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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 12, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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they defend their own country. >> good guys. that's it for this week show. i am david and you can catch me weekdays at after the bell on the business network. paul is back next week and we hope to see you then. >> full speed ahead for the white house. if the trump administration is facing a revolt than the ranks of its own party ãyou know the risk ãthe price tag for the new plan and we could see reports from the nonpartisan budget office on the plan as soon as tomorrow. >> hello, everyone. welcome to abrand-new hour . >> supporters of the gop bill touting its benefits on the sunday show while president trump invites vice president pence rally on the road. visiting kentucky and trump in
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tennessee this week. this is all as conservatives continue to voice opposition to the healthcare proposal. >> the very latest on the battle ãwhat itwill be . garrett petty joins us with the details washington. >> one thing everyone seems to agree is that there are deals to be made and they pass the bill as is. the current proposal doesn't go far enough to fully repeal obama care. the current replace plan will not have enough votes to pass. she remains compliant confident that the bill will pass. >> speaker ryan says in order
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to get this passed it will be necessary that the republicans keep their word, just like they told voters that they would. keeping their word is exactly what members of the conservative house freedom say is why they can't support the gop american healthcare act with major components of obama care like the taxes and subsidies. here is the ohio congressman on fox news sunday. >> remember what we told the voters we said we would repeal obama care .it's not a binary choice. they introduced it five days ago and you have to take it or leave it. that's not how democracy works. i represent three quarters of american people. we like a chance to amend and change it and keep it consistent with the message we would keep them to accomplish. >> jordan says they are getting
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ready to put together a list of demands for the gop health care bill. willing to share it with the president on tuesday when they met up with the white house over pizza and bowling. >> helping the ribs in the great divide. >> meanwhile some republicans are calling the president's budget proposal dead on arrival as the trump administration it spending priority on thursday. the plan would raise spending by $50 billion while cutting areas in the state department, epa and department of education. lauren blanchard is in washington with more on president trump's budget proposal. >> the government ran a $587 million deficit last year. now he promises to do more with less. >> he is planning to send a proposed budget to congress that could make politically painful cuts to domestic programs.
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this is in order to move money for security issues and cutting back on waste. >> we need to spend money somewhere but you have to get it from somewhere else. it's a tough decision but the president has shown that he is ready, willing and able. >> hits the epa and education department with housing and urban development. the white house considers the coast guard tsa and frame a and state governments that rely on funding. >> the idea of cutting agencies that contribute to border security and trying to strengthen border security ãit needs to be dealt with more constructively and it's one of the tools to use to make that happen. >> the big winner is the plan at the pentagon with a $54 billion boost for spending. he promises to rebuild the military and suspend the border.he leaves medicare and social security untouched.
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one thing they must consider is how to fund the gop plan. lauren blanchard from washington. thanks, lauren. >> 18 hours from now from president trump with the house committee demanding proof of his claims in trump tower. do it by tomorrow and what could the president have and what could he do? live at the white house with the details of the commissioner. >> hi, kristen. >> no word on the white house when it will comply.
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they add this piece of the investigation about russia and agreed to do that. we will make a comment after the findings are complete. >> they need whatever evidence they have to backup the claims. claims that barack obama ordered a wiretapping of trump tower before the election. today, john mccain said trump is a binary choice. president trump cleared up by himself by calling the director of the ca and national intelligence. >> i think the president has one or two choices by retracting or the american people heard because his predecessor violated the law president obama violated the law and we have a serious issue here, to say the least.>>
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president trump getting a lot of pushback for republicans and democrats on the issue. looking ahead ãtomorrow trump will hold his first full cabinet meeting minus the two that were yet to be confirmed. the secretary of agriculture and labor. he will have a meeting with the german chancellor and on wednesday is off to tennessee for a big rally in nashville. on thursday, two big things happen but a travel ban will take effect. a busy week as we enter the second half of trump's first 100 days of office.>> thank you, kristen. we had an in-depth look at the russian investigation right here on the fox news channel. >> now, for a fox news weather alert. in a winter storm a blizzard watch from washington to new england. powerful weather towards the
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mid-atlantic and northeast coast. expected to unleash heavy snow through tuesday. winds are strong enough like new york city and boston. adam, when is thebig blizzard ? we now have warnings. the watches have been placed and it's a bit of a reality. that's what all of those pink colors are. i want to take you into new york city running right along the coast and we have a blizzard watch with heaviest weather right up against some of the most popular areashere . what's driving all of this? a unique cold weather as we have seen a ton of that across the northern portions of the country. feeling like winter even though we lost an hour of sleep. 29 in new york city and the
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system is sweeping across the country. two different areas that we pay attention to. one of the southeast and a little bit of snow through the overnight. this is a low-pressure system running off the coast and we have another low-pressure system running across the plains state into the midwest. in minnesota down to northern iowa ãthese two things are going to connect up the east coast. here is the hour-by-hour forecast and you notice the two systems. 18 inches ã2 feet of snow. it's a really big system we are watching here.
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later on monday but really on tuesday and early wednesday. >> if i am reading the maps correctly, do i see 18 inches? >> awidespread foot . it kicks in this week. one state says it will go to court before it happens. >> plus, list of president trump's associates list to attach to russia with one longtime advisor and who the president is admitting now . >> ergies. introducing flonase sensimist. more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist you may not even notice. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist
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36 hours in the national transportation board calling for it to move faster to the rail. chris angel returns to the stage tonight after losing consciousness after a dangling start at the mine tree live show friday. it will go on tonight as scheduled at theluxor . >> anchor: president trump's long list of associates who are linked to russia growing again. the trump advisor and campaign consultant and political regimen, roger stone admitting he exchanged emails with the hacker who infiltrated the dnc. created by the russian intelligence agency, gr you. john mccain renewing calls for one fourth thorough investigation. between the trump campaign and
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russian officials. >> obviously i think he and othersneed to be question . the whole issue of the relationship with the russians and who communicated with them and under what circumstances clearly cries out for investigation but i would also point out that we should not assume guilt until we have a thorough investigation. >> so far there's been no evidence of any collusion. emily goodman with clear politics. half a dozen trump folks dealt with russia in some way. general flynn is an unregistered party sitting in on the intelligencebriefings and roger stone , controversial legend in politics goes back to nixon.a tattoo of nixon on his back and longtime friend of trump who says the communication to the innocuous and it means nothing. it's curious that happen. >> it is.
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it raises questions and speculations as far as what officials did in russia and when and what they talk about. mr. trump ties to russia has business ties there. we never got an answer on this. the pressure will be to grow in the administration toanswer some of these questions because we still don't get much out of them . >> the president has denied if there is any loans or business ties to russia. there have been reports that there was russian influences in his son was reported as saying they have a disproportionate share of their assets. if that could be proven we haven't seen the income tax forms yet . all these dots and stones when there hasn't been any of this
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that we are told of this collusion despite the conversations. >> it's a great question. it's controlled by republicans and will they be afraid to tackle this? answering the questions. do they want to open up a pandora's box where roger stone and michael flynn called under congressional subpoena to come and testify. >> you think it will happen? >> i don't want to say for sure but it doesn't sound like anyone's ruling it out. i think there are too many questions and not enough answers.we have once worked for a pro-russian ukraine candidate and it's an intriguing report out about
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constantine comedic. the russian national with the convention on the lethal army of ukraine. let's look at what he said about that today. why was the provision in the republican platform that called for defensive weapons to ukraine after being invaded by russia. why was it taken out? clearly, not the will of most republicans. with russian vladimir putin requires scrutiny. >> he at one time worked for ukraine and told his associates that he supposedly is the wrongdoing. >> with potential promises,
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even republicans are wondering what's going on. president trump has released the income tax records. we talked about how he doesn't do have this deadline tomorrow. they hand over the evidence of the wiretapping. >> right. i think it's a good question. it will be tough to see. i don't know if we will get any kind of paperworkor details or official information .
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>> finally, it's disturbing. clearly, the intelligence service says russia did try to influence the election. clearly they are those who didn't have anything to do with the outcome. you keep having these conversations and they are reported with putin's associates. they have such contacts in the campaign and have we seen this before. >> absolutely not. most candidates and presidents that left are very careful to stay out of foreign affairs and say there is only one president at a time. only one leader of the time. the fact that it was going on was highly unusual. we havebeen seeing more and more conversations pop up . >> anchor: for those who say there is nothinghere , we know of no evidence of any collusion
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so far that it's all smoke and the work of the political act. they have to work on repealing and replacing law. they have a lot of stuff on their plate and they really don't need this much distraction. >> it will continue. various investigations and it's not going away. thank you so much. >> eric, intense fighting in western mobile as iraqi forces make progress in their efforts to out isis. one month with the fighting there after they liberated the eastern half of the city. the gop obamacare replacement getting mixed reviews among republicans. what will it take to get them all on board. asking the gop congress next. here is paul ryan.
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the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news with the horrifying scene in haiti after a bus crashes into the group of people killing 34 and injuring dozens more. they say the driver was speeding away from a bus stop where he hit two people and plowed into music festival. the death toll rising for a landslide of garbage in ethiopia at least 46 people dead. several dozen still missing. the massive pile burying makeshift homes and concrete buildings.>> the snowstorm closing roads and blackouts in western china.
1:28 pm
shoveling out when the car is in a mountainous area. >> president trump's trying to scale down a travel ban to take effect on thursday. the day before on wednesday to go into court for the first challenge against the executive order. it places a 90 day band on the six muslim nations with a 120 day band on refugees. live with an update on the lawsuit in the travel ban. >> it's on strong legal ground with the revised travel ban. iraq has been taken off the list. on friday hundred and 30 foreign experts from the obama
1:29 pm
administration wrote a letter to president trump condemning the band and part of that letter states the revised executive order will jeopardize the relationship with allies with counterterrorism cooperation and information sharing. it comes from political leaders that say the new order is just as small as the last. >> the president has made such a broad sweeping executive order that bands them based on their nationality. >> it's keeping americans safe with the band and it will hold up in court. >> looking at the court's guidance and that's in order to carve out the next one. i think we did just that. >> the band is set to start on thursday. eric? >> everyone wants to compare
1:30 pm
this to obamacare as if they can keep the guarantees going and we could have obama care plans that we will finance in a different way. it's repealing and replacing. this first part is very important and it repeals pieces of the law and replaces it with patience in the system. >> that's house speaker paul ryan defending me plan to replace obamacare this morning. if meeting resistance with conservatives and groups like the american medical association is supporting a budget resolution to repeal the affordable care act and raising questions about the proposal to replace it. joining me now is a new york congressman, a midget member of the house budget committee. great to be with you today. >> absolutely. >> one issue is using the trump care legislation to strip funding from planned parenthood saying it's a gigantic
1:31 pm
political trap area what you mean by that? >> what i was saying was that the provision should be in the health insurance bill. we are trying to reform the market and preserve the things that work like keeping people on a plan with their parents healthcare with conditions for healthcare. also, fixing what doesn't work and what doesn't work is the insurance regulatory system with premiums and deductibles. we have to have a balanced approach and a transition. remember, the obamacare lost to three years to put into place. it's difficult to unravel all this and change it overnight and it's impossible health plans now coming up with a premium and the program for 2018. that's right now.
1:32 pm
you have to give them a period of time to transition in the system that will be enacted will be one that encourages employment and we rectify the imbalance of people with healthcare. giving them reasonably sized health credits so they can purchase healthcare for their family. >> you laid out there for congressman and do you feel that enough of what you said is in the current version of trump care? even as it is now? >> i thinkit's a great first step . it has to be done at hhs through the regulation. also legislation for the healthcare system for democratic support it's a
1:33 pm
bipartisan approach all sides can agree and compromise on it and it's one of the big mistakes of president obama the i don't think we want to go down that path again but it's important for us to act soon because we have to get the ball rolling and move so the health plan and properly approach the 2018 in 19 term years for the premium so people have time to adjust to the changes that occur so it's critical. it's critical for small businesses and individuals in the market that have time to prepare and time for the insurance programs to come forth. that's why these tax credits are so critical. it's very important. some of my republicans on the side see the subsidy for
1:34 pm
employers health insurance. 350 billion per year. if they are self-employed or if they don't comply insurance, people are really left out of any kind of subsidy and that's why the advance tax credit that we propose in this approach really does work for many millions of people who haven't gotten the kind of care that they needed. >> the tax refunds will work for them criticizing the plan as it benefits it already. they lease need assistance. >> in actuality we are talking about people get the tax refundable credit if they don't have the employer provided health care or self-employed. they phase out at 75,000 for an individual at hundred 50,000. it's for a family.
1:35 pm
it could be adjustments along the way but i would hate to see republicans fight this battle among themselves and looking for perfection. i don't know that i got a clear answer from you on whether, as it stands now, you would vote for trump care? >> i still have a couple of other questions as to how we provide for the long term losses for people who have a pre-existing condition and making sure that the funds that are set up through this will be sufficient to pay for people who have extraordinary healthcare cost. one thing every american, no matter what the process is that would not want to see them bankrupt by extraordinary
1:36 pm
healthcare costs. it's something that i am still working on and diving into the numbers to make sure it will be sufficient but the plan, the way it set out, heads in the right direction and it's important that we have a plan that is patient centered and is not discouraged for employment. that's what happens with the aga. ifyou get to the input income , you drop off and you lose benefits. that has encouraged full-time work and its discourage people from improving their financial situation because they are scared of losing the healthcar benefits . it's refundable tax credits that's helpful to them . >> this week will release a price tag for trump care. how much is too much? it should cost less and that is one of the things that i want to see. i want to see the analysis but remember, medicaid is on track
1:37 pm
to process over $1 trillion per year with in a few years. in fact, thefederal deficit is on track to go for 19 trillion ã29 trillion . that is why it's vital to get control of the cost and reform medicaid but also make sure the kids and grandchildren are not bankrupt because washington has not been able to control the spending. >> is one of the reasons i got sent to washington. >> i am sorry ãthey are making the hurry up and i want to put this ãhe wanted to make sure you pointed out medicaid was on the road to bankruptcy in the system and you have a lot of people on the other side of the aisle concerned about those who really depend on medicaid. how do you smooth out? >> well, the reforms are suggested, which was phasing and changes in giving states more authority with more flexibility is critical to
1:38 pm
critical to control. when you spend someone else's money, it's no secret that cost seemed to go out the window. we have to get the states more responsibilities to design programs that work for them. >> congressman john, we have to leave it there. we will see you again. >> thank you very much. >> overseas there is optimism in iraq. said to be gaining ground in the fight for them also. more than one third of west most all from the is rep islamic terrorism from isis. the battle to drive isis out of the city, is it completely continuing? connor powell has more on the fight. >> eric ãit took three months for iraqi forces to retake the eastern part of mosul. the effort to reclaim the western half is moving much faster.with the senior iraqi
1:39 pm
commander saying the isis coalition is now in control of one third of western mosul. still, it continues to resist and the fighting is expected to become more difficult as iraqi troops move into muzzles city area. streets are narrow and armored vehicles cannot operate. the heavy fighting is 50,000 civilians playing in the last two weeks alone while the fight against isis and iraq is slower than planned making real progress in the last year with the help of the american led coalition with ground troops and air support. they overran most the country in 2014 and allowed 60 percent of the territory that they once controlled. head back to neighboring syria they set to beget later this
1:40 pm
summer with an operation to repave. this is a big test of the anti-isis coalition. also the insurgent group as the world knows it. >> today. makes it easy to tell you apart. that, and i am better looking. i heard that. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya.
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if you're still just managing your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. iran unveils its latest military advancement and it's a new tank that they built themselves. the tank will be wide mass-produced firing missiles and claiming it could be a sophisticated armor at the time and it comes days after the protest filed a naval missile off the southern coast.the ballistic test keeps on coming as the little speedboats continued to harass the naval warships.what is this mean? can they rein it in? joining us for the israeli ambassador with the deputy
1:45 pm
defense ministry. this is a game changer? >> it's in this particular tank. it's not only used but it will go through other terrorist groups developing missiles technology and share it with those in the organization all over the region. they say it very clearly ãit's time to stop iran in the resolution and i think it will say's not only about the ballistic missiles. last year on the missile and we believe it when we read it and i think with the other countries in the middle east i
1:46 pm
speak with ambassadors from everycountries and they are worried about it . >> you have an interesting dynamic . there is a rib allies. dealing with israel, they are very happy to deal with israel. >> they are using commercial flights from iran to deliver the missiles in damascus and now they want the sql. they are expanding their weapons and abilities to work together tostop it . >> you mention it going ahead. you could have tanks like this. israel could not stand that. >> 2005 we gave them and it's 10,000 missiles with hundred and20,000 . we discussed the issue of the
1:47 pm
iranian weapon do they give them any reassurances? >> we speak with them and we know they care about it but, it will be the israeli fighters and we see the missiles and we know we have to get ready for that. >> you mention the prime minister's visit and let me redo the editorial. there is a new dynamic that seems to be in the region because of iranian behavior. this is what they say this morning. >> the prime minister renewed efforts to put the iranians on top of the us agenda came after the inaugurationwhich ushered in the administration with a hard-line approach to iran . that of the obama administration. they believe there is a unique opportunity for support and a lesser degree.
1:48 pm
he hopes to curtail the capabilities which was not addressed in nuclear deal with capabilities like those. do you think if iran violates the nuclear agreement that they will be punished? >> from the beginning it was a bad deal and you feel the agreement but let's enforce the agreement and speak about the sanctions but let's at least start by enforcing the sanctions on these agreements and i think it's time that we discussed what we were doing. quickly, how you think this plays out? >> the new administration made it clear that we do not accept it and i speak with my colleagues, they all say it's enough ãit's time to take action. >> we apparently have not seen
1:49 pm
the iranian nuclear deal. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> democrats blast president trump when he asked for the resignation 246 us attorneys. what they are saying todefend the president . >>
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1:53 pm
>> anchor: new fallout over president trump's firing of dozens of attorneys. the new york prosecutor saying lawmakers pushback while others say they are file following standard procedure for new administration. schmidt is back in the new york city newsroom. >> with 45 other attorneys lost their jobs this past week. not at all uncommon fornew administration but he tweeted out that he refused to resign when asked .he was the only one and he had to be fired. making the matter more complex was a meeting that he had a trump tower in late november with him saying mr. trump asked him to stay on with the administration. he was a successful us attorney for other parts of new york making great gains in fighting corruption in albany. democrats allege there is more
1:54 pm
to the removal and just standard politics. on wednesday three groups asked him to investigate trump regarding possible conflict of interest between the businesses in the role of the president. this morning elijah cummings a ranking member of the house tried to show a possible connection between the request of those groups and the trump team asking for four hours resignation later that week. >> i wonder, not too long ago the president said he would keep the us attorney there new york and then suddenly he changed his mind. >> also, the senator in massachusetts tweeted out, donald trump talks a big game about getting corruption of government but he wants it bunch of pain prosecutors who willinvestigate him. >> this morning , john mccain has been a vocal critic of mr. trump defending him. >> elections have consequences.
1:55 pm
for people to complain about it ãthey are ignoring the history of new presidencies and i think the president had every right to ask for those resignations. >> no real update from the white house. just maintaining yesterday's physician merit politics as usual and many presidentsdo this . >> indeed it is. thank you. >> welcoming in spring by losing an hour of sleep. daylight savings time. hundreds of thousands of folks in india with a different way to mark the change of seasons with those brilliant colors and the story with this unique festival, next . boost
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i'm on does weathertech go to protect your vehicle? ♪ ♪ ♪ weathertech. made right, in america millions of people taking part
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with the traditional festival of colors celebrating the start of spring >> what a way to celebrate. it's perhaps the best-known around the world for the beautiful bright patterns that they throw at each other. some parts of india will celebrate the festival for the next 10 days. >> i like it. i think it's beautiful. >> good times.
2:00 pm
>> that does it for us. we are back in one hour. it's a lot more fun than losing an hourof sleep . >> daylight savings time. >> trump is smiling past the graveyard.>> what? >> smiling president? what the impeachment began >> . [cheering]


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