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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 14, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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and friends" first starts now. ♪ abby: so clever this morning. a little vanilla ice in new york city. they said it was coming and it is here blue ridge. blue ridge clayton:thanks for starting the day with us. we begin with the extreme weather on the northeast at this hour. abby: 50 million americans with two feet of snow, devastating coastal flooding. speech in schools virginia to maine already closed, people urge to stay off the road. abby: 6000 flights canceled or delayed.
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>> let's begin with tracking a new path live. >> i am out in it and the winds are blowing, visibility lowering a little bit. snowfall picking up and it is all about the winds early this morning, we are struggling with the winds ourselves and about to get blown over out here, 40 miles an hour, indicating it this point temperatures very cold but we are in a large area talking about blizzard conditions making visibility below a mile, it will get below a quarter of a mile, looking at temperatures at 29 °, snow falling, a little farther south getting a rain/wintery mix
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blue ridge here is your wins, getting close to 30 miles an hour in new york city sustained winds talking about blizzard like conditions, getting closer to that, visibility is that 0.3 miles, farther south, more of a rain mix, visibility later for folks in portions of dc stretching farther south was right along long island to the north visibility is a little lower. half a mile in central park it is getting worse throughout the morning hours. this is just the beginning and i expecting to pick up in the next couple hours. abby: a scary looking map. >> winds will get to 50 miles an hour. clayton:new york city bracing for a state of emergency.
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live in nguyen -- union square it is already coming in. >> we are right outside the building in midtown. this is the beginning of what could be a bad storm blues we are at 47th and fifth avenue but you can see on the ground maybe an inch or two on the grounds already. it has been pretty nasty, a lot of wins and this is what you will see all day, wind in your face as it comes down blues we talked about the state of emergency in new york. new york state all nonessential people not coming to work today, you won't see a lot of people going to work in new york today, 50 million people will be impacted by storm blues this has been a light winter, we haven't had a lot so it is pretty easy, we had a storm february 9th, we expect 7 inches.
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they are calling for 18 to 24 inches for new york city believes that is a paralyzing amount of snow that will shut most things down, most aboveground trains, don't come out, we will see how it comes down. >> the trump administration ready for this storm blues lauren blanchard has more on that. >> reporter: quite the accumulation new york and others have, an inch or more the capital in union station, for dangerous driving, and the
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governors of virginia declared a state of emergency, the district and surrounding areas, eight states are included in the winter storm warning with a foot of snow in some areas but four to eight inches in the beltway. this could be president trump's first potential natural disaster as president which he did postpone a visit by angela merkel until friday and yesterday met with dc's meerut the head of the city metro system, the metro reduced its service and amtrak up and down the northeast. >> i have spoken with my homeland security advisor, the fema administrator, to make certain the federal government is providing assistance waiting
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by the phones. >> reporter: i don't have good snow day news, they do not have a snow day, and option to telework if that is possible. abby: i like the hat. clayton:millions of people will lose their health insurance. abby: the replacement plan taking its biggest challenge yet, the budget committee. clayton:ed henrynation's capita healthcare showdown lose lots of spin yesterday. >> reporter: this is a blow to president trump and house republican leaders in efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. the congressional budget office is the independent umpire but the numbers are not good as headline suggest, president trump is fighting back, listen
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to the numbers, 40 million people will be uninsured by 2018 if the bill moves forward, total number of uninsured am a 24 million by 2026 increase largely by lifting mandates from the obama administration, premiums increased by 15% to 20% but drop 10% under the current market value meaning preemies have been shooting up hire under obamacare and number 2, this house republican plan would reduce the federal deficit by $337 billion of president trump is fighting a two front more bleed yesterday he brought big news of obamacare believes the aetna ceo said it is in a death spiral. and the health and human services secretary said this is just phase i bleeding future phases of implementing more laws they come to more people, democrat leaders say no, dead on
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arrival. >> it is virtually impossible to have that number occur. it is not believable blues we will look at the numbers and see. >> insurance coverage, it is immoral but how can they look at constituents in the i and say to them 24 million of you no longer have coverage? >> reporter: this has had an impact on the healthcare fight, a house budget committee markup today on the republican leadership efforts, delayed until thursday. that will be something to watch intensively because a lot of conservatives from the house freedom caucus on the budget committee could be in a spot they try to kill the leadership effort altogether. clayton:justice department has 6 more days to back up wiretapping claims blues the white house
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saying it is about broader serving in the 2016 election, they are asking for and receiving more time to come up with the evidence. the house until committee, if it fails to comply by the new deadline blues abby: prosecutors, make revenue michael brown documentary pathetic, releasing the full version frame by frame, meant to disprove the filmmaker's claim blues the video showing brown exchanging spars with employees blues the documentary alleges brown did not rob the store but was involved in a drug deal with st. louis county prosecutor calling the claim stupid. >> this pathetic 0 -- video shows where he got the information, a poor job editing in the first place, and attempt to generate 15 minutes.
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abby: the filmmaker standing by his work as a tip, saving a mother of 5 police a was affected by her estranged husband found alive in a motel room miles from where she was kidnapped near tampa, florida, police arresting trevor summers after seeing him shove in the back of her car as she screamed for help, summers filed two domestic violence complaint against her estranged husband in the last two month. clayton: a white house intruder who said he had a secret service appointment with the president, jonathan train charged with entering restricted ground while carrying cans of mace, required to stay within 100 miles of his hometown in california until next month's court date, he faces we 10 years in prison which is 10 minutes after the hour. debts gears getting too close to comfort to 130,000 ton cruise ship, a decision justin about whether they will face charges.
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abby: cashing in on anti-trump headlines with t-shirts slamming the president. clayton: healthcare topic, how people really care about it. >> do you ladies have health insurance? [laughter] clayton: a look at the weather in new york city. ♪
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abby: white shades of winter outside the studio in new york city, snow coming down outside. adam is back with the latest track on this monster winter storm blew today tuned for that. president trump ready to eliminate waste in the government ordering a total examination and reorganization of federal agencies. former house speaker newt gingrich praising the move. >> this is potentially a really big move to gain control over the bureaucracies, to shrink the government, eliminate waste, and empower the president's appointees to go very aggressively and to the kind of entrepreneurial job. abby: president from signing the order at the white house tweet mister j welcoming our great cabinet this afternoon for the first meeting but unfortunately four states were empty because
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senate democrats are delaying. clayton: tennessee challenging the refugee program because they don't want to pay for, forcing them to spend money on additional services like healthcare and education, the logic calls were to be shut down into the federal government pays off all the cost it obtained as a result of that program. abby: the mainstream media and democrats demonizing president trump for requesting the resignation of 46 us attorneys including preet bharara but isn't this just part of the transition? doesn't this abnormally? clayton: it does the bias in the one minute commentary. >> democrats and the mainstream media are feeling at president trump asking the resignations of those attorneys, some calling it a scandal, a conspiracy but it is not in 1993 attorney general jenna reno fired every
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republican us attorney, 93 blues one day sweep blues president obama did the same in 2009, replaced every us attorney appointed by president bush but there was no breaking news coverage, no mainstream media hyperventilating blues because it is perfectly normal presidential behavior, nothing the various here bleed investigations will go on. the us attorney leaves, the first assistant takes over, a career prosecutor. president trump had every right to ask for the resignations and all the outrage from the fake news regurgitate her's alone upgrade a fertilizer. abby: i love butter beans. media bias on full display, newspapers now cashing in on t-shirts with president trump rhetoric was the washington post offering this shirt which the democracy dies in darkness was the la time selling shirts that
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they journalism matters and the chicago tribune featured the line speaking truth to power since 1847, the shirts being sold in 20 nights. clayton: shooting a clown dressed as president. in this new video for the song lavender snoop is a universe inhabited by clowns. after a family man is gunned down by a cop, he points a popgun at a clown version of president trump and pulling the trigger liz would a musician do this to former president obama? street change in tolerance comes from the left is at the end of the day the first amendment is okay for them as long as you say what they are saying is if you are not saying what they are saying you get kicked off of campus. clayton: uses his focus was not
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controversial but for people who don't have a voice blues what do you think of this? did it go too far? is this just satire easy for me to say lodz stay tuned for a live debate at hashtag keep talking. abby: i like snoop dogg but i don't like that video. the time is 19 minutes after the top of the hour and thousands of passengers stranded in airports across the country amid thousands of flight delays and cancellations. clayton: we are live at charlotte douglas international airport to see people make their way home. ♪ ime, so our engineers can solve problems with the most precise data at their fingertips. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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d7 extreme weather, the massive blizzard creating a travel nightmare coast-to-coast. abby: 6000 flights are gone and that number growing by the hour blues lauren dugan live at charlotte douglas international airport with more. >> reporter: a lot of read on the board canceled flights at charlotte douglas international airport blue severe weather around the country, and a lot of people stranded, arriving in charlotte. 27 flights were supposed to leave, have been canceled and a lot of people stuck in the airport waiting to get on a new flight, some of the cities that have been hit include boston,
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baltimore, providence and washington dc but at charlotte douglas international airport people hope to find a new flight and get out and a lot of those flights were canceled last night in anticipation of the storm but the good news is many airlines are offering rebooking for those flights that have been canceled this morning. clayton: thanks. before being run over by a 130,000 ton cruise ship, they won't face charges. incredible video showing two plucked out of the water off of port canaveral moments before the jetski falling in the path ship. they didn't break any rules. abby: someone always has to ruin all the fun, they want to tear down there backyard ice rink,
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the second winter the family has cleared up for the kids but town officials have a problem with it. drainage easement is on the property and the structure could cause problems with the family did appeal but they lost. clayton: from internet laughingstock to pull or explore. abby: i forgot about that. clayton: ready for her made voyage please abby: the yellow submarine sets to begin his first mission exploring a deep current that starts in antarctica and runs to the southern ocean. clayton: it began as a joke when they looked for a new research ship bleach in the end they named -- people were kicking boaty mc boatface but attenborough is the name. it didn't win.
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abby: i like boaty boatface. clayton: 25 minutes after the hour, president obama's staff ganging up on president trump but tracking his every move. abby: netflix offering a new plot twist, how viewers could see their favorite characters lodz . let ♪ heigh ho ♪ heigh ho ♪ heigh ho heigh ho it's off to work we go here's early risers, what's up man? go-getters, and should-be sleepers. from all of us at delta, because the ones who truly change the world, are the ones who can't wait to get out in it.
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because the ones who truly change the world, this is the story of green mountain coffee and fair trade,
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told in the time it takes to brew your cup. let's take a trip to la plata, colombia. this is boris calvo. that's pepe. boris doesn't just grow good coffee, boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm to grow even better coffee and invest in his community, which makes his neighbor, gustavo, happy. that's blanca. yup, pepe and blanca got together. things happen. all this for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee. packed with goodness. clayton: sixth avenue outside the studio, you are watching
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"fox and friends" first on the snowy blizzard morning. abby: it is half past the top of the hour. police buried down at this hour, 50 million americans breaking through two feet of snow, blinding with a devastating coastal flooding lodz clayton: is closed as radar indicates what is to come, air travel crippling 6000 flights canceled or delayed. abby: fox coverage, we are tracking a new path. >> reporter: we are in that path, cleaning this up nonstop throughout the morning. within minutes we have another half inch close to an inch of snow on the ground, we have seen a couple inches early in the
2:31 am
system, depending where you are on the east coast. and that is the case in washington dc and we will watch this track. around 30 miles an hour in new york city, pretty consistently close to 30 miles an hour. to get to those blizzard conditions the wents should strengthen in the next couple hours scanning visibility, where you are looking at more visibility is a little better but in new york city the visibility is low. and in the next hour or two, only going to intensify. now to the nation's capital, president trump says his
2:32 am
administration is ready for the storm blues lauren blanchard live near the capital building. >> this kind of icy, slushy snow making it hard to drive blues we don't have the accumulation many other places in the northeast blues we only have an inch and a half but a foot of snow, and between 6 inches through the day. all schools in the surrounding areas are closed, honored two hour delay but federal agencies are offering on a three hour delay or folks can telework blues this could be president trump's first potential natural disaster as president, already postponed a visit from german chancellor angela merkel and yesterday met with dc's mayor at
2:33 am
the head of the city's metro system which has reduced service throughout the day and the president tweeted that the folks to be safe. >> i have spoken with the acting fema administrator, to provide assistance with the state and ready to go. >> reporter: the unusually warm winter has made the ground warmer than usual so officials are hoping the snow will melt quickly. >> another storm on its way. the white house estimating millions of people will lose insurance under the new obamacare or trumpcare replacement plan, gop plan facing its biggest challenge
2:34 am
yet. it henry live at the nation's capital with the next step in the healthcare showdown. >> reporter: congressional budget office independent umpire coming out with difficult numbers, the white house, could be a blow to president trump and the house gop leadership, he's fighting fire with fire before the report came out some of the president charging media has focused on the positive parts of obamacare, million to have been covered, he acknowledged that but said there are major problems so he brought in victims of obamacare who lost their doctor, lost their plans which he is fighting fire with fire because the cbo reports, the cbo saying among other things 14 million people will be uninsured by 2018, total number of uninsured $24 million by 2026 of the house gop leadership bill
2:35 am
increased largely due to lifting those mandates with increase until 2020 x 15% to 20% and premiums drop 10% where they currently are and premiums under obamacare spiking, republicans noting cbo also says their plan will reduce the federal deficit by $337 billion, there was a fight between the administration. >> obamacare collapsing, the premium from obamacare 25% on average higher next year so this compared to the status quo is far better. >> trumpcare would be a nightmare to the american people is the cbo report should be a knockout blow for republicans in congress. they should heed this morning and turned back from their plan.
2:36 am
>> the knockout blow could be of conservatives on the house budget committee vote against this bill. it was supposed to be a markup today, or wednesday. it is being pushed back. we got in. abby: the president giving the cia the power to take out suspected terrorists with drone strikes but according to the washington journal it is a complete 180 from the obama administration policy, not only allows the cia to locate and target, the military than in charge of pulling the trigger, and late last month a strike on a senior al qaeda leader in syria. clayton: a watchdog group to hound the president, call
2:37 am
american oversight, tracking the administration's ethics and potential conflicts or fraud targeting federal agencies including hud and the education department, the claims to be nonpartisan despite top officers having deep ties to the obama administration. abby: betsy divorce has a lot of critics but what if you say the proposals without using her name >> a cogent not determine a child's future, would you agree with that? >> i agree totally. abby: outrageous admission from people who love to hate her. clayton: all he wanted was a hug from his sister bleach how the internet is stepping in. abby: be where if strawberries are on your menu. could actually be bad for your
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clayton: parents love it when kids are off school. the snowstorm could freeze more than streets today. abby: foxbusiness with how it could impact the stock market. >> reporter: beside those kids being at home, lucky parents out there, we call them storm stocks that may move based on the amount of snow, a company like generate holdings, generators, watch that, and hope depot, and home depot and lowe's, and overall numbers and finally look at the last company, plow, it was sold out yesterday. abby: i did go to the store yesterdanetflix on the
2:43 am
snowstorm they could direct their own netflix show. that is the beauty of watching a show, someone else is doing the work. clayton: a lot of people would like to crack the story and take the ending they want blues netflix is working on new technology, which i had more details, testing it out with kids shows, one thing they have is kong, king of the apes blues you can collect power ups if you're watching it, and the first baby step into this and the new kids showing the fall which they may experiment with this. it is a great idea not for a kids show but if you are an adult and have a character you are not liking, kill them off. clayton: i would go differently route which is you want a nice friendly ending. abby: caribou coffee making a
2:44 am
big change which a lot of people want organic, healthy, they don't with chemicals in their food. the coffee is getting rid of different things like end of the year, 100% organic. colors, flavors, sweeteners, fresh, real, their food to be like that now, 70% of americans reading labels and consumer reports study from last year. 70%, people thinking i don't want to consume, digest all that stuff. clayton: also pie day. the ratio of circle, circumference to it diameter, i had to write that down. pizza pies or sweet pies
2:45 am
everywhere from whole foods to boston market, glazed pizza has 314, march 14th, with the paperback version of life of pi in the book for 95% off so it is $3.14, something to do on snow day. did you study that in school? clayton: how far can you go down the line? abby: what do we use it for today? clayton: thanks. abby: president trump replacing obamacare but democrats want the original plan or they think the original plan should stay. abby: everyday americans on the streets of new york if they know how it works.
2:46 am
>> do you ladies have health insurance? [laughter] >> snap out of it blues do you like your healthcare? >> yes. >> no. the change why not? >> it is really confusing? 's >> it is satisfying. i think i have -- is that obamacare? >> i don't know what you have learned >> you have obamacare? how does it work? >> how does it work? >> don't be looking at me so cockeyed. 's >> probably 90% of americans don't know. >> that is correct. >> you don't have money, it will help you blue >> healthcare welfare. >> repeal and replace obamacare bleaches that a good idea? >> people who have it should be able to keep it blue >> if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it blue
2:47 am
>> that is the way it should work. 's >> of democrat start saying trumpcare is so bad, why should we believe when they said obamacare was going to be so good? >> you don't get it all right from the outset, you have to work on it for years and years. >> you know who i am? >> here we go again. >> waters blues this is my world. >> you truly scare me. abby: i love that one die's had. clayton: every day americans. coming up on "fox and friends," run of the mill. nothing special. blend in. something not blending in, i love snoop dogg, i don't like
2:48 am
this, snoop dogg talking about assassinating the president of the united states which is he just getting attention? he hasn't done anything productive in 25 years. judge andrew napolitano will be here and he is italian. stuart varney will be here and he is not. jim jordan not really for the plan to redo obamacare blues he will explain why blues make mulvaney, a good buddy disagreeing on the way forward when it comes to healthcare. laura ingram, a great personality, a great show lodz please stay indoors. >> you forgot about snoop dogg's latest venture. >> i stand corrected, very productive. abby: see you in 10 minutes on "fox and friends," we will be back, stay with us. are your allergies holding you back or is it your allergy pills? break through your allergies. introducing flonase sensimist. more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist
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abby: mother nature's fury on full display, in new york city under a state of emergency, not bad yet. clayton: schools are closed, the was shutdown is the northeast braces were perfect warm lose rob schmidt. >> reporter: it will be a quiet day in new york city aside from the snowstorm, some people working to clear the sidewalks but can't imagine too many people coming to work, most people have the day off. working our butts off, that is okay believed that is what we get paid to do, there has been a reprieve in the last 10 or 15 minutes. don't think it will last week it will get worse. thousands of delays and cancellations at the airport, the city still moving, people still able to drive up and down the avenues the subway above ground will be shut down but the
2:53 am
low ground, underground in manhattan in critical places it will be working. the city told nonessential employees don't come to work today, you don't have to come in until you are a police officer or firefighter, schools are closed, it is a shutdown interview don't need to be outside don't go outside they are expecting two feet of snow in manhattan. abby: stay in and watch fox, thank you. here is the story we told you about before the break, new meaning to the term march madness, high school basketball official the latest target of internet rage over her reaction to a 3-year-old fan. is heartbreaking video shows a little boy as he is blocked from giving his older sister a hug when she won the state championship.
2:54 am
it is a postgame ritual that tournament official defending her actions saying she didn't want the little boy to run into the path of a special needs student who was exiting the court at the same time. abby: betsy divorce not popular in college liberal students but policies, you like or as long as you don't say her name when asking questions. >> given a voucher to students and failing school districts, low income communities and allow them to pick whatever school they want to go to so that is something that would be a good idea? >> i think that is a good idea. >> it would be a good idea. >> i would support that. clayton: they supported school choice which is a big advocate for. abby: 6 minutes until the top of the hour. it can turn your life into
2:55 am
chaos. >> kids. abby: there may be a huge health benefit to having a big family but what do you think? clayton: absolutely.
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. .
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clayton: we are back with an extreme weather look and live look right now in connecticut where monster storm bearing down on the northeast. 50 million americans bracing for up to 2 feet of snow in some areas. 450 mile-per-hour wind gusts
2:59 am
and devastating coastal flooding. schools from virginia to maine already closed as the radar shows what's to come today. people urged to stay off the roads if possible. air travel won't be a choice for you. already crippled. 6,000 flights cancelled or delayed. if you are planning to travel anywhere, call the airline first. heather: time for the good,ed bad, and the ugly. post edition. up first the good, the stress of being a parent can actually add years to your life. well, a new study reveals that parents tack on as much as two extra years to their life compared to those without kids. researchers say it could be that childless adults live unhealthier lifestyles. and bad, beware before you dig into breakfast if you have strawberries. 70% of strawberries have dangerous pesticides in them. chemicals linked to cancer, obesity and infertility. finally the ugly. you might not be as nice as you think you are.
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>> ♪ i always find time to be kind ♪ sorry, so busy. heather: researchers find that 98% of british people think they are the nicest half of the population. nice gestures and giving directions and holding open doors. clayton: here is a nice crew. "fox & friends," they start right now. bye, everyone. let head bye. >> we have assembled one of the greatest cabinets in history. we want to empower them to make their agencies as lien as possible. >> he is talking about doing something that never happens in washington. telling cabinet to cut their agencies. >> through the congressional budget office projects 14 million people would lose healthcare coverage next year. >> cbo estimates are very notoriously bad. >> should abolish the congressional budget office wrong. >> if you read the report, encouraged.


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