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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 14, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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you think you are. >> ♪ i always find time to be kind ♪ sorry, so busy. heather: researchers find that 98% of british people think they are the nicest half of the population. nice gestures and giving directions and holding open doors. clayton: here is a nice crew. "fox & friends," they start right now. bye, everyone. let head bye. >> we have assembled one of the greatest cabinets in history. we want to empower them to make their agencies as lien as possible. >> he is talking about doing something that never happens in washington. telling cabinet to cut their agencies. >> through the congressional budget office projects 14 million people would lose healthcare coverage next year. >> cbo estimates are very notoriously bad. >> should abolish the congressional budget office wrong. >> if you read the report, encouraged. it exceeded by expectations.
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>> the intention is to donate his salary and he has kindly asked that you help all determine where that goes. [laughter] >> major nor'easter has begun to lash the east coast. the storm could dump up to ♪ steve: live from new york city, that's how we got to work today. ainsley: that area of sixth avenue go over to the right screen the next block that runs over where trump tower is. i'm driving down fifth avenue today and spin out in the middle of the trump tower. brian: that's not true. you don't have a car. ainsley: the car i was in. steve: taxi driver. ainsley: you haven't driven since 1981. ainsley: i told the driver sir, this is a sudan, do you not have the right tires. you need to go home for the safety of your life. brian: you haven't seen snow.
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ainsley: i kept praying for snow. oh, heavenly father, please save us. steve: 30 million people impacted by a blazer that is raging combined with a nor'easter scooting up the northeast coast. light snow, freezing rain. we could have a foot or two before it's all done by later tonight. brian: i read that one in five americans are affected by the snow. ainsley: one in five, wow. steve: here in new york city they have declared a state of emergency. it's a mess. so a lot of people are going to watch tv all day long. put down the remote. have you your channel right here. ainsley: several states have declared a state of emergency and a lot of people are out of school. washington, d.c. are going to make the decision this morning. have you heard what they have decided? we have to find out. steve: i'm not sure. brian: i would say close down the school because they are terrible at snow. washington is terrible at snow. no one has shistles. steve: you get half an inch of snow and they will declare a state of emergency. stand by, as soon as we know whether or not washington, d.c. is going to go to work. usually in a situation like
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that they say nonessential employees don't show up. how demoralizing is that when you realize i'm not essential. great, i don't have to go work. brian: president trump is realizing right now he can never call in sick. he lives in his work place. all he has he to do is go downstairs. he does not take a sick day today. meanwhile the white house firing back at the budget report that came out yesterday estimating that millions of people will lose healthcare coverage under the g.o.p. plan. ainsley: but the report also shows the obamacare replacement would reduce the federal deficit by more than $300 billion. brian what do we believe? steve: there is some good news. there's some bad news. right, ed henry. ed: exactly. the last part could win over wavering conservatives to the president's side no. question this cbo report was a blow to the president's efforts in the short-term because it suggests that a whole bunch of people are going to be knocked off their insurance. something we knew even before the report. what the president is doing is perhaps what he does best which is fighting back and fighting hard.
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he put together a group of what he called victims of obamacare to say, wait a second, he blamed the media said the media is only doing positive stories of the people who have been covered by obamacare. he said, final. but they're not pointing out the people who have lost their doctor or who have lost their plans and have not pointed out that the ceo at etna has said that obamacare current law is in a death spiral. so the president said something needs to be done. so he and the house republican leaders have this plan, the congressional budget office came out. here is their verdict. they say 14 million more people will be uninsured by 2018. 24 million uninsured by 2026 that because of lifting the mandates under obamacare. premiums will go up. interestingly some good news for the president. premiums will go up less than they are going up now already under existing law. obamacare. remember, they have been spiking anyway. as you say, the deficit would come down big time under the
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house g.o.p. plan. so the president came out and said wait a second. this is only phase one. we will do more down the road in order to cover more people. watch. >> secretary price and i, along with my entire administration and a lot of people in the senate and a lot of people in the house are committed to repealing and replacing this disastrous law with a healthcare plan that lowers cost, expands choice, and ensures access for everyone. >> and that snow storm already having impact yes on this healthcare debated. on wednesday the budget committee was supposed to move forward with the next phase and marking up this republican legislation. that's now been moved back to thursday. why is that significant? that house budget committee has a lot of conservatives from the freedom caucus that are very sceptic call of this legislation. they are trying to kill it in the house budget committee. this storm actually may give the white house a little bit more time to try to work some
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of those members, guys. steve: ed, you left out the important part with the freedom caucus tonight was going to be the pizza and bowling night and they cancelled that. >> this storm is reeking havoc. they are not going to be able to have peperoni. sneakers yesterday. push the button, get the app.: do it wednesday, do it thursday. they have time. ainsley: thank you, ed. there are good things. there are bad things. federal deficit going down. the reason uninsured goes down is because you don't get penalized if you don't opt in. that's not a bad thing. if you look at some of the premiums that do go up though in the long run especially for the elderly their premiums will go up if they don't make a lot of money. brian: people hurt most under the current plan the way calculations done by the cbo there are americans between the ages of 50 and 64. they are right before medicare. the older part and the last leg of their career. that translates into mostly trump voters.
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but then you factor in the fact, three-phase plan. second phase is when tom price is supposed to thee red particularly sit there and put in regulations that will make this more of a conservative project. steve: right. it's also the politics. both paul ryan and donald trump both said they promised the repeal would not kick anybody out of healthcare. that's true with the private market. because it's your choice. if you want to buy insurance. you buy insurance. if you don't, you don't. but, in the public sector, that's where like 14 million people who currently have medicaid are going to be impacted because the amount of money the federal government gives the states is going to change and then fewer people will wind up with medicaid. that's where that big number comes from. ainsley: here's the thing. donald trump says the democrats are the ones that put us in this mess. they are complaining about this. can you really trust the cbo? can you trust this report? jonathan gruber the architect of obamacare, he said blatantly we played the sound bites for you yesterday. he said we can trick the cbo
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call them mandates and not taxes and they will pass this thing through. steve: was that the obama administration. i would hope the trump administration more for the coming. newt gingrich speaker of the house once upon a time he said the cbo, actually, they should just get rid of it. did you see him last night with martha? watch this. >> they should abolish the congressional budget office it is corrupt. it is dishonest. it was totally wrong on obamacare by huge, huge margins. i don't trust a single word they have published and i don't believe them. let me be very clear. i helped balance the budget four straight times the only time in your lifetime. we fought the congressional budget office every time. when obamacare came out, they used the architect of obamacare as their advisor on how to score obamacare and their scoring, did you go back and look at it, it is a totally dishonest, disgustingly wrong, and it is the -- that whole thing should be abolished. they should replace it by putting out to bid and having three to five professional firms score these things.
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nobody has an exact score. dr. tom price the secretary of health and human services pointed out there are whole sections of this bill they didn't score. so i really do think it's disgusting. i'm really disappointed that the republicans have not abolished the congressional budget office because it is so profoundly dishonest. brian bribe the guy in charge was approved by tom price and his committee and was appointed during the years when bush was in office. so maybe it's just hard to in 2014 they came out and said we have begun to -- we are going to stop looking at obamacare. it is now impossible by the numbers that are coming out to score it. so they said we throw up our hands. that was in 2014. that was the story in the hill. steve: back in the day they estimated, the cbo estimated 23 million americans would have healthcare through the affordable care act by 2017 right now. 23 million. do you know how many there are? 9.3. so they were way off. brian: we have the director of
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the office of management and budget mic mulvaney the founder of the freedom caucus. he is going to be joining us in a little while to reflect on what the cbo does. what they liked about the plan. what they didn't like about the review. he will be on with us shortly. ainsley: they want to make a lot of the changes. we will talk to them about what the changes are. we have read through the he report. hand it over to heather childers who has more for us good morning. heather: we will talk more about the weather situation outside which is getting worse by the minute. extreme weather. a live look outside of our studios where a monster blizzard is bearing down. 50 million americans bracing for up to 2 feet of snow. 50 mile-per-hour winds and devastating coastal flooding. air travel already crippled with nearly 6,000 flights cancelled or delayed. people also told to stay off the roads and this is why. in chicago, snow and ice leading to the 30 car pileup already. meteorologist adam klotz has the very latest on the storm in just a few minutes.
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so stay tuned. the dramatic moment that police used a fire hose to blast a man right out of a van caught on camera. police near los angeles say that he locked himself inside a van with gasoline and lighter fluid during a traffic stop. fearing worse, officers sneak around the back and then turn on the powerful water. but police then forced open fire after the suspect pulls out a knife. he he he. [gunfire] heather: that suspect died at the hospital. the president giving the cia power to take out suspected terrorists with drone strikes according to the "wall street journal." it is a complete 180 from the obamacare policy which you may remember only allowed the cia to locate the target. now the military was then in charge of pulling the trigger. the cia first using its new authority late last month in a
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strike on a senior al qaeda leader in syria. and the justice department now has six more days to provide proof to back up that wiretapping claim against the obama administration. saying it is about the broader surveillance activity during the 2016 election. the house intel committee may subpoena the agency if it fails to comply by the new deadline. so we will see if that happens. that's a look at your headlines. steve: we will, heather, thank you. heather: i'll be back. brian: coming up straight ahead, 12 minutes after the hour. obamacare architect calling the obamacare a scam. >> huge political advantage and basically call it the stupidity of the american voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to getting this thing to pass. brian: a former ceo official joins us next with his reaction. steve: plus, can't read? no problem. you can always be a teacher. not kidding.
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♪ steve a number of years ago the architect of obamacare called the -- has actually called the new g.o.p. he he plan a scam. remember this he once scammed toe pass obamacare. >> this bill was written in a tortured way to make sure the cbo didn't score the mandate as taxes. if they scored it as taxes it dies. it is a huge political advantage. basically call it the stupidity of the american voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to getting this thing to pass. steve: okay. critical to get it pass. joining us with his reaction. president of the american action forum douglass eakin. good morning, douglass. >> good morning, how are you? steve: doing okay. i was shorkd when i first heard jonathan gruber say that essentially they pulled the wool over everybody's eyes to get this thing pass-to-pass.
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>> if you think back to that time then president obama had run opposing the mandate and promising not to tax the middle class. now they are doing one or the other no. way around it had to be pretty nontransparent to get it through no. question about it. steve: they were not transparent. however you say with this new republican plan with obamacare they are being transparent. >> it's 120 pages. anyone can read it. there is no real attempt to deceive here. what the republicans have said is we can rely on americans to make good decisions about their healthcare and we can be honest about what we are going asking them to do. that's what the bill is. steve: sure. so you look at it and there are two headlines. one, if you are a budget hawk, you love the fact that over 10 years you're going to save something like $335 billion. that's good. >> that is the lead. i think this has been misunderstood. cbo's job is to advise congress on budgetary matters. this is quote a reconciliation bill special procedures. qualified has to save
3:19 am
2 billion. it saved 335 billion more than it needed to. that's the headline. steve: that is the headline for you. but for the mainstream media the headline is 14 million americans are going to lose health care next year it could grow to 27 million in a couple of years. >> and reason they, quote, lose their coverage is they decide not to take it up. the premiums are the same. the subsidies are the same. but the mandate is gone. so now you stop making it illegal to be uninsured and people choose not to buy health insurance. have you to decide for yourself. since they decided not to do it, are they worse off? steve: great point. because back in the day when people started to realize they were going to be forced by the federal government to buy insurance that they might not want, they hated that well, now they are going to get the chance to do whatever they want, right? >> i think that's a major take away of this cbo score. i think the other thing that's gotten lost in this is the cbo says, you know, if you do everything that's in the bill,
3:20 am
premiums go down by 10% compared to the affordable care act. the number one complaint about the affordable care act has been skyrocketing premiums. so this works. and, you know, it was a bill that will promise to control healthcare costs and it does that. steve: right. let me ask you this, the way congress works. donald trump yesterday was talking about, look, this is just the beginning, essentially, i'm paraphrasing. there is going to be a lot of negotiations is there wiggle room? can they move this around and change it substantially. >> mechanically they have lots of opportunities. it will go to the budget committee in the house this week. they can amend, change, modify it. it will go to the floor to the house again. it can be open for amendments. then have to go over to the senate. so there are a lot of chances to modify this. i think the key question is what are you trying to accomplish? are you trying to get into a bidding war where you say it's illegal to be uninsured and we're going to spend taxpayer money to make sure everyone gets their coverage. or are you going to have a bill where people can decide what they're going to want to do and give them a lot of options? that's it? steve: we wanted the score and
3:21 am
now we got it thank you for joining us today from a snowy washington, d.c. thank you, sir. meanwhile, down in d.c. sean spicer ambushed at the apple store by a raining liberal. apparently he is not alone. todd starnes said the same thing happened to him in the produce i'll ♪ they go crazy on you
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ainsley: we have quick headlines for you this morning. tennessee challenging the federal refugee program because they don't want to pay for it the state is forcing them to spend money on additional services. the lawsuit calls for it to be shut down until the federal government pays all the costs. and more than a million of your tax dollars used to pay cln this up disgusting mess left behind by dakota pipeline
3:25 am
protesters. the army corps of engineers hauling away 835 dumpsters worth of trash and debris. brian: all right. you can protest but please don't litter. all right. now, let me tell you this story. press secretary sean spicer ambushed at the apple store of all places. >> you know you work for a fascist, right? you work for a fascist. howfl about that? how do you feel about destroying our country, sean? steve: but apparently sean spicer not alone. fox radio host and author of the deplorable's guide to making america great again todd starnes said the same thing happened to you. you weren't in the apple store you were actually in the apple aisle in the produce section. >> i live among the indigenous people of brooklyn. not enterprising this happened. i think it exposes a well-known secret in the world of liberalism. and that's that many of these feminists are lacking in the social graces.
3:26 am
steve: you were at the grocery store and somebody said hey, you are the guy from fox radio? >> yeah. that's right. she apparently seen me doing a lot of the "fox & friends" hits and read et column and she like confronts me right there in the produce section. and starts hollering at me how could you work at fox news? and so on and so forth. ainsley: wait a minute. she recognized you from watching fox news? >> she is watchin steve: she is watching right now, do you want to say hi? ainsley: what is your response. >> my momma raised me right a good southerner. ainsley: you didn't kick her and run away. >> by nature you want to tell her where to plant her couple kentucktoe plant her --he. steve: is that the lady. >> she that is not a lady. brian: she a character. let's learn about her. she is a woman. steve: thanks for that update. ainsley: closes her eye in pictures. we will continue to stall
3:27 am
until you have the email. brian: i don't have it. steve: your point is, you know, your book is about deplorables. >> yes. steve: this topic where the liberals are the polar opposite of the deplorables, aren't they? >> absolutely. look, she was talking about the shear audacity of sean spicer being nice and pleasant to her as she is reaming the poor guy out in the apple store. the shear audacity is the feminist going bonkers there in public. people are really really fed up with this kind of nonsense where the left, they don't tolerate dissent. they want to shut you down. they want to embarrass you. this is exactly what happened. ainsley: they are hoping to catch you on a bad day when you have had a lot of things go wrong so you blow up at them. brian: todd does not have days like that. >> , who me? ainsley: sean spicer? steve: sean spicer took the high road. ainsley: we all have bad days. >> he should be commended for that. it says a lot about his character because he didn't lash out with this lady.
3:28 am
who knew there was something worse than hillary clinton's calculate ling. lord oh mighty this woman would not stop. steve: she was asking him a lot of questions. what's did like to work for a fascist and stuff like that. >> unbelievable. steve: are you going to start buy your food online now and somebody will bring it to your house. brian: deliver. ainsley: not today. i tried. they are backed up for about five days because of the snow. >> a little snowy out there. steve: everybody was at the store yesterday. towed, thank you very much. ainsley: thank you, todd. good to see you. steve: first it was brexit and then president trump was elected and brand new political bombshell that will have liberals in an uproar. daniel hanin a member of the european parliament up next. brian: he started the whole brexit movement and kid rock is locked and loaded. >> in your face, china. brian: brand new made in
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brian: is a spokes model? steve: might be 50 crall. new line of grills that he says are 100 percent american made hoping to bring jones back to the united states of america. i have personally seen these grills. they are cool. they are about 100 bucks. well worth it. brian: take that george forman. and he has a gun. now to our top story. the giant nor'easter moving up the coast at this hour. you are taking a look at chester, new york. and that is it. chester, new york. and it looks very much like around the block. he. ainsley: rochester, new york. brian: i have heard of it this is nothing for them. this is summer for them. ainsley: 50 million americans, brian, are bracing for up to 2 feet of snow, blinding winds and devastating coastal flooding. steve: nearly 6,000 flights already cancelled or delayed, stranding many people at the airport, if you're traveling today, make sure you call first. let's call meteorologist adam
3:34 am
klotz, he is outside at 48th and sixth avenue where because we are surrounded by sky scrapers but the wind is howling. it's out there, isn't it. >> it is. because of the skyscrapers you get breaks here and there. it tunnels. the ice pellets, small snow pounds you in the face to make my eyes water a little bit. we are seeing snow here at this point. that's not the case for everyone up and down the east coast. places in the south where we're looking at more of a rain-snow mix. that's the case in washington, d.c. also the case in the philadelphia area. still for us, we are still looking at solid snow here in new york city. it's coming down quick. we're actually looking at it piling up on the quick side for us today. the winds, that's a big part of the story. still around 30 miles per hour here in new york city. you need a 35 mile-per-hour wind consistent wind for it to get to those blizzard conditions. still not quite there yet. we will continue to watch this increase.
3:35 am
visibility has been lower for us than it has been for some spots. further down the south to the coast. spots where visibility is 4 or 5 miles per hour because of rain. areas where the wind is strong and you are looking at the snow, those are the spots where the visibility is low and we are seeing it here across really throughout the new york area with visibility down to half a mile. the wind when it blows, boy it, is intense out here, guys. what's really interesting this snow keeps piling up. we clean it and piles up every 15 minutes that will continue throughout the rest of the day. steve: adam, real quickly is, it a possibility some spots could wind up with 2 feet? >> that's going to be farther inland. 18 inches widespread wouldn't be a surprise. steve: get the shovel and the advil. brian: heather childers. have you david hannon standing by. >> prosecutors calling the maker of a new michael brown document dry pathetic. releasing this video to disprove the claim in stranger fruit it shows brown
3:36 am
exchanging bags of cigars with employees leading to a heated argument. the documentary alleges that brown did not rob the store and was involved in a drug deal. filmmaker jason pollock going head to head against martha maccallum trying to defend himself. >> there is some people in america with so much bias inside of them that they just want to think that michael brown is a bad guy. >> it's not possible in your brain that what happened there was what was found by both the grand jury and 40 cia agents. >> no. >> you are discounting. saying all of that doesn't matter. your investigation is not true that michael brown did not reach into that car and grab his gun. >> excuse me, miss. can i speak now? heather: whoa. the st. louis county prosecutor says pollock is making up his own facts. and a democratic lauren led away in handcuffs after refusing to lead leave immigration and customs office. luis guterres throwing a temper tantrum after meeting with ice officials. why? apparently he didn't get the answer that he wanted
3:37 am
regarding the president's plan to deport millions of illegal criminals. so ice called the cops. guterres tweeted this photo of the stunt which not only drained resources from the federal police department but also disrupted the office. and you can't read? no problem. you can teach anyway. literacy tests for teachers in new york are officially a thing of the past. voted to scrap the plan. unnecessary to test candidates who already have a college degree. blasting a move weaken candidate move and students will ultimately pay the price. those are the headlines. back to you. brian: b he is a member of the european parliament. he got rid of his own job. come up with this idea about brexit. he said it's not good for the u.k. we want out. next thing you know you win the referendum and you are out of a job, daniel and you love. >> to flex 26 years of campaigning.
3:38 am
wasn't like the next day. brian: you saw enough? >> not just that i saw enough. the european union is not in a good way. it's in a bad way demographically, economically, stagnating and there is a whole world out there. we can now lift our eyes to wider horizons and reconnect with older friends on more distant continents. ainsley: what can we expect to see in europe. >> the people in brussels have responded to brexit by the way they responded to everything. shows we need even nor european integration. say it more loudly that is the problem. probably not a single country in europe that wouldn't want some return of powers from brussels. but it's not on the menu. steve: you know, a lot of folks are unfamiliar with what's going on aside from the fact that england said let's get out of this eu club. now it looks like there are a number of other countries who are just on the verge of saying i have had it up to here with them, too. >> if the eu had been a little bit more flexible when we asked for some return of
3:39 am
powers we would have stayed. steve: like what. >> if they would have allowed to us do more of our own trade deals. allowed us to determine more of our taxes and more of our economic policies, farming, fishing. if they had shown any flexibility. people would have seen that they set a precedent powers don't just come upwards they come down as well. they have couldn't do it. i think this is what is annoying people in netherlands and sweden and denmark. brian: talking about sweden they coulden the next to leave. creating firestorm and a lot of momentum is girt wilders. here is what he said about islamic extremists and what they are doing to that country. >> ideology, submission not assimilation. i believe he not compatible. we want to stay fee country for our children and grandchildren in the future. he he stronger we become and
3:40 am
less freedom we will have. what's the blow back on that. >> plainly it is possible to be good muslim and a good democrat. i have friends in the u.k. who are patriotic. who are glad to be there. steve: the mayor of london. >> the mayor of london. he is not my cup of tea a labor politician. no one could accuse him of being extremism or raddism. that's the majority of the population. talking about a quite a small minority. still a lot of nominee large population. you need to be laser like in targeting what is it that is alienating some of these kids so much that they are prepared in extreme cases to go to syria and iraq to take up arms against our own country. part of the answer is we have got to be more operate i can ourselves. we have got to project our country is something worth being a part of so they want to assimilate. steve: newcomer to politics donald trump as our president now. because the people of america said, you know what we have
3:41 am
got is not working. that's where europe. >> those things weren't working since the financial crisis, i would say. people, i think saw low and medium income families rubbed through the bank system to rescue bank holders. i think there has been a reaction in the europe and the u.s. people have said et system wasn't working we can do better. that's perfectly understandable. i'm optimistic about this country too. about the u.s. we're going to have deregulation. we are going have the scrapping of obamacare. judges rule on what the law says than what they think it ought to say. deregulation of power to the states. i'm really 70 mits stick. ainsley: do you know what the president calls that? >> ainsley: draining the swamp. >> also sticking to the constitution. brian: i want to be part of the u.n. referendum within two years to leave to be -- the eu, rather, to leave britain and the united kingdom.
3:42 am
>> we had a referendum in 2014. scotts voted by 55% to 45% to remain in the u.k. since then by the way the oil prices collapsed. and the fact of leaving the eu funny enough makes the english market much more relatively important. my guess, three of four of my grandparents scottish. they are he bloody minded and stubborn people. ask the same question only four years later they are likely to repeat the same answer with added emphasis when somebody wasn't listening the first time. brian: if you want to defect to our country you have our sponsorship. >> thank you, guys. ainsley: disgusting new attack on the commander-in-chief rapper snoop dogg shooting a clown dressed up like donald trump, the president, in his latest music video. steve: where is the outrage. white house now explaining what the president meant by his explosive claim on wiretapping. >> he doesn't really think that president obama went up
3:43 am
and tapped his phone personally. of the president used the word wiretapped in quotes to mete mean broadly surveillance and other activity steve: so he was talking more generally. but judge napolitano says you know what? there might never be evidence even if it did happen. he will do some splaining when we roll on live from snowy new york city. >> good morning. ♪ ♪ this is boris calvo. that's pepe. boris doesn't just grow good coffee, boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm to grow even better coffee and invest in his community, which makes his neighbor, gustavo, happy. that's blanca. yup, pepe and blanca got together. things happen. all this for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee.
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sometimes, the only difference between a moment that fades from memory, and a moment that stays with you forever, is where it happens. that's why we're proud to help families like yours, live a lifetime of memories on beautiful, healthy, lawns. live like it's spring. make life better, with a beautiful, healthy, trugreen lawn. steve: all right. we are back with extreme weather and a live look outside our world headquarters. mother nature is in full display at 6:46 on this tuesday morning. ainsley: right now, new york city is under a state of emergency. schools have been closed here. the subways, basically have all shut down. as the northeast is bracing
3:47 am
for this monster storm. let's get to rob schmitt who is live outside in new york city. good morning, rob. rob: good morning, guys. i keep volunteering for these weather assignments. some day i will learn. windy and sleeghtd right now. getting hit in the face with ice pellets which is harder to take than snow. you see on the ground here maybe three or four inches on the ground at most at this point. and we are still under this -- expecting this blizzard to show up. can i tell you i'm no janice dean but this is not 2 to 4 inches per hour as they were anticipating yesterday. this is not going to be a 2 footer in new york city. i don't know about 50 miles west of here and north of here where it could get tougher. as for new york, state of emergency in effect. all nonessential personnel told not to go to work. the city will be slow and quiet and essentially they are telling you if you don't need to be out, don't come out because it is still going to be a messy day. and right now it's just sleeting. and a little bit of snow, too. we will send it back to you guys. steve: all right.
3:48 am
rob schmitt live outside. ainsley: rob, story make you go out there. come on in. steve: brian and the judge. brian: meanwhile the white house faced with yesterday's deadline to show proof trump tower was wiretapped ahead of the election. now explaining what the president really meant by his explosive claims here is sean spicer. >> he doesn't really think that president obama went up and tapped his phone personally. >> what does he think? >> i think there is no questioned thaquestioned that ta administration that there were actions about surveillance. the president used the word wiretap in quotes to mean broadly surveillance and other activities. brian: judge napolitano said even if the former president barack obama's white house did spy on this president, there may never be a way to prove it. it doesn't mean it didn't happen. here to explain fox news judicial analyst judge andrew nawntd. judge, what do you mean he can't prove it? i thought he could prove everything. we have all the measure surveillance and technology at our fingerprints.
3:49 am
>> the statutes authorize the president of the united states to order the surveillance of any person in the united states of america without suspicion, without probable cause and without a warrant. meaning he doesn't have to go to a federal court to do it. he can order the nsa which already has the digital version of our phone calls to tribe the digital version into a transcript and give it to him. but if he does that, there is a record of the order. brian: right. >> so three intelligence sources have informed fox news that president obama went outside the chain of command. he didn't use the nsa. he didn't use the cia. he didn't use the fbi or department of justice. he used gchq? what's the heck is the gchq? that's the initials for the british spying agency. they have 24/7 access to the nsa data base. so by simply having two people go to them saying president obama needs transcripts of conversations involving candidate trump, conversations
3:50 am
involving president-elect trump, he is able to get it. there is no american fingerprints on this. brian: so you are saying that the british use their version of the cia to wiretap donald trump phone? >> it's not a wiretap. the concept of plugging a wire into a phone box in the basement of a building is what the law was when these statutes were written in 1978. everything is done electronically now via computer. the nsa has 24/7, 365 access to every computer and every telecom and service provider that does business in the united states. they share that with various intelligence agencies including the brits. so the british intelligence agency had this. what happened to the guy who ordered this resigned three days after donald trump was inaugurated. brian: donald trump might be right except for the fact who did it unbelievable that according to your sources. great job. >> all the best, brian.
3:51 am
brian: rapper snoop dogg unleashing new attack on president trump. carlie shimkus with the details after she finds what happened here. she promises to have more. she always lives up to her promise. i'm out of copy. ♪ on the dark side ♪ do you love me? then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. whattwo servings of veggies? v8 or a powdered drink?
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3:54 am
♪ steve: all right. let's talk trends. snoop dogg's new music video under fire as it shows the rapper pulling out a gun to shoot a clown version of our president. ♪ [gunshot] ainsley: here with more on today's top trends fox news heaheadlines 4/7 reporter.
3:55 am
snoop dogg pointing a gun at the president. >> this is a music video for the song lavender. in it he speaks out against police brutality. you see that video where snoop dogg is robe seen pointing a gun at a clown version of president trump. it has about 50,000 lights to 20,000 dislikes on youtube. which is actually pretty high. a lot of young people are talking about it the overwhelming criticism of it is this hypocritical of snoop dogg to be on one hand talking about police brutality and then holding a gun to an unarmed clown version of the president? steve: plus the double standard. can you imagine the outrage had a rapper shot at somebody who looked like barack obama? >> that's the big question right there. and that would never happen nor should it have. and a lot of people are talking about this online right now. let's get to some reaction. paul tweets snoop dogg 2013, gun violence is bad.
3:56 am
stop shooting each other. snoop dogg 2017, shooting cops and trump is cool. that's that speaks to the -- you know, the hypocritical nature that we were talking about earlier. and another tweet from kate, she says snoop dogg is irrelevant now. he has to do anything for sales. well, i don't really know about that. is he doing a lot with martha stewart. this is clearly a big departure from that. brian: right. so without madonna and snoop dogg to look up to i have to find myself another idol. i'm open. please apply. ainsley: snoop dogg is funny with martha steward but this is despicable. you can't do this. ainsley: you are absolutely right. steve: carcinomaly, thank you so much. >> thank you so much. steve: huge program still ahead. representatives mick mulvaney and jim jordan of the office of management and budget plus laura ingraham is here as well. we have a busy show live from new york city. there's a blizzard watch, folks. wreak.
3:57 am
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it's clinically proven to remove plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums. for healthy gums, and strong teeth. leave bleeding gums behind. new parodontax toothpaste. >> proud to welcome everyone to our first official cabinet meeting. we have four empty seats because the senate democrats are continuing to obstruct. >> the congressional budget office projects 14 million people would lose healthcare coverage next year. >> cbo's job is to advise congress on budgetary matters 2 billion. it saved 235 billion more than it needed to. that's the headline. >> totally dishonest disgustingly wrong. >> we disagree strenuously. >> i think if you read this entire report i'm encouraged by it exceeded my expectations. >> can't read? no problem. can you teach anyway. literacy test for teachers in new york are officially a thing of the past.
4:01 am
>> a major nor'easter has begun to lash the east coast. the storm could dump up to 18 inches of snow. ♪ help, i need somebody ♪ help, ♪ not just anybody ♪ help ♪ you know i need someone ♪ help ♪ when i was younger ♪ so much younger than today. brian: this is a good morning song. i like it. steve: we have some shovel ready jobs here in new york city today. if you have a shovel we are ready to get dug out. ainsley: speaking of. how is your wife doing this morning? brian i'm not going to wake her up to tell her there is stuff good news my homson is home from college. steve: your son will wake up after your wife that's the way college kids are. around 1:00 this afternoon. brian: two great pyrenees love the snow. they will actually go out
4:02 am
there. ainsley: this is why brian decided to get into morning television so he wouldn't have to shovel the snow. brian: i go home and say listen it's going to start early you better come back early. look at my wife and say i guess i got to go. there you go again. steve: time to make the doughnuts. 50 million americans are impacted by the big storm. we are here. somebody in the weather center who is going to tell you what the day is going to look like. first we will start with the big news story that is this. the white house firing back at the budget report estimating that millions of americans will lose health insurance under the republican plan as it is right now. brian: but are there more to those numbers as critics jump on that. also shows that obamacare's replacement reduce the federal deficit by over $300 billion. what are we to believe? ainsley: our chief national correspondent ed henry has all the facts for you, brian. is he live at the nation's capital breaking down the numbers for you and your family. hey, ed. >> you are absolutely right. the president lashing out. is he fighting back over this cbo report that could be quiet damaging to his efforts to
4:03 am
repeal and replace obamacare. first of all pointing out yes, the cbo numbers do say that a lot of people will lose insurance. it also says that the deficit will come down big time, a lot more, perhaps, than expected. and the president before the report even came out said look, the media only focuses on the positive effects of obamacare but doesn't focus on what he called the victims of obamacare. saying people lost their plans. people lost their doctors. of the president also noting that the etna ceo recently pointed out the current law is in a, quote, death spiral. so the president says he has a plan to fix it let's take a look at what the cbo is saying about what that republican plan would do. basically saying that before obamacare, you could see on the far left there, there were 57 million people without insurance, thought about 27 million people who do not have insurance. red line shows that over the next 10 years about 24 million more people will lose insurance according to the cbo
4:04 am
if the republican plan becomes law. that red line sharply goes up. interestingly that blue line across there, with the existing law, you will still have well over 20 million people who don't have any insurance at all. democrats don't talk about that. the president says he has several phases to this new law that will cover more people. watch. >> the house plan will expand choice, lower coast, answered sure healthcare access for all. we are negotiating with everybody. it's a big fat, beautiful negotiation. and i think ultimately the big beneficiary will be the american people. >> now the form is already impacting the president's lobbying efforts. he was going to have conservatives over for bowling and pizza. that has been pushed back as you noted earlier. the house budget committee was supposed to meet tomorrow to mark up their version of all of this. that's now been pushed back to at least thursday which actually could help the president because there are a lot of conservatives from the freedom caucus on the house budget committee who want to
4:05 am
kill this plan all together. maybe an extra day or so give them more time to lobby, guys. steve: thank you, ed very much. everybody in washington is talking about let's reduce the deficit. this does, turn it down the other way save $335 billion over the next 10 years or so. here's the bad thing. remember back in the olden days when the democrats rolled out that commercial against paul ryan where you saw paul ryan pushing grandma off the cliff. well, just imagine. the new ad will have paul ryan pushing 14 million grandmas off the cliff. ainsley: the reason that number dropped so if you look at the facts you are not penalized if you decide not to take the obamacare, is that what we're calling it now? steve: american healthcare. ainsley: american healthcare. you are not penalized like you were under obamacare. that's why you see the drop. >> brian: that would add up to those numbers. that was aarp that did that come out condemning. this paul ryan throwing people off cliffs last time and now
4:06 am
aarp dead set against this before it was even done. senator tim kaine said yeah the numbers change because there is no mandate because people from the freedom not to sign up for healthcare. it's their decision. that's still not good enough for senator tim kaine. >> i don't get that argument. so we shouldn't care about them? you know, i don't think a nation that has 45 million uninsured people was a good thing either for our economy or for healthcare system. they are saying who cares. they can go back to being uninsured again? i view that as makingive of their plan not something to be indifferent about. brian: part of their plan is not telling the american people you better do this or you are going to be fined. you better do you this are going to be fined. ainsley: less government. brian: if those 45 million people are choosing not to do that, why do we have to go make them grab on to a program they are choosing not to get on. ainsley: only problem with them cheesing not to be a part of the system does it make prices go up for the people who do need the care?
4:07 am
and if they get in a pinch and need healthcare, do we all pay for them? brian: the hospitals get money for those people like illegal aliens who they treat. ainsley: people who walk into the emergency room. steve: cost curve bends down after the transition curve. health premiums actually go down 10%. more on this in a little bit. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. ever since the election it's been a narrative where the only reason donald trump won was because the russians hacked the election and cost hillary the thing. right? well now and ever since then it's been look at this trump advisor he had contacts with the russians up and down. well now it has been revealed that apparently hillary clinton aides as well had ties to the russians and talked to the russians as well. let's listen to this sound bite from a putin aide. >> did he have similar meetings with clinton campaign officials? because i don't know of any.
4:08 am
>> well, if you look at some people connected with hillary clinton, during her campaign, you would probably see that he had lots of meetings of that kind. ainsley: he probably had a lot of meetings with hillary clinton's people too. but did you hear that last night on the mainstream media look at this. abc, nbc, cbs severe minutes cbn that story. brian: loves president obama did not want that answer. i'm listening to sirius radio. i'm wondering what they're going to do with this. ainsley: nothing. brian: they didn't make a big deal of that they did say you are embarrassing yourself, america on self-humiliation on what you are doing. you are the strongest country in the world. there is no way someone can affect your elections. this is the kremlin spokesperson.
4:09 am
so i know you can take a lot of what they say with a wink and a nod. it sounds very logical. ainsley: look what they did cover last night. they covered the wiretapping evidence saying, mr. trump, where is the evidence that your phones were wiretapped. abc spent 3 minutes and 10 seconds on it. nbc 2 minutes. and cbs 2 minutes and 15 seconds on that. steve: headline the department of justice missed their deadline to turn over all the information they had regarding wiretapping and stuff like that. they have extended that also sean spicer made it clear yesterday that when the president tweeted out about wiretapping he was talking about general surveillance and activities and that's why that became such a big number on the networks. although the fact that hillary clinton's people met with the russians apparently was not of interest to the mainstream media. ainsley: not a news story apparently. brian: in retrospect i'm sure president trump would love those tweets back he created a firestorm where he didn't need one.
4:10 am
talked to the judge 20 minutes ago. his sources tell him they are not going to find anything because it was actually the british intelligence using our nsa that actually did the hacking and the guy that did it resigned three days after donald trump was elected. and that was according to multiple sources that he had. steve: sure. we know from the "new york times" that michael flynn, who had to resign from his post, was wiretapped. was he the target of the wiretap? probably not. it was probably the russians he was talking to. but, nonetheless, somebody in the administration, former administration or the intel community or somewhere divided to take his name off and then leak it to the press. but he was definitely wiretapped. generally wiretapped. who else? we don't know. but obviously that has gotten into the mainstream media, you know. the story of the day and here we are. enough to everybody is talking about the wiretap story. brian: wiretap is the 1970s phrase. electronic surveillance. ainsley: right.
4:11 am
let's hand it over to heather who has more headlines for us. good morning, heather. heather: good morning to you and everyone at home. we do begin with extreme weather we have been watching for you. take a look at this live scene outside our studios. this is where this monster blizzard is bearing down. 15 million americans up and down the east coast bracing for up to 2 feet of snow. 50 mile-per-hour winds and devastating coastal flooding. air travel already crippled. nearly 6,000 flights cancelled or delayed. people also told to stay off the roads if you can and this is why. this is in chicago. snowfall leading to this 30 car pileup. meteorologist adam klotz has the latest on the store in just a few minutes so stay with us. and the president giving the cia the power to take out suspected terrorists with drone strikes according to the "washington journal." it's a complete 180 you may recall from the obama administration policy that only allowed the cia to locate the target. the military was then put in charge of pulling the trigger.
4:12 am
now the cia first using new authority late last month in a strike on a senior al qaeda leader in syria. and the same seal team 6 who took out usama bin laden is preparing to wipe out kim john u.n. if needed. the show of force intensifies and as a result the navy's best of the best is teaming up with south korea in joint military drills. that's according to that you report. exercises start earlier this month and run until the end of april. the u.s. says that the drills are purely defensive but the communist country is firing back saying they are preparing for an invasion. and finally, make sure that you certainly have the tissues close to you right now. watch this moment when a 5-year-old little boy finds out that he is about to get a new heart. this will save -- that were l. actually save the young boy's life. >> talking to the doctors a few minutes ago. >> what? >> and they said that -- you know how they have been looking for a heart for a long time. >> yes. >> i think they found one.
4:13 am
i think. >> so i can tomorrow. are they going to find a good spot to put it? >> little schultz was diagnosed with a heart condition before he was even born. and 20 surgeries later he and his family hope that this one will be the final one. now he is excited to finally go see by the way the boston red sox play at fenway. so our heart goes out to him. let's hope he is going to be okay. brian: i hope he does something special for him. classy organization if they hear about something. ainsley: how wonderful would be it be as a mom. he said i hope they find a good spot to put it in. thank you for that sweet story, heather. former obama staffers have found new job as watchdogs for president trump? brian: apparently everyone loves this idea. >> free. free. free. free. free. free. [cheers] brian: thanks to bernie, there is a socialist surge.
4:14 am
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4:18 am
cry for a new generation. [shouting] >> free. free. free. free. free. free. free. [cheers] ainsley: we're bringing it back. brian: will the recent surge in socialism threaten the very fabric of our economy? i want to ask stuart varney he is the host of varney and company. what do you think there is a growing sentiment in america that we like the idea of socialism? >> two items there is a party called the democratic socialists of america. they are socialists. and their membership tripled. ainsley: that is a new political party. >> a different political party. now bernie sanders describes himself as a democratic socialist. is he not a member of that particular party group. but that party group tripled its membership. that shows you something about the sentiment that's going towards the left. second item, there is a poll, which shows that four out of
4:19 am
1030 and under something, four out of ten have a favorable view of socialism. what in the devil is going on may i ask. steve: where does that come from? ainsley: where is that. >> hard to say where it comes from. suffice it to say that i think bernie sanders is now the intellectual, ideological driving force of the democrat party. his people have taken over the party driving them to the left. brian: is he not even in the party. >> no. is he a democrat socialist. people are ar not worried about the word socialist. that's poison to someone like me. to a young generation it's not. sorry, interrupting you. steve: here's the thing. i have get why they are joining this club. they want stuff for free. we all want stuff for free. ainsley: they are not making much money right now. steve: people realize there is a cost to that. >> sounds attractive. the socialists want to make america more like europe. cradle to grave security. forget about the military and tax the rich. everybody can have everything
4:20 am
that they ever really wanted for free. it doesn't work. the european model is breaking down. i'm a refugee from the european model. most of them are bankrupt. they are socially divided. and have been in recession for close on 30 years. ainsley: i think some of them don't even know what the definition of socialism is. for someone who thinks it's poison. tell the folk holy spirit are watching that might be confused why it's poison in your eyes? >> it's poison because it does not work. you cannot offer everything to everybody just because they want it because he can't pay for it. it doesn't grow your economy. it's socially divisive. brian: robs you from drive and initiative. secretly governor cuomo want to give you education and wants to do the same thing in california. >> individual liberty and freedom. that's what made us what we are. that's what will restore us to prosperity. not the collectism of socialism of bernie sanders. that's an opinion. steve: if you don't have anything, you like the idea of free. >> the grass is always greener on the other side.
4:21 am
i want what you got and give it to me now. ainsley: no such thing as a free lunch. >> indeed. steve: have you seen this? rapper snoop dogg taking aim at the president literally. did he go too far? where is the outrage about this video? we have debate coming up as he shoots that guy. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr. one nation in all of human history was built on that bedrock, ours. freedom has made america exceptional, but it can only last
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♪ ainsley: in a new politically charged video, rapper snoop dogg pulls out a gun and shoots a clown version of president trump. watch this. ♪ ♪ this is final call ♪
4:25 am
[gunshot] ainsley: so does that video right there cross the line? here to debate is host of the blaze lawrence jones and democratic strategist fox news contributor richard fowler. thank you both for being with us. >> good to be here. >> thanks, ainsley. >> lawrence, does it cross the line? >> of course. that's the obvious answer that it crossed the line. to threaten the president or any other american is against the law. and you can be criminally prosecuted for it. i think the larger conversation is snoop dogg having a double standard. he was just on a campaign. a no guns campaign. he often even said this quote in an interview. i made many mistakes. i have grown, i have learned. i don't feel like guns are necessary. so snoop dogg is having a double standard. ainsley: and another double standard here, richard, he is speaking against police brutality yet aim ag aim ago gun against the president. >> satire what's wrong with
4:26 am
current cull temperature. ainsley: satire. >> absolutely satire. ainsley: pointing a gun that is threatening the president of the united states. >> the entire video and lear lyf the gun talk about too many guns on the street and too much police brutality double standard coming from this president. the gun is fake, right? there is no bullets coming out of gun throughout the video in its entirety. what snoop dogg is trying to point out to you here. >> guns, richard. he said he is against guns. >> that's what this video is about. >> he also talks about clearly you didn't read the lyrics. >> yes i did read the lyrics. >> what does he talk about. >> hold on, richard, don't monologue me. people that have 20 to 30 years because of marijuana, marijuana is wrong. >> that is wrong. >> which was against the 1994 crime bill. >> did i say crime bill schedule 1 drugs are two different things. just saying. >> he was totally against it. ainsley: there are a lot of youngsters that look up to
4:27 am
snoop dogg or who enjoy thinks music. what message is it teaching them about guns and violence and you heard madonna talking about she has dreams of blowing up the white house. i mean, celebrities, i know they are doing this for attention, but aren't they going too far? >> well, i can't speak to madonna. here's the thing i think we hear over and over again from the right we are too politically correct as a country. i think you can have your cake and eat it too. provocative video pointing out problem in this society politically correct? absolutely not. the ideal of it here is he is using his free speech and artistic right to display a problem of something he believes is a problem. >> is he being hypocritical. >> correct but not hypocritical. he. >> ainsley: one at a time. go ahead. >> he has a new show with martha stewart, part of it is to bring unity, to have people with different background and to have this conversation. my question would be to snoop is how does this unify america? ainsley: what would the reaction be right now this
4:28 am
morning if it were a clown dressed up as president obama, lawrence? >> all hell would break loose and rightfully so. because they are threatening the president of the united states. all hell would break lease. ainsley: richard? >> listen, donald trump a couple months ago said that he could shoot somebody on fifth avenue and still become president of the united states. would was that politically correct? absolutely not. it was not. he is still pet of the united states. he also cheered on at his rally punch other people in the face. is it politically correct, no. but he is the president. ainsley: richard, the question was what if this were president obama, what's your response? >> my point is this is a question of political correctness. you don't have to agree with the rhetoric. you don't have to agree with what you saw. this is protected speech. ainsley: if it were president obama? >> i'm not saying i'm okay with the rhetoric or having president trump in that video. i'm saying snoop dogg is using nonpolitical correctness to make a point. clearly, clearly he has he
4:29 am
done it -- clearly he has done it effectively because lawrence has his panties in a bunch. >> how about you condemn what he did then. >> if i'm condemning what he did i should condemn all -- ainsley: guys we have heard from both of you. we appreciate you being on the show this morning. we also want to hear from folks at home. email us and let us know what you think about that video congressional office releasing their report on. mick mulvaney is here to respond next. good news, former obama staffers have found new jones as watchdogs for president trump? ♪ ♪ ♪
4:30 am
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steve: all right. now to our top story. ainsley: there's a giant nor'easter moving up the coast at this hour. we're taking a live look right now outside of our studios where the snow is already coming down. steve: land new video out of the city of brotherlil brotherle snow is so thick you can't see the road. there is the road right there it is snow-packed. brian: founding fathers never complained about it. tens of millions of americans are bracing for blinding winds and up to 2 feet of snow but could this whole thing be overblown? meteorologist adam klotz is outside in the middle of it all because that's where he prefers to be in the middle of it all. adam: in the middle of it all. absolutely right. here is what we're dealing with we have seen a lot of heavy snow in the last several hours times where it was really coming down. it switched to a sleet right now. owe slowing down the totals it
4:34 am
isn't piling up as quickly at this point. it is windy. it's coming down and that's continuing out here right now. if we take a look at some of our maps, what do we have? 28 degrees here in new york. but that's where you are seeing the freezing rain. we are right on that freezing rain line. so there is rain just to the south. there is snow just to the north there are areas seeing really heavy snow right now new york city stucked in the middle of it. wind gusts 30 miles per hour. spots getting up to 35 miles per hour in atlantic city. these winds have been picking up a little bit just in the last couple of minutes. you get a really good gust. and that's when it starts to lower our visibility. so winds still going to be an issue, a big issue here, maybe folk as little bit further inland seeing heavy snow at this point. for now out here it's just the sleet which actually makes it more uncomfortable out here on the plaza, guys. steve: all right. on the plaza where it is sleeting. adam, thank you. ainsley: thank you, adam. steve: meanwhile congressional budget office estimating millions will lose insurance under the republican's obamacare repeal bill.
4:35 am
this morning the white house firing back. ainsley: joining us now white house budget director mic mulvaney. we all got a copy of this. you have been reading it. you got a copy. what did you learn? what do you like and not like. >> i want to say good morning from washington whereas you can see according to the congressional budget office it's sunny and 75. [laughter] steve: because of that snow, had you to cancel your pizza party tonight, right? >> no bowling in the executive office building tonight with the folks on the hill. the snow ruins a bunch of different things. look, we expected this to happen. the congressional budget office we know and we talked about this for weeks before the report came out just doesn't do a very good job at counting coverage under proposed insurance plans. to give awe specific example. an easy example just three years ago when obamacare was in full swing, 2013, the congressional budget office estimated that by this year, just three years later back then, by this year there would be about 24 million people on the exchanges.
4:36 am
there is less than half of that the cbo is really good at counting money but we have never understood why people expect them to be really good at counting insurance coverage. they are not very good at it. brian: so one of the things that -- i always look for people that aren't blindly partisan. and i put joe manchin in that category. he is somebody if you are going to get that third phase passed as you describe it, you are going to need that 60 votes in the senate. he has looked at the 25% less spending on medicaid and he called it morally wrong and unconscionable. hard-hearted. what's your reaction to that. >> i haven't heard that i'm disappointed by that i think joe falls into that grow up of say conservative democrats who know that throwing money after stuff doesn't automatically make it better. most things in our country can get better quality out of lower cost if we just allow the markets to work. that's why the cell phone that's in my pocket is so much better than it was five years ago but relatively cheaper than it was five years ago. so the simple fact what i
4:37 am
would sty senator manchin who i admire a great deal is just because we save money, just because we spend less doesn't mean we are providing less services. in fact, the exact opposite is true. what we have done is what the governors have asked us to do. governors from both parties give the states more control over their own medicaid so they can drive their own efficiencies. everybody wins if we do it properly. steve: i know you are a budget hawk you love the fact in 10 years you save $234 billion. that's real money, that's great. you are also a politician. you know the politics of the headlines that say 14 million americans no healthcare thanks to the republicans. that's not good. >> but i think the people who are on obamacare, who are really the target here, right. and keep in mind. i was one of them. i was on exchanges when i was a member of the house. the focuses on obamacare know what the problem is the problem is they have affordable health insurance. they have completely unaffordable healthcare. they had the same program i had. i had a program i think my
4:38 am
deductible at my house was between 12,000 and $15,000 a year. okay. so there is folks making a lot less money i was on that exact same plan. they could afford to have the coverage because they got a subsidy for the premium. but when they got sick they could not go to the doctor. that's twheant to change. and that's what they're looking for. the politics, look, at the end of the day, have you to assume that good policy is good politics. and republican bill is good policy. ainsley: here is something that struck me that i was shocked with if you are an individual that makes $26,500. your -- it goes down for you. your premium goes down if you are 21 years old. goes up a little if you are 40. if you are 64 years old, that's when you are going to need healthcare. your premium right now under obamacare is 1700. it's going to go up to almost 15,000. that's almost half these folk's salary they can't afford that. >> we saw some of these numbers yesterday from the ceo is going to come down. near term. we're not sure if the cbo has scored.
4:39 am
so other ideas that are in the bill. we do expect the premiums to come down from competition. we haven't had a chance to see the cbo scores for that. brian: might be right. not positive. >> also talked about the other things we can do. talked about in phase ii what tom price can do to change regulations. phase 3 to add bills need 60 votes in the senate. a chance to make this much, much better. not sure about the cbo's scoring. brian: everybody knows you are trying to fix a program that is thinking clearly and without politics that is dying. so we get that having said that the winners and losers in this case according to politico which tends not to be on your side, i will give you that the cbo says the clear losers will be the older, low income americans between 50 and 64, below the medicare eligible age. and that translates into trump voters. if that's correct, that could be a disaster for this president. is this wrong? >> keep in mind what they are counting. we have said this in the very
4:40 am
beginning what the cbo is measuring against the wrong thing. to that same group of voters, go ask them. go find a 55-year-old person who is on obamacare right now and ask them if they can afford to go to the doctor. they will tell you without exception that they can't and they know that our program will give that to them. brian: mick, you also know the freedom caucus like no one else. vote delayed. conservatives in the house. that committee is going to be voting next. can you count the numbers for us? how many votes do you have? >> i'm a little bit familiar with the freedom caucus being a founding member of that we are talking to all the folks. talking to folks in the center of the party and talking to folks on the right wing of the party. the framework bill moving through the process now can get better. talking with folks about amendments they would like to see and amendments we would like to see to make the bill a little bit better. that's the ordinary course of business when it comes to creating a piece of legislation, including something this complex. so i'm absolutely upo positive y
4:41 am
the time we get done. steve: make it better. that framework is the bill. there are some people like to change big parts of it. made it sound like maybe that's not going to happen. >> what's the framework. repeal as much as can you given the arcane rules in the senate: keep in mind the democrats in the senate for a brief period back in 2009, i think 2010, 2009 had 60 votes in the senate. those things we cannot do during this reconciliation process. we have to figure out a way to do that in phase 3. we are undoing all of the repeal we can now. replacing as much as we can now. that's what i say when i say that's the framework, that's what the president supports and that's what we're looking forward to passion the house. ainsley: mick mulvaney a lot of people's healthcare in your hands. we will be watching and reporting. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you, y'all. steve: 72 and sunny in washington, d.c. according to the cbo.
4:42 am
brian: heather childers you have breaking news. heather: obama staffers launching a watchdog group to hound the president. the organization called american oversight seeking to track the administration's ethics and expose potential conflicts or fraud. now the group is targeting federal agencies including hud and education. american oversight claims to be nonpartisan despite some of its top officers having some deep ties to the obama administration. and a backyard ice rink that some parents built for their children to stay active in the winter must go. that is the message from a town in pennsylvania. this is the second winter that the family made the hockey rink. but it didn't sit well with authorities apparently this year. in a letter the town's engineer says it's a violation which could cause some problems. the family did appeal that decision but lost. and from internet laughing stock to polar explorer. bodiy is back and ready for maiden voyage. set to begin first mission
4:43 am
this week. exploring a deep current in antarctica. it went viral last year when they asked for help naming a new research ship. they decided boaty mcboat face was better suited for the subinstead. there is a look at your headlines. steve: at least they still used the name. brian: sorry about standing up. i'm just saying one more time that was a big story. ainsley: it was a big story, brian. where were you. they asked people to name the boat and came one boaty mcboat face. steve: it was a joke that went viral. brian: now it's a sub. steve: now it's a sub. meanwhile, 17 minutes before the top of the hour, coming up, president trump delivering on yet another campaign promise. donating his presidential salary to charity. but there's a twist. the question is which charity? brian: have a dramatic pause like steve. ainsley: okay. bernie sanders supporters threw a wrench in hillary clinton's presidential plans.
4:44 am
they aren't done yet. they could do democrats in for good? we'll see ♪ keep me hanging on ♪ what do you see was coming around ♪ playing with my heart ♪ with e*trade's powerful trading tools, right at your fingertips, you have access to in-depth analysis, level 2 data, and a team of experienced traders ready to help you if you need it. ♪ ♪ it's like having the power of a trading floor, wherever you are. it's your trade.
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so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper ♪ i get by with a little help from my friends ♪ i get high with a little help from my friends steve: all right. the person who works in that building and is president of the united states is paid $400,000 a year. before he was elected, donald trump ted if i'm elected i will donate my salary to charity. yesterday sean spicer, during an exchange was asked okay. what's going on with that? listen. >> has president trump donated his paycheck from the month of february like he promised to do during the campaign? sean spicer sean spicer the president's intention right now is to donate his salary at
4:48 am
the end of the year and he has kindly asked that you all help determine where that goes. the way that we can avoid scrutiny is to let the press corps determine where it should go. [laughter] >> in all seriousness his view is he made a pledge to the american people he wants to donate to to charity and he would love your help to determine where it should go. ainsley: that is so funny. is he asking the press corps to decide where he should at the end of the year donate his money. brian: trying to do a gotcha question with that no, no, donald trump took the money and spent it at gimbels. ainsley: that doesn't exist. steve: turned it around to the press corps. you complain what i do with my money you tell me what i should do with the money. here's the thing though for the most part the white house press corps leans way to the left. mr. president donate the $400,000 to planned parenthood. ainsley: or democratic socialist party. where do you think he will do it? saint jude, maybe?
4:49 am
his son used to serve there. steve: folds of honor is a great charity we support on this program. ainsley: to the military. we will see. maybe he will divide it up. steve: that will be great as well. when he did not go to that debate, instead raised, i think 6 or $10 million for charity, he gave it to various military organizations. do i believe folds of honor got a quarter of a million dollars from mr. trump. ainsley: that will be wonderful. next on the rundown, bernie sanders supporters threw a wrench in the presidential plans. they aren't done yet. next guest is former staff and says his supporters could do democrats in for good ♪ want to be ♪ you're a heart breaker ♪ dream maker ♪ y2a1fy yx9y
4:50 am
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4:53 am
♪ brian: democrats are eyeing the 2018 mid terms as a chance to change the balance of power in washington. but, could the defiant bernie sanders supporters be the g.o.p.'s greatest asset in the fight to keep control? here to weigh in is independent voter and former standards staffer and ceo of teslin figaro a communications. tezlyn figaro a. welcome back. >> thank you for having me. brian: do you see sanders as the leader. how could a socialist be the leader or the charismatic leader of the party or symbolic leader. >> of the same way trump became the leader of the republican party. you know, there is a demographic that's out there saying we want something different. we want someone that's authentic. even if they are wrong on a lot of the issues, people would rather have wrong and real than fake and right. and so i think people are just looking for someone that speaks truth and that's been bernie sanders on the left.
4:54 am
>> is he responsible for the socialist surge or surging because there is a socialist surge. >> i don't think it's a socialist surge. is he responsible for saying we need to drain the swamp and get rid of money in politics. we need to do something that is revolutionary. i don't think it's the socialist thing because i'm not a socialist. i'm independent. i'm not auto democrat and i'ms have will he fiscal when it comes to government. speaking against the establishment for the first time on the left he has been the first one to do it. brian: you're not comfortable with him leading the democratic party, am i correct or being the frontrunner for thought and maybe actual candidate? >> no. because i think that we need to mirror what the republicans have done. get someone a little bit younger. when you look at the average age of a republican person in congress, you're talking about someone in their 50's or 60's. i do think it's a problem with having people like nancy pelosi who is 76 years old, maxine watters, congressman watters ohio have always adored but, you know, when you look at people going into their 80's, you know, it needs to match the individuals who are actually the working
4:55 am
class. brian: got a new guy in charge, perez, is he a disciple and a lot of people think a big supporter of barack obama. so is that the direction you see there? >> no. i mean clearly, the red sea was parted and people decided to go ahead and go with the dnc establishment regardless of what they were hearing from the grassroots. as a result of it, they will continue to suffer for it. brian: has somebody else emerged tweets like crazy senator elizabeth warren. is that more for you. >> me personally, no. because i think she hid under a rock during the entire campaign. people are excited about her. traveling on the campaign for six months elizabeth warren did not choose a side until after it was all over. comes out as a warrior and fighter. where was she when bernie sanders needed support on the campaign. brian: a lot of knows but who is the big yes? who leads and what is that person like. >> big difference for me ohio state senator nina turner. consistently made her position clear. she has taken a lot of backlash from the dnc. even when bernie sanders
4:56 am
decided to go ahead and join forces she stayed consistent and true to the support. brian: by the way all forces ganged up against bernie sanders. >> absolutely. brian: to make sure he didn't get the nomination. that's one thing democrats never talk about when those leaks emerged turns out of the game was rigged for hillary. >> i'm here to give you breaking news it was rigged. brian: continue to check in when with you see to see if the party comes around to your liking. >> thank you. brian: what does newt gingrich think about the cbo report on healthcare? >> it is totally dishonest, disgustingly wrong and that whole thing should be abolished. brian: wow, does laura ingraham agree? she is live at the top of the hour. the media ran wild reporting on president trump's alleged ties to russia. what do you think happened when hillary's ties were revealed? ♪ put an end to this game before it's too late ♪ head games ♪ you and me baby ♪ head games ♪ can't take it anymore ♪
4:57 am
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♪ >> proud to welcome, everyone to your first official cabinet meeting. we have four empty seats because the senate democrats are continuing to obstruct. >> the congressional budget office projects 14 million people would lose health care coverage next year. >> the cbo is to advise congress on budgetary matters. it saved335 more than it needed to. that is the headline. >> should abolish the congressional budget office. it is totally dishonnist. >> i'm pretty encouraged by it. >> can't read, no problem. you can teach anyway. literacy tests for teachers in new york are now officially a thing of the past. >> major nor'easter has begun to lash the east coast. the storm could dump up to 18 inches of snow. ♪
5:01 am
♪ cold as ice steve: foreigner sang this song in front of our building on a day not like this. ainsley: not like this. raining. snowing out there. it is wet. it is awesome. one last snowstorm. brian: i would not be surprised at this point with all the appearances foreigner made on our show, if we're untilly or 7-eleven they're there, they will say hi. ainsley: oh. brian: don't you think so? steve: i thought you were saying they would ask us to sing backup. brian: i feel as though there is a friendship building. slower than i originally thought. to have a legendary band know who i am, you have only two items. go ahead of me. that would be great. steve: they have been on the show many times. as is laura ingraham. >> ainsley, you better not go out in the snowstorm, girl. ainsley: i won't be seen.
5:02 am
i would wear sleeveless today. i can't wear sleeveless. >> no, no, that would be too much. brian: i have a tough question for you, out of all the bands you listened to, what band would you hope to be friends with where they want you to travel with them, not perform. be friends with them? >> people still alive? brian: yeah. >> it would probably be like one -- like one of the old-timers. believe it or not. steve: tom jones. >> thanks, i'm not that old. you know who i would actually like to hang out with, totally opposite politics? willie nelson. he is one of the last of the great of course real country music performers. they don't make them like willie anymore. probably willie nelson. brian: i saw him interviewed by jimmy fallon. very fun guy. talks in fragments. >> when you you bake your mind, i disagree on the pot thing.
5:03 am
he knows a lot about music. steve: spent a lot of time on the bus. republicans wanted to wait until the congressional budget office scored repeal and replace plan. although not repeal her say. >> yeah. steve: good news it would save $337 billion over 10 years, cut the deficit but the other headline 14 million americans next year would be kicked off of health care. the politics of that not really good. >> i think what, i know newt gingrich blasted the cbo. i think he makes some great points. i have a slightly different take though on this. the narrative is so important and it's critical that republicans stay on the offensive as to what obamacare has done to the nation. i think donald trump has been great at that. and also, when you repeal obamacare really repeal it. and at the same time concurrently, introduce the new legislation that a lot of
5:04 am
democrats i think paul ryan like, wouldn't like but the people would like. across state lines. going after the drug companies for their ridiculous collusion on the price of prescription drugs. all of the anti-competitive practices that we know health care providers engage in. they get a lot of antitrust protection, the insurance companies, all that stuff paul ryan says do in face three, tom cotton yesterday on my radio show said phase he three is a fantasy, it will never happen because republicans lose the narrative on all the people losing health care. instead make the democrats defend the status quo where headlight care prices to up, up, every year because of medical monopolies. that my view is the better way to go. it forces the democrats to defend untenable system. instead we're bickering whether the cbo is right or wrong. most people don't know the cbo. they don't follow the cbo. we lose that narrative on
5:05 am
narrative, the republicans blow the story telling on this, but i think that is unfortunate. brian: to knaus yum they don't answer any question that obamacare is dying. it is in death spiral. we let them get through the two or three lines which would be backing up that they are framing the narrative. we have a dying program and it is up to us to save a program we had nothing to do with, i thought they were pretty effective selling that. you don't think so? >> i really don't. this idea phase 3 will come and be some nirvana, if they believe you can get 60 votes for phase three we heard about last week, why not do it now? why not at the same time you repeal replace with the best legislation that republicans have right now. have that debate now. don't put it off until later this year or next year because the state budgets are going to implode. when this medicaid expansion starts to retreat, the state budgets will implode.
5:06 am
i think donald trump gets caught on this in 2020. i think there is a trap set for him on this. and you know, i would like to spend an hour talking to him about it. i think this is trap is the for trump. it will be bad. steve: they both said, when once we do this, they promised the repeal wouldn't kick any people off of health care. you have the headline, well, 14 million. >> but they knew that. but, guys they knew that would come out. so you got good news on the deficit, that is fine. we know what the media always will do. so why not have substantive debate about medical monopolies and collusion, concealing the prices of procedures, all that stuff, that helps drive the costs of health care up? bust that monopoly now. do all the work now. make the democrat defend a corrupt system. let them do it. and do it now. don't put it off. i think tom cotton is absolutely right on. i think he has been the best. i like paul ryan. i think paul ryan has good intentions here. i think you lose the narrative
5:07 am
fast unless you turn the thing around. ainsley: all right, laura. something that came out over the last few months, russia, russia, he has ties to russia. this came out, a pox person for vladmir putin in russia said, listen you're all talking over there about jeff sessions meet withing russian ambassadors. guess what? the democrats did the same thing including hillary clinton's campaign. listen to what he said. >> did he have similar meetings with clinton campaign officials because i don't know of any? >> well, if you look at some people connected with the, with hillary clinton, during her campaign, you would probably he see that he had lots of meetings of that kind. ainsley: we did see he that. senator claire mccaskill and nancy pelosi have met. mainstream media is not talking about that, that sound bite from yesterday.
5:08 am
abc, nbc, cbs, zero minutes spent on the story. what do you make of it? >> i want to say a-plus to the fox graphics team. i love that graphic. doesn't surprise us. we know what the narrative is here. the narrative they want to cement in the hard and minds of the public that donald trump, only reason he won is because he was getting some help from hackers in russia. it is ridiculous. they have no evidence on this. the fact that an associate once worked on a ukrainian campaign areas ago and that he was once running the trump -- who cares. steve: all it takes for them. >> meanwhile all these democrats routinely have meetings with russian officials. presumably they all want hillary to win. presumably they have given advice to hillary over the years and they cover it. this is par for the course so donald trump is doing what he should be doing, focusing on big issues, obamacare, tax reform deregulation.
5:09 am
they did a lot of great stuff on he deregulatory framing yesterday. which got very little coverage in the mainstream media. he is keeping his head down, promising to do what he said he would do. this russia stuff is tenuous at best. brian: you know what happens? democrats say they're politicizing intelligence committee. i'm walking out of the investigation. the real reason will be there is not enough there there as james clapper told us. they will say people like tom cotton are politicizing this. >> yeah. brian: and seven vin nunes. that will be the next news. they will keep the store alive and run to the cameras with another week of this. >> they want to dominate the headlines with russia, russia, russia. otherwise they have to talk about the stock market, job creation, consumer confidence, overall optimism in the future, business development. manufacturing going up and border crossings going down. that is bad narrative for democrats. a good narrative for america.
5:10 am
certainly an excellent narrative for donald trump. they have to obfuscate. they have to deviate. this is typical saul alinsky. none of us should be surprised. republicans don't get hung up on it. let the investigation peter out. it will. call the democrat out for what they're doing. steve: talk a little bit about this. over at "the new york times," they had the headline, new ferguson video adds wrinkle to michael brown case. what they're talking about is a guy made a documentary that supposedly shows michael brown did not rob the store. maybe it was a drug deal or something like that. brian: exchanging pot for cigars. steve: watch this. here is the director of this "strange are fruit" documentary. on last night on the first 100 days with mortgage that mack. he has a problem with the prosecutor and everybody else who lined up behind what they feel happened in this. listen. >> the reason we put out this convenience store tape now so that people could get over it
5:11 am
because he didn't rob the store. and anyone that sees the exchange that takes place with a conscience, a heart, two mind and is not a bigot pretty much understands what happened. unfortunately there is some people in america with so much bias inside of them they want to think that michael brown is a bad guy. steve: as it turns out the prosecutor saw that video. it is not relevant or admissible. brian: the guy lied. >> i have a question, i have a question for mr. pollack. how does that change michael brown, horrible tragic story too often repeated in urban america, how does that change what michael brown did to the police officer in the case when he reached through the car? how does it change the fact that hands up, don't shoot never happened? the better narrative, he was swapping pot for cigarellos. a tape prosecutor said was edited deseparately.
5:12 am
doesn't change the narrative at all. mr. pollock is in a act of self-deception. he is accusing rest of america for being biased looking objective. i guess he is accusing the jury in major collusion with the justice system. brian: eric holder too. >> that is kind of typical of these lefty filmmaker activists. they want to see the world as they imagine it to be and reality and facts, they don't really matter. america is an awful, rot, evil place and they need to produce films that again, perpetuate that narrative that doesn't surprise me. brian: if you had to see or you saw martha mack last night have a question for him, see him screaming unhinged, when he said he wanted to present a case you realize totally agenda-driven, so his goal is to reinvigorate and hate and unrest in that surrounding community. >> you had that protest, a little bit of a protest outside
5:13 am
of the convenience store. what was his goal? to make sure the convenience store was looted once again and windows smashed? it is despicable. not surprising. these people are very frustrated. america, curtain is being pulled back on a lot of this activism fueled by george soros and other left-wing organizations, most people want the country to heal and improve. if it does, these guys are kind of out of work. brian: laura, thanks so much for joining us. >> take care. brian: snow can not stop her. steve: speaking of snow. it is the big weather story. two feet of snow is possible in spots. thousands of flights have already been canceled. you know what? it is getting started. we're live on the ground with a report coming up. ainsley: plus, can't read? no problem. you can teach. literacy tests for teachers now officially a thing of the past. brian: it is about time. it is a about time. ♪ abc, easy as one, two three
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5:18 am
that big nor'easter arrived in the tri-state area of new york, new jersey, connecticut with heavy snow, sleet and rain. but the storm shifted to the west. brian: what? steve: blizzard warnings have been canceled for new york city. however they remain in effect for north and west of the city. brian: wow. steve is in philadelphia. he couldn't care less about new york city. steve, what are you seeing? how are you feeling? reporter: we're closer to you. we're in beth la him, pa. kind of a suburb of manhattan if you like long commutes, right? there are the flags blowing. there is the good ol' american flag. that gives you a sense of winds. one of the key elements of a blizzard. we're told to expect gusts of 35 miles an hour on a steady basis all the way till 3:00. we're starting to see some snow that is falling. we have eight inches of snow in the deepest spots. mike, come over to me. it is tend to blow and drift when you have deep snow and winds.
5:19 am
there is a lot of people driving. not just like plow drivers like this. in the distance with low visibility you can make out the stop sign, somebody didn't stop until they were on top of bumping and knocking over. the wind didn't do that. the some idiot driver did that. surprising to see as many drivers as we are. mr. doocy, i believe you some pull. at lehigh valley airport every flight is canceled one at 5:30 going to saint pat pete. st. peters berg. if you can get me on the flight i will volunteer. steve: word from the morning breakfast show? brian: i got it. i got the assignment. turns out there is some college kids and spring break and some of them are drinking. if you could go to st. petersburg and report on that, see if you can confirm this. >> reporter: four days of research. i will see you like on monday. i will have a full, in depth
5:20 am
report. that's a good deal. steve: find it hard you would want to leave bethlehem, pennsylvania, with eight to then inches of snow on the ground on winner terry tuesday? reporter: i'm a gamer. that's why. steve: steve keeley, at that u thank you very much. brian: that might be him. i don't know if it is him. steve: reason everybody thought it would be a superstorm. there was a storm coming up the as coast and one coming in from the midwest and they were going to crash and have this great big blizzard, the nor'easter. now it moved to the west. ainsley: i was trying to get to the work, it was spinning in the roads. there is snow still out there. it is raining. be careful. brian: we have to find somebody to throw salt in frontp answer sy when she walks the sidewalk. ainsley: will you do that for me? that is great. i think there is a shaker in the kitchen out there. brian: i will do it. coming up straight ahead. have you seen this video? disgusting attack on president trump, as rapper snoop dogg
5:21 am
literally takes aim. did he go too far or is it just art? steve: it's too far.
5:22 am
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♪ ainsley: quick headlines for you. tennessee challenging the federal refugee program because it doesn't want to pay for it. the state says the program is forcing them to spend money on additional services of the lawsuit calls for it to be shut down until the federal government pays all the costs. the obama administration blowing over 36 million of taxpayer dollars to hide records from the press. the money covering legal costs defending why they refuse to turn them over. more of your tax dollars wasted. this time more than a million dollars on cleaning up that disgusting mess that was left behind bit today cot at that pipeline protesters. the army corps of engineers hauling away 835 dumpsters worth
5:25 am
of trash and debris. they made a mess. politically-charged video, rapper snoop dogg pulls out a gun and shoots down a clown version of president trump. watch this. ♪ steve: okay. did this go too far? would a musician ever do that to let's say, former president barack obama? >> i will ask fox news contributors kevin jackson. kevin, am i missing something or is this over the top? >> well it is over the top. to some degree but you know, not a surprise at all. i think the real surprising thing is, where all the anger and angst of snoop lies. if he was going to be killing a president and, i don't recommend
5:26 am
that by the way, he would have been shooting president obama. obama's policies are, have absolutely wrecked -- steve: why? >> the crime in the black community exploded under obama. trump has nothing to do with this whatsoever. and so, i think most people probably see it for what it is, a publicity stunt to sell records. because if you look at snoop, why didn't he call out some blacks that shot other blocks? he is not focusing on them in the video. he is not focusing on any of the things where the crime lies. he is not focusing on rawlings-blake who is over the police officers who killed people in bolt more. he is not focusing on any crime in cleveland or the crime in detroit. so you know, very disingenuous. ainsley: you know what? we all have our lives and we all have things going on in our life, my point, should we even care? are people really talking about this? when you hear madonna stepping
5:27 am
up in front of saying i have dreams of bombing, blowing up the white house? when you have snoop dogg doing this. come on, our kids watch this stuff. you have to draw the line at some point. this has to be over the top and theyed into to come out and apologize right? >> it is over the top in the sense that you should have enough respect -- look a lot of people didn't like barack obama but i don't think there were he many threats against his life. and in doing something like that snoop is saying to young blacks is, it's okay to have this type of attitude towards a person really doing a lot for blacks. donald trump just met with the members of historically black college and universities. called the leaders in. allocated $25 billion to hb cus. barack obama allocated four. he is addressing a critical area for blacks in education. he had meetings with john lewis, who asked him to look at things like prescription drugs. things that impact all americans
5:28 am
and impact blacks many cases disproportionally. yet here is snoop accusing donald trump being reckless person. donald trump is not doing drive-byes in black communities. he is not dealing drugs in black communities. he didn't incarcerate people through his policies such as bill clinton and hillary clinton. here is snoop dogg mad at him. steve: sure, kevin, the cultural elites, media elites, for the most part don't like donald trump. they're saying he is a different kind of president. all conventions of our past regarding chief executive, out the window, we can do anything we want? >> no truer words can be spoken, you're exactly right, steve. it is crazy how donald trump is fair fair game. i wrote a piece why america needs a white republican president. you can say what you want, do what you want. donald trump will not be upset. he will look at this, this is the way the world has now become based on leftism. if you can imagine, you said it
5:29 am
earlier what if happened if with were talking about this with barack obama, would be a very different conversation. brian: absolutely. of course in the backdrop, weighing on all of our minds, how barbra streisand continues to eat pancakes ever time she sees donald trump on tv. i try to put that out of my mind. it is hard to put it out. ainsley: she is gaining weight and blaming the president. >> how sad it makes the judd girl when donald trump -- how fearful van jones was for his children when donald trump became president. look, there are so many issues here where it is pile on trump. the fact is the guy is doing a masterful job while the press is throwing the kitchen sink at him. the good news for, in, it will not do the left any good once his policies take into effect. brian: thanks, kevin. >> the way we were. steve: you bet. what should the president to do with his salary. he want the press in the white house to decide. ed henry used to work in the room. he will join us.
5:30 am
brian: kid rock, lock and loaded. brand new made in america business you are going to love next. ♪ >> whoo. in your face, china. this is what we think about --
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we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. >> what we think of made in china. ♪ [gunfire] >> whoo. in your face, china! ainsley: that is a video kid rock made. he has catapulting grills china up in the air and shootings them down. brian: where do you get a catapult? from the vikings? steve: he is kid rock, he has got everything. ainsley: from "game of thrones," from their set. steve: kid rock has apparently a
5:34 am
line of grills, barbecue grills. there are charcoal grills and gas grills. if you are familiar with his beer, bad a beer. brian: has his own beer? steve: he is kid rock. he has his own beer. the grill is called bad a grills as well. made in the united states of america. he also sings. ainsley: where do you buy his grills? steve: you can get them online. i looked it up. they are about 100 bucks. ainsley: keeping jobs here in america. brian: he is. and shooting others. steve: there is story, kid rock may think about running for senate from his home state of michigan. ainsley: did you ever ask him about it? what did he say? >> steve: i don't know if he decided. he might be thinking about it. anyway, that is out there. brian: he wants to run with his whole band. that is the thing. he wants to be the guy. ainsley: this is out there too, remember when donald trump is running, you will get a salary of $400,000 from president. your own plane. you're a billionaire.
5:35 am
do you need the money. he said no i don't. i will not take the salary. he will take the salary and donate it to charity. want me to continue the talking point? he was asked about it by the press corps. this is what sean spicer said. >> has president trump donated his paycheck from the month of february like he promised to do during the campaign? >> the president's intention right now is to donate his salary at the end of the year and he has kindly asked you all help determine where that goes. the way that we can avoid scrutiny to let the press corps determine where it should go. >> we have a few ideas. >> his view is, he made a pledge to the american people. he wants to donate it to charity. and he would love your help to determine where it should go. steve: that is brilliant. ed henley used to sit in that room. fox news chief national correspondent. ed, whatever the president does the white house press corps for
5:36 am
the most part gives him guff. he is turning it around, mr. and mrs. smarty pants, where should i donate the money? >> the president, having been in that room, democrat or republican, does deserve scrutiny and does deserve pressure. you're right in terms of charity, it doesn't matter what donald trump does he will get hammered by the media. we've seen it on story after story. think about eric trump. how many millions of dollars has he raised for st. judes? it's a fact. there has been negative story, negative story about the trump organization and charitable contributions. ainsley: good point. reporter: we know it's a fact. it is not fake news. eric trump in particular raised millions of dollars. helped all kinds of children. has anyone given hum credit? no. ainsley: that is such a great point. these kids get sick. we've seen the commercials. this get free health care to save their lives diagnosed with cancer.
5:37 am
reporter: when you go to trump hotel or restaurant they have a little line would you like to donate. they don't force you to do it. they're encouraging it. it would be nice to do it. brian: yesterday the big story, ed, was health care. how the cbo scored it. republicans were braced exactly what they got. coverage less. money, will be saving money in the long term on the deficit. reporter: look there is something for everyone, right? conservatives say the deficit is coming down. that's good. they're having trouble bringing conservatives on board. that's the fact, reality that republicans can not ignore. this is not just chuck schumer and nancy pelosi throwing stones at this house republican leadership bill. you have conservatives in the president's base saying we're not happy with this of this to fix it. they have to deal with the fact that millions will lose their insurance. they will not get everybody covered perhaps. but they will have to do better than the first version. they're still working on it. if they get past this fight, the business round stable is coming out with a report new this
5:38 am
morning. mike gallon of axio got a snook peek with it. serving all the ceos around the country, they're bullish on hiring, on sales and investment, pouring money in. we've seen that with all the people gone to the oval office. the bottom line the economy is poised to rebound big-time, if republicans do not mess up this fight, president's teed up to have a pretty good comeback for the economy. steve: ed, you know how the media works. there is all the good stuff about the stock market and optimism and number of jobs created but the big story today is 14 million americans will lose their health care because of donald trump, paul ryan and all. reporter: true, they are not going to spend, mainstream media will not spend a lot of time touting donald trump's victories. however he will have to minimize the defeats. if he loses on obamacare, as much as he may win on economy and other things, he has to face the fact, we can't ignore, this is a big problem if he loses on obamacare.
5:39 am
it was a big campaign promise not just for him, paul ryan an everyone else before years before donald trump is in office. ainsley: great the deficit goes down and great you will not have to buy, you are not penalized. those who do buy in, elderly have high premiums. >> who votes more than young people? older people vote a lot of more. house and senate republicans looking what you just said, you're right, ainsley, under this current plans older americans pay more in the premiums. maybe they're willing to do it. if it's a dramatic spike that may hurt in the midterm elections, number one. number go, forget on obamacare premiums are spiking for everybody. it is out of control. president is right about that. ainsley: $15,000 a year, if you spend one night in the hospital it is $100,000. the elderly can't afford 15,000. that is a lot of money. steve: big money. ainsley: thank you, ed. steve: have you heard?
5:40 am
there is a blizzard in the northeast although the blizzard warnings have been canceled, adam, for new york city, that is good but canceled for new york city. reporter: if you're in new york city, you don't want to come outside. it is miserable out here. briefly heavy snowflakes and then freezing rain. it is freezing rain. pellets wind driven into the side of my face. not comfortable. this is the case along the entire east coast. you're looking at mix of wintry precipitation in new york, down to philadelphia and washington and that will continue here throughout the afternoon. the winds are incredibly strong. when you get this ice slamming into the side of your face, not comfortable. wind sitting around 30 miles an hour here in new york city. there are areas where it is stronger. 41 mile-an-hour currently in atlantic city. those winds are going to continue to increase here throughout the afternoon and new york up and down the coast. even though new york city is out from under the blizzard warning, there are plenty of areas here and elsewhere we're talking
5:41 am
about big weather today, guys. steve: treacherous day throughout the northeast. beware. adam, thank you. reporter: yep. brian: i would think adam have emergency or airborne, he is likely to get sick. cold and rainy and slushy. he will be out there all day. ainsley: don't just talk about it. go buy him some. brian: fine. steve: he is right there. ainsley: make all these suggestions. steve: good point. brian: i show a little compassion, get shouted down. steve: want your butler to do it? brian: no. he won't come in this weather. steve: mr. french, call him. brian: he is the only butler you know, am i right? alfred from batman. ainsley: there was a butler on "webster." didn't webster have a butler? remember the show, "webster". "silver".
5:42 am
brian: what about the other show, "benson"? ainsley: steve: he became governor. ainsley: if you have any other butlers, email us. brian: if you're from butler, go to the school. email us. ainsley: oh, my gosh, what is the snow doing to us? steve: next up on the run-down, free speech wake-up call on one college campus, not butler, after conservative speaker is shut down. guess who came to his rescue? a liberal professor. the student who started it all joins us live next. [shouting] >> racist, sexist, antigay!
5:43 am
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5:46 am
the hospital. the liberal faculty said they had enough, setting up petitions to defend free speech on campus. finally that's great. join us right now is a student invited dr. murray on campus, helped with the petitions, campus correspondent phillip hoxley. good morning. >> thanks, steve. for having me. steve: you invited this guy, charles murray, who wrote the belvoir years ago explaining intelligence in the way people found offensive. so you invited him. tell us about the turnout the night of the event? >> well, we invited him to talk about coming apart, which is a book we thought would describe the 2012 election. but there were hundreds of people lined up to see the lecture including the couple hundred protesters but hundreds of students we had to turn away there simply wasn't enough space in the lecture hall. steve: how many of the people in attendance wanted to actually listen to him, and how many people wanted to stand you, hold
5:47 am
a sign, yell or turn their back. >> there were a lot of protesters, about half and half. but not all the protesters wanted to shut down the event. there were several that wanted to protest, say their peace and sit down and participate. steve: okay. so your organization is to the right of center with american enterprise institute. you asked the moderator, who is to the left of center professor, to be the moderator. at what point did you realize, wait this is getting ugly, we've got to get out of here? >> well. we had had several meetings with administration to determine a point where we would move dr. murray to a different room. steve: okay. >> it was about 20 or 30 minutes when we made the call. >> you moved to another room. that didn't work out either. eventually you tried to make an exit. what happened? >> about 5000 people saw the live stream of the event which was pretty great. but i wasn't there for the exit.
5:48 am
bill burger and other people allegedly attacked by a mop of outside agitators and students. i just don't think that was very representative of middlebury community at all because the majority of people actually support free speech. steve: sure. i understand a couple of people wound up going to the hospital. one person had whiplash. there has been an outcry you now, look, you've got to invite people in who have different points of view, otherwise you're not going to wind up knowing what the world is like, right? >> i think that is absolutely right. i think that conservatives have a responsibility to bring people to liberal campuses to help participate in sharing their viewpoints. so it contributes to learning. steve: all right. a petition has been circulated. it looks like things may change. good enough. phillip, thank you very much for joining us via skype today. >> thank you for having me. steve: there you go. next up on the run-down, so what will it take to get congressman
5:49 am
jim jordan on board with the new republican health care plan? we're going to talk to him live next. but first look likes like shannon bream got a shovel and found her way to work today. >> i sure did, steve. we have more live team coverage of the snow. it continues to roll in across the northeast. plus republicans at odds as democrats say the cbo dire estimate of repealing and replacing obamacare proves their point. top house leaders on both sides will join us, kevin mccarthy, dave brat and steve scalise all live. what is the truth about the new documentary on michael brown and ferguson? we'll separate fact from fiction.' fiction.' we'll see you at the top of the? hour. defend against those digestive issues. take phillips' colon health probiotic caps daily with three types of good bacteria. 400 likes? wow! try phillips' colon health. won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan.
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steve: welcome back.
5:53 am
conservative critics including our next guest accusing fellow republicans jamming the obamacare replacement through congress. ainsley: so will president trump be able to negotiate a deal? gop congressman jim jordan is a member of the house freedom caucus. he joins us now. >> good morning. great to be with you. ainsley: great to be with you. you've been ripping, for lack of a better word that the republicans are jamming obamacare replacement view. >> yes. ainsley: what will the president, will he be able to negotiate a deal so everyone is happening? >> we've been working with the white house all along. we have a list of changes we think need to be made to fix this bill. this bill doesn't repeal obamacare. krauthamer said this is obamacare light. we're focused on bringing back affordable insurance for working class and middle class families. this bill doesn't accomplish that. we're making sure it does. steve: what does the cbo show you?
5:54 am
>> i don't put a whole lot of weight for the cbo it is what its. there is reason every major conservative organization is opposed to the legislation. every conservative health care policy expert i talked to has concerns with this legislation. five conservative senators have problems with this legislation. a bunch of us conservatives in the house don't like this legislation. it has got problems. brian: i know you want clean repeal. i understand that having said, can you get paul ryan's plan where you can live with it? >> we are working on that. it would help if we were able to amend and change it. this idea this bill was rolled out six days ago, went through committee. no amendments were allowed to happen. that is not a fair process. let's have a fair process to make changes that will accomplish what i just described. unite republicans. actual repeal obamacare and bring down costs for working class families. steve: congressman, sound like you're not a fan of the strategy the house leadership has use on this? >> i don't think it will accomplish what we told the
5:55 am
voters we were going to do. we didn't tell the voters we would repeal obamacare but keep a bunch taxes for extra year and bring back the cadillac tax. we didn't tell them we would repeal obamacare and extend i had for seven years. we didn't tell them we would provide insurance subsidies in the bill and even though the mandate was gone. steve: we didn't know there was three parts until last week? where did that come from? >> i would prefer we day way we described. a clean repeal. same legislation we passed a year ago. one of the things voters hate, you do something at election time. when it is actually time to accomplish it, oh, no, we can't do it that way now. now it is different. clean repeal. do the replacement legislation which will actually accomplish what we're talking about. brian: caucus thursday. it will be in your caucus thursday, your committee thursday. what changes will you mark up? >> it will be in the budget committee. i'm not on the budget committee.
5:56 am
we'll see if they take amendments. i'm not sure the budget committee will take amendments. i'm not sure they are allowed to. that is where it come to the floor next week. that is the plan. we would like to offer amendments that would make he it consistent what we told the voters we were going to do. we'll see what happens next week. ainsley: two things stood out. two things stuck out for me. premiums will go up for older people, people in their 60s that don't make a lot of money. five states that are trump states, prices will go up. alaska, arizona, nebraska, tennessee, oklahoma. how will you fix those two things? you. >> you have to enact our replacement plan. the bill senator paul introduced on senate side, that congressman sanford introduced on our side which will accomplish what we think is the goal. bringing down costs for middle class families. brian: better be able to open up and take your suggestions. thanks so much, congressman. >> thank you. brian: more "fox & friends" in just a moment. calcu...
5:57 am
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5:59 am
shall we initiate the restart sequence? ♪ thrivent mutual funds. managed by humans, not robots. before investing, carefully read and consider fund objectives, risks, charges and expenses in the prospectus at 7 >> we were talking butlers what
6:00 am
you might know. one wrote in mr. bellvedere. >> and lurch from the adam's family. >> and tony from the boss. >> and good morning everybody. a massive winter storm heading into the >> bill: good morning. i'm bill hemmer. we are inside "america's newsroom." >> shannon: we made the show inside today. we're just days away from the official start of spring but it doesn't feel like it in new york city. a monster blizzard grinding much of the east coast to the halt. the national weather service calls it quote, life threatening. dozens of flights are canceled


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