needs to continue his optimistic view of america. and the repeal and replace provision is clearly one of those, but we have to get to tax reform. abby: all right. >> very interesting. reaching out to the freedom caucus is going to make it difficult to get democrats on board, but you have to cobble together the coalition, no matter what. abby: good to have you here this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> you got it. well, the left taking on the president's immigration crack down by creating what they call a new underground railroad to protect illegal immigrants. >> there are 35 families on the island willing to open their homes in case immigrants face deportation. >> amazing they're willing to open their home. >> are they comparing illegal immigration to slavery? we debate it. next. abby: plus newt gingrich is joining us next. he has a lot to talk about.
5:42 am
>> he's a big deal. i wanted to know where my family came from. i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪
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with the push of a button, giving you an accurate and custom mortgage solution without missing a beat. [drum line sfx: rocket] quicken loans. proud supporter of college athletics. [drum line sfx: rocket] . >> the left taking on president trump's illegal immigration crack down by taking in illegals in their own homes and hiding them. >> there are 35 families on the island willing to open their homes in case immigrants face deportation. >> necessary, and they need to open their homes or the kids are left alone, you know? and the parents are detained. >> staten island a new area that has now spread to at least a dozen states. here to database the idea
5:46 am
conservative radio show host lawrence jones. good to see both of you this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> they're calling it the underground railroad. do you support this idea? >> look, we're a nation of immigrants founded on religious freedom. and when americans feel like their neighbors may be separated from their kids, naturally they're going to step up. that's what we've always done. >> but you say the big argument is you broke the law so that you go back. that's not good enough. just because you break the law, that's not enough to break a family. yet if i break the law, i'm going to go to jail and that would break up my family, no? >> look, we've seen a lot of people with extreme wealth during the financial crisis that broke the law a number of times. they never went to jail. they weren't separated from their kids. these are people that are hard working folks that are amongst us, and we've got to find a way to bring americans together and to have comprehensive immigration reform. >> lawrence. >> let's be clear.
5:47 am
the african slate that came to america, they didn't come here willingly. they were stripped away from their families. they were not immigrants. and it took a constitutional amendment for them to even get the rights of americans. so this is not the underground railroad. these are people that broke the law that came here willingly and now there's consequences for their actions. so although we want to show compassion, i think it's incredibly offensive and insulting to suggest this is like the underground railroad. >> well, look, we were wrong about slavery. everybody agrees and thank god we had the civil rights movement, and we're wrong about immigration. president trump what he's doing trying to divide families is wrong. >> yeah. but it's not like the underground railroad. >> are our people. >> they broke the law. the people who came here to america didn't come here willingly. and it's also insulting to the people, the white folks that risk their families to make
5:48 am
sure those black people got free. unlike the coyotes in the cartel that often take money to get these people across the border and then sometimes make them sex slaves. so all around your argument is offensive to the people that were slaves, also the people who helped the slaves get free. >> i want to read a tweet. from where all of this started. it came from the undocumented lawyer steven vargas able to practice law under the obama era rule. showing a powerful of neighborhoods coming together to protect immigrant families. lawrence. . >> they're protecting lawbreakers, and i think they should be hold criminally responsible for the action. and so although, yes, we do need immigration reform. yes, there does need to be a process. but it needs to be done the legal way. like i said, the slaves that came here even after coming here unwillingly, it took a constitutional amendment for
5:49 am
them to get the same rights as americans today. >> final word. >> look, president trump is dividing americans versus americans. we have to come together on this and lawrence was right. the slavery was wrong and this harsh tone we've taken against immigrants was wrong. we can't take children that came here with no choice of their own and ask them to go to a country that they have never seen. >> we have to leave it there. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we want to know what our viewers think of this. go to our facebook page, and you can weigh in on our thread there. coming up on the show newt gingrich is here. maria bartiromo all here live. they're speaking out now saying he's been a miserable person since he left television, and he inflicted pain on his staff. and the blizzard has many of us dreaming of a warmer summer get away. travel expert francesca paige
5:50 am
is here next. ♪ hi, i'm frank. i take movantik for oic, opioid-induced constipation. had a bad back injury, my doctor prescribed opioids which helped with the chronic pain, but backed me up big-time. tried prunes, laxatives, still constipated... had to talk to my doctor. she said, "how long you been holding this in?" (laughs) that was my movantik moment. my doctor told me that movantik is specifically designed for oic and can help you go more often. don't take movantik if you have a bowel blockage or a history of them. movantik may cause serious side effects, including symptoms of opioid withdrawal, severe stomach pain and/or diarrhea, and tears in the stomach or intestine. tell your doctor about any side effects and about medicines you take. movantik may interact with them causing side effects. why hold it in? have your movantik moment.
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>> welcome back to fox and friends. quick headlines for you. saturday night live switching for jabs at the president over to the first daughter. >> because she's beautiful. she's powerful. she's complicity. she doesn't crave the spotlight but we see her. the fragrance could stop all of this. but won't. >> scarlett johansson playing
5:54 am
ivanka trump in what's supposed to be a maid up commercial for a fragrance called complicit, and it turns out david letterman was a pain to work with, and that may be why he made public appearances in 2015. now telling out, according to daily news his former employees describing him quote as a miserable man who inflicted pain on his staff. now moving over to a not miserable woman abby. abby: ouch. >> ouch. abby: thank you, pete. so does winter have you dream of sun and sand? yes, it does. but francesca paige travel and lifestyle expert here. >> good to be here. abby: sometimes the most extensive part of planning any trip are the flight. >> they are indeed. abby: it has gotten out of control. >> i would recommend tracking your flights with time and money-saving apps like hopper. allows you to track your ideal
5:55 am
flights, and it will notify you when they go up and down in flights. they have a new feature, which is the fair feature, which figures out your true cost of flying by taking into consideration sometimes hidden extras like baggage fees, as well as flight cancellations or even seat selection, all of which can vary quite considerably from airline to airline. abby: they can charge you for even breathing now on flights. it is absurd. many people part of the reward programs for different airlines, but you never know where these different points are or where the standing is. you said there's an app that could help you. >> i would sign up for a travel rewards tracking service like award wallet. now, award wallet will track your points and your miles from 700 different loyalty programs, and it will notify you when they're about to inspire so you can use them rather than lose them. now, they also have experts on staff that can help you actually redeem those miles, so you can maximize your savings before the next trip that you take. and the other thing that they
5:56 am
have, which is great, is the ability with those rewards. so let's say that you're loyal to a airline or travel company, they'll notify you when you're getting close to being able to get those upgrades that you get with being an elite member. abby: and planning ahead of time. maybe booking your travel on uber. spring break, a lot of people have on mind they have trips planned or don't know where they're going yet. what advice do you have for them? >> i would recommend looking into destinations, somewhere like the beach resort in mexico is a really great option. located in the town there, but what you know? there's a ton of dining options, but they offer an option where you can get half your meals, so you can get your breakfast as well as lunch and dinner included. >> sounds like paradise. >> thanks for having me. >> a big final hour on tap for us. newt gingrich and maria bartiromo all here live. plus two snow boarders get a
5:57 am
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>> federal prosecutor says he has been fired but president trump, did it to himself. a sore loser. thought he was more important than the office itself. he's not. >> it's a publicity stunt in him. >> this is something that goes with the territory. >> vice president mike pence travel to go louisville, kentucky to help rally support. >> the obamacare nightmare is about to end. >> another weekend, another round of town halls with angry
6:01 am
voters from republicans. >> i'm tired of people denigrate the affordable care act. let's not repeal obamacare. [applause] >> the secret service knowing investigating how someone managed to greet -- >> our next guest could be my new hero. >> for once and for all, daylight saving time. >> we are going to have more daylight and everybody taken care of. >> are you up? >> i do. >> good morning, everyone. did you miss that extra hour of sleep? >> yes, we really missed it.
6:02 am
you were not awake for the first hour of the show. >> it was a good first hour. >> you kind of missed it. blame daylight saving time. cut number six. coffee this morning. >> big news this morning, u.s. attorney here in the south district of new york basically firing himself yesterday, right? >> that's exactly right. yesterday attorney general sessions and the president asked for the remaining 46 u.s. attorneys to accept town or u.s. attorneys to stand down. it was done by clinton and obama and every administration brings its own people. 45 of 46 said, sure, not bajara. i did not resign, i was fired. you can say he was fired himself. so predictably the media is spinning this a different way.
6:03 am
>> not only that, guys, they're blaming it on fox news. they are saying fox news is behind forcing resignations happened when they did. >> sessions' decision to clean house comes day after trump loyalists hannity called for a purge. >> do you think it's possible that they made after watching hannity? >> fired all the old-others from bush. no question about that. time asking curious, the phone call is curious. i made a promise to you, i'm not going to keep it. >> there you go. >> it has happened before but it was fox's fault. >> take a listen. >> janet rino fired. every hold over u.s. republican
6:04 am
across the country. >> i have asked resignation. >> all 93 u.s. attorneys, one-day clean sweep. >> we had david on the show last r senseo is part of transition on what is going on in closed doors. he agreed with what we just played there. he agrees that this is a publicity stunt for him. >> i'm disappointed in him to be quite honest. this is something that goes with the territory. you serve at the pleasure of the president, whichever president you work for. you serve at the pleasure, hi may have been told you my stay on for a little bill and this is probably a little while on their eyes. >> big battle that he's facing right now with conservatives, members of his own party on
6:05 am
health care, you see the country torn, vice president going to kentucky and the president is going to join him to try to woo conservatives. the president wants to get that repealed and replaced plan. >> paul ryan has put forth a plan. david, he's been involved in this as well. we had him earlier in the program. we asked him about dynamics and the freedom caucus, this is what he had to say. >> there are 33 votes against this in the republican caucus and i think that that's going to not allow any repeal and replace measure to go forward. president trump is a tale-maker, he wants to make a deal and i think that speaker ryan owns this bill and i think that he owes it to the president to make sure he's listening to all sides.
6:06 am
house leadership has to come together in an honest moment of reflection and say we must work with the entire conference to get the bill passed because we cannot have president trump's moment on all derailed by poor communication skills in the caucus. >> that's the interesting piece here. why do they think everyone was on board? this is a consensus plan, paul ryan plan? this should be able to sail right through congress. turns out that wasn't the case. >> they're angry because the republican leaders have talked for 7, 8 years about repealing obamacare. >> sure. >> that's all he talked about in the camp taken trail, there's real deep disagreements. >> sarah palin this morning, her statement saying this is socialism. that this plan is a socialist plan, that this is not repeal and replace. >> this is what republicans need to understand, they are not going to get democratic votes. even the current proposal which
6:07 am
conservative deem as not going far enough is not receiving any democratic support. so what, i think, what david and others are saying, take the time to consult with the freedom caucus numbers. there's going to be a bowling summit. what input can they give to make sure it's palatable to conservatives and they with pass it through the house and nat. >> here is the thing, if they can't come together and agree on this and find a way forward, alternative is keeping obamacare. that's the only reality here. they can't get anything else passed. >> or not doing anything else in the agenda. >> tax reform and other things we talked about.
6:08 am
>> one thing they agree on is more competition, bringing the costs down and state line. if i'm a new yorker, i want the state plan in arizona. >> you're exactly right. yesterday we told you about a book written about reasons to vote for democrats and it was, of course, full of 260 blank pages, right? clayton: look at that. you thumb through it and empty. interesting footnotes. abby: self-published, by the way. >> went to number one on amazon. most purchased book in the world is blank pages of why you should vote for a democrat. >> amazing when you go amazon. abby: this book will leave you speechless, i read it every
6:09 am
night before bed an gets better. there's a reason there's a number one best seller, ten out of ten will read again. >> every page will leave you begging for more. clayton: highly researched. the word excellent doesn't do justice. democrats decided to do the same thing and release their very own reasons to vote for republicans book, basically an exact ripoff of the republican version. abby: can you sue for that? >> no. >> ranked 45th thousand on amazon. turns out when you don't have any new ideas or ideas of your own, people don't want to buy books. >> that's a joke, it was a joke boofnlgt that's why michael wrote it. reviews from jeff writing this. too bad he couldn't think of this on his own, typical.
6:10 am
>> simply put there are no good points in the book. it's like talk radio. there's a reason why conservative dominate talk radios, it's based on idea and you can talk about it for three hours. but the left, a lot of copy-catting. clayton: i would be happy to do the audio version of it. abby: literally just read. clayton: hi, this is clinton and you're reading the book and you put a baby to sleep. empty. abby: still number one on amazon, by the way, we checked this morning. >> the democrat still 45,000, 86,000. what number is it right now? nobody knows, no one really cares.
6:11 am
abby: we do have other headlines. breaking never jieght, cincinnati police officer shot in the line of duty, investigators say two officers were respond to go a domestic violence called after midnight when the suspect open fire hitting one of the officers, the cops shooting back. both men undergoing surgery but expected to be okay. a security breach to the white house, 26-year-old jonathan allegedly scaling the fence almost making it to the entrance carrying mace and a letter for president trump. tran telling telling the secret service saying he was a friend of the president and had an appointment. he is concerned for the president's safety. listen. >> the problems here with the secret service are really serious brain train in the secret service and ib adequate security plan. he's not safe in there.
6:12 am
>> tran is set to be court tomorrow and facing up to ten years in prison. fbi is ranking up investigation as to who leaked fbi documents to wikileaks. officials say anger over job cuts may have been the driving force behind the leak, no one has been detained so far. take a look at this. a move -- moose is on the loose on the slope. can you imagine that thing running towards you. running along side two girls snow boarding down a mountain in california. both obviously shock today see the wild animal making sure to stay out of its way. it's beautiful. >> those things can be nasty. and they are fast and big. abby: i'm convinced. >> go low and go for the legs, that's what you do for bigger
6:13 am
guys. go for the legs. 46 attorneys force today resign. what obama holdovers should be next? former speaker of the house newt gringrich will join us live. >> they may be man's best friend, is your dogma nippulating you to get what you want. your emails are pouring in on this one. keep them coming. we want to her from you. earning, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $4.95 online u.s. equity trades...
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you realize the smartest investing idea, isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪
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weeds. nature's boomerang. at roundup®, we know they keep coming back. you never invited this stubborn little rascal to your patio. so, draw the line. one spray of roundup® max control 365 kills to the root and keeps weeds away for up to 12 months. because patios should be for cooking out and kicking back. roundup® max control 365. draw the line. prevent weeds from coming back for up to one year. >> president trump hosting a bowling and pizza party at the white house looking to pick up
6:17 am
spare votes, you might say, republicans still split on repealing and replacing obamacare. here is the president on friday. >> this is the time we are going get it done. we are working together. we have some great results and tremendous spirit and i think it's something that just going to happen shortly. thank you all very much. we are going get to work. >> so can president trump convince stubborn republicans from the staff freedom caucus to play ball? let's ask member of the house freedom caucus who i'm told will be there tuesday night at the white house meeting with president, congressman. >> my pleasure. >> what are you looking for, what needs to change specifically in order to get your support for the ryan bill? >> well, i think that all of us whether it's mark meadows or jim jordan are looking any way possible -- let's begin with that premise. what we are simply saying is how
6:18 am
do we infuse conservative principles and ideals, free market principles to that which has been layed out in the healthcare plan. for instance, no blank checks. if you look at medicaid extension, what it amounts plank check to taxpayer, i have seen how folks will grab federal funds if they're out. there's a long window. we need to shorten the window because you are going to create rush for the door. another chance of federal funds, the question is we have my name and your name. >> are we at the 50-yard line, are we at the 20, at the 5-yard line as far as how close you guys would be to speaker ryan in getting to a deal? >> i think we are at maybe the 20-yard line. i think the bill has some good in it but it's also make no mistake from a conservative's perspective, it has some bad in it.
6:19 am
the notion of refundable tax credits conservatives for years have railed against the idea of the earned income tax credit. easterned income tax credit has 25 million folks on the roles. we are talking about something here in this case that probably involves close to 40-50 million people on the rolls. once somebody gets a check to their house, it's not quite that, more or less, once more gets a check coming over to them it's difficult to turn around. that's why they call them entitlements. >> some have said senator rand paul that it's dead on arrival. maybe it's the opening bid for president trump on an ongoing deal. you're opening it's an opening bid and believe if it's on the 20, you can punch it in the end zone in a matter of time if things are worked out.
6:20 am
>> the key is having things worked out. conservatives want to see conservative ideals in any health care measure that moves forward. if not, at the end of the day we don't impact the cost occurred and as consequence, there could be disastrous consequences. >> that's an important point. if the principle are not inserted an people's lives are impacted positively, it's not going to matter if it doesn't ultimately work. >> yeah, we celebrate, we have health care done but if people don't see the cost of what they're dealing now and don't see better choices, more on the way of availability, i mean, in south carolina we have gone from three providers down to one just in the couple of years, inflation was 29%. >> that's, of course, what happened to democrats and passed the bill and found out what was in 2010. all right, still ahead,
6:21 am
democrats may abandon the investigation of trump's ties to russia because listen to this, they're worried republicans may make it too partisan. wait, didn't democrats to blame for that? if you ever we wanted to sneak across the border just ask and illegal immigrant in this new video game [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette and her new mobile wedding business. at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and-ta-dah-paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com.
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( ♪ ) upstate new york is a good place to pursue your dreams. at vicarious visions, i get to be creative, work with awesome people, and we get to make great games. ( ♪ ) what i like about the area,
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feels like everybody knows each other. and i can go to my local coffee shop and they know who i am. it's really cool. new york state is filled with bright minds like lisa's. to find the companies and talent of tomorrow, search for our page, jobsinnewyorkstate on linkedin.
6:24 am
>> welcome back, headlines for you, a music icon dice mysteriously. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> certainly a classic, one of the founding members of the sister sledge found dead in home. the ban spokesperson says she was not ill.
6:25 am
joanie was 60 year's old. bounty hunter may soon by hunting down his own thief. >> do you want to rock and roll? we have the guitar, we are ready. >> police say someone stole $5,000 in a hotel where he and his wife were staying in la. nothing else was stolen. police are trying to determine whether it was an inside job or maybe the russian. clayton, abby, over to you. >> the top democrat calling for bipartisanship with potential ties with russia and president trump's campaign. >> we ought to make every effort to do this in thorough and objective way. and if we can that, that is the best thing for the country and if we get to the point where we can't, then we need to speak out about it. >> well, now some of the democrats say they may walk away because of its credibility but isn't the whole thing partisan to begin with?
6:26 am
here to weigh in former cia operative. good to have you. >> thank you very much, good morning. abby: they were trying to prove was partisan from the beginning? >> to hear congressman, one of the most partisan members of congress talk about his concern over this and not being even handed in a house intel committee review is -- is kind of sadly amusing. look, this is important. i think the general public understands the need to, you know, shed some light, get transparency on the issues that have been swirling around russia and in particular russia's meddling in the campaign during the past year and that says an important thing to worry about, obviously. i would argue that the russians have been doing this for again rations, let's look at it. the thing is i have for -- more faith in the senate's ability in
6:27 am
senator warner are pragmatic. i think they will lead the senate intel committee investigation in an more even handed manner than we could imagine being done from the house. >> people said we need to look into hillary clinton's emails, we need to look whether the russians meddled in our election or not. i'm not going to be a part of any show that's not in serious effort to do an investigation. if it's not legitimate in-depth investigation, why would we be party to it. that was not me saying, that was a quote. what do you say to that? >> well, she's stating the obvious, you know, okay, fine. we all agree but by getting out ahead of this as they're doing, as the democratic members of the intel committee and the house are doing, by definition they're turning this already into a bit of a partisan circus.
6:28 am
it's grand standing. it's like bajara has been doing in the last couple of days and many democrats have been doing since the transition has been taking place. look, again, are we going to find any fire there,ic we are going the find smoke when it comes to this concept of a nephew nefarious connection with trump and the russians. individual conversations from u.s. citizens members of the transition team were swept up, you know, what the president talked about in terms of why tapping of trump tower, let's put it all in there. the fbi is doing that. but, you know, i don't think what the democrats are doing is a winning strategy. for them to come out and say, well, if we don't like it we are going to step away from it. okay, thank you for your self-serving notion, how about serving the public interest and actually trying at some point to work together. abby: at this point there seems
6:29 am
to be no evidence of any collusion going on between president trump and his campaign during the period of time, this will continue. good to have you this morning. >> sure, thank you very much. take care. >> sarah palin is not a fan of the bill to repeal and replace obamacare, she calls it republican in name only and says it's socialism. newt gringrich is here to react to sarah palin. >> muhammad ali's son claimed that he was arrested in airline again. >> a man best friend, your dog may be manipulating you. abby: is that true
6:30 am
6:31 am
6:32 am
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6:33 am
>> session' decision to clean house comes one day after trump loyalists sean hannity dpaurld a purge. >> do we think it's possible that the trump administration made this move after watching sean hannity on fox? >> president clinton fired all u.s. attorneys back in march of 1993, fired all the holdovers from bush. this has happened before. no question about that but the
6:34 am
time asking curious, the phone call the president calling and say, i made a promise to you and i'm not going the keep it. two days after barara was looked into to look into the trump administration. >> we have to get speaker newt gringrich's take on this. >> clinton fired 93 people in one day. they only had 46 left for trump to fire so they fired him. totally reasonable. totally and he goes and, gee, i jonder what caused it.
6:35 am
i don't think cbs news called bill clinton when they fired all 93 in one day and as much as i admire sean hannity. i don't think this was sean hannity. president trump is doing what presidents do. he's replacing the other team who were opposed to him with people who are on his side. clayton: you know how historically difficult health care has been and your time as speaker of the house and beyond. this week we are starting to see the vice president going out and meeting in different states to try to sell this, this new healthcare law and we are hearing from sarah palin in an interview on breitbart news. i'm going to read what she said about this. remember, this is federal government-controlled health
6:36 am
care, the system that requires enrollment in an unaffordable, unsustain nl, unwanted constitutional continuation of government run medicine and even in this report proposal there's still aspect of socialism. that's the whole premise here. there's a real battle here. she's calling it socialism. are we going the hear more of that? >> the hard right would like to have nothing. the fact is we are in a total mess. the health system has been decaying now for a very long time, getting steadily worse and more bureaucracy, more government, more controls and more insurance company bureaucracy. i think that this is a step. we ought to be clear. this is not the final game. we are going to get a bill, i think, it won't be quite what they introduced. he gets all of this.
6:37 am
you start somewhere. paul ryan introduced a bill and came out of the ways and means committee in the energy and commerce committee with zero republican opponents, remember that? they will go to senate and conference. the first step, dr. price is going to have many, many steps to get us where we want to go over the next three to four years. abby: the longer it takes the longer it takes to get other big things done like tax reform. this is, though, a good example for president trump early onto see how complicated things can be in capitol hill to get this done and negotiate this, you know this very well, speaker. >> sure. abby: a big pitch of the campaign, i make deals, i can get things done, i can work with congress. what advice do you have for him to get health care done and bring democrats and republicans
6:38 am
to the that i believe aren't in agreement right now. >> there's 435 house members, 100 senators, most are not directly involved in the healthcare bill. start working right now in an infrastructure bill, bring democrats. i would ask every house and senate member of both parties, what do you need in infrastructure in your district to be competitive in the world market to create jobs and to help your folks get to work and have a decent future. i would start that right now. i would start the tax bills right now. fact that in the senate you're going to bring the tax bill up second because of the nature of senate rules, it's fine. these things can all be moving in parallel. you don't have to do one and then another and then another, in fact, it's dangerous to get yourself fixated on one item. move two, three, five things. strengthening intelligence,
6:39 am
simultaneously. we weren't doing one by one. >> the u.s. attorneys getting ready on a clean sleight. deconstructing the administrative state is something steve bannon talked about. you talked about bureaucracies and where does the next phase of draining draining the swamp goes? do they need to go next to say, hey, we need our people and we need them in a powerful position? >> i would say to every cabinet officer and every agency head, identify the people who are totally oppose today us and figure out how you're going the fire them or reassign them. we may have the largest federal offices in rural idaho and montana you have ever seen. i would go through the entire government. abraham lincoln fired 70% of the senior bureaucrats in the federal government. he had to get rid of southern sympathizers and people in place willing to fight a civil war.
6:40 am
70% in the first couple of months. 95% of the money given by federal officials was given to hillary clinton. 97% at the justice department, 99% at the state department. that tells you -- >> staggering. >> a lot of folks out there who ain't for donald trump and are not going to help him. abby: you're always teaching us something. >> i don't know about that. by the way, congratulations on your dad. abby: thank you so much. >> thank you, sir. abby: with some other headlines this morning. remember when press secretary sean spicer responded to the media badgering about nigel's meeting with julian assange. >> this is silly, i'm sure he was there doing whatever, i don't keep his schedule. abby: friend of president trump joined us earlier confirming that he did meet with wikileaks
6:41 am
founder but says that it was a personal meeting. >> let me just assure everybody there's no conspiracy, i wasn't acting as a messenger for anybody. this was purely a personal meeting. >> about a british arrest washington that can extradite people without evidence. also this morning was muhammad ali jr.'s claims being detained at airport, a total lie? >> ali offered an invalid id and media reporting this detention as fact. fox news contributor joined us earlier to call their bluff. >> i'm calling fake news. i think it's very unfair for mr. ali to be accusing immigration enforcement agent who is are doing their job to keep bad people out of the country by simply asking questions at the airport. >> ali's lawyer claiming the
6:42 am
incident was retaliation over testimony in capitol hill about a similar but separate incident. speaking about borders, you control immigrant trying to cross the u.s. the creator, a illegal immigrant, he wants to ebbing pokes people to what it's really like crossing the border and spoiler alert, players who make it to the end of the game they get to see a city glimmering before them. is your dog manipulating you? >> come on, max. >> she leaves. >> i will see you tonight. >> sometimes i try to get her to stay. what could she possibly be doing? >> it turns out that your furry friend that you love so much, can quickly find ways to deceive us. we we wanted to know what your pet does to get your attention
6:43 am
rowls and barks when she needs something generally in the middle of the night. her pups know how as well. she barks until she gets what she wants. i tell you, she understands the human language. i agree with that. william stheppedz to us, my dog controls me, my wife is another story, she controls the both of us. every time i give in. >> i do the same thing. i mill around the kitchen and whine. >> are you hungry. >> and it works. huge week ahead for president trump, healthcare reform and a possible rate hike from the federal reserve. maria bartiromo on why it may be a big week for your wallet. here to break it all down next. ♪ ♪ ♪
6:44 am
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>> how do we infuse more in way of conservative principles in ideals, free market principles to that who have been layed out in the healthcare bill. the bill has good in it but in a conservative's perspective it has bad in it. >> we have gone out of the way, anything that makes the bill better for americans, we are willing to accept. we've met with many groups over the last week, week and a half. we have talked to as many groups that we possibly could. anybody that comes up with improvement, we are happy to accept. >> healthcare debate. conservatives in congress and the white house weighing in.
6:48 am
here to break it down maria bartiromo. maria: great to see you. >> big week in front of us. >> big week. the cbo is going to come out with the healthcare bill tomorrow and that will give us further window into where people are on this. we know that the ultra conservatives are feeling like it's more of a hand-out. they don't like the medicaid expansion, they don't like the fact that the cadillac tax is still in the bill, so i think this bill changes a bit before it becomes lawment i think this is just the way they make sausage, they are showing us what goes on. abby: it will have a huge impact on the economy, stock market, people are waiting for this to go through and to change? maria: 100%, this is probably the biggest tax cut that we are going to see until we see tax reform later this year. this is a tax cut. they are removing a lot of the tax that is were in the obamacare, affordable care act to begin with. that's a major positive, you start to get a window into what's going to happen next
6:49 am
year. this is an enormous week. you've got the cbo analysis of obamacare -- of the healthcare bill rather tomorrow. we are going to see a further window into what the priorities are. we know it's defense spending and law and order and school choice and then you're going to get a federal reserve interest rate hike likely on wednesday and g-20 on friday. rock and roll. we are ready for work. >> you will be talking about that on your show. you have steve and others to talk about one of the other things you'll be talking, is the interest rate hike. what does that mean, when the federal reserve says, hey, the economy is getting better, we are going the raise interest rates, what does that mean? maria: thing are going to be more expensive. you will have rate increases in your savings account which is a positive because the major banks follow the federal reserve.
6:50 am
as things get better you expect interest rates to get higher. actually, i think, a fed rate hike is going to be met with a feeling of optimism and they'll say this is a voter confidence for the economy. >> your show starts in ten minutes right here in fox -- abby: maria bartiromo says her dog manipulates her too. maria: she does. abby: up next we will make sure that does not happen, a sleep expert has the tips to stay forward in the new week. before i had the shooting, burning of diabetic nerve pain these feet... jumped into city life as a kid... ...and kept my town moving. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions.
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6:54 am
>> welcome to "fox & friends" bedroom. how can you sur strive time change? abby: sleep expert joins us now for tips. >> i'm actually on your side. it's a mind set thick. we really don't need it. abby: consistent schedule is key? >> yes. what we want to do so not think about it, it's 10:00 o'clock, 9:00 o'clock, you're going to start getting tired even let's say halfway. let's say your bed was 10:00, now 11:00, you might be exhausted by 9:00, 10:00 o'clock.
6:55 am
>> what helps that a little bit of booze? >> ideally you won't drink 46 hours because it does impact second part of sleep. >> clayton: rem sleep? >> you have deep realm every 90 minutes, when you get to the fourth or eighth hour, your quality of sleep is not going to be as great. abby: you think about what you eat before bed? >> you should you don't want to eat heavy or spicey. don't try any new foods this week. abby: you can't have booze. [laughter] >> avoid stimulants, chocolate and teas? >> it may not affect you as much but anybody with a normal schedule, ideally no stimulants after 7:00 o'clock.
6:56 am
clayton: take a brisk walk, that will help you get back on schedule. >> brisk walk. outdoors, mostly during the day, early evening, exercise is really good. aroma therapy is one of the biggest things. you can incorporate something like this where you use lavender or chamomile. you need to deal with the time change. >> he uses lavender every night. >> why are you giving away my secrets? >> thank you for being here. clayton: ingrid, great to see you. >> thanks for having me. abby: more coming up. clayton: sweet dreams, sweetheart. we will be right back. sly, ohhh.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> you are going the fill the brackets for ncaa. go change your clocks. [laughter] clayton: see you. ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: good morning, a big week ahead. white house on full court press this morning pushing the new healthcare plan, does the house have the votes, on wednesday the budget release and likely federal reserve interest rate increase and on thursday the new travel ban takes effect. follow it up on friday with the g-20 meeting in germany. hi, everyone, i'm maria bartiromo, welcome to sunday morning futures where we are looking ahead to an important week. vice president pence hitting the road, will house republicans deliver? house majority steve will join me momentarily. also a sunday morning futures exclusive this


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