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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 13, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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logano. it was intentional move to end the race. bush apparently blames him for making him spin out and cause him a shot at victory. >> heather: bloody forehead. >> jon: "outnumbered" starts now. >> fifox alert, president trumps holding listening session on healthcare at the white house. the cbo's cost analysis of the gop obamacare replacement plan could come out any moment. that report could have a huge impact on what happens next. this is "outnumbered" i'm harris faulkner here today with sandra smith. meghan mccain and melissa francis. today's one lucky guy. you're outnumbered though. >> i'm happy to be that.
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>> we have so much legally to break down. right on time. let's get to the news. the federal bean counters at the congressional budget office are set to tell us how much the gop's healthcare plan will cost. exactly how many people it will cover in the democrats already warning that millions of people will be cast off their healthcare plan. but republicans are down playing the significance of what the cbo may find. saying it's gotten things wrong before. >> the cbo was right about obamacare to begin with. there will be eight million people on obama kai. i love the folks at the cbo. >> one thing i'm certain will happen. cbo will say, not as many people will get covered. this isn't a government mandate. this is no the what the government makes you buy what you think to buy. >> one of the founders of the
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conservative house freedom caucus is still on board with the gop replacement plan. >> bottom line if this is the plan that you have to vote on on the house floor, where will you vote? >> i don't plan voting for the plan as introduced by the speaker. what went through the committee. went through the committee, not one single amendment was allowed to be offered. >> you'll vote no on this plan? >> i'm not for this plan. there's lots of opposition to this plan. >> but the president said he believes republicans are making great progress on replacing obamacare. the president tweeted in this morning. obamacare is imploding. it is a disaster, 2017 will be the worst year yet by far. republicans will come together and save the day. that list of freedom caucus members, you might be on it across the house and senate, rand paul. >> i will be with the freedom caucus members. this is inadequate negation of
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obamacare and inadequate replacement. there's no obligation in the constitution for the federal government to make healthcare available for anybody. the best thing the federal government can do is stay out of the business. let the individual states regulate it and promote free exchange and free choices of consumers and investors. if you are going to replace it, you ought to replace it with something like what the republicans sent the president obama half dozen times which he kept vetoing. it was total eradication of obamacare and radical reduction. >> you caught the speaker the house there melissa. he was dealing with that issue. why aren't more people going to be covered? that was kind of a nuance answer i thought. in the fact that well, we're not mandating it. obviously more people won'ter more covered. >> i think it's totally
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accurate. the cbo will come out with the score saying bunch more people won't be on. that will play poorly in the headlines. there is no way to dress that up to most of the population, even though what the speaker said is correct. the cbo does get everything wrong, they said the medicaid expansion will be $42 billion by 2014. it's much higher. they're off by more than 50% in all their estimates what they originally estimated for obamacare. nobody will do that math. they're going to wear around this mantle. >> sean spicer was asked about this. are you discrediting the cbo what they say not matter? of course that's not. in this case, looking back at how they scored obamacare, it wouldn't exactly deem them the most important analysis of this particular plan. >> that's effective. >> i agree with everything you're say being the cbo.
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the congressional budget office. this is nonpartisan entity in the government that basically tells congress how much it will cost and how it's going to work financially. they're not always accurate. they're making a prediction. they probably going to predict the numbers i saw this morning, 10 to 16 million people losing their healthcare. >> that will be the headlines. meghan couple of things. we anticipate getting pictures at some point of the president. he's getting an earful now from people who he's decided to meet with to give him an idea of what obamacare has done. where it's been successful and where it failed. as we get that video and that tape play out, that's interesting. he promised that everybody would have healthcare. the president talked about universal healthcare. if you look at the bullet points what he wanted, they don't really line up what's in the bill. politicallywhat does that mean? >> this is ideological battle. i watched rand paul on "face the
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nation" the comment i found more fascinating, he was defending freedom caucus. he doesn't believe this is a choice. you're with paul ryan or with the democrats. he said when he talks to paul ryan, he gets one type of answer. when he talks to donald trump, donald trump lot more open to negotiating and talking with people in the freedom caucus. there's clearly some kind of break down in power right now. i think paul ryan, last week we were on the couch, paul ryan was doing his powerpoint. i know some people responded to. you looked it harris. i didn't think it was a great way for him to communicate the bill to the american public. paul ryan saying big party, we're going to have to come together to negotiate and make it work. i just don't see it continue not to see after watching rand paul. >> one second. any time you have people clamoring to know the details, we can make all sorts of guesses
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about how all the people end up at the townhall. the president is talking and getting earful now. any time you have that, you say i like it. i like information for people. it makes them feel empowered. whether or not they got what they needed, that's for them to say. let's listen to this from speaker of the house. this is how he describes the situation. if they don't make a deal. >> the president has said there will be a blood bath in 2018 if this isn't passed through the house and senate. >> i do believe if we don't keep our word to the people -- most important thing for person like myself who runs for office and tells the people we're asking to hire us, this is what i'll do if i get elected. then if you don't do that, you're breaking your word. >> reference to blood bath was, massive losses of republican members of the house and the senate. if they don't adequately replace
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obamacare. i fully agree what you just said. i know the speaker will not like what i will say. he sounds more like mrs. post, say mrs. pelosi, take it or leave. the president of the united states is the greatest deal maker of the land. he's the first person to say, okay rand paul? >> that's how you do business. there's always good cop and bad cop. >> you think they'll compromise? >> i do. >> s&isn't it true it's always dark before the lights come out? >> if you want to get to a deal. that sounds like wishful thinking on the republican. donald j. trump last tweet, obamacare imploding. it is a disaster and 2017 will be the worst year yet. republican will come together and save the day. you did a really good job
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showing that donald trump seems more open than paul ryan at this point for negotiation. >> it is very rarely i will take the side of the freedom caucus over paul ryan. i do think a lot of -- some of these politician will not be able to go home to constituent and say we promise to repeal and replace. >> the president has had opening remarks inside the white house with a group of people who he's invited in to tell him exactly what their lives have been under obamacare. let's watch together. >> thank you all for being here today. it's a great honor. for you to share your personal stories of struggle under the enormous strain imposed on you by the very failed and failing
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obamacare law. secretary price and i along with my administration and lot of people in the senate and a lot of people in the house are committed to repealing and replacing this disastrous law with a healthcare plan that lowers cost, expands choice and insures access for everyone. you represent the million of americans who have seen obamacare premiums increase by double digits and triple digits. in arizona rates are over 116% last year. the deductibles are high, you don't get to use it. many americans lost their plans and doctors all together and one third of the counties. one third only have one insurer left. insurance companies are fleeing. they're gone. so many gone. the house bill to repeal and
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replace obamacare will provide you and fellow citizens with more choices at lower costs. americans should pick the plan they want. now they'll be able to pick the plan they want, they'll be able to pick the doctor they want. they'll be able to do a lot of things that the other plan supposed to give. you don't pick your doctor and plan, you remember that one. we're not going to have one size fits all. instead we're going to be working to unleash the power of the private marketplace and let the insurers come in and compete for business. you'll see rates go up and see plans go up. you'll have plans nobody is thinking of today. they will have plans that today, nobody has even thought about. the market is going to enforce it with millions of people on healthcare. more competition and less regulation will finally bring down the cost of care. i think it will bring it down very significantly. unfortunately, it takes a while to get there. you have to let that marketplace
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kick in. it's going to take a little while to get there. once it does, it's going to be a thing of beauty. we should take a year or two years. that's the way it works. working together, we'll get the job done. i have to say this just in closing, i want to hear some of your stories. we'll let the press stay for your stories if you like. the press is making obamacare look so good all of a sudden. i'm watching the news. look so good. they're showing these reports about this one get so much, this one get so much. first of all, it covers very few people. it's imploding. '17 will be the worst year. obama is gone. things are going to be very bad this year for the people with obamacare. you're going to have tremendous interests. the republicans putting themselves in a very bad position. i tell this to tom price all the
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time. by repealing obamacare. people aren't going to see the devastating effects of obamacare. they're not going to see the devastation in '17, '18. it will be gone by then. so the press is making it look so wonderful. if we end it, everyone going to say, remember how great obamacare used to be. remember how wonderful it used to be. it was so great. it's a little bit like president obama when he left. people liked him. when he was people, didn't like him so much. that's the way life goes. it's human nature. the fact is obamacare is a disaster. i say this to republicans all the time, by repealing t by getting rid of it, by ending it, everyone will say it reduced to be so great. it wasn't great. i tell tom price, i tell paul
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ryan and every one of them, best thing to do politically is wait a year. it's going to blow itself off the map. that's the wrong thing to do for the country. it's the wrong thing to do for our citizens. with that, i like to introduce some of the folks and you could say a few words. >> the all right, president there not mincing words about what says needs to happen. republicans all the time by ending it, everyone will say it used to be great. he laid down the gauntlet. best thing you can do politically. he's telling his health and human services secretary tom price and house speaker paul ryan, best thing to do is way a year -- wait a year. you have his tweet from this morning that talked about obamacare imploding if they do nothing. that is a huge price to pay. he's laying it out. he also wants to do what he said since the beginning. that is hear from everybody. he's going to have that listening session and it is open
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to the press. i'm sure those stories will come out of that room very quickly. let's bring it out to the couch here. >> i was laughing, when he said it's going to be one of those things it's so great and reporters remembering it as such. i was having a conversation with a doctor who was saying what about the people thrown off. i said, you accept it at your practice? she said, we don't take obamacare. we can't afford to. the reimbursment is too low. she was advocating for something at her own practice wouldn't practice because they couldn't afford to. now it's soundin sounding like o great. the idea imploding that the mathematical term. the death spiral is. it's not an exaggeration. that's when it's bottoming out. insurance won't sell it. they're not in the market.
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>> what did you make of the part, he said the press is making obamacare look good? >> i don't blame him for putting spin on things. very little way that the press can make obamacare look good. i truly believe that it is the economic disaster that he has preached that it was. primarilybecause it is the federal government micro managing 16% of the economy. i wish he had addressed two things. one, there is a mandate in this proposal. if you lose your insurance, if you drop your insurance when you get it again, you pay a $3000 fee to the insurance company. another reason they're in favor of it. not to the federal government. why should you be penalizing? the government wants you to have insurance. it's part of their plan for micromanaging. other issue i wish he raids, got the small government people up in arms, giving tax credits who can't afford healthcare. it adds to the deficit.
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we're $19.5 trillion in debt. >> i understand people who can't afford it get tax credits. that's part of the problem. now you're helping the people who don't necessarily financially need the help. >> the government will borrow money so people who can afford healthcare get it. >> are they borrowing or letting you keep your own money? when you earn money, that's more of your own income. you're not getting other people's money back. >> you're getting a reduction. >> when you drill down to it, they're giving you a tax credit for your funds, $4000 to go out and buy insurance. in arizona and others, you need lot american $4000 to buy what you have. there are some issues. the freedom caucus chairman mark meadows of north carolina has said, he wanted the time to go through this. why rush it through? >> tom cotton said the same thing. >> we'll move on. new fallout over president trump's claim that his
9:18 am
predecessor wiretapped his phone. house intelligence committee leaders are demanding the trump administration now turn over any evidence of that wiretapping. the deadline is now. it's today. latest on that. the white house also is not rawling -- ruling out possibilities that forces within the government are working to undermine president trump. we'll talk about it stay close.
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♪ >> the house intelligence committee wants any evidence on president trump's wiretapping claims turned over by today. committee chairman devin nunes and congressman adam schiff made the request in the letter to the justice department. kelly anne conway is backing up claims that people should think beyond wiretapping when it comes surveillance. she said it can be done through phones, tv sets and any number of ways. conway was asked about the remarks this morning. if she was talking about trump tower. >> i wasn't making a suggestion about trump tower. >> that's what you were asked about? >> i asked about surveilling generally. >> you have no evidence that was
9:23 am
used >> i have no evidence. there's why there's an investigation in congress. >> just to be clear, you have no allegations for -- evidence for these allegations? >> senator john mccain said president trump could clear all of this up in a minute if he just picked up phone and called the director of national intelligence for proof. he said the american people deserve to see the evidence if it exist. >> president trump has to provide the american people not just the intelligence committee but the american people with evidence, i think the president has one or two choices. either retract or to provide the information that the american people deserve because if his predecessor violated the law, president obama violated the law we got a serious issue here. >> senator mccain calling on the president to turn over any evidence that you have. basted those claim on. >> i'm entirely with senator
9:24 am
mccain. i happen to agree with him. what he's saying is correct under the law. there are now nearly 100 people trying to find what evidence there is. i'm talking about investigators from the senate and house. and fbi agents. if they're chasing phantom and looking for something that doesn't exist. if they're looking for something that does exist, the president knows how to help them find it. senator mccain is correct. the president can call up head of the n.s.a. or the director of national intelligence and say, i was told by so and so give me the evidence. fox news has spoken to intelligence community members who believe the surveillance did occur. that it was done by british intelligence. there by removing the fbi, cia and n.s.a. from it. when jim comey and john brannan
9:25 am
and james clapper told the president, they were telling him the truth. if barack obama used a foreign intelligence agency to spy on an american who happen to be a candidate for president and then president-elect, we have a very, very, serious criminal issue on our hands. >> that backs up what your father is calling for. turn the everyday over. what we know, he's not doing that. >> i think if they have more evidence to show, the american people -- it is not out the realm of possibility. this is only, -- this is possible that it could have happened. we should be taken very seriously. what doesn't help me. i'm not exactly what you're saying. should i -- my father is a
9:26 am
government official. should i be putting tape over my microwave like i do the camera? we're going levels of conspiracy theories that takes away from the allegations here which we have covered are very serious >> that's what the internet is all about. appliances at home are connected to the internet and anyone can hack into them and turn on whatever device. that's real. we don't have the high-tech microwave either. something happened. there were all these leaks of conversations. people know about conversations they shouldn't know about. it's just a question of how are those conversations getting out those weeks. who gathered that and who shared it? that's the very basic thing underneath this. kind of the top level back and forth is distracting from these leaks are coming out and stuff that happened that no one should know about.
9:27 am
>> if president has proof, what are the consequences for president obama? >> there are legal and political consequences. depending on who knew what and when. >> howdy get -- how do i get my hands on $64,000? >> we are tracking a major blizzard by the way. nothing out the window yet. a powerful storm set to slam the northeast. it could bring whiteout seasons more than two feet of snow. plus u.s. attorney preet bharara is claiming he was fired after refusing the attorney general's request that he resign his position. but the trump administration said it was just following standard procedures and that bharara maybe making a bigger deal out of this for his own political gain. whether he is and what the mainstream media is over blowing this.
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>> fox news alert for you now. we are awaying white house press briefings. likely questions on the latest fallout from attorney general jeff sessions asking for the resignation of the remaining 46 u.s. attorneys who served under the obama administration. this as u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york preet bharara, is claiming he was fired after refusing to resign. he issued a statement saying, he met with then president-elect trump in november and believed it was agreed that he would stay on. the ranking democrat on the house oversight congressman elijah cummings suggesting -- into hara's departure could be possible investigation. >> suddenly he changes his mind.
9:33 am
i'm curious as to why that is. there's a lot of questions coming up as to whether mr. -- president trump is concerned about the jurisdiction of this u.s. attorney and whether that might affect his future. >> senior administration official suggest int -- preet ba maybe considering run for governor. kellyanne conway saying there was nothing special about asking the u.s. attorney general to resign. >> it's very uniform and common for presidents to ask for resumeses -- resignations. the president made it uniform. there were no carve outs. there was no special treatment. >> what about the allegation that preet bharara was looking
9:34 am
into something on donald trump. that's why he fired him >> i think it's highly irresponsible for congressman cummings to inject into the debate without specifics. i do know what he's talking about. couple of people in new york filed a complaint in preet bharara's office suggesting president of the united states was violating the law by receiving dividends on stock that own a hotel that receives foreign visitors. this is rather intricate argument. but it is absolutely frivolous. he's entitled to receive dividends on stock. beyond that, when you are the u.s. attorney, whether it's new york or chicago or whoever it might be, you serve at the pleasure of the president. you know this before you get the job. you know it on day one. you're reminded of it almost everyday. it is the picture of a president is in your office and stares you in the face. the president ask you to go, you go. unless you're planning to run for office in new york city
9:35 am
where resisting donald trump and forcing him to fire you for a democrat is a badge of honor. >> i'm confused about the difference. if someone doesn't want you, doesn't that mean you should leave? have you ever dated anybody, you know what, you should go. you keeping them? how does that work out? i'm not asking. it's a hypothetical. >> it's also the catch phrase, you're fired. maxine waters, listen to this. >> we understand that the protocol has been that u.s. attorneys would hand in their resignation and would give the new administration an opportunity to make new appointments. we don't see that happening quite fast enough. >> i will defer to the judge. what she said is true. the shoe was on the other foot at the time. she was saying that. she was saying it in march of
9:36 am
2009 when president barack obama wanted george w. bush u.s. attorneys out. >> this isn't too unusual >> i have never seen such a big deal. >> why people in the media so obsessed with this. there's allegations going around that preet bharara was friends s with chuck schumer. >> every sitting u.s. attorney was asked to resign. which is same thing bill clinton did and barack obama did. there's no singling out preet bharara. >> it was unprecedented, which why i've been confused by the fall out over this. >> i think he probably is going to run for office. he's using this as a linchpin to his campaign. firing u.s. attorneys happens every time the president changes. >> absolutely. >> that settles it.
9:37 am
>> i want to go back to maxine waters twitter feed. she said, this is just one day ago, she tweeted this out yesterday morning. stone, manafort, flynn, ross, paige. they will allied to trump's impeachment. this kind of talk wishful thinking >> she talk about it all the time. it's not happening. >> that was going to be my point. when you hear that kind of talk, how much do you take it seriously? >> that speech gives cover to bad people. >> members of the trump administration waits for the calls with the meets the russian ambassador. now comes word from the kremlin the clinton campaign did the exact same thing. will the mainstream media go after her as well or does this put the story to rest? we'll talk about it.
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>> in a twist in the two of over russian contacts with officials in president trump's campaign. goring to spokesperson for vladimir putin he met with people met with the hillary clinton campaign. it's the ambassador's job to stay in touch with both sides. that the meetings were about u.s. russian relations and nothing to do with the election. watch. >> if you look at some people connected with hillary clinton, during her you would probably see that he had lots of meetings of that kind. but there are no meetings about electoral processes. people working in think tanks advising hillary or advising people working for hillary. if you look at it with intention
9:43 am
you would see yes, trying to interfear with hillary. it would be nonsense. this is not true. >> should we believe spokesperson for the kremlin on anything? >> i don't know that we should believe him. let me lay down the law, explain the law. there are two potential legal issues here. one is communicating with the russians so that they will use their computer cybersecurity skills to affect the outcome of the election. that obviously would be a crime. the other is one general flynn got in trouble for. i don't think he committed the crime. to conduct your own foreign policy to change the foreign policy of another country toward thes the united states. that's a crime. but meeting with the ambassador, talking to the ambassador anticipating a new administration whether it's done by donald trump people or hillary clinton people. not only is it not a crime, everybody has done it.
9:44 am
>> it came out when all the pictures came out of the russian ambassador being present at president trump's speech. it's not that strange to be meeting with russian ambassador. >> if their intention was any different what you just laid out, judge, we would be talking completely different story. >> absolutely. if the intention of meeting with the russian ambassador was to facilitate russian cyberattacks on the electoral system to impair its integrity, one side to win over the other. very serious act. >> we take this spokesperson from the kremlin at his word, does this change anything? >> if what he's saying is true, then both sides were speaking to the russian ambassador and their conversations were innocuous. >> i that was interesting from the "new york times" who walk away from this.
9:45 am
i'm not going to be part of some dog and pony show that is not effort to do an investigation. this is really serious. we were talking about this on the break. if this is worth looking at, why are democrats treating like it's the party to go to. not seriously looking at it. there's a 9 -- nine panel grou. they might all walk away from this. >> apparently she believes that republicans endeavor to get at the truth. their goal is to conceal the truth rather than reveal it. >> she's talking about member of her own party. >> she must be a democrat. >> she is. >> don't trust republicans to investigate the trump administration -- campaign >> this is one of the things you say. they said trump-russia, there's been so many different things and connections. it's out there.
9:46 am
>> it will be locked. >> it doesn't really matter at this point. even what happens from here. the shame of it is, we should figure out who's leaking this top secret information. we should figure out if there was anything there. i don't know in we're ever going to get to the bottom of it. >> somebody actually leaked the conversation lieutenant general flynn had with the russian ambassador. they leaked it to make him look bad. that was a human being. it was trying to influence the president's decision. if you magnified that out. that is the intelligence community or someone in it manipulating the president of the united states. >> what are the consequences for doing that? >> very bad. it's a criminal act to reveal transcript. >> that was about sun lighting. sun light being the -- right.
9:47 am
we need some sun light to see what happened. >> the aclu offering resistance training in national townhall for those who wish to protest president trump. should they be promoting opposition to the president? we'll debate next. >> messy, disruptive, loud, that's what democracy looks like. v8 or a powdered drink? ready, go. ahhhhhhhh! shake! shake! shake! shake! shake! done! you gotta shake it! i shake it! glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
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>> the aclu holding a nationwide training session this week named at encouraging organized resistance to president trump and educating attendees on their rights as protesters. watch. >> let's do this together. we need you to be protagonist in this struggle. we'll do the work in the court. you do the work in the street and failure is not an option. if we can put the pressure on elected officials through townhalls, through lobbying, through direct action, the protest support the values we believe in. >> the organization launched a grassroots online organizing platform people, helping people connect coordinate protests and rallies
9:52 am
in their communities. what do you make of an organization like this putting together protest and rallies. >> i agree protest is part of america and right to speak out against the establishment is guaranteed by the first amendment. here's the problem for police. they have to guarantee the right of the speaker to be heard and the right of the protesters to be heard. they have to find that fine balance so we don't have the heckler's veto. where the protesters so loud, they have succeeded in silencing or scaring off the podium and speaker. it is the job of the police to find that right balance. >> it's interesting what you're saying. when you look at areas at berkeley where you had protrump rallies and anti-trump protesters. if you put your hands on somebody and go too far, you belong with the police officers carted off. that's a lot of responsibility for the police officer >> yes, it is. supreme court has really put a difficult job on the police officers but it's are the best
9:53 am
we can do to try to maximize everyone's first amendment right to speak and be heard. the characters in the taking 42 silence the speaker. >> it tells us another thing. people and groups like this having a hard time taking in the outcome of that election. >> i don't have a problem with protesting as long as it's civil and there's no violence. a right we have as all americans. the amount of protesting going on since president trump was elected is ridiculous. what happen legislation would you like passed? for me, i was an early supporter of gay marriage and marriage equality. very simple thing for people to understand. i want gay people to have same constitutional right as straight people. some of the people, the women's movement, i don't know what legislation you want other than you're mad that trump is pro-life.
9:54 am
lot of these movements, they just really suffer from the fact that i don't know what you want. other than you hate president trump. >> they absolutely have the right to do their thing. when it's organized, great. have your point heard. at the same time, you said something important, both sides need to be heard. so many cases their stated goal is to stop whoever is up there speaking. we saw that at berkeley. you yourself talked about that people don't want to go to campuses. >> charles murray, watch the the video over the weekend. he was screamed at, he didn't get a chance to speak. if you're going to go to that level, you lose utter respect for me. i don't think you're achieving any collective goal. >> that destroys first amendment values. that's just noise. i did see it. >> i have a question for if you. if the aclu is stream lining the process by training protesters
9:55 am
when they act out and become violent and do just awful things, as we have seen some of them do in the streets for all sorts of occasions. does that hold the aclu accountable since they train these people? >> they didn't train them to do violence. everything we heard was perfectly protected speech. loud, organized. >> does it help to have that kind of direction? >> yes. if you pressed him, he would say you must stop short of violence. he would say, you must stop short of silencing the speaker. >> also what you saw there was a great fundraising opportunity. the aclu is out there talking about we have right to be trampled up. you have to stand up. donate and support. we support you. when you see these videos and you see she's people and organizations, they see trump as a tremendous fundraising opportunity. >> they're touting big numbers and growth in membership. they say it tripled more than
9:56 am
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my insurance rates are but dad, you've got... with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands. >> it was great because we got to say naps is back. >> thank you my dear friends and colleagues. >> did you have fun?
10:00 am
>> by march 16th, we will see that new immigration order. >> 3 feet of snow outside the window. >> stella is coming. a style of the storm. now "happening now" ." >> jon: we start with the fox news alert, white house daily briefings that you begin any moment now. >> as we await the congressional budget office estimates on the cost of the republican health care plan. we are covering all of the news "happening now." >> jon: we might assume in the estimated price tag for the plan to replace obamacare as the president and g.o.p. leaders saw their plan to tricks in their own party. >> conservatives across thed do not like their proposal because it is obamacare lite, keeps the subsidies, the mandate. >> jon: one of those critics


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